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Sunday, April 21st 2024
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Naomi, Elizabeth, Mr Big Oz Downunder & Our Friend
A Foursome On A Friday...

Oh, how I’ve missed you… I can hear you telling me how much you’ve missed me from the world of blogging (just pretend you said it, humour me…).
I’ve had no one to confess my sins to so I’m full naughty secrets to share with you.

I’ve been keeping myself busy with my delightful escapades as well as having the opportunity to delve into my creative world… so forgive me. It’s been a little manic but I am not complaining!

Obviously, I don’t want to bombard you with my all frissons, I’m not too sure where to start.

Should I share the titillating oily body to body, sensual experience that took place last night? The sexy compliant sub who tended to my every need while on a leash? (Oh, my oh my oh my!) The voyeur that loves to play with himself while Elizabeth and I enjoy one another?

Or maybe the intoxicating sensuous play with The American gent, Elizabeth and The Big Oz Downunder… A Foursome On A Friday….?

Arriving at his suite, our sexy distinguished friend welcomed us in, a calm excitement in the air awaiting our evening of pleasure.

As the mood slipped further into a horny ambiance as we got to know one another, we began to disrobe, hands caressing one another, lips covered curves. Nipples firm and pert, there was no hiding I was already turned on… We were all turned on, a vicious circle of being turned on by seeing one another clutching to lust. Bringing her lips to my nipples, Elizabeth smiled and mentioned, ‘Naomi loves her nipples being played’ with before going back to them, her tongue softly playing over them as she sucked on them.

In turn, I couldn’t wait to get my lips on Elizabeth's beautiful soft curves and wasted no time in devouring her in all her feminine beauty.

Our sexy American friend, with his beautifully thick firm throbbing cock in hand was clearly enjoying the view as his breathing heavied, appreciating Elizabeth and I appreciating one another.

Tall, tight and blessed by the Gods of the Peni – His large, palpitating, firm cock pressed against me as our tongues caressed one another. Rubbing myself against his cock, I could feel my sticky juices gliding between my thighs and as his hands glided over my curves, I greedily guided his fingers between my wet mounds. He didn’t miss a beat and welcomed my juices on his fingers as he parted my lips, fingers sliding on my growing clit before slipping his fingers inside me as I lifted my leg, hips to let him slip in deeper, the sound of my wet pussy grinding his fingers as my hands played with his cock.

As I rode his fingers, I could see Elizabeth and our American friend her hair beautifully tousled over to one side as her lips welcomed the gentle thrust of our American friend’s cock in her mouth. A beautiful sight to see. His moans, heavy breathing and the sound of Elizabeth salivating on his cock filled the room, it didn’t take me long to crush his fingers between my legs as I came (I did apologise after, my thighs have been known to crush a few heads between them but it done with love 😊).

Making our way to the bed, our American friends head found its way between my thighs burying his head into my pussy, sucking onto my glistening clit as his fingers slipped in and out of my tight, wet, moist walls.

Fingers sliding up and down my pusyy lips, heart pouding as my breathing quickened. His fingers, all wet and juicy. Moving around into doggy position, he buried his face deep between my cheeks, my hips thrusting to meet his lashing tongue while his hands gripped on to my juicy cheeks before slipping his thick cock into my tight pussy. The gasp… hearing his gasp at the first thrust, I could feel my tight wet walls gripping onto his cock. Teasing him slowly as my hips slowly… starting and stopping, starting, and stopping, edging him, doggystyle.
Moving our way, swapping partner, it would be rude of me not to tend to Mr Big Oz’s cock pointing to the ceiling. It was clearly in need of my mouth. Both hands gripping on to his member as I opened my welcoming mouth. Teasing his tip, his head thick, pink with lust and covered in my saliva as I played with his balls.

Bent over as I teased his cock to the base of his cock, Elizabeth’s hands caressed me as she placed her soft lips onto my dripping pussy. Our American friend, watching as he stroked his cock, walked over to Elizabeth to place himself inside her, her moans vibrated against my pussy which, ladies and gentlemen, there was no way I wasn’t going to cum. Mixed with her heavily breathing against my pussy, it only drove me wild I panted and salivated over Mr Oz’ s cock. My hands sliding up his cock as his body tightened, jerking up and down spurting a copious amount of hit runny cum all over my slippery fingers.

The night had only just begun but my oh my it was a beautiful way to start…

Sunday, December 31st 2023
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Mouthful of Pleasure
My sensually mischievous attentive souls, please, lend me the harmony of your ears.

I trust you are still basking in the warm afterglow of the holiday season, surrounded by the joyful echoes of Christmas cheer and the deliciously naughty anticipation of a brand new year. I hope your festive days were filled with laughter, good food, and obviously, ravenous thoughts of me, legs spread on your dinner table.

Reflecting on the past year, as we all tend to do during this time of the year, I find myself immersed in gratitude. A smile naturally graces my lips as I think back on not only the naughty escapades but also the shared delightful experiences and thoughtful gifts that have enriched my heaux journey this year. Amidst it all, I've indulged in sensually lustful adventures, savouring each moment.

As I traverse these memories, I realize that I've delved a little deeper into the art of gentle domination, and I must confess—I am absolutely loving it! With a touch that remains tender, I continue to navigate this adventure, ensuring the experience is as enchanting for my eager and willing participants as it is for me. The realm of femdom, with its unique magic, continues to captivate, enthral sending tingles to all the right spots.

Not only that, but I've also thoroughly relished my attending private, like-minded gatherings and meeting some new couples. It’s almost as if the world became a little more open minded to such things. I’ve enjoyed every counter and have blessed you with a recent encounter I had with a fabulous couple. Do feel free to have a read once you finish this blog 😊 It's been a delightful way to engage in playful teasing, creating an enticing atmosphere before indulging in each other's company.
It had been an evening of edging.
We were at a like-minded gathering. A beautiful home with very few in attendance. Just the way we like it. Low lights to set the mood, couples, new friends revelling in one another. If we wanted to join in, we could, or, we could spend the night edging and wait until we got back, to enjoy one another.
Tonight we were voyeurs.

The couple that caught my eyes had lit my body alight with lust. Simply beautiful to watch. She had worshiped her partners cock with such beauty, there was no denying she was savouring every moment.

With Mr Thick-Love pressed against me as we watched, I could feel his heavy breath against the top of my ear, his hands on my thighs as I pressed into him while feeling him appreciating the art being created in front of us.

Viciously horny, it was time for us to head back to our very own sanctuary, the air thick with savage lust as we drove back. One hand on the wheel (yes I hear you, that wasn’t sensible), I guided his fingers to the damp spot that was now leaking through my lace thong. His eyes lighting up even more with excitement when I let him know I wanted to devour his cock in the same way we had witnessed.
Back in my room, tongues deep into each other as we kissed, his hands wandered up my dress, pulling my thong aside, I guided his hands to my wet silky pussy eager for his touch. I drove his fingers in deeper. He didn’t miss a beat when I motioned for his fingers to stay exactly where they were, deep into my pussy as I clenched my tight wet pussy around his fingers.

Unbuckling his belt, and pulling his briefs down, I couldn’t miss his cock. Thick, firm, warm to touch, happily meeting my lecherous hand as I tugged on his throbbing cock all the while my hips grinding into his fingers.
Slipping my other hand between my legs, I covered my fingers in my very own l’eau de NVC, bringing my wet sticky fingers to his lips as we kissed, his tongue eagerly lapping every trace juice from my fingers.

Slipping out of my dress, now only in my thigh high boots, his lips made his way to my pert nipples, sucking, licking, kissing away as one hand strummed away at my clit which had now multiplied in size. No shame in my game, I could feel it wasn’t going to take me long to bask in my first cum of the night. Grinding harder into his fingers as I drove them in further, we could hear the squelch of his fingers driving in and out of me.

