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Unforgettable Karla's Blog
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Saturday, March 7th 2020
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delicious pussy food [:P]

Hello my friends in England! I am touring your country again! I thought I would write something hot to see if your sap was ready to rise - it is almost spring here after all! Those who know me realize that I love keeping fit. When I stay in some places I know gyms that I can go and work out. Already this tour I start my days with some gyms followed by breakfast. Those who know me also know I am bisexual - I get pleasure from making love to women as well as men. When I am at the gyms, I like to look at the mens and girls as they are exercising. Usually I am careful and look only when they are not looking at me. It passes the time when I am on treadmill or stationary bike. I look at someone and see how their body moves, how their skimpy athletic clothes sometimes reveal them. Sometimes a bulge in the shorts show me if he hangs to left or right hahaha! Sometimes a cleavage, and always beautiful bodies bending and stretching. I sometimes run a fantasy in my mind about what a very attractive man or a girl would be like as a person, or even as a lover.

If I looked at a tall slim girl with dyed platinum hair gathered into a ponytail, she was lifting weights - quite a lot of weight but she was not muscular at all. She must be fit and know good techniques I was thinking to myself. I was in one of my little fantasies about this girl when I suddenly realize she was looking at me! Both of us had a surprised look on our faces, but then she did something very exciting - she smiled! A beautiful smile I had never seen before with her. And then she looked away and I did too. After my workout was over, I go to the changing rooms and got ready for a shower. I was wrapped in my towel when the girl from the gym came in. I was shy and did not want to meet eyes with her. I walked to the showers and chose the cubicle furthest awayfrom the entrance. I hanged up my towel and went into the cubicle. I was enjoying the shower, thinking about the girl and touching myself between my legs and ran my fingers over my breasts. Someone went into the shower next to mine and started to run the water. I returned to my little fantasy standing under the warm water. I did not hear my door open.

When I felt two hands on my shoulders I jump with surprise. But I knew who it was and slowly chilled. She close the door and ran her hands over my shoulders and my back and down to my arse cheeks. Wanton as I was, I surrendered immediately and adored her touch. She had a very soft touch and was making me feel relaxed. And then her hands came around my front and hugged me to her. As she cupped my breasts, I felt hers press against my back. Her nipples were hard and I think maybe she is horny as I was. "I thought you would like this," was all she said. I could only moan with pleasure to reply to her. She turned me around and we were kissing, long, passionate, pressing our bodies together. After than she crouch so her face was at the same level as my pussy. Her lips kissed all around my thighs and mound. She open my legs and then open my pussy lips to her kisses. Her tongue explored me, at first just lips, and then licking up my slit from down to up. Always ending at my clit, kissing it and light sucking. And then another long lick, on and on. With one hand I pull her head to me. And with the other I caressed one nipple, flicking, rolling and pulling it. Soon I was panting and close to cumming. When she sensed I was very excited, she held my arse cheeks and pull me to her. Her tongue now found my hole and she fucked me with it. I completely lose control and came in her mouth. I was shaking with my climax and I was close to collapsing but she still hold me tight. When I had recovered a little, she stood and we look at each other eye to eye. She kiss me again and let me taste myself on her lips and tongue. She then turned, open the shower door and walk away, that wonderful smile again on her lips looking over her shoulder, promising more
Thursday, November 7th 2019
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A little fun alone [:P]
To those men who have seen me, you know I am a very passionate girl. The Latin blood in my veins often glows with desire and the need for sexual adventure! And those same men keep me busy and satisfied - most of the time! But occasionally I have a slow day, especially when I first come to a new town that doesn’t know me yet. I can get to my bedtime and have not had any sexual release during the day. The sweet liquid aching between my legs will not let me settle to sleep. My hands and fingers start wandering over my body, often my breasts first, cupping, lifting and squeezing them, then brushing the nipples back and forth until they are erect. I wish I could lick my own nipples, but I can’t so I kiss and lick the tops of my breasts which feels great especially when I'm pulling on a nipple at the same time. My mind starts wandering to someone I’ve enjoyed sex with, male or female, and when I close my eyes, my touches become their touches.

