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Wednesday, May 24th 2017 View Blog
So after being poorly and then going back to work I have given thought to really getting this naughty and dome side of me up and going.
After having a colostomy bag fitted and it is temporary, thanks to the goddess, am finding what I can deal with has expanded. After talking to a good friend and getting some very sage advice from said friend I feel I can expand what am offering now.
Sex is NEVER gonna be a option boys, so be dears and don't ask for it.
So am sorting through my wardrobe to start you lovely sissies off with and if you have any outfits bring them with you as I would love to see you in them.
My wishlist has been updated too so go check that out in fact I think I may just have to add to it hehe.
Right am to do just that.
Hope you see some of you lovely boys soon.

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Wednesday, May 24th 2017 View Blog
Sex on the beach? No sex in the sea!Being watched?
I have always wanted to go skinny dipping... and what better opportunity than my first holiday abroad without mom and dad to keep a close eye on me.

It was our first night in Ibiza... and a night I will never forget! I had bumped into this guy a few times on our bar crawl. The truth is I don't know his name eeek! So I will refer to him as Damien as he looked like Damien of Vampire Diaries.

I went out for a cigarette and he was outside alone too... he asked me if I needed a light, I said "always" and grinned.

We got chatting and it soon turned into us talking about sex, and what he would like to do to me. I had been admiring the bulge in his trousers for some time now and there is only so much a girl can take ;) Damien asked me back to his hotel room, I said "no... I have a better idea" and smirked. "Follow me..." I grabbed his hand and led him to the beach.

We started kissing, our tongues meeting each other and ripping each other's clothes off, throwing them all over the beach.

I got on my knees in the sand, I wanted to taste him first and see if he was worthy of the experience - he certainly was.

I teased him and ran into the sea, my tits bouncing up and down, while my ass was jiggling. He had the full view! I shouted are "you coming ;)" he followed me into the sea and pulled me towards him holding me tightly.

He put his hard cock inside me, I was so wet inside by now, wetter than the sea! And he could feel it. He began thrusting hard and deep. The waves kept trying to pull us apart so I locked my legs around him tightly and lent back so I could ride him... he was grabbing my ass, I could feel his hands digging into me. We were completely locked together. The waves were getting stronger with each thrust. We had somehow ended up by the rocks and decide to finish there. I pushed him onto his back, I wanted nothing more in this moment in time then to ride him hard and fast.

The rocks were sharp and piercing my legs but it didn't phase me. I climbed on top of him, I teased him again. Slowly putting his dick on and near my pussy so he could feel just how wet I was, rubbing my clit with his dick. I like to think he was enjoying the view... enough teasing, I was getting so horny. I slid him inside of me. I could feel him in my tight pussy hitting all of my walls, I rode him so hard. His hands all over my tits, moving with them as they bounced. Enough. I grabbed his hands and put them by his head holding them down. My face in his, eyes locked. I rode him so fast he didn't know what hit him.... so deep, I bent by back all the way to his legs so he could feel all of me. We began to see shadows, like someone was looking in on us. He said I think there's someone watching, "what do you want to do?" "Carry on" I said... let them watch.

Ok then, Turn around he said but stay on top. I had never tried this before so I did... OMG. "Hold still" he said. He then began to thrust from the bottom.. pounding me. I could feel us both erupting. We both made so much noise as we came and I felt him release inside of me. I only hoped the waves drowned out our noise... and the people had enjoyed the show.