Urgent, hurriedly, we had the whole night ahead of us to later take things a little slower. For now, there was no time to take things slow.
I could feel his hips moving faster as I tugged on his cock growing even firmer. I wanted to appreciate his glorious cock in my mouth. (Now if you’re new to my blog, ill get straight to the point and confess that my hobbies include, reading, photography, gymming, long walks on the beach, and obviously sex but my oh my, I also enjoy a good cock worship. Lie back and my mouth and I will get sloppyingly (is that even a word) selfish on that merry cock….

Teasing the tip of his wet head, with my tongue, I circled the base of his cock before parting my lips to gently suck his cock further into my mouth, my lips firmly wrapped his head as my fingers caressed his butt cheeks before leading my fingers his balls. I could feel his veiny cock pumping against my lips as I sucked him in deeper, his gentle thrusts becoming urgent as he met the rhythm of my bobbing head.

I could feel his arse clench in my hand as my other hand teased his ball’s. Thrusting and jerking into my wet mouth, his incoherent murmurings getting louder as he got closer to the edge…

Greedy with lust, I used one hand to rub on my clit as I continued to salivate over his cock. The sound of my hand against my wet pussy caused him to dive over the edge and as he watched me sucking on his cock while touching myself, a quiet roar building to the crescendo escaped lips as his body shuddered violently, his creamy white cum pouring from his manhood.

Now as I’m a lady, I won’t share where his, hot, thick creamy cum, ended up but I will say, I thoroughly enjoyed draining his balls...
Tuesday, November 21st 2023
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Sun, Sea and Jacuzzi Delights...

Guess who’s baaaaaaaaaack in town (and trying her very best to not blab too much and keep this entry short and sweet)?!

(Oh, I’ve missed you too)

Hope you are well, keeping warm, and most importantly, taking care of all your needs while I’ve been away

I am now back in town for a short stay but back again as of next week, after having the absolute pleasure of being whisked away to a stunning island in much warmer climates on a faraway shore… the most wonderful trip.

Mr. C, Mr. C, Mr delicious C…. thank you for an unforgettable trip that stimulated all my senses in every, single, imaginable way. I could write an erotic, travel novel on our recent trip. Our very own private balcony, our very own indoor jacuzzi...the beautiful beach, the beautiful people, the culture, the food, the tours… plus your deliciously insatiable naughty appetite… that has left me plenty of memories to lay back and strum my clit to... Simply priceless.

Although it was just after 6 am, the sun was making no apologies whist beaming onto our bare skins as we sat on the balcony facing the beauty of the white sands and the Indian Ocean. I had teased Mr C about making sure he did not turn beetroot red on this trip. Obviously, the only way to ensure this didn't happen was to put me on sunscreen duties, especially focusing on massaging his cock, balls, and fingers teasing his perineum while covering him in sun lotion. I take all my duties very seriously I loved feeling his cock growing in my hands, his balls pulsating against my fingers as I teased him indicating that I was not pleased with him getting hard as I was 'simply trying to protect his skin from the sun'. Deep down inside, I loved the fact that his hips followed my hands while I tugged on him slowly.

The gentle strokes and touches while dining on breakfast, left me wanting to rush back to our room to slow edge our morning away and maybe try out the indoor jacuzzi.

When we got back to our room, I slipped off my dress and turned the taps on, the warm water poured in, I sat facing MR C, legs apart, toying with my pussy as he undressed.

His eyes locked in, pulling his shorts off, his cock, almost springing out for air as he stepped out of his shorts to join me in the bubbling cool tub. His hands caressing my back as he pulled me in for a kiss.

Stroking the inside of his thighs, then raising my hands to his neck before trailing my way down to the base of his cock, although we were sitting in water, I could feel the sticky trail between my pussy lips as I rubbed my thighs together. I was still horny after our lustful shower play before breakfast. It had only been a couple of hours ago, but my mind kept replaying our hot morning session. I was in a deliciously libidinous state and wanted to bask in it for as long as possible but was also greedy to cum again (oh the dilemma!)

Kissing as our wet bodies pressed into each other, deeper, my tongue tracing his lips teasingly.

His fingers dancing between my wet legs, his fingers toying with the silky feeling between my pussy, I drove his fingers further deeper inside, clenching my pussy around them, which made his breathing heavier and his touches even more urgent. Now I was viciously horny for him.

StanKissing his way down as I lifted my hips to meet his lips, one leg on the edge of tub, Mr. Cs head between my legs as I covered his face with my wet pussy, his lips, his tongue, flicking and licking the sides of my clit before placing his lips around my clit to suck away gently, while his fingers slipped in and out me. The first wave hit me hard...Sensations setting my body alight as I gave in to my orgasm. Luckily, Mr C had a firm grip so when I buckled, I didn't slip.

His hands clutching on my pert bottom as I rose to place myself on his lap, his other hand stroking my breast, teasing my rock nipples, Mr C slipped his throbbing cock inside me as I clamped my tight pussy around him. His hands on my waist as I rode away on his cock, water sloshing away, our moans getting louder with each thrust. Pressing himself deeper into me as he started to cum, I could feel his body tighten, as his grip tightened our bodies convulsing as we came... Water spilling over the tub... absolute bliss.
Sunday, September 3rd 2023
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Dancing Queens
I smell another heatwave on the horizon!!!
I understand summer 2023 hasn't exactly been 'summering' (you know what I mean,) but let's jump for joy as another heatwave has ariiiiiived' Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Current situation: I'm up on a roof, literally having a very chilled Sunday. I'm sending a lot of gratitude, to the heaux gods above as they have been incredibly kind and I've had the pleasure of experiencing a few fabulous trips. We caught an exhilarating Warhol and Basquiat exhibition in Paris. (Mind blown - my favorite artists in one of my favorite cities) We danced on a beach (obviously my dance moves were much better;-)) I've bounced on a cock on a balcony facing a beach.... And ladies and gentlemen (and anyone else that wants to schedule a dirty weekend away ) I highly, highly recommend an in-room jacuzzi... Yes I know, we've all heard the negative points of a jacauzzi but, if used correctly... It's hours of fun... It may cause a puddle or two but it sure is worth it
I solemnly swear not to blab on and on ...Ok... I solemnly swear to TRY to not blab on and on :-) I'm just a little excited as I haven't made an entry for a while
How are you? Hope all is well. Gosh, it has been a while hasn't it?! I'm not sure where to start?

Get to the juicy parts already Miss Van Cartier.
Ok ok ..ok ..
I had met 'Miss Pretty Pussy' (I blessed her with the name because it's absolutely true especially when it's wet and even prettier when it's been sprayed with some 'love juice'). Her partner, Mr Pretty Pussy (he loves it) was away on a business so I would be enjoying the company of Mrs P P all to myself. Excited for the night ahead, I found myself drifting off during the day, flashbacks to her lips, tongue lightly teasing my nipples as her fingers teased their way down to my pus...
I'm getting ahead of myself...

I arrive at the hotel...make my way up to her room to find the Mrs P P getting ready for our evening. We were going to grab something light to eat before slipping on our dancing shoes to throw some salsa moves ( or attempt to, in my case) before heading back to the hotel.
Freshly out of the shower as she opened the door, naked ( no shame in her game, my type of woman) greeted me with a sensual French kiss... before we gave Mr. P P a call to give him a quick hello. Teasing Mr. PP, Miss PP and I began caressing one another, letting Mr. PP ( I hope I'm not losing you here) know that he was missing out on all the fun.

As jest turned to passion, getting off the phone, (surprise surprise) I was horny as fuck and raring to ease into our evening
A few moments later, I was on the bed, dress on, panties slipped to the side while my pussy puffed out in lust, clit thick and ready to welcome her touch. Tingling with urgency, legs spread, fingers circling my wet pussy as Miss P had my full attention.
One leg raised onto the chaise, Miss P stood in front of me I could see her oh so dam pretty pussy wet and ready to be teased. Caressing her breasts, tugging gently on her pinky brown nipples. I placed one nipple into my mouth sucking and nibbling gently (she loves a nibble) and placed the other hand between her legs.

