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Monday, June 26th 2017 View Blog
My Filthy Encounter with a Dirty Old Perv
I was 18 years old, young dumb and full of come. I was working as a waitress in a sleepy seaside resort coffee shop.

The café was due to be closed in an hour. It was a hot August summers day and all I wanted to do was join my friends on the beach for fun,drinking and sexual exploration aka fun to hot and horny 18 year olds.

I was daydreaming, leaning on the counter, hot, my pert young tits sweating in my tight wihte shirt, my short black pleated skirt caressing my tanned thighs, as impatiently tapped my foot, literally counting the seconds til closing time.

As I gazed into space my stare was broken by the old man sat at one of the tables. He was the only customer left, and as I paid closer attention I could see him staring at me ,a filthy, naughty look in his eye, as he sipped his tea and ate his cake.

He had one hand underneath the table, oh my gosh! hes wanking! I couldn't believe it! That dirty old boy was rubbing his old dick hard and slow whilst gritting his teeth and staring at me, white shirt gaping, young 18 year old tanned pert tits bursting out. I started feeing very naughty.

The chef had left, I was the only one left, me, and this old perv.

I made my way to him a cheeky look in my eye, he watched me as i sashayed towards him mouth agape, as if he he was afraid he had been busted. He had been busted, but not in the way he thought.

As I approached his table, I went underneath it, I knelt between his legs, and looked up at him from under the table. I smiled, i took his wrinkly hard old dick out of his hand and pulled my shirt open, I heaved my fat tits out my bra and put his dick between my tits and started tit wanking I'm vigourously. He looked so shocked, in disbelief, but mixed with glee, he couldn't believe it, he was enjoying it, his groans told me so.

I took his dick from between my tits and started sucking it hard, he groaned so loud. As if he could come at any second so I started teasing him, stopping and alternating between sucking and licking.He was getting annoyed, I could tell he just wanted to come, I giggled, and carried on spitting and wanking his dick off.

Next thing he grabbed my face with both hands and pulled me up in front of him. He turned me around bent me over the table, cake and tea splattered everywhere. He took my skirt picked it up revealing my sexy tight round ass and white thong. He pulled my thong down and grabbed my hits, he rammed his old fat dick in my tight young wet pussy so hard and started fucking it furiously.

I laughed as he pounded me his dangly old saggy balls whacking agasint y ass as he fucked me, he made the biggest groan as he slowly thrust his come thrust into me and his old dick throbbed as it pumped out his thick milky come. I think I sucked the life out of him, I giggled. The look on his face was one of which if he was to die at that exact moment, he would have been happy to die.
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Monday, June 26th 2017 View Blog
At the carwash
I've had my little car since Valentine's Day and today was its first wash!
I'm a scruff I know lol.
Maybe I should take on a slave and make him wash it for me weekly??? Offers...

So I went to a local place, run by Romanians who do a fantastic job, and there's this guy with a sponge in each hand, washing the bonnet and windscreen (get me, knowing the lingo!)
Anyway, all I could vision in my head, was how much better it would be if I had some scantily covered breasts jiggling about in a little bikini top in front of me, very Daisy Duke-esque.

It was quite a turn on, which led me on to doing it myself on a hot summers day, playing with a gushing hose, feeling my nipples harden with the cold water and maybe soaping up Beck's!

It may be a future photo shoot Hmmmmmmm
x_Amber_Jane_x (0) Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Monday, June 26th 2017 View Blog
S&M - new lingerie
So whilst I sit here watching the film 'Legend' as Tom Hardy is absolutely gorg, I'm wearing some new leather piece I've recently bought from Ann Summers.

Now I already have an array of lingerie but I fancied getting something a little more naughty, I even treated myself to a crotchless black and red lingerie set ;-) which is very saucy indeed!!

I'm always loved to be dominating so I think in this I can dominate your wildest fantasies and perhaps show you whos boss? After all I do wear glasses so can be a sexy dominatricks :-)

If you'd like to see me in this new lingerie set one to one private chat me or email me and I can arrange this.

