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Tuesday, July 16th 2024
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Friday Fun part 1
Well Friday started well!!
We arranged to pick up a regular for some naughty car fun. Whilst Steve drove us around I was in the back with the naughty regular.
He had me squirting all over the seats.
We then dropped him off back to his car with a massive smile on his face.
We then had the pleasure to meet a new sexy guy who wanted to find us parked up and watch us fucking. He found us and watched through the open door of the car.
It all got abit much for him and he couldn’t resist fingering my pussy after Steve had unloaded inside me.
2 happy guys hope to see you both again soon.
Next part was later that evening was so so naughty xx
Tuesday, July 16th 2024
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Friday Fun Part 2
After a rather entertaining afternoon out and about we decided that we would check ourselves into a hotel have a few drinks in the bar and see where the evening takes us.
We started getting ready and Steve gave my pussy a lick before we went down. Little did I know that Steve had arranged for us to meet a guy in the bar for a couple drinks before returning to the room with him in tow lol.
We chatted over drinks with the slightly older gentleman sitting next to me and Steve opposite. Wasn’t long till his hand was rubbing my leg and between my thighs. I felt he deserved alittle stroke so felt his cock through his trousers and he was rock hard.
We got to the room I got changed into something more revealing and the naughty fun started with all sorts of positions being tried out.
Steve had managed to organise another guy to join us and with the approval of our current guest he was quickly in the room and naked.
By this time the bed was absolutely covered in squirt. Our 1st visitor unloaded all over my tits and our 2nd visitor done an incredible job in clearing up lol xx
They left the room and we were on our own for 10 mins before a young man with an amazing cock arrived.
He hadn’t wanted anyone there but after a few minutes we had persuaded him allow the 2nd guy come back up.
What followed was each of them taking it in turns fucking my pussy there was explosion after explosion of squirt and I have never soaked a bed so much.
Apologies to the hotel lol
They all finished over my tits and after our clean up guy didn’t miss a drop xx
Absolutely incredible and hoping to arrange a bigger and better get together.
Really want 6 guys in the same room at the same time taking it in turns pounding my pussy
We sent
Thursday, May 16th 2024
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Perved on in the supermarket
Had a very naughty meet this afternoon.
One of my sexy regulars wanted to bump into me at the local supermarket and followed me round perving on me.
I was wearing a tight top and tight leggings.
He bumped into me as I was looking at some new knickers in the clothes section and he definitely had a good look at my arse.
Steve found it very naughty and was walking around with a semi lol.
He followed us at a distance down stairs where I saw a lovely pair of jugs on the bottom shelf. I bent over too have a look with my legs straight and bum in the air you walked around the corner and later informed me my leggings were a bit see through when I bent over and he could see my knickers. He also told me that he wasn’t the only one having a good old look as he noticed a couple of other guys perving over my arse.
He then followed us back to the car and he jumped in the back with me and Steve drove us to a nice quite spot where we had some naughty fun xx
Love to do that again maybe around a well known shopping centre in Kent hahah
Any offers???
Thursday, April 4th 2024
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What a day we had yesterday

We meet some rather naughty guys who had me squirting everywhere which was a bonus lol xx
One of our naughty regulars purchased my squirt soaked stockings which was a massive turn on for me.
Had 2 loads over my Tits and then squirted all over another guys cock and balls. Was definitely a wet Wednesday lol

Finished with a rather polite guy asking if he could unload all over my face hahah. As he asked so politely I said he could which he didn’t need to be asked twice as he covered my face with his warm spunk xx

Today is a new day and I’m looking to be even naughtier xx
Monday, October 9th 2023
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Naughty MMMF
Hope your week has started well.
I’m still thinking of the very naughty and wet meet we had last week.
We were joined by 2 very sexy guys who were able to play with us for a couple of hours.
Never met them before and they didn’t know each other so was a little nervous.
Those nerves quickly vanished when male A turned up.
I was blindfolded on the bed waiting.
Male A went to work starting by licking and gently fingering my pussy for a while and made me squirt over and over again whilst Steve fucked my face.
Wasn’t long until there was a knock at the door and Male B showed up he walked into the room and was met by Steve and the view of me having my pussy eaten lol xx
He was quickly undressed and before I knew it I had 3 big cocks to play with.
I didn’t know who was who as they took it in turns fucking my pussy and my mouth.
One point I had 3 fingers inside my wet pussy and they belonged to 3 different guys I was squirting again.
My favourite position was me getting fucked doggy (I think by male A) had another under me in 69 position licking my clit. I was wanking him off as I was sucking another cock.
Never been so satisfied.
Next I would like a larger group of guys in the room taking it in turns as others wank and watch xx
Thank you so much to all involved.
Had an absolutely amazing afternoon.
Still can’t believe how wet that bed was
Wednesday, September 20th 2023
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Bang Bus
Heading out in the car today and hoping to get interested guys to fuck me in the back as Steve watches or even better as he drives us around lol.
Imagine being picked up and driven around as we fuck in the back and then dropped back with a smile on your face.
I’m sure Steve can find some nice quite roads to drive along as your pounding my pussy xx
Not sure how this will go but I’m extremely excited to try.
It’s making me wet just thinking about it xx
Don’t be shy guys get in touch and who can will be 1st
Wednesday, January 18th 2023
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Iced Buns
Today was a first for me. Met multiple men for the first time and I absolutely loved it. We arranged to meet 3 guys to spunk on my tits one after the other and we weren’t disappointed 💦💦💦.
Was alittle nervous and thought it wasn’t meant to be as the place we arranged to meet was too busy so we looked and found a nice quiet place around the corner.
We directed the first guy in, he arrived no problems. Came around to where I was positioned and unzipped as Steve removed my tits from my sports bra. As I sucked and wanked Steve off the lovely man wanked himself of vigorously and in no time he was unleashed his massive load all over my big tits. Quick good bye and a clean up amd it was the turn of guy number two. He weekend no problem and very much the same happened he also unleashed a massive load over my tits and away he went lol.
Was extremely horny moment and I just wanted Steve to bend me over and fuck me from behind but we had to be ready for number three. He was abit further away. Steve and I resisted the urge to fuck and decided to go to the local pud for a quick beverage.
By the time we finished the third guy arrived and we met him in the same spot as we were before. This guy we had seen before and he did not disappoint. He wanked his hard cock to within an inch of its life and in no time he was covering my tits with his warm spunk.
Felt so good and absolutely loved it.
Will definitely be doing that again Maybe with multiple guys at the same time. Let me know if you would be up for this and I will definitely be arranging this in the future.
Even had time for Steve to fuck me at home after so was a very good day for me lol.
Kitty xx

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