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Sunday, August 19th 2018 View Blog
Recovery day
Hi my lovelies, i hope you are having a great day!

I am very hungover today and it has been a really rough time for me. I can't deal with hangovers very well and have been so tired! But for some reason when it gets to night time I all of a sudden just wake up, its so weird and strange!

Have been binge watching shows on netflix all day whilst having naps and eating junk food, definitely the best way to deal with a hangover! Would be better if i had someone with me that could take care of me if you know what i mean ;) i get horny when im hungover hehe!

Enjoy the rest of your day my lovelies!
Lots of love
D xx
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Sunday, August 19th 2018 View Blog
Grope fantasy part 1
It was a nice dry evening the sun was out and a little breeze in the air, perfect for me. I had a rough day at work and needed a little time with nature so decided to go for a walk in the woods. Now I wasn't dressed for a walk in the woods more like a night out, but what the heck who cares right!

I got in my car and headed to my destination on route my phone went off, it was my friend.I pulled over at the recycling centre to take the call. When on the phone I noticed a white van with a male driver just sitting there staring at me.He kept looking at me maybe he knew me mayve he was having a private wank or maybe he was up to no good!

The naughty streak in me came out. I mean if he was looking at me why wouldn't I give him something sexy to admire ! I got out of the car and leaned against the door watching him admire me even more. I could see that he found me attractive especially with what I had on! I had black knee length suede tie boots on a little black mini skirt that skimmed my big round bum stockings and a blue fishnet top, no bra and for modesty a little black cardigan which covered my breasts and of course black lace panties.

I was talking to my friend on the phone and watching this guy look me up and down. In my head i felt the need to tease him more so I undid a few buttons of my cardigan so he could partially see the blue fishnet top and my cleavage. My nipples were erect with the breeze and noticeable through my top.

My skirt that short you could have seen my pussy if I opened my legs! I walked slowly around to the front of my car and bent over my bonnet whilst on the phone. To tease more I started to run my hand over my skirt and bum giving a little wiggle whilst on the phone. I knew He had a good view of my stockings bum cheeks and panties I stayed bent over for a few minutes giving him time to see every inch of my arse and a little glimpse of my pussy through my lace panties.I was enjoying every minute of this thinking was he taking photos or wanking in his van!

The call to my friend ended and I got up pulled my skirt down opened another button of my cardigan revealing part of my breast and walked past the van smiling at the driver..what a naughty little minx I was! My panties were soaking and I was really turned on by my bad behaviour. I got back in my car to continue to my destination giggling to myself all the way rubbing my wet cunt on my seat for stimulation.

Driving to the woods I spotted the white van in my rear view mirror I parked the car at the woods layby and got out thinking no more of it. I had no idea what I was about to experience or what I had done.


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Sunday, August 19th 2018 View Blog
Getting ready to make little boys cry
Hmmm. I can not begin to tell you how wet I've been getting at the thought of what you losers are going to be doing to amuse me. First come (well perhaps.. more likely ruined or denied) first served (with big dollops of face reddening shame and humiliation.

Start getting in contact if you want to feel the burning humiliation of realising that a Woman has got the measure of you. That you will never again be able to pretend to be normal.. that you are falling down the rabbit hole! Because once you start with me... you aren't ever going back to being a man again.
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Sunday, August 19th 2018 View Blog
my naughty encounter
why is sex your not supposed to have sooo much better?

i had an incounter this week with a very naughty married man, knowing full well his wife thought he was out shopping, he was at mine in my bed... dominating me.

his hand over my mouth as i beg to be able to cum, hearing his whispers telling me i cant.. while i squirm under his control..

i beg, please sir,please let me cum...
no, not until i tell you too..
but pleaseeee, i cant hold it anymore.. i cum hard all over his throbbing cock. he quickly pulls out and forces his way into my mouth, telling me i was a dirty bitch and i need to clean his cock of my juices...

mmmm, i hope you come back..
zaralove1234 (0) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Sunday, August 19th 2018 View Blog
My Life As a Escort and Why I Choose this Life.
hey people,

This week has gone so far, I have meet the most genuine and loving people these last few days, sometimes I question myself why do I enjoy it so much nothing beats good sex and I love pleasing people, during the week i had lots of fun dominating client and clients dominating me.