A naughty one to one where anything goes ;-)
New Blu Amber (163) Escorts - Click to book
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Monday, June 26th 2017 View Blog
Anyone For A Pink Flamingo ?
Hi All

I'm back from holidays and peeling already lol. . Gutted as I got a lovely all over tan. I had a great time and had faaaaaarrrr tooooo much to drink lol. But what are holidays about ay ? I've also come back horny as hell and needing lots of sexy fun this week, so no hesitations come and get me . . If you've met me before you'll know I'm a quality piece of ass lol . . And if you haven't met me before ' what are you waiting for ?' Cone and play !

Hope youve all had fun whilst I've been away and I've been told that the weather has been fine . I'll do a few nude shots for you all to show I have no white bits lol.

Well you all know where to find my number so call and book up soon xx

Mwah xx

Claire Keeler (19) Escorts - Click to book Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Monday, June 26th 2017 View Blog
Round the Island Yacht Race
Not going to lie.

I'm super excited to be on the Isle of Wight this weekend, the prospect of my little island abode being awash with sailors this weekend for the Round the Island Yacht Race brings a smile to my face. I am practising my best hello boys smile and wave. Seriously, I have about four days to perfect it

I do have an ideal sailor in my head. I have given this a lot of thought you see. A tall, handsome dude with a beautiful face and a sharp mind with a flexible moral fibre and a sense of sexual adventure beyond the confines of his marital vows. That description may or may not match my former lover, but a girl can still live in hope. I have been smitten with more than one sailor in my life.

Since moving to the Island, I have gone sailing with a few clients. Sailed with a few friends, spent way to much time on that fucking ferry but I may have to become a sailing groupie this weekend and admire the yachts (okay, yachties) from afar.
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Monday, June 26th 2017 View Blog
..that tremble that wetness
So today was that day where i woke up and bite my lip..i smile to myself ..I run my hands gently down stroke my clit that seems to be pulsing through my white panties..it feel so good, so good i dont want to touch anymore as i feel like i may climax too early!
I reach under my bed for my stash of toys and find me perfect clit stimulator ..i turn it on so it vibrates just a little , i want to build this up..
I slide my underwear off,it feels good now my pussy is not restricted to any silkness..I put my index finger in my mouth and lick it i want to wetten my clit some more..it feels warm, soft supple..i rub my finger from left to right left to right and back again..I get that feeling where i want to bight my teeth into something arch my back..but NO i want to build this up..
As i stare up at my ceiling , I think its time I add the virbrations , i run the pink clit stimulator down my tummy , even that tickles me..(i must of been dreaming sweet sex all night) it reaches my area , ia llow it to touch my clit once, twice three times "oh this feels so freaky so rude so sexy"
Right now i open my pussy flaps so the cold air and the heat will meet and cause me to have the best orgasm ever..
I start going forward back forward back and side to side all at the same time i am clutching my bedsheets like im crazy.."why isnt there a fat nice cock here to finish me off" i think to myself
"no this piece of rubber will have to do"
I'm starting to sweat, my back is arching I am trembling as tho i am having a fit, my toes are pointing to the door...its gonna happen..
Suddenly the trembling sensantion wras its self round my body, I almost brake my neck the arch I just performed ..Im shruddering...i orgasm thick and fast
I thrust and thrust still holding this pink thing inbetween my legs ..
As I slide it away i feel a drop of my cum drip onto my arse cheeks ..
My hand is instantly wet from just placing it over my now massively throbbing pussy..im so wet so so wet, now to get even wetter im going into the shower...I can barly walk , just lmy legs walking net to each other is making my pussy think another orgasm is coming...
I love days like this...I've orgasmed all before 7am and now im smiling to my self...
"till the next time"
Teen_Olivia_Lace (1) Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Monday, June 26th 2017 View Blog
I LOVE hardcore porn.
Im about to get real with you (whenever don't i?)..

