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Thursday, January 19th 2017 View Blog
CURVYCHRISTINA: A very sexy start to 2017
Hello AW Blog Readers!
I hope you are all feeling really positive about 2017! I always love the beginning of a year as it's normally a time for me to have many new sexy adventures, This year was no exception as I now have my lovely in-call place all set up in Essex and I have had some fantastic guys coming to visit me over the past few weeks.

It's so nice to be able to entertain gentleman callers "at home" in my lovely warm apartment instead of heading off out into the cold for out call visits! I love getting a hot shower, applying my make-up and then deciding what sexy outfit I will wear for my daily appointments - many of my modelling costumes & outfits are now here in the wardrobe, so it could be latex rubber, PVC, a designer cocktail dress, a business suit or just some very seductive silk lingerie and lace stockings!

My large comfortable king size leather bed has seen quite a bit of action in the last fortnight! From horny young toy-boys to very sensual mature gents, I have sucked a lot of hard stiff cocks and had my juicy wet pussy fucked and licked by a whole host of naughty men since January 1st - Lucky me!

Mistress Christina has also come out to play! One of my very first slaves - who last saw me 8 years ago - came to visit me for a reminder of my darker kinky side. I told him "Like your first love and your favorite school teacher, you NEVER forget your first Mistress, whom you will ALWAYS worship & serve, come what may!" We had a 2 hour Sub/Dom session where I dripped hot candle wax on his balls & spanked his naughty bottom till it was very red and glowing. We also did CBT & pegging, and I made him slurp up his own sticky hot cum when I allowed him to "finish off" over my ample boobs.

I had a lovely couple of evenings doing overnight bookings with one of my long-term regulars. It's really nice to relax & unwind in the apartment and have a whole evening to share with a guy who really is one in a million. He cooked pasta for me on our first 12 hour booking & we also christened the sofa in the lounge! One the 2nd evening we ordered a Chinese Take Away and watched TV together - when you've been seeing someone for 6 years, you tend not to have "rip your knickers off sex" every time we meet, as we don't need to prove anything to one another - it's the quality of the sex not the quantity that matters!

I have even played cyber-cupid this month and bought together a lovely couple that I didn't actually get to meet! I replied to an AW reverse bid from a very nice gentleman who was looking for a new travel companion and a regular escort for his very specific sexual and social needs . He had been seeing the same lady / escort for many years but he told me she was now getting married to someone else and he was looking for s new person. He and I chatted by email for a few days getting to know one another a little better and we seemed to click very well and have a lot in common. As he has a very high profile job as a musician, his business trips are all work related and take him all over the world. I asked him to provide a check-able reference for me, so I could have peace of mind that he was who he said he was and this offer was genuine. He told me to contact the lady he had been formerly seeing for 8 years, and she very kindly gave me a lot of info on him. She told me that because he had suffered physical abuse at the hands of his wife, he needed a lady with very special talents, immense patience and an understanding nature to help him, because he found sex and physical intimacy difficult - she fully agreed that I seemed to have all the qualities & experience that he needed to replace her.

The next morning, I logged on to my emails to see one from him and also another one from the lady too! As I began reading, I quickly realized that she had copied me in on an email to the guy, by complete mistake. Her email to him was very personal, but I saw unfolding before me a beautiful love story. she told him she missed him and now realized she loved him. She accepted he was not in a position to offer her marriage. However, after emailing me she suddenly realized that she wanted to spend her life with him and did not love the other guy she was supposed to be getting to married to. Me contacting her had made her realize this after they had barely been in contact for 8 months! After a few more emails back and forth, he told me that the situation had now changed and he loved her too and wanted to have a relationship with this lady if there was a chance they could be together. She ended it with her fiancee & moved into a hotel that night. I was caught up in the middle of the very emotional situation with 2 complete strangers but inadvertently I realized I had played my role as cupid and bought them back together! They then met up at the weekend and worked some things out together but the whole situation has been a whirlwind of change and he is now quite poorly & in hospital recovering from Pneumonia - poor man! The good news is he would still like to meet me when he is well - with his lady friend's full blessing - as he may want to book me for special sessions which his sexual therapist has recommended. As Shakespeare said..... All's well that Ends Well.

