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Friday, June 20th 2014
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Fan meet compilation HD rental
So how's it going, I'm good thanks. Just a quick blog entry to tell you about my first fan meet compilation video that is now available in my movie rentals area. It consists of four fan meets from September 2014 up until May 2014 and is in 720p (HD) quality. What struck me is that I've only had four fan meets in all that time and I really need to meet more of you so if I have said I'd like to meet you and you have my number please remind me who you are by dropping me a little SMS to my mobile and hopefully fan meet compilation videos won't be a rare thing ;-)
Sunday, May 18th 2014
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Fan meet 8th May 2014
Hi all

It's Sunday afternoon and I just thought I'd update my blog by telling you about the fan meet I had earlier this month. I had been promising to meet this 21 year old fan for over a year but he had a fair bit to travel and so as I was working in an office a bit nearer to him I arranged to meet after work.

I got to the pub, he turned up about 10 minutes later and we had a drink and a chat in the bar. What happened after that is all in the latest video clip in my movies section along with a few pics in the "Fan Meets" album. But...I think you'll get the idea from the picture which was taken after we left the pub and we were in the back of my car
Sunday, April 6th 2014
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Fan meet 20th March 2014
Had another fan meet with a young guy a few weeks ago, the video is now online for you to see. So I was feeling in a naughty mood a few days earlier and texted a few random guys from my contacts to see who would be free on the Thursday night that I would be working late, which is always a good time for a meet as it's just a case of coming out of work in the city center and meeting up in any of the numerous pubs around. This 25 year old guy promptly got back and so we arranged a time and place.

As you usual a nervous guy turned up and we had a nice chat and a drink in the pub and his nerves soon disappeared. After an hour or so we headed off and he gave me a good fucking, making sure not to mess up my good work suit :-)
Wednesday, March 19th 2014
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"New pictures" gallery and free gallery updates
Hi and how are you doing?

From today I will start updating my private gallery at least twice per week with the new era of pictures that are being produced from my fancy new camera, a Sony RX100II. This camera is tiny and takes amazing quality pics without having to think too much about it. It's great for quick discreet shots while out and about and I hope to test that in the real world very soon during up and coming fan meets.

Since there is a lot of talk about what minors should and shouldn't be allowed to see on the interenet, Adultwork have taken a stance on this and all pictures which are outwith an age restricted area will now have to be tamed down and so basically you will have to be an age verified member to see the good stuff ;-)
Sunday, October 27th 2013
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Fan meet on 22/9/2013
Just catching up on a few things I forgot to mention so I'll mention them over the next few days on my blog here.

So husband got this super-duper new camcorder that has a night shot function and a video light and thus makes it ultra brilliant for capturing low light situations, and as you know, a lot of fun goes on in those conditions ;-)

It preformed great during a recent fan meet on the 22nd September when I met this fan and ended up bouncing on his cock in a car and then letting him screw me doggy outside.

Talking of videos, I've dispensed with the "Episode" naming convention and now just calling them by the date on which they occurred . That way you can easily correlate them with my Twitter feed and YouTube channel, the details of which you will find in the links section on my profile.
Saturday, October 26th 2013
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Fan meet on 30th July pictures posted.
Just posted the pictures from a fan meet on the 30th July with a 22 year old from Birmingham who was up in Glasgow for work. We had been sexting for a while and when he said he would be in town we arranged a date in a city pub for a meet. I turned up in a short skirt just long enough to cover my stockings and girdle suspender belt. We got on like a house on fire and after the pub went to a quiet alley to give him a good feel of my MILF arse then drove off somewhere and I bent over for him and let him fuck me doggy.

You'll find the pictures in the fan meets album.
Wednesday, October 23rd 2013
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Encounter on a night out 27th may 2013.

Posting pictures from a night out on the 27th May. Was out in town and got chatting to a guy in a bar who was in his early 30's, one thing (and a few drinks) led to another and he suggested showing us a few more bars to which I replied OK as long as he doesn't mind my hubby tagging along. Eventually ended up back at his place for a few more drinks and gave him some personal time with my tits and pussy then I sucked his dick before leaving.

You'll find the pictures in the unplanned meets album.

Have fun ;-)
Sunday, January 6th 2013
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Happy 2013
Well I'm just over the worst cold I've ever had, 2 weeks it lasted and totally ruined my Christmas and New Year. Anyway I hope none of you had it and you all had a great time celebrating whatever you like to celebrate.

