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♚An experienced,harsh, sadistic, skilled and disciplinarian financial Mistress♚ Midday-Nidnight, Monday Through Friday ☎free UK landline phone☎

hello! ✌ This is ♠Mistr€$$ Eva♠, I practice wide range of fetishes, but mostly in a frame of findom and pure Female Supremacy as a basic idea. In order to let me know you, please introduce yourself detailed in the group chat. There is the most affordable(£ 0.6) option in the special offer page right in the first line ”preparing you for a session briefly”. I prefer you to contact me this way always, not only when you introduce yourself but even if you just want to say “hi”, or want to make sure I am available for booking, but not through email, because you have to tribute at least a small amount at all times you talk to me. So, when you appear there for the first time, let me know what brought you here, what do you expect from our session, from me. If it is hard to define yourself somehow, then you could start from the limits list

❧What you can expect here: ❧

2 WAY CAM 2 CAM IN MY GROUP & PRV CHAT+ 2 ways audio anywhere (I do prefer to talk)+ ☎free UK landline phone ☎ CFNM protocol only

Experienced, harsh, sadistic but caring and thoughtful, well- equipped, skilled, knowledgeable professional, educated, sexy as hell, beautiful, curvy, brunette, emerald green eyed, big breasted, elegant & classy disciplinarian Financial Mistr€$$ and Humiliatrix. I am here to drain your wallets dry, being properly spoiled & amused!

I know how to take care of all of the real subs, whether he is a sissy slut, a cuckold, a chastity device wearer, into D/BI play, into public humiliation, a cross-dresser, a wasted slave with poppers and such, or an anal princess- slave, of those poor things with small dicks, pain- addicts, whether he just needs to confess, to find his own place in the BDSM world, or needs control and discipline because he is too weak to control himself, in all the listed cases and more he is at the right place!

I can give a slave not just what he asks, not just what he wants, but , which is more important, I can give him what he really needs. I know how

I am very clear, articulate and honest about who I am and what I am, I won’t stroke his ego, I won’t fool that I like him, I won’t jump through hoops for him but what I offer here is going to be done perfectly well so he can, may and have to rely on me


FINANCIAL DOMINATION, WALLET DRAINING DRY, PAY PIGGIES, ATM SLAVES, FINANTIAL RUIN my favorite way to spend an evening, since I think this is the most true, the deepest honest and clear activity between us here, showing, exposing the core of this situation in general! Which also attracts the most true subs, those who understand what is going on and who they are, who can accept cold bloodily that I won’t adopt any of my visitors. That I won’t take them in my life ever. Those, who have no illusions. It’s a pleasure to have a deal with emotionally grown people.

Plus, nothing makes me feel better than to wake up in the morning and to find a big fat tribute on my account! This is the most honest, the most clear, the most real way to serve a Mistress , just to pay her without even bothering her ;) And I deserve it. So if you think you are too boring and too disgusting to show me your filthy self but still want to serve- welcome in the special offers, some of them are just for these kind of needs, I’ll guide you! Everybody needs a reason to live so I’ll give you yours! With my imagination I know better how to use your money and you know it. So dedicate everything you’ve got to make my life better.

The rest is for more immature subs, who still need a symbolic ”big milky tit” :


GUIDED MASTURBATION( JOI) JERK OFF INSTRUCTION,ORGASM CONTROL, ORGASM DENIAL, TEASE & DENIAL, EDGE PLAY,CUM-SLUTS TRAINING Since great amount of people are unable to hold their loads and come too quick there are few ways to fix it up for good and stop being a loser ;-) seriously, this anti-premature ejaculation technic works! Face your issue, name it, accept it and solve it, to all your future GF’s benefits, trust me, the world will be better with one more normal man around ♛✌♐
Besides that gradual build up, edging competition, fcd/orgasm, we have plenty of options, including this:

RUINED ORGASM PLAY enjoying constant frustration? Think you are not worthy? Feel like you are not good enough to have a proper orgasm? Want to sacrifice your pleasure? Perfect! I’ll take it away! I can teach you few ways to ruin it properly still draining your wallet an d balls though