I am still modelling too and I have already done a very hot girl -on - girl shoot to start the new year off with a bang. I went up to Birmingham earlier this week for a business meeting with a well-known model and Escort who lives and works there - Bree Branning - and we ended up doing a very horny photo-shoot together and having some full-on lesbian fun. She has got the most amazing arse and pussy I have ever seen & I really enjoyed getting to know her better with my tongue as the camera's rolled - and also after they stopped too! She used my mains powered hitachi wand on her clit and she shook so much when she came the hotel must have thought there was a mini earthquake going on! Bree is now planning to come down to Essex in February for a few days so we can do another shoot and do duo bookings together. I cannot wait, as I know many guys in Essex will be queuing up round the block to book appointments with us both! With her short blonde hair, slim petite figure and sexy little boobs, she is my complete opposite in terms of looks - but we are both very experienced ladies who know how to enjoy ourselves with a gentleman and we will always give him double the pleasure!

I hope to have quite a few more sexy AW ladies joining me for duo days and tours this year, so if you are into mature escorts and want an FFM experience you'll remember for all the RIGHT reasons - check who will be visiting me each month on my profile. As my apartment also double as my photographic studio, there will be some well known mature porn stars as well as Escorts here over the coming months, and you'll be able to book some of them for 1-2-1 meets and 2 girl fun with me.

I can't wait to see what the rest of the month holds for me. I have a couple of photographers bringing new models down for shoots in my apartment at the end of the month, so I may join in or shoot some behind the scenes video's and photo sets.

