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Positive yorkshireguy53 (2) 20/04/2014 09:11 Seeking Services
  A very lovely time once again, nothing but a positive experience from start to finish with a lovely, friendly lady who makes you feel so at ease
Positive Acousticman (6) 15/04/2014 14:55 Seeking Services
  From the moment Sadie waved at me as I walked down the path to the moment I sadly put my jacket back on, a truly fantastic time with a very lovely LADY.
Positive eagleton2 (563) 14/04/2014 10:57 Seeking Services
  Another great time with Sadie . Its been a long time since the last one. Wish she lived closer x
Positive tonythetiger1 (65) 12/04/2014 09:24 Seeking Services
  The MMLE experience certainly gets my vote. Exactly what it says on the tin! XXX
Positive tom24680tom (3) 28/03/2014 17:18 Seeking Services
  A wonderful encounter with a sensual lady
Positive haylingblue (4) 27/03/2014 15:23 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time with a wonderful lady, highly recommended.
Positive pierre55 (22) 17/03/2014 14:30 Seeking Services
  Another memorable date with the lovely Sadie cant wait untill next time loads of love xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Positive octav1an (29) 05/03/2014 12:12 Seeking Services
  Sadie is a very skilled and caring person who throws herself into her work with enthusiasm and a glint in her eye. Highly recommend.
Positive dave117111 (2) 01/03/2014 21:46 Seeking Services
  A most excellent meeting
Positive pierre55 (22) 24/02/2014 15:29 Seeking Services
  Our lovemaking gets better and better thanks Sadie loads of love and kisses xxxx
Positive brianili (11) 19/02/2014 08:49 Seeking Services
  Another great date with a lovely lady
Positive Northeastjohnnie (27) 04/02/2014 17:07 Seeking Services
  Again it was another Sexy Adorable Delectable Indulengent Event meeting with Sadie, yes the real SADIE experience. Another good time Sadie -thanks xxx.
Positive Member Not Active 23/01/2014 21:33 Seeking Services
  sadie was on time looked real good and dressed as requested a real fun bubly lass and as for the bedroom can i say mind blowing will defo see again x
Positive pierre55 (22) 08/01/2014 14:41 Seeking Services
  Another sensual encounter with the lovely Sadie our times just get better and better loads of love and kisses xxx
Positive kind but horny (27) 01/01/2014 20:33 Seeking Services
  wow omg what a horny lady
Positive Richardabcc (14) 16/12/2013 17:25 Seeking Services
  had a wonderful time in Sadies company. was made welcome and made to feel relaxed. a really friendly lady
Positive Northeastjohnnie (27) 21/11/2013 00:04 Seeking Services
  A passionate time with Sadie - it was indeed the best of times .
Positive bigrick21 (8) 20/11/2013 18:52 Seeking Services
  A chilly day made much more warm by being in Sadie's company
Positive pierre55 (22) 14/11/2013 13:44 Seeking Services
  Awesome to see this beautiful lady again our dates just get better and better love and kisses xxxx
Positive brianili (11) 13/11/2013 21:06 Seeking Services
  Another wonderful time with Sadie, as we get to know each other better so the experience improves. This time I even tried her massage skills : so relaxing.
Positive chr1890191 (29) 01/11/2013 17:01 Seeking Services
  Sadie is the ultimate milf! Super won't be disappointed. Highly recommended!
Positive madgolfer6969 (2) 18/10/2013 23:48 Seeking Services
  amazing woman will be back
Positive octav1an (29) 18/10/2013 20:24 Seeking Services
  A lovely, warm and wonderful woman who is extremely responsive and giving.
Positive phmich (66) 14/10/2013 09:30 Seeking Services
  Amazing lady with an amazing touch! Hope to see you again soon! X
Positive THEARTIST (9) 02/10/2013 20:05 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady who enjoys her time with you, great experience
Positive giles54 (20) 30/09/2013 20:26 Seeking Services
  Sadie was friendly, fun and fantastic, only better because she' s real not a fantasy
Positive Donny_Steve100 (75) 30/09/2013 20:18 Seeking Services
  Brilliant !!