We had to swim a little to get back to the beach... "where are our clothes?" They were gone!! Whoever had been watching us must have taken them.... covered in sand, sea, cum along with cuts and bruises, completely naked might I add. We were now really doing THE WALK OF SHAME. Was it worth it? Every minute.
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Wednesday, May 24th 2017 View Blog
Fisting In Bromley and the straaaange 1
My My its been an interesting week, Im new to the neighbourhood you see, and the boys in Bromley are sooooo nice! :-) Im telling you! Even in between work Im just meeting lovely chappies all over the place they are all crawling out of the wood work I mean is this place always so lovely are the people really so nice? Yes yes they are, all except this one guy, I gotta share this because its very very rare I have any problem, however, last night whilst staying in a lovely quiet place I was asked for my postcode to see if they could see how far I was, silly me I gave it. Now i work very very discretely given the extremities of what I do I need to, also its just basic manners when you are not at home. Anyway having coffee at the bar with this chef who was trying to chat me up this other man with a funny accent asks me for a light, I gave him one and nxt thing he says Eva Electra are you going to see me now? Mortified I ushered him towards the door and told him you must book your appts first online and explained I don't work like this, he was extremely angry drove off in a grey van and harassed my phone for the rest of the evening! Needless to say Im flabbergasted however, it has not put me off I shall be in this area, having fun and smiling regardless so many other fish in the sea and mmmmm lovely Bromley Boys
Note I shall be more cautious and hesitant to give my location without email id via aw no more giving my address on the phone!
However I did enjoy my fisting spitting choking popper administrating times :-)
asiangentleman (208)
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Wednesday, May 24th 2017 View Blog
Dont give yourself a choice of failing
Don't give your self the choice of failing because its all too easy let that take over. Give your self no option to achieve your goal - no excuses.

Try and notice when negativity sets in and catch it before it takes over - this can come in the form of laziness, self doubt, comparing your self to others.

All of theses things stop you from achieving your true potential and guess what like your body, it is not something you can change over night.

You have to put the work in day in day out until you form the right habits, the right type of thinking, the right attitude .

PAUL'S WIFE! (109) Escorts - Click to book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Wednesday, May 24th 2017 View Blog
Slutty secretary photo's!
Hello Gents,

On Monday evening I saw the lovely "J", one of my very horny regulars, and he loved taking some photo's of me in my slutty secretary outfit!

As he lay on the floor to take the perfect up skirt shot, I took great pleasure in parting my wet pussy for him so he could get a really good eyeful of how wet I was.

There are new photo's (from Monday evening) in my private gallery for you to wank all over; I love knowing that you guys are so horny looking at my photo's, so go ahead wank away boys.

I also loved licking and sucking "J's" hard cock whilst he was sniffing my pussy stained panties, what a great night.

Tomorrow evening I am meeting a new gent who I spoke to via Direct chat last night, he sounds so lovely and I'm really looking forward to it, I have even treated myself to a bottle of my favourite perfume (Paris-YSL) at "R's" request; as I also love that scent, it was a really good excuse to spoil myself.....perhaps you would like to spoil me soon?!!!!

I do hope we will chat or meet soon.

Love and kisses,

Lauren. XXXX

Soleil97x (42) Escorts - Click to book
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Wednesday, May 24th 2017 View Blog
How to really to turn me on and make me cum.
Wow... Didn't take me long to write my second blog did it?!

Well, better late than never right?

I have spent the past 3 months Escorting full time, I have met some lovely men and experienced some truly magical sexual encounters as well as reigniting the sparks with an ex partner- I've been busy! Hehe.


1. Tease me!
Foreplay is extremely important in sexual encounters. If you have read my profile, you may have read that I have an extremely sensitive body and adored being touched.
Caress me, work your hands all over my body, please! Want to really turn me on?! Kiss me, kiss all down my body from my forehead, neck, breasts, belly.... you get the picture!

2. Compliments
Complimenting? Really? Is that not just a cliche?
No Sir, it isn't. Most women, love being told they're 'beautiful', 'sexy', 'gorgeous' etc. The more confidence we have with our bodies, the better for you, trust me.
Even a simple 'Your skin is lovely and soft Rosie', or 'You smell amazing' will do! Us women pay attention to detail and can always use a nice little confident boost!

3. Breats and nipples

Again, as probably expected my nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of my body. It will not take long for my nipples to become erect when showed a little attention.
Massage my breasts, run your fingers across my nipps, give them a little tweek if you'd like, it all feels great!
It's very sexy to watch a man kiss, lick and nibble on your nipps too!

p.s... blowing on them is always invited too... hmmm

4. Going down on me
Now we're talking... Having my 'flower' as I like to call it, kissed, caressed and licked is of course my favourite. How could it not be?!
No need to rush Gents, slow it right down. Relax your tongue, keep it nice and flat and just gently ... please be gentle... and swirl your tongue in nice circular movements around the clit.
Be sure to focus all your time and touch on the clit, as let's face it many women struggle to orgasm through penetration without added clit stimulation. I am one of those women, i'd say it's unfortunate but I enjoy my orgasm's just fine! I can cum pretttty hard from clit stimulation.

p.s.. there isn't any need to pop a cheeky finger inside my flower, save that for when I have climaxed or even better, your throbbing hard cock

5. Take your time boys!

This has to be the most important tip of them all. Just relax and take your time. The more time spent on kissing, cuddling, caressing and foreplay the better.
Nothing makes me more wet than being teased and just simply enjoyed.
Having a man worship my body and become more and more aroused by me and the experience is what really gets me going.

