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Monday, November 19th 2018
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The Best Birthday Ever!!!
I’m pleased to report that my birthday last week was quite possibly the best one so far (and they do seem to get better and better as I get older!). When I throw a party, I like to do it in style, and it certainly helps that my living room is giant-sized, has two sofa beds plus lots of beanbags on the floor. Add in a couple of comfy mattresses, then TA-DAH!!! You have the perfect sex party palace.
Now this wasn’t the first time I’d held a sex party in my flat, so I knew how things would work. The key is to instigate sex and kink, and be a leader! And this was certainly going to be the case, especially as I had been conspiring with a male fuck-buddy to get a hot girl involved in our sexual antics, and she just happened to be invited...along with 30 other kinky friends of mine, all of whom were instructed to dress to please (they knew that my favourite colours are red and black, so many came dressed in that, hot and sexy!).
Soon the living room was filled with (at this point) clothed men and women, drinking Prosecco and chatting. Because I know my friends from the kink/swinging scene, the chat and the stories we share are not what you would hear at your average dinner party! There was much more conversation about the newest latex outfit trends, exhibitionist blow-jobs in clubs and which girl at the party a couple fancied the most, to describe but some chat I heard...
The change of dynamic changed when I was presented with a birthday cake by four gorgeous naked girls, hand-picked by my closest friends! After everyone had sung ‘Happy Birthday’ and I’d blown the candles out, the girls bent over and my friends lit sparklers, which were attached to the girls’ bottoms! What a wonderful surprise, the lights were switched off and we all enjoyed this sparkly spectacle. When the lights were switched on again, and used sparklers taken out, I couldn’t resist a bit of a spank of the girls’ lovely bottoms!
So, it was time for action. I did a sexy strip for the whole room, and gradually stripped down to my new red Honey Birdette bra, knickers and suspender belt (and stockings), stroking my breasts and thighs while I shed my layers of clothing. I encouraged the whole room to do the same, and mostly they did (perhaps a little more shyly than me though!). I went over to the afore-mentioned fuck-buddy, kissed him passionately on the lips and ground into him. To say he had a raging hard-on was an understatement! I beckoned to the sexy brunette girl we had had our eyes on, also dressed in red lingerie with luscious lips to match, and she joined us in a three-way snog. She had entirely anticipated that this would happen (I think someone let the cat out of the bag there!), and was voracious for both me and my fuck-buddy. Together, we kissed his nipples and progressed down his body until we got to his rock-hard cock, unleashing it from its tight pants. We began to kiss and suck on his cock and balls, taking turns on either his huge dick or his balls. “It’s your birthday though, I think you deserved to be treated!” they both agreed, and in a flash, they were both on me, the hunk of a guy sucking hungrily on my nipples while the beauty of a lady went down on me and licked my clit, licked it soooo well I came in less than two minutes! Clearly she had done that before….! All around while this was happening, people were fucking, sucking, kissing, wearing very little besides a bit of lingerie, and that didn’t stay on for long!
I am blessed to have some of the sexiest and truly the nicest people a girl could ask for as my friends. The rest of the night will remain a secret…that was my best birthday party ever…and it won’t be my last sexy one!

Tuesday, October 30th 2018
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Lost in London
One of the most interesting meetings I’ve had in the past week was with a businessman, Derek, travelling down to London from the Midlands who had an imaginative lunch date in mind. We met as if we were strangers on the populated streets of Tower Hill, very close to the Tower itself and all of its surrounding restaurants and eateries. As tourists unable to find our respective ways in London, we were stressed out lost souls who reached out to each other misguidedly for directions…but unfortunately it was a case of the blind leading the blind. However, fortunately, there was a spark of attraction between us, which I capitalized on and flirted with this gentleman, inviting him to a Japanese place nearby. There we could get to know our way better and perhaps get to know one another better at the same time! It took a little bit of persuasion to get Derek into the restaurant, but he did seem to be swayed when I told him I was a lingerie saleswoman dazed and confused on my first visit to London…
We sat down opposite one another in the Japanese place and gently relaxed into one another’s company, comparing chopstick-holding techniques and sharing memories of trips to Asia. After we ordered food and wine, things got a little bit more flirty, with some light touching under the table. After showing Derek some choice snippets of my underwear brand on my phone, I encouraged him to feel it in real life, and guided his hand under the table, under my skirt and up my thigh…the latest suspender belt and stockings in the range. I could tell that Derek was very tactile and loved the touch of my nylon fully-fashioned stockings. I teased him that it was such a pity that he could only touch them and not see them…for now.
The food arrived (sushi for me and noodle soup for Derek). Over lunch, things were really starting to heat up, and I eased my feet out of my Kurt Geiger heels and traced up Derek’s leg with my toes, until I reached his groin. I felt his hardness with my foot. “Perhaps we can get away to somewhere a little more private after lunch?”. Derek did not need further cajolery. Thankfully the meal was not too substantial, so we could finish nibbling on lunch, settle the bill and leave the restaurant (although my companion left walking slightly awkwardly at first, trying to disguise his hard-on).