CUM-EATING INSTRUCTIONS, Mistress knows plenty of ways to humiliate a slave-boy this way! From self-facial training for fit ones who can shoot their load all over their faces to real pure filth

SPH Small Penis Humiliation plenty , plenty of measures could be applied to remove the tension you constantly live in with you cocklett/dicklett. I’ll help you to work it out, to accept yourself as you and even find the right way for you to be useful ;-D Methods could be also very different- from destroying the rest what was left after your ego to build it from the scratch again to quite opposite, just be as honest as you can when you come in about your feelings about this little/huge problem. it’s a real deal. It’s not a role-play, it is a very liberating actually thing for you, to give up and to be finally yourself as you are, no need to pretend to be a man anymore, isn’t it just amazing? It’s like changing in soft pajama to relax.

CUCKOLD FETISH regardless on how far he would go, I ‘am open to any confessions, we can work on it! I will not let you wank over my sexual life ever, but we can distantly train your partner to say " yes, I'd love to try, hun"


CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, CBT- COCK AND BALLS TORTURES ROLEPLAY, NIPPLES TORTURES, FLAGELLATION, OTK SPANKING, ANY CORPORAL PUNISHMENTS, CLINCAL FETISH, Ball-busting fetish, URETHRAL PLAY/ TORTURES ROLEPLAY too) I am very sadistic and trust me I can develop your pain- addiction to the highest level and teach you to enjoy it, even "zipping". Plus this is tremendously amusing for me! I 'll teach you plenty of tricks, from hand-made humbler to bizarre games for real pain- addicts. This is not for fait hearted and if you are not into this, please be honest and don’t fake it. I am not here to make you love it if this is not your thing, absolutely

ANAL SLUTS OR ANAL/PEGGING ADDICTS TRAINING/GUIDING, PROSTATE MILKING yes I can teach you to come without even touching your dick! Need a real gaped hole for your black ddy? We can work it out.

VERBAL HUMILIATION, OBJECTIFICATION, IGNORING Some people do need me to show them their places. As long as there is no aggression, no negative vibrations from them, we can work on it! Prepare to be debased and put on your place being absolutely demasculated

LONG-TERM DOMINATION this is something which most of you, actually, need and require

SISSIFICATION, FEMINISATION,CROSS DRESSERS,WORN PANTY SNIFFERS I know all your needs, I see through you, I know why you need it, you can tell me all the truth. Also I can help you to get your first real time experience. No, I will not sell you my underwear, so be inventive and steal from your neighbors ;-D

RUBBER SLUTS I accept any freaks, even those with rubber tits ;) Come in to amuse me ;)

LOVENSE/KIIROO REMOTE TOY PLAY (Discreet Public Play, Long Distance Play with: Lush, Hush, Edge and Max, Onix2,Titan ) I control your toys.. in your arse, online, through my mobile app!


F/INTOX: POPPERS, ALCOHOL, SMOKING, FEEDING, anything else, may be something even filthier but not too much, not sickening

FRSD/ BI ROLEPLAY( GUIDING), COTTAGERS mistress can teach you to suck a cock properly if you want to be pimped out you’d better do it right! Black cock guzzling sluts are very welcome

TRAMPLING, CRUSHING FETISH, GIANT & VCTIM PLAY, GIANTESS,SHRINKING FETISH, AMAZON WOMAN FETISH ROLEPLAY adore all those mind games, you can trust me your fetishes but no jumping through hoops from me

AGONY AUNT This is something what 99% of you actually need from me and require;) and it’s all right, why not? Spill the beans ;)

SEX THERAPY I can take care of his sexual life with his partner if there are some manageable issues, not just with a single advice but on long-term basis too, also if he’s sick and tired of being single, tired to be a loser-boy, I can help him to find what he craves to have and help him to change his life. We can try to turn his gf or even wife to a kinkster, to a subby dirty girl, to make her cuck him, whatever he needs. This is one of my most favored category of visitors because of it’s amazing emotional feedback, even although they will leave me very soon ✂

MUMMIFICATION, BRTH- CONTROL I can teach him to cum being without air at all, plenty of different ways

NYLON SLUTS TRAINING I am not going to jump through hoops myself but I can take care of you, I know all your needs, detailed, if you wear worn nylon

TEAMVIEWER PLAY, ANYDESK do you enjoy feeling helpless and weak? Vulnerable? Trapped? Give it a try then ;)

BLACKMAIL FANTASY ROLEPLAY, HOMEWREKING FANTASY we go as far as you need and stop where we want, we can play it or even make it for real!

