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Positive Member Not Active 11/05/2018 08:14 Seeking Services
  Have seen Claire many times now , gets better every time, can’t recommend her highly enough
Positive johnbrown45 (5) 19/03/2018 12:35 Seeking Services
Positive wurz2000 (24) 26/02/2018 13:26 Seeking Services
  I had an amazing time with this very sexy lady, friendly and relaxed. Fantasy fulfilling. Great location. Wil see again. Thank you.
Positive Member Not Active 27/06/2017 10:19 Seeking Services
  First visit will not be my last very horny classy lady next time Procecco in order. See you soon Claire
Positive baxterbasics (42) 29/03/2017 15:14 Seeking Services
  Treated myself to 1.5hrs with the gorgeous Claire & Kelly. My first 3some was better than I had dreamed. Can't wait to go back for more. Thank you ladies!
Positive traffordboy (109) 28/03/2017 11:58 Seeking Services
  Claire is a gorgeous horny milf, amazing figure, awesome oral skills and a soft sweet tasting pussy, highly recommended.
Positive Teddybear2000 (8) 18/01/2017 12:42 Seeking Services
  Awesome. Up there with the best. Claire is a goddess. Treat her well
Positive gilesy777 (11) 12/01/2017 08:13 Seeking Services
  I had the best time with Claire and Kelly, two of the nicest and sexiest ladies on here, really can't wait to see you both again soon. P.s love your bums x
Positive mature lover 1947 (25) 20/11/2016 18:33 Seeking Services
  Thanks for another enjoyable meeting - see you soon M xx
Positive brummie1974 (35) 17/11/2016 09:53 Seeking Services
  A totally amazing two girl session with the gorgeous Claire and her gorgeous friend kellie.
Positive Gent4u81 (31) 08/09/2016 12:28 Seeking Services
  Excellent time with very sexy woman. Can't wait to see her again X
Positive mature lover 1947 (25) 02/08/2016 17:59 Seeking Services
  Thanks for a great afternoon - I will see you soon. Take care M xx
Positive Harryarthur (26) 14/04/2016 20:07 Seeking Services
  Wow, What an experience with a lovely Lady - must try the nuru next time - thanks Claire
Positive barcelonaman (11) 31/03/2016 14:19 Seeking Services
  My second helping of nuru bliss with gorgeous Claire, this time a threesome with the lovely Kellie. An experience to be repeated. Very satisfying.
Positive mature lover 1947 (25) 29/03/2016 19:05 Seeking Services
  Another great session with Claire - thanks M xx
Positive kingpin9 (644) 08/03/2016 18:05 Seeking Services
  Caught Claire having her pussy licked by schoolgirl Kellie and had to punish them both. Lots of naughty fun with two sexy ladies.
Positive mature lover 1947 (25) 05/01/2016 11:46 Seeking Services
  Another excellent meeting with Claire - hope to see more of you in 2016. Take care M xx
mature lover 1947 (25) 22/11/2015 09:42 Seeking Services
  Meeting was cancelled by Claire due to illness
Positive 1ralphie1 (649) 13/10/2015 18:50 Seeking Services
  wonderful experience
Positive HW (12) 02/08/2015 19:27 Seeking Services
  Outstanding - very classy lady. Will be back.
kingpin9 (644) 01/04/2015 20:17 Seeking Services
  Sensual, funny, horny and slippery (Nuru) fun with Claire and Kellie, two sexy ladies who need satisfying.
Rd48 (29) 30/01/2015 08:07 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time with a beautiful women. Thank you Claire xx
Positive kingpin9 (644) 23/09/2014 21:43 Seeking Services
  Hot, wet and sticky - and that was before the Nuru! Very naughty threesome frolics with Claire and Kellie.
Positive yeltz (55) 31/07/2014 09:15 Seeking Services
  Very attractive, friendly and responsive. Well worth a visit
Positive Member Not Active 13/05/2014 19:43 Seeking Services
  Had a fab time with Claire
Positive Member Not Active 12/05/2014 16:56 Seeking Services
  I've had Claire on my hotlist for a while, and I certainly was not disappointed when I saw her. A fabulous hour spent with a wonderful lady xx
Positive tom11tom (121) 06/03/2014 08:31 Seeking Services
  Another stunning time of sensual sexual pleasure with the classy and super sexy Claire xxx till the next time
Positive colcool (20) 23/02/2014 09:46 Seeking Services
Positive steelman126 (47) 30/11/2013 11:52 Seeking Services
  Claire was an absolute pleasure. An impeccable service in a relaxed setting. Made my toes curl. Treat her with respect and you will be rewarded.
