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Sometimes you just have to lie back and let yourself drift in and out of relaxation and sensuality, the perfect oily tonic to your day!

Hello Gentlemen, Welcome to my profile. to find my phone number and to book an immediate last minute emergency massage TODAY please visit the bottom of my profile. For a more detailed description of my services please visit the FAQ section. Xxxx

Please Note guys That I do not reply to DMs on here, if my phone number is not listed my website is at the bottom of this page. Whatsap is preferred, :-) I only see a limited number of fans per week so please keep trying to book in with me, Your persistence wont annoy me, only remind me your wanting to get booked in x

Hi my name is Lucy Jones
i'm here to ease your aching bones
escape from all the hustle and bustle
I will relax your every muscle

Tantra is an ancient art
Designed to sooth your body and heart
totally naked, my skin on your skin
helping unlock the pleasures within.

The massage will start, soft music will play
lay down, let me help you drift away,
we'l start at the top, soft hands on your back
working down to your sensitive crack

My qualified techniques are very soft and slow
as time passes by the pleasure will grow
My oily soft fingers will begin to explore
all over your body, down to your core.

As time goes by we'l start to deeply connect
with the amazing sensual pleasures that you can expect
The feeling has been said its like no other
Explosive and intense – Like a touch from a lover.

As your penis slowly grows, My boobs are on your face
please let my soft and oily touch explore your special place
Il take you to the edge then bring you back and then
the pleasure will build inside you over and over again

Now its time for the end, you need to climax so much
building waves of energy, exploding at my touch
the feeling is amazing, the best that you can get
words can not describe it, but its impossible to forget.

Now its time to shower, assisted if you may
to get you nice and freshened up to enjoy the rest of your day.
You will leave my home with a feeling of bliss
relax.... it doesn't get better than this.

So if your passing by and you think you need a fix
find me at junction 16 just off the M6.
I'm smiley and happy, bubbly and carefree
chatty and friendly and caring – just little old me.

Flame red hair and a massive chest
My tantric massages are simply the best.
If you'v read my poem and like what you see
why not book an appointment with me?

All my love
Frequently Asked Questions...
Q. Do you do incalls our outcalls? A. I prefer to provide incalls from my home.
Q. Do you have parking facility's? A. yes there is plenty of secure parking available. x
Q. Do you have Shower facilitys? A. Yes Indeed, All massage clients are invited to shower before and after the massage completely free of charge. Time taken in the shower is not induced in the massage time.

My shower is a brand new double shower with a clean, brand new, rain head. I have a lovely brand new bathroom, with beautiful scented and unscented shower jells.

I also offer an assisted shower where I can join you in the shower, here I will soap you up, you can soap me up and we can relay start to connect. This fee is £10 extra and can be taken before or after our massage.
Q. Do you use scented, or unscented oils? A. I prefer to use an unscented oil within our massage, However within my Holistic therapy coarse I did do a module which enables me to offer aromatherapy, if this is something you would like I am happy to offer it. x
Q. Could you please give me a little run down of the massage and what it will be like? A. Sure no problem.

Once you have arrived and found your parking space on my quite quaint little street, you will call me and I will happily provide you with my street number.

I will open the door usually with nice makeup, kept hair, Smelling delicious and wearing something loose (as i will be taking it off soon) My house which I just brought is always tidy, Well kept and lovely to ensure you feel safe and calm.

I will offer you a Drink and a shower if you would like one, If you would like a bath please let me know before hand and I can run a nice bubble bath for us both.

Once we are both ready to go I will take you upto my massage studio. It has wood floors, blackout blinds, Music playing. My mood pad is showing an calming and relaxing blend of lighting aswell as twinkly candles to make you melt away into our own little bubble.

I will ask you to get naked and I will do the same. I will ask you to lay face down on the massage bed where you can use a pillow or the face hole to make yourself more comfortable.

I will ask you what oils you would like and if there are any problem areas.

I will kneed, massage, cares, and use a blend of methods to soothe, and massage any crunchy or knotted areas. - I will also use tantric touches on you to aid arousal and sensuality and make you melt and relax.

Towards the end of the massage I will begin to massage the lingham (penis) and give you an amazing happy ending.

After the massage I encourage you to relax by giving yourself 5 mins just to lay and wind down befor facing the day.

Once done your welcome to shower.

Arival, shower time before and after do not eat into your massage time. You pay for a hour or half a hour, thats what you will get! Sometimes more if im so tuned into your body and needs I forget where the time goes. x
Q. Im over 50 can I still come to see you? A. Of corse, relaxation and fun has no age limits. x
Q. Do you see young men? A. I see men over the age of 20. x
Q. Am I too heavy for your massage bed? A. Not at all, I also have a real bed in my studio if you would rather the massage on that. x
Q. Do you kiss? A. No.
Q. What are your working hours A. I work every day, monday to friday 10am till 10pm, Weekends I do not have a set timetable due to my other business, but I am around to massage at points during the weekend. x
Q. Do you see married men? A. Yes I see married men - My home is very discrete and once we have had a massage your number will not be contacted agein unless you contact me first. If you have sent me a message and then relise you need to be at home please send me a quick message just to say please do not text now. I try to reply to messages pretty promptly and if there is a day delay i will tend to let you contact me again - I wouldn't want you getting into trouble.
Q. What is Tantric massage? A. Tantra is such an amazing thing and as you all know I am dyslexic and very much struggle to get what I know, and what is in my head, out onto the screen, so if you would like a much more detailed and cleaverer explanation please feel free to google it.

But here is what Tantric massage is to me.

