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Friday, November 2nd 2018
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Same dresses!
Saw another old favourite of mine today, won't mention any names but he's lovely and he knows how much I enjoy his visits..
It all started with him taking his jeans and jacket off to reveal that he was wearing exactly the same dress as me! He had tights on (great for cold weather but not very sexy) which he removed and replaced with silky smooth stockings which I helped to attach to his suspender belt. We were sitting on the bed chatting while I stroked his cock which was getting larger by the second. He then lay me back on the bed and spread my legs and licked my pussy which was by now feeling very eager to be fucked but first I sucked his cock which felt good in my mouth but I knew by this point it would feel even better inside me so he bent me over and took me from behind and after a few thrusts I was cumming , cum so hard I ended face down on the bed feeling fantastic. He turned me over and got on top of me and my goodness the orgasm we both had at the same time was heaven!
We both lay for a while and when we both felt recovered we sat up and cleaned up.
Time to get changed and have a coffee, he looks so different in his jeans and t-shirt but still as sexy.
I'm still tingling thinking about what happened earlier and thinking to myself sex is fab and different is great. Wouldn't life be boring if we were all the same? Roll on our next meeting, can't wait to see what he wears!
Tuesday, July 17th 2018
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Had another meet this evening with an old favourite client of mine.
We go back at least 7 years and it's always lovely to see him.
He has a foot fetish and I love having my feet played with so perfect match
We started with some deep French kissing and then he made his way down my body with his hands ending up on my shoes which he carefully removed, took my foot into his mouth and started sucking and licking my toes which was a big turn on for me, while my right foot was being pampered I stroked his cock with my left, rubbing up and down his shaft and I could see it growing as I did so, I then lifted my foot to his mouth and he repeated. Then he parted my legs.. I knew what was coming! He kissed me up my legs going from one to the other until he reached my pussy which he began to kiss and lick, I was in heaven with my body arching towards his mouth I came very quickly. I then lay him down, we kissed some more and I could taste my sweet juices on his lips.
My turn to return the favour I took his cock into my mouth and sucked and licked, he said he was going to cum so I stopped and gave him my feet again which we both enjoyed . Condom time .. he has a very large cock so I lay on my back and he very gently eased it inside me, didn't take me long to cum but not him, after I was satisfied we removed the condom and made our way to the shower room where he sat on the floor with me standing over him and I pissed, he drank some and the rest went over his cock. After I'd finished we went back to the bedroom where he watched me play with myself while he did the same, I lifted my foot up to him and then he exploded his cum all over me.
We had a fantastic session and were both fully satisfied.
After we had a shower together and a chat and then he was on his way.
I've had a fab day today and I've many stories to tell but they will keep for another time.
Friday, May 11th 2018
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Alex and I
Just had an amazing hour with my good friend Alex and a very horny gentleman.
He wanted a lesbian show and we both feeling horny ourselves were more than up for it!
John wanted a massage to start so we flipped him over, Alex grabbing his shoulders and me his legs, she worked her way down and I worked my way up with our hands meeting at his very full balls. We caressed them together until he could stand no more and turned over to reveal his very thick, hard and throbbing cock.
Now it was Alex's turn to lay down and be pampered, I took one tit in my mouth and John the other, licking her nipples and listening to her groan really was turning me on, I left John at the top while I worked my way down her body until I came to her smooth shaved pussy, I parted her legs and used my fingers to part her lips... my mouth dribbling at the sight so in I went, tounge first, she was breathing very heavily and so was John who at this point had his cock in Alex's mouth. Alex exploded her cum all over my face and very tasty it was I must add.
My turn!! I lay myself between the both of them and experienced an earth shattering orgasm while they both fingered and licked me.
Both Alex and I fully satisfied turned our attention to John as he lay down we both sucked his cock, in my mouth while she licked his balls and then vice versa... balls getting tighter and tighter we knew he wouldn't last long so we both placed our tits over him while he shot his hot spunk over our us.
Wow! What a session! Usually I get to fuck Alex with my strap on but it just didn't happen this time... Maybe later, who knows how we will be feeling!
Thursday, April 12th 2018
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Wednesday fun!
Had a lovely meet last night with a long time regular of mine and I'm now laying in bed thinking about it and feeling horny again.
We met at my place for an hour of fun which included just about everything I love to do.
Started off with some slow sensual kissing and whispering about what was about to take place, I worked my way down his body kissing and nipping all the way until I reached his hard throbbing cock, I cupped his balls and took his cock into my mouth while listening to him groan, I keep an ear out for moaning and when it becomes a little heavy I stop sucking as don't want him to blow to soon. After a little while we made our way to the bathroom so he could watch me piss, we have a little agreement now that next time I can piss on his cock!
Back in the bedroom was more kissing and sucking then I popped a condom on him and rode him a while until I reached the point of no return, my juices were running all down over his balls so I took off the condom and proceeded to lick my sweet juices off him.
Then it was time for his treat... The strapon! I lifted his legs, and fucked his arse while he pulled on his cock.. "I'm cumming" he said so I bent down over him and took all that lovely spunk into my mouth, reached up over him and we kissed sharing the taste (first time for him) we both loved it! Both fully satisfied we lay a while chatting and then cleaned ourselves up. What a lovely evening and like I said earlier I'm laying here horny so I'm going to wank over the thought of next time when I can actually piss on him.
Well here goes.....
Thursday, May 25th 2017
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We both got soaked!
Tony came to see me last week, not seen him in a while but we speak on a regular basis. This time he wanted to piss on me before I pissed on him (I was more than happy for that) he started by pissing on my tits while I rubbed it in then he on my instructions pissed on my clit which brought me to a massive orgasm. My turn next with my very full bladder I pissed all over his cock while he stroked it. We then moved to the bedroom where I took his piss soaked cock into my mouth and sucked him off to a point where I made myself cum again. He wanted my strapon next and with plenty of lube I bent him over and fucked while he moaned and groaned and yes that was with pleasure may I add! We then had some very passionate kissing while he played with my tits in a most erotic way then he slid down my body and inserted his tounge r into me making me scwirm and cum into his mouth. We finished with me sucking his cock again and him exploding into my mouth which I kept there for a minute then slowly kissed him and we passed that lovely spunk back and forth to each other.
Fantastic session with a really horny guy!
Monday, July 21st 2014
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Piss in a funnel!
Not written a blog in some time but last Friday I had a meeting with a client that I would just love to share (and i know he wont mind).
He text me asking for a meet like the last time which included me pissing on him and fucking his arse with a strap-on.....Things I am happy to do and have done many times before but this time he had an unusual request to add on......He wanted me to piss in a funnel that was attached to a tube up his arse! As a lot of you will know i like requests to do things that I have never done before and this was certainly a first! We started off with him giving me a good rimming.....Good it was too as he had me cumming very quickly. I then gave him a good fuck up the arse and judging by the moans he was giving out I knew that if i didn't stop soon he would have exploded so i took him into my wet room with funnel in hand (KY on request ) and proceeded to stick it up his arse hole....Once up I placed the funnel in the appropriate place and watched my piss travel down the clear tube up into him, the force of my full bladder was too much and before i could fill him up the tube popped out so i dropped the funnel, walked up his body still pissing and filled up his mouth instead! We then went back into the bedroom where i instructed him to lick me clean and after he did so i gave his arse another good pounding. We finished off a good hour together with him cumming in my mouth and a great snowballing session to say our goodbyes with!
Next time tartan skirt, suspenders and stockings But it wont be me wearing them!
Friday, August 30th 2013
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Just got out of the shower with a huge smile on my face I was bought chocolate by a very lovely gent who called on me earlier......However I explained to him I am on a diet (piled the pounds on while away on holiday) but it seemed rude not to accept and share so I lay on my bed with choc in hand and gently placed it in my cunt.....Wow did not take long to start melting! He got erect almost immediately which got me even more excited.....I told him to indulge which he did double wow he kissed me to let me taste (not too many calories there eh) I slipped a condom on his throbbing cock and he climbed on top.....Needless to say we both exploded very quickly haha a very short messy session but a very enjoyable one
Friday, May 31st 2013
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Hi all .
Hope you are all enjoying the weather and getting your share of sexy summer fun........If not why not?