My hotel room was just around the corner, a quirky little boutique hotel with a great view of the Tower. Derek and I finally found ourselves alone in the lift, where I gave him a quick, tantalizing snog (being careful not to rub off too much lipstick onto his face), and led him to my room on the third floor. After entering the room, I gave Derek a towel so he could shower…but I was feeling so horny after all that build-up of excitement that I just had to jump in the shower with my lunch companion and rinse those bubbles off his body, while he soaped my breasts and pussy (any excuse to touch my best assets!). After a quick towel dry, we leapt onto the king-sized bed for some intense, passionate fucking, as all of that courtship had left us wanting more and more! An extended 69 came into being, with me taking Derek’s generous cock in my mouth (with no hands!) and he licking my very wet pussy almost to the point of distraction. It didn’t take me long to cum, which I did very vocally, all of my body tingling! Derek then fucked my pussy, still undergoing after-shocks from the orgasm, feeling my tightness around his cock as he pounded me until he finally came to a roaring and spectacular climax!
Amazing to see what one can find when one gets lost in London…I might consider getting lost again if this is what I get.
Monday, October 29th 2018
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Threesome through the looking glass...
The fun never seems to stop at the moment…! This week I received a late-night call asking me if I saw couples (HELL YEAH?!) and inviting me over to a plush hotel suite in Mayfair. After speaking to both the guy and the girl in the couple, I headed off in a taxi to be greeted at the door of the hotel by a very sexy brunette in her 20s (Sophie), wearing only a baggy T-shirt and smart shoes, her appearance being very telling of what she and her partner had been doing all evening long! I greeted Sophie warmly at the door, commenting on her thick, luscious brown hair, while she complimented me on my sleek blonde ‘do’ and sexy, skin-tight purple dress. She led me into the lift (empty at this time of night), where I couldn’t resist a quick initial kiss with this gorgeous lady, though keeping it to a very quick snog until I met her boyfriend.
Sophie opened the door to the bedroom, and introduced me to Gavin, a handsome, brawny guy, just a couple of years older I guessed, with some awesome tattoos etched into his muscular body. Wow! What a hot couple, and what a lucky girl I was tonight indeed!
While they showered me with champagne, I stripped to my underwear to reveal one of my favourite sets: My black satin Honey Birdette set with gold chains. I dived into bed with the couple, what a couple, but also…WHAT A BED! A four-poster with a mirror ceiling! If anyone could have seen the view the three of us had…just incredible!
As we chatted over our Moet & Chandon, Sophie told me that while she’d slept with women before, neither of them had had a threesome! So I felt thrilled and flattered to be chosen to be the lady to give them their first experience of it (my first threesome ten years ago was a really good one, so it’s nice to be able to pass it on!), and I felt a responsibility to make sure they both thoroughly enjoyed it. A began to kiss Sophie again, but this time a lot more passionately and lingeringly than in the lift! Gavin just wanted to watch us at first. Sophie had a beautiful nymph-like body, which I kissed all over until I got to her gorgeous little pussy, which I licked gently and fingered delicately while she moaned. Gavin could watch no longer and started to want some action, so Sophie and I tore ourselves away from each other and began to suck his cock, both of us flicking our tongues around his erect member as it got as hard as it would go!
He slipped his cock inside me and gave me the hard fucking I’d been waiting for (and thoroughly deserved!) that evening, while I continued with the licking I’d been giving Sophie, and watched her orgasm as I ran my tongue over her juicy clit. It must have been a sight for her to watch in the overhead mirror. Gavin pulled out of me and thrust himself into Sophie’s very wet cunt, while I climbed aboard her face and put her tongue to work on my clit. And my God she was good! It might have been one of her early experiences, but I guess many women know intuitively how to make another woman have an exceedingly explosive orgasm. I was literally shuddering, but so was Gavin, as he came as hard as I did almost simultaneously.
The three of us couldn’t have been more satisfied, and I left the lovebirds grinning like Cheshire cats while I slipped out into the night once more. I can’t help imagining what that mirror had seen though…!
Tuesday, October 23rd 2018
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Filthy Power Play Fun
I was delighted last week when me inbox was graced with a message from Oleg, a young dominant businessman from the European continent requesting a meeting with himself and a regular sub of his, LeanneMoorhead. Loving a good duo session, I obliged and came along to meet this handsome man and gorgeous brunette lady at a plush hotel in Paddington. I almost blushed when I met this guy for the first time, so good-looking was he, and with such lovely manners as well…little was I to know that he was also an absolute demon in bed! Leanne was ravishing too, and we clicked immediately. I was to be the dom-sub while she was the sub-sub, so I would be taking commands from Oleg but dominating Leanne as I and Oleg saw fit.
Wow. What a beginning! It put the ‘beg’ into ‘beginning’ actually, as Oleg throat-fucked us both in turn, each of us begging for more while the other had her turn on his delicious cock that was dripping with our spit! Then one of us would suck his balls while the other deep-throated his thick cock. Oleg moaned and pushed our heads down onto his groin where we stayed for an inordinate amount of time before coming up for air!
Next it was time to fuck us…my turn first as I was man-handled into doggie-style with Leanne below me, licking my clit while my juices dripped down onto her face. My pussy was positively longing for cock! And cock it got…but all Leanne could do was lick me while I was pumped furiously by Oleg from behind. We switched positions so that Oleg and I were in missionary with Leanne sucking my hard, swollen nipples. I came to a very loud and writhing orgasm at this point!
