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Thursday, December 14th 2017 View Blog
Just now
Right guys so I just logged on as I just really needed to tell you I have just had a bloodly good time!!!!!

Here goes 😘

House m8 comes home from work I stopped working cuz it's my day to cook dinner so we had dinner and he just keep on giving me the look I came up to the bed room were he was and he grabed my hair slam me onto the bed took my clothes of and fked me so hard with pulling my hair it was so fucking good I can't tell you how much I loved it and needed it
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Thursday, December 14th 2017 View Blog
German markets and Star Wars!
I’m finally home - phew! I was in Germany for the Christmas markets (it’s got to be done, I’ll never look at the Manchester or Birmingham ones in the same way now!) which was absolutely fantastic! Copious amounts of gluhwein and curry wurst, amongst other German delicacies. Germans are so lovely, and I find their accent and language beautiful, far better than the ever so popular French I think! I’m also fascinated with German history, so I took advantage of a third reich tour which was both fascinating and thought provoking. Anyway, our flight was cancelled last minute due to the weather... I can’t really complain, I’ve sent the airline a list of expenses such as food and fresh clothes - yes, you guessed right, they lost my bag too! A couple mugs of gluhweins and I was back in holiday mode :)

Anyway, I must dash. Need to get ready for one of many Christmas meals, oh how I love the festive season! Tonight there are 13 of us dining at my favourite country pub... I’m sure some cultures say 13 at a table is unlucky?! Oh well! And last but not least - the new Star Wars at midnight, lets hope I don’t eat too much and want to get snuggled up in bed hehe :)

Stay warm everyone!

Cuddles and kisses,
Lily xxx

(Woops this didn’t post for some reason yesterday!)
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Thursday, December 14th 2017 View Blog
Time wasters ... no shows ... nearly Christmas
So how are you all are we all ready for Christmas ? I’m having one of those months were things are trying to stop me first my daughters pony is lame and he had to go in and have some tests and the insurance I found out didn’t cover vets bills only liability , theft and death , my stomach did a flip when I was told sorry Yre not covered so got to bite the bullet and go with it And need to fix him for my daughter he’s such good therapy for her , then the roof leaked when the snow was melting turns out lead round chimney needs doing so had to book in and get done and the they say it comes in threes my car is playing up but can’t be with out as need to work till the next Friday and still doing school runs and going to stables ... well I’m just hoping nothing else goes wrong now .
Work has been frustrating with times wasters who don’t show up and a last minute cancellation with me and my duo partner on a 3 hour booking now when she travels nearly two hours to get to me that’s a big chunk of her day and we had both turned Work away that can’t get back , tried to blame it on the weather yet the roads were fine .
But we don’t let it get us down we have been keep you other lovely gentlemen happy and spoiling you .
If you have never seen me before why make me your xmas treat come and see me before I have my xmas break xxx
I can’t believe how quick the year has gone I’ve been here 5 years now my lovely apartment in kings lynn and very happy , I have met some lovely people this last year and really enjoy my work still which I think is important what you get with me is the real thing , what you read is me and when I open my Door if you like my profile you will enjoy what you see xxx
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Thursday, December 14th 2017 View Blog
Merry Christmas!
Well, it's nearly Christmas and for once I have been organised and done all my Christmas shopping. I just have to write out my cards and then I'm done.

I've also just passed the anniversary of my second year in this job. I can't quite believe how quickly that time has passed and I have done all sorts of unimaginable things in that time -

Where's the weirdest place you have put flowers ...? ;)

I still have my regulars who come to see me. I am now advertising in a lot more places than I did when I first started out. I also have a second website that's up and running now.

I'm tempted to re-write my profile on here to spruce it up and give it a fresh glow. But I think the most important thing is to post new pics on a regular basis and I always do that.

So, here's wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Thursday, December 14th 2017 View Blog
Tis the season
Whats with everyone. Asking stupid questions. Trying to get free bookings. Making bookings and the wasting my time. I thought this time of year is meant to bring out the best in people . total opposite. Getting messed about and costing me money. . i will only add them to my blocked list . or leave the feed back why do people think this is funny. Its not. Sooner or later they will run out of people to contact. I provide a service and that's not to have games played or messed about. All this will only make me give up sooner .
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Thursday, December 14th 2017 View Blog
Nawtyfrancesca Merry Christmas xxxxx
Good afternoon, would just like to take this opportunity to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS . Thank you to all my clients old and new, for all the fun we’ve had over the past year. Looking forward to seeing you all over the Christmas period for lots of fun and frolics!
Not sure if Santa will be cumming to bring me any gifts this year as I’ve been a very bad girl lol.

May you all have a fun but safe Christmas, and remember .... don’t do anything I wouldn’t!! And if you can’t be good be careful!

Love your very own NawtyFrancesca xxx

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Thursday, December 14th 2017 View Blog
Kinky fun times
Hi peeps,

I had a terrible November due to personal reasons and was not working for over a month. I am very glad to say I'll be working again until the end of the year. If I haven't gotten back at you, please do ping me again. I'll do my best to catch up with emails!

I am back at work because two friends of mines managed to re-awake my sex drive, which got hidden away during a difficult emotional period. We happened to be at a kinky party last week and I ended up domming both of them at the same time. It was lovely and it brought out, along my sex drive, so many good sadistic feelings...so if you are interested in some kinky times, and enjoy being given a good kinky beating, hit me up! Cuz I am in the mood for that!

