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Monday, July 16th 2018 View Blog
first squirt
I’m going to tell you about the time i made my self squirt, it doesn’t sound like a big deal, however it is to me i am 19 years old and i was able to make my self squirt for the first time today, it was the best experience ever…
i am hungry for more.
i am unbelievably jealous of women who squirt every time they climax!!!

i started by laying out a a clean towel on my sheets not to make too much mess, got my pink vibrator ready slipped some new batteries in to it before beginning, lay out my dlido which i call my purple monster, and some lube to hep me squeeze it in purple monster as it is huge and my juicy pussy is extremely tight.

put some music on so that my flat mates don’t hear me hahah and started masturbating over my noise.

i slipped my vibrator over my already slightly moist vagina and pressed down on my clit ever so slightly putting more and more pressure on it until my legs started to tremble, even though i wanted more to make my self cum i decided to pull it away and slowly start to slip in my purple monster in to my vagina at first pushing it hard and slow until it was all covered in my juices, when it was all wet i started pounding it hard until i felt my self cum it was over quickly, i yanked out the massive dildo soaked in my cum and grabbed for the vibrator again, doing the same as mentioned above hovering slowly over my clit rubbing it harder and harder until i felt my self cum again, once again i picked up the purple monster and pounded it in to my pussy a few hard times and yanked it out upwards as i did that i must of discovered a spot which has never been hit before, i squirted so hard it felt so releiving i was in heaven my hand, dildo, towel, pussy and ass SOAKING WET !

I dropped my dildo and arched my back and dropped down in relief.

it felt amazing !
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Monday, July 16th 2018 View Blog
dear worthless pieces of garbage,
I'm looking for a sub who enjoys pleasing his mistress, who will do anything his mistress says and if he disobeys then he's punished and the punishments must take place on cam so your mistress knows your sorry!
punishments vary depending on what pain u can tolerate and what it is you haven't actually done to annoy me in the first place! ill take great pleasure in punishing you.

I will allow you to cum if you've been good but again when you cum will be controlled by me and I want to hear u cry out in pain and begging me to allow u to stop! think you have what it takes to please me? lets chat!!
if u have your own ideas I'm open to suggestions on what you'd like to do etc so come check me out read my profile check out my pics and lets see what I can do for u.

Mistress Carly xx

fantasia Amy (251) Escorts - Click to book
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Monday, July 16th 2018 View Blog
Amy and George are married but life has become hum-drum; he spends most of his time at work and she is in the house; however they both have a secret; she has been experimenting as a Mistress and he has been going to see one.
Today she wants to revive his interest in her so she dresses as provocatively as possible but, apart from the heels, she hides her sexy attire under a coat or similar.
She had phoned his office, spoke to his secretary and been told he is out.
He had gone in secret to see a new Mistress who made him cross-dress; he forgot his safe word, was lashed on his back until it bled; the police arrived; he grabbed his trousers and shirt and left but he still wore heels which he tried to conceal, undoing his belt so his trousers hung low (skirt and tights still on).
She is disappointed he is late coming home and starts to get angry; where is he?

Eventually he arrives, clutching his trousers which were falling down and apologises for being late! He doesn't know she phoned his office and tells her a pack of lies; she can 'smell a rat' and questions him repeatedly; his excuses get more and more feeble as she persists. What is she to do? she keeps to her seduction plan; she goes in the kitchen, makes pretend coffee, throws off her coat and makes an entrance in her black stockings and new red heels (he likes those)

She comes and sits so close, her hand on his thigh, etc. high heels evident, she whispers in his ear, crosses her legs over his, feels for any erection; she knows how to seduce a man but why is he so long to respond?
She walks round showing off her long legs and heels
Eventually her hand caresses his back, how he squirms "what is the matter" she says gouging her nails in his back; he is in agony; "whatever is it, don't you like that?"
He recovers and starts to grope her; 'at last' she thinks, but she is determined to play it cool; she moves away "not so fast, it's been 6 months and you haven't shown any interest in me; what's got over you now? I'll fetch the coffee"
She continues to tease him but avoids his intentions; he shows signs of frustration!

Then she (pretends to) spill the coffee over his shirt and trousers; "so sorry let's get them off"; despite his feeble struggles she drops his pants and pulls off his shirt!!!
He is wearing tights, skirt, heels and his back is lacerated! At first she is aghast "what's all this?" He has no option but to explain; she listens with interest, especially bearing in mind her own venture into being a Mistress.
"I have a little surprise for you, get upstairs now"
She brings the rope and follows him, the bed restraints and whip are prominent, he stares "Yes I am also a Mistress and now you are my sub" she is strong and restrains him with tight bonds and prepares him for punishment with his bum high in the air, this time it will be on his bum which will suffer.

