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BRUNETTE BRITISH BABE, H. WYCOMBE • 5* RATED, MATURE, EXPERIENCED, FUN • Couples/One Fee • Comfortable Venue: Boudoir With Mirrors, Double Shower Unit, Off-Road Parking • 3000+ PRIVATE PICS, MOVIES, EROTICA • Free Intro Vid • NEW PRIV ALBUM May 2017!!!

!!!! NEW Private Album - titled 'May 2017' now loaded !!!!

ESCORT FUN: Sex is part of being human, urges draw-us together like magnets. Happily, I've always Loved Sex!
Click on 'Rating' to read some of my feedback, see how much I adore my chosen 'Lifestyle'

WHEN & HOW ... I appreciate you checking PRIOR to submitting a booking. FEES: scroll down the page for fee chart. 'Info Tab' above - explains most services are Inclusive! Specials have a surcharge eg A-Level ...much fairer than raising the hourly rate for everyone.

WICKED WEDNESDAYS: DUO FUN if you fancy it. Naturally I can see you solo, but my good friend 'Mystery T' can be with me, advance appointments welcome... as we're popular. MT can be with me 11am-4pm, (last start time 3pm). Mystery T isn't an escort, so prefers not to show her face online, we do fully interact with each other. You get to see me, plus a fun, attractive blonde, who is busty with long legs. *Duo sessions - have some excellent Field Reports about us both! I can also arrange for DUOS with MT for TUESDAY afternoons 1-4pm. *From April: 1hr £200, 90min £300. Amazing Value For TWO mature, bi ladies!

THRIFTY THURSDAYS: 1hr £130 (=£10 off), 90min £190 (=£20 off), 2hrs £250 (=£30 off). Offer applies for solo (1-2-1), in-call. Out-call would be the rate shown on the full chart (lower down this page).

NURU MASSAGE: 1hr £170, or 90min £240. This body-body massage includes Sex! There is some preparation involved, so please give me sufficient notice. You will need to shower just before the massage begins Feedback: "That was fun, left Morgan's NURU feeling de-stressed & fully drained!" (from K)

Frequently Asked Questions...
Q. 15 MINUTES (aka QUICKIES)? A. Rarely, but might say YES if I can. Essential that you can arrive clean, are polite/friendly. Note: though not usually a clock-watcher, I cannot permit over-staying for a 15 minute booking.

You Can Enjoy: Kissing, Blow Job &/or Hand Job... NOT full sex within 15 minute sessions.

Please Note: I DON'T accept attire requests for sessions briefer than 1hr duration. Though, will be wearing... something that I personally find sexy (for 15mins or 30mins sessions).
Q. CAN YOU TAKE ANY SIZE FOR ANAL? A. This question is asked a fair bit, the honest answer is - I cannot determine if I will be able to have anal sex with anyone (until the session), which is why I charge extra for A-Level but only accept that part of the fee at the end of the session - pay me the normal fee on arrival... leaving the Anal surcharge on the coffee table
until afterwards. Do not arrange to see me if you are someone who is solely seeking anal sex. Since I am not a robot, I cannot guarantee. However, I will try to include it within your session if you wish (I enjoy it) but will not manage if you're too girthy or not fully erect. This is solely a 1-2-1 service - my girlfriend 'Mystery T' doesn't participate in anal.
Q. CUM MORE THAN ONCE? A. YES, your fun is NOT over the moment you've emptied your sack. ;-) Your booked time is special to you, so it won't end before your appointment time is over.
Q. WATERSPORTS OK? A. I no longer offer this, but if I need a Pee during your session, happy to let you watch me.
Q. WITHELD 'UNDISCLOSED' NUMBERS? A. I do NOT accept calls from Witheld Numbers, if you use an office phone and are not reaching me, check out if it's Private... by inserting 1470 before tapping in your own mobile number.

Ringing yourself in this way, will show you whether your work number displays or not.

Some men have said: 'Aha that's why escorts never answer my calls'.

To accept an appointment from you, I will need you to trust me, with the number you'll ring me from - as you arrive.
Q. NURU MASSAGE... WHAT IS NURU? A. Nuru is body-to-body slippery massage, initially there is a shower for the client. He is only patted dry then he lies down damp onto my bed which I'd have prepared with a PVC sheet. I apply Nuru product to the client and slather lots onto myself and things start with me gliding my body up/down & around. Our nakedness and the movement with my Nuru product will feel stimulating. The session DOES have penetrative sex, or mutual hands fun, though the nature of the product means it's not suitable for anal sex.