One hand runs down to my legs and strokes the insides avoiding contact with my pussy, teasing her by doing things to make her aroused but not letting her have any direct pleasure of her own. My lover is making me wetter and wetter and finally a little trickle escapes my hole and runs onto my legs. Tasting myself from my lover’s fingers, I groan at the sweetness. My lover eventually can’t resist and runs one finger all the way up my soaking slit from the bottom to the clit. My hips strain upwards trying to create more pressure, more friction - but the finger stays softly stroking my lips, pulling them apart gently and making my pussy gape and gasp for penetration. I imagine a nice thick cock about to glide inside me, or the tongue of my girlfriend licking then thrusting as deep as it will go. Imagination can take me so far, but when I want to cum, it's my little vibrating bullet that does the job best! As my lovers fade from my mind, I reach in my bedside drawer for the pleasure machine and twist it on. After playing with the sides of my opening, I push it in and feel the vibrations fill my pussy. Leaving it there for a while, I am panting and groaning with lust. I am now desperate and run the bullet straight up to my clit and within seconds I am cumming with spasms that shake my whole body. I return the bullet to my opening because the clit is too sensitive now. I let the humming vibrations bring me down from another intense climax. That was amazing, but I hope tomorrow I will have a partner who will take me there!
Tuesday, October 15th 2019
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I love to give my clients a massage at the beginning of our visit, especially if they appear tense or as an ice breaker for someone I haven't seen before. But just occasionally the tables are turned and it's me who gets a massage. This happened the other day from a man who I've seen quite a few times, and he said he wanted to worship my body. Worship away, my love! He started on my shoulders, neck and upper arms using lotion to make his hands glide over me and lightly squeeze and roll my muscles. It was a relaxing type of massage, not the professional type that can actually be a bit painful. He then worked down my back to my arse, and I loved how he squeezed each cheek, bringing them together and separating them to reveal my private parts! But he resisted touching them, and I was surprised! By this time I was totally relaxed and then it was on to my legs smoothing and squeezing the big muscles and down to my calves. One thing I didn't expect was when he started on my feet! Taking each one in turn he treated each foot and the toes to a most delicious massage! I love getting my feet spoiled like that! He then asked me to roll over and again he starte with shoulders and upper arms, but it wasn't long before his attention was drawn to my chest and breasts. Using plenty of lotion he made them glisten and feel wonderful and stimulated - a perfect preparation for our love-making. I think at this point he had become pretty stimulated himself and we transitioned into kissing and touching one another. It was a real treat to be treated like this - with loving and respectful fingers taking me to a safe and wonderful place in my mind.

Tuesday, October 15th 2019
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It's Christmas time.
And so it is December, guys! Time for me to fly home for the Christmas season and be with my family for a couple of months. I have really enjoyed my time again here in England, I�ve met some great people, and I�ve been to a few new places. Some worked out, some didn�t. That�s life, but for those places who made me feel welcome and treated me well, you can be sure I�ll be back! When? February I will return, so please keep checking my profile for cities and dates. I will post them as usual. I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a MILD WINTER! Already it is too cold for this chica Latina! I need to go where it is warmer a while! Adios! Cuidate! Te vey pronto! (Goodbye! Take care! See you soon!)
Tuesday, October 15th 2019
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Game of Feet
One of the kinks that really get my juices flowing is foot play. I have a few but not many gentlemen who like to worship my feet, and it is always my lucky day when one comes to see me! I love my feet, I take very great care of them, and I love having them being played with, kissed, and licked. I like to be on my back with my foot in the air as the gentleman stands and attends to each foot in turn. Once that tongue starts exploring between my toes, I know that it is only a matter of time till one by one, my toes will be lovingly sucked. My eyes will roll back in my head, and one hand will automatically move down to my pussy, lightly rubbing it on the outside of my panties. If the client tells me he likes me to wear crotchless panties, he can watch me stroking the lips of my pussy as he plays with my feet. The more he kisses, licks and sucks, the more intense my pussy stroking becomes, a finger disappearing in my hole, and then two fingers. And the other hand cups one breast, stroking and squeezing it as I look straight into his eyes, my tongue licking my lips. I can easily cum just by foot stimulation, but I control the pace and intensity with my hands and fingers. And then it will be the gentleman�s turn. I bring my feet to his cock and let him thrust himself between them. I love the feel of his precum coating my feet, and often no other lube is needed. When he�s getting close, he will usually ask if he can cum on my feet. And I beg him to give me his spunk all over my toes. I love to watch as the jets shoot out of his cock, and then I play with the sticky milk, working it between my toes, loving the smooth feel of it.
Monday, February 11th 2019
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I miss you.

