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Wednesday, November 7th 2018
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Morning all.

So for the last months accessing my emails has been a nightmare! Sometimes I can open them, sometimes not. More often it won't allow me to. Well, probably 99% of time if I'm honest! I've tried to rectify this error but to no avail. So if you've been thinking I'm neglecting you it's not because I am, it's because I can't.

I was just sat in my tip, top, popping, fluffy dressing gown (the white one I'm wea ring in my gallery) drinking a coffee ready to start the day off reading your Sexy emails, when again, I can't access them. I like reading your fantasies and requests. I also like to reply! So, the best thing to do is just come say hi in person. Of we can't come to an agreement on chat then it'll never work, but hey, I've never hung up a call before so I don't see how anything could offended me so much to hang up now ;)

Speak soon


JoJo xx

Wednesday, October 17th 2018
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Just wondering
I've been thinking - how can some girls ask for sponsorship for fake boobs, lip plumpers and arse enhancements?

I work hard and have unexpected vet bills to pay for my dog life or for pay for filming on new show bit I don't beg for tips.

I'd like someone to tip me £500 for some lux that are my wishlist! :D

Different people make up our world and without the differences it would be a boring planet. Wouldn't you agree? I want to hear thoughts about these things because I have questions. I havê a curious mind and wondering mind.

Love JoJo xx
Friday, September 28th 2018
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Fitter than fit
So I'm getting sweaty and supple.

I started my yoga sessions every morning and night and now I've become so flexible! This flexibility has come in handy when being taken from behind. Im almost doing the splits!

I love my yoga classes. The guy who runs them is hot damn and I would really love for us to have a one on one session. He could fly me, do whatever to me what he wanted with his big, Sexy, tanned muscular arms.

It's a mixed class of mostly women, aging from tight teens to midle ages mothers to white haired grandma's all flexing it up.

The peace and tranquillity that comes with the deep breathing is amamzing. Holding the poses, breathing deep and slow, in and out, feeling the stress and tension releasing from my body inefable. Something I cannot put into words, really.

I want to progress to tantra. I will need and practicing partner. I will have to put out an advert I think to find one suitable, then I can have orgasms that last 20 minutes. Imagine that.



Friday, September 14th 2018
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Injured ass
Think you're having a day? This is how min went yesterday!

I was out washing the windows on the step ladders and as I stepped off I miss judged where I landed and instead of stepping back I landed on a branch that wiped through my leggings and my KNICKERS !

It hurt with a sharp stab deep in my butt cheek and I just yelped "shittt".

For the rest of the day it's wasn't hurting until it started to swell up and the bruise came out. Now I have a red graze all on my ass cheek!

I have posted the other photos in my gallery. It's really quorte funny really and especially today as I'm finding it hard to sit down!

Send me your thoughts.

Love JoJo xx

Monday, September 3rd 2018
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Day out
Hi guys I'm back! I come, I go... but always return.

So today I had such a fun day out with my girl. We shopped in some very Sexy boutique places in and around a small town out in the countryside. We don't usually go that far out on week days but today was special so we just drove for miles.

I bought some lush new bits for my wardrobe and a new Sexy light pink, floral satin bra, which I'll upload a phot of me wearing soon!

We had lunch in this place that looked nice from outside. But when we got inside it was staffed by a weird bunch of hillbillys. The main waiter must have been no older than 18 and definitely not experienced. When we ordered I saw him staring at my tits. I'm wearing a very deep v next black long sleeve top and high waisted jeans today, and this man didn't seem to care or realise how much his eyes were popping out of head! I was cheeky and purposely played him up by squeezing my tits togther when I handed him back the menu. He got all confused and hurried off.

When he returned with our meals he just oggled at my breats as he placed my plate on the table. I smiled at him, liking my lips I said in a flirty voice with intent "yymmmm, I can't wait to get my lips around that". He went bright red and stuttered "en..en...en...joy. food. I mean....your food. Ladies". And scuffed off! We giggled and thought he was cute.

It made me think....he's definately a virgin! I know he wanted to nestle his head in my boobs and probably had to go and have a wank behind the bins on his lunch break!

I love day trips and the people you meet 😁

Love JoJo x

Saturday, May 12th 2018
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Missing out
I'm missing chatting to all you guys and having some filthy, no limits fun but I can't get my phone chat on!

This PUSSY is now crying. I love to please myself...to tease myself as I speak with you, prolonging the tension as it increase with each minute, second that passes and not allow myself to cum hard, to orgasm out of my panties, my knickers just itching to be pulled down and a fat one to full me....but now I have to just imagine a chat instead to explode cunt juices over. Uh....no fun! Or at least until I cum hard and just relax in the bath. Non work and all play isn't worth the work. I want the wanting. I want the sound of a mans voice to whisper unspeakable words to me.

Soon boys, soon. Fill me with those dirty stories, please!!

I'll be waiting. Xx
Tuesday, April 3rd 2018
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Chocolate licking
Happy post Easter!

I love chocolate so much. Was very spoilt by some of you sending me chocolate eggs, mini eggs and all sorts. So thank you!

My favourite are these Oreo mini eggs. Mmmm so sweet. Love the firm texture as my tooth bite through the thick choclate and biscuit crunch. It's like a mouth orgasm.

I love how passionate I feel when food is involved. I also love getting filthy with food...if you get my drift.

What's your favourite food to play with and why? I'm curious to know. I welcome, if not challenge, new ideas.


JoJo xx
Friday, March 2nd 2018
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Frozen Nipples
Ok so today has to be the coldest day I've ever experienced!

Yesterday I couldn't feel nothing but my nipples stinging.