If afterwards the client wants more massage - a spray of water revives the slipperiness of the product, we can continue the fun! A shower afterwards is essential, to fully remove the product before dressing.
Q. WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? A. SOLELY To Assist Anyone Thinking Of Seeing Me: entertaining is strictly by appointment. So, no matter how well you know me, please recognise why you cannot visit, without checking with me first. ;-)

BASED: High Wycombe in S.Bucks, SE England.

CAR: Driving west from Heathrow Airport, journey 35 minutes (traffic dependent). Based fairly close to M40 / J4 & my place is only 8 minutes drive from that junction (traffic dependent).

TRAIN: There is a station in High Wycombe - you would use the excellent 'Chiltern Line' which runs between Marylebone Station (London's WE) and Snow Hill (Birmingham). If coming from Oxford, you can access the train at Oxford Parkway station. I'm NOW literally five mins drive from the station. There are plenty of taxis parked within the railway's grounds (only £4-5 each way).

HELPFUL NOTE: If you prefer I can provide my own Mrs R taxi service (by PRIOR agreement). I'll collect you from the Rail Station, &/or drive you back after the fun.

Q. ARRANGING TO MEET? A. 1) Email or Phone-Call with date, time & duration of appointment you're seeking (giving 2nd option if poss).

2) Once agreed, please submit a Booking Request through the site.

* Incall: I give you my address & postcode, on arrival you discreetly ring me (from your vehicle).

* Outcall: you'll have given address & postcode within your booking.

**IMPORTANT:- If you submit a booking without prior contact - there's no guarantee I can accept. Please understand why - I might be busy at requested time. If your booking request is at very short notice - I might NOT see it immediately (taking time off for a few hours, or couple of days). Alternatively, I might be asleep when your booking reaches my pc). I'm a woman who knows 'beauty sleep' is essential to well-being.

NOTE: I want you to fully enjoy your 'Escort Experience' with me, but also need to be happy with whoever I am seeing. I usually prefer to have talked with new clients before their initial session (even if briefly). I like to fine-tune sessions, to meet clients' needs.

Being an 'Independent Escort', means I can accept clients or decline potential clients. Doing this job is fun, seeing clients I get along with is an absolute pleasure.

Should I choose to decline your offer - it might be that I feel you will be better suited to someone else, that's not insulting you - it's actually a sign that I am about more than money, I care about what I do.

Q. WHAT'S INCLUDED (OR NOT) WITHIN THE APPOINTMENT? A. Half hour sessions can include: kissing/French kissing, OWO for client, oral on me, full sex but not the PSE services.

Within the hour or longer sessions... most services are fully inclusive in the fee, except certain PSE SERVICES:-

PSE (porn star experience)... please read this carefully:
*Anal Sex +£30. This service is at my discretion - you won't pay unless it's achieved (girth dependent). I love having Anal, but it cannot be rushed, please mention when booking.

*Facial (spray cum over my face) +£30. I'm happy to have squirt over my face BUT PLEASE mention when booking - since acceptance depends on my other plans that day. Afterwards I will remove & re-apply make-up, (usually find I need to wash my hair too).

Strap-On (your bum): No extra charge, but I prefer to know if the client wants this sort of session... I will get some out-ready, you can choose. I'll use Latex gloves and Anal Lube to prepare your anus... I want to give pleasure not hurt you, hence having a range of sizes.

Sploshing: +£20. I'll need to know you want this service - I will have covered my bed with PVC sheeting, we can begin in the bathroom where you get me really messy (hair included). YOU can bring along whatever you like (eg large carton of custard, rice pudding, ice cream, chocolate sauce). This is much messier than Food-Sex which has no extra charge (client brings along whatever he fancies) eg strawberries/cream for us to lick of each other's bodies. Jelly is also fun, another favourite is the feel of a chocolate bar slipped into my warm pussy (then eaten out).

Sploshing's extra charge covers the time I will need to spend cleaning-up after my client has gone: my pvc bedding, myself and of course the shower - which client would find vital before leaving.

Q. AGE GROUP YOU'LL SEE? Edited January 2017. A. Upper Limit: 85 years. I appreciate frankness, providing you are in good health (with any health conditions under control), then I'm happy to see you.

Minimum Limit: 20 years. In general I prefer clients 25 and over, but it's individual, it's all about how mature your general attitude is - some young clients are an absolute pleasure to see.