I thought I'd start off with some new pictures in the Schoolgirl Uniform album. I got this one from Quiz Clothing, they sell a lot of sexy stuff in their shoolgirl uniform range and so I thought I'd pair this black uniform dress with grey knee socks from Primark, if you are ever in the St. Enoch center you will find the shops there. I also got the white knickers from Asda, which wasn't in the St Enoch center.

Mrs Sandie
Wednesday, September 26th 2012
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Quick bit of naughty fun on the way home from work
Sandie here:

Felt horny at work one day last week so texted hubby to see if he was up for some fun. So, after picking me up from work and going to the supermarket for a few groceries he took me for a bit of a drive and stopped off at a car park. I started showing him a few nice views for a couple of pictures which attarcted the attention of this guy in the car park. I rolled down the window and asked him to park next to us for a chat, which he did. Once I found out he was a nice young horny lad I invited him in the back of the car and sucked his cock and wanked him off till he emptied all over my hand. Got a bit of spunk on my nice work suit tho

Oh, let him take a few pics when we got back home too.

Pics are in the "Unplanned meets" folder.
Monday, June 4th 2012
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A quick update.
Hi again

Ye I know what you're thinking, where's the updates? Well I'm just about completely settled in my new house now and it's all decorated and looking just the way I want it. So now I can finally relax, chill out and get on with the life of MILF'ing in the wonderful city of Milfdom (well Glasgow really). That's twice I've moved house within a year and it's such a right pain in the arse but this house is the one. Hope to get pictures and stuff back into full swing as it were this week. Keep an eye on twitter as that's the first place that gets updated, then my blog when I have something more substantial to say, and that will be at least once a week with pics going into the "daily pics" album every few days.

Sunday, April 15th 2012
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Thanks for inventing the digital camera...........
...whoever that was.

I was unpacking some stuff the other day and came across this box, I instantly got to thinking about the start of my horny life. Why you may ask? Well because it's full of the Polaroid pictures my husband to be (boyfriend at the time) used to take of me back in the 90's.

I then had a thought about the catalyst that ignited my sex life. It Was when me and my boyfriend first moved out of our parents houses and into a little council flat together. He said to me "great, now we can have guys round and you can have a cock in every hole". I gave him a look but the idea made me tingle with excitement.

The day when we moved in a bed got delivered, and that night I was on it, legs spread in stockings and suspenders getting him to take a picture, with the Polaroid camera we had bought a few years earlier, for a magazine called "Scottish Contacts", it was the picture you can see at the top of the pile that was used in the ad. This was well before the internet in 1994 or 95 and top shelf contact mags were the only way.

Anyway, I had the pictures scanned, and I have put them all in a gallery album for you to see called "My Old Polaroids"
Tuesday, April 10th 2012
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A few more older pics, pre-haircut, and..
..some more of a random chat up with a guy. I posted a few of these pics a while back but never got round to showing you what happened afterwards. Well to put it bluntly, he fucked me silly, outside in the cold night air after managing to find a nice discreet spot far away from prying eyes, other than the eye on the end of my husbands camera of course. It ended up with him spunking all over my tits and face, which I think has came out quite nicely in the pics. Sorry if things are looking a bit "over exposed" there but I needed to brighten them for things to come out clearly. Anyway, I don't think you will mind.

Pictures are in the Unplanned Meets folder

Oh, the free video I have in my movie clips is from that night. It's not 1080p but..well just have a look.
Saturday, April 7th 2012
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Good Friday pyjama day
Isn't Easter time great? More daylight, feeling things getting a bit warmer, plants renewing, little lambs bouncing about the fields (yummy) and best of all a holiday weekend (I don't get many holidays these days so forgive me for being over excited he he). Well yesterday, to celebrate the first day off of my holiday weekend, I decided I was having a pyjama day, stayed in all day, watched crap television programmes and then and I thought it would be good if I had a naughty morning taking a few pictures. I went on cam for a little bit and got into my usual horny mode and needed to get the dildo out for a second day in a row.

I've put the pics in the new "Daily Pics" folder
Thursday, April 5th 2012
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Normal service has resumed :-)
Hi, well after moving house and getting settled in I'm finaly ready to start getting serious on my blog and pictures again. First I've rearranged the albums a bit and done away with bi-monthly albums, made a new album called My Daily Pics and kept what I like to call the categories.

You will always see the latest pics listed first in the albums so it shouldn't be hard to find what you are looking for. The catagories remain as Excursions, Planned meets, Unplanned meets and Schoolgirl Uniform but anything else will go in the Daily Pics album.

And to start here are the pics from this morning a few of which you may have seen on twitter. I thought I'd just come on and have some fun on cam before going out to work, I ended up having to relieve myself with a dildo tho.

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