When I got home and took off my bra my nipples were raw! They were tightly Frozen, red and hard for hours. I couldn't thaw them out even with a hot bath! And I massage oil all around to warm them...

And today...the same! But today my frozen plump nipples are just making me horney. I think a hot tongue would feel nice, and a pair of joicey lips sucking them firmly would definitely be lush and sort my cravings out.

#any #takers?
Friday, November 24th 2017
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One month only
Hello you filthy animals!

JoJo is back online for one month only!!

As of the 17th December I will be wanting some perverted chats like we use to. I want to talk about those girls you love so much. The little ity bits that get you so hard and turned on listening to my voice drip with those forbidden words you cannot hear from anywhere else.

So, don't miss out on my Christmas promotions because they will beat any Black Friday nonsense.

Tell me if I'm totally wrong about it! There is an army if crazy people wanting cheap tvs right, while I'm lay in bed eating ice cream! Tell me your thoughts about this maddest!

Do you agree or disagree?

Much love. JOJO xxx
Thursday, January 26th 2017
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Bed! Bad Girl
Ok so I know it's so incredibly lazy but I didn't want to leave this brushed cotton bed today! I'm out now, have been out to get the shopping in and to the gym. Now I'm home and ready to cook something delicious...thinking about a Quorn curry. A creamy one like a korma. I brought some coconut milk so it will definitely be delicious and creamy.

I love cooking. But I love eating more!

I'd love to be a chef slave for the day. I should so advertise this! I can be your kinky kitchen slut for the afternoon. Say goodbye to microwave ready meals or your wife's usual spag bol from the can....here is JoJo in just an apron and nothing else, cooking up something hot and spicey! Wow. I think that would go down a treat ;) Wouldn't you agree?

Thursday, January 5th 2017
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So this little shopaholic has been getting dirty in my new all in one bodystocking fishnet body suit.

It arrived the other day and I had a dinner party with a few friends over on the eveing to celebrate the new year. There were friends and their boyfriends who came.

After dinner the girls were down stairs having one too many cocktails so I popped upstairs to have a quick look at my new sexy pieces that had arrived that morning, as I hadn't had chance all day what with cooking and organising my dinner party. I had the urge to try my bodystocking on to see how good it looked when I there was a knock on my bedroom door. It was Stacey's boyfriend Mike. He thought he had found the "bathroom". There I was stood in just my fishnet suit! No panties, just the open crotch suit.

Mike smiled the biggest smile when he saw me so i smiled back. He entered my room shutting the door behind him.

He walked straight over to me, unziped his jeans and bent me over. I grabbed my phone and pressed record, and let him fuck me there and then.

As he fucked me doggy we had to be extremely quiet because if Stacey ever found out I fucked her man she would have my eyes out!

Hot as fuck quickie with the ever hot as fuck Mike! He really is my Magic Mike ;)

I came hard on his cock in those couple of mind blown minutes.

Friday, December 23rd 2016
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Lonely Friday :(
I feel so lonely right now...I want to go out and party but just no one is out!!! Like what on earth has happened to everyone?

It's excuses like; "I've got no money", "can't find a babysitter". "I'm with my b/f/husband", "I'm saving myself for xmas eve".

Waaaaaa Waaaaaa Waaaaaa. Blah blah blah.

Come you boring fuck tards! JoJo is hot and ready to partyyyyy! Lol.

Plus I'm in a filthy mood and need a good, rough seeing to!!

Ok, rant over .

I'm off to fuck myself with my rabbit.

Maybe Santa will come early and knock on my door and fuck me senseless.


Thursday, December 15th 2016
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Generous Stranger
Today I went to the German Market fair in Birmingham with my girlfriend, Tarty Tamsin for a girly day out.

We were walking around admiring all the delicious treats on offer being sold along the stands on the main street, looking all christmassy and feeling festive when we came to a marshmallow stall selling all the flavours imaginable. There must have been about 30 to choose from. We were stood there chatting with the German man behind the counter helping his "bordom" making jokes with him and teaching him how to play eye spy. The chocolate coated marshallows were priced at £0.60 each or 12 for £5.00, so I decided I'd just buy two because I know if I bought any more this sexy figure of mine wouldn't stay sexy for long if I let loose and scoffed all of these delightful treats! So I was in conflict which two flavours to choose when a tall, handsome gentleman approached the stall in his well fitted suit and asked for 25 of their best selling flavours. I turned to him smiling and said, "that's the best way of doing it! I've been stood here for 5 minutes and still can't decide". The man laughed and replied "well seeing as I've had a great meeting and am feeling the festive spirit how about I buy you the 12 box offer". I smiled a big smile and great fully said "oh thank you! That's so kind of you". So he did, he told the lady on the stand to box his box up and he'd also pay for mine.

The generosity from a stranger is always a lovely surprise. To some people they wouldn't think £5.00 isn't much money but the thought behind it is a kind gesture and thoughtful gesture. I felt greatful to have crossed paths with such a charming and generous man that day and it was definitely the highlight of my afternoon. And that's saying a lot because I had been in Anne Summers and treated myself to some sexy pieces.

So, thank you again sweet man for my chocolate coated marshallows, you are a special star :) and they tasted oh so wonderful!

Saturday, December 3rd 2016
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Look what i found in my mother's room!!!!!

I was in her bedroom looking for nail varnish and I saw this just left on the side! Omg! My oh my.

She told me she never uses anything but her boyfriends cock for pleasure... lies!

I knew no girl seriously lived without a dido or vibrator but I did believe my mother had more class!

But maybe her man isn't pleasing her in the way she claims...

She asks me way too many questions about my sex life to just spice up her own. Now it all makes sense. Lol.

My mums a slut and I need to accept it. Pmsl

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