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Positive Dante970 (6) 23/04/2017 16:13 Seeking Services
  I had a fantastic time with this lovely sexy lady and would definitely recommend her. Hope to make her acquaintance again soon.
Positive Gentleonetoo (6) 10/03/2017 19:05 Seeking Services
  Well, I have had my first meeting with Sadie, and what a fabulous time that was, loads of fun, totally relaxed, and left on a brilliant high! Sadie is wonderful
Positive gent56 (14) 28/02/2017 20:12 Seeking Services
  A great second visit to the lovely Sadie
Positive newjoey (6) 19/02/2017 23:00 Seeking Services
  Another great meeting with a lovely lady.
Positive diddy15 (1) 11/02/2017 22:40 Seeking Services
  Sadie, thank you for being understanding, you were perfect in every way
Positive 1969robert2 (4) 01/02/2017 06:53 Seeking Services
  Great time in the company of a fun, sexy lady. Sadie is well worth visiting and i look forward seeing again. thanks Sadie x
Positive Meyoumfm (2) 18/01/2017 23:20 Seeking Services
  Let's just say she is very special
Positive pierre55 (48) 16/01/2017 12:01 Seeking Services
  Sadie was stunning today as usual our times together just keep getting better. Thanks Sadie your gorgeous xxxx
Positive Gib58 (11) 20/12/2016 15:56 Seeking Services
  Sadie is a warm and very friendly Lady, always makes sure you have a fabulous time. Thank you Sadie
Positive sunnytimes (14) 15/12/2016 15:42 Seeking Services
  Sadies a real cracker. Sexy, warm northern lass. Thanks Sadie xx
Positive Referee999 (8) 05/12/2016 14:45 Seeking Services
  Without doubt, the best ever! Simple as that. Looking forward to next time xxx
Positive mufc59 (25) 01/12/2016 19:25 Seeking Services
  Sadie is a lovely sexy classy lady. A joy to be with thank you for a wonderful time you are just so yummy xxx
Positive gent56 (14) 29/11/2016 19:47 Seeking Services
  I had a marvellous time with this very attractive, intelligent and very sexy lady. Will be back for more soon.
Positive Northeastjohnnie (47) 21/11/2016 05:59 Seeking Services
  Well this was Toy story 2 - the continuing adventure just can’t wait for the next episode – another great time with a lovely lady. xx
Positive Jo_J (86) 16/11/2016 17:45 Seeking Services
  A stunning and lovely person, so sexy and I cannot say how much I enjoyed!! xxxx
Positive Lexx50 (19) 11/10/2016 21:14 Seeking Services
  A classy, sexy, sensual & thoughtful lady who made a real effort to make our "date" special from start to finish. It was a total pleasure to be in her company.
Positive Gib58 (11) 18/09/2016 15:06 Seeking Services
  It was a great pleasure to spend some time with Sadie, A lovely genuine Lady, Thank you
Positive owlboy (20) 10/09/2016 14:41 Seeking Services
  Very nice lady and sexy with it. Will be calling again.
Positive tonythetiger1 (78) 07/09/2016 19:05 Seeking Services
  Brilliant sexy fun session with Sadie, as ever - I could say it was 'just the ticket' xxx
Positive willyspark (17) 11/08/2016 16:49 Seeking Services
  Very enjoyable time with this uber sexxy lady with such great personality and a lovely, immaculate house. A perfect morning !
Positive brianili (41) 10/08/2016 19:39 Seeking Services
  A great date with the lovely, sexy Sadie.
Gib58 (11) 08/08/2016 17:09 Seeking Services
  A lovely time with a very special lady,Thank you
Positive Steve_Bretton (98) 24/07/2016 11:44 Seeking Services
  Great time with a great lady
Positive backdoorattack (12) 07/07/2016 17:22 Seeking Services
  What a wonderful experience, thank you Sadie, you are one incredibly horny lady. See you soon M xxx
Positive JamesAW1984 (6) 17/06/2016 21:26 Seeking Services
  A good fun hour spent with a lovely sexy lady. 69 was amazing.