I slid down, placing myself under her pussy, between her legs. Licking my way up on the inside of her thigh, I could sense her anticipation and already knew I was eager to jump in, face first. Teasing her wet mess, massaging her pussy lips, as I used one hand to tease my clit, I could hear how wet I was as I rubbed myself while multitasking... Hearing her moan, made me moan. Both hungry and sensually urgent in our delight.Sucking on her pussy lips and flicking her clit with my tongue. Her hips gyrating on my face, I slid my fingers inside her, feeling her warm, sticky, and open. Her hips started circling my mouth,  as I tongue fucked her. Her clit grinding into my nose as she was coming close to cumming. Arching my fingers inside of her as I sucked on her lips, I could hear her about to cum which only drove me wild... I didn't even need to touch myself, I knew I too was going to cum, my pussy alive in lust.As she came, I came, my face in her pussy, leaving a sticky trail between her lips and mine and I wanted every last drop.  I sat, framed between her sticky pussy with my own legs wide open, leaving a sticky puddle on the carpet.

What a fabulous way to start our evening.
Sunday, July 2nd 2023
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ROOM 108

Bonjour Chérie..
Comment allez-vous? J'espère que tout va bien et que vous prenez soin de vous...

My oh my oh me isn’t the weather just glorious?! Why can’t London be like this every day?

You already know my favorite things about this heat include gorgeous girls in the most perfect dresses, gentlemen looking effortlessly looking delicious, and all the while, I’m admiring it all behind my black frames (How dare you call me a perve?!)

Erm so I’ve broken yet another wand – I hang my head in shame (not really) but I’m concluding that it may not be designed to be used every day. So, I’ve decided to add wands to my Wishlist. It’s wrong for a lady not to go a day without a good wanding. Some people need caffeine in the morning, and some need a good wanding. Yes, I know I have more than a few other toys but that wand… that wand… Oh lord… that good ol wand!

OK… Enough about my woes…

I’m well thank you for asking (we didn’t, just get to the point of the blog please Naomi). The sun is pouring in, my 11:00 am appointment this morning (which Ill also write about) was delicious. At one point, as I was massaging him, both covered in oil, pussy sliding on his back, he somehow, while laying on his front, managed to use his fingers to add to one of my ‘crescendo cummings’ while he managed to show me how much lust juice, he had saved for me. Absolutely delightful.

Now I digress… back to Room 108

I got to the hotel, picked up the key card that had been left for me, and made my way up to the room.
Mr. C had booked a gorgeous room. Champagne on ice and a little card left on the table to welcome me…. Oh, the little things…

I still had time to kill so kicked off my heels and relaxed a little, excited for this afternoon’s delight…

I got into my gym kit, slipping on my tight gym shorts, which gave me the perfect camel toe, and my crop top that hugged my pert breasts perfectly, nipples on show, ready for my innocent workout.

As it would obviously, be very unladylike of me to parade myself in such a manner to the basement, I slipped on an oversize tee, grabbed my water bottle, my skipping rope, and made my way to the gym.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed Mr C making his way in, nonchalantly walking over to the treadmill section, as planned, we were to be two strangers, who happened to be working out in the gym.

I made my way over to the thigh press, pussy thick with excitement. As I worked on my thighs, opening and closing them, I could feel my pussy thick with excitement. Tempted to dry hump the seat (I didn’t because I’m obviously a lady) I could see Mr C glance make his way to me while I rhythmically worked on my sets, my body now visibly covered in sweat (I may have put the weights a little to high than my usual, but I was on a roll). We moved our way around the small gym, always a machine, or equipment away from one another, stealing glances and not saying a word to one another.

Laying on the bench press, legs slightly apart, hips pulsating the lust that was clearly in the air, I wondered if he could see my pussy, clit beginning to bulge through my shorts. I could swear I had a damp sticky spot already forming...

As I walked, making my way back to the room, I could feel my tight shorts rubbing against my pussy throbbing in excitement… nipples already anticipating Mr C’s mouth. I knew I was a sticky mess...

Slipping out of my gym kit, my body glistening with sweat…

I made my way to the bathroom, hearing Mr C walking in behind me with the sounds of clothes falling of….

Without saying a word, I pulled him into the shower as we are kissing eagerly, a bathroom filled with the sounds of heavy breathing our intentions equally clear.
His body pressed into mine as the shower ran, cock firmly grinding against me.
Sliding his hands over my breasts, playing with my nipples as he kissed my neck, his hands made their way down to my hips before slowly placing his hands between my legs as my hips invited his fingers in deeper.

His mouth made its way down to my pussy, tongue making its way to my clit which was throbbing with excitement, his tongue, teasing me as it made its way to my upper thigh, kissing, sucking me ever so slowly.

Mr. C’s tongue slobbery licked against my eager pussy as his fingers slipped inside at the same time. Pressing his face deeper into me, as I raised my leg, to rest on his shoulders Mr C didn’t miss a beat as he sucked, licked, and kissed my parting lips, my hips rocking to his touch….

He lifts me up off the ground, as I wrap my legs around him, his hand gripping my bottom, my other hand, gripped onto his rock-hard cock, guiding him to my wet warm pussy.

Sliding his way back up, gently lifting me off the ground, legs wrapped around his waist, I felt the firmness of his throbbing cock slip eagerly into my hungry tight pussy as his hands gripped my bottom. Hungry for him to slip inside me, I used my other hand to guide him into my warm wet pussy. Slapping into me with gentle firmness, I reveled in the oh-so-familiar wave, rippling through me while we reveled in the sound of us fucking, acoustics adding to the sexual sensory overload.

Each thrust got firmer as we were getting closer and closer, my heels pressing onto his back. As I gripped onto him as I came, I could feel his cock pulsating as my pussy clenched around his cock, while contracting desperately as he came….

It was the perfect way to start our afternoon together…

Sunday, May 7th 2023
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The Perfect Way To Start An Afternoon...
Ladies and gentlemen… spring is finally upon us…

‘Yaaaay’ I hear you scream.

The WHO have announced that Covid is no longer a thing (‘Well I wouldn’t put it like that Naomi’)

We have a new king and queen…

In even greater news… that is worthy of a front page…. (drum roll please) … I have a new website AND I’m currently working on my member’s site. I know… I know… what have you done to receive all this goodness?!

How are you?

Hope all is well, (and if I haven’t seen you), I hope you’ve been looking after yourself and making sure you are making time for yourself. Health is wealth and a blowjob keeps the doctor away.

I have so much to fill you in on and yet again and even though I hate to drag you to hell with me for sharing all my sinful activities with you (once a Catholic school girl… always a Catholic… I’ll be sure to let my priest know the next time I go to confession) …

Emma and I were scheduled to meet the sexy Mr Kink Meister again. This time, he wanted to spice things up even more and asked us to arrange for another gent to join us for an afternoon of titillation.

I arrived while our ‘new friend’ who we shall name as Tee
, was in the shower… I was obviously, excited to meet him and oh my oh my…
Towel tightly dropped around his waist, abs glistening with oil I could see his cock bulging under his towel. (The only way we should all meet one another). Hands sliding over his bulge I cheekingly joked that ‘there was no need for him to be shy and to take his towel off’ which he did….

Walking over to Mr KM, stroking his cock… without missing a beat Mr KM slid over to Tee’s cock, mouth, gently opening, tongue gently sliding out to lick the tip of his head. Tee sliding his cock in and out of his mouth, breathing heavily as his hips moved slowly.

