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Field Report

Below is a field report by one of our members who has had an escort booking with ViviennelAmour.  Please note that the contents of any field report can never be guaranteed as accurate and that any views or opinions expressed are those of the the author, not AdultWork.com.

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Report By: ajamesm
Meet Date: Saturday 14 January
Meet Location: Derby
Type: In-call
Time Spent: 2h
Fee: 320
Extras: -
Would visit again: Yes
Would recommend: Yes
Value for money: Excellent
Overall Rating: 10.0 out of 10
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Goddess Vivienne
Mistress Vivienne
Queen of your Soul
Rating & Feedback
Positive - Just mind blowing!
About the Venue Score: 10/10
Guest appearance at new dungeon. Easy to find; 10 minutes from town centre. Very safe
About ViviennelAmour
Physical Score: 10/10
Intoxicatingly addictively beautiful I was mesmerised and smitten.
Personality Score: 10/10
Very generous character; most caring yet frighteningly severe.
Services Score: 10/10
Heavy BDSM session. Goddess took me on a journey of education and discovery.
About the Meeting Score: 10/10
'Come in Squirt, don't be so nervous!' instructed my Goddess in a very gentle and clear voice as I walked in to her lair. Yes I was nervous; I was unsure what was going to happen next and I was completely mesmerised by her stunning beauty. She was sitting, reclining in fact, on her throne dressed all in black with a short skirt, top with a corset type bra, stockings and long boots and her beautiful flaming red hair. So many thoughts were rushing through my mind such as why did all my longing have to be focussed on such unattainable beauty? Goddess's cleavage looked ravishingly appealing. What would happen if she uncrossed her legs? Would I get a glimpse of stocking top or flesh?'What I want you to do Squirt is to take your clothes off, ALL of them and kneel here in front of me.' This command was again intoned with that same soft voice.I duly obliged and when I was
finally naked, Goddess stood up and walked behind me. She spoke very soothingly uttering pronouncements such as 'It is good of you to see me today Squirt.' 'I want you just to relax.' She started by very gently massaging my shoulders and the top of my back and sure enough I started to relax! Almost instantly Goddess slipped a blindfold over me but still she caressed me and played gently with my nipples which elicited a moan from me and started my erection.
Goddess then took my hand and said 'Come this way Squirt,' and she led me to a bench / stool to kneel on. Very gently she strapped my arms, torso and legs to the bench, and then started gently massaging my buttocks with a wooden paddle. My senses were very much heightened by being both blindfolded and helpless and I had a frisson of fear of what was coming.'Now then Squirt, we are going to play a game. Can you count to 50?' she asked. 'Yes Goddess, of course I can', I replied perhaps a little too confidently.'No need for that tone Squirt! What is going to happen is that everytime I spank your bottom you count the stroke and thank me for it. It should be easy, shouldn't it?............' All the time she was talking softly she was also gently rubbing my buttocks.Then, THWACK!..........The shock of the stinging retort took my breath away...
'One, thank you Goddess'
THWACK!.........'Two, thank you Goddess' and so it went on.
After a while Goddess asked 'What number have we got to, Squirt?'
'Nineteen, Goddess'
'You forgot your manners, Squirt. Back to the beginning!'
THWACK!............'One, thank you Goddess'
THWACK!............'Two, thank you Goddess'
By now, my buttocks were becoming very sore; the consistent pounding from the paddle was starting to hurt. THWACK!............'Three, thank you Goddess'
This time we had got a little bit further before I was asked 'What number have we got to, Squirt?'
'Thirty four, thank you Goddess.'
'Wrong! Its only 33 as the last one didn't count. Back to the beginning!'
I let out a sigh and groaned. 'Don't be so pathetic Squirt, if you behave yourself I will let you have some medicine.'
So the process started all over again. By now my buttocks were really very sore, but I was determined not to let out any more yelps or cries of pain. Once we had reached ten, Goddess stopped spanking me and I could hear the rustle and click of a bottle being opened followed by the aroma of poppers as her hands came close to my nose. I sniffed greedily at the vapour and instantly started to feel the euphoric heady buzz of the poppers. My tolerance to the pain was raised and I was able to take the punishment more readily. However, concentrating was difficult. At 40, the spanking got harder and I was really gritting my teeth through the last 10 strokes.
'Forty eight, thank you Goddess',......
THWACK!'Forty nine, thank you Goddess',......
THWACK! 'Fifty, thank you Goddess'!
I had survived the first test, but there was no respite.Goddess then spoke in her soft, gentle voice whilst gently massaging and soothing my sore buttocks.
'Whilst I have you like this, Squirt, it would be a shame to waste the opportunity...........', and with that she started lubricating my exposed anus with cold lube. And then in a much harsher voice, 'I'm going to start taking you out of your comfort zone now....' This provoked an involuntary shudder, but Goddess fed me a few more precious sniffs of the medicine before she started to insert her probe. Of course, I was still blinded by the blindfold and could only imagine the size and dimensions of the dildo; suffice to say that I had no choice but to submit completely to Goddess's metronomic invasion of my helplessly exposed body. It was remorseless and seemed to go on for a long time and it only stopped when Goddess decided that she had dished out enough punishment. 'Now don't go anywhere, Squirt, I haven't finished.' As if I could? More lube was applied and another different probe was inserted but this time it was just left in. 'You have to keep your plug in Squirt!' I was untied and ordered to stand with legs apart (but not losing the probe) and Goddess started tying rope around my waist then up over my shoulders, around my neck, down my back and around my balls. I am not quite sure of the configuration of the bondage but seemingly in no time I was trussed like a Christmas turkey and if I moved or straightened my body I would provide an involuntary yank on my balls. Ouch! Now I was made to lie down and the rope work was completed. By now I was almost totally immobile and Goddess removed my blindfold. As my eyes became adjusted to the light I was again struck by Goddess's allure and beauty yet unattainability. She drew out a wand which she lightly caressed over my naked legs and arms; the wand crackled as it gave off a static spark against my body. At first this was quite gentle and was no more than light tickling. Needless to say this was only the aperitif and in very short time the voltage had been increased and the wand was directed at far more sensitive areas. Nipples, testicles and then to shaft of my cock. All of these produced screams and wriggles / writhing from me. Each movement hurt as my motion just tightened the tension of the noose around my balls. More screams invoked a stern rebuke from Goddess who was laughing 'Silence Squirt! Take your punishment like a man and be quiet. If you are good you may even get a reward......'. Now the voltage was turned up even further and the wand moved up the shaft towards the tip. 'Nnngghhh!' I was trying not to cry out yet cope with the agony as the static crackled over my cock. 'Five, four, three, two one!' The pain was over and I lay there on the floor feeling completely spent and used.
'Now you don't think you are going to have all of the fun!' Goddess stood over me and slowly lifted her skirt to reveal that she was not wearing knickers. There was only beautiful white flesh above her stocking tops. She proceeded to lower herself gently on to my face and instructed me to be very gentle and to make sure that I pleased her. My tongue obeyed the instructions and lightly played and tickled her rosebud of a clitoris. This play went on for at least 5 minutes and I was beginning to worry if I was failing in my instruction. Luckily I had no need to fear and I could feel Goddess's body start to tense and then suddenly her whole body writhed and she came with a massive orgasm. Cum gushed out of her beautiful sex and dribbled down the side of my face.