MESSY GAMES, SPLOSHING PARTIES( GUIDING) mail me for some preparation after confirmation of the booking if this is your thing ;) going to be fun YAY ;)+ I can film it if you wish.

MAKE UP WORK-SHOP/MASTER-CLASS sissy sluts have to do it right, not trashy as you usually do! Do you think it’s hot? Absolutely not. So welcome in for tutorial to make your face look at least like a fuckable hole

ADULT BABY MILDING FETISH/ ABDL everything from guiding newbies till taking care of experienced and equipped ones, you may come in the group chat to get the shopping list from me.

PUBLIC HUMILIATION, PUBLIC EXPOSURE, HALL OF FAME-HALL OF SHAME for talanted sissies using my blog, social media, video gallery on tubes, twitter, mailing people you want to inform about who you are ;-).. anything! You decide whether you want to show your face or not, whether you want to be recorded or just to take photos, when we start and when we stop. If you change your mind later it’s all right! Without your clear request I don’t do additional work for free, trust me, nothing you can worry about, I am pro. So with me you can do it safe!

☤HYPNO- THERAPY☤ if someone is unstable emotionally at the moment I can also help him, this is a serious work to improve quality of life. I have notes about all of you, I remember everything and I take it all very seriously. All your stories, line of dynamic of fetishes, previous experience, limits, I have it all, unless they change the screen-names ( so please, don’t ☝ ).Therefore whenever people return, I have all the information, no need to tell me all those personal things over and over again. I am responsible for my sub’s emotional state if we pick up this path.

ASMR I know how many of people here are not okay. And besides my bitchy and cruel sadistic nature I am still a human so I am very sorry for them! Therefore I can take care of a slave even this way ;-) just be very clear how exactly you feel when you come in my chat-room. And make sure you have a head-set on. Not like I offer this thing itself, it is mostly a side- effect, since my microphone is very sensitive high quality one.


ONLINE SHOPPING I decide what you buy for me, not you. You are welcome in with your own ideas too, if you found anything outstanding to try on. Although if this is underwear it doesn't mean that I will show you this ever, ha ha ha.

EQUIPPING YOUR PERSONAL DANGEON/BUYING “THE BOX OF FILTH together, ONLINE SHOPPING”no worse than Eva Brown had ;-) I guide a newbie sub, helping him to gather all the needed tools, tailored to his needs and fetishes, online, we go there like 2 teenage giggling girlfriends and I help him not to put in the basket useless sex toys to prevent damaged broken arses and others unwanted consequences of a wrong wannabe choice ;-). Also I help you to buy shoes, outfits, cosmetic and sissy-stuff ;)

GROUP DOMNATION already quite experienced in this bizarre thing, whether you want to perform through c2c with an escort and crave me to dominate her, or another way around with a big black ddy, who dominates you so you need me to instruct him or her if this is a TS girl, or a GF/BF, we’ll work on it, + we could save a footage ;)( optional!)

DAYTIME DARES/OFFLINE TASKS you may use the same group chat to discuss detail

ESCORT-MEDIATION Also if a sub always chickens up every time he wants to pic up a TS escort girl to suck or a master to be dominated by, I am here to go through the whole AW to pic up the right one for him
Frequently Asked Questions...
Q. Group, Private mode or Booking through skype? A. Doesn't matter, unless this is body-worship!
If you appreciate privacy, then private might be your option. If you prefer to chat in relaxed manner and peepers don't distract you( no, they can 't see your web camera neither hear you since I use head-set, but they can read the chat) then you have a right to use group chat. I won't feel used at this price, used to keep it low but since anyway this option is being to be abused by 90% of visitors I had to adjust it , so it is totally fine if you have the entire session there;)