But then Oleg grabbed Leanne and swung her around so that she was facing up with her legs on each side of his neck. “Do what you will to this slut,” ordered Oleg, so I clambered on top of her face so that my pussy was right in it (again)…and what a good slut, she made me cum once again!
Oleg then got her to ride him, with me behind her. His cock was in her ass this time! I saw the opportunity, grabbed her shoulders and bounced her up and down on his cock. She loved it! I called her a dirty bitch and slapped her face…she just looked at me with lustful eyes.
We dragged her to the bathroom for the finale…in the bath I pissed into her mouth. A huge seemingly non-stop waterfall gushed out onto her face! But what a good girl – she supped up nearly every last bit. As she did, I masturbated Oleg and helped him cum to a staggering orgasm, spraying torrents of jizz over both me and Leanne. What a deliciously filthy threesome!
Oleg was straight into a business meeting afterwards (the dirty boy!), but me and Leanne had a lovely chat about our work and our passion for engineering our lives around sex! Definitely one to be repeated.
Thursday, October 18th 2018
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Doctor's Orders!
I met a very cute guy in his 30s called Jeremy at my private apartment in the City earlier this week, who had requested that Nurse Phoenix got a promotion to Doctor Phoenix, the company doctor, and I was to see him in order to give him a general medical assessment. But Doctor Phoenix, not only being very tactile but also very highly-sexed, might have to over-step professional boundaries in order to satisfy her own desires!
I gave Jeremy a warm welcome to my surgery, and after a brief chat to establish medical history and any recent complaints, I asked him to strip to his underpants. I administered a blood pressure test and checked his pulse. All was well. Jeremy had a nice, tight, fit body and admitted to being a keen cyclist. I guessed his weight correctly (I have an intuitive ability to do that which also extends to willy size as well!), which astonished Jeremy, so I caught him off-guard by asking him if I could inspect his body, and ran my fingers over the various muscle groups of his body. I could see this excited him somewhat, as a bulge with a very wet tip started to rise in his underpants. My wandering hands slipped over his chest, stomach and down to his pants, where I caressed gently around the fabric holding in his hard cock...and then onwards over his buttocks. I whispered in his ear (my lips only millimetres from his ear), “Everything seems to be in good working order with the exception of the muscles around your groin area. They definitely need some attention”.
I told Jeremy that I was well-trained in osteopathy and was happy to provide him with a localised massage to that particular area. He agreed that he was in good hands and glad to allow me to attend to this part of the body. I was adamant that the underpants were to come off at this point though, which Jeremy was slightly confused by at first, but then relented once I assured him of my healing touch.
And so the groin massage began, with Jeremy’s cock remaining hard. First I applied gentle pressure with my fingertips teasingly around the base of his cock, then I slowly but surely made my way up the shaft to the tip. “It would be helpful if I could use my mouth to give you a kind of oral massage,” I offered. Jeremy has no objections to that, so I started to give his cock some little tantalising licks, flickering my tongue over the sensitive parts of his cock while I watch Jeremy respond, sometimes moaning with pleasure and sometimes twitching when I suddenly hit a hot spot.
My teasing and edge-play went on for ages, with me leaving Jeremy in the brink until I knew he could take no more. I ordered him onto his feet while I knelt on the floor in front of him. I took his dick deeply into the back of my throat until his moans intensified into a climax. Jeremy took his dick out of my mouth and he sprayed his cum all over my face. What a terrible mess he had made of Doctor Phoenix! Not that I minded much. The sexiness of a pretty face with eye make up smeared and dripping with spunk is just what the doctor ordered.

Wednesday, October 10th 2018
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All over the place...
While many of my bookings are kinky (and many of those with an edge of silliness), I am grateful for sessions where I provide true girlfriend experience, and when I have considerable time to get to know someone and be a good ear to them as well as a very responsive and attentive sexual partner for the duration of our meet.
I met my client Bobby, this week for the first time. It was important to Bobby that this wasn’t a ‘wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am’ booking, he invested in an 8-hour session so that we really had time to explore each other, get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company.
So what does one do with all of that time? As Bobby had joined me in the afternoon, this was going to be an epic day and evening a session! He had come armed with two bottles of Prosecco, which we ended up quaffing only one bottle of, such was the fun we had. Bobby was a sensational kisser with a very tender but confident touch in bed, and it also transpired that he took a very long time to cum! I knew I was going to have a great time with him.
First of all, we explored sexual positions, starting off with me riding him, with Bobby holding my feet so I could bounce up and down on his sizeable cock. I swivelled round so I could ride him in reverse, with him really enjoying the sight of my pert bottom shaking its thing in the ‘saddle’. One moment later he had hold of my wrists and we were in missionary, then the next moment he was grasping my thighs as we assumed doggie, pulling me towards himself with his thrusts. Next he had me by the ankles, wheelbarrow-style, then hoopla - we were doing it standing up! But why settle for just positions when we could explore the whole flat?
We decided to explore rooms...the sofa in the living room being an obvious starting point, swiftly followed by the dining table (glass of course). The kitchen sideboards provided immense amounts of expanse for fucking, with me sitting on top of them while Bobby stood in front of me, pulling me towards him while I grinded into him. Bending over the kitchen sink while facing it was raw and raunchy, my big tits were man-handled as we gyrated away...and we ended up on the floor where I decided to spill a little olive oil for us to writhe around in. It was so good to slip and slide over each other naked!