Until me next naughty blog - take care all

Love Curvy Christina xxx
Skyla 45 (1) Escorts - Click to book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Thursday, January 19th 2017 View Blog
Re: Hi Skyla
I can't wait; I'm seeing my master tonight. I have all the things already packed in the car that he has asked for. I'm waiting for him to finish work and tell me where he is staying. Time is ticking away so slowly....it's only lunchtime, hours to go yet.
I get some lunch...I know we won't eat later, we never do. My phone makes me jump as it beeps to say I have a message....from my master!
"Fuckdoll, I want you here now! You will be spanked for each 10 minutes that passes until you are here" the address of the hotel says he is only 40 min away...so close, but already 4 spanks.
I'm instantly excited. It's a good job I have flexi hours and no meetings this afternoon. I clear what needs to be done and make my excuses to leave work...I get changed as quickly as I can, putting my coat on to hide how little I'm wearing. Jump in the car and I'm off....
I stand outside your hotel door waiting for you to open it...you open the door and I walk in. As you close it, you roughly grab me, shove me against the wall with one hand hard on my throat. My bag falls to the floor. You're kissing me hard and passionately, I'm kissing you back. I have waited too long for this.
Your other hand is already under my skirt...rubbing me over my knickers. This is amazing!
You let go of my throat, cup my face with both hands, kissing me gently and tenderly. "You are here to please me and do as I say. Do what I want when I want it. When I don't need you, you are to wait quietly and patiently in any position I put you in. You are not to move until I tell you. Understand slut?" I nod "yes sir" I say.
"As promised, one spank for each 10 minutes late! You'll get 7 spanks. Take off your coat and dress and bend over the bed"
I quickly move and do as you say. I wait, lying there in just my bra, knickers and stockings. You remove my knickers, pull my head back by my hair and stuff my knickers in my mouth "can't have anyone hear you slut" you whisper close to my ear.
You stroke your hand across my arse then crack! You spank me so hard. I jump, I release a muffled squeal. You do it again and again and again. 7 times in total!
"You will receive your punishment every hour until I allow you to leave" you tell me. I still don't move. I'm so horny from the rough treatment and punishment.
I can hear you in my bag. You come back to me and quickly place the collar, wrist and ankle cuffs on me. You remove my bra and tug on the lead on the collar to make me stand. I obey.
I see you are naked, your cock is so hard. I lick my lips, I want to play with you. You push me to my knees and make me crawl by your feet to a chair by a desk. You sit, tugging on my lead, pulling my face to your crotch. "Suck my cock fuckdoll". I kneel up and take your cock in my mouth, slowly taking more and more of your cock in my mouth. You roughly push my head on your cock, make me gag. I try to resist, you just push me harder. You let me up to breathe before making me suck you more. After a while of me sucking you on my knees, you stop. You tell me to turn around on my knees and hogtie my wrists to my ankles so tight. Place clamps, connected by a chain, tightly on my nipples, instantly giving me pain and the feeling like they're on fire. The pain slowly ebbs away. You put a blindfold on me and push my knickers back in my mouth.
You grab my throat hard, your face close to mine and say "I have some work to do. You will sit under this desk until I need you again. Do Not Make A Sound!"
With my masters guidance, I shuffle under his desk. My assumption that I'm facing him is confirmed when he pulls his seat in to the desk. His legs in front of me. His foot under my pussy. I sit back on my feet, waiting patiently. I hear him on the phone, typing on his laptop. Occasionally, he lifts his foot, stroking my pussy with it, or uses his foot to tug on the chain hanging down from my nipples, giving me a shot of pain through me.
Then he pulls the knickers out of my mouth, pulls on the lead and my mouth is filled with his cock again - he's tied the lead, so I can't move on his cock...it is there in my mouth; I can only play with it with my tongue until sir releases me.
In between each pleasure for my master I quietly wait; wait to be used.
An hour must have passed, he tugs on my lead and I shuffle forward as best as I can, still hogtied. He unclips the hogtie and ankles and helps me to bend over the bed again, with wrists still tied together behind my back, clamps still on my nipples; the slightest movement on the bed sending pain shooting through me.
He spanks me even harder than before, all 7 times. Each time making me move so the clamps on my nipples add to the pain. He kicks my legs apart and thrusts his cock in my pussy. He fucks me hard and rough. He pulls on my hands behind my back as he thrusts his cock hard in my pussy. I feel his fingers dig even more in me as he thrusts deep in me before pausing. Im pleased that my master has cum. Even with my nipple pain, i felt so close to cumming but sir has denied me my pleasure.
He lifts my head by my hair again, removes the knickers and tells me to clean is cock, which I obey without hesitation. He puts the knickers back in my mouth and leaves me there. I hear him go back to work.....
I lie quietly, waiting for sir to want me. He is busy, I hear him work. When he's on the phone, he gets up and walks over. Stroking me as I lie there, fingered me while talking on the phone. Mmmmm felt so good but I know I have to stay quiet for sir.
An hour must have passed again. Sir pulls my head back by my hair. "Punishment time again slut" and he spanks my arse again, 7 times. My arse must be red from the 21 spanks I have already received.
Once again, he leaves me where I was. He continues to play with me when on the phone, leaving me to wait patiently when he's typing. One time, he spends a whole phone call whipping me all over my legs arse and back with the flogger. I'm my masters fuck doll to play with.
It's time for punishment again, this time sir moves me up onto the bed on my knees, head on pillow. Arse in the air. He spanks me 7 times as hard and as quickly as before. Then sits beside me on the bed. I hear the tv being turned on. Sir is watching porn and I'm still blindfolded, I can only listen. He moves my head, removes my knickers and pushes my head down on his cock. I'm on my knees, arse in the air, hands bound behind my back with sirs cock in my mouth.
He tugs on the nipple chain making me squirm from the pain. Sir is sat up in bed, his hand on my head in his lap, pushing me on his cock!
He starts to play with my pussy with his other hand. I am his toy to play with. He pushes more and more of his hand in me as I'm sucking his cock. This feels amazing and I can feel an orgasm growing in me.
His other hand is in my hair, he is pushing and pulling my head up and down his cock. Mmmm I enjoy hearing sir groan. He pushes me faster and then pushes me right down on his cock as he cums again but this time in my mouth. I swallow every bit and continue to suck to make sure sirs cock is clean. After a moment, sir gets up, he leaves me still tied on my side on the bed, still denied the orgasm i desperately want.
Is that playtime over? Does sir still want me to be his good little fuck doll? I hear the sound of the shower.
After a while, sir comes back in the room, he doesn't touch me. I don't know what he is doing. I wait patiently.
Sir brushes back my hair from my face. Punishment time again slut. He moves me on all fours, pushes the knickers back in my mouth and spanks me. Each one harder than before.
I then feel something cold on my arse...before what feels like the cock dildo being pushed into my arse!! I try to squirm away, but sir grabs my throat and tells me I am to take it like the good slut I am!
I behave and sir pushes the cock in my arse. He then unclips my arms and gently rubs my wrists and arms. They are sore from being tied so long. He takes the knickers from my mouth and gently moves me to lie down on the bed with the cock still in my arse, speaking gently, kissing my neck, face and lips.
He then ties my wrists and ankles spreadeagled on the bed. The cock still in my arse. He tugs on the nipple chain before putting a vibrator in my pussy. It feels like he is tying it in me!!
Sir turns on both vibrators in my arse and pussy. "You're not allowed to cum until I tell you to. You are to be a good fuck toy and wait here for me. Do Not Cum!" what?? Wait? What is going on!! Before I can speak, he kisses me hard and stuffs the knickers back in my mouth.
Master places headphones on me with music loud enough so i can't hear anything else.
With a tug on my nipples and a quick kiss on my forehead, I am left in complete darkness, not able to move, struggling not to cum despite the pleasures in my pussy and arse...well I'm in hull tomorrow night partying with my friend s hope I get lucky x
xXraunchyrubyXx (34) Escorts - Click to book
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Thursday, January 19th 2017 View Blog
A little update!
I'm sorry I've been a nightmare to get hold of this week! I've been super busy with bookings and a lot going on in my personal life.. I felt like I haven't stopped!
My number will be showing again tomorrow as I have some availability tomorrow evening in Guisborough.