Positive pierre55 (48) 17/06/2016 20:47 Seeking Services
  I have known Sadie for Five years now and I still feel ecstatic meeting this wonderful lady thanks Sadie xxx
Positive Northeastjohnnie (47) 30/05/2016 19:11 Seeking Services
  Well what can I say with a wave her wand, we were in Toy Story, lots of fun and some great sex; yet another great Sadie time.
Positive Blueman273 (97) 09/05/2016 09:13 Seeking Services
  The perfect meeting. Beautiful , sexy woman. Will be back asap. Thanks Sadie xxxxx
Positive brianili (41) 05/05/2016 08:16 Seeking Services
  A great date
Positive YorkieBoffer (1) 14/03/2016 21:59 Seeking Services
  Exceeded expectations really was the best! Lovely lady
Positive longassDforU (13) 14/03/2016 17:06 Seeking Services
  She is just such a lovely lady so bubbly!fun to cuddle and kiss and play with! ThankYou Sadie xx
Positive Jeansman (226) 23/02/2016 21:46 Seeking Services
  Horny Pocket Rocket.
Positive horneychris80 (7) 30/01/2016 08:36 Seeking Services
  Sadie is a amazing lady. Nice and discreet location. Had a great time wish it was for longer. Left me walking out shaking. Thank you for amazing time
Positive tvrgriffith (4) 16/12/2015 17:17 Seeking Services
  Fabulous GFE....Sadie is very sexy and seems to really enjoy her work ;-)....highly recommended. Thanks again babe xx
Positive PUSSYLICKER56 (34) 25/11/2015 15:51 Seeking Services
  SUPER lady - a great 2 hours with her.
Positive Northeastjohnnie (47) 25/11/2015 09:35 Seeking Services
  Another lovely meeting with Sadie - this time it was her turn to surprise me!!
Positive Member Not Active 19/11/2015 17:52 Seeking Services
  A wonderfull lady,attractive and attentive, enjoyed and will enjoy the "Sadie " experience again in the near future
Positive Northeastjohnnie (47) 30/10/2015 16:31 Seeking Services
  Well I survived another session of Sadie .. lol it was all very pleasureable indeed - another lovely time..
Positive andynewboy (59) 05/10/2015 20:13 Seeking Services
  Sadie is an absolute gem .. Cherish every second you spend with this wonderful sexy lady
Positive ted wright (36) 02/10/2015 08:01 Seeking Services
  Such a lovely person and fun to be with. Cuddles and kisses are amazing xxx
Positive LeedsGent59 (28) 01/10/2015 09:51 Seeking Services
  A truly wonderful hour spent with a very special lady. Very friendly, chatty, no airs and graces. Would love to see Sadie again.
Positive IanWakey (1) 12/09/2015 12:21 Seeking Services
  Let's just say the word Wow was used an awful lot in our hour together ?
Positive pierre55 (48) 28/08/2015 21:12 Seeking Services
  another amazing encounter with the lovely Sadie it just gets better and better what an awesome lover xxx
Positive Older lover (67) 28/08/2015 10:44 Seeking Services
  Wow what a date!! - I want Sadie all to myself - greedy yes but I dont care.
Positive Wavey_Davey_29 (11) 11/08/2015 22:05 Seeking Services
  Superb meet very attractive lady. Thank you for a nice time.
Positive pierre55 (48) 01/08/2015 17:40 Seeking Services
  An absolutely wonderful time with an amazing lady thanks Sadie xxxx
Positive punter 1 (4) 20/07/2015 23:32 Seeking Services
  A nice session with a good lady.