The final room for this round was the bathroom, and what better way of washing the oil off than by having a long, luxurious bubble bath! However, as you might imagine, bathing was not the main activity to go on in there…and we ended up making even more of a splashy mess in the bathroom than in the kitchen! Bobby ended up cumming over my boobs as I was wanking him between them in the bath.
Having worked up quite an appetite after our epic household fucking, we went off to a local restaurant for a candlelit meal, where I whispered dirty stories to Bobby while we dined on some fine Italian food. We had fun flirting and tasting each other’s dishes, and Bobby sure got some envious glances from other men there! Satisfied with our evening out but still ready for more action, we headed back to my flat again.
Round two was a little more sensual and gentle than the first part of our encounter, as I lit candles in the bedroom, put on some soft, mystical music and treated Bobby to a long, sensuous massage, again with oils, but this time a little more aromatic than that on the kitchen floor! I worked into his muscles until he fully relaxed…at least I thought he was fully relaxed until he turned round with a massive hard-on! An extended passionate sex session ensued, this time less action-oriented and more cerebral, with us honing in on each other’s sensitive points, then stroking, teasing, tickling and licking them until we drove each other wild, all the while spilling so much dirty talk into each other’s ears. After Bobby finally came to a second shuddering explosion of an orgasm, he left. I felt all tingly from this wonderful session and slept like a baby that night…after the clean-up operation in the kitchen and bathroom! Why stick to the bedroom when one can do so much in the rest of the place (even if you do cause a bit of household clutter in the process!).
Tuesday, October 2nd 2018
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Perverted Vinyl Cunts
I was delighted earlier this week that my long-time friend and play partner Stormy London had organised our first ‘official’ duo, and us being the seasoned pair of kinksters that we are, what a booking this was! A guy with a very sexy Aussie accent had contacted Stormy requesting us both to wear PVC. Now, I’ve always thought of PVC as more of a ‘poor man’s latex’, but that was precisely the point! Our client wanted us to be classy hookers in the guise of cheap plastic-wearing whores. After consulting our wardrobes, Stormy and I came up with a bountiful selection of PVC pieces, ranging from thigh-length boots and long gloves through to rain macs and slutty dresses, a whole spectrum of colours as well...and we greeted our client as he walked through the door, me in my 6-inch killer heel boots and Stormy in thigh-length blue cowboy boots.
His first words were, “Is this real?”. It’s always great when you can look so awesome that you can make your client doubt their reality!
Our client, Brandon, was carrying a plastic bag, which we chastised him for carrying, as we demanded to know the contents of it. Reluctantly, he emptied out some black plastic waterproof trousers and two pairs of marigold washing-up gloves. Stormy and I howled with laughter as we humiliated him for bringing such ridiculous plastic items with him, which now were in our possession in order to bite Brandon on the bum later in the session…but there was much more to come before that. We ordered him onto the bed and allowed him to watch us while we put on one hell of a show, as first of all Stormy and I started snogging passionately and shedding all of our PVC except for our PVC boots. We played with each other’s bouncy, generous tits and got all horny as our client observed in the background. I fingered Stormy, her getting wetter and wetter until she squirted on my fingers. I licked her juices from her sweet pussy and made my way round to her ass, which I eagerly rimmed. Brandon all the while watched, unable to participate and frozen in pure disbelief that such a show was happening for real, close-up in front of his very eyes. Stormy then began to lick my clit, and knowing exactly how to get me to cum, brought me to orgasm within seconds. All the while we told him stories of our epic sluttiness.
It was then time to make a start on Brandon. We delved into our dressing-up box and were soon wearing all manner of PVC delights, me in a black shiny rain mac and Stormy in a cute baby blue nurse’s uniform. Brandon was speechless as we both began to masturbate him, all the while quaffing copious amounts of San Pelligrino (wonder why?). Still in our thigh boots, we had Brandon on his knees, worshipping us and our outrageous footwear, driving our massive heels into his torso until he begged for mercy. Out came the marigolds, and Stormy and I began to perform a four-handed wank in plastic gloves on Brandon’s extremely hard cock! But we could wait no more for the exciting finale of his visit. Brandon, at our request put on his plastic trousers for the last act.
Off we dragged him into the shower as first of all I began to piss over Brandon and into the crotch of his plastic trousers, with Stormy splashing my pee into his face. The torrent of piss seemed long and relentless! With Brandon saturated already in my wee, Stormy took over and emptied her bladder over him until he was beyond soaked. Miraculously, not even a splash had touched our boots, so good were our aims! Plenty of practice at watersports obviously makes perfect!
One happy Brandon left the building after a clean-up and thank you. And the Perverted Vinyl Cunts await you to book us for another incredible duo session.

Tuesday, September 25th 2018
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Revenge on the Groper!