Positive Member Not Active 12/10/2013 10:00 Offering Services
  Met Claire for a photoshoot, Genuine, lovely, attractive, easy going and very sexy, highly recommend this lady
Positive tom11tom (121) 14/08/2013 17:54 Seeking Services
  It has been a while since I have spent time with the stunningsuper slim and super sexy Claire such a classy Lady, why did I wait so long for a return visit? xx
Positive Glen54321 (83) 28/06/2013 11:28 Seeking Services
  How positive can positive be? Simply a wonderful time, thank you.
Positive Villans on Tour (33) 09/05/2013 21:55 Seeking Services
  A perfect lunch time meet with a gorgeous, mature, intelligent and very naughty lady, yum!!!
Positive mature lover 1947 (25) 17/12/2012 18:54 Seeking Services
  Another great love making session with Claire - have a good Xmas - see you in 2013 M xx
Positive Member Not Active 14/12/2012 21:28 Seeking Services
  A really great time. I thought Claire was so natural and exciting.
Positive Member Not Active 26/11/2012 10:15 Seeking Services
  The delightful Claire Bentley
Positive mature lover 1947 (25) 14/10/2012 09:21 Seeking Services
  Another beautiful love-making session with the gorgeous Clare -it just gets better and better M xxx
mature lover 1947 (25) 30/09/2012 18:21 Seeking Services
  Meeting was cancelled due to illness
Response: re-scheduled on 3.10.12
greys46 (29) 10/09/2012 21:33 Seeking Services
  Claire is a lovely classy lady, great company and very sexy. Needless to say I had a wonderful time
Positive Member Not Active 07/07/2012 11:51 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time with a cracking lady!!!
Positive sexologist (10) 26/06/2012 10:02 Seeking Services
  What a fabulously intoxicating package! Witty, attractive, intelligent, attentive, and so energetic when the talking stops! Thank you for the great time
Positive kingpin9 (644) 26/04/2012 08:56 Seeking Services
  DCI Bentley's investigation of Mr King's business affairs ultimately proved rewarding, and very sticky. Naughty but nice!
Positive R1chard (293) 13/04/2012 14:42 Seeking Services
  What a lovely lady. Smart and sexy. A real treat. Easy to deal with and a safe convenient location.
Positive Steven52 (31) 30/03/2012 11:39 Seeking Services
  I met Claire in Hotel which was both safe and discreet and had a totally enjoyable and fabulous encounter with a classy and caring lady. Cant wait for next tim
Positive Member Not Active 08/03/2012 19:25 Seeking Services
  Thanks, Claire, for a wonderful meeting (and I love your wicked smile!). I'll definitely be booking again.
Positive Member Not Active 27/02/2012 08:27 Offering Services
  Claire is a very accomodating lady with a warm and engaging personality, attractive, intelligent and classy. It was a pleasure to meet and massage her.
Positive Skywolf95 (22) 09/02/2012 12:22 Seeking Services
  What a wonderful woman. Complete sophistication wrapped in a wonderful package x thanks Claire xx
Positive chasj (4) 31/01/2012 18:22 Seeking Services
  Another splendid meeting.
Positive turner01 (165) 09/01/2012 10:36 Seeking Services
  A sublime hour with a lovely lady
Positive tom11tom (121) 05/01/2012 19:05 Seeking Services
  Super slim classy lady with a great figure and stunning skills, I am always grateful for our times together.
Positive mature lover 1947 (25) 04/01/2012 19:52 Seeking Services
  Another wonderful encounter with Claire - can't wait until the next time M xx
Positive dontfightthegroove83 (211) 23/12/2011 20:54 Seeking Services
  Really lovely lady, definately recommended x x
Positive dodgey (26) 20/12/2011 14:28 Seeking Services
  Simply Fantastic
Positive adt (29) 04/12/2011 09:45 Seeking Services
  Classy lovely lady. Fantastic kissing and oral. Hope to see you again.
