Approved Business Advisors

The following persons or organisations have been approved by the management of to provide support, business advice and member verification facilities.  These companies are not affiliated with, or employed by the Site or its management.

If you have been directed to this page it is likely that your verification is being handled by one of our business advisors.

What you need to know about is one of the leaders in the online advertising of sex workers and adult performers and that this has not happened by accident.  Our efforts are focussed on maintaining the integrity of the advertiser and performer database and we use business advisors to help us achieve this.  Anyone who seeks to undermine this integrity will have problems with their membership. has a philosophy that it and its members are to operate in an open and honest manner at all times.  Persons that are unable to conduct themselves or their activities in accordance with this philosophy are not desired as members.  Membership of is not mandatory and we are not legally obliged to provide one to persons that cannot adhere to our various policies.


Business Advisors
ActFair Team
Nickname: AW-EE-Advisor
Areas Covered
All countries except the UK, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines
Cassey Ho
Nickname: AW-EA-Advisor
Areas Covered
Eastern Asia - Philippines


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Important Terms of Membership

Unfortunately, as we have had much difficulty with Members using as somewhere to behave illegally or defraud others, we find it necessary to reiterate some key parts of the site’s rules (User Agreement) to ensure absolute clarity for all Members.

  • Any pictures uploaded to the site must only be used in conjunction with AW. Member images and movie uploads must feature the Member, have been filmed (or photographed) by the Member and/or legally belong to the Member. Members are not permitted to upload any content that has been obtained from other sources or that has been purchased or licenced from, by or through a third party. If the pictures are found on any other website your membership may be jeopardised.

  • Your profile may only list Webcam, Phone Chat or items for sale providing that all transactions are conducted using Credits for payment. It is prohibited for Members to direct anyone away from, or to voluntarily leave the site to complete payments for services available on the site. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Webcam services
    • Phone Chat services (including DirectChat, DirectIM, and SMS Chat)
    • Content Sales (pictures/movies)
    • Sale Items

Any Members found in breach of this will be removed and have their membership terminated, which may result in loss of credits.

  • Members are not permitted to re-direct visitors of away to other sites, such as Amazon, to purchase items from Wishlists. If you wish visitors of the site to purchase items for you, you must create a Marketplace Wishlist.

  • Only one profile of each Member type is allowed, i.e. one ‘offering’ and one ‘seeking’ profile (which means selling or buying, respectively) per Member. Advertiser Members (offering) are permitted to have a couple, or ‘duo’, account as well as a single, ‘solo’, account.

  • Members must not advertise services (e.g. Escorting) that they do not actually or intend to offer. Members who are found to do so in an attempt to gain extra, free exposure on the site may have their roles restricted indefinitely.

  • Members who provide fake or falsified ID will have their membership immediately terminated and any further attempts to register will be rejected. This includes those who wish to deceive the site and its Members by providing another person’s identification documents.

  • It is not permitted to pretend to be in the UK while you’re not physically there; including using a Fake UK IP address (via VPN/Proxy or VPS) to display your profile in the UK while you are not currently in/offering services from there

  • Similarly, you are not permitted to pretend to be of a different orientation or sexual preference (e.g. TV/TS) than you actually are.


For the avoidance of doubt the following is not permitted via JustCamIt/DirectCam:

  • Performing via another person's account, or allowing someone to perform on your account whether they are a registered User or not.
  • Use of still images or pre-recorded video.
  • Broadcasting in Free, Group, or Private Mode on more than one JustCamIt login at the same time12
  • Appear individually on a couple account or as a couple on a single account.
  • Appear as available in Free Mode whilst camming nude, on another site or not. You must exit JustCamIt if you cannot provide non-nude sessions in Free Mode or un-tick the setting.
  • Disclose Skype, Kik, WhatsApp or other messenger IDs with a view to "going private" there or "continuing the chat" outside of the AW site(s) as it is deemed to be a method to circumvent or defraud the AW site(s) payment and Credits systems for paid webcam/chat, and is strictly prohibited.
  • Committing and/or depicting any acts that threaten or appear to threaten any person's life as defined in the Prohibited Use section.

12 Members are permitted to be in Waiting Mode on both individual and couple accounts at the same time but not in other Modes.

We try to be as courteous as possible, so we say "please", "kindly", "refrain" and other such terms. For members who are being evaluated for membership termination these phrases do not mean something is optional. "Please upload your ID" means you must upload some ID to continue your membership.

Membership of is not mandatory. You do not have to register here and we are under no obligation to allow you to. If you wish to become a member you acknowledge that should you engage in deception or fraud of any kind your membership will be terminated and any credits earned will be forfeited.

Should you find a weakness, flaw or other loophole in some aspect of the site or it's operation, do not abuse it. We will discover it and when you are found to have been abusing it, your membership will be terminated.

Please understand that the need for this clarification has only arisen due to the actions of Members. Until such time as inappropriate conduct is not so common, we need to operate using a strict set of procedures with all members suspected of contravening the site rules (User Agreement).

Webcam Amnesty

The ActFair Team are extending an amnesty to webcammers that have been removed from the site and were under their jurisdiction, i.e. all countries except the UK, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

All applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis; if this amnesty applies to you please make sure you have read and understand the site's rules (User Agreement) as well as the other Policies & Agreements before submitting your application here.

Make sure to spread the word to any other webcammers you know too!


Last Updated: Wednesday 6 September 2023



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