I received a message from a young man who only sees escorts every year or so, once he has a very specific fantasy in mind. His scenario landed in my inbox this morning, and damn, it was right up my street! This would involve a female clubber taking revenge on a fellow nightclub-goer for groping her. This young man, Ash, suggested that I looked like the type of girl that gets felt up a lot in nightclubs, so I could expend all my pent-up anger from this onto him! However, because I go to fetish clubs (where guests are well-versed in the etiquette) and very rarely to vanilla clubs, I very rarely get groped! I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by well-mannered gentlemen who know how to behave themselves in public, although many of them are just as perverted as I am.
Ash arrived dressed casually while I wore a short wrap-over dress and high-heeled stilettoes with no knickers on. I put on some clubbing music and began to dance sexily in my big bedroom, touching my own boobs and thighs as I shook my booty to the beat. Ash came up behind me and began to grind into me. His cock was rock hard, and he pushed it against my bottom even more…but it was when his hand wandered in front of my body and he started to grab my pussy that the tables were turned!
I turned round abruptly and slapped Ash hard on the face then spat on him. “What the fuck are you doing, you filthy perv?!” I exclaimed furiously. Ash began to cower as he knew he was in for a severe punishment now. I grabbed hold of his cock and balls tightly and pulled him towards me, saying, “It’s not so nice when somebody does it to you, is it??”. But then I started to laugh at how small his cock was and how erect he had got from his pathetic attempt at a grope…and so the humiliation began!
I tore at his clothes aggressively, pulled his top over his face and his trousers down. “Please don’t do this!” beseeching Ash, who was loving every moment of this. “I’m going to strip strip you completely naked so you know what it’s like to feel exposed and violated!”. Off came the boxers and socks until he stood bare in front of me. I seized his cock and balls in one hand and dragged him around the room.
“Now dance for me,” I commanded.
“No, please don’t make me dance!”
And so he did a little jig for me on his two left feet while I cackled with laughter. “If you’re going to dance in such a sissy way, best I put a pretty dress on for you!”.
“Please don’t do this to me!”
“Oooh yeeesss, it’s going on you!” I chided as I slipped a very feminine outfit on him. “Ah, you look so pretty!” I taunted, “So pretty I could fuck you”. Out came my strap-on, and round my waist it went. Ash bent over for me obediently and I penetrated his ass (which I later learned was a virgin ass).
After a sufficient amount of fucking him, I ordered Ash to kneel in front of me and to tuck his cock in between his legs so that he looked properly feminized. I squatted over him while he licked me until I came, which did not take long, so much was I turned on by the humiliation I was dishing out. Ash’s face was smeared with my juices, but I wanted to make even more of a mess of his face. For the final humiliation, I instructed him to lie on the bed face up, and put pillows under his ass so that his pelvis was tilted towards his face.
“Wank, you disgusting perv!”
Ash masturbated until a huge spurt of cum was ejaculated…straight into his face. He had given himself a facial.
I sent him home without allowing him to wash his face. And now I know what to do next time I’m groped in a club.
Monday, September 24th 2018
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A visit from the Cuckold Queen
Every so often a message from a couple on this site flies into my inbox and, being bisexual, my heart sings a little bit when this happens (although it might well be my pussy rather than my heart). Yesterday I received one from Cuck Queen, who are in fact a couple comprised of a dominant lady (Claire) and her submissive partner (Clive). As the name suggests, this was to be a cuckolding session in which I was to have some fun with Clive as we were both watched by Claire. When they told me that they were coming to visit me after watching some cabaret, I just knew that these two were a couple after my own heart (or maybe again, pussy!), as that is one of my many loves. One important piece of information that was relayed to me was that Clive had been held in chastity for several days now, and it was time to be released just for this session!
A quirky booking with a couple always gets me excited, but when they walked through my door it was like all my Christmases had come at once! Claire was an absolutely stunning brunette, perfectly made-up and manicured, in an elegant, black lace dress, black stockings and Leboutins, while Clive was a handsome, tanned, well-dressed gentleman, both in their 30s. An immediate good vibe was set, and Claire seated herself on a chair facing the bed. A delicate mix of sensuality and firm dominance was required for this session I felt, as I clutched Clive’s throat and stared deeply into his eyes. “Clothes off, mister,” I demanded and started tearing them off. Of course, Clive being naked necessitated relieving him of his chastity device, which Claire duly did before returning to her seat for the rest of the show. I informed Clive that he was to refer to me as ‘Goddess’ for the remainder of our session, and ordered him onto the bed. Claire looked on approvingly, as I peeled off my purple skin-tight dress down to my Dita von Teese bra and knickers and my Wolford stockings.
I began to explore Clive’s body up and down, gently stroking him and paying special attention to his throat, nipples and genitals, which I breathed softly on. His cock, obviously in a slightly confused state due to its sudden freedom, began to grow and get hard. But my focus was not his cock at this present time, it was his cute, inviting butthole that was enticing me in. I commanded Clive to get on all fours, arch his back and stick his lovely, firm bum in the air for me. It was at this moment that I decided calling him ‘mister’ was far too much of a complimentary way of addressing him, so I started referring to him as ‘my little sex toy’. Claire interjected, “Oooh, he likes that,” and Clive’s bum went a little bit further into the air. With my strap-on now around my waist, I plunged my dick into his tempting little hole and fucked him the way I like to be fucked myself. I slapped him around and praised him for being such a good slut.
