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Positive djmonkey2 (18) 26/03/2015 10:46 Seeking Services
  Great Communication, Vivacious, welcoming & super naughty, another excellent meet with this great lady xx
Positive daves79 (2) 25/03/2015 13:16 Seeking Services
  really nice time with really nice lady
Positive kinape (4) 22/03/2015 18:45 Seeking Services
  Thanks for a great relaxing time .. cant wait till your back in essex x
Positive markie29 (9) 20/03/2015 13:48 Seeking Services
  Had a fantastic time with this fantastic and very sexy lady. Will definatly keep an eye on her future tours as would love to spend a lot more time with her.
Positive HarleyD (18) 19/03/2015 21:20 Seeking Services
  I think i am in love with this lovely lovely lady. Can't wait to see Alisha again . x x x
Positive wolfie1976 (259) 09/03/2015 22:22 Seeking Services
  a very sexy and naughty lady. makes me laugh too. always have loads off fun too. can not wait for the next.
Positive devster1977 (23) 06/02/2015 19:45 Seeking Services
  Alisha loves to Ryde ;-). Great laugh & a fantastic shag x
Positive Johnnya1971 (18) 05/02/2015 19:32 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time with a lovely lady!! Will definitely be visiting again!!
Positive Johnnyboy1001 (34) 04/02/2015 22:44 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous lady, makes you feel welcome and at ease. I would highly recommend
Positive wolfie1976 (259) 24/01/2015 20:14 Seeking Services
  Thank you for a wonderful time. You looked amazing. Naughty as always. Lots off fun. Xxxx
Positive barrywelsh (218) 23/01/2015 22:05 Seeking Services
  Very sexy, so friendly too. Looked amazing, cannot wait to see
Positive nobbychops2015 (0) 13/01/2015 17:09 Seeking Services
  Guys dont miss out on this legend before she retires!
Positive Nicko43211 (26) 12/01/2015 13:38 Seeking Services
  A fantastic meet. A very sexy lady who enjoyed herself and I certainly enjoyed. Will be back very soon
Positive ib-blkman (27) 09/01/2015 15:12 Seeking Services
  What a lovely lady and sexy as hell too! Had a great time......will be visiting again.
Positive porsha4278 (2) 09/01/2015 14:19 Seeking Services
  Omg amazing amazing amazing come bck to mk again pls would defo recommend x
Positive MKfunguy (47) 08/01/2015 22:22 Seeking Services
  Wonderful raunchy fun time with an intelligent voluptuous experienced woman. Highly recommended, please move to MK!!!
Positive nick3214 (5) 08/01/2015 01:42 Seeking Services
  Excellent want to go back for more
Positive Lovebigboobs22 (534) 03/01/2015 10:39 Seeking Services
  Amazing, Very Sexy. Had The Best Time. Genuine Fun.
Positive rkeaneo (25) 01/01/2015 15:19 Seeking Services
  Really sexy lady, had an amazing horny time, will definitely be going back x
Positive Ubergentleman (13) 24/12/2014 12:36 Seeking Services
  Beautiful, intelligent with a great personality, loved every second thank you so much x x x
Positive stevelauren (1) 20/12/2014 15:55 Seeking Services
  a very lovely lady had a great time will go back soon x
Positive Nims1980 (1) 06/12/2014 10:36 Seeking Services
  Very pleasant and attractive lady. Friendly and very accommodating.
Positive Lokomo930 (23) 05/12/2014 20:40 Seeking Services
  A fantastic time with the incredible Alisha. Felt completely at ease and loved every minute - hope to see you again soon
Positive naughtyboy138 (1) 04/12/2014 18:36 Seeking Services
  absolutely fantastic highly recommended will be meeting again x great contact made me feel really comfortable
Positive peekay1471 (23) 13/11/2014 21:33 Seeking Services
  OMG, what an indescribably fabulous babe. Oral to die for, and a truly sensational fuck! I love Alisha, and can't wait to see her again.