I do prefer booking, since the web camera is bigger unlike in JustCamIt, I see clearly how much time we have got, so I can plan a session properly, ending it the way I want, nobody cuts you off in the wrong moment, audio is better, we discuss a session after booking and before the session start for free, everybody is happy, nobody is nervous around.+/- time, despite asertiveness ( I don't let anybody use me for free) am not a clock watcher at all. I mean- at all. Zero clock watching ;-D With mobile devices booking works too, just download skype, that's it

Therefore whatever makes you feel all right is fine. I am comfortable with all 3 options equally.
Q. Can you see my webcamera? A. Indeed, if you are online through those mobile devices, including kindle, so far 2 ways cam doesn’t work in the direct-cam chat yet. But it works perfectly well if you book my time and download skype at your device. Then I’ll be able to watch you, to hear you, to chat to you using audio as well even without PC or laptop.
Just make sure, please, that your headset is plugged in the mobile device since their speakers usually not loud enough.
Q. Free phone A. We can use UK landline.There is no additional fee for this. You pay only for Direct-Cam videochat( both group and private) or Booking. I do take calls from withheld numbers in case I know this is you.
Q. Preparation For A Session: A. Please understand, long and detailed confessions in the free chat always sounds like timewasting/free-chat wanking (no offence, 99% of "confessors" and "brb" kind of gentlemen, they just wank in the free chat over this text or they do it in emails and then disappear, trust me) so even if you plan a session it has no sense to share too much detail there since I can save notes about you only if you had at least 5 minutes at least in the group chat.

So, in order to avoid this mutual discomfort and lack of trust, tension of my suspicion and your desire to be listened, your frustration that not many people are wiling to, please , in order to simplify this I offer you the following six options:

• You can come in the special discounted to the minimum (£0.6/min) group offer number 1 "Preparing you for a session briefly" "Pre-session preparation «for 5 minutes or stay longer if it takes, to introduce yourself properly in a nice, humble and respectful manner, especially if you plan to have a session in the future, so I could save notes for the future, to get the list of things you need or/and get my ideas concerning the session , then you can go out and gather items for our session and then you get back in the group or private chat , or make a booking, this is up to you!

• You can do the same in the group chat or private chat

• You could gather what you find suitable yourself and come in group or private chat.

• You could make a booking and then , after your confirmation we talk about ideas/toys to play with/ anything concerning session, for free, before we start.

• You can buy a list of toys on my profile page for £10. Take a look at my sale page, please , pic up the "List Of Toys". it is up to you- how exactly you wish to get it: in email here, in your personal email, in word, text or PDF. It depends on the list of your fetishes and limits, but anyway I have listed the most common things for almost each common fetish. The list is not “closed”, which means you can add anything you wish anytime! If you don’t have toys/BDSM equipment, it’s okay, we can do the same with your household items, they are listed too

• If it is hard for you to put effort in finding where the special offers are, hard to read the list of toys, hard to buy it an you want to save time, I can understand it. Then just use the magic button "tips" in the free chat to make me clearly see your intention to have a session
Q. Mistress, I am dying to see tights, boots, stockings, corset, leather pants, is it possible if I serve well? A. If this is not just heels, I do take outfit requests sometimes from those who more or less worthy effort, to be exact:

• They are very humble and obedient, loyal and devoted slaves, well-mannered and respectful, for example, to my great surprise for some of my newcomers it is still not clear that it might not be underwear ever, upskirt view, any unbuttoning, lifting, revealing, crotch-almost-private parts-demonstration process. So it seems I have to stress it one more time, here we talk only about outfits. Yes I do have leather bikini but you don’t have a right to ask me for this. Only clothes! And again, I do not put on strap-on since I find the way it looks stupid and disgusting.

• These are people without demanding objectification approach, nor consumerist attitude at any extent either

• This option only for those, who understand this is in the best case might be their reward, not an object to wank itself, no plain wankers please.

• Only if at least 30 minutes are booked. Have wimps? If there is nobody around who would do it for you for free to please you, then accept reality, pay for this and negotiate it with a mistress properly and respectfully.

• I will not change off- camera in the group session in a hurry, having a risk to have this session ended in any second and being kicked back in the free chat half-dressed in a mess. Thank for this those who have done it to us here many times, abusing this option. Therefore now my comfort is number one subject for you, both physical and emotional, I have to see clearly that the time is prepaid, as your clear and humble intention to serve and then it works!