Friday i enjoyed pleasing myself to a luxury massage it was so nice and relaxing
I look forward to having more fun with nice clients and enjoy what comes in this indusry.
Im also enjoying growing in this industry trying new things like anal andm i have many fantasties one is i want 3 or 4 guys to fuck me and treat me like a real dirty bitch if you want to spit and humiluate a slut im yours email or call me
Cougar Cathy (98) Escorts - Click to book
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Sunday, August 19th 2018 View Blog
I gave up about 3 yrs ago but i have no problem seeing gentleman that smoke .
A gentleman who came to see me Who loves to wears his a mask and heels and has 2 yes 2 cigarettes at a time poking from the zipper while on his knees in front of me wanting to be told what a naughty sissy he is and what I am going to do to him if he does not please me he ask me if I will wank his little cock as he really needs to cum it takes seconds as he is so horny after I have made him feel so naughty he then gets dressed and leaves Mask in bag and heels and says thank you mistress
Happy Sunday

asiangentleman (211)
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Sunday, August 19th 2018 View Blog
A brillant blog abourhaving inner happiness
Good afternoon all

How is everyone doing?

I hope all of you are keeping well, well we are almost at end of summer holidays, time has really flown by.

Well just a nice short blog about having inner happiness.

If you do not find happiness within yourself nothing will make you happy. You can be the most good looking, most wealthy, most healthy and have it all but if inner peace and happiness isn’t there then the whole world won’t be enough, but if you have inner happiness and have NOTHING!! you will be the most happiest of people.

Well take care everyone
joy_italian (0) Escorts - Click to book
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Sunday, August 19th 2018 View Blog
Are women really sluts?
Why do women who have fun with more men are to be tagged as sluts and men who have fun with more women as alpha males?

I will never accept this discriminative concept. Two persons are needed to have fun, men put it and women receive it. Full stop, there is no need to tag a woman with the worst bad words to scorn her because she has multiple partners.

With me you won't have this treatment, I will honour you like a princess when I stay with you. I will let you discover the magic of the courtship again and you feel at the center of the attention with me.

Get in touch with me, if you're thinking about it, you have already decided it! xxx


Lorna_Blu (18) Escorts - Click to book
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Sunday, August 19th 2018 View Blog
Dressed to Thrill
Hello everyone!

It probably wouldn't surprise you to hear I see myself more as a "quality" lady than a "quantity" lady. What was it they said about that Belgian lager - it's "reassuringly expensive"? Not that I consider I am really expensive, it's just I feel that the little extra you may pay for my time and companionship gets you rather more than the basic service! Take a look at my latest photoset, for example, while I tell you a little something about the gentleman involved.

He is a regular client, a good friend of mine and a man who does appreciate my little extra touches. As usual, Kenneth - I'll call him that - spent some time discussing our forthcoming meeting. Not all of my gentlemen friends do this, by any means, but although I can generally conjure up a suitably happy ending without specific dress instructions, a client who is clear on how he'd like me to dress can make my life easier and the meeting go more to our mutual satisfaction. I can fit in with his wishes and desires, knowing that he will be more likely to enjoy our time together if he has considered and come up with a preferred outfit for the occasion.

Kenneth has this down to a T. I won't go into all the details, but I'll give you a flavour of things.

"What top should I wear?"

"Well, overall I’m thinking more of a Lorna Black than a Lorna Blu."

"OK, I think I have just the very thing. It's quite a sensible blouse, really, but it has this gorgeous satin sheen to it and diamante buttons."

"The kind of black that looks good if a lady were to take a load into her mouth, then gently push it out so that it slips smoothly over her plump, shiny red lips and drops and spatters onto the swell of her breast, perhaps even onto her thighs, in thick white dribbles...?"

"I suppose it would. So, you're planning to do that, are you. You make me sound a little like a candelabra! What about if I tell you I'm planning to let you come in my mouth, then look into your eyes, say your name and then slowly swallow? You know how much I love the flavour of your sperm."