Positive jweiland81 (7) 03/11/2014 14:20 Seeking Services
  Had an amazing time with this extremely sexy lady. Book her now you won't be disappointed.
Positive rambo80 (40) 30/10/2014 15:21 Seeking Services
  Great woman xxxx super sexxy and fun. See u soonxxxx
Positive paul3107 (7) 27/10/2014 18:36 Seeking Services
  Had a great time, one horny lady, Defo see again
Positive luckyj1m (14) 15/10/2014 14:29 Seeking Services
  Even better in the flesh, I will be back!
Positive tdore21 (8) 14/10/2014 11:40 Seeking Services
  Lovely time with Alisha. V pretty lady with a lovely smile.
Positive Ngmonty (20) 13/10/2014 22:32 Seeking Services
  A wonderful evening spent with Alysha. A very sexy and fun person who I hope to see again
Positive cumbravo (7) 04/10/2014 10:29 Seeking Services
  Great visit, found Alisha very welcoming ;-)
Positive qaker005 (4) 03/10/2014 07:15 Seeking Services
  amazing time with an amazing women
Positive ShyGuy Steve (40) 18/09/2014 17:48 Seeking Services
  Truly a sexy lady, a great hour spent together, left with a smile on my face and I'm still smiling today.
Positive bld1977 (3) 17/09/2014 12:51 Seeking Services
  stunning and sexy. cant wait till my next visit. great tits and wonderful b.j xx recommend!
Positive shylondonguy (59) 09/09/2014 14:25 Seeking Services
  Alisha was perfect, can't think of a better way to spend an early lunch break ;)
Positive aveit1234 (2) 08/09/2014 21:52 Seeking Services
  great time, great girl..... WOW!
Positive Harrybad (50) 06/09/2014 00:13 Seeking Services
  Great fun real giggler, gorgeous sexy lady well worth another visit! xxx
Positive Sharky06 (11) 03/09/2014 10:49 Seeking Services
  Alisha is as good as it gets! Can't wait for another chance.
Positive Plaaaayer (14) 02/09/2014 14:11 Seeking Services
  Amazing experience with a funny, gorgeous and sexy woman. The best MILF in London!x
Positive golf69 (12) 29/08/2014 11:52 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time with an amazing sexy lady. Could have stayed all day. x
Positive Spoffle (44) 25/08/2014 21:28 Seeking Services
  Lovely girl, looks like Julie Walters, lots of fun!
Positive djmonkey2 (18) 20/08/2014 10:32 Seeking Services
  Courteous, Seductive, Intelligent, Fun and Relaxed can't fault Miss Rydes
Positive tallenglishmale (14) 06/08/2014 20:43 Seeking Services
  A really enjoyable hour and not just what we got up to. A real lady x
Positive wolfie1976 (259) 02/08/2014 23:36 Seeking Services
  Very gorgeous lady. Have a lot off naughty fun with her. Booking a must.
Positive RaulEndy (57) 01/08/2014 15:44 Seeking Services
  Sexy, funny and a gorgeous smile! Hope to meet again.
Positive nobbychops2013 (2) 01/08/2014 06:51 Seeking Services
  if Carlsberg made MILFS....
Positive qaker005 (4) 31/07/2014 00:47 Seeking Services
  It was an absolute pleasure spending time with a stunning women 1st class!!
Positive beastrequiresbeauty (6) 15/07/2014 22:22 Seeking Services
  a beautiful & fantastic lady, the time flew by and I want More!
Positive wolfie1976 (259) 06/07/2014 18:54 Seeking Services
  Very sexy lady. You will have loads off naughty fun. It's a def must to meet her.
cyrus394 (2) 06/07/2014 07:56 Seeking Services
Positive harry1357 (7) 02/07/2014 08:56 Seeking Services
  Fun, friendly and extremely sexy! Great time! Definitely recommend.