(maybe she can make him bend over the bottom rail of the bed with the intention that his bum will be easily exposed ready for the crop; his legs could be tied apart leaving room for her wandering hands to touch him up between strokes; will she have to tie his arms to keep him in position)

She gives him instructions for counting and thanking, etc. She wants to know the name of his Mistress ( Julie!), he is reluctant to tell her. She is going to smack him until he tells her and will not stop until he does (let's see how long he lasts!)

She probably decides to whip him in groups of 5 or 10 with each group getting harder than the last; any mistakes bring extra punishment; she ignores his cries and pleading; he is helpless; she teases him periodically between blows and seems to enjoy the situation especially as he has not fucked her for so long and his recent antics with this Mistress! She tells him how he deserves it and more! Then there is the threat of nipple clamps and CBT; she enjoys elaborating about the pain this would bring; he shows signs of panicking! but fortunately nothing actually happens!
The whipping gets harder and harder until eventually he tells her the name.
She unties him and it is time for them to make up as only she knows how.

She is waiting in the lounge covered up apart from her heels

He arrives breathless, trousers hanging low

She interrogates him, he lies

She throws her coat off in the kitchen and makes an entrance

She touches him up, nails in his back; agony; but then moves away

Spills the pretend coffee, pulls off his trousers and shirt

His admission

Upstairs with the rope

Tied and caned on his bum, harder and harder until safe word

Teen_Fresh_Emily (0) Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Monday, July 16th 2018 View Blog
The best sex I EVER had!!
So I can’t stop thinking about last night... so I was feeling pretty naughty and I felt like a cheeky, quick fuck. So I called my, shall we say, “play mate” to come over, I wanted him and I wanted him now. I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist knowing he could’ve had me riding him within the hour. And my god, it was 100% worth it. The minute he walked through the door I was pinned against the wall, slow hard kisses, lip biting, neck kissing.. all the things that really TURN ME ON! I was weak. We got upstairs and he threw me onto to bed, slowly took my laced thong off with his teeth and starting kissing and licking down my body, up my thighs, teasing me with his tongue. My tiny wet pussy was dripping wet. Now let me ride that face!! Grinding on his tongue, rubbing my nipples feeling every sensation running through my body. I need to fuck this guy before I cum all over his face! I unbuttoned his pants, slowly took them down and made my way down to his throbbing hard cock. You know you’re good at what you do when they’re hard before you’ve even started! I grabbed his cock and gently licked up and down up and down, teasing him with my tongue, wrapping my hand around his neck and stroking his thigh with the other I started sucking, starting slow getting faster and faster, deeper and deeper. I was deepthroathing his huge cock, choking and gagging but I refuse to give up. I kept going until I was so horny I just wanted him inside of me. I whispered in his ear “fuck me, hard” I was still dripping from his tongue. He flipped me over the bed, bent me over and slid his hard cock inside of me, soooo deep. I let out gentle moans at first, trying to be girly and quiet. But I couldn’t help myself. The harder he got the rougher he got with me and my body made me squeal! I didn’t even have to ask, he spanked my ass red raw, pulled my hair til my head hurt, choked me til I couldn’t breathe. And I loved every fucking minute of it!! I came so hard, he even made me squirt. My first time squirting!! I could get used to it ;) I will be asking him to fuck me again! Amazing, I wonder if you naughty boys can do better? Show me!

madison44 (11) Escorts - Click to book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Monday, July 16th 2018 View Blog
Fun night
I like to think I look after myself. I go to the gym once a day and keep my bum toned . I often get compliments on my bum but the other night a client really showed me some appreaciation . He came round with a lovely ice cold bottle of wine. Things were lively and intimate as I do offer a fantastic gfe. He took a gulp of cold wine and poured abit over my nipples taking my nipple in his mouth he made sensation in my body quiver . He was very impressed with my long labia lips. He took another gulp of cold white wine and ducked my lips into his mouth The feeling took my breath away he licked the edges which really popped me into a frenzy . I so needed his big cock.he turned me over and started tapping his cock on my cheeks. Where would u like it he asked. Any where you would like to slide it deep into my soaking pussy and started fucking me really hard. God how I screamed. He pushed pressure on every wall of my pussy.it was amazing I suddenly felt he needed to have that big cock up my arse. I ordered him to go anal and he didn't disappoint. His cock still wet from my gushing pussy slid in easy . I haven't been ducked like that in years. I love my job when this sort off things happen would you like to come and show me what u can do I offer the sexiest and friendly service around come on Boys come and give me pleasure
LolaRoseUK (0) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Monday, July 16th 2018 View Blog
My second favourite F Word.. food!
After leaving home at 22, it became very apparent very quickly that I would have to make some life styles. After becoming acquainted with a washing machine, feather duster and a dish washer I turned my attention to the kitchen.

I eased my way into cooking slowly, replacing micro meals for fresh ingredients. I was no Nigella to begin with, I once boiled milk in the kettle as I thought this was how hot milk was created (no joke) however my confidence with a sharp knife and a spatula began to grow!