As much as I love to fuck a pleasing hole with my strap-on, I also love to get fucked myself, and having a nice, hard cock at my disposal straight out of chastity was far too much of a temptation. I ordered Clive to do exactly what I’d done to him, to grab my thighs and fuck me hard, doggie-style. I went into position ready for him, but when he tentatively held my thighs he received a thorough scolding from both Claire and myself. “Fuck her like she wants to be fucked!” demanded Claire, aggressively…and Clive began to hammer into my now very wet pussy, fast and hard, moaning all the time more intensely until he finally ejaculated what seemed like a mighty big load.
Back into chastity it was for Clive, and Claire intimated that next time Clive would be the one in the chair as it will be playtime for the two goddesses next time!

Thursday, September 20th 2018
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Musings on Connection
One of the things I like most about escorting is the genuine connection I have with my clients. I have worked in both sales and adult education in the past, and there are distinct parallels between these roles and the role of the sex worker in that you strive to find rapport as quickly as possible. Sometimes you have to work to find that connection, but very often, it comes naturally. Connection can of course usually be found through conversation and discovering what we have in common. I deliberately try to hone in on these, but I often find that they rise to the surface quite easily, without any delving at all.
Of course, connection does not have to be brought about by things one has in common with another. Tantric techniques can be very effective in forging a bond with a sexual partner (even if that partner is only a one-time partner). In my more tantric sessions, I mirror my clients’ breathing (something that I even catch myself doing unconsciously now and again), and I use eye contact and gazing (without being too intense or scary!) to enable us to connect more easily. But the ultimate instrument in cementing connection surely must be kissing. I recently did a roleplay session with a client in which I was a masseur offering ‘kissing therapy’ at the beginning of our encounter. It was a great way of opening the session and also a brilliant idea in itself. Kissing IS therapy! Fucking is fantastic, but kissing is what brings the closeness, no matter whether it is of the soft and tender variety or the deeper and more intense kind. I find it really helps clients open up, so that I can respond more intuitively to their sexual desires.
Of course, massage itself is a marvellously connective tool. I had a wonderful GFE session last week with a new client who had been enthralled by my writing (as well as photos!). I bring soothing and aromatic massage oils along to my bookings as I find that massage can often provide the starting point, the finale or even the interlude. In this particular session, I offered to give him a massage, but it turned out he was a fully-trained masseur, so it would have been a bit like cooking dinner for Jamie Oliver. However, he had intuitively noticed that my shoulder was in need of some TLC (carrying a huge suitcase around full of sex toys and outfits does take its toll!), so he gave me some acupressure as I gave him head! A wonderful reciprocation, and I’m pleased to say that my shoulder is now well on the mend, although the suitcase will remain crammed full of goodies.
Of course, for connection to take place, it’s important for the right conditions to be there. I love to set the mood with suitable music and lighting. Being a DJ AND a sex worker, I strive to find the right music for my sessions, and work on making mixes to create a sensual, erotic atmosphere. Being mindful of my clients’ diverse tastes, I try to choose different genres to comprise these. It makes me very happy for a nervous client to be able to relax in my company with the atmosphere I’ve created, so that the connection can take place and our interactions flow.

Tuesday, September 18th 2018
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Bend You Any Way I Want To
I do love an imaginative roleplay, and when Andrew contacted me last week requesting me to be his fantasy yoga teacher in Lycra leggings and leotard, how could I do anything but oblige?
My client turned up without his yoga kit, but Iuckily I had a spare pair of leggings handy to get him in the right mood. He did look fetching in them, but perhaps not as much as me, the Lycra clinging to my tight body and showing off the shape of my breasts and bottom nicely. I started to put Andrew through his paces, getting him to take a few tantric deep breaths at first before we embarked on some initial moves.
We began a few basic poses, me flirtingly corrected Andrew’s posture with some tender strokes which got incrementally closer to his bulging groin area, which was already seeping with pre-cum. I prodded and squeezed his inner thigh muscles, moulding Andrew into the shape I wanted him to be, then praised him on his good posture, feeling his bottom and giving it a friendly smack. I then encouraged him to touch my thighs and bottom as I demonstrated a more complex pose, and admire the tightness of my yoga body. I naughtily drew his hands to my breasts, and let him fondle them gently as we began to kiss. This yoga lesson was starting to really hot up!
I began to tease my student by asking to lie below me while I did some squats over him (so he could observe my technique, of course), but I was squatting so low over him that my pussy was skimming his face. Off with the leggings and leotard it was then! This class was to be conducted naked henceforth. More squatting ensued, now my wet pussy hovering millimetres above Andrew’s hungry tongue. I dipped a bit lower so that he could finally taste me. An unusual yoga practice perhaps, but nobody was complaining. Andrew licked my swollen clitoris until I came, and he tasted me as my ecstatic moans escaped my mouth.
I peeled off Andrew’s leggings, his erect cock springing out eagerly leaving a massive damp patch where it once had been leaking into. “Someone’s excited!” I teased as I beckoned him onto a low-lying king-size futon for some post-workout frolics.