I'm also working Saturday but this will be through masqueradegirls the new agency is run by a fantastic lady who some of you may remember from NNE and I am so excited to go back! I will be available in Norton, and both my AW and their site will be updated weekly with rotas on my availability indie and agency.

I now have twitter! I'm on there quite a lot now I'm getting used to it, you can find me at @xxraunchyrubyxx

Sorry this is short, just wanted to quickly let people know why I'm all over at the mo!

Oh and before I forget, my outfits arrived !!

Hopefully see you soon xx
raunchyminx (9097) Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Thursday, January 19th 2017 View Blog
hi peeps

i have been doing loads of anal sex, as all the shoots over the last few weeks and loads of them have me giving guys anal domination, where i been breaking in alsorts of guys from very young 18teen lads to loads older guys, all the same to me as long as im getting my fun and its about time i had some more fun, as i got a few guys after fucking me in the arse..

some of them im going to let but i told them it will be for dirty vid and pics as im not letting anyone have fun with my arse hole with out getting pics of it as every time i been fucked in the arse, only been few times ive not got vids or pics of it and i wish i did now as i had some real good fucks to ..

so every thing i do now is for dirty pics and vids guy's if you willing to join in them you be made very welcome... my next anal shoot is this weekend a got cpl of guy's that are after doing to me so it should be fun

here pic of my last anal sex shoot

ty raunchyminx
Cassidy-Star (4) Escorts - Click to book
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Thursday, January 19th 2017 View Blog
Cleaning made fun.
As with most people, part of my daily life always involves chores around the home. It's so easy for girls here to look so glamorous and almost give an image of a life where the mundane duties and responsibilities seem absent from their life.

But we all need to strip off the glamour and put on the marigolds to do those everyday tasks that seem to be a bore and chore.

I am not a huge fan of chores, but I do tend to make the most out of the experience and put on my greatest pleasure of music while dancing around with a duster in hand.

Today I decided to log into You Tube and play the great Rod Stewart dancing around in his black lycra pants singing "Do You Think I'm Sexy." What a fabulous blast from the past it was and my entire bedroom was polished in a matter of minutes and with much joy.

I have a great deal of gratitude to my parents for enjoying music, and remember fondly my father having an old rack system, which he would usually spend quality time each weekend appreciating a good session of record playing.

This pleasure has been passed down to me, and I am ever so glad we are having a vinyl revival happening here in the UK (and hopefully all over the world).

Today, I thank You Tube for the image of Rod in his black lycra.

Yes, I thought he was sexy !!

miss_chloestone (41) Escorts - Click to book
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Thursday, January 19th 2017 View Blog
I joined a gym when I took a bunch of time off!
Okay, to be fair, I always looked really good, and I was never insec(and girls)dating-wise. I still look the same in the bum, etc, you know - those places that count. But those of you who saw me know that I had a little bit of a tummy - and it's gone!!! I took the opportunity of taking a break from escorting to do tons of crunches and joined a gym and while I don't have some sort of 6-pack, and want to keep going, those of you guys who saw me before would be happy to see me now. The photos look the same - since I always strategically covered my stomach, wore a corset, or held my arms up high to stretch it (you can see all that in my last shoot!!! - I added one of thoseso you see what I mean haha), but now, I don't have to do any of that!!! I even had to buy new jeans because the waist is too big in all of them, haha. Anyway, I'm very proud of myself and I figured I'd share it with you all, since you'll be the ones pleasantly surprised. I really only worked on my waist (maybe I should have done more?) but eh, that needed the most work I guess. So yay anyway!

