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I'm ROSINA 'X - RATED',with a VERY FIT sexy 32E.25.35 sexy body,RAVEN BLACK
waist length hair,blue eyes,white smile and 6 foot in high heels.Im lover of KINKY
PVC and RETRO LINGERIE with seamed stockings,RED lips and nails and very
glamorous VINTAGE MAKEUP LOOK. No 'next door girl looks for me gentlemen !MY choice !

and very BETTIE PAIGE looking with RETRO lingerie and FETISH clothing and NOW
a RETRO/VINTAGE lover who even dresses 50's style in my own time.

I look after my 32E.25.35 body with POWER WALKING, and regular SWIMMING
sessions to keep me fit and toned and built for sex and pleasure.

I can captivate any gentlemen with my new classy burlesque look and offer
you the very best of my experienced services in KINKY PORNSTAR SERVICE,GFE, TIE & TEASE

Your total satisfaction and pleasure is always my concern and goal. ROSINA ' X - RATED''
knows how to PLEASE so send BOOKING FORM and DONT MISS ME.


Frequently Asked Questions...
Q. How do i BOOK YOU ? A. NEW clients can only BOOK ME using the BOOKING FORM system with feedback.

My REGULARS may TEXT as usual then send a Booking form if they wish.

It seems some clients enjoy wasting Escorts time & money and its not going to be me anymore .

Please NOTE my START time is 12 noon and the most popular so plaese give at least 2 hours NOTICE or PREBOOK day before ! Many thanks for reading this as it makes my job easier xxx.

Q. Can i discuss my requirements/requests and fantasies with you ? A. Yes,

I will reply to any EMAIL only.

Sorry i DO NOT discuss 'services',over the phone
as its illegal.

Details of my likes are on my profile ,along with
feedbacks and detailed reports from satisfied clients.

Q. Do you do 'Bareback Sex'. A. No way !

Ive never had un protected sex with clients.

I use the latest 'mates syns condoms' , which
feel like you arent wearing one !

I will also NEVER see clients who have seen WG's who offer BAREBACK sex, why risk your health and
that of your wife ,girlfriend or partner !!!

Q. Why is it better to PREBOOK you? A. I only see 1/2 clients a day, so i get
FULLY BOOKED quite quickly,so its best to
PREBOOK ME,and not be disappointed!

By PREBOOKING me ,you can give me more
details about what services you require and dress
requests,which will make for a better appointment both
ways !

My feedback and reports prove i love my work and very good at client satisfaction.

Q. Do you see VIRGINS ! A. It may come to a surprise to some but NO
i alwasy say No to any virgin wanting to book

I see virginity as something special to be given
to a special person and not someone who is paid
to take it .I have old fashioned morals when it comes
to virginity.

Its a compliment ot be asked though .
Q. Can i discuss 'services' with you ? A. It is illegal to discuss services over the phone,so
i will never do this.

My profile ,feedback and detailed REPORTS should give
you an idea of my 'services' , along with my likes ect,
which i actually do during a booking ,so no 'rip off' from me gentlemen ,unlike other Escorts.

Im very good at Roleplays ,so just send me an email or text
about your fantasy when you want to book me ,im almost sure i can fulfill it !
Q. Can we do ROLEPLAY in 30 minute booking? A. No sorry ,im only accept an HOUR or more
for a more 'realistic' Roleplay experience which
is not rushed and more enjoyable.

I have many 'detailed' REPORTS from satisfied
clients who have booked Roleplay session.

I have a definite NO to anyone asking for 'incest'
type Roleplays so dont ask please.
Q. Are you a squirter ? A. Yes i can make myself squirt on demand ,using
my special technique.

It is certainly a gift , and not something every working girl
can do.
Q. My pictures. A. I'm a verified member with REAL pictures of me.

I have 'professional ' pictures in my pubic gallery with are NOT airbrushed/touched up !

My PRIVATE gallery has pictures of my face and is updated regularly with over 1,000 pictures.
Q. Are you British ? A. Yes born and bred in England and proud !

My profile is also VERIFIED as British with ID checked by AW.
Q. Do you provide a DUO service with another female Escort? A. NO, as it is ILLEGAL for two Escorts to work from the same premises and against the law .
Q. Do you charge for 'EXTRA's ' . A. No i do not charge extra if you want something specific like ANAL or RIMMING unlike other Escorts. You are paying for my time not service but i DO provide these services.
Q. Why am i banned ! A. I refuse to see anyone who books me ,confirms and doesn't show up for their booking.