Positive P3J (7) 17/11/2011 20:52 Seeking Services
  A true mistress, a very "nice" time with a lovely lady, relaxing,not rushed. And yes you do have lovely lips, looking forward to kissing them again
Positive guy66 (50) 04/11/2011 09:02 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady, just perfect and the best bj ever ;)
Positive Member Not Active 03/10/2011 19:12 Seeking Services
  A full on session with an attractive woman who is very responsive in bed!
Positive Member Not Active 28/09/2011 13:20 Seeking Services
  in combination with charlie, unbeatable
Positive somersetsimon (22) 08/09/2011 11:01 Seeking Services
  Amazing sexy lady, just wanting to see her more & more !
Positive Villans on Tour (33) 08/08/2011 17:10 Seeking Services
  Mmm well what a classy, curvy, courtesan Claire is........quite simply superb!!
Positive Member Not Active 06/08/2011 00:18 Seeking Services
  I had the time of my life, a wonderful experience!
Positive Member Not Active 19/07/2011 14:43 Seeking Services
Positive chasj (4) 09/07/2011 08:10 Seeking Services
  Hugely enjoyable.
Positive tom11tom (121) 06/07/2011 14:30 Seeking Services
  Unexpected business brought me back to Solihull so a repeat visit to see Claire was an added bonus. She was even better the second time, a stunning Lady
Positive Neil7399 (105) 07/05/2011 13:20 Seeking Services
  Super sexy lady and very accomodating :-), cant wait for my next visit :-) xx
Positive somersetsimon (22) 06/05/2011 14:49 Seeking Services
  Fantastic lady who l can't wait to see again X
Positive tom11tom (121) 05/03/2011 14:32 Seeking Services
  First time visit - classy lady with a stunning figure - hope to visit again in the future
Positive mature lover 1947 (25) 26/02/2011 10:09 Seeking Services
  Another great time with Claire - I won't leave it so long next time M xx
Positive Member Not Active 17/02/2011 05:16 Seeking Services
  Excellent - first time visit - loveley lady and totally satisfied. 10/10
Positive georgeporn1 (9) 14/02/2011 09:52 Seeking Services
  Just a great experience
Positive georgeporn1 (9) 29/01/2011 17:58 Seeking Services
  Just Great
Positive xzkjc;lkjasoifgjqe[g (1) 05/01/2011 13:43 Seeking Services
  A truly wonderful Lady and experience!
Positive Member Not Active 22/12/2010 12:16 Seeking Services
  Pleasant, safe location, an absolute delight, knows how to please a man, thanks Claire I will be back for more
Positive Member Not Active 26/10/2010 08:56 Seeking Services
  A gentlemans lady xx
Positive Member Not Active 07/09/2010 11:06 Seeking Services
  Second visit to Claire. Fantastic time with a classy special lady.
Positive Knowlepornclub (0) 03/08/2010 19:32 Seeking Services
  Highly Recommend. Classy, attractive lady. Lovely figure. Smart, discreet apartment.
Positive Avy (37) 11/07/2010 22:18 Seeking Services
  One 'Very Gorgeous, Sexy Lady' Thank You Claire.
Positive Member Not Active 06/07/2010 20:06 Seeking Services
  fantastic time with a stunning lady, she's very sexy and willing
Positive mature lover 1947 (25) 18/06/2010 18:54 Seeking Services
  Another wonderful visit with a lovely lady - I can't wait until the next time M
Positive Member Not Active 09/06/2010 10:30 Seeking Services
  Excellent fun time with a classy lady. Spotlessly clean apartment and really good fun to be with
Positive colcool (20) 03/06/2010 19:10 Seeking Services
  Wonderful lady
Positive MidlandFox (60) 31/05/2010 10:13 Seeking Services
  Very attractive, classy and super sexy lady. Highly recommended
Positive Member Not Active 27/04/2010 21:58 Seeking Services
Positive mature lover 1947 (25) 23/04/2010 19:43 Seeking Services
  Claire is a very friendly sexy lady who is a pleasure to be with and well worth a visit
Positive Member Not Active 23/03/2010 12:36 Seeking Services
  Claire is attractive, friendly and sexy. She provides a first class service in a smart apartment.