Buenas dias, England, my second most favorite place in the world! I have had a most interesting Christmas and New Year with my family and friends, and now I am back for more adventures with my English friends! Things are great with me, and I am looking forward to seeing all my lovers and to meet some new ones! For those who have not met me yet, please look at my photos and my videos so you can see everything I can do to please you. . When I think about the fun I will have in the next few weeks, I get so excited and if you really want to know, I am sitting here typing with one hand while the other one is busy between my legs! I'm thinking about all the kisses and hugs and sexy times I will have with horny men who visit me. The more you love me, the more I love you back! One word I hear and read a lot about myself is "passionate." Part of it is my Latina background. I come from a culture where people like to let their feelings show! But part of it is the person who I am - I just love to share my body with respectful gentlemen who appreciate me. I hope to meet you.
Saturday, December 1st 2018
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when I'm away from you
Only a short time left in England now before I go home. You may be wondering what I do for sex while I do not escort gentlemen! Sure I have boyfriends, but many times I am by myself and I love to explore my body while thinking about my many adventures in England. Would you like to know how I masturbate while at home? I usually start by taking a shower. I love the feeling of warmth and stimulation that a shower gives, and while I am enjoying the water pouring over me, my hands are stroking over my whole body - that tanned golden body you love to admire. I do spend more time on some parts - my legs, my arse, and my breasts - but I save my pussy for later! Just stroking and caressing my body starts my sexual engine humming. And once it starts there can be only one end! Stepping from the shower, I towel myself dry and go to the bedroom.

I arrange my accessories on the bed for easy access, and before lying down I use the body lotion all over to make my skin glisten. I love the feel of my slippery fingers as it works the lotion into my thighs, the cheeks of my arse, and, always saving them for last, my breasts. I spend quite a lot of time lotioning my tits, cupping them in my hands, squeezing them together and playing with my nipples that are so sensitive. Once my engine is moving up through the gears, it's time to lie down on my back and see how wet my pussy has become. My fingers tell me quickly there is a delicious coating of sticky fluid inside my little lips, and I love to taste it, bringing out more and more to roll around my tongue and smell the scent of a very turned-on girl. I use the fluid to lubricate the outside of my lips, running them up and down and daring myself to resist slipping them inside. I cannot do this for very long as my wet slit is crying out for attention. Sliding my middle finger between the lips, I discover new wetness and glide it up to my waiting clit, circlling around it teasingly before giving in and lubricating my little love button.