Clients who turn up at my place of work without a DEFINITE confirmation from me . Its rude , not discrete and make me angry !
Q. Are you a party girl. A. No,

As a mature Escort I'm not interested in drugs and look after myself. If any client is under the influence and I feel unsafe I will refuse to see you !
Q. Do you offer a DUO service? A. No, it is illegal for 2 girls to be working from the same premises as it would be a brothel and subject to prosecution.
Q. Can i book SAMEDAY ? A. Yes.

Please send a BOOKING FORM & a TEXT to let me know so I can CONFIRM asap.
Q. Who is the PIN UP , BETTIE PAGE ? A. Please goggle her name for pictures and details. She was the original sexy pin up in the 50's with jet black hair and fringe , and tan like me ! She was also a lingerie model and one of the first fetish bdsm models .
Q. Do you offer OUTCALLS ? A. Yes from September 2019 outcalls are back.

I will only visit Sunderland or Newcastle Hotels with at least 24 hours notice and you MUST have feedback to PREBOOK this service.
Q. Im very overweight or obese ! A. Im so sorry I cant see you , as an INCALL !

Due to bad past experiences , my bed has been damaged .

If you PREBOOK with FEEDBACK with 24hours notice at a LOCAL , Sunderland or Newcastle Hotel that will be fine .
Q. Do you provide 30 minute booking? A. Yes,

I also provide all services including Anal in
30 minute booking.

I DONT provide any WS in half hour you need to
book an hour or more.

You can only come ONCE in half hour.
Q. What happens when i book you? A. Once you have prebooked me you MUST send me a TEXT
before 10am to CONFIRM your booking.

I will also email you a few days before the booking to check
all okay to go ahead.

Q. Do you do 'OVERNIGHTS' A. No sorry !

I have a partner so overnighters are too
imitate and i prefer shorter bookings.

Q. Can i leave feedback or a review? A. YES PLEASE !

I love being appreciated and it makes my day for someone to take the time to do this for me.

All my feedback and reviews are genuine so when you book me you know i provide the service you want and i wont rip you off .

Thankyou so much for anyone who has posted a review or feedback xxxxxxxxxxx
Q. When do you reply to email enquiries? A. I can now reply to emails anytime !

You can book me through email (especially if
you have feedback), call or text me,to let me
know ,and i will CONFIRM booking forms asap.

Q. What should i say im an email or text when book you? A. Please let me know which service you prefer,

Tie and Tease
Hardcore kinky Pornstar Service (My speciality service)
Mild dom
Strap-on service
Roleplay and unifoms,
Cross dressing
Foot fetish..
Tickle torture

Also give me several booking dates and times so
that i check if im available, and the more potential
dates you give me the better you will get a booking

Then i would prefer you to use a AW booking form
to pre-book when i say im available and i will confirm.

I love to get feedback when i have provided you
with an excellent service.
Q. Are you the lady in your pictures ? A. Yes I VERIFIED member on Adultwork so my
pictures are me !

Ive just started adding regular SELFIES in public
and private galleries ,which are all dated.

I also have professional pictures ,which are NOT
photoshopped or airbrushed !

My face is clearly seen in PRIVATE galleries only.

Q. I would like a detailed MILD DOM /BDSM session. A. I prefer this service to be prebooked with notice !

Please email more details of how you want the session to go , so i get it right and we are both happy.

Do you TEXT ME on the day, turn up then ask for MILD DOM . I will not be prepared or happy !
Q. Are you checked out regulary for STD's. A. Of course !

Ive a professional Escort who values her health and

I go every 4 months to the GUM clinic.My last check up was in May 2019.

I have never had unprotected sex or worked as a Pornstar . I offer the Pornstar service with protected

I have many regulars who keep coming back and
havent complained .
Q. Do you have shower facilities? A. Yes of course. You may shower before our
booking or afterwards.

I also have fully towels, mouthwash and mens deorants.
Q. I would like a CROSS DRESSING/SISSY service. A. Please PREBOOK this session through the booking system if you have feedback.

Include all requests and let me know if you wish me to provide clothing or if your bringing your own.

I have a list of items suitable for these bookings and will be adding more in the future.

This is a specialised service so prebook only !
Q. Do you really offer all those services ? A. Yes of course ! I do not lie ! When you book me i will always ensure you get the service you requested and were expecting !