Emma and I, both watching, stood behind me, hands gently caressing me, my nipples on fire, my pussy pulsating into a sticky mess. My hands reached behind me, feeling her soft skin, parting her lips to find her wet too…
Oh we were in for fabulous afternoon…

Slipping my way up to Mr KM to caress his cock and balls with my lips. Emma, behind me, knowing all my sensitive spots, slipping her fingers over my pussy, I could hear moans fill the room (you know how much I like some vocal stimulation) I made my way up to share T’s cock with Mr KM, licking, slurping and sucking away.

Emma had made her way over to Tee’s lips, tongues reaching deeper and deeper into each other’s mouths.

Tee, bending Emma over with gentle firmness, firm arse thrust in the air ready to receive his cock. Hands gripping onto her waist, biting his lips as he gently took the lead, slipping himself in and out.

Mr KM’s thick finger teasing me into a puddle as we watched, circling my clit before entering its way deep inside me, before slipping out to tease my clit again.
I was aching to get some cock… I moved my way down… spreading my legs, gently squatting over Mr KM to gently slide down his cock, riding ever so slowly as we watched T and Emma …we were all hungry, Mr KM and I wanted to watch and gently fuck away, greedily.

Tee, bending down to kiss me as pumped Emma slowly, yet firmly…my body was on fire….

In a blink of an eye, my hips were the in the air, in front of Tee, his fingers playing with my pussy.

‘God you are really wet’.
His cock, hard, firm standing to attention, he parted my pert bum, almost as if to get a better view…

Ladies and gentleman, as he penetrated away I knew it wasn’t going to take me long to cum.

Moving in unison, room filling with sound of cock banging into my pussy, harder, faster, panting, moaning into the excited air.

Nipples tingling hard as pebbles, wave coming over me in roles, blood rushing to my pussy, my clit throbbing as Emma slipped her fingers rubbing away at my clit while Tee was having his wicked way with me from behind….
‘Fuck, I’m going to cum…

He drove faster and harder into me from behind… teasing me to an explosion…
Full body alight, thighs shaking, back arching orgasm was a great way to start our afternoon….

Saturday, January 7th 2023
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Friends, playmates and viciously horny folks… oh how I am missing you and this side of my life (this may be the longest I have been away from Heux Ville).
Hope you had a fabulous Xmas and you are welcoming 2023 with both hands.
Sincere apologies as the last couple of weeks before my departure was more than a little manic but I am catching up to your emails and messages and deeply appreciate your patience!

Current situation…
I’m sitting on the veranda… sun blazing as I type away… and I’m literally gagging for a very good seeing to.
‘Oh my… Naomi…’
To cut a long story short, I am in Accra with the family, and I am on my very best behaviour. I am making up for all the sins I am about to make in 2023.I didn’t even pack my favourite toy (customs pulling out my wand at a busy airport, with my family in tow, isn’t on the list of my fantasies).
Knowing that I was going to be an absolute angel while I was away (or try to be) the universe wanted to make sure I went out with a very good bang (see what I did there ?)

Let us call him… The American Guru (trust me on this title)
Music playing, candles on with a hint of mood lighting.
When he stepped out the shower with the towel wrapped around his tight waist, ladies, gentleman and lovers of long thick cocks… (there is no other way to put it) I could see that my American friend had been blessed in the ‘peni’ department and it would be rude of me not to get both hands on it and slobber my merry way all the way up and down his cock at some point in the evening but let me not get ahead of myself…
Sipping on our drinks, and chatting away, he politely asked if ‘he could have this dance’
Pleasantly surprised and never one to shy away from a dance, he took my hands and pulled me in and began to sway, body to body. Dressed in matching red crotchless underwear, suspender and heels, the last thing I thought I would be enjoying is a slow dance against the candle flickering.

Hands caressing one another, soft kisses mixed in with heavy breathing as we savoured the joys of edging. Removing my bra, nipples hard, pert wanting to be sucked on, his lips found the way to them. I removed his towel to ‘find him in all his glory’.

Slipping my heels off, he began our oily sensual massage by working his magic on my feet sending waves of pleasure all over me. Putty in his hands. As he massaged his way up my thighs, I hungrily welcomed each of touch. As his fingers brushed towards my pussy, I would move my legs further apart, so he could enter but oh no… The American Guru knew I was aching for it and kept teasing me with gentle stokes, driving me to the edge, pussy aching with lust.
Moving his way up, we were drenched in oil. Body to body, sliding, grinding, pressing firmly into one another. Cock sliding between my thighs, I closed my thighs, pressing his cock between them as he slid between them, his breathing heavy.

As he slid down, kissing his way down my stomach, then slowly parting my lips, I was drenched in my own sticky juice and wanted nothing but to feel his lips on my pussy. As his tongue slid across my clit he slid his fingers, slowly deep inside me
‘You are so wet Naomi’
To hear the pleasure and the surprise in his voice only made me want more. My hips raised to his touch, his head between my thighs, his tongue massaging my clit as he sucked away. I furthered his fingers in deeply and as he licked away mouth covered in lust juices. Flowing, seamlessly, one position into another, we found ourselves sitting across from one another, my legs spread apart, intertwined with his while his with his cock mad head looking directly at me. My hands began sliding up and down his cock, standing rock hard, firm, begging me to hold him. Watching our hands as we played with one another, teasing our way very close the edge, moans filling the room. I could see the pre cum gleaming out of his beautiful cock.

A vocal man, just to watch him, gasp and moan brought me closer to cumming. I placed him throbbing, rock hard in my mouth, licking, sucking while massaging his balls, finding his sweet spots. His moans were endless, I was greedy for his huge cock, hungrily slobbering all over him.
His hips moved towards the rhythm of my lips tongue moving deliberately over his cock, suction from my mouth getting stronger as my hand massaged him. I could feel his orgasm building up. He placed his hands on my breast, playing with my nipple.
Unable to resist any longer, ready to burst, my hand found itself between my legs, rubbing away at clit as I kept my lips firmly on his cock, sliding up and down . As his body began to shudder, body tight, cock pumping with intensity, I felt his grip on my breast firm as his moans grew to a crescendo. Sending a wave through my body as he came, we both came with such intensity. My juices between my fingers and between my legs on the floor and his spurts of flowing hot cum pouring.

Did I swallow? I hear you ask

How dare you ask a lady such things..

Sunday, October 23rd 2022
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Our Absolute Pleasure... Always
Hello, Bonjour, Gutten Morgen beautiful folks…

my fellow horny playmates, allow me to put my ‘Town Crier’ hat on to make the following announcements….

It's going to be somebody’s birthday sooooooon…. I'll give you a hint… she’s a viciously horny goddess with a dazzling smile and curves made for sin

(Gosh she’s up herself)

Yes, I’m talking about meeeeeeeeeee

Scottie Hotties…. My ‘tingling with excitement clit’ and I will be in town from Saturday 12th Nov – Wednesday 16th November and cannot wait to get a dose of some of that good ol dose of Scottie Deeeeeelights….

Now…. (Town Crier hat off)

There is nothing like having your pussy dined on for breakfast before hitting the gym for an intensive workout. I swear it leaves you with a lasting high with a skip in your step. I’m now at my desk, fresh from the shower, oiled up, kimono on, sipping on my oat latte while scribing away…

Am I still horny?

Why yes I am but fear not, MR C is scheduled to be here in a few hours and we have an afternoon lust to look forward starting off with a shower delight followed by body to body fully body massage…..

Now ladies and gents, you know I’m always a Ray of sunshine and a beacon of positivity. I genuinely love what I do. Thoroughly…. I love meeting new people, love seeing my regular guests, and venturing into your sexual minds... I get excited about all the things we could get up to…. Both the physical and mental stimulation brings me pure joy and I may be a nymphomanic but that topic is for another day.

Now I recently had an experience which I must say I have never had before but I won’t dwell on that but will say, for my newbies (as my regulars, past experiences already know)….

Please do note that I speak to all my potential guests. I’m not in the business of just going through the motions while not enjoying our time together.