Q. KISSING? A. Yes indeed! I find kissing the gateway to all that follows. Warm, passionate, or soft gentle kisses... you'll find me responsive, including French kissing. Very occasionally I see clients who find kissing on the lips isn't comfortable (they are saving intimate kissing for a future partner). Perhaps you will kiss my neck instead, I could do the same to you.
Q. BAREBACK? A. No, please don't ask. Sexual health is very important to me & my lovely clients. Some of my Porn is uncovered but rest assured, on the day of the shoot - an up-to-date certificate of health (100% clean), would have been shown to the person filming things, as would the other participants. Life is precious, I do not take stupid risks.

Q. COUPLES (MMF or MFF)? Edited 3rd May 2017. A. MMF: Male Client & Hetero Male Friend to join me, session at my home. My Usual Rate but minimum session is 1hr (140) between you both, or 90mins (210). You will both find out how much I enjoy sex! I do not do gang-bang sessions, so two men is the maximum. You will both have a fun time! Friendly, experienced, clean-healthy guys only.

MFF: Male Client & Female partner... Same Rates as above - if at my home. However, I do offer Outcalls MFF sessions, so if you wanted to meet at an hotel - that's fine. Outcall rates, are shown in the table lower down the profile. Well worth you considering, as I'm fully Bi-Sexual, so the lady will have lots of pleasure too! If the male half of the couple, would enjoy watching initially, then joining-in further into things, that's cool!

NOTE: I'd expect to talk to the female too (when arranging these sessions), to be sure I will feel comfortable seeing both of you.

* See January 2014 Field Report from a genuinely happy MF couple.
Q. CONDOMS? A. Occasionally I'm asked by a new client if he needs to bring condoms, which is very considerate. I have this covered (excuse the pun) with various condoms including Skyns (very sheer)... closest thing to wearing nothing! Whatever size you are, I should have the condom to suit you. However, if you prefer a particular brand, or are allergic to Latex - I won't be offended if you bring some along. Note: I keep a supply of 'Femidom' (ladies internal condoms), which some men like for a change.

Q. WHAT SORT OF MEN APPEAL TO YOU? A. I'm more interested in what's inside a person, than the external. That might sound odd, coming from an escort: ladies like myself present ourselves glamorously, but my career choice is a part of me, not the whole. Similarly, I regard clients as people, not numbers.
Q. HOW DO I KNOW IF YOU'RE GOOD? A. Click on 'Rating' (near top of profile). I provide a genuine service. Appreciate manners when you first contact me, but happy talking dirty during your appointment.
Q. DISCOUNTS: HARD-UP, ARMED FORCES, STUDENTS? A. No. I'm a realist, know not everyone is minted, therefore I reduced my fees after the banking crash! My new place (Spring 2016) is comfortable & spacious, also easy to reach with safe, discrete parking. When you consider my AW 'Rating' is HIGH, you realise my remuneration is quite LOW.
Q. CAN I TAKE PHOTOS, OR MOVIES? A. YES I'm a competent amateur model, who enjoys being in front of the camera, but I don't normally model for anyone's first appointment. Modelling is 100 per hour, or 50 half hour. This is in addition to your fee for personal services. PLEASE ensure I've agreed to modelling before your appointment. Then, both you & I know what to expect. ;-)

Q. DO YOU DO TOURS? A. None planned. However I do accept Outcalls of some distance, and for considerable distance providing you are happy to to give notice and have a long session - then I would love to see you. Prefer you to have some good Fbs.
Q. HOW DO I LEAVE FEEDBACK? A. To make it easier for clients, I have added a 'Link' if you scroll down the profile, links are shown (to the right side) once you've scrolled down towards base of profile. You'll find one link says: Leave Feedback, click it and all with become clear. Many thanks in advance. x
Q. EXTRA CHARGES? A. Fee includes most services, however if you take a look at the tab marked 'Info' I have noted some lovely 'Extras' I provide (by prior agreement).
Q. ADULT-TOYS? A. I'm guessing you haven't seen any of my Movies or Private Photos - which feature a variety of adult-toys!

YES, is the answer, I have masses of gizmos for both sexes, don't be shy about asking during your session... adult-toys add to the fun.

Q. NOTICE & TIMING? A. My approach: Low-Volume & High-Quality sessions, means I only see 2 (occasionally 3) clients, within a 24 hour period. Therefore, you really increase your chance with some notice. I'm a realist, so know sometimes men get a sudden urge, or unexpected opportunity for fun, so it's ok to TRY sameday. Remember I always turn my mobile off when asleep, so won't be answering if you ring in the middle of the night. Turn my phone on between 7:30-9am.