(I can't really describe the noise he made down the phone at this point, but I think it told me he liked the idea!)

"OK...and on your legs?"

"Fawn leggings, I thought. And maybe flip-flops."

"Well, you know what I Iike, and I know what you like. I was just teasing a little! Of course, it will be the usual, stockings, seamed Gios? Perhaps I could get you to check that the seams are nice and straight? Black, I assume?"


(Was it my imagination or had I heard the quiet "vrrr" of a zipper being eased down? I carried on.)

"And I thought the heels you bought me? The ones where I pushed the toe between my pussy lips a little, then made you put it into your mouth..."


"There is one thing with those shoes though, darling..."

"And that is...?"

"Well, I was thinking, if we stand in front of the mirror again, and I bend over keeping my legs straight, so you can admire their reflection as I go down on you, I do need to bend very low if I'm going to get your cock all the way into my throat."

(I imagined the jolt as he heard me say that.)

"So you'll have to be nice and hard for me, my sweetheart. Can you manage that?"

(I knew that wouldn't be a problem for Kenneth, but I just wanted him to think a little!)

"Perhaps I can check as soon as we get into the room, darling. Just slowly press my hand into your crotch."


(He seemed to have given up all pretence of dignity.)

"Kenneth! I do hope you're not masturbating there!"

"What, no, just...adjusting my position..."

"Well, don't adjust it too much! I'm looking forward to getting a lot of spunk out of you when we meet. Do you know what I think I might do?"

"Tell me."

"I think I'll go into the room with you. The instant the door closes I will turn to face you -not too quickly, mind, and take a step towards you. Close enough that our chests might meet if we both breathe in together. I will touch your cock, to make sure I have your interest, then I will lean in that fraction closer and French kiss you. Deeply. All right so far?"


"The last time I kissed you, I distinctly remember your cock twitching when I put my tongue in your mouth. So I am going to do it again, as much tongue as I can give you. Filling your mouth. Then, when I can sense you wondering if I'll ever let you breathe again, I'll unzip you, release you, and bend down to suck you to full hardness."


"Kenneth! Are you sure you're not wanking?"

"No, Lorna, no. I promise."

"Good boy! Because when I have got you stiff enough, I will get onto the bed, show you my body in all its finery, then invite you to do something with me. Do you know what?"

There was a pause, then a voice that seemed to have just the right amount of wonder and desire.


I counted to three, then whispered four words. Each distinct, separate and unmistakable.

"Whatever. You. Fucking. Want."

There was silence for a second or two, and I was a little concerned I may have overdone things.


I laughed, but gently. With affection, not ridicule.

"So that's tomorrow, right? Six o'clock. And remember - no wanking!"

In hindsight I probably did over-egg the pudding a little on the phone call. The next night he made it through the door, the touching, the deep kissing part. He even managed to get through my straight-legged blow job, eyes drinking in the sight of my stocking-clad legs as I took his cock deep into my mouth. But then, just as we were on the bed getting slightly better acquainted, his body suddenly stiffened and he gave a long moan as I felt jet after jet of hot cum flowing over my calf, drenching the black nylon in thick, potent gobbets of silvery-grey semen.

He looked a little apologetic, but I told him it was a lovely compliment. There was no way he faked that orgasm!

Or the other two I gave him that night, come to that...

Love and kisses,

Lorna Blu xxx
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Sunday, August 19th 2018 View Blog
Brand new totty
Hello boys

Welcome to my blog!

I am loving taking your steamy phone calls today, you're all really turning me on. I'm trying on some black fishnet stockings, hot and sexy high heels and looking at my brand new dildo wondering who wants to hear me orgasm.

Time to press play on the porn channel. Lesbian? Role play? Fill all my submissive desires? Get filthy as fuck with my toy collection? Anal adventure? so many decisions!! My tight bald pussy is wet and ready just thinking about how naughty I can be. You know what they say, if you can't be good ..... then you shouldn't be here...

Have a great day boys xxxxxxxx

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