I went shopping earlier into Swansea town centre, needed a new butt plug (as you do lol) Offer on in shop "BUY 2 TOYS GET 1 FREE" Well would be rude not to! Got the butt plug...blue....medium sized....battery operated.....Just used it
I also bought some Japanese bondage rope....Looking forward to my first victim
Next thing I chose is a Venus Butterfly Massager..... What is that you ask..... "What is that" I had to ask the shop assistant "It is a clitoris stimulator" She said as she took it out of box to show me "Eeek" came out of my mouth "I want it" I muttered "I need it" lol so excited I nearly pissed my pants
Tonight I will be going out for a drink.....Beer garden...Haaa Yes wearing my Venus butterfly.
So if any of you are going out this evening into Swansea and see a dark haired woman in her 40s with a huge smile on her face....Trembling....IT IS ME!!
Have a lovely weekend All
Lou xx
Thursday, May 16th 2013
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Messy times ahead
Sex Is about having fun...letting off steam (you know that feeling in your head when you orgasm?) POP No better feeling! Wouldn't life be boring if every day we wore the same clothes or ate the same food well to me if sex everyday was a "wham bam thank you mam" I would be so bored. This is why I love being an adult worker because no day is the same and I so am excited about a booking I have received for tomorrow.....
Food fun..... Messy food fun!
and so much more! Should I bother washing my hair first thing haha probably not!
Photo's are a must and of course will be posted here tomorrow