Positive Member Not Active 18/07/2015 08:00 Seeking Services
  really enjoyed my time with sadie made me feel relaxed straight away(it was my first time) very sexy, great lover ;) thanks sadie xx
Positive pierre55 (48) 14/07/2015 10:38 Seeking Services
  Another amazing date with a wonderful sexy beautiful lady thanks Sadie loads of love xxxx
gulent1234 (5) 12/07/2015 09:29 Seeking Services
  Super amazing lady piping hot love the salad Can't wait to see you
Positive gulent1234 (5) 12/07/2015 09:16 Seeking Services
  Super amazing lady So piping hot love my Salad Can't wait to see you
Positive tonythetiger1 (78) 24/06/2015 19:43 Seeking Services
  Can thoroughly recommend the MMWE. Sadie really enjoys what she does which makes it all the more enjoyable. XXX
Positive pierre55 (48) 02/06/2015 13:48 Seeking Services
  Another sensual wonderful experience with this stunning lady. Thanks for continuing to see me Sadie love and loads of kisses, xxx
Positive Northeastjohnnie (47) 31/05/2015 19:33 Seeking Services
  Another wonderful adventure with the lovely Sadie – I'm sure there will be more of them in the near future.
Positive bullybin1 (362) 30/05/2015 22:51 Seeking Services
  Fantastic GF experience. Oh so natural personality, we just more ways than one.
Positive pierre55 (48) 17/05/2015 17:58 Seeking Services
  You was stunning as ever Sadie love spending time with you love pete xxx
Positive pierre55 (48) 30/04/2015 13:00 Seeking Services
  An awesome time with an awesome lady Sadie is the best kisser on the planet xxxx
Positive Aquilla (31) 16/04/2015 22:35 Seeking Services
  An excellent hour spent in the company of a charming, witty, intelligent and very, very sensual lady. Sadie is exceptional. Highly recommended. Thanks, Sadie!
Positive pierre55 (48) 13/04/2015 18:10 Seeking Services
  Another wonderful date with lovely Sadie cant wait for the next time love and kisses xxxx
Positive Member Not Active 05/04/2015 19:16 Seeking Services
  Spent an hour with this beautiful lad. Dressed exactly how i wanted. Superb
Positive Member Not Active 03/04/2015 13:36 Seeking Services
  lovely lovely mature milf xxx thankyou again sadie see you soon babe
Positive pierre55 (48) 20/03/2015 20:54 Seeking Services
  another amazing time with this gorgeous lady thanks Sadie loads of love xxx
Positive spikeymikey2 (44) 16/03/2015 13:36 Seeking Services
  a lovely, sexy, genuine lady. thanks for the roleplay aunty sadie. so naughty xxxxxxx
Positive badshapes8792 (103) 14/03/2015 12:38 Seeking Services
  Charming lady.We had a lovely naughty time.I will return I hope.
Positive Nick0697 (15) 13/03/2015 00:09 Seeking Services
  A brilliant hour with a genuinely lovely woman. Sadie you are fantastic.
Positive pierre55 (48) 06/03/2015 14:35 Seeking Services
  Another superb date with a really lovely sensual lady love you all the world Sadie XXXXXX
Positive David Gee (22) 06/03/2015 08:33 Seeking Services
  Very Sexy Smart Lady had a great time xxx
Positive northsalopianman (2) 18/02/2015 18:59 Seeking Services
  A lovely time with a lovely lady, gets better and better!
Positive pierre55 (48) 15/02/2015 15:16 Seeking Services
  as always a fantastic date with a lovely sensual lady thanks Sadie love xxx
Positive vantim (18) 15/02/2015 15:07 Seeking Services
  Charming lady...well worth a visit
Positive Member Not Active 11/02/2015 20:06 Seeking Services
Positive wellhungmark36 (1) 14/01/2015 15:42 Seeking Services
  great lady good time had will see her again
Positive leverm (15) 08/01/2015 15:05 Seeking Services
  An excellent service and I would recommend Sadie to anyone. I'll certainly be making another booking.