TeenMistressElxo (74) Performs on a Webcam - Available Now - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Available Now - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Wednesday, May 24th 2017 View Blog
so i thought id share this for all my little slut sissyboys. and the rest of you who need a little dom in their life.
so the story is i met with a guy the other day i told him to dress like a sissy, his stocking lingerie wig makeup heels the lot. he did as he was told.. i told him what i had in store for him that day was absaloute humiliation. i wrapped a collar and chain round his neck and made him walk on all fours it makes me wet having complete control over someone. we met up with some of my friends and he couldnt believe it he was in for a shocker and lots of fucking pain. first of all he was tied to a chair.. we each had a long toy in our hands whipping him hard with it. we each got to ram the toys in his mouth while his slabber dripping down his face. we clamped his nipples with pegs and him screaming just made me wanna do it more it was amazing. he was getting hard and to punish him he was then spanked across the cock and bals. it was absalout torture. we untied him and made him bend over for us. each slapping his ass like the little girl he was.. we took turns fucking him hard and deep with a big black strap on. the bastard came and his punishment was to gobble all that cum up.

this is the best experience ive ever had and i cant wait for it to happen again wow
YoungTeen_Yasmin (121) Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Wednesday, May 24th 2017 View Blog
I FUCKED the mail man.
Evening gentleman, and ladies.. i hope. (greedy) haha. So i NEEDED to tell you all about my recent encounter with my mail man. I mostly wanted everyone too know here but i also wanted too re live it all by typing it up! It only happened this morning but i am wishing it was tomorrow morning already! So since i can remember iv'e always been into older guys. Do not get me wrong i love a young guy too.. but there has always been something about an older gentleman. When i was young around 15/16 i had an older girl friend who was 18. She has a older boyfriend who was in his late 30's. She always used to say she loved older guys as they where experienced, slightly controlling but treat you well. I guess she rubbed off on me as now that is exactly what i am in too.. it would be a bonus if they would be a little rough with me too.. inner kink.

So, it was 9:10am this morning and i had not long woken up from a wet horny dream about being fucked by two guys.. so as you can imagine i woke up wanting it more than ever. The post man who delivers too our home has been the same post man for years. He has good banter and is a massive flirt. I've always had a soft spot for him. My bedroom window looks onto the drive so some mornings, ill'd keep an eye out and if i see him ill'd start to undress with the curtains open, sometimes pull out my dildo and start to suck on it to tease him. I could never quite figure out if he liked me or was even tempted to fancy me. Like i said, he was a lot older than me. I was probably young enough to be his daughter. Then everything changed, this morning i see him on my drive with my Ann Summers parcel. He knew this parcel was for me.. an the even better part, no body was home today..

Mr. Post man knocked twice on the door bell, like he always did. I quickly put on my pink silk robe with my black lace underwear underneath. The music was on in the living room, which the radio was playing some slow old school RnB music which was perfect. As i was walking down the stairs to open the door i kept thinking to myself ' what if he doesn't fancy me ' then ill'd think ' How could he not fancy you in this outfit ' - Well i guess there was only one way too find out. I reached the bottom of the stairs, tried sorting my crazy bed hair out and reached for the door. There he was my handsome silver fox, looking fine as everrrrr. He held my parcel in his hand and said my name ( as if he never knew ) delivery for you, anything special? he said. I then replied i am not sure, should i open it now and find out? i order so many things, i forget myself. He replied quite fast.. ' Brilliant idea '.. I opened the parcel and there i held a collar, a paddle and nipple clamps...

