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Saturday, January 12th 2019
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I am a naturist. I'm a lot else too but I just love being nude. I love the feel of things against my skin. From cloth covered seats to the wind on my naked flesh.

I also like that people like to look at me naked and once I have noticed that they are enjoying the scene I may play up a bit and make sure they get to view the areas they want.

So does that mean I'm an exhibitionist too? Maybe. I hav'nt worked out my own view on that.

BUT, I do know I really like going to Eriks. Its such a cool place. You can be naked and left alone if you please or be a naughty as you like. There's always someone there to help you out if needed.

I shall be going there again soon and many times in the summer. I'm also looking into other venues, so if you have any experience of decent naturist sites, please let me know.

Well this wasnt a big ol' dirty story, just me working my biases out. Its good to write things down sometimes as you can get feedback from many sources including yourself when you read back what you've written
Friday, January 4th 2019
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What happens when I get bored
Let me set the scene;
Didnt start work till late due to some business that needed sorting. Missed a shed load of calls and didnt start till mid evening. Got to work and the phone stops ringing. Typical!

So I'm bathed, made up and in my best finery waiting for my phone to start ringing again. This usually only happens when Ive made plans to go out or when my partner is paying me a visit. But nope, one of those days and the phone just aint ringing.

So about midnight, I'm about to grudgingly wipe of my make up and put the phone on silent for the night when I get a text from an old friend.

He's in the area with surprisingly a bottle of wine in his jacket pocket and wondering if I'd care to share it.

Fuck it! Why not?? About 20 minutes later and the door knocks. I let my friend in and we have a nice glass and a chat.

We talk about work and he mentions that he'd noticed I put a load of videos on my site of late. He then asks if he wanted his services to add to the collection.

Well I had a slightly different plan. I asked him if he would do one for my partner in exchange for a fuck and a second cum.

As you may or may not know, my partner is quite partial to the occasional video, especially ones that end in me getting a salty rinse.

Phone set up and a cock at attention. I give him a seriously good blowy. Exactly 1m 31s later I am receiving said salty rinse. Yep that was the length of the video from first suck to spitting out. lol.

My partner was somewhat surprised to receive a Whatsapp video at around 2am but decided to use it to help him sleep. Bloody perv!.

No doubt I'll add to his collection in the near future. I must remember to buy him a memory card as 16G just isnt enough!!
Sunday, December 23rd 2018
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Hi guys,

Recently I have made quite a few video's, some of which I've uploaded to my site on AW and some that are still, annoyingly stored on my phone due to my inability to master the technology required to make them be not on my phone. Lol. I think they were too long...

So, I'll give you a brief description until I can figure out how to put the moving pictures onto the interweb.

This long video starred my good self and a friend of mine named Tommy, yes as in the gun.

Tommy kindly allowed me to talk him into letting me use his talents and record them for your delectation....

There are some lovely scenes of him filming, in close up, my naked body parts. Of his hands and fingers exploring certain areas and of certain areas of his entering certain areas of mine. As you can tell I'm trying not give away too many details and thus spoil the movie, once released.

But as its Christmas, I will give you the spoiler... the contents of a certain rubber item end up all over my chest! Sorry, that was mucky and unnecessary...I think?

This movie making malarky is bloody addictive and I intend to make more. Probably shorter ones that don't require a degree in computer science to upload onto my site. So any willing, potential co-stars, please stand up. Don't worry there wont be any faces on show!!

On to the more mundane. ITS CHRISTMAS! Plenty of family hugging, over eating, over drinking and over drinking.. Hick. Looking forward to some family/down time. This works in your favour as after a few days off, I'm as horny as hell.

Without further waffle, please let me wish you all a merry and safe Christmas and a prosperous new year. A special thanks to all those who have taken part in the Amy fantasy throughout the year. XX
Thursday, December 6th 2018
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Magical Amy
I wanted to name this blog "How to make two men cum when only one was present". But was just too long a title. Maybe I could one day propose this to Penn and Teller - would have to go on late night TV though....

So, my bewitched audience, you must be wondering how the magical Amy pulled off (steady), such a feat of wonderment??

Well it helps to have a dirty bastard of a boyfriend who is happy to watch and wank while I get it on with a willing client.

Enter Mr X. "Can we do role play of a cuckolded husband?" Yep, I know just the man. Call my partner to ask if he's happy to take part in a conference video call with a difference.