Positive tonythetiger1 (65) 28/09/2013 14:25 Seeking Services
  Delightful sexy session, looking forward to the next!
Positive bigrick21 (8) 26/09/2013 17:25 Seeking Services
  A third wonderful date with an absolutely delightful lady. Ms Best just keeps on getting better
Positive Northeastjohnnie (27) 07/09/2013 23:22 Seeking Services
  Another sensual and rousing meeting with Sadie - thanks Sadie xx
Positive JimmyAH (10) 05/09/2013 23:05 Seeking Services
  Great time with a very sexy and genuine lady, recommended to all!
Positive Member Not Active 26/08/2013 22:56 Seeking Services
  i had a lovely time with this woman who is an emerging icon of aw
Positive panther99 (58) 23/08/2013 20:53 Seeking Services
  Sadie is undoubtably a true star of AW.such an honour and pleasure to spend time with her.she is even better than a bit of Ribbie thats how good she is,,xxx
Positive rscvx (1) 18/08/2013 06:16 Seeking Services
  Sadie really is the Best!
Positive pierre55 (22) 16/08/2013 20:55 Seeking Services
  another lovely time spent with a stunning lady loads of kisses your the "best" by far xxx
Positive sugol (2) 05/08/2013 11:19 Seeking Services
  A very attractive kind lady.She was punctual and a pleasure to spend time with.Would definitely see her again.Thank you Sadie for being so nice xx xxxx
Positive brianili (11) 01/08/2013 08:00 Seeking Services
  Another wonderful date with the lovely Sadie. She really knows how to look after this over-mature male.
Positive butch65 (2) 25/07/2013 07:57 Seeking Services
  "Best " hour eve,r many many thanks. see you again soon
Positive Northeastjohnnie (27) 23/07/2013 12:21 Seeking Services
  Another amazing session with Sadie - working down her enjoy list is a pleasure ..great Tie and Tease a really sexy time again xxx
Positive Mightymax64 (2) 21/07/2013 14:57 Seeking Services
  just lovely
Positive Stan76 (16) 08/07/2013 15:30 Seeking Services
  From initial contact, until we met. This lady is perfect in every way. Absolutely delightful! Thank you for a special morning. Until the next time.xx
Positive SabbraCadabra (34) 27/06/2013 00:02 Seeking Services
  The word "gorgeous" stand alone does not do the justice for her, the best role play I have ever had! Such a sexy English teacher! Thanks a lot Sadie.
Positive pierre55 (22) 04/06/2013 14:39 Seeking Services
  Another amazing time with Sadie she gets more beautiful every time I see her. Cant wait for our next date love and loads of kisses Pete xxxx
Positive yorky64 (29) 19/05/2013 11:01 Seeking Services
  Great time with a sexy lady. Would definitely visit again.
Positive panther99 (58) 18/05/2013 15:48 Seeking Services
  Sadie is a true was like spending time with a stunning sexy friend,thanks Sadie it was a true experience .xx
Positive Acousticman (6) 16/05/2013 17:48 Seeking Services
  I had a superb time with a very lovely lady. Sadie has a stunning body. She has a wicked sense of humour. She loves what she does and you can easily tell that.
Positive pierre55 (22) 15/05/2013 15:39 Seeking Services
  As always Sadie a fabulous time with a lovely lady cant wait to see you again Loads of Love and kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Positive brianili (11) 03/05/2013 12:47 Seeking Services
  A true GFE with somebody who has become a friend.