Positive Dirtboy42 (5) 27/06/2014 05:57 Seeking Services
  A most wonderful time with a lovely lady. I look forward to meeting you another time 10/10
Positive pattk (20) 26/06/2014 05:53 Seeking Services
  She was amazing a dream come true for me to meet treat her well guys. Can't wait to do it all again xxxxx
Positive algy1 (79) 24/05/2014 14:53 Seeking Services
  A really terrific evening with a really terrific, and sexy, Lady.Will definately see again X
Positive dellboy271 (96) 02/05/2014 16:15 Seeking Services
  Positive positive positive, always wanted to meet Alisha and was so worth the beautiful and bubbly lots of fun,can't wait to meet you again.
Positive Winone (21) 02/05/2014 14:17 Seeking Services
  Alisha is a very friendly, happy and sexy lady. A great hour was spent at my hotel will definitely see again when I am in the area. Thanks babe xxx
Positive neil042515 (5) 01/05/2014 22:16 Seeking Services
  Fantastic lady, very sexy and nice relaxed atmosphere. Had a great time xx
Positive LeeD90 (30) 29/03/2014 00:22 Seeking Services
  Really nice lady, and just as dirty. Great time!
Positive Castaway (38) 14/03/2014 21:01 Seeking Services
  A very enjoyable couple of hours spent with a very sexy lady. Definitely a good way to spend a Friday afternoon.
Positive ess1981 (62) 09/03/2014 12:16 Seeking Services
  First visit very sexy great body great oral skills highly recommended x
Positive rhandy (240) 08/03/2014 22:10 Seeking Services
  I had a very horny time with Alisha ,great kisser ,fantastic body and lots of laughs . Can't wait to see again.xxxx
Positive PCR (19) 02/02/2014 18:40 Seeking Services
  Discrete clean location, beautiful smile, great kisser, good conversation, sexy and sensual in bed - just the perfect meet!
Positive celo11 (1) 01/02/2014 13:06 Seeking Services
  Amazing girl wonderful and fun time
Positive neveragain (62) 31/01/2014 21:40 Seeking Services
  Really sexy lady and a pleasure to see...
Positive philr1 (7) 29/01/2014 21:07 Seeking Services
  what a lovely lady, had a very nice time with a real beauty. Thanks xx
Positive TerryH1974 (5) 16/01/2014 16:23 Seeking Services
  A really nice meet with an incredibly bubbly and sexy lady. Would definitely see again.
Positive mrbaggy (12) 20/12/2013 17:40 Seeking Services
  Great lady, fun, sexy and sensual and she dressed as I requested, no complaints from my side. Would deffo see again.
woodyjones1977 (1) 12/12/2013 13:48 Seeking Services
  Unfortunately we had to postpone our meeting but the communication was great from Alisha
Positive murphy84 (14) 30/11/2013 17:41 Seeking Services
  Had a great time and was well worth the wait. Hoping to see Alisha again soon x
Positive clinton52 (9) 30/11/2013 06:41 Seeking Services
  Very lovely sexy lady great time
Positive moorcam (10) 29/11/2013 13:32 Seeking Services
  whwhat a lovely lady delighted to hear that you intend to visit london more often
Positive diamondcutter (60) 20/11/2013 07:23 Seeking Services
  A truly wonderful woman who knows how to please, superb oral skills and a nice busty body, don't miss her if she is in your area guys!
Positive Member Not Active 09/11/2013 17:45 Seeking Services
  Beautiful lady, fantastic body, great personality. Very receptive and attentive. Thankyou for a wonderful time!
Positive ng2tony (36) 25/09/2013 15:32 Seeking Services
  Fabulous lady and a fabulous time
Positive benny1x (391) 26/08/2013 12:07 Seeking Services
  Great time with sexy, giggly lady who definitely enjoyed herself too. Could not fault her and would be delighted to see again.
the_mad_hatter (11) 21/08/2013 17:24 Seeking Services
  This woman is a Lot of fun guys, so if you get the chance to have a bit of fun with her go for it but make sure you treat her well as she deserves nothing less.
the_mad_hatter (11) 21/08/2013 01:08 Seeking Services
  Had a great time with this wonderful woman, if you ever get the chance to meet her count yourself lucky for she is worth it.