Mr Post man suddenly started to immediately grow into his black work trousers. I could see he tried to hide it with his little delivery signing machine that i would of normally put my signature in by now. I felt more confident now i knew that the thought of me with this black thick collar and chain around my neck made him hard. I asked him, are you always this nice, or do you have a bad side too? He replied ' You have no fucking idea. ' After a comment like that, how could i keep my hands off him. As i was staring at him after that comment i see a wedding ring. I said to him ' I never knew you had a wife ' He then replied ' Yeah. Doesn't mean i wouldn't fuck you and spank you with that paddle though Misses. '

Before i knew it the parcel was in my hall way and Mr post man was INSIDE my house! We started to aggressively kiss, like the sexual tension has been building forever. I could feel my pussy getting wetter through my lace knickers, he started to kiss on the right side of my neck whilst pulling on my hair so my neck was bent backwards. I could feel his rock hard dick pressing on my pussy, it was making go wild. Mr postmans big manly hand reached the silk tie of my dressing gown and pulled it open. He pulled it off me so i was just left in my underwear. He got down on both of his knees, i tried to please him but he never allowed it. He started to kiss on my stomach and nibble and bite downwards towards my dripping wet throbbing pussy. He pulled my knickers down and lifted one of my ankles so my wet underwear where left around one ankle. He separated my legs as i was trying to gasp for breath he was started eating my pussy. My god he was fucking good. I tried finding something to grab on to as the feeling was out of this world, i couldn't find anything. He carried on eating, licking, blowing on my clit. Just when i thought it couldn't get better he took hes two thick fingers and pushed them deep and hard into my tight wet pussy. I groaned in pleasure at the feeling of him entering inside me. He fucked me with those fingers hard and fast, leaving me soaking wet, he stood up grabbed the top of my hair and told me to undo his belt, i did as i was told and opened up his belt, zip, and buttons. There it was, his hard, thick, throbbing at least 8 inch cock. He asked me if i wanted it in my mouth. I replied, i do. He pushed me on to my knees and forced his big dick into my mouth and proceeded to fuck my face until i was gagging and my eyes where watering.. i took his dick nice and deep and cupped his balls with my hands.

Mr post man then pulled me up by his hand softly around my throat and picked me up around his waist. He reached for my new collar with the metal chain and put it around my neck. He sat back on the sofa wanking off his hard cock and told me to remove my bra and cum filled knickers. I did as i was told, as always. I stood there nervous, naked and horny. He took the lead of the collar and harshly pulled me over to the sofa and flipped me over onto my knees. He tightened the end of the lead around his fist so he had full control of me. He put his thick dick into my tight throbbing pussy and started to pound me bent over. I felt amazing, i felt like a submissive. I was under him and he had full control of me. He pulled the lead tighter and my neck was bending back and i started to choke. He asked me if i was ok. I replied ' Is that all you got Mr. Post man' ?

Mr Post Man took the back of my hair and pulled me onto the floor, lifted my legs over his shoulders and begun to pound my hard with his hands around my throat and collar i felt like i could been sick he was fucking me that hard, but i loved it.. it felt unreal, he kept fucking, fucking, fucking my pussy.He told me to tell him when i was close.. i waited a while and then told him i was REALLY close. He took hes dick out.. begun too eat my pussy again and licking on my clit. My body started shaking, trembling he knew i was about to cum. That is when he put his fingers back into my pussy and moved them in and out fast, fast, faster with his tongue still firmly on my clit... then ' ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ' there it was. The best orgasim i have ever felt. I squirted all over hes hands and every inch of energy i had left had gone.. He pulled me up, wanked off his dick and immediately cummed into my mouth. He pulled me up by my chin, kissed my lips and said. Till next time, miss.. and left.


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Wednesday, May 24th 2017 View Blog
Today I couldn't wait to get home just so I could come online. I just want to get naughty tonight! my fuck buddy wasn't able to meet me today so I'm feeling extra frustrated... SO I guess I'm just going to have to do it the old fashioned way - with my toys! my vibrator is my fave toy to use.. I'm thinking about making a wish list of things I'd desire to have.. hmm I guess it depends on what exactly I want to do with these toys.. I want to explore new things. Moral of the story - try new things at least once in life, especially sex toys!
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Wednesday, May 24th 2017 View Blog
car sex and watersports shoots today





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