You do not have to bring a bottle of anything and if you chose to, this is not included in the donation amount. I have more than enough beverages to suit your taste and will always, always offer 😊

Do ensure that you have the correct donation amount.

Do ensure you book the appropriate amount of time

I do not add additional time for free.

You are more than welcome to bring your toys…. Moooooooore than welcome. I love it when a guest brings something he/she love to use… Heck one of my favourite toys – The Rosebud- was introduced to me by a couple.

Gosh just thinking about it now is getting me a lil excited. One end of it has something that resembles a thumb and wiggles perfectly to hit the right spot in any hole you wish to be pleasured via.

The wife was tied down (willingly obviously) while the husband teased her clit with one end of it and just watching her body come alive was something else….
By the time he flipped the toy round, using the other side (which is shaped like a rosebud with a tongue that moves!!!) she had her hips in the air, aching to cum…. (See why I love what I do?)

May I also add, you can also have one side of the toy inside the lady/ gentleman you are sharing a ‘special moment with’ while the other end is furiously or gently, licking away at your bits…. Pure magic.

In fact, all this talk has me in the mood for a lil toy play…

Think I may even film it for you…
Sunday, October 2nd 2022
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So…. Winter is upon us.

‘Hold on Naomi… it's Autumn not Wint…’

Well, we’ve gone from the heights of summer to the depths of the Siberian winter.

OK, maybe it’s not that cold, but it is freezing… and you know I’m a child of the summer. Balcony blow jobs are much better in the sun.

To keep you abreast on all things NVC, I have added a noticeboard section on the homepage of my website and also at the top of my profile but just in case you have missed it… let me roll off some bits and pieces (in my best newsreader voice)…

Scottie Hotties… I will be in town very soon. I will be sure to update my profile once I know for sure and I can’t wait to see you!

Importantly…. I am in the UK until December 8th and would hate to miss you before I leave!

Now let’s get back to some Naomi adventures (‘Yes Naomi – mixed with the usual babble you love to write’)

So, I have taken up Bikram yoga again and I wont lie, my main motivation isn’t necessarily for health purposes…. I just want to be able to do the splits. Yes… purely so I can add that to my endless lists of talents (just agree with me). A guest of mine and I were once on a hunt for a girl that could do the splits… Oh, the things we wanted to try…. (Laughing to myself as I type).

Speaking of duo activities…. I thought I would add some extra sunshine to your day by taking some pics with my partner in lascivious crimes.

I confess, the plan was to spend the day taking lots of pictures for you but we may have gotten a little distracted with one another and found other ways to appreciate one another. So yes, the plan is, the next time that we shoot, we will try and stay a little focused and save the ‘appreciation’ for one till later.

Now… on to MR C…the oh so deliciously sensual sub that is Mr C. The plan was for him to arrive at mine, and grab some lunch before heading off to an exhibition.

I buzzed him up and could hear his footsteps as he made his way up. Dressed in a pair of thigh highs, faux fur coat (I care about the animals) and a leather harness top, boobs pert and nipples ready to be loved on.

‘Well, hello there Sir’ … (Please note, at this point, in my mind, I’m the sexiest thing alive… just agree with me)

The look on Mr C’s face… (Obviously priceless- why wouldn’t it be?).

Pulling him in for a kiss, I allowed his hands to run over me before sharply pulling away and hitting his hand away…

I took a step back… sitting at the top of the stairs…legs spread, hands between my legs… gently rubbing away.

‘I didn’t say you could touch me. Mr C… You should learn to control yourself'
Standing up I playfully scold him.

‘Can you not control yourself, Mr C? I asked, my hand rubbing his inner thigh, over his trousers…. Teasing before making my way to his cock.

‘Do you want my neighbours to come out and see you like this’? – I asked, knowing my neighbours were away.

Did I give you permission to start getting hard? I asked gently tapping his cock.


Ladies and gentlemen, clearly, I was very far from disgusted at this point… Very far from disgusted.

I stepped back, trying my very best to look disappointed in him…

Going back for a kiss, I slowly unzipped his trousers to find his cock ready to peak out and so I pull him out.

Cock out of his unzipped trousers, I gently tugged on his cock, making a show of my disdain.

My neighbours are going to be back any second… and I want them to see you – ‘Trousers down’…. I demanded…

‘Trousers down Mr C’

This seemed to really turn him on… Quickly unbuckling his trousers, I pulled them down, sitting around his ankles.

I lowered myself, eye level to his cock, I looked up at him and tugged away, letting him know how disappointed I was in him.

Slapping his thighs as his hips moved to each hand slide of his cock

‘I’m going to be very upset if you cum out here…’

I stood up, hands playing with cock and balls…

In his ear, I continued to let him know that ‘he had obviously ruined the plans for my day and my neighbours were going to arrive any minute.

This my heaux friends, drove him wild… My hands gripped his cock, slowly sliding up and down…

I stopped. Then started again… Edging him along…. Stopping to ask him why ‘he had ruined the day – why was he hard? Could he not control himself? … (Cheekily, loving every moment)

I could feel my very own juices clinging from my pussy to the top of my inner thigh, but he doesn’t see nor does he need to know.

Jerking towards the movement of my hands… I could see his body clench while he tried to keep his sounds of cum to a murmur…his milky lust juices slipped through my fingers, covering his cock and my hand in his batter…

‘Highly, highly disappointed in you Mr C… Highly disappointed’
Monday, August 29th 2022
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Allow Me To Introduce A Friend...
Current situation…. Picnic mat out… headphones on, the sun is kissing my skin, I’m typing away and also perving away the topless men running by as well as appreciating the women walking by in their gorgeous summer frocks …. Oh, the joy of summer. My favourite season of them all (not just because it allows me to perve and set my imagination on fire while) and my oh my… have we been blessed by the sun goddesses this year.

How are you?

Hope you’ve been looking after yourself and have found plenty of time to relax and most importantly indulge…

So much to fill you up on – Not sure where to begin …

Get on with its Naomi…

Hmmm…What should I share with you today? How many times I was able to cum with MR G Spot? (We were on a mission to break a record and ladies and gentlemen… I may have a new record (and the crowd roars).

Fingering Mrs Lust at the back of the car while her husband drove us to dinner? (Moments before we were upstairs, I had lifted my dress up, bent over and asked Mr Lust to cum on juicy derriere … Mrs Lust then licked it all off (We didn’t want to cause a mess as we were off to dinner) and snowballed her husband…. My type of romance

My trip to Ibiza and shall we say… savouring the view from our balcony? (If you did not already know… I have a soft spot for balconies. The night air and having a throbbing cock inside you while you are enjoying the view…. priceless).

Delving into the world ‘Erotic Hypnosis’ and ‘Hands Free Orgasms’?

Get on with it Naomi…

Ok… OK…

What I will share is that I have been having the pleasure of sharing some of my ‘activities’ with a gorgeous fellow pleasure queen but let me not get ahead of myself…

To help you with the summer heatwave (Because I’m caring and caring is sharing), I have found the perfect way to keep cool in this heat (besides the aircon, obviously). I highly, (may I stress, highly), recommend what I like to refer to as, Ice Lipped Delights. All you need is some ice or a very cold beverage, bed straps or restraints to tie your willing participant down, blind fold (please note that this can also happen on a hotel balcony, a roof top or even on your living room sofa, with no restraints) and begin to use your chilled lips to tease your willing participant. The feel of someone sucking and kissing on your neck with their ice-cold lips, making their way al over your body… And if you happen to have two lips or more on you… well…

Speaking of two or three lips teasing your body (Erm… I hope you appreciate my segway) …. Allow me to go back to my sensual, full body, deliciously passionate, pussy dripping, nipple tingling, lust filled, duo partner who I have been having the pleasure of playing with.. The gorgeous Emma Kisses UK

Now before I jump into our first adventure,

Oh FFS Naomi – Get on with it!