Positive pth1 (12) 20/07/2013 17:32 Seeking Services
  Really is a great lady with a heavenly figure! I am looking forward to me next visit
Positive Member Not Active 09/06/2013 15:39 Seeking Services
  Fantastic Lady Looking Forward To Seeing You Again xx
Positive Deepgag (9) 04/06/2013 19:08 Seeking Services
  Great woman. Great body. Definitely a home run. See you soon xxxxx
Positive Rik65 (261) 31/05/2013 20:03 Seeking Services
  Absolutely marvellous one of my best experiences with an AW lady.
Positive HarleyD (18) 28/05/2013 15:56 Seeking Services
  What a lovely lady. Unfortunately i suffered from a few first night nerves but Alisha put me at ease and i certainly had a happy ending !
Positive Castaway (38) 27/05/2013 21:24 Seeking Services
  A really fun couple of hours that just flew by. Alisha is good looking, friendly, busty & extremely good fun to spend time with. Highly recommended.
Positive 0lafgan1 (6) 17/05/2013 00:35 Seeking Services
  Amazing woman, can't wait to see her again.
Positive Norfolkbob47 (17) 07/04/2013 22:53 Seeking Services
  A wonderful hour spent with a lovely friendly lady. I could not have wished for anyone better than Alisha, just perfect in every way and what a gorgeous body.xx
Positive Metal Matt (77) 05/04/2013 16:12 Seeking Services
  top marks Alisha is one of the nicest ladies you can meet who provides an excellent class A service 10/10 XXX
Positive 0lafgan1 (6) 26/03/2013 23:30 Seeking Services
  Alisha arrived on time and looked fantastic. She was everything I had hoped for and more. I will be booking her again, 10 out of 10.
Positive Member Not Active 19/03/2013 20:16 Seeking Services
  Top UK MILF pornstar!! We have worked together on cam, and she is 100% professional, experienced and very naughty!! Highly recommend!!
Positive 2pigs (17) 18/03/2013 08:21 Seeking Services
  very friendly lady who knows how to please a man, excellent.
Positive Berkshire Bukkake (79) 09/02/2013 10:51 Seeking Services
  Stunning girl and she was amazing, can't wait to have her back :-)
Positive curlywurly1690 (23) 08/02/2013 14:45 Seeking Services
  ive just had the best appointment ever what a sexy horny oh and sexy lady
Positive hampshire_dave (19) 07/02/2013 22:37 Seeking Services
  Had a fantastic hour with this lovely lady. Very friendly, made me feel very at ease right from the start. Massively recommended :)
Positive Shy-Marc (7) 31/01/2013 12:03 Seeking Services
  By far the best woman i have had the pleasure to be with ever
RIMMER4U247 (14) 29/01/2013 21:11 Seeking Services
Response: Didnt accept booking so how can he leave feedback
Positive 7684djb (10) 22/01/2013 14:20 Seeking Services
  Alisha is a fantastic woman and is great to be with in ever sense of the word. Great company and conversation. They really don't come any better thank you XxX
Positive FootLVR69 (45) 18/01/2013 23:35 Seeking Services
  Wow, what an amazing afternoon, can't wait to see Alisha again! Beautiful, sexy & a joy to be around. Thank you.
Positive nick284 (16) 03/01/2013 17:21 Seeking Services
  Great sexy lady thats the way to start new years eve xx
Positive giantcumshooter (15) 31/12/2012 21:09 Seeking Services
  Brilliant shoot with Alisha fun filled shoot and a lovely lady that is so down to earth kind, caring and a true gem thanks hun XXX
Positive Surfer_10 (3) 30/12/2012 13:29 Seeking Services
  Wow, Alisha is AMAZING!!!! An absolutely fantastic lady... I'll be back soon