After stroking my clit lazily for a while, I reach for one of my toys - usually it is a small vibrating black bullet-shaped dildo. I love to run it up and down my lips as my other hand starts massaging one of my breasts. After not too long I start automatically slipping the dildo between my lips which seem to open up to welcome it. I love the vibrations that travel throughout my pussy now, and I start focusing the attention of my other hand on the nipple, rolling it and pinching it to make it fully erect. If I want to I can keep myself on the edge like this for a long time. Once I'm ready to cum, I bring the humming dildo to my clit while pulling at my nipple, rolling it between thumb and first finger. When I cum like this, a huge sexual wave lifts me up and crashes down, making me shake with desire. If I am alone in the house, I allow myself to moan and gasp as I writhe in ecstasy, but I am also able to keep very quiet when I need to! Lying on the bed after my climax in the afterglow is delicious, letting myself come down from the sexual high as slowly as possible. Which of my English lovers were in my head while I pleasure myself like this? Could it be you?
Tuesday, October 23rd 2018
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Give me an orgasm.
This is the third of three postings answering the question about what it’s like to be an escort for me. When the guy is about to cum, I can feel him tense and am happy to take his spunk in lots of places. One thing I love to do is to hold him in my hand as he cums and watch the spurting white cum erupt from the head of his cock and flow over my fingers. If he cums hard and squirts, I sometimes try to catch it on my tongue and then play with it on my lips. The sounds many guys make as they’re cumming make it even sexier. There’s a feeling of complete submission to the moment in the gasps and moans that I love to listen to. I also love the feeling when he cums in my mouth - the cock becoming even bigger right before ejaculating, and I love to feel the spasms shake him to hie core. I love to hold him in my mouth as long as he likes as I know many guys love this warm sticky place surrounding their resting penis after they cum. Another two favorites are when the guy shoots his cream onto my breasts rubbing the sticky spunk over them and onto my nipples - such a turn-on - and lastly spurting onto my ass especially if we’ve been doing doggy. When a guy cums with me, I think of it as the ultimate compliment. He was so turned on by who I am, what I look like and what I did with him, that he loses control of his lust and spends his desire for me
Monday, October 8th 2018
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Erotic Stories
This is the second of three postings describing what, for me, makes being an escort so wonderful. I have lots of favorites while we’re making love that guys seem to like also. I love it when the guy spends time touching and licking my pussy, reading my reactions and being patient while I climb up to my climax. I love spreading my lips for him so he can pay attention to my clit and push his tongue as deep into my hole as he can. When I’m playing with his cock and I rub it over one of my nipples, it almost always gets a moan, especially if his precum has started and the sticky fluid coats my nipple. The feeling is exquisite, and my nipple gets really erect when I do this.

The positions I prefer for sex are any that allow the full length of him to enter my pussy, and that provide some friction for my needy clit, especially missionary, doggy and cowgirl. I love to be in control at least some of the time, and riding his penis will often give me an orgasm - maybe one of many!
Thursday, October 4th 2018
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My experience as an escort

Sometimes people ask me what it’s like to be an escort. To understand the answer to that, you need to know my favorite things during a meeting. I really don’t have many bad experiences so it’s easy to focus on the positives, the turn-ons, the moments that I cream for! This is the first of three blog postings about the things that make being an escort so wonderful for me. The first is when the guy comes through the door and I look into his eyes. Within about ten seconds I can gauge a lot about him. And I love sensing his warmth and desire for me. The guys I enjoy the most are affectionate with kisses and hugs but not rushing things, and not too intense. There’s a time for that, and it isn’t as soon as he walks through the door! I love it when the guy talks with me and uses his fingers to stroke my shoulders, my arms, my legs and my neck. Eventually he will not be able to resist following the touches with light kisses and the occasional lick. I really love kisses that start lightly with lips, and slowly become more urgent with our tongues getting into the experience. When I know he likes it, I will be above him and let my saliva drool from my lips to his open mouth and watch him roll it on his tongue and then drink me in. So hot! Some guys like me to undress for them, but my favourite is when the guy undresses me slowly, teasingly garment by garment, gradually peeling down my panties and slowly revealing my breasts from under my bra. If he’s not already naked, I can do the same for him, delaying as long as possible when his cock appears from his boxers. I love that moment when I see his penis for the first time. Whether he’s soft or hard, or somewhere in between, I feast my eyes on that beautiful prick, letting my fingers get used to the size and shape of him, lightly stroking and holding the gorgeous shaft and planting a kiss and a lick on the head, right where the tiny hole is!

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