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Tuesday, August 8th 2023
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In My View Cambridgeshire Is God's Own Country.
Even the Gods need a vacation too, and when they decided to take one, they probably looked at the world map and pointed straight at Cambridgeshire. Legend has it that when God was in his "experimental architect" phase, he created the Fens – a lowland area with more water than a duck's dreamland. Now, we don't know if that was a result of a divine tea spill, but it sure makes for some epic water-based adventures.

If you thought Zeus had a cool ride with his lightning bolt, wait until you see the people of Cambridgeshire on their bicycles! The place is flatter than a pancake that got sat on by a super chill giant. With more bike lanes than you can shake a sausage roll at, it's like the divine powers that be decided, "Let there be bikes!"

Now, when you think of divine knowledge, you think of universities, right? Well, guess what? Cambridgeshire is home to one of the most prestigious universities in the world – the University of Cambridge. It's so renowned that even the all-knowing, all-powerful celestial beings would give it a nod of approval. Maybe they even dropped some wisdom here and there during tea breaks.

If there's one thing gods love (apart from lightning bolts), it's a good old afternoon tea. Cambridgeshire has that covered too! With cream teas, scones, and cucumber sandwiches that would make even Thor drool, it's safe to say that Cambridgeshire is like a divine tea party thrown just for giggles.

From the quirky landscapes to the academic brilliance, the cycling euphoria to the boat punting antics, and of course, the tea-time extravaganzas – Cambridgeshire is the kind of place that would make even the mightiest of gods giggle with glee. Cheers to Cambridgeshire, the Gods' own country (or so we like to think)!
Saturday, October 8th 2022
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Lets Enjoy More Romance In Our Lives.
Romance is not just an old fashioned concept. It is still alive and well in the 21st century. The age of romance is not just about flowers, chocolates, and roses. It is also about time and attention. People are busy nowadays, so they are looking for that special someone who will be there for them when they need it the most. Most people look for their mate in the workplace; but you might find your match on a night out or a Friday afternoon coffee date. There is no need to go in search of love like some people do, everyone can experience love and romance if they know where to find it.

It's something that we can experience in our everyday lives. We all want to be loved and feel loved, but sometimes it's hard to find the right person. We are surrounded by people who don't know how to touch our hearts or speak to our souls. We have become so accustomed to feeling lonely that we don't even notice when someone is trying hard to break through our walls and get close to us.

It's time for us to stop and take a good look at what we're doing with our lives. It's time for us to start thinking about what we want and how we want it, instead of just going with the flow because it seems easier that way. .It's time for us to step out of the shadows and into the light.

Romance may be about love and friendship. It may involve flowers, perfume, chocolates, and handsome men who are actually gentlemen. It may involve a time when men opened doors for women and pulled out chairs for them to sit on. It might also involve someone who can't stop checking their phone because they're waiting to see if that special someone has texted them back yet or someone who just can't seem to get their head around the idea of meeting in person because they're so used to texting people all day long.

In any case, romance is alive and well in today's world. But what exactly is romance? Romance is a brief moment of high emotion, intoxicating excitement, and a sense of security when you are with your lover or significant other. The definition of romance is a “love affair” or “relationship, one that is full of passion and love.”

Romance is an art form with deep roots in human history that continues to evolve as each generation redefines what it means to be romantic in the modern world.
Monday, October 4th 2021
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Women Love Lingerie.
It is no secret that women like lingerie. While men often like to see women wearing lingerie, women enjoy even more wearing lingerie. Good lingerie can make a woman feel sexy, no matter what she is wearing on the outside. Inside, she knows that she is wearing sexy lingerie and it gives her confidence. The feeling of sexy confidence is just one reason why women like lingerie. Over the centuries, women have used lingerie in many different ways. Corsets were in fashion up until about 60 years ago and women would bind themselves into corsets to get what used to be called an hourglass figure. It was desirable, in the early part of the 20th century, for women to have small waists. For this reason, girls were often put into corsets at a young age so that their waists would not get large. It was uncomfortable, unhealthy and restricting to say the least. Nowadays, women like lingerie for the way it feels on their skin as well as the way it makes them feel about themselves. Lingerie is still used to improve what are often seen as flaws in the figure of a woman. Women will wear control type panties if they wish to flatten their stomach and buttocks. Women with small chests will wear push up bras or padded bras to give them more cleavage and allow their clothing to look better on them. In the mirror, a woman will examine herself in lingerie and like what she sees as she will often purchase products that will enhance her figure and hide her flaws. In addition to being figure flattering, lingerie will make someone feel sexy. It is normal for a woman to wear sexy undergarments or nightgowns when going to bed to try to evoke passion in her mate. A woman uses lingerie to invoke the sense of sight when arranging for a romantic evening with her partner. She will often wear enticing lingerie that she knows will arouse him. The feeling of such fabrics as silks and satin on bare skin is pleasing to most women and this is yet another reason why women like lingerie. Good lingerie uses quality fabrics, such as silk, that feels good against the skin. There is much lingerie in the silk line that makes a woman feel comfortable as well as sexy. Even women who are single and without a significant other in their lives revel in lingerie. It is not only used to arouse a mate but also as a confidence builder for any woman. A woman wearing sexy lingerie likes the way she looks in the mirror and knows that she will be desired. Just because a woman is single is no reason to give up wearing sexy lingerie. With the confidence that she gains by feeling good about herself on the inside, she will not be single long unless she chooses to be. Fine fabrics, ribbons, and laces have been coveted over the centuries by women who generally like to have feminine, pretty things. Many women enjoy the sensuality of just being a woman. They enjoy painting their nails, wearing makeup, wearing certain scents and lotions and wearing feminine style clothing. In addition, women like lingerie because it makes them feel more like a woman in every way. It is not only, if purchased properly, used to enhance the figure, but also to make a woman feel more like a woman. Each day, most women work hard the same way as men do. Many women work today in fields that were strictly only for men 30 years ago. It is nice for a woman who works in such a field to remind herself every once in a while that she is a woman. Although she may be wearing a hard hat and jeans, if underneath she is wearing a lacy camisole, she will feel very much like a woman. It is probably, for this reason, the most why women like lingerie.

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