After a brief introduction, where me an Mr X are both naked and primed on my bed, I get to work on Mr X's very hard cock. Mr X talks to my partner, telling him that I'm sucking his cock and moves the camera down to show my partner that I was doing just that. After many moments of enjoying my special skills, he asks my partner if he'd like to see him fuck me. Obviously a resounding yes from my partner. On with the rubber and some good doggy action with the camera pointed over my shoulder so he could see Mr X banging away.

A good while later, I ride Mr X in full view. Mr X, being a gentlemen then asks if my partner wanted him to finish by fucking me or cumming in my mouth. My partner chooses my mouth. Back down and I'm sucking him off with the camera angled perfectly to get the full view of my face and mouth working on his rock hard cock. My partner is having a wonderful, live porn wank. After a little while Mr X's spunk is pouring into my mouth, a real decent load. I let it dribble down my chin and take time to make sure theres none left in the tank. The picture of my partner goes a bit shaky and I know that I've made both of them cum.

I called my partner shortly after my client left to confirm my suspicions and he confirmed that he had had fantastic wank. Lol. Always happy to help!!

I do love surprising my partner with the odd vid or live feed, so if interested and the moons align maybe you could star in my next movie. Lol.
Thursday, November 8th 2018
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The normal me
Yep, you guessed it, just a quick update about my day to day life...

Had my hair done, am now the blondest Ive been ever. I am naturally blonde you know, so thought I'd go back to my roots literally!

Had nails done, body waxed and feel really good. Hopefully that shows guys?!

Had my best friend move back in with me. Ive missed her terribly and so happy shes back.

Busy and expensive month is November. Family birthdays and three different meals to attend and christmas just round the corner. No days off for Amy it would seem.

Did a video or two for the old man to keep him sweet. And no I cant upload them because my face is on show. Anyway, he was happy so thats another week or two's peace for me.

Made a visit to Eriks naturist club few weeks back. Just me on my own. BUT, I wanted to go there to just relax, have a jacuzzi, sauna etc. And thats exactly what I did. I was totally selfish and just enjoyed being naked without playing. I know a fair few people up there so I always have someone to sit and chat with.

Reluctantly started my christmas shopping, got most of the items for the young ones, just a few adults to sort out including my incredibly fussy partner. Maybe I'll just do a dozen videos for him and stick it on a CD. Actually not the worst idea.

So thats it for now, just thought I'd type a line or two to let you know I'm still breathing. No doubt I'll add some juicy stuff in the next week or two as I have a lot planned.
Friday, October 19th 2018
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Back with a bang!
Had to take a few days off, had a mini virus but being the considerate girl I am, I made sure I was fully recovered before I came back.

It would appear that I was missed as I was super busy with lots of my regular customers, who like santa were arriving with heavy sacks. Luckily for them I was in the mood to receive their presents.

I notice that when Ive been away, I come back really bloody horny. I must have an a-dick-tion to my work. Sorry about that one.

Have been tempted to grow a little winter fleece downstairs, just for a change. Havnt had any minge fluff for years and sort of miss it. What do you guys think?
My partner has said he'd like to see it but I'm not too sure. Talk to me about it when you cum next.

Talking of my partner, the dirty bastard, he keeps telling me that I havnt been producing his regular stream of phone vids that keep his needs in check while I'm away. So if you want to appear with me in some wanking fodder for my bf please feel free to ask.

Ive done a fair few pics recently but always up for more. Again, if you'd like to co star just let me know.

Anyway, this was just a short memo to let you know I'm still alive, horny and raring to go, I know you guys miss it when I dont write.

I'll have a few stories to write about in the near future as I have some secret plans that should produce a good tale or two.

You dirty buggers take care. xx
Sunday, October 7th 2018
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Life is pretty good atm
So like I said in my headline, things are pretty good.

Normal job and this job is syncing up very well.

My normal flat mate has now moved out and I have a new girl renting off me soonish.

Basically I could cum by just looking at her profille. And would be very happy to let her live here rent free as long as she was just naked and I can see her fuck someone while I sit in the corner and rub one off. lol


On a serious note..

Life is good.

Have had 3 holidays this year.

Had a fuck friend for a few months that I took to Euerkas and we had lots of fun. I think one night I licked 5 girls out. I love pussy as well as cock you know.

Fucked a cabbie infront of my partner last week. Think my partner liked it by sex we've had since.

I thought getting older I would feel less horny, seems its the opposite!

x x

Friday, September 14th 2018
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Been a while so I thought I'd fill you in on my cummings and goings.

First the goings;

Yep you guessed it, I'm going on holiday. Bulgaria to be exact. Never been there before and really looking forward to it. Going with a non working girl friend so should be a "normal" holiday. But you never know...
I'll try and take a few snaps and stick them on my profile. Away next week so to my dear regulars, you'll have to crank one out for a week.