OK…Ok let me just share a few things… RE threesomes, foursomes or morsomes… you catch my drift.

-Threesomes, foursomes, moresomes are only fun if all willing participants are truly into it.

-I have no interests in playing with girls that are ‘Bi- for pay’. It’s the furthest thing from sexy when you fake it.

-If you’d like to bring another pleasure goddess, your girlfriend, your wife, your mistress into the mix… nothing turns me on then a sensual woman that owns her sexuality and boy oh boy does Emma Kisses tick all the boxes…

So…. Mr Sensuality (I have a whole separate blog to write about him and his magical ways) had mentioned that he had a friend that he thought I would love to meet and play with, so… we made it happen.

I had arrived a couple of hours earlier than Emma, had a shower and saw no reason to put my clothes on while we sipped on gin and tonic… caressing, kissing, touching and lusting away excited for our friend to join us in the evenings adventure.
I had seen her pictures, so I already knew she was gorgeous so yes… I was more than a little excited to finally meet.

Greeted by her sensual energy and her warm smile, the fist kiss on arrival let me know we were all about to have some fun…

Gorgeous from head to toe and gentle curves ready to be caressed and savoured.
Obviously, as it was out first ever ‘dalliance’ we may have gotten a little carried away with ‘appreciating one another’ as Mr Sensuality happily joked that he was so happy that we were getting to know one another.

Comfortable in her skin, we were all lost in savouring foreplay.

As Mr S and I were savouring a deep French kiss, I felt Emma slowly makes her way between my legs, part my wet pussy lips and place her soft lips on my throbbing clit (which was ready to burst by the way). I could hear and feel her working her magic on my pussy, my body responding to her touch.

It was urgent yet sensual, her tongue dancing on my pussy, slipping in, slipping out… my juices flowing freely, my body was alight with lust….
When she slid her fingers in, I knew I was going to cum… She was already teasing one of my magic spots and now she was hitting it over and over again, leading me to a full body, hips raising, back arching, duvet gripping, body tensing crescendo of an orgasm….

And this was only the start of the night….

Saturday, January 1st 2022
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The Gentleman & The Lady
Hello beautiful humans :-)

Happy New Year! I know… 2022 is upon us already!

I hope you and your loved ones are as well as can be, you’ve had a fabulous Christmas, you’ve eaten more than usual, drank a little more than you usually do, and you’ve managed to stay away from the C word…

‘Naomi, this isn’t the place to discuss Co-vid’

Ok… Ok… OK…Your right… l’ll get on with it. The issue is, when you haven’t blogged in a while, is that you keep thinking ‘Oh I must blog about this’… ‘Oh I’m definitely saving this for my next blog entry’… then the list grows, and you then have the pleasure of selecting which file you’ll pick from the wank bank.

Today, Ill bless your imagination with The Gentleman and The Lady (yes, the ‘Lady’ is moi, I can also be a lady, thank you very much)

Oh, before I forget, I’ve added some new pics & Vids to my page and site so for those of you who are suffering from Missing NVC Syndrome (I like to tell myself the whole word is suffering from this :-)) do feel free to take a look and hopefully, you'll find more than enough to tug to ;-)

Ok… so….

Shower on, bathroom steaming, Mr Naughty P is scheduled to arrive soon. My train was a little delayed but its ok, I still have time to get ready. Candles on, music on, skin soft and oiled up to the Baby Oil and Coconut Oil gods, toys out and condoms strategically placed, hidden around the hotel room and bathroom as the ‘action’ can take place anywhere. Pussy already tingling from the memories of our last meet. A passionate war of lust. Mr NP’s switch from a gentleman to filthy porn star of a gentleman… Legs around necks, bum in the air, hands on walls, face riding, arse worship… juices dripping…

As scheduled I hear a knock on my door and the first kiss is a gentle reminder of our last experience and what is to come.
By the time we head into the shower to get our soapy play on, I’ve already cum three times. Riding him on the sofa, him lifting me up, legs wrapped around his waist and as he stood facing me, eyes locked, breathing heavily, hearing how wet I was with his fingers inside me, stroking my magic spot while his thumb rubbed over my very hungry clit. From the bed to the sofa back to the bed we made our way to the shower.

Room enough for 3, we make full use of all the shower space. Water dripping bent over with Mr behind me, doggy style (always, ALWAYS…hits the spot) Teasing my greedy ‘entry’ (told you I was a lady) with his stiff cock, my pussy was already slippery, throbbing ready to swallow him whole and ohhhhhhhh once that sweet, stiff, beautiful cock slipped through my tight pussy, I was ready to use my pussy grip to savour the sensations running through me.

Pushing my hips back into him, he thrusts, hands on my waist, taking control, we swap roles, and I back into him, hard, over and over again while our moans fill the bathroom. Water running with obvious sounds of hungry penetration. Feeling his grip on my waist tighten as I thrust back into him over and over again, my legs start to give way as I’m about to cum and when he tells me he is cumming and I hear him doing so, I try staying up as my legs give in to my orgasm, holding onto the wall, hands on the bathroom wall, one now slightly raised, each orgasmic spasm, milking him dry.

The delicious Mr Big Friendly Giant was scheduled to come over. Organised as always, we had popped our meet locked in the diary and I’m tingling with excitement.
Dashing as always, Mir BFG arrived, we got comfortable on the sofa while sipping on one of my birthday gifts.
Drinks flowing, conversation simulating and I’m crotchless & horny (What can I say? I like to prepare for action) Mr BFG surprises me by lifting me up (You know, how much I like a good penetration in the air and) onto my kitchen counter. Condom on (I’m always prepared) legs in the air, MR BFG deliciously firm, in control and I’m ready to enjoy the ride.

The perfect angle. I’m on my back on my kitchen countertop (I like to make full use of it :-)) MR BFG between my legs. I can feel him, firm, throbbing, slipping into my wet pussy deeper and deeper with each thrust. Beautifully sensitive, my nipples are alive. Firm, tingling, pert, ready for his soft lips and magic tongue to tease them. I’m already about to burst as he licks and sucks. The sounds, the visual, and the full-body experience drives me wild. One hand caresses my breasts while the other slips between my now very wet pussy, flicking, rubbing, and playing with clit as he penetrates.

I feel his whole body tighten as he cums, spasming in pleasure. I feel my orgasm rushing toward me, sending my whole body alive, each wave bigger, giving into it and savouring each bolt of pleasure.

All this and we hadn’t even made it to the bedroom yet ;-)

Monday, October 4th 2021
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Chocolate Filled Donuts, Served With Latte & Lust
I know.... before you say anything. I know. I haven't checked in to blog-ville in a while and you have been missing my literary skills (Ha, Is that what you call it?)

I do hope you have been well, you are looking after yourself and you have been endlessly tugging away while staring at my pics, squeezing the framed image you have of me close to your chest while you shed a tear, wondering why I haven't blogged in a while.

I've been keeping myself a little busy, have updated the member's section of my site. I have lots of images to add to my AW private folder with some vids too. You lucky so and so, you can thank me later.

I'm back heuxing, live and direct on cam also with all my toys including my wonderful Lush which you can control all the way from your desired location! I know right?! What an invention and thank heavens above for those that have the brains to create such things. I know there are those that can create vaccines, find cures, save lives etc but those sex toys inventors, boy do they deserve awards. If you knew what it felt like to have a lush between your legs and vibrating away, you would also recommend they give some leeway to who can go up for a Nobel Peace Prize.

As I sit by the café window, making sure I’m perched on my chair without exposing myself to the innocent folks who are also enjoying the summer breeze with a kick of caffeine, underneath my summer dress, is my lush toy sitting comfortably, gently humming away. I like to think that I have now mastered the art of savouring the gentle hum party going on in my knickers.