Q. DO YOU SEE VIRGINS? A. I no longer see virgins. Though, I do see men who are fairly inexperienced, I'm very happy to help increase your knowledge.
Q. FOOT-FETISH, DO YOU REALLY ENJOY IT, ARE YOUR FEET ATTRACTIVE? A. It turns me on big time! Having my feet stoked, massaged, licked or kissed - is something I find delicious. If you are a man who loves foot fetish - you'll find out how much it arouses me. I've always ensured there are photos of my feet, in the gallery, so you know what to expect. Some show me in sandals, others barefoot or wearing stockings. Since I love shoes & boots, I have a wonderful variety.

Q. OWO & CIM (COVERED ORAL)? A. Yes I love both, get told I'm really good at oral - probably because I enjoy it! Love accepting CIM - but I don't swallow.

Occasionally I've seen gents who ask for covered oral... I have flavoured condoms, preferring a nice flavour to the taste of rubber.

Also have flavoured Dental Dams, occasionally I've seen men who like using them. Don't be shy, if you prefer using a Dam just ask, but if you like sweet things... I'm told my pussy juice tastes like honey!

Q. ANAL PLAY & PROSTATE MASSAGE? A. Yes, I'm happy to GIVE these services to YOU, so mention when you book.

Slim vibrating anal beads at your request. Usually I start to explore a man's anus with fingers (latex gloves) & lube... you might love it! I have Butt Plugs in varying sizes, Dildos and Strap-Ons to delight your rear a treat!!!!

Hygiene might be a bore but it's vital, I clean all my toys carefully before storing away, then use a condom on anal toys for extra cleanliness. Please remember: if I'm visiting your hotel or home - request any toys you'd like me to bring...I LOVE to please!!

Happily permit a lubricated finger, or slim anal toy in my own rear. I can wear a Butt-Plug - you can insert a Slim one during our session, or if you'd like me to already be wearing one (let me know when you arrange our session).

Note: Anal Fisting isn't something I give or receive.

Q. DO YOU SQUIRT? A. I've often had Female Ejaculation when aroused: if things are nice & unpressured. For example if a man is a lovely kisser, or good with his fingers, or tongue, I'll be very relaxed as well as aroused... sometimes suddenly squirt. I haven't put this my 'Enjoys' list because that would imply I always squirt.

Q. SMOKING FETISH/DO YOU SEE SMOKERS? A. Sorry, I don't do Smoking Fetish, as I'm a Non-Smoker. However, I'm happy to see considerate smokers, I always have mouthwash to freshen-up.
Q. I'M CONCERNED YOU'LL RING ME UNEXPECTEDLY? A. Don't worry, I will never just ring your phone out of the blue. If I can't pick-up your call when you ring, please leave an answerphone message (including a suitable time I can ring you). If I don't return your call, it would be because I was not free to ring (at requested time) and didn't want to cause any awkwardness for you. When I'm taking holiday, busy or asleep - my phone remains switched off.

Q. DO YOU REQUIRE A SERVANT, MAID OR SLAVE? A. YES, on a fee paying Client Basis. Men offering some sort of assistance, in return for a freebie, that's a NO!

Q. DO YOU HAVE FRIENDS WHO COULD JOIN US? A. Yes, I'm lucky to know to a couple of Escorts whom I regard as friends: Chloe (aka champagnelady) based in Windsor, & Trisha (aka Hot Mature Trisha) based in Arborfield (Nr Reading). Both perfect ladies for occasional 3sum fun, both sexy, both successful ladies - because they aim-to-please and enjoy their lifestyle!

You'll have a genuine experience with two ladies who look different - brunette (me) and blonde (either C or T) both always wear make-up and sexy outfits, but arrive to my place in everyday clothing for the sake of discretion. Session could take place at my High Wycombe abode, C or T's places, or client's hotel (agreed in advance).

You will have met One or the Other of us previously, on 1-2-1 basis, for us to consider accepting a 3sum booking. * Remember Two ladies are Two fees, and since all three of us are popular, you'll need to give notice.

Alternatively, if I already know you and you've a penchant for a particular kind of lady - you're welcome to find another Escort yourself. Providing I've met you before on a 1-2-1 basis, and we have agreed details, the session could take place at mine.

Q. I'M NEW TO THIS, CAN I TEXT? A. I prefer to talk. I know sometimes nervous chaps text: "I'm too shy to ring" - but that doesn't make sense if you think about it does it! Look at it from my angle, if you are too scared to talk with me, you won't go through with the appointment, surely. Be brave ring to discuss, I promise I'll be understanding about initial jitters during your 1st session... I don't bite!

Clients who already know me: yes it is ok to text me something like "confirming our 2pm appointment" but you might not get an instant reply (I might be out somewhere, or conducting an appointment)... I'm sure you would not want me answering texts during your own 'special time with me'. If you text me asking when I'm free to talk - that's ok, I will reply when I'm able to. If you don't hear from me, it might be advisable to check this profile - as it could indicate that I'm taking free-time (off).