Tantra is we can both be totally free, it combines all of the normal massage techniques (most of which I am qualified in) with some much more softer, smaller, subtle strokes. The massage is done with us both totally naked.

It is the combination of the smells and atmosphere of my massage room,the soft sensual music, the relaxing expert touch from a therapist, the soft, delicious, precious swirling and stroking and caressing of my fingers around your most sensitive zones that will in one breath make you smile with glee, shiver with pleasure and squrm with the need to climax. I will take that need to climax and build that feeling up over whatever time we have. Im not going to go into every detail here, but the lingham massage will leave you feeling happy, invigorated, and clear. It will make you feel special, because you are special. To me you are on my massage table and at that point in my life, you are the most important person, the only thing that matters to me is giving you the most intense, pleasurable experience imaginable.

Hopefully we will get to connect, it dosent happen with everybody, and even if we dont get the 'connection' it will be the most amazing massage, but for some, in the time we have our souls will become one, your breath with share mine, our lifes will become one for that one hour, my touch will set your soul burning. We will chat, and you will laugh, we will share something that I can not even begin to put into words, the connection is something I can not force, and as I said it dosent happen with everybody, but the connection is something that turns an already amazing massage to a massage that might change who you are as a person - we will be connected forever. And we will become friends xxx
Q. I can cum though cant I? A. Yes of corse, the tantric massage is all about taking you to the brink of climax with a mix of slow and special lingham techniques which are unique to only me. I very much want to make your experience like no other and your climax to be very special. x
Q. Do you accept gifts? A. I very much love to to just make you feel as special as you are. but if you would like to get me a little gift I love yankie candles and flowers. But honestly, the gift of your wonderful self is enough. xx
Q. How far from stoke on trent railway station are you? A. I am about a 8 minute taxi ride from the station, there is a rank just outside the station and to jump in a cab and come to my house is about £6.

If you will be visiting me by train do let me know and Im happy to give you a little more info so that the taxi can drop you at the right place. x
Q. Is there a cashpoint near you? A. There is a cashpoint at the top of my road. x
Q. I am in a company car and I would like to visit you, but my car has a tracker, are there any facility's localy I can say I was at if questioned? A. This is very common and get asked it alot. There is an asda near my home which is about 5 mins drive away, however there is a KFC and an Italian restaurant with parking very close which you could park at and walk down to me. I am happy to give you the postcodes for these places upon request. x
Q. I am passing through on business can I grab a shower before and after the massage. A. Yes of coarse, and this will not reduce your time being massaged.
Q. Is it clean? A. Being concerned about hygiene is very common and I can totally understand how it can ve a worry for you.

After every client has been to visit the shower is fully disinfected, the towels swapped over, and I myself are freshly cleaned. I very much understand that this is a worry for people, and will do everything I can to make my home as fresh, clean and worry free for you. x
Q. Do you see deaf or blind clients? A. Yes of coarse, I have a very fond client of mine that is totally deaf, and we get on very well. I do not sign however can talk very slow and use hand actions. I find that this works fine so please do not let this stop you if you would like to visit. x
Q. Do you offer prostate massage? A. Yes Indeed I do, and I love it x
Q. Can I buy your panties? and tights? A. Yes of coarse you can, the best way to sort out what type of panties you want is to send me a message on here then I can arrange a listing for you. x
Q. I wear a stoma bag, is this an issue. A. not at all, I have now seen 4 or 5 gents with bags and it does not bother me or repulse me. It is part of who you are, I understand it may feel weird sharing something like a bag with somebody, especially when you are vulnerable however I very much only care in your health and wellbeing. Please feel free to call me if you would like to talk about this before booking as I understand how scary thinking about a massage can be. x
Q. I suffer with ED can tantra help? A. I do not profess to be some sort of tantra princess healing godess person, however I have had a few clients visit me that have managed to become and stay hard, and successfully climax after a number of sessions. I dont know why entirely, but i believe it is because tantra is all about the journey, and all of the feelings, thoughts and sensations on the way to the destination, not the destination itself.
Q. I can not cum due to diabetes, heart medication and anti depressants, is tantra still for me? A. This is a question that I get asked quite alot, tantra is all about the journey and the connection as appose to the destination, Many of my clients really struggle to get there, and if that does happen to you, trust me when I say you will still have had an amazing time! x
Q. Do you ever go further. A. No.
Q. Do you give oral A. No
Q. Do you have sex? A. No
Q. Is there a reason you dont have sex? A. I was an escort, and now I am not. there is no mystery about that! With massage I whole Heartily believe you do not need to have sex or oral when you have a truly magical massage experience
Q. Do you Smoke? A. No not at all, never tryed and WILL NEVER concider it, please do not ask, i will be offended x
Q. Do you have any Tatoos? A. Nope x
Q. Why is your spelling so bad lucy did you not go to school? A. Yes yes I know my spelling is absolutly awfull. I am dyslexic! I did go to school and university, but dyslixia is a problam i can not make go away, i am a cleaver intelegent girl, but I am what I am! x
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Out Callsbut no rates specified
The above rates are specified in GBP (British Pound).

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You can call me on:
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County: Stoke-on-Trent
Region: West Midlands
Country: United Kingdom
Nationality: British
Member Since: 07/12/2010
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Age: 35
Views: 921788
Last Login: 13/05/2024

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Ethnicity: Caucasian (White)
Dress Size: 18+
Height: 5'3"
Chest Size: 38" G Natural
Hair Colour: Red Shoulder length
Eye Colour: Green
Pubic Hair: Shaved Mostly
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