Positive pierre55 (22) 26/04/2013 13:20 Seeking Services
  Another awesome encounter with the delightful Sadie. It gets better all the time Love and loads of kisses Pete xx
Positive Northeastjohnnie (27) 17/04/2013 20:44 Seeking Services
  Sadie has always been a special lady, the time we spent together was a mixture of fun and sensuality which just gets better & better, what an “experience”! x
Positive bigrick21 (8) 02/04/2013 18:21 Seeking Services
  A wonderfully sensual, intimate afternoon with an amazing, beautiful and sexy lady. Thank you Sadie xxxx
Positive slim187 (4) 14/03/2013 19:08 Seeking Services
  Finally met sadie and really enjoyed our time together cannot wait till the next time we meet xx
Positive pierre55 (22) 13/03/2013 20:31 Seeking Services
  I had not seen Sadie for a while and instantly new what I had missed and what a very special passionate lady she is loads of kisses from Pete
Positive silver fox 25 (1) 07/03/2013 15:54 Seeking Services
  Fanatastic sexy Lady, everything top class xx
Positive mktraveller (10) 02/03/2013 22:45 Seeking Services
  A very special lady indeed...fine wine; great kisses; big hugs!!
Positive alexkrem (8) 27/02/2013 02:05 Seeking Services
  A dull and cloudy Tuesday made glorious summer. Thank you Sadie for a beautiful afternoon. xx
Positive ward1e (1) 19/02/2013 17:22 Seeking Services
  Can't recommend Sadie highly enough, very pleasant, stunning and really friendly. Would definitely book again and would advise anyone else to do the same.
Positive steelcity9581 (61) 18/02/2013 23:14 Seeking Services
  Great time with sexy, gorgeous woman. Felt at ease with both Sadie and my surroundings, will definetly come back xx
Positive midender (38) 17/02/2013 19:27 Seeking Services
  Very accomodating lovely mature lady, lovely place, lovely experience, hope to be repeated
Positive yossvid (35) 17/02/2013 19:20 Seeking Services
  A super time with a lovely lady
Positive strumster (25) 01/02/2013 15:24 Seeking Services
  A great hour spent with an attractive, lovely and very sexy lady. Absolutely first class! Thanks Sadie
Positive Northeastjohnnie (27) 24/01/2013 21:00 Seeking Services
  A tasty session with Sadie, you are definitely in safe and experienced hands. You shouldn’t hunger for anything. What a lovely time indeed.
Positive Slusher (36) 21/01/2013 10:39 Seeking Services
  The Sadie Experience
Positive scarcroft (19) 06/01/2013 08:49 Seeking Services
  visiting sadie is a fantastic experience,a very warm & loving person the perfect escort
Positive gromit35 (3) 04/01/2013 18:22 Seeking Services
  Amazing little sexy lady, treat yourselves guys, she is wonderful :-)
Positive Paulsin5 (3) 12/12/2012 12:14 Seeking Services
  Sadie is a sexily sensational lady, playful, fun and funny. She puts you at ease and cares about your enjoyment. Thank you Sadie xx
Positive softerfingers (6) 06/12/2012 16:40 Seeking Services
  Wow. This is one lady full of Love. Fantastic time, which just flowed Thanks and see you again x
Positive noiselessjoey (34) 03/12/2012 15:51 Seeking Services
  Sadie, what a lady and what an experience.
Positive brianili (11) 01/12/2012 08:52 Seeking Services
  A true girlfriend experience with a lovely lady.
Positive Pudsey Blonde (2) 22/11/2012 21:47 Seeking Services
  Sexy lady with fantastic personality, can't wait to return
Positive onix74 (2) 22/11/2012 15:44 Seeking Services
  A very sensual passionate lady with too many talents to mention!
Positive Northeastjohnnie (27) 15/11/2012 23:56 Seeking Services
  A bubbly experience with the ever effervescent Sadie - oh so nice.
Positive badger35 (7) 15/11/2012 17:27 Seeking Services
  Mmmm.... An absolute pleasure to spend time with a perfectly delightful lady. Thank you Sadie x
Positive redevil19 (5) 09/11/2012 15:59 Seeking Services
  fantastic hour what a lady better than expected can,t wait till next time
Positive pierre55 (22) 06/11/2012 08:18 Seeking Services
  Sadie is one amazing lady another fabulous hour of intense passion
Positive babyterrapin (3) 04/11/2012 16:48 Seeking Services
  Sadie is more gorgeous than her pictures reflect !! She has a very clean and well kept house and made me feel very at ease and welcome from the moment we met.