After a short but intense tantric massage that prolonged Andrew’s passions further, my hand wandered to his cock, still rock hard and dripping with pre-cum. Could I possibly make this poor yoga student wait any longer to fuck me? Haha....maybe! A tantalising blow-job kept him on the edge even further. But it was time to feel the benefits of our bending and stretching now. I bent back so my hands and shoulders were on the floor, and asked Andrew to fuck me whilst I was positioned like that, in a yoga pose known as ‘the wheel’. It certainly got Andrew ‘wheels’ worked up as he plunged his cock into me and thrust into me while I held the pose, fucking me hard and feeling sensations not normally felt in this unusual position. I then bent over on my front for him, more ‘downward dog’ than doggie style. He grabbed my thighs and fucked hard and fast until he finally came. What a workout! Whether it was the yoga or the fucking, I certainly felt very floaty afterwards! Maybe Andrew was a bit sore the next day...but I’m sure he thought it was worth it.
Creative roleplay ideas...I love them. Keep ‘em coming!
Friday, September 14th 2018
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The flashy City cafe
Well, guess what? Only after seeing my blog post from Monday did a new Client, Tony, contact me to book me for a flashy session in Cafe Nero in the City. When I say ‘flashy’, I of course mean of the exhibitionist variety. After the fun I had had with Lady Lorelei earlier in the week, I heartily accepted this booking. However, this time I was to go solo with my public lingerie exposure.
I arrived early at the cafe as I was gagging for a brew (I’d be gagging again a bit later in the story too), my usual camomile tea of course. I sat down and positioned myself to look both discreet and also where I could reveal myself the most.
About 5 minutes later, a tall, handsome, blond man wearing the clothes he’d described in our text communication sat down a couple of tables away from me. I did not look this man in the eye until much later, but my peripheral vision is pretty acute, which made this encounter all the more sexy. Feeling spurred on by Monday’s fun, I fiddled with the seam of my dress, revealing an eyeful of the top of my right stocking and suspender belt, then slowly brushing my dress down again. I sipped on my tea, then proceeded to execute a second flash, this one longer. By this time I realised that my flashing had caught the attention of more than just Tony. Out of the corner of my eye I could sense that I was causing a stir elsewhere in the room. Next came a boob flash as I leaned over towards the table, followed a couple more hosiery flashes.
I got up and left the cafe. Tony got up and followed about 15 seconds behind me. What I didn’t realise until later was that several City gents were left gawping at me through the window as I exited the place! This is exactly how Lady Phoenix likes to roll.
Tony followed me into my apartment, and I led him to my bedroom where I gently chastised him for ogling and pursuing me. After showering, Tony lay naked on the bed, looking nicely toned and tanned. I kissed him, lightly at first, then more deeply, and covered his body with kisses, teasing him when I reached his groin area. Tony confessed that his rock-hard cock had not subsided since the morning, so much had he been anticipating this encounter. I continued to tease him, with my words and tongue, driving him wild with excitement. After so much torment that Tony was at bursting point, I remarked on how one-sided the meeting had been so far, and proceeded to sit on his face. Tony worshipped and licked my pussy and ass, being so good with his tongue that he quickly brought me to orgasm all over his face.
It was then that Tony started to become more dominant, and I easily switched into a subbier headspace. In no time I was kneeling on the floor at his feet with his hard cock deep down my throat, thrusting and thrusting. Here commenced the other kind of gagging, this time for air, as Tony fucked my throat.
But I switched back on him and demanded to fuck him. I would be on top. I put a condom on his relentlessly solid cock. Tony just lay there while I fucked away, pulsing my hips and sliding up and down on him, my gyrations getting more and more intense....until he grabbed him close to him, flipped us around so that he was on top, and turned the tables on me, penetrating me deeply and passionately until he came.
Wow. What awaits me next at the flashy cafe I wonder?
Wednesday, September 12th 2018
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To Fuck or Not to Fuck? Lady Phoenix decides.
Today has started well. I had a 10am booking with a regular client who was this time here for the sixth time. Mark has been seeing me as his Goddess Phoenix for over a year, and by now he knows how much I relish my morning bookings. After my 7am run and yoga routine, I feel healthy and glowing, and it’s also when my libido is at its highest!
Mark and I have previously played a game where we toss a coin at the beginning of the session. If it lands on ‘heads’, then he is permitted to fuck me. However, if it lands on ‘tails’, I tease him relentlessly and mercilessly for an hour, then send him home with blue balls. This morning’s session was a little different though, as this time there was no coin involved. Mark’s session was purely to be determined by my own whim, and I would not reveal to him which outcome I had chosen. The thing about me though, like many women, is that I am prone to changing my mind quite a lot, which could only make it more confusing for Mark.
As soon as he arrived, I whispered my greetings to him quite formally, and instructed him to strip naked and lie face up on the bed. I left him in the bedroom to do so while I fetched some sparkling water for both of us.
When I re-entered the bedroom, Mark had obediently followed my words and lay there with a rock-hard cock. I decided to tie his hands together with a very strong length of ribbon so he wouldn’t be able to touch me. “I haven’t decided whether you can fuck me or not,” I told him, “you are subject to my own sexual urges. You have been cunning by choosing to see me at this time of the day, when you know I am extremely horny, but I do have other ways of satisfying my desires”.
