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Tuesday, February 20th 2024
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Naked chef
Imagine yourself after a long day at work. You just open the door and enter the kitchen just to realise a nice, brunette woman is waiting for you. High heels on, her perfectly shaped lips coloured in red shade, completed by a nice pair of black stockings.She is wearing nothing but a short...You make one more step and the divine food smell is invading your nostrils. You can guess already it is your favorite meal.Moreover, a glass of your favorite drink is sitting right there, looking so inviting.
And there you are, wondering what do you want to serve first...the special dessert or the main dish?
Thursday, April 13th 2023
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Hello there little slut. I know you've been wanting this for awhile. I know how badly you want me to give it to you. You pretend to be such a good boy. That you're so innocent and decent, but we both know you're really not. Good boys don't get so wet in their underwear like you do. Tell me, how many times have you touched yourself while watching porn and listening to other guys fucks girls you could never have? Do you like the feeling of me whispering against your virtual ear? Can you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you see or hear my words?

You're just a filthy little whore eager to please yourself at the drop of a hat. You're probably already touching yourself by now. But that wont be for long.

I want you to listen to my every word. Every single word, you got that you pathetic piece of shit? Obey me now, do as I say and I'll give you an orgasm that couldn't get any better unless I was there myself, touching you, whispering to you. Right directly into your ear.

I know by now you are starting to throb your pathetic penis betraying you But don't come yet my pet until I tell you to. I have so much more to tell you as I guide you to an orgasmic bliss.

First, I want you to strip down, but leave only your underwear on. Do it now.

Next I want you to lay down on your bed or sit comfortably in your computer chair. Keep your hands at your sides until I say otherwise.

Don't even think about touching yourself yet How does it feel being naked for me? Is there a slight chill in the air making your nipples hard? or is it the sound of my voice creeping ever slowly into your brain causing your little taught nipples to betray you just as your penis soon will again.

Or is there a warmness making you start to sweat little beads on your forehead? Are tiny goosebumps going up and down your body and your back like my hands would be if I was there? Because I know how much you'd like me to touch you.

I want you to touch yourself, but NOT your penis. I want you to feel your curves. Feel how smooth and soft your skin is to your fingers.

Run your hands up and down your thighs. And start to trail from your hips down to your knees. Mmmm, I bet that feels nice being so close yet you cant touch it, am I right? Do not even dare think about touching your penis. You haven't deserved to yet, but keep listening to me. Those hands better not even brush against your penis or inner thighs, as much as I know you want to "accidentally" Now, start to gently rub your hands over your chest. Feel your nipples. Make sure you gently squeeze them for me. Are your nipples hard to the touch yet? Wouldn't you like it if I was there to gently nibble, bite, tease them for you? Of course you do

Why don't you gently pinch them for me now mmmm that's it just like that? Flick your fingers across them for me. Feels good doesn't it? Now do it Harder. Good boy. Are they starting to feel tender now? I'm sure you would like my tongue circling them. Licking and sucking each one. I can almost hear your soft whimpers right now. but We've only just begun though. Trail your hands slowly down your chest to your waist. Now Stop right when you reach the edge of your underwear. Are they getting uncomfortable yet? I bet they are. Are they wet for me?

I know how very badly you want to take them off, but you have to earn that. you have to prove to me you want to obey me I want you to now Trace your fingers on the outside of the fabric.

Do not touch that little penis though. That penis mine Do not even think about touching it until I tell you to touch it. using your fingers Trace the inside of your thighs for me. Touch yourself for me and gently dig your nails into your flesh.

I want to hear your frustration right now. You want so bad to touch yourself now but you know you dare not, not just yet.

Let your hand glide over your underwear. How do they feel? Are they soaked or just slightly wet? I'm sure your nice and warm and all tingly too.

I'll allow you to slide your hand just underneath your underwear now, but do not fucking touch your penis, do not touch MY penis. Just gently trace around MY penis yourself. Now that is a good boy, a very good boy. I'm sure your little wandering fingertips are glistening with your juices. Why don't you taste them for me? Maybe just a little lick here and there. I don't care if you like it or not, I want you to taste yourself for me.

I want you to Taste what a willing slut tastes like. MY willing wanton little slut. I think you've earned the right to taking those soaked little undies off. Go ahead dear. Remove them for me and spread your legs for me. Spread your legs like the true slut you know you are.

Don't try to be modest with me dear. I want you to present yourself like you would if you thought I was going to get down on my knees and suck your pathetic little cock.

Unfortunately I'm not there to do that now or ever, but I know you want it. You want it so badly. is MY cock throbbing yet? I bet it is. why don't you start to rub yourself for me? Feel how good it is that I finally let you touch it. mmmmmmm

Play with your little dick as hard as you can, but while you are doing so I'm going to count backwards from 15 and then you have to stop cold. Don't cheat and keep touching MY dick when you are supposed to stop either.