• So if you are everything positive I have listed above, yay, good for you! Then you may use the free pin OBEY to go through the outfits photos in my private gallery albums “Legs wear” and “Outfits” to drool and plan a proper session.

Q. I can't afford videochat at all but still need to interact with a Mistress at least somehow! What do I do? A. If you need just to talk to me using skype, I offer a booking of a TEXT CHAT at Skype or any possible other applications for £0.6 credit per minute( this is just text).

Or, if you need me to watch and control you, 2 ways audio, but don't need my webcam, let's name is "1 way video chat" this is £1/minute per minute, use the booking system for this. I appreciate any effort to serve me and always respect users like that, who do what they can they way they are able to.
Q. Free Private Gallery Access PIN A. After filling a the feedback lines you may mail me for the free PIN. Without this request I do not spam my subs. I do not change it, this is in perpetual tenure
Q. May I add you in my skype/mobile apps after booking? A. Yes you may add me.

• But please, buzz me only when you need to find out if I am available for booking or direct-cam right now.

• I use all my messengers only for booking, video, phone or cyber chat sessions or for cam-to cam if your webcam doesn't work in the Direct-Cam chat I open it up in Skype.

• If you need to talk about our session beforehand but can’t afford to talk about details in my group-chat, what I can understand, please, make a booking, and after the final confirmation we can talk about details for free , such as : the list of toys, your/ my fetishes, your/my outfits, scenario, my mood or anything else you need to talk about.

• If you are full of emotions after the session or just have something to say, please, feel free to write about your feelings in the feedback page

• If you just want to talk, please understand that between sessions I do my main work, so I appreciate if you book my text chat for £0.6 per min
Q. I can’t log into your direct cam it says I am banned, have I done anything wrong? A. • I have a deal only with obedient, sweet, smart, amusing, fun and well-mannered slave boys, truly submissive and generous ones.
Wealthiness itself isn't very important since it is about sacrificing and enjoying it, this role, itself. I appreciate any effort to make my life better.
And, logically, I have approximately zero reasons to have a deal with those who make my life worse, obviously.

• Firstly, since I believe in the best in people, I ban for 1 hour to give a visitor an opportunity to read my " disclaimer" folder at least or the profile itself, second- for 5 years.

• The reasons why it could happen are listed there, in my “disclaimer” folder on my profile, all of them, no exceptions. I won’t let anyone cross the red line without punishment, especially twice.

• So if it happened, but you feel very sorry then please, read it through and through, make up a conclusion, make another account on AW and be a good boy in the future.

• But if a slave seriously grossed me out , this is for good, there is no way back ever. You thought it's all about money? lol, no, not that simple ;) of course, to make it clear, I have to admit I would never talk to any of you for free, but I have my own principles, my own rules , my own expectation of what is acceptable for people and what is not, not under any circumstances.
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2.55 credit(s) per minute in Private Mode
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1.35 credit(s) per minute, no need to book, you call a landline number (info)

To book a phone chat session click here
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Town: The Fifth Amendment Allows Me Not To Testify
Country: Russia
Nationality: Russian
Member Since: 03/03/2007
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Age: Not Specified
Views: 1244893
Last Login: Today

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Note: Any money paid to the adult escorts listed on this website is for their time and companionship only. Whatever else that may occur if and when contact is made is the choice of consenting adults.

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Vital Statistics:
Ethnicity: Caucasian (White)
Hair Colour: Brown Long
Eye Colour: Green
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Car Meets
CIM (at discretion)
Cross Dressing
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Dinner Dates
Disabled Clients
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Fingering/Finger Play
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Food Sex/Sploshing
Foot Worship
French Kissing
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Gang Bangs
Hand Relief
Humiliation (giving)
MMF 3Somes
Oral without (at discretion)
Oral without Protection
Penetration (Protected)
Pole Dancing
Prostate Massage
Pussy Pumping
Receiving Oral
Role Play & Fantasy
Sauna / Bath Houses
Smoking (Fetish)
Spanking (giving)
Strap On
Sub games
Swallow (at discretion)
Sybian & Machine Sex
Tie & Tease
Travel Companion
Unprotected Sex
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