'Well, that wasn't bad Squirt, but I haven't finished with you yet.' Goddess ordered me to stand up which I managed with a lot of difficulty. She untied me and then invited me to lie down on my back on a flat bench which she strapped me tightly to. She then put a gas mask type of hood over my face which had blacked out eyeholes so I was again plunged into darkness. My cock and balls were tied and heavy clamps were applied to my nipples. Just as I was about to start whimpering with the pain, Goddess opened a valve and I was inhaling poppers through the mask. 'Don't be too greedy Squirt. This is a continuous supply.' The vapour gradually overwhelmed me and relaxed me into a state of complete submission. The pain was almost incidental and I was beginning to feel as if I could cope with a lot more. Of course, I was going to have to! The nipple clamps and ties on the on the cock and balls were all tied to each other via a line over a bar; all very tight. More clamps were applied this time to the tips of my nipples and lube was rubbed over my exposed cock. More attachments were attached in ways that I was not fully aware of and the dose of poppers was freshened up. What I discovered that Goddess had done was to attach electrodes to my nipples, my cock and balls and she had wired up the butt plug. 4 different electrical sensations were being applied to four different parts of my anatomy whilst at the same time my nipples and balls were being stretched by the tension in the rope being increased. Electricity currents and tensions were varied continuously whilst the stream of poppers served to both heighten the sensations and allow me to cope with the pain. I was in a semi ecstatic state being pushed right to the edge of my comfort zone. It was both agony and bliss.
'Goddess, may I come?' I asked
'No, certainly not! Not until I allow you. In fact we are going to count down from twenty '
Here Goddess ratcheted up some of the electrical currents and gently massaged the tip of my cock. I was sure that I was going to explode as yet more poppers filtered in to the mask.
More pain, more torment.
I was completely out of control; unsure of whether I was in pain or ecstasy as the clamps on my nipples were pulled tighter.
And so it went on, seemingly forever! I was desperate for it to both last forever and to be over immediately.
Oh please, just let's get it over............
I started to relax as I took a deep pull on the poppers and let myself go completely. I could start to feel the first rumblings of a climax.
'One, Go Squirt!' And as Goddess allowed me to come, she simultaneously released the nipple clamps and turned up the voltage on each electrical appliance. As the blood came back to my nipples another wave of pain rippled over me, but this served to increase my climax. I came with a huge force and felt as though I was emitting a never ending fountain of cum everywhere! I didn't care; I was just so relieved and was completely spent.

Thank you Goddess! That was mind blowingly amazing!

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