Little does the guy behind the counter know that the gent that is asking for an Almond Latte, Cappuccino, and a small box of the chocolate-filled donuts (Hey don’t judge my sweet tooth, I work out and usually eat all my vegetables) had literally been on my bedroom floor while I rode away on his face and later, politely instructed him to cum on my thighs.

Coming out of my bathroom and making his way to the side of my bed, where I stood, heels on, summer dress pulled up, so he could see my vibrant pink toy sticking out of my vibrant pink (see what I did there?), slightly bent over as I blow out my (not a euphemism, I was literally blowing out candles as we were going for a coffee around the corner) I hear him lower himself and feel his head buried between my cheeks, licking away and making his way to my clit. I have one leg on my bed, hips bent back so he is sitting comfortably as I tower over him with his head in my hand. Tongue lapping, face grinding, I slip my toy out which is already covered in my love juice, and he doesn’t miss a beat and licks away at my toy while it's still in my hand. My intention was to just tease him a little before we went for our coffee but watching him lick away my juices off of my lush while also licking and sucking on the fingers holding the toy, I’m close to sneaking in a pre-coffee cum. I warn him that he ‘better not be hard as this isn’t the time for it’. I politely ask to ‘check he isn’t hard. He goes to unbutton his trousers, but I tell him ‘Not to’. We ‘have to go soon so I just need him to unzip his trousers and pull himself out so I can check. He apologizes as he pulls himself out and I can see he is indeed clearly hard (just as I had hoped). I tell him ‘I’m disappointed…. Terribly disappointed’, while playing with myself, hovering right above his, and demand that he starts ‘behaving himself’. As he apologises, I let him know that his apology ‘isn’t good enough. He asks what he can do to make it up to me. I grab his fingers and place them inside and gently drive his head towards me. I gently guide him to lie flat on his back, while I squat over his face, while has the best seat in the house to my juices dripping between my fingers as I play with myself. I reach over to his firm cock, peeping through his zip, playing with my favourite part, which is always, always, the head. The head of a firm cock is indeed a beautiful sight. A sight, that could compete with a beautifully formed pussy… depending on what one is in the mood for.

I continue to let him know how ‘disappointed I am’, as we go between me suffocating him between my cheeks while I stroke away, sometimes, feeling his tongue on my fingers as licks and sucks on my hovering clit. I can feel his body tense as I continue to tease him to the edge and stop while he asks if ‘he can come’. I ask him to kneel in front of me as I sit on my bed, lush in hand, vibrating away on my clit, the other playing with my nipples as they are both ready to burst with lust.
I know that the minute I watch him cum in front of me, I’ll cum with him. I lift my dress even higher, point to my thighs, and tell him I want him to cum over my thigh and better not make a mess. He quickly shuffles in between my legs, cock still peeping through, he angles himself towards my right thigh and as I see his body tense and hear him tell me he is about to cum, I feel that oh so familiar wave of clitoral pleasure making its way to Pleasantville, I feel his warm lust juice shoot (mostly) on to my thigh and as I come, head falling back as a wave of takes over, I can feel the warmth of his juice run down my leg, as I fight myself from making more of a mess.

See what you made me do, I say and chuckle as we clean up.
He asks if he could kindly pop my lush in for me before we head down for our catch-up coffee, which he does, and I set to a gentle hum. Foreplay goes very well with coffee and mouth-watering chocolate-filled donuts.

Tuesday, June 15th 2021
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Hello, hello, hello, hello there :-)

Yes you :-)... I do hope you are looking after yourself and taking full advantage of this glorious weather.

Current situation: It's far too hot for clothes (I am not complaining. Far from complaining) I am obviously missing you while having some ‘me time’ and would like to update you on some of my delicious antics. So here I am, breeze hitting my naked skin soaking up some vitamin D while my clit tingles away with flashbacks from my heux adventures.

My gloriously tight, V-jay jay and I have had the pleasure of getting wet in the land of Oxford, Scotland and London. I'm thinking it should have its very own travel blog ' Adventures of Nay Nay's Famous Tight Dripping Vjay-Jay (Think Enid Blyton ' The Famous Five Adventures' but from the point of view of my V- jay). Hmmm I could simply call it Vagina Chronicles? Ok I’m going off on one.

Anywho it's another case of 'should I write about my new sub in Oxford who thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed my very large strap on and was more than happy for me to use him as I wished'? 'The fabulous cross dresser I met in Edinburgh?', 'The mind-blowingly intense edging session?', The hot and oh so dam sexy play I had with a giant of a man?' 'The sexy Scotsman who lets me..... all over his…. ;-)
Firstly, Mr Oxford Delight, thank you, the pleasure was all mine. My first 'Heux Staycation delight' of 2021 (Hoping to start my 'International Travel Delight’ soon once it is safe to do so). I am indeed a gluttonous heux when it comes to such things (I know I need to repent as its one seven deadly sins), dom role, sub role, I thoroughly enjoy role switching. Mr Oxford Delight, a gentle libidinous Dom. Honestly, just thinking about it has me in the mood to do it all again. Leaning on the bed, hands behind me, facing the mirror, my legs apart as Mr O Delight, behind me, one playing hand playing with my pert nipples, the other hand gently rubbing on my clit as we watch, in the mirror, my sticky love juices hanging between his fingers. Trying to behave and not move, I give in (I know, naughty sub) I begin to ride his hand, while he continues to gently grab, tug, pinch on nipples. I go from riding his fingers to rubbing myself up and down his arm knowing I’ve been told and teased not to come as we watch ourselves in the mirror. From throat fucking to riding away, making full use of the bedroom furniture, we were porn stars, starring in both of the very large mirrors.

The experience of Magic Fingers. Mr Magic Fingers and I had met before the previous lockdown. Arriving looking like the perfection of a silver fox with an accent that added to his deliciousness. His fingers had blessed me with a full body very oily massage and 'permitted' me to repay the toe-curling orgasmic experience. During our meet our conversation had led to fantasies, turns ons etc.
As the conversation went on, Mr M F asked if i could possibly arrange for a third party to join us. Another gentleman with the same sexual appetite. Beaming with a devilih smile, I told him I was more than happy to arrange and have the perfect playmate in mind. Firstly, lockdown had slowed down my, shall we say 'moresome play' and I have missed the 'likeminded play'.
Perfect. MMF arranged, I’ve gotten myself in horny banshee mode, thinking about us all playing and dare I say, that morning, I did not give into the urge to flick my bean (I know right?! Well done Naomi for saving some of your orgasms for the group play).

By the time we are all relaxing with a bottle of wine and conversating in my living room, I can already feel myself wet with excitement as I sit, crotchless.
Leading the way to my bedroom, it’s clear that we have all tapped into the sense of sexual urgency through the air which we tease, knowing pleasure can also be found in patience.

Now, voyeurism, the sound of individuals all coming together to indulge in the natural appreciation of one another, there’s nothing like it. To watch, or to be watched (with consent of course) is a huge turn on for me. There is nothing like the sound of a gasp you hear at the first thrust or the first, the vocal delight you hear as you place your wet lips on tight, throbbing cock, the sound of how wet you are as you are being penetrated and not least the sound of an orgasmic roar. It's a beautiful thing to be a part of, and luckily for me, Mr M F and Mr J were both vocal gentlemen. From hovering my waist above Mr M F as my throbbing wet clit teased his mouth and his tongue, I watched Mr J deep throating away, leaving Mr M F wanting more from both ends, sounds of pleasure and action filling the bedroom.
Greedily sharing cocks, selfishly welcoming wandering hands that lead me to full body experiences while all eyes savoured every moment. We swap roles, embracing taking the lead, watching, and being watched. Edging each other on as we all stroke away. Doggystyle hitting every one of my spots (firm favourite - ALWAYS), while one hand finds itself wet, intertwined with Mr J's fingers as we both greedily rubs on my clit, while I deep throat away (I'm a multi-tasking genius). Hearing 'Oh my God, I’m going to cum' (I wish I could do the accent for you) and watching that magical orgasmic thunder take over his body, he confirms that three is never a crowd, it’s always, always a party...