Bad boys don't get rewarded when they cheat. They get penalized and severely. So don't you are even think about cumming without my permission you fragile little slut. MMMMM, yes sweetie.

Keep rubbing it for me. mmmm it feels so fucking good doesn't it? Ok slut keep rubbing and stroking it (count backwards 15-1)

Now stop. Stop now Slut Now How did that feel sweetie? did it feel Good? Of course it did.

I want you to Taste yourself again. I can imagine you're oozing wet now\ Play with your little prick for one minute. I want to hear you moan. Moan for me slut, let me hear you But No Cumming oh no not yet... Stroke that cock for me while I count down. (count backwards 60-1) Now stop fucking touching my dick. Don't touch yourself anywhere right now Move your hands away from your body. Are you tense my pet?

How frustrated are you with me right now? The fun I could have with you right now if I saw you in such a manner. MMMMM so horny such a horny little slut for me You'd be my eager little cock slave wouldn't you? Of course you would be. You crave me and my guidance,

Did you picture me while you were touching yourself? I'm sure you did. You've been so good this far. maybe now I'll let you cum. You may now resume touching yourself feel your throbbing cock as it pulses with every touch every stroke.

I want you to cum for me now slut I want to hear you I want to hear your thankfulness for me allowing this. Do not hold back.

I want to hear your inner whore Tell me how much you want to please me. Begging. beg me to cum whore Cum for me my little whore. Cum for me now Fucking do it now.

I know how badly you want to. That little cock is just begging for release. Make my dick cum for me Now slut, Cum.

How do you feel after receiving my gift to you? Like a true slut I'm sure. But Remember though. You're my little fuck pet. I own your orgasms. No one else can make you come like that. You are mine now pet. I own you.

Tuesday, March 21st 2023
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Ready for Whip Cream Fun Show?
I can’t wait for Whip Cream Fun Show! Drawing on my body with whipped cream. Topping it with cherries on top of my nipples.

Spraying Whip Cream all over your body. chocolate, caramel, and strawberries too. Licking kissing and sucking each and every part of you nice and slow.

I can’t wait for you to return the favor. Slowly tasting each other. I could even spray whip cream in my undies. So you get a sweet surprise when you eat your way down!

We could freeze some Whip cream & strawberries. then you could rub those frozen creamy berries all over my nipples. Licking all that melting sweetness off my big tits!

Down for some Whip Cream Fun Show ? Is your cock dripping pre cum just thinking about it?
Let’s indulge in a whipped cream party!
I will lay down on the bed and put whip cream on my pussy & tits. Why don’t you eat your way down lover *wink. Eating Whip Cream off my body is hot and yummy!

Maybe you catch me playing with whipped cream! Do you give me a whip cream shot of your own? Pumping me full of your cock! Shooting load after load of cum deep inside me. Offering your cock covered in both our honey to my mouth after you slather it with some more whip cream! My punishment & reward for being a kinky little slut.
Wednesday, September 8th 2021
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To be dominant in a relationship
Dominance is so intrinsic to human social relationships that we don’t even notice it. However, I suspect that if I asked you to make a list of 100 people you know, including family members, friends, and coworkers, and indicate whether you are dominant or subordinate in your relationship with each of these people, you could give a clear answer for at least 95 of them. Normally, we don’t think about how our daily interactions with the people we know are affected by our being dominant or subordinate. The truth is, however, that dominance permeates many aspects of our everyday social lives.

Dominance in romantic or married couples is an important but underappreciated phenomenon. The most stable romantic relationships and marriages seem to be those in which dominance is clear from the beginning. The dominant partner makes all the decisions, from what show to watch on TV in the evening to where to go on vacation in the summer, and the subordinate partner acquiesces and takes a supporting role.

If what people expect from marriage is not necessarily everlasting passionate love but a stable partnership that will allow joint ventures such as buying a home and raising children together, or an opportunity to concentrate on one’s career without worrying about house chores, then an asymmetrical relationship with uncontested dominance probably guarantees the best outcome. The secret to a stable marriage is that one of the two spouses must be willing to pay a disproportionate share of the price for the stability.
Friday, August 27th 2021
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The Difference Between Kinks and Fetishes
The world of BDSM is expansive, with millions of people around the planet exploring their kinks and fetishes on a daily basis. The terminology can be confusing, however, as the terms kink and fetish are often used interchangeably. Because of this, people often ask what the differences are between the two.