Last autumn I was a 10 bordering on a 12 (if not actually a 12, without wanting to admit it to myself, and squeezing myself into size 10 clothing anyway, stupidly...) and now I'm absolutely a 10, all the way. I'm quite happy. :)

Adorable Leona (53) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Thursday, January 19th 2017 View Blog
His eyes stood on end
laughed so much yesterday when one of my new clients entered my door, he was gobsmacked at the size of my huge tits and when I did a twirl for him he said he fell in love with my Brazilian arse. He said he knew I would be HOT, but he wasn't expecting me to be more curvy than a drunken banana! I thought wow! now that's something I've never been called before (drunk yes, but not the curvy banana). I asked him to explain and he went into many details but essentially he meant that I was a pleasant surprise for him because most ladies who claim to be "curvy" are actually short, stocky and overweight, and a big turn off!. I'm over 5 ft tall so there is no way I can be accused of being short and fat lol. In my high heels well over 6ft I towered above him and I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into the bedroom. I thought for that "nice" comment he needed to taste me immediately before we even exchanged paperwork. I pushed him down onto the bed and straddled him, pushing my pussy lips tightly over his mouth and ordering him to clean me up. I thrive on power plays and this one got us both warmed up nicely before moving on to his "punishment." Well no need for details right now but at least you know now that you would be getting a tall Amazonian Goddess with killer curves! Life is fun. .
Lusheslegslaura (12) Escorts - Click to book
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Thursday, January 19th 2017 View Blog
Birthday girl
Hey guys hope your all well not been about lately but just to let you all no will be available all day friday and most of sat before i go out for birthday drinks but a good seeing to first for my birthday would be great what more could a girl want apart from flowers and jewelry that is ha ha so hopefully you guys wont disapoint when you come and give me my birthday treats see you tomorow boys looking forward to some naughty sexy fun and some nice hard cock to suck much better than a lolly pop lol x xx
Roberta_Red (10) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Thursday, January 19th 2017 View Blog
I love what i do
Hello :)
I`m kind of new to this but i decided to write a bit of my toughts ...

For the start my name is Roberta and i would like to answer to a question that most of the men ask me , and that is why i chose to do this job!

-- is not a job my lovely lads is more then that , is something that i enjoy every second

-- i love sex more then anything ,i can say that i kind of nimfo some times

-- i love to see the face for the mens when they are satisfy

-- i love all the roleplays ,,,, now i can be a normal girl with lot of sex appetite
,,,, after a nauhty school girl which love to play with her teacher
,,,, or a sexy nurse which is ready to treat all your problems
,,,, for more enjoyment a can be your bad misstress and treat you as my slave and you have to fullfil all my desires

Hope that you will read this :)

Many kisses
lucyjones (1707) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Thursday, January 19th 2017 View Blog
My new massage room x
Hi guys how are you all?

I hope you are all having a good january, today is the 19th and I atcualy cant believe we are almost a month into the year! where does the time go!

This month I have been so far so good sticking to my new years goals, I was going to get around to popping them on here but I didnt, maybe I will post abit of a backdated blog for those who really want to know. I dont really like calling them resolutions but goals and things I would like to strive for throughout the year. I also have resolutions regarding my work that I would like to do, or like to continue doing.

I have met some lovely gents this month so far, Some good regulour clients aswell as a ton of new clients wich is so lovely to see. I love seing new faces in my massage room, I love getting to know new people and getting to know there storys, no person is the same and each and every conversation is different, aswell as the type of massage I like to provide.Some gentlemen prefer a soft, oily sensual massage, where some prefer a a firmer pressure.

I have also been blown over by all of the lovely comments about my massage room, when I first moved operations to the second largist bedroom in my home I was getting really worried that I had made the wrong choice, I was worried that the largeness would make it feel vast and uninviting, but then I thought back to my old place and the massage room was so much bigger there. So far I defiantly feel like I made the right choice, it is probably the room I spend most of my time in now and the little touches I have in there such as my large vintage mirror or vintage style wardrobe or my hundreds of fairy lights make it just feel lovely, and when I feel so happy and relaxed in my massage room it certainly makes me give some truly special massages - It makes me want to make each massage move twice as long, it makes me want to match our breath so we both feel the same intensity, it makes me want to explore your most sensitive parts that little bit longer.

In between work I have been working on my now box room, which was the massage room, it has taken me about a week to neaturlise all of the oil splodges on the wall and it is now just a crisp white, my plan is to add a day bed and some wonderful soft, sensual, bed linin, some pops of collour on the wall and of corse some lovely fairy lights and make it somewhere truly special that we can do some delightful cuddle therapy. I will of corse show you all pics once it is done.

Anyway guys I have to go now, it is collage tonight and Its my second to last week, I am making a valentines arrangement, If you would like to see it (and if it is good enough as sometimes i'm pretty rubbish) I will tweet a photo.

See you all soon
Love lucy xxx

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