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Thursday, August 22nd 2019
My AW Insider interview
How long have you been an AdultWork.com member?

I have been on Adutlwork.com for about 7 Years now

What are the best things about AdultWork.com for you?

I love how easy it is to use and how much you can do on there. From cam to phone to SMS, wish lists, sell movies and soooo much more.

Tell our members a little more about yourself? What turns you on?

I have always loved older men and taken men have always been my FAV!! I love knowing I am chatting on webcam to a taken man and his wife/gf has no idea about it. Something just so naughty about that. Knowing he is in the bathroom or another room as we play together and she could walk in at any moment, Love the thrill of that.

What is your best feature/attribute?

Well other than being gifted with a extremely filthy mind, I like my personality the most. Being able to make people feel comfortable and laugh brings me a lot of joy. Also I like my long legs, being 5ft7 and have a peachy Bum (so i am often told)

Are you in a relationship? If so, is it exclusive?

Nope I am single as not many men can keep up with my drive, despite many claiming they can.

[b]Is camming / escorting your main job or do you do it on the side?
And why?[/b]

I cam full time and do the odd Domination meet. But yes it is my only job and has been for the past 7 years. I love being my own boss and getting paid to cum is just the best.

What is your favourite sex act to perform or receive?

I do love a 69. Being able to play with him as he plays with me just makes me get off soo much Quicker! I also love being on top and just slowly sliding up and down his cock after he has filled me up. When we are both super sensitive is the best feeling ever!!

If you could have a threesome with any 2 people, famous or not, who would they be and why?

Erm It would have to be Tom Hardy because he is just fucking stunning and he has a heart of gold! I mean anybody who brings their beloved dog to his movie premiere has to be a great person. Next would be Megan Fox. I don't think I need to explain why on that choice. She is just sexy as fuck!!!!!

What or who do you think about when you masturbate?

I think about the most random people. Someone I walked past in the street, the guys across the road, the man in Morrisons who served me, I just like a normal everyday guy and the idea of telling them I want to use their cocks. I don't care if they get off, I just want u to lay there and let me do what i need. Then leave them, using them as my play toy.

Are there any porn scenes you want to recreate? If you have already, tell us about it.

I do like the Doctor/Patient scenes. I have always found them a turn on. Getting examined and him not putting gloves on, turning me on and going nuts in his office, everyone outside in the waiting room hearing us fuck.

What makes you unique as a cammer / escort?

I have done it for a long time and I was one of the very few 7 years ago who offered TABOO and had 'Taboo' in their name, so I have perfected my Taboo stories and knowing in very little time just what kind of filth the guys want. Now everyone and their mother has taboo in their name on AW, but not many can come up with stories and roleplays like me. (This is what I am often told by guys on cam)

Have you used any unusual items during your sessions / meets? If so, what?

Well i haven't so much on myself but I have made the guys on cam with me use a lot of weird things. I have one guy who puts 9 Creme Eggs were no egg should go, made guys fuck their wife's shoe, put the wife's hair brush up inside them. I do like the sploshers though they are always fun to play with. Getting in a right mess either together or them on cam for my entertainment.

What is your favourite thing to do to relax?

When I get a day off I love nothing more than going up London hitting a few of my fav bars for cocktails and maybe a cheeky play of Roulette in the casino. But on a normal day to day I do enjoy a nice long dog walk in the country.

Would you ever date a fan / client?

I would if we had a spark and it felt right then why the hell not.

Tell us something that very few people know about you?

I was once on TV in china when I was a kid being interviewed about Recycling. I also have abnormally bendy thumbs. I am also obsessed with 80's music but a lot of people know that.

Where do you want to be this time next year?

Doing what I am doing now and maybe A few more holidays in between. I love my Job and wouldn't change it for the world.

What is your biggest achievement in life?

Buying a house at 25 would be one and seeing the amount of places around the world I have been able to see.

Any regrets?

Wasting too many years when I was younger with a asshole of a human but thanks to that I am a better and stronger person now.

What is the weirdest thing you have been asked to do?

I get a guy who likes me to wear a shower cap for him. If I don't have one to hand then he likes me to wrap clingfilm around my head lol. Also had a guy ask me to shave my eyebrows off before.

Spit or swallow?

It's rude to spit, so swallow all day long ;)

Your top 3 places you have been to and why?

Las Vegas - It's just the best place on earth. Great people, great casinos and so laid back.
Barbados - I love the sun and I am a big fan of snorkeling. I got to go out alone and follow some turtles and see some amazing sites there.
Bangkok - The people are so friendly and would do anything for you. The food was not my fav but the sites and city is amazing and they have one of the greatest sunsets I have ever seen.

Do you have a bucket list? And if so, what’s on it?

I do yes. Before I die I want to:
Go to Canada. Sky dive in Dubai. Run the London marathon. See Elton John (doing that next year) and I am always adding to the list
What is a no no for you?
Anything bad against animals. I love my dogs, they mean the world to me and to see anything bad or evil and not being able to do anything about it just makes me so angry.

Do you see men and women? And any couples?

I see anyone. I am open to it all.

Would you recommend being in the adult industry to others?

Absolutely. It has given me so much freedom and the income to do so many things.

Do you socialise with other AW members? And who?

I do speak to a lot of girls on Twitter And have many friends at the UKAP and PRP awards. Too many to name.

Best movie you have seen?


DC or Marvel?


Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

Harry potter (had 2 friends in it)

Twitter or Instagram?

Twitter (free the nips)

How would you describe your perfect man / woman?

He needs to be funny and be able to take a joke. I am rather sarcastic and like to take the pee out of myself and others... in a joking manner. I like them to have dark hair normally and kind eyes. Must be taller than me and love animals and the 80's.

How would you describe the state of the UK adult scene?

I think the Gov are being a bit over the top with them. Added the new Age Verification Law that is coming soon, and the ban on such things as BDSM is totally pointless but hey, that's the Gov for you. One thing i do love about the industry lot is that they are so open minded and do not judge. Some of the best people I know.

Latex, Lace or PVC?

Why not all 3!

McDonalds or Burger King?


Modelling or camming?


Work Hard & Play Hard or Work Hard & Netflix & Chill?
work hard play hard

Best TV series you have watched?

Black mirror and breaking bad

Sub or Dom?


If you were a character in Game of Thrones, who would you be? And why? Or a made-up character?

I would be one of the girls in the whore house because i love the D

Which is your favourite superhero? Why?

I do like Spider-man. I have always loved the idea of being scooped up by him and rescued. I can be a romantic at times.

Favourite chat up line you have ever received? And the worst?

Worst - nice legs what time do they Open
Best - A guy made a fake Halo and brought it over to me saying I clearly dropped this when I feel from heaven (yes a little cheesy but he was fit)

How can an AW seeking member get your attention for the right reasons? And no no’s?

By not coming in my cam room demanding things right away. And guys that want things outside of AW Rules are a big NO NO. But guys who have taken the time to read my profile and details and come in my room in a polite manor are always welcome and will always get my time and attention.

Do you support a football team? If so, which one and why?

Nope, nope and just no

If you could change one thing about you, what would it be?

My nose. I want it done after it was broken wen i was younger but I am scared of it going wrong.

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