I prefer you to let me know which service you require,
GFE, Roleplay , Tie and Tease , foot fetish, Mild dom, or dirty kinky pornstar service so i can prepare and dress appropriately for you in sexy lingerie, uniform or slutty pvc and slut heels or thigh length boots.
You can also 'cum' more than once , no problem.

Im an expert when it comes to 'deep throating' no matter how hard or big your cock is, i love a challenge lol, with plenty of gagging and spit ......real pornstar blow job ! I can also 'Squirt on demand and love kinky watersports both ways .Unlike other Escorts i genuially love ANAL and will never say no,
i also have a tight arse too and look after my body.

I also use MATES SYNS CONDOMS which are the latest in condom technology and its its the nearest to Bareback sex !

I have NEVER worked as a PORNTSTAR in the past and
had unprotected sex.

Im a filfthy dirty slut , in the bedroom and a mans total fantasy....i love to please a man and give him
want he wants !

Im considered gorgeous, with a body for sin and sex and have a dirty mind to go with it.
Q. Does that mean i have have Anal when i see you ? A. Yes! Ive never turned anyone down in fact i see it as a challenge to take your cock .Because i see very limited clients a day i can do this !!!

I also DONT charge you extra for this service like some others Escorts do.

I do not abuse my body though and im still very tight anally and vaginally.....
Q. Do you charge extra for Anal ? A. No ! My fee is inclusive and i have no ' hidden' charges to trick you !

Im very good at the ANAL service and have good
feedback and reports proving this .
Q. Do you work alone. A. Yes im a professional independent Escort , and work
alone at my apartmentt, and have never flat shared or work for an Agency. It is ILLEGAL to have more than 2 sex workers sharing premises.
Q. Do you provide a rimming service? A. Yes i love nothing more than rimming your
clean showered arse and sticking my tongue
right in there ,as far as will go naughty boys .

Ive got a bum fetish and love bums and love getting
mine tongued too , and ready to be fucked with
your 'arsehard cock' . Im a kinky hardcore slut !

This service is also available in the 30min booking.
Q. Do you allow fisting ? A. No way !!!

My pussy and arse are still tight and im keeping
it that way , thankyou.I do no ABUSE my body.

I love fingers in my pussy and can SQUIRT on

Im experienced in fisting MALE clients if thars what you
want? I have very small hands and fingers , and will
give you it with my gloves and lubrication creams.
Q. Please reassure me you are well worth booking for all my hard earned cash ? A. I totally understand that some guys have being totally dissatified with some other ladies who say they offer certain services then when you make the booking you have been refused some services such as French kissing, OWO, CIM , squirting, rimming and A ( the usual get out clause is ohhhh your too big ).

This wont happen wih me as long as your hygiene is of a good standard.

I never rip clients off and offer you the highest standards i can and want you to leave me feeling satisfed and happy.

My motto is , give a client a good service and satisfy
hes needs and hopefully he will rebook and become a
regular , then we are both happy!!!

It makes my day to be told you had a brilliant time with
me and i appreciate you for booking me too .

Please read my excellent feedback and naughty
reports, to get an idea of my services from happy

I love to please and fulfil all requests and get good
feedback .


Q. Do you do dress requests? A. Yes of course !

Because i consider our apppointment special i want to dress just for you and be ready for you in the outfit you have requested.

My outfits include;

Traditional British schoolgirl outfit
pinafore navy dress, white blouse, tie and boater hat.

General Punishment Army Officer Costume.

Playboy Bunny outfit.

Sexy Slut Schoolgirl ( Short pleated skirt, cropped
tight top,tie and stockings.

Pvc Schoolgirl

Sexy secretary

Air hostess

French maid

Pvc Nurse

Pvc Policewoman

British Policewoman

Air hostess

Sexy Gangster girl

Sexy Miss Pilot.

Blushing bride outfit

Body stockings

Mini dresses

Thigh lenght boots (Black, Red,Silver,white)

Knee high black boots

Q. Do you have any age restrictions? A. I prefer to gentlemen from age of 21 and older and
make a sexy MILF.

Older gentlemen are welcome too xx
Q. Have you got any latex outfits? A. Sorry no.

Latex looks lovely but not practical for Escort

The material is so tight it has to be put on with
talcum powder, and once on not meant to be taken off!

So i prefer pvc as it more practical and looks just as
good and you can purchase more outfits in this material.