On to the cummings;

I was naughty, I cant deny it but then again the bloody cabbie was flirting....

I went out for the evening, semi local to home. It was a Weds night so nothing glam. Got a bit tipsy and needed to get a cab back to my home and my dearest partner.

Cabbie was a bit of a flirt so I just asked him outright if he wanted to fuck me. lol. I believe this is called the direct approach?!

BUT, the one caviat was that he was had to do it in front of my partner. This gave him pause for thought but I think the tempation got the better of his reason. Sound familiar guys? lol

So I thought I'd better give my partner a call and make sure he was up for it. He begrudgingly approved. Hehe.

Cabbie got to the door of my flat and walked in behind me, I guess he was unsure if this was for real or some sadistic wind up. But his first instinct was to reach out his hand and shake my partners. A sign of peace?

While he was gabblling on, I whipped my dress off, obviously no underwear and stood there naked between them.

I pulled the cabby into my bedroom and started snogging him. Got him to disrobe and started to play. My partner was in the box seat on my padded trunk pulling his plonker and deciding whether to join in or just enjoy the 3D experience.

I slid a rubber on him and told him to fuck me. My partner got in close for a proper view and appeared happy he'd done so. In a few short minutes the condom was a bit on the full side and he collapsed on his back, panting.

He apologised for the short lived effort but offered to go again. Hell yes! So on with another rubber. This appeared to be too much of a task so soon, so I slipped it off and gave him one of my slow wet specials. Seemed to do the job. Back on again and bit of a longer session. I had to finish him off in my mouth but 10 for effort. My dirty bastard partner decided to spunk all over my arse and back while I was finishing off the other guy.

So that was it. A naughty little midweek surpise for my BF. What was funny though was that the Uber driver told my partner to keep his number incase we needed a cab. So numbers exchanged. Next day he gets a text saying how wonderful the experience was and that he was very grateful and should his services be required again he was but a short distance away. Bless!

I'm just such a giving girl, whats wrong with me!! lol.

You all take care. Back again soon. xx
Sunday, August 12th 2018
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10 day holiday.
So I come to an end of a ten day holiday. Chilled loads. Just stayed in uk. But I went to my naturist place Euerka's more than once. Did not play - but many offers were offered. Stayed in a cabin.

Was happy to perve on other people.

Went to see family and had a birthday party to go to.

Went out with my sister in Essex where she had to take me home as I was worse for where.

Played a few games of poker in London and won.

Last 2 days just stayed at home. Caught up on lots of rubbish tv.

Never been out so much.

And I have noticed the older I get, the more I get asked out. Or maybe its just cause getting more confidence.

Did have a play mate for a few weeks that was enjoyable.

Thats all...

Friday, July 6th 2018
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My year + Keeping my partner happy
I decided on new years eve that this was going to be my year;

Since then I have bought a car and back to driving. This has given me my freedom back and enabled me to work more and visit friends and family.

I have had a few niggling medical ailments which Ive either sorted or in the process of sorting.

I have planned to buy a new home and in the process of saving.

All in all, Ive kept to my plan and this has the wonderful effect of making me plan more, work harder and be generally more happy.

Just had a mini break to Devon with the old fella. Had a lovely time and squeezed loads in. Finished with a trip to Longleat, which was fab. Owe my partner a new car aerial as I convinced him to go through the monkey section...

Now, keeping my partner happy takes many turns. From our own play to his desire to know what Ive done in graphic detail. Photographic and video evidence are a massive plus.

His latest fads are watersports and seeing me cummed upon. lol.

My work friend had one of her male friends around a few weeks back . He was desperate to play with me but I wasnt having it. About 2am and I'd had a nice evening of chat and a few too many glasses of wine. I decided I could make him a surprise video. So into the bathroom. I get my friend to video this fella pissing over my tits. I send him the video about 3am. He was more than happy to be woken.

His other soft spot, as I said is watching and hearing about where someone has spunked. In my mouth, over my face, over my tits etc. Ive sent him loads of vids but he wants one of that moment when the spunk leaves the cock and enters my mouth. Now this isnt easy. Sometimes if the guy is taking the video, the last thing on his mind upon explosion is keeping the camera straight. And if I'm holding the camera, I need to concentrate on making the ending urm happy. lol.

With that said, I shall continue to work on it for him. The dirty bastard!

This hot weather is tempting me more and more to go to Eriks or even Laysdown nudist beach. Watch this space for updates.

Tuesday, May 8th 2018
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White bits
Got me some white bits! Just back from a lovely, chilled holiday to Spain. Nice to grab some sun and even better to come back to more nice weather in the UK.