Mark could only watch, writhing and squirming, while I stripped to my stockings and lingerie and whipped out my favourite purple Jimmyjane vibrator. I lay next to him on the bed, rubbing the dildo gently over my clitoris and inside me, teasing myself (perhaps less so than Mark), and soon I was so wet that I fingered myself and rubbed my juice on Mark’s lips. He licked his lips hungrily, but I continued to play with my toy, on increasingly high vibration, until I brought myself to a forceful and exhilarating orgasm that made aftershocks pulse through my body.
“Maybe it’s your turn now, I teased,” running my fingernails lightly over his body, “but maybe it’s not!” I slapped and pulled on his nipples a few times, Mark’s delight that he was going to be fucked rapidly changing into disappointment. But this rollercoaster ride of anticipation wasn’t over yet! I ordered Mark to close his eyes. He could hear the sound of my 4-inch stiletto heels clicking on the floor, but where I was going or what I was doing was a mystery to Mark.
I got out a condom and slowly slipped a condom on Mark’s erect cock. Mark was once again excited because surely he was to get what he wanted now! But I just let out a cruel laugh. I reminded him that he was subject to my urges and gave his cock a light slap. After more teasing and cruelty, I began to rub my body over Mark’s, my breasts in his face, then grabbed his cock and rubbed the head against my clit. Mark’s excitement was now at a height, but I was also incredibly horny! I slid myself onto his cock. “Fuck me,” I commanded. Mark began to gyrate wildly, still with his hands tied behind his head. As soon as he began to tire, and his fucking became a tad less intense, I slid off him again. “That’s all you’re getting,” I said.
I untied Mark’s hands and let him wank into the condom until he came to a furious orgasm, all while I stood in front of him, playing with my pussy. He thanked his Goddess.
So that’s three fucks in six visits to me now for Mark (if one could count that as a fuck). I am feeling mentally and sexually satisfied, and the day is but young.
Monday, September 10th 2018
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Double Trouble with Divine_Theratrix
After a long period of wrier’s block I feel once again able to restart my blog. I’ve never had a lack of sexual mojo, but my creative flow had been out of action for about a year. But MY, the juices are once again flowing!
So let’s start with today’s exploits. One of my regular clients, a subby voyeur with a hosiery fetish, Mike, returned requesting to see me with another dominant female. So I chose my sexy slim feline friend Lady Lorelei to accompany me on this booking.
We started out at a bustling Cafe Nero in the City of London at 11am, where Mike was already seated. My companion and I were dressed elegantly, in dresses that were smart enough to fit in with the City girls in the coffee bar, but with slits in them so this elegance had a provocative and revealing edge to it. Under the dresses we were wearing stockings with suspenders belts, mine champagne and Lady Lorelei’s black. Some ankle boots completed the look. Lady Lorelei and I sat down with our cups of camomile tea on a table close to Mike’s (who didn’t acknowledge us). The two Ladies with our teas(e).
We began to chat while casually lifting up our dresses slightly to reveal the tops of our stockings and give Mike a glimpse of our suspender straps. Some leaning across the table ensued, when we showed some of our generous breasts, delicately tugging on the fabric close to our cleavages. Mike was quietly mesmerised in a personal frenzy of lust as we teased him beyond levels of human tolerance. When we started attracting the attention of other cafe-goers, Lady Lorelei and I decided it was a good time to leave, and sashay our way through the City to my nearby apartment. Mike followed closely, but unobtrusively, behind.
When we arrived at my apartment, it was playtime! A roleplay began. Naughty Mike had been caught rifling through his Step-Mum Phoenix’s knicker drawer, so she and Aunty Lorelei were there to reprimand him in a memorable manner. We ordered him to strip. Surprise surprise! Mike was already clad in his Step-Mum’s silky knickers and hold-ups! And had a big, fat hard-on in there (which had probably been like that for quite some time). What a bad boy. A thorough inspection of Mike’s body ensued before I pinned him to the bed while LL cuffed his wrists. We tied his cock and balls up with a hair and and gave them a damn good slapping, squealing with delight as Mike’s partially suppressed cries echoed out. Nipple torture was applied, with our sorry subject taking the punishment well, albeit with a quivering lower lip at times. But once the painful part was over, Step-Mum and Aunty’s sexual needs simply had to be attended to!
LL clambered onto Mike’s face while I mounted his cock, and we both gyrated away, pleasuring ourselves on his eager body. After LL had come to a shuddering orgasm, we swapped places, LL in reverse cowgirl position, while it was my turn to do the face-sitting. Mike’s tongue enthusiastically led me also to come, my juices spilling and smearing all over his face.
We then led Mike to my ensure bathroom
for the final act. I commanded Mike to jerk off to my instruction. He was to ejaculate on the count of thirty. I began counting out the lower numbers, sometimes articulating them very slowly, followed by a string of very fast numbers, which panicked Mike. So as I continued to count on, LL and myself placated Mike with a three-way kiss. On the stroke of thirty, Mike’s spunk spurted out in gushing torrents. But the punishment was not complete! I took over wanking Mike’s cock and kept on pulling it vigorously post-ejaculation until Mike could take no more. We ordered him to get dressed and sent him on his way.
I somehow think Mike has not fully learned his lesson this time...this was his FIFTH punishment, but he just keeps coming back for more. Until then, he’ll just have to make do with the secret stash of lingerie at the back of his wardrobe (which we gifted him with one more memento for).

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