Wednesday, April 7th 2021
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My beauties, my beauties, my beauties

Oh, how I have missed putting pen to paper, eloquently (is that what you call it Naomi?), detailing my escapades in Heux Ville.

Firstly, I hope you and all your loved ones are well and you have had a chance to enjoy the gorgeous weather we had last week and were just as shocked I was to see the snow fall a few days later. What the actual F!%K?! (Naomi, I appreciate the small talk but I’m not really here to discuss the weather).

I took some time off to focus on some projects and returned to heuxing at the start of the year viciously horny (When are you not?). Lockdown was and is interesting in its own kind of way. I sort of figured what worked for me and what I needed to do in order to remain / appear somewhat sane (thanks Pornhub). Mr BFG, you have no idea how you eased my experience of lockdown, allowing me to take advantage of the downtime to focus on other projects. I know you are going to do the very British thing by feeling a little uncomfortable by my gratitude. Thank You doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Thank you to those who checked in and sent some love. I promise I have kept it extra tight for you.

So much to fill you in on without writing a novel so I will try and not to bore you for too long. What do I share? Where do I begin?

Should I begin with my ‘délicieux’ French gentleman that ‘came’ by earlier (see what I did there?) and gave me a good seeing to ? Gosh it felt like we were starring in an erotic film noir. The passion, the gentle touches, the lingering caresses, and kisses that felt divine as they landed. And oh, those French words in my ear (Dirty talk… any type of dirty talk in any language kinda works its magic on me). OK… I’ll save that for another time.

Or maybe Mr Darling and Miss Pretty P? (You’ll figure out what and why I call her that if you haven’t figured it out already) OK so… Mr Darling. Mr Darling who looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth but boy oh boy does this gentleman know when to turn on the filth. Mr Darling had promised to invite his ‘incredibly horny’ friend to join us for a while and just when I was beginning to suspect he was just a Clit-Teaser, he sets up a meet with his friend. The discussion came up somehow in our first encounter. We had been discussing threesomes (FFM, parties etc) and how he thought I would get on very well with his lover. ‘Comfortable in her skin, sexually adventurous and an appetite that just won’t quit’ (Errr… yes please sir). My type of playmate when it comes to these things. And oh yes, apparently, she was ‘truly, truly bi’. Music to my ears.

Mr D (D for Darling for those of you that may have forgotten already. Gosh keep up) and I are already in my living room, music on, chatting and teasing away. Miss Pretty P arrives, and Mr D is indeed correct. Exactly my type. Smelling gorgeous and owning he warm presence. I’m already imagining her dress falling off her to reveal her ravishing frame ready to be devoured… but before we do, I have to bring out the non-contact thermomotor (I know, I know, I know, blame COVID-19) but she keeps her eyes locked as the heux gods let me know the experience is meant to be. Miss Pretty P goes into the bathroom to freshen up and comes out in a slip dress that looks luscious (OK so I fancy the pants off of her and I like the dress. Fashion & sex, I’m ready to come now) that cup her full breasts oh so dam beautifully (I wonder if she has nipples I can suck on while I gently finger her away…OK ok… back in the room where her gorgeous dress hasn’t come off yet, I’m back in the room).

We talk over drinks, with Miss Pretty P sitting on my sofa while I sit on my stool opposite her. Mr D next to me on the other stool. Conversation and sexual energy flowing, Miss P lifts up her dress resting her feet on my sofa (I usually don’t like feet on the sofa’s but in some circumstances, these things go out of the window), allowing me to have a first-row seat to her oh so very very pretty pussy. Hence why I have replaced her government t name with… Drumroll please…Miss Pretty Pussy. Beyond sexy. Confident in her approach. Watching her rub her pussy, I didn’t know if I should tend my tingling nipples, throbbing clit or go over and stroke her, hop on Mr D’s cock (condom on first of course) and ride while watching Miss PP. I’m a greedy heux who wants it all. Miss Pretty Pussy beckons me over and I do not miss a beat as I bend down in front of her and slowly start licking the inside of her thigh as my tongue makes its way to her oh so beautiful pussy. Up close watching her fingers stroke herself at the same time, I give in to my own body rubbing myself as I lick and suck on her, hearing her moans. Gosh I can still hear her talking to me and gently lifting her hips towards my face in rhythm to my tongue. Mr Darling watching from behind moves next to us, slips his hand between my legs while I squat. I hear him comment on how wet, his whispering and his breathing all setting my body alight. Clit feeling like it’s already to burst as I fixate on the vision before me, Mr Darlings fingers me deep and slowly. I buckle to my own orgasm as I watch Miss Pretty Pussy come, contractions and all. And yes, this memory goes perfectly with my vibrator.

Now in the bedroom, with Mr D on his back with Miss P sitting firmly on his cock, I take my seat on his face while I watch Miss P slide up and down Mr D’s glorious cock. His breathing, his tongue and moans vibrate against me as I rotate my hips on his face, greedily stoking myself, caught up in the ferocious circle of lust, me watching Miss PP and Mr D, she is watching me with Mr D. I raise my hips, hovering just above Mr D’s face, knowing I’m just a few strokes from coming over his face. While I rub away over his face, his words have me right on the edge and when Miss Pretty Pussy tells me to wait so she can come with me… I think I almost crush Mr D’s face as my thighs clench around his face. (It’s alright folks, he survived the thigh crushing orgasm (and the crowd roars) ...
The festivities didn’t end there but I’m conscious that I’m taking up all your time. Wouldn’t be fair of me.

Now on to Mr Summer Vibes. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting via cam with. I open my door to find a rather dashing gent at my door. Our first meet, in person. Dressed perfectly for the surprisingly great weather and with a smile that has me praying to the heux gods that the no contact thermometer doesn’t turn him away. (I promise you it sounds much scarier than it is). I already have his cock at the back my throat selfishly enjoying a very sloppy session. OK, back in the room, of course, I ‘try and act cool’ as he makes it through the threshold and the undeniable lust clings to the air. We make small talk (you know, the kind one does as she walks around in her crotchless sheer underwear set and heels), as I prepare the glasses for our beverages, our conversation leads me to the bathroom where he is taking a shower. (I promise his conversation invited me to the bathroom, I don’t just barge in when you are having a shower. I was brought up the right way) where I find Mr Summer Vibes, sparkling clean with a towel wrapped around his waist. The look in his eyes tells me he is all game and ready to play.

Deepest French kiss lets me know, he knows how to use his tongue and I remove the towel from his waist (and oh what a sight), he slips his fingers between my legs, and shall we say my errr ‘L’eau Du Lust’ is already in between his fingers. Up against the door, (yes, we are still in the bathroom) his talented tongue and mouth find their way to my nipples which send sensations all over as I gently ride his hand, guiding them in deeper. He makes his way to the fountain of my ‘Leau Du Lust’ (I think I’m actually going to stick to referring to my pussy as my ‘Fountain of Leau Du Lust. I’ll see if it sticks). I raise my leg to place it on my windowsill, giving him the perfect fingers and mouth access (How kind of you Naomi) Fingers in his hair, gently clutching his head as his tongue and fingers work their magic
I lead him to the bed not by his hand (so overrated) but by his firm cock pinning him to my bed. To my delight we commence a battle of edging, switching between sucking on him slowly and gently to speeding things up a little bit right to the point of…. Then stopping, cheekingly letting him know, I’m not quite ready for him to come yet including the Fuck machine to our fun & games.

On his back, durex on, I slide down (and that first point of entry sets my body tingling) as we ride away, hearing how wet I am. We switch things around, doggy style, viciously bouncing on his cock, he let’s me know he’s about to come.
We come back floating to planet earth and he smiles and says, pointing to some of the toys on display…. So, which toy are we going to use next?

Music to my ears…

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