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Thursday, December 14th 2017 View Blog
Lifestyle Dominatrix what is it?
Lifestyle Dominatrix, what does it mean?

When I first started "Professional Domination" I was often asked on the phone if I was a lifestyle Mistress, which yes I am but what the person on the other end of the phone was actually asking was this "I want a free session" or even "I want a relationship" there are other websites out there for the dating side of Domination and when you contact someone via their business portfolio then it's really not relevant to be asking.

Lifestyle actually means to me and others that they didn't just jump on the bandwagon of "hey I can make money" that they already had an interest in kink, in attending Fetish events such as clubs, parties and munches.

They may have been in a D's relationship and loved the Domming so much that they started out part time as extra income, until it took over and it's the job we love to do.

I work full time as a Mistress now, it doesn't mean I'm seeing hundreds of people in a week but seeing lovely select people who are right for me and vice versa. I still attend some munches, some clients that I have built a great rapport with over time also become friends. Being a jolly decent friend that they still pay for their session as they understand it is taxable income, outside of a session they may well take me to dinner or accompany me to events Fetish and non Fetish. Loyal long standing clients are the ones who become part of the lifestyle trusted inner circle. NOT those who have never paid for a session and have the attitude of why should they.

Having spent thousands of pounds on ALL my dungeon furniture, equipment, website, clothing etc why would I be simply giving away free sessions to anyone?! There isn't a money tree that pays for it all and dildos etc don't grow on trees :)

I feel my professional portfolio/photos and movies clips etc all speak volumes and show that I LOVE what I do and I have a PASSION for what I do.


You have been given permission to come and follow your own passion, sexuality and desires without fear, isn't that wonderful. Every time you come here those feelings get stronger and stronger, a session with me will give you confidence, you can be the true you here.

Washing away all of your doubts and insecurities makes you a better person, each of those orgasms here feel like they are piling up on top of each other, it's a mind blowing total body event.

You know you can come here time and time again, each time you will leave feeling great, feeling relaxed, feeling whole, confident to the world.

Be here with me, come and play, lets have fun together!

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Thursday, December 14th 2017 View Blog
Bad review :(
Well guys been wanting to please u all so well I do roll play I have went above n beyond I get so many people coming back and considering I’ve not been on this more than a month I don’t think it’s fair that some douche has gave me two negative reviews
In resposnse to mine
The story goes
So I get a booking from a guy he had NO feedback but as he booked I felt safe enough anyway he turns up and decided that he likes to do roll play fantasy games and if I could walk him around blindfolded the house each room (he could se threw it I saw him peeking) he kept asking thing like so does my neighbors know don’t i have security how far away or long would it take someone to get here it was spread out for an hour nothing sexual I thought innocent so gave him positive feedback his first
Then yesterday he books another hour
Only to start being threatening over the phone etc and will “get me” ??.
I was terrified so I wrote his second feedback this time negative as was terrified he said he was outside mine !
Then I get two review from him I don’t know how he could do two? Saying I’m dangerous and a lier etc then worse I’m a “drug addict” well people that’s a way to tarnish someone but the good thing I hope is most people will see all my reviews and my field report I had all positive and 10 outta 10 for everything and like i said been on this if barley a month I used to work for an escort agency
I have papers (STI and STDs) as I am regularly checked (from escorting still do it)
Also u just need to see me my teeth are not yellow or fake there nice and I used to have to take a drugs test I should be getting so upset about this but this is my job and a sad little man with two reviews both from me shouldn’t get me so upset
I just hope people read all the feedback etc also look on his profile ull only see me the first and second time
Ok rant over
Well Finallly I got my sexy new gold vibrator just need AA batters for it apparently but I’ve still got another new one Tryied it out just myself ;)
Very high speed!!,, :)
I also got more stockings and a very sexy red see threw dress backless with like a skirt with a thong attached it’s crochless and has diomonds across the halter neck then a skirt that covers from but only half my bum
Last but not least my amazing clear 2inch clear platform 6inch stripper heels that light up when u walk I adore them!
So I’ll try write more excited for weekend as one of my fav clients is maby swinging buy on sat he is soooo funny n gourgous hpwe just click and the hour flys by never seems like enough time when ur with someone
Ok speak soon
Guys n gals
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Thursday, December 14th 2017 View Blog
Hello boys

Is it not the session of goodwill to all men !?

Last week, I was leaving work early evening and a guy in the car park didn’t have enough change for the pesky machine. Being a girl who likes to do a good deed a day ( the mantra of Brownies and Guides has never left me ! ) I gave him a few coins to make up the amount needed by the machine.

Fast forward a few days and I’m out for a pre Christmas lunch with clients when a girl from the office texts me saying that a guy has been in and left a huge box of chocolates for me and asked if I have a new admirer. She said he said he didn’t know my name but I was blonde and drove a black Mercedes and she guessed it had been me. He said I’d helped him out in the car park one evening and he just wanted to say thanks.

Well, I was very surprised by his gift but even more tickled when I got back into the office yesterday and I was ribbed and quizzed about what exactly I had done in the car park with the gent to warrant such a gift.

I must confess I’ve been very naughty in many a car park with many a man over the years but on this occasion, I was just being nice.

I leave the Christmas naughtiness nowadays to when I get home.

Then I’m VERY naughty !!

Kat x

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