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Wednesday, August 16th 2017 View Blog
My extra special package
So as always I am never home when a parcel gets delivered... Which usually isn't a problem as my next door neighbour usually takes it in for me!

However this parcel was a special one! As you men are so demanding I am constantly ordering new underwear and toys to keep you happy :) so when my neighbours son knocked at my door with a parcel for me I got excited knowing exactly what was waiting for me!!

Now the son isn't just any one.. hes absolutely gorgeous! Rugged, rough and ready and got the biggest cocky attitude I know! However today when I opened the door he was very shy! I said hi and stood twiddling my hair in my tiny shorts as I do.. and he handed the parcel over with an apology to follow!

As I looked down I seen the parcel had been opened and right on show was my new dildo! I laughed and got it out to which he went bright red and didn't know where to show his face.

I smiled and asked him in.. now was my chance! ive always wanted to fuck him.. so here was the opportunity! Waving my new dildo around I turned and walked into my hall and sure as hell he followed.. as I turned to ask him if he would like a drink he grabbed me and started kissing my neck! I was panting.. so excited and ready for this!! he took the dildo out of my hand and slipped it into his mouth getting it wet before pulling my shorts to one side and sliding it into my already dripping pussy! wow was this good! still stood in the middle of the hall, he pushed me against the wall and I wrapped my legs round his waist! before I knew it he had his hard throbbing cock inside me pounding me! I couldn't stop myself from cumming over and over! as he exploded inside me we both dropped to the floor sweating and panting!

WOW was he good! I giggled as I stood up fixing my shorts.. walked over to the door and opened it! and he left! I CANT WAIT FOR MY NEXT MISSED DELIVERY X
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Wednesday, August 16th 2017 View Blog
With my movement in the next few days may i ask anyone who makes contact about a booking with me its very specific or it will be come very confusing

so in your text to me please state your name and location along with what day time and duration you would like remembering im in Derby From 2pm Friday till 5pm Saturday then returning back to my normal location

eg Dave - Derby - Friday 5pm for 45 minutes

John - luton Sunday 2pm for an hour

i will not have time for ping pong messaging if im as busy as i have been each visit ive made so far
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Wednesday, August 16th 2017 View Blog
Up date
Hi everyone.

My page is a work in progress. I am currently editing my page and adding new content.

I cant wait until tomorrow I haven't had a wank for like 10days. Well I had a sly one the other morning but it kinda didn't count haha. And I can't wait to get back to work. Whoop whoop.

I'll be heading to London this weekend too. I'll be in staying in the Euston area of Camden, Central London. For 3days, and then hopefully to the IOM for the Manx GP!l the following week! Please do try to book in advance for London as I get booked up pretty quickly.

Mwhaaa xoxo
A D Photography (3)
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Wednesday, August 16th 2017 View Blog
So summer has kicked back in with a vengeance and it's making my studio work hell. I had to cut short two shoots yesterday due to the girls getting way too hot whilst wearing latex, I had to mop the floor of their sweat when we finished. This is all despite the studio having 2 15" fans that will blow your hair off if you get too near them!

Until it cools down I will have to pass on any studio work but it's not all bad news, no I can lay out in the sun by the pool sipping ice cold lager ;)

Keep cool girls :)
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Wednesday, August 16th 2017 View Blog
new cruise
going on Holiday on the 28th August 17 all girls hoilday going to be a right filthy slag fuck other men on bored and and try lure staff members by sitting in the bar and open my legs and show them my bald cunt as i wont be wearing any underwear i will try get 2 men a day or more haha lure some old wealthy guy into my room ;) or a young guy behind the bar would do the trick! now im going to amsterdam so i will defo be going down the red light district see if i can pick up any tips from some the women might even ask if i can join them for a try haha i defo have to try the hash brownies and wacky backy whilst im there defo make me horny aswell! so i think some foreign men are just what i need ;)

shaved cunt
mini skirt
low cut top
big girl
42dd tits

what more do they want? oh thats right a right filthy whore! i might even where pig tails and im going to act slutty as hell flirting in a way that they know i want it! even if there wifes are sitting there i dont care doing it infront of them! as long as they know where to come get it then thats all i need hehehe

when im holiday im defo gonna keep these blogs updated with all the cock ive had and what expereinces ive done and what ive learned! anything to enhance me being a filthy chav slag is always good! im defo gonna eat a shit load too! all inclued buffett etc why not! ill probs be 20-21stone by timeim back!