This article will cover different types of kinks and fetishes, explain the differences between the terms, and expand your knowledge of specific terms and definitions. Using the correct terms is important when expressing your needs and desires to the people you meet online, so pay close attention!
What Is A Kink?
A kink is something a person enjoys within the realm of BDSM, as opposed to something they need. For some people, their kink could be rope play, for example. They don’t need rope to get off, but they love it. People can have other kinks, like bondage, masochism, sadomasochism, submission, domination, female domination, squirting, and more. Simply put, kink is a term that can describe a preference rather than a must-have.

More Examples Of Kinks
For the most part, people involved in BDSM can all be considered kinky in one way or another. There are thousands of things that are considered kinks in the bondage and BDSM world. Bondage, spanking, paddling, roleplay, electricity play, and sensation play are just a few things to explore.

What Is A Fetish?
Many kinks can be considered fetishes, and like kinks in BDSM, there are thousands of fetishes for people to experience. What makes it a fetish vs. a kink, however, is the intensity of the desire. The traditional definition of a fetish is “something that a person considers heavily important or necessary for them to get off within a sexual experience.”

It doesn’t necessarily need to be part of every sexual experience, but it generally needs to be a prominent part of a person’s sex life. Some people use the term more casually, interchanging it with their kinks, which is confusing for some. It may not be an issue during casual conversation, but you should know the difference if you’re communicating your expectations to a potential play partner.

Examples Of Fetishes
Some common fetishes include foot fetish, FemDom, spanking, latex, leather, smells, and more. Some people are so turned on by feet, for example, that they would like to have something foot-related included in every sexual experience they have.

If you meet someone who has a fetish, it’s essential to ask them tactful and respectful questions about their preferences. It may be a large part of what they’re looking for in a monogamous relationship. However, some people in BDSM relationships will allow their partner to explore fetishes with other people if they’re not interested in the fetish themselves.

Should I Include My Kinks And Fetishes In My Bio?
When putting together your bio, it’s vital to communicate your sexual preferences, including all kinks and fetishes. Remember, Adult members are very open-minded, so you can feel free to be honest about what you like. In fact, it’s the only way to ensure you find the matches best suited for you.

Millions of people worldwide have a fetish, and many of them aren’t even aware of it. If, for example, a person needs rough sex to get off, it could be considered a fetish to some. Therefore, building up trust, figuring out communication compatibility, and learning more about your fetish are essential.
Saturday, April 24th 2021
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My dreams
I love nature because it relaxes me, I enjoy every breath and to feel the green smell of the trees, the wind blows to seduce me with the smell of lilies of the valley and other flowers. My dream is to have a house near a lake or a river, surrounded by trees, to have a small garden in which to plant flowers to enjoy every minute of their lives, from the time they shyly sprout from under the ground until they bloom and look grandeur. Nothing makes me happier than something as simple as nature, it's something we can't build.
Tuesday, March 2nd 2021
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Shopping, my passion!
Hundreds of different stores. I go to this place very often; the mall. As I hop off of the bus, I casually stroll along, enjoying the glamorous surroundings leading up to the grand entrance. When I approach the transparent doors, I wait for them to automatically slide open for me, almost as if they were like magnets, pulling me closer and closer. The graceful doors glide open, and I take my first step into the mall. As I enter Modells, the first store of the mall, a familiar, cool breeze strokes my face. I hear the generic theme song replaying the same few lines over and over again, "Gotta go to Mo's!" Even though Modells is not my favorite store, entering it symbolizes that I have entered into a realm of my own, a serene world where I am in charge. The mall distracts me from all of the disappointments in my life. That stressful day of work does not seem as stressful. That harsh breakup no longer seems like the end of the world. Apart from the dwindling size of my wallet, there are no problems when I shop. Everyone at the mall has one motive: to shop. Whether it is to shop for the perfect prom dress or something flattering, we, as shoppers, are all united by our purpose for going to the mall.

When I walk around in the gigantic enveloping walls of the mall, I feel as if a brand new adventure has just opened up for me. What new shirts are in style this fall season? Are ripped jeans out already? The best thing about shopping is that I am in control of everything. If I see a shirt that I adore, I am the one who decides if I want to buy it or not. However, if one does not buy that shirt, there will not be negative consequences. That is the beauty of shopping. One has an abundant number of choices.

Friday, February 5th 2021
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About me

I'm new on this site but I'm cam girl for more than 3 years. I have experience and I'm able to satisfy your fantasies. In all this years I discovered I love role play so feel free to come in my room and let's play, let's make fantasies to come real. Here is not a place to judge , here is a place to live on the edge. If you like BBW , come in my room and let's make real everything you think is just a dream.
By the way if you like to dominate come and make me all yours.
I will keep you updated here about me and my life and at Erotica section you will find my fantasies.

kiss you, xoxoox

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