Positive warbsterboy (10) 02/01/2015 09:33 Seeking Services
  lovely meet
Positive pierre55 (48) 29/12/2014 17:50 Seeking Services
  Spending time with this lovely lady just gets better and better thanks Sadie for being you xxx
Positive Member Not Active 23/12/2014 16:14 Seeking Services
  Next time I must start the massage etc, always a pleasure to see Sadie, but please let me start to pleasure you lol.xx
Positive Member Not Active 20/12/2014 20:41 Seeking Services
  wow -what a woman
pierre55 (48) 18/11/2014 19:39 Seeking Services
  this was a really special meeting Sadie when i leave you i literally feel i am walking on air. thank you for continuing to see me. loads of love and kisses xxx
Positive Northeastjohnnie (47) 01/11/2014 17:40 Seeking Services
  A great Halloween meeting
Positive thobbo1 (3) 23/10/2014 13:31 Seeking Services
  excellent hour very friendly lady defo book again
Positive plumberboyandy (19) 14/10/2014 19:36 Seeking Services
  lovely meeting lovely lady
Positive Member Not Active 11/10/2014 22:42 Seeking Services
  Excellent in every way!
Positive vborer (8) 11/10/2014 21:55 Seeking Services
  a great hour spent with a great lady will see again
Positive mickrg (12) 20/09/2014 09:09 Seeking Services
  Always a fabulous date with a very feminine sexy fun to be with lady.Thanks Sadie xxx
Positive brianili (41) 10/09/2014 20:38 Seeking Services
  Once again my date with Sadie was everything I could ask for and the cuddles and massage form a finale to leave me totally chilled.
Positive Member Not Active 02/09/2014 20:28 Seeking Services
Positive Member Not Active 20/08/2014 16:42 Seeking Services
  What a lovely warm lady. Made me feel relaxed from the start and we spent a nice hour together
Positive Member Not Active 24/07/2014 10:31 Seeking Services
  A very sexy lady, treat her with respect guys...
Positive aka-andy (3) 23/07/2014 15:41 Seeking Services
  Sadie is an absolute treasure!! Her beauty, sexiness and wicked sense of fun made a hot day even hotter. A truly erotic and sensual experience. Thanks Sadie
Positive skovitch (30) 20/07/2014 17:02 Seeking Services
  An amazing hour with a fabulous, mature lady, cannot wait to return!
Positive pierre55 (48) 16/07/2014 22:37 Seeking Services
  i am running out of adjectives for this truly wonderful lady i cant wait to see you again Sadie loads of love xxx
Positive tone_39 (24) 30/06/2014 20:02 Seeking Services
  What a fantastic hr spent with a friendly sexy lady xx
Positive Northeastjohnnie (47) 26/06/2014 22:00 Seeking Services
  Afetr my recent illness, I'm pleased to say that Sadie is back to her very BEST, she is just what the doctor ordered, just wish I could take my twice a day!
Positive brianili (41) 25/06/2014 19:14 Seeking Services
  A date with Sadie is always a pleasure, she is so considerate.
tonythetiger1 (78) 25/06/2014 08:55 Seeking Services
  cancelled due to ill health
Positive pierre55 (48) 23/06/2014 13:56 Seeking Services
  absolutely fabulous time again Sadie im so glad you feel better loads of love xxx
Positive Member Not Active 16/06/2014 10:48 Seeking Services
  A lovely lady, welcoming, feminine, fun and very sexy. What fun we had. XXC
Positive randypandyt (4) 08/06/2014 22:45 Seeking Services
  Fabulous woman, wonderfully sexy, very much look forward to our next meeting xx
Positive happychappy73 (96) 01/06/2014 23:15 Seeking Services
  Sadie is a very friendly lady, I had the "Sadie Experience" and all the better for it! Sadie does all as per profile. I would visit again x
Positive pierre55 (48) 30/05/2014 21:30 Seeking Services
  it just gets better and better with this gorgeous lady love as always xxx