im going to keep a little black book of all the naughty stuff i get upto if thats fingering myself or what cock ive had how the guy was how long he lasted etc

im also going to keep blogging on here about it and about my experineces during the cruise! once im back im going to get my sugar daddy to keep weighing me to make sure im gaining as im serious about that as long as he can help me!

i have lots of tats already and love showing them off i love slutty ones too! so when im on cruise plenty of low cut tops for me to show them off mmm and then when im back i will be looking into getting some seducctive tats like black roses going from my leg all the way up my arm or side etc or both maybe tats going down to my boobs aswell hehehe get men perving on me then! thats why i dress slutty so men can perv on me! i love it! plenty of seductive clothing choices whilst im on this cruise imagine me laying there on a sun lounger wearing slutty see through leggings with no undies or a short mini skirt or short dress with no undies showing through is my bald cunt and a low cut top showing off my big boobs could you keep your eyes off me ;) you be walking around deck with your wife with a hard on hehehehe ill give u a wink and try find you later and slip my cabin number in your pocket ;) im a real naughty slut
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Wednesday, August 16th 2017 View Blog
im turning into an anal lover!!
OMG just seen a client who gave it to me so hard and so good I nearly squirted!!! I was so loud I was in ecstasy!! I'm turning into a dead dirty horny little bitch! Don't get me wrong, I love normal sex, but I love real dirty practices too, for example, hardsports and anal etc. Wow I could make myself cum just thinking about it! I love domination too. Totally get off on it! My fantasy is sticking a 8 inch dildo up someone's arse. So will one of you guys let me do that to you? You know you love it!!! Xxx
riolee (434) Escorts - Click to book
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Wednesday, August 16th 2017 View Blog
people say no one will help you, people told me there is no support. People fucking LIE

They will tell you to lie, they will tell you to go to a private doctor to stay off the system, clients, agents & girls will all LIE

I only believe in FACTS, I dont beliebe in hope or all that crap that lets girls down

So ive always been honest, got a good GP, always told him about everything, the sex, the drugs, the shit.

I ended up on the street & u only have 2 options you go into FREE or you ask 4 help

I ended up in FREE, my doctor was the one who helped me & I went 4 help

The ONLY person who will help you is a GOOD NHS DOCTOR.

But only if you tell him you are a SEX WORKER, i told him everything, the drugs? The drink, everything because you'll need it years down the line

I even had a close friend who I had known 4 years tell me NOT to go NHS.

Its bullshit they want to help sex workers & want to know where they are as they didnt know where I was for years & I ended up in the illegal sector in london working 3-4 days straight, 365 days of the year 4 7 years, robbed, spiked & fucked over

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Wednesday, August 16th 2017 View Blog
The married man and his Mrs. xxx
Hey guys, it's your lucky day! As I've been quite rubbish with daily blog posting I've decided whilst I've got some time today to post 2 to make up for my lack of!

This post is about my married man and his sexy wife.

So I met Joshua months ago on a night out. He's tall, blonde and handsome. He's a successful engineer who loves to let loose at the weekends with his boys. On the particular night we met he was out for his friends stag do. The group of guys caught my eye as they were all handsome in their own right but Joshua instantly stood out to me. Standing at around 6"3 he towered above me, even in my heels. Other than his height one of the first things I noticed was his crooked but beautiful smile and the many tattoos he had peaking out of the top of his collar on his neck and down onto his hands at the end of his sleeves. He was wearing a pair of dark trousers above a pair of low dark cherry red Doc Martin shoes. On his torso was a nice shite shirt that fitted tightly over his lean, slim yet muscly arms. To finish off this look he wore a deep cream blazer. I must of been staring for hours before I plucked up the courage to speak to him.