Q. CAN YOU BE SUBMISSIVE? A. Tend to be either Assertive - if that's what turns a man on, also enjoy GFE... lots of tactile two-way pleasuring of each other. I'm NOT into being hurt, apart from receiving spanking. I have enjoyed Switch though - it can be great fun. I do enjoy certain Sub Games eg St.Trinians, or Submissive Secretary. If you're Dominant it's always important to discuss your requirements prior to booking, I'll be honest.
Q. TRIPS/HOLIDAYS AWAY? A. Trips are only taken with gents I've met and therefore know. I've enjoyed some fun weekends with clients, so am open to all 'sensible' offers. I would expect the client to pay for meals/travel but I could be flexible with the fees. Please ensure you give me plenty of notice, so I can make plans. Discuss by phone.

Q. ARE HAIRY MEN WELCOME? A. I'm absolutely fine about seeing men with hairy bodies, no problem. Though back massage feels more delightful for the recipient on smooth skin, oily rubs can make the hair feel pullled around (ouch). Sometimes hirsute men prefer their back massage with talc instead. As for hairy pubes, provided you are clean - hair doesn't concern me.

Q. CAN I BRING YOU A GIFT? A. I don't expect gifts, but am often asked, as some chaps love to bring something along, apart from themselves ;-) Rose or Medium White Wine, Champagne. Stockings: Gio FFs (size 9.5), Cervin FFs or RHTs (size 3/4). Tights you'd enjoy seeing me wearing - long legs so size L. Lingerie: Bra 36C, Knicks/Slip size 14. Perfume (anything you like). Chocs: only a tiny bar/box (to keep in shape). Anything you fancy me wearing for you from my 'AW Wishlist' or perhaps an adult-toy you fancy.

Q. WHAT DOES THE TERM MILF MEAN? A. The term M.I.L.F. first came to notice in the film 'American Pie'. Three young men are leaving 'Toys R Us' they are in the car park, one of the lads notices an attractive lady with her offspring - pushing her trolley towards her car. He says to his mates "Check out the MILF" - it stands for M(other) I('d) L(ike to) F(uck). It's nothing incestuous, just young men finding older women (especially mothers) HOT!!

Q. I'M A MALE ESCORT, ADULT MODEL, GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHER, CAN WE WORK TOGETHER? A. No, I already have those bases covered. However, if you're a Client who wants to pose in pics/vids, just mention it when you arrange your appointment. Also if you're a client who wants to take photos but leave me the memory card. Alternatively, I can download the pics to my pc at the end of your appointment. Just let me know you want photos when you book (I understand, that some men get aroused taking pics).

Q. FISTING, DO I TAKE A FIST IN MY PUSSY? A. NOT something I do. Sorry guys.

Q. ARE YOUR FEET ATTRACTIVE? A. In the AW Interview we are asked to answer all questions. So, when asked what is my least attractive part - I've answered FEET, but actually they are quite pretty (I've been told). I always have pedicured feet with nail varnished toe-nails. Within my Gallery photos, there are photos of my bare feet. Also my feet in open sandals & various shoes throughout the profile. I adore Foot Fetish, having things done to my feet is wonderful, indulge.

Q. WILL YOU HAVE A BATH WITH ME? A. I don't have a bath-tub... but do have a gorgeous rainforest shower - the cubicle is large enough for two! Exception made if I've had my hair done (especially for an event)... otherwise I'd be happy incorporating soapy shower fun into your session, please tell me when you book.
Q. HOW MANY CLIENTS DO YOU SEE? A. I do not see gents in back-to-back appointments for twelve hours a day, it's not my style at all!!! Take it as read that I never indulge in bareback sex, I care about my health. I'm more about quality than quantity. Loyalty is valued, so I give priority to returners. Worth trying short notice sometimes, as plans might have changed.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Strangers who ring up sounding aggressive, or very abrupt: "Ullo I'm at J4, what's the address?" are declined. I need to take care of my own safety & well-being. Also want to create the right atmosphere for my lovely gents.

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Town: High Wycombe
County: Buckinghamshire
Region: South East
Country: United Kingdom
Nationality: British
Member Since: 13/01/2005
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bi-sexual
Age: 56
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Vital Statistics:
Ethnicity: Caucasian (White)
Dress Size: 14
Height: 5'6"
Chest Size: 36" C Natural
Hair Colour: Brown Long
Eye Colour: Green
Pubic Hair: Shaved Completely
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