I think romantic soft porn is bullshi*t. I'm not a fan of it at all, If I'm gonna sit there playing with my clit I was hardcore, full throttle, fuck me harder porn. Nothing is off bounds (as long as legal), I jump from video to video to video. Compilations are my favourite mostly of women having a hardcore orgasm/squirt.

It gets me so wet seeing a young, tight pussy pounded to the max, dripping and pulsing on camera (I'ts getting me damp just thinking about it!).

I'm a big believer that self pleasure is good for you, if you don't know what makes you squirt how the hell is someone else supposed to?

So to conclude todays post, close this page, open some porn and flick your perfectly pink clit till your hearts content.


Olivia xo
TallCurvy_Blonde (107) Performs on a Webcam - Available Now - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Available Now - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Monday, June 26th 2017 View Blog
New underwear
So was out shopping this weekend and I couldnt help but buy more underwear. This weekend I have purchased a sexy mini long sleeve fishnet dress and 2 new pairs of hold ups as well.as a lace longe wear sexy whcj I feel really sexy in.

Come see me in cam and I will gladly model them for you.

I will gladly strut my stuff in heels and will also sit on my.knees and look up at you...with my big brown eyes eagerly try to please you....
Or we could slap some oil on these sexy 36f natural.boobies and have some slippery fun

Or put on my school girl uniform ...and do as I'm told

The fun is there to be had
Come say hi

Spiceyxxx (196) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Available Now - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Monday, June 26th 2017 View Blog
It's Been A While .........
Hello all you sexy peeps out there.........

First of all I owe you all an apology for not posting a blog for ages and secondly I want to thank all you lovely guys for following me and sending me lovely messages about my first two blogs....

Well there is so much to tell. A lot has changed in the last few weeks and I have been having so much sexy fun.

I'm sure some of you will have noticed that my profile has changed and I have taken down the offer of massages. Well this is because I now offer a full escort service which means that now ( should you wish ) you can now fuck spiceyxxx

Some of you guys have already dipped your toes and I have to thank each and every one of you for being absolute gentlemen and breaking me in gently

Now onto my favourite past time...... Swinging
I'm sure some of you will already know that in my free time I like to go to swinging clubs and let of a little steam.
Well two weeks ago I went to my all time favourite club called Eureka's which is in Dartford....... a bit of a trek but we stay the night and believe me its worth every second stuck on the M25 lol

We got there about 2pm, after our obligatory shop in Lakeside ( it's the law you know ) and settled into our little log cabins. The green outside was already covered in lots of naked, sun seeking bodies and it didn't take us long to strip of and join them. We laid there for a while people watching and totally relaxing. I wasn't positioned far from a young couple who were gently kissing and while I watched the guy slipped his hand in between her legs and started to finger fuck her pussy. They stayed like this for about 5 minutes and while I watched I felt my own pussy start to get wet. She was moving her hips in time to his hand and I could only imagine the sweet feelings that were going on in between her thighs. Now I would like to be able to say that I watched her explode into a climatic orgasm but this is real life and in true "sods Law" style my very close friend decided it was a good idea to accidently spill her cold drink all over me which straight away killed the moment. By the time we cleaned up and I had dried myself, the lovely young lady had obviously reached her peak of pleasure and was laying back enjoying the sun. I get so turned on watching.........

Anyway we all laid there a little longer and then decided to go for a dip in there outdoor pool which was a wonderful cool down from the sun but only from the sun

I shall continue this later guys..........


DeliciousLuana (17) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Monday, June 26th 2017 View Blog
Social Networking.
Beds are definitely the best piece of furniture we will ever buy in a life time, as we spend a large amount of time in bed making love! I'm in bed 69% of the time! Lol. My favourite way to sleep is curled up on my right hand side, but I do move around in the nigh and never wake up in the same position. My all time favourite love making position is a submissive pose in missionary style, or riding away cow girl style. Obviously this means my bed gets a battering so I try to ensure I take good care of my bed in the mean time. I have happy and a lot of dreamy moments in my bed. It's a special meeting place where I get to meet all walks of life. That's the reason I value my bed so much!

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