It was his turn to get the rounds in and I waited a few minutes after he went to the bar to join him. I stood right next to him in my sexy dark red dress that clung to every bit of my curvy body, showing off all the right stuff., the type of dress you don't wear underwear with. I bent over to sort out the buckle on my slinky black stilettos which fit perfectly on my fresh pedicured feet. Of course this was a ploy to get him to look at my ass and that he did. ;)

"You need to be careful bending over like that in a club full of horny men, I've seen the way everyone's been looking at you tonight."... The sexiest voice to go with the sexiest man. "Oh, and are you one of those horny men looking at me" I said. To which he replied, placing his hand on my fore arm, "I am now." By this point my pussy is so wet I can almost feel it running down my leg. "Glad I could help babe, my names Kara by the way." "Joshua." He replied with a nod. He offered me a drink and we stayed at the bar for about 10 minutes longer chatting away. He had me howling with laughter which he loved as he enjoyed my smile.

"You've smudged your lipstick drinking that cocktail so fast." He exclaimed as he reached forward to rub it away, that's when I saw it. Solid and shiny and probably platinum. His wedding ring.
I'm rubbish at lieing or pretending things are okay when they're not so the look on my face when I put two and two together must of been priceless. I was so shocked and embarrassed and almost angry when he lent in to whisper in my ear "I won't tell if you don't."

And that was how it started, our fucked up love story. We started meeting at my flat or hotels to fuck. First just in the evenings and then at lunch times sometimes he'd convince me to call in sick to work just so he could spend all day with his cock inside me. It was lovely. It was perfect until one day we got a knock at the hotel door. I assumed it was house keeping but as I was naked made Josh go and open the door. Before I had time to think or cover my nude body in time a crying lady ran in the room screaming. I couldn't believe it. It was like a nightmare and a sit com all wrapped into one.

It was her. His wife. My competition. She was so upset and angry but not with me, not even with Josh really. Somehow the amazing man that Joshua is, he managed to calm her down to a point where he could introduce us both to each other and within half an hour we were all laughing together. He explained to her, Marie, that he loved her but needed more and she actually took it so well to this day I can't comprehend it but I cant complain.

Joshua left the hotel to go get us some coffee and food. Leaving me and Marie alone. I thought I better get dressed before it got too awkward but as I went to leave the bed she grabbed me and started kissing me! "I wanted to see what the fuss was about, I've seen the photos you've sent him. I understand why your perfect pussy made him wonder off from me." "I...I.. erm,.." I couldn't string the words together into a sentence for the life of me. "Ssshh." She said placing her hand on my breast, "You owe me at least this much."
It was then I felt her cold, soft fingers travel down my body and inside my tight pussy. She kissed so passionately and rubbed my clit so vigorously I couldn't help but join in. By the time Josh had returned Marie and I were both laid naked on the bed covered in each other's juices.

I've never seen a guy get so hard so quick. He couldn't put the food and drinks down quick enough before rushing over to join. It was only at the point when I was sat on his face kissing Marie whilst she rode Joshua's big, hard cock that I realised what I had gotten myself into.

They both love me. They tell me all the time, I saved their marriage and their sex lives. And I am more than happy to do so!

I'm one very lucky, and very naughty girl.

PoshGirlGoneBad94 (136) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Wednesday, August 16th 2017 View Blog
dieting & weight loss
Hi all,

So as you know if you have visited me that I have gone up a dress size! I am now a size 12 :( I am desperately trying to get back to a size 8 but i'd be happy as a size ten.

So if you have any good weight loss tips please do share them with me. Obviously a big part of weight loss is eating healthy (no more chocolate for me!) and exercising which I do daily (riding x2 horses and all the other duties included).

So any tips, low fat - filling food/drink/shakes etc.

Thanks for reading, I hope your all well and I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Until then,
Take care!
Posh x
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Wednesday, August 16th 2017 View Blog
Welcome Back
As you may be aware I've been away from cam for a while. I've been doing some photoshoots and getting some gorgeous sexy pictures for you all. They will be ready in a couple of weeks and I know you're already excited to see them.

I'm in the process of moving so won't be on free cam as much but book in for some naughty Skype or phone sessions and I'm sure you won't miss me too much. Or swear off cam until I come back so I can see just how much pent up lust you've had for me.

And don't forget to add me to your Hot List so you'll know as soon as I come to play.


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