Q. Do you allow filming or photography? A. No sorry keep cameras at home please.

Q. Do you have any DISLIKES? A. I have ZERO tolerance to clients who book and dont
tun up without an excuse ,or clients who cancel at
the last minute with feeble excuses . You will be
BANNED and never get another chance to book me !

Clients with bad hygiene/bad breath! Please be fresh and clean or ask to use my shower.

Please be gentle with my nipples,they are hyper sensitive,so gentle all the way !

Please dont touch or pull my hair ,as it irritates me !

I dont have many dislikes fortunately thankyou !
Q. How many clients do you see a day? A. I prefer to see very limited clientel , usually 2 at the most .

By doing this i offer you 'a top class' service and
you can be asssured i will not be tired ,and be
able to give you the best service.

Q. What are your normal working hours? A.

Mon 12-7
Tues 12-7
Wed 12-7
Thur 12-7
Fri 12-5

Q. Do you supply viagra/ Poppers A. No sorry Viagra is a prescribed drug which
need to be prescribed by a medical practitioner.

It is dangerous and illegal for anyone else to
supply this drug who isnt medically trained.

You can bring your own 'poppers' which are legal.
Q. Is it illegal to visit you ? A. No !

Im an Independent Escort who works alone from
a discrete private apartment.

Im self employed and pay tax and legal.

I don't take drugs or allow drug taking on my premises!

Contact Me...

To arrange a meeting click here
Preferred contact method
To view my availability for the next 14 days click here
Rates15 mins½ Hour1 Hour1½ Hours2 Hours3 Hours4 HoursOvernight
In Calls-60100150200300--
Out Calls--120180250---
The above rates are specified in GBP (British Pound).

To send me an email click here
Use the email system to securely and privately correspond with me
Town: Sunderland
County: Sunderland
Region: North East
Country: United Kingdom
Nationality: British
Member Since: 10/08/2006
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Age: 44
Views: 1003580
Last Login: Today

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Note: Any money paid to the adult escorts listed on this website is for their time and companionship only. Whatever else that may occur if and when contact is made is the choice of consenting adults.

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Member Verified
Vital Statistics:
Ethnicity: Caucasian (White)
Dress Size: 8
Height: 5'7"
Chest Size: 32" E Enhanced
Hair Colour: Black Long
Eye Colour: Blue
Pubic Hair: Shaved Completely
Read what people I have met said:
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21/08/2018 09/07/2018 01/06/2018
24/05/2018 22/05/2018 17/04/2018
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15/08/2013 03/06/2013 17/05/2013
17/05/2013 14/05/2013 07/05/2013
07/05/2013 19/04/2013 03/04/2013
21/03/2013 19/03/2013 11/03/2013
30/01/2013 22/01/2013 07/01/2013
13/12/2012 09/11/2012 08/11/2012
30/10/2012 24/10/2012 05/09/2012
29/08/2012 14/08/2012 02/08/2012
01/08/2012 25/07/2012 18/07/2012
13/07/2012 26/06/2012 19/06/2012
18/06/2012 06/06/2012 29/05/2012
14/05/2012 25/04/2012 23/04/2012
02/03/2012 29/02/2012 21/02/2012
17/02/2012 07/02/2012 01/02/2012
31/01/2012 11/01/2012 20/12/2011
13/12/2011 07/12/2011 02/12/2011
02/12/2011 02/12/2011 06/10/2011
20/09/2011 20/07/2011 15/06/2011
07/06/2011 11/05/2011 23/03/2011
16/03/2011 22/12/2010 26/10/2010
11/10/2010 28/09/2010 22/09/2010
14/09/2010 22/07/2010 02/07/2010
13/05/2010 05/05/2010 02/03/2010
09/11/2009 27/10/2009 26/10/2009
23/07/2009 27/02/2009 15/01/2009
30/07/2008 26/06/2008 05/06/2008
14/05/2008 07/05/2008 
"A" Levels
Anal Play
BDSM (giving)
CIM (at discretion)
Cross Dressing
Deep Throat
Domination (giving)
Double Penetration
Face Sitting
Female Ejaculation
Fingering/Finger Play
Fisting (giving)
Foot Worship
French Kissing (discretion)
Hand Relief
Humiliation (giving)
Oral without Protection
Penetration (Protected)
Prostate Massage
Receiving Oral
Rimming (giving)
Rimming (receiving)
Role Play & Fantasy
Spanking (giving)
Spanking (receiving)
Strap On
Sub games
Swallow (at discretion)
Tie & Tease
Watersports (Giving)
Watersports (Receiving)

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