Back to work with a bang, fully recharged and horny as hell.

Had a little bit of fun on hols. Was actually the site security guard. I actually felt like he was my own private security guard as he followed me around everywhere. lol.

It was the second last night before coming home. I decided to stay on the site, watch the entertainment, which wasnt very entertaining and have a few glasses in the main outdoor eating area.

My body guard kept stopping to talk on his walk of duty. At the end of the night I bid him goodnight as was heading back to my room. He offered to escort me, which I agreed to. At the door of my room, I turned and thanked him. He lingered there with his hungry eyes. So I decided to ask him in. He said he would like to but only quickly.

I told him I needed a shower before bedtime. So into the bathroom I went and left the door ajar. A few moments into my shower I see a naked mans visage through the curtain. I invite him in and we shower together.

We take turns of gently washing each other. I get to his lower half and put my hands on an absolutely rock hard cock. I take the shower head from its hanger, get on my knees and spray the shower over his cock, then removing it and suck him, taking turns to shower then suck.

A second later we are on the bed and fucking hard. I tell him once I'd cum and I pull him out and suck him to completion. I end up with a fountain of spunk in my mouth and running all down my chin.

He kissed me and left to resume his duties, no doubt with a spring in his step.

A good way to finish my holiday, just had to brush my teeth again. lol
Tuesday, February 13th 2018
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Been a while 2
Hi guys,

been a while, sorry about that...

Had a few weeks off with some kind of dreaded bug. Think it may have been man flu. All better now and happily settled into my new Maidstone place. Great to be back in a lovely town.

Had my birthday a few weeks back and basically slept through it and past it, bloody illness!

But Ive promised myself a holiday, which will probably be in April. Nothing too fancy, just 10 days in Spain. Cant wait to feel some sun my alabasta skin.

I have been tempted to re name myself as Annie Lingus, as for the past few weeks nearly everyone has wanted to lick my arse hole. Is there some kind of bum fad going round on the internet? I dont mind as long as their tongue slips down a bit.

Had to do some more videos recently for my pervy boyfriend. He just loves watching me do naughty things. So if you are game, why not ask to be in my latest movie? Dont worry, he's not interested in seeing your face!! Hehe.

So, now I'm back and raring to go, no doubt I'll be filling this space with of my more memorable moments.

Watch this space...

Bye for now. xx
Wednesday, January 17th 2018
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1st blog of the year. x
Hi, sorry I have not done a blog in a very good while!

Been busy. BUT not busy naughty. SAD FACE.

So had Xmas which was fantastic - with the family. Lots of babies in my family. So it was very expensive also.

New year eves I stayed in but did go out the night before (30th). Went to my poker club and I offered to do all the food, thinking it would be the normal amount 30 people. It turned out to be nearly 100. I was in my kitchen for hours making everything from start.

WHY do I do that? LOL. Everyone enjoyed it. So then it makes me happy.

Then after all that. I have moved into a new work place. So I had to decorate that place etc...

Its my 38th birthday in a few days on the 23rd. Getting old now.

Need a holiday though. I am desperate for a sun filled hot holiday. I want a nudist one though.

I hope everyone had a great Xmas and New year. x
Wednesday, November 22nd 2017
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Day to day
Hi guys,

Thought I'd write a little something of my recent lingerie purchases.

As anyone who's seen knows, I have quite a collection of lingerie. From knicker bra sets to all-in-one lacey numbers. I normally buy from places like Anne Summers or Love Honey but recently I tried out a new site which had some "bargains" on it. After waiting over a week for delivery, my parcel finally arrived. A few pieces fit ok but there was several items marked size 18, which to be honest I think a size 10 would struggle into. Turns out a lot of their gear comes from China. I'm not even sure if a size 18 Chinese woman exists, hence the sizing issues. Lesson learned; you pay for what you get.

Which takes me nicely on to a little situation a few weeks back.

I had this guy call me asking about my servicing and prices. I gave him my standard costs and he tells me that he only normally pays so and so an amount. I tell him to go and enjoy the bag swinger and was about to put the phone down when he changes his mind and books half an hour.

Chap arrives. Nice looking around 30. Into the bedroom and I lay on my charms. Nice massage to start, kissing and teasing. After 10 minutes, he asks for a blowy. I give him one of my special slow, wets and after about 2 minutes I'm salty mouthed. lol. Quick shower and off he goes. Been there for 25 minutes. Compliments me on how great a service he had and would definately come back.

I think that proves my point....

Speak soon guys. xx

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