Positive markblues (5) 30/10/2012 14:36 Seeking Services
  Absolutely lovely.....I wish I could pay her a visit every week xx
Positive Tonno (3) 29/10/2012 13:16 Seeking Services
  A fantastic time with a delightful lady. Will cfertainly try and see again
Positive Member Not Active 26/10/2012 13:25 Seeking Services
  Polite and clean, lovely time had.. Thanks
Positive northyorksman (47) 21/10/2012 16:49 Seeking Services
  Sadie is just "The Best" !!!!!!
Positive Hyde (14) 18/10/2012 09:02 Seeking Services
  Great date with a great lady who is welcoming, friendly, fun and very sexy I couldn't have asked for a better date. Thank you Sadie :-) xxx
Positive nightshift53 (13) 16/10/2012 07:53 Seeking Services
  From first E-mail to saying good bye an absolute pleasure. Sadie's one in a million
Positive bluebelt (46) 08/10/2012 16:39 Seeking Services
  A Pleasure to be with an absolute lady
Positive Northeastjohnnie (27) 06/10/2012 08:13 Seeking Services
  Sadie not only knows what you want but also what you need – another deliciously yummy time which we both hopefully enjoyed.
Positive strumster (25) 28/09/2012 17:19 Seeking Services
  An absolutely fabulous time with an absolutely fabulous ans sexy lady. Thanks Sadie
Positive tafflizgreg (15) 18/09/2012 01:06 Seeking Services
Positive Northeastjohnnie (27) 15/09/2012 14:30 Seeking Services
  Sadie ticks all the boxes, a real A starred session with a really lovely, bubbly lady.
Positive pierre55 (22) 14/09/2012 15:14 Seeking Services
  abolutely stunning
Positive pierre55 (22) 15/08/2012 19:40 Seeking Services
  Absolutely amazing beautiful lady cant wait to see her again.
Positive bigrick21 (8) 14/08/2012 18:36 Seeking Services
  Perfection in a little blonde bundle
Positive weaverman (2) 08/08/2012 19:57 Seeking Services
  A real GFE. Quality time spent with a quality lady
Positive pedropeter (1) 23/07/2012 22:53 Seeking Services
  Wonderful time with a lovely caring lady
Positive Richinthenorth (23) 23/07/2012 11:53 Seeking Services
  A great time with Sadie. Everything exactly as requested and more.
Positive tictac (101) 19/07/2012 16:10 Seeking Services
  Wow. Gorgeous, great fun, great company, great everything.. Would i recommend. Dead right i would 100%. amazing :)
Positive pierre55 (22) 18/07/2012 19:40 Seeking Services
  An absolutely amazing lady I wouldnt dream of seeing anyone else now
Positive Member Not Active 22/06/2012 14:57 Seeking Services
  Sadie is lovely sexy and totally genuine. She gives as good as she gets and nothing is too much trouble Thanks Sadie xx
Positive Uilli (9) 18/06/2012 23:36 Seeking Services
  In my experience, a truly unique woman - Sadie is not only sexy and gorgeous, but also a warm and lovely human being. Have proposed already, awaiting her reply.
Positive gfdap37 (23) 09/06/2012 06:18 Seeking Services
  A lovely time with a very sexy lady with a great imagination. Everything I asked for and more. Can't wait to be back here soon.
Positive eccleshill (4) 07/06/2012 09:34 Seeking Services
  Another wonderful time with a very sensual women who'e real pleasure is all your pleasure, see you
Positive tommo1955 (13) 02/06/2012 17:51 Seeking Services
  sadie is a very sexy little lady,the perfect gfe, nice discreet house and will deff be making a 2nd visit xxxxxxxxx