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Saturday, November 17th 2018
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Put On Some Pretty Lingerie.
I know lingerie isn’t for everyone, but I do think most women would agree it feels good to put on some pretty lingerie, even if nobody else is going to see it. If you’re not already wearing lingerie, or have stopped wearing it, here is six reasons every women should consider wearing lingerie for more than just special occasions. Hey, there is super special lingerie for special occasions, right!?!

Wearing Lingerie Can Help You Feel More Like a Lady
Start Your Day Our Right
Feel More Confident
Surprise Him By Wearing Lingerie
Lingerie is an Affordable Way To Pamper Yourself
Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Friday, September 14th 2018
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Mirror Mirror.
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Who's the prettiest of them all. The silvered-glass mirrors found throughout the world today first got their start in Germany almost 200 years ago. Mirrors were a great invention allowing us to strike a pose or ten, where we can then examine ourselves to the smallest but most finest detail. I am lucky because I don't have any body hang ups or worries so I don't feel the need to permanently check myself out like some do. Life is far too short to worry about such things. I'm just sensible with food and I try to stick to my weekly fitness programme, but if I fancy something sweet I certainly won't deny myself it. It just about having the right balance in life.
Thursday, June 7th 2018
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Places To Have Sex.
There are so many different places within a household that you get frisky if the bedroom is starting to become a little tedious for you. Sex on a comfortable couch with some calm music on in the background is always good, or maybe on a really soft, comfortable warm rug. If not those, then maybe something more adventurous, like a sexy hot fuck on the washing machine while its turned on . Even though the bedroom will always be my favourite place for getting naughty, its good to try new things and you might just experience something sexually you will never forget. And lets not forget, we havent even talked about sex outside the household!