Cooking fresh tasty meals is now a bit of a passion of mine! I always use fresh ingredients and I make as much as possible from scratch, dodging packets and frozen options (my Yorkshire puddings have a rep of their own).

I never imagined myself making homemade BBQ sauces or creating pizza dough from scratch, especially seeing as I couldn't boil an egg at the tender age of 22! Just goes to show if you don't try something new, you wont know if you enjoy it!

lots of Love


Phoebe Pretty (35) Escorts - Click to book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Monday, July 16th 2018 View Blog
Just Good Friends?
I've been friends with a lovely man for two years now and during that time I've only ever viewed him as a friend. When we met I had a boyfriend and about three months knowing him I realised he had a partner as well; in fact he's married to her, although he never speaks of her.

It didn't take me long to figure out he's unhappily married. It's like he pretends she doesn't even exist! He does everything on his own and the fact he never mentions her is a huge clue.

I broke up with my boyfriend at the start of the year. Fast forward six months and I've spent quite a bit of time with my friend and gradually I have developed a slight crush on him. I have an idea he likes me too - we have everything in common and can talk for hours.

I don't think my friend would ever cheat on his wife. After all, they have a young child together, but who knows what may happen in the future! All I can hope for is that our friendship continues.

Watch this space!
Unique_Celestial (116) Escorts - Click to book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Monday, July 16th 2018 View Blog
The Government are trying to shut down industry
I'm extremely shocked at just how many Sex Workers & Clients alike are completely oblivious to the fact the government are working hard to follow Americas example & ban all forms of sex work & the sites that host Adult Content from Porn, Fetish, Escorts etc EVERYONE in every aspect of the Adult Industry is going to be effected by this. Trump is a hypocrite anyway as his family were immigrant's who made their money through proustituion they wouldn't be as rich as they are now without it.

But do your searches & realise what's going on at moment as its has already happened in America its only a matter of time before the UK is brought back to the dark ages of prudeness.

Unless you join the fight to save our industry your going to wake up one day to AW being gone & every other site out there with you being left with no way to earn money you can make your numbers count while also protecting your none work identity otherwise if you don't you have no right to bitch about it when government win because you didn't join the fight to save us all.

Clients its advisable that you get a £10-20 burner phone & start saving ladies you like contact numbers in just in case as won't stop us from working its just gonna be much, much harder to find ladies as we won't be allowed to advertise anywhere.

This isn't a ploy to stop trafficking etc this will just drive it more underground & give the clients us inderpendants will say no too note ladies who are not allowed to say no.

A mans sex drive works different to a woman's starve a man of the sexual release he needs regularly will turn even the nicest of men into predators no Woman, Child or Animal would be safe attacks will sky rocket.

Instead of trying to shut us down they should be working towards legalizing our work, making it impossible for landlord's to evict sex workers as its how they pay their rent & bills as long as no trouble what's the issue, put note services into place for sex workers to be able to do something about bad clients etc... Actually have a organisation who trafficked girls can turn too for help not just ones that are a front for getting trafficked girls into worse situations.

A lot of us choose to do this work because normal jobs are impossible to get & we are using our natural talents to get ahead in this world everyone needs to stop thinking every sex worker is pimped out especially the foreign girls as these days that's very rare you won't find a trafficked lady on a website for inderpendant workers that age verifies, you will how ever find them in parlours or walking the streets fair enough go after sites that do not age verify before allowing you to advertise on there but leave the rest alone is what I say help us out the bad clients, parlours etc instead helping clean up industry even more.

I'm terrified of losing my only income & you should be too this isn't just going to blow over this time
NicoleNibbles (1) Escorts - Click to book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Monday, July 16th 2018 View Blog
I am so fucked off.
I cannot believe that some fucker from this site has violated my privacy. The wanker has shared my images without my consent. If I wanted them sharing, they wouldn't be in private folders.

I found out because I have been contacted today by third parties who are not registered on this site. Not for escorting services, but for the adult film/mag industry and a 'manager'.

Yet I'm the unreasonable one because I don't want to sign up with them. Because I want privacy. Because I don't want a 'manager'. The person(s) who has done this is in the clear even though I pointed out the legal ramifications of this.

But you fucker. You need to check the laws. They protect me, and I am issuing legal action against your friends who will have to disclose your details. Think you are safe behind the screen? Think again.
LLexixx (22) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Monday, July 16th 2018 View Blog

I know I haven't wrote a blog for a while ,so here is a update on what been happening.

Well I will start with today ,I am so excited to say I am going for Photoshoot so excited and nervous ,and can't to show off my new kinky sexy outfits as well as my new figure as I have lost weight and I feel great and more confident ,which has able me to be more creative and learn new skills and service to pleasure as many Fetish/Role /Dom which I am enjoying .all be revealed in my pictures when I have my Photoshoot with Photo Service a great guy and easy to talk to ,

So I let you know how it went
Lexi x

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