Hope you have all had your POP of the day!

Suggestions always welcome

Catch you later xx

Wednesday, May 8th 2013
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It arrived
Beautiful day today and I have been out in garden enjoying the sunshine.
I love getting naked in the open air....Laying on grass with my legs open wide but sometimes sunbathing can get boring so today I picked daisies and felt the texture of the yellow part hmmm very soft so I rubbed one over my clit (see photo ha it popped my clit out straight away) Blimy pollen i'm so glad no bees were around! Well normally when alone I use a battery operated clit buzzer which hits the right spot but today nature took it's course in more ways than one! Flower power took on a whole new meaning today!
Useless information really but just thought I would share......
Wednesday, May 8th 2013
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Broke Toe!
Woke up this morning feeling frisky and knowing i had no appointments i had no choice but to sort myself out......Went to kitchen to get water ready (heavy breathing during self sex makes me dry!) So laptop set up.....Clit buzzer charged and off down the stairs i went to get water......Noooo i forgot i had placed hammer on windowsill yesterday while putting up a picture....Knocked it off and it fell on my foot Ouch was not the word F**k the air was blue and now my toe is! My frisky frustrated feeling soon left me and i am now sitting home alone feeling very sorry for myself
Can't get a shoe on but even if i could i can't walk properly on it so have had to cancel my appointments for tomorrow and the weekend.
Obviously no photo with my blog today unless anyone into blue toes??? Ha didn't think so!
Not a happy tale Eh.... But thought i would share .
See you next week I hope
Thursday, May 2nd 2013
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Latex and Sunshine
Hooray Summer has arrived
Just came off phone after talking to "Tony" he is becoming a bit of a regular to me now......Never met him by the way!
Tony phones to talk about latex and oil and about the fact not many if any share his passion (too messy apparently) I like latex and love the feel of oil on my body....Mess well yes but nothing that a shower cant sort out afterwards! Oh and did i mention i have a lovely latex dress? the fact it is too small and my tits spill out over the top and have difficulty breathing in it is irrelevant because it is fun to be slipping and sliding over my rubber sheet!
I am typing this as i sit looking out of the window at the sunshine and wondering if instead of going outside to water my lawn i should go and lay my sheet on the grass and oil myself up instead!
Would my neighbours understand? probably not but the sight should make them smile
Decision made....Dress is on....Breathing just!
You too Tony!
Saturday, April 13th 2013
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Online and Off
The last few days have been up and down (literally) Adultwork going down meant quite a few of you not! I however am thankful to my regular gentlemen who kept me entertained. What would i have done without you!! We all know my thing is sex with strangers.... (could not do without those who know me well also because they know my spots!) Stranger sex is well whats the word ummmm not strange but excitingly different and that's the joy of being an adult worker.
Not much of a blog really but wanted to let you know i did not go without this week! Photo courtesy of one of my more familier gentlemen.
Welcome back Adultwork and let's get it back on!!
Monday, March 25th 2013
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Mind blowing week last week! Met some very lovely gent's and did all i wanted to do in 3 days.... Had my feet licked with lots of toe sucking...mmmm lovely while my foot was in his mouth and i pissed all over him!

3 days of sucking and fucking.... A few spunky facial surprises great for the complexion apparently!

Baby oil and latex WOW

Great to have my own place to play from now and am now looking forward to this week coming to see what new surprises are in store for me!

Come on guy's suggestions welcome

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