Wednesday, December 13th 2017
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I don’t consider myself a bisexual girl. But, sometimes I found myself in horny mood for some female. Its not every girl, I have inside my mind one interests for an stereotype. The favourite kind of girls I like to have fun are: bossy ones, beautiful and natural sexy. Once I met a girl in a bistro, she was a friend of a friend of mine. We took the same taxi back home and I invited her to my apartment. I was excited she accepted to have more wine at my place, but I couldn’t believe she was more greed than me. She started to kiss me and touch my pussy while in the taxi. It was a really hot and nasty night accompanied by a good wine and long hours of lesbian sex. We chat sometimes to hear the news from each other, but unfortunately the distance kept us apart.
Wednesday, November 29th 2017
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Showing everyone the beauty of sex.
My dearest and lust desire is invest enough time to get dressed to exhibit my body to someone. My dearest sexual secret is to get admired, for that I love to be called the perfect exhibitionist. Depending on my mood and my partner I t may vary, I can dance and undress my body as sensual as possible. Somehow named also striptease. My lavish desire for show off myself got really intense after some years. At the beginning you will find a lovely girl wearing sexy lingerie. However from the mid to the end there is no way to not eroticise my exhibitionist persona. It does not feeds my hunger only but also an alibi to have tease and make use of my abilities body to body. The artistic element of strip and tease attracts me the most. Above all, it is far than pleasant for myself to be observed and have a ritualistic happy end.
Thursday, November 16th 2017
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1 is good, 2 is great but 3 is amazing.. FFM 3some
I feel as if I have hormone only to my libido among my friends. We girls share our experiences and tastes for sex and man. At least, the ones girls I use to know. however, now that I've reached my thirties, I know I'm not one of those mature desperate to prove I have know everything, by the way nobody does. I know every time I remember this story and what happened in my apartment. Although, before arriving there we had to get rid of my ex-boyfriend. We had date for many years, I quit the relationship because I wanted new experiences and he was to boring for me. My first time ingroup was two girls and a Jiujitsu guy. We had some champagne and started to tease him and 3 of us got so horny that we fucked over the whole weekend, with foamy bath, stripteases, BDSM and loads of fun.
Monday, November 6th 2017
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feet fetish with massage..
After a hard day, feet are the most mistreated part of our body. I cannot stop thinking about the delicious aroma stemmed from a pair of foot. The size of each toes and the shape of the inner arch infused with that delicious scent particular to every single person. I also imagine to have my feet licked and bitten. Before to get into my favourite work with my feet, I use oil on to turn them smooth and aromatic. The last time I masturbated whit my feet I used only my imagination and that caused on him multiple erections in a short period of time. I start making small movements around the penis and its balls with my toes. Quite often, by the preliminary movements are enough to get a stiff and throbbing dick. Then, the penis is placed in the middle of my feet arch to the best part of the game.
Thursday, September 28th 2017
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long long time ago but I can still remember. Even though I was virgin, during my teenager hood I was always interests in sex. I used to masturbate myself and explore my pussy with a mirror. After some time me and my close friend started to have some ideas such a training kisses. We were attracted to each other and pretending we were kissing to avoid embarrassments when we had to kiss for the first time some guy. Lately, the kisses became more warm and we started to explore our bodies, always as a rehearsal learn by doing style. It lasted throughout my whole teenagerhood. There was a time we used to spend whole weekends fucking each other more and more passionate and intense and deeper. I found the feeling to tell her how much I loved her. She said to me: I am not a lesbian and never talked to me again.
Wednesday, August 30th 2017
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A friend of mine told from her first day at her new job how sexy was her boos. Guess what! they are fucking as crazy animals on heat do. One day she was called to his office and there everything started. He demanded follow me: and she felt horny about that, she accepted to follow him. They walked into her boss's private elevator to the rooftop of his Skyscraper. it was an entertainer huge room with a city landscape but they were so horny to one another so they fucked on the carrara marble floor near to the elevator. Often, they have sex at his office after work, when everyone is gone. She travels across the world to work with him. We used to be flat mates, but now she lives in her own pent house apartment gift by him. They are five year on this insane delicious fucking vicious life
Wednesday, August 16th 2017
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Thinking about the right man to love, to give you whatever you want and don’t bother you as a most of boyfriends do. A family man can be a Mr (secret) right in your life or the sugar daddy if you like. My case began when I was twenty and he the director of the Company. He was thirty five and gathered to be director relatively fast. A married and successful and excessively charming man. We met and started close and frequent phone calls. We had a meeting away from our branches, arranged by him. After this we had a relation over five years and I loved be a lover of a powerful man. He taught me how to grow professionally, but the remarkable memories is our ardent time having the most fervent and sex you can expect. He also managed to help me develop my carrier as a successful business manager.
Monday, August 7th 2017
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I took part of an international conference which was hosted in Brussels, as usual a busy and tension environment to follow the international agenda. Suddenly I found myself late in the evening working, it was only me and the Ambassador responsible for my subdivision. I was really concentrated on my task when he told me I should finish the briefings next morning. That tall and attractive men in suit asked me if wanted his company to the train station. I immediately stopped to typing took my purse and followed him. It was clear our attraction we didn’t stop to talk about amenities, that night we drove to our hotels. But next day was a Saturday and he asked me to go out and we had a long-term relationship after that conference. We used to meet in different cities in the world with our greed for sex, champagne and more sex
Monday, July 10th 2017
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I am full of energy girl..
today I am full of life and energy, and just generally realize how luck I am. Last night two friends came out for some drinks and food while they husbands were out for football. I was sat listening to them moan about daily life and how stale their marriages were. I listened and my eyebrow raised a few times and agreed more than a few time with them. so I did't give anything away. I am so much more than and class myself like a social worker in my line of work. I listen to their problems but have come to the conclusion they are missing a sparkle in their life. A top escort is more than just a good fuck. We need to be smart and knowledgeable to understand each client and identify their need. also load of them com to us because they are having that boring live, like my friends have. But what makes me always up to my clients is my energy and my happiness.
So, thanks you very much, I am single still but never alone, and always HAPPY...XXXXX
Monday, May 29th 2017
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Health Perks Behind Your Everyday Romp.
We’ll never object to have more sex—in any and all of its many iterations: Morning sex, shower sex, back-seat-of-the-car-sex, anniversary sex, Valentine’s Day sex, first-time-sex, make-up sex, so-loud-your-neighbors-hate-you-sex.

Whatever kind you’re having, it feels pretty damn good. But that pleasure isn’t the only reason you should keep getting busy underneath the sheets: The mental and physical benefits of a healthy sex life extend far beyond your bedroom.

But don’t just take our word for it. Researchers, scientists, and medical professionals have made it their mission to study exactly how sex improves nearly every facet of your life. Here, the fruits of their labor: Three reasons you should have sex tonight.

Sex Makes You Happier
Sex Helps You Sleep Better
Sex Burns Calories

As if you needed an excuses tonight!
Monday, May 15th 2017
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Invest In Some Sex Toys.
Sex is good. The proper use of vibrators and other sex toys makes you feel good. Therefore, it follows that the use of sex toys in sex will make you feel good. In fact, women who used vibrators reported higher sexual arousal, desire and better sex. Although hidden in drawers or on top of the cabinet, using a vibrator and other sex toys makes you and your girl feel good. More importantly, it’s not just about getting and giving pleasure down south. At the end of the day, it’s also about being able to share certain part of your sexuality. In other words, never underestimate a battery-operated toy. Aside from providing pleasure down there, sex toys also deepen the relationship and intimacy between you and your girl. It signifies your openness and willingness to try and do different things in bed. At the same time, this means you and your girl share everything, including your sexual interests and desires. Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and invest in some sex toys.

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