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Friday, January 20th 2017 View Blog
Tailoring my ways #1
I started escorting on the 7th of April 2014.

What I have always want was to gain time. Money is good and I like it, but time...time is the most precious thing one has, in fact is one of the two things we have. Time and a body. It breaks my heart the memories of working for the minimum wage, always without time and without money.

But as I was saying, I didn't start escorting because of money per se, although is the money that gives me the possibility to buy my own time. Oh! the perks of capitalism.

On my first day, I was so excited (a bit scared too, but mostly excited) that I booked four people, luckily one end up cancelling. I had no idea what I was doing. I thought that three people, 1 hour outcall each in 8 hours, would be more than enough. Surely I have had times that I had sex more than 4 times a day, my naif thought. I absolutely forgot that I would be travelling around the big Smokey city, that I had to eat, that sometimes after sex (if it's good) a quick shower and brushing teeth is not enough, I would need to wash my hair, my face, and apply make up again.

I did the 3 bookings like a trooper, I remember all of them. I got home happy, exhausted, less poor, and with a wonderful tingling feeling inside me. Not inside as, in my genitals, more inside as, in my heart.

For me, the heavier part of my job is the stigma. It's what sometimes makes me feel sad and without energy for it.

After my first day of escorting, I decided that I would never again see more than two people, and with a few hours gap between them. And I am happy I made this decision. Sometimes the people I meet share with me things that I find hard to instantly recover from. Because it can be a sad story, or trauma, or just something that it can trigger emotions in me. Sharing is a wonderful thing and I can only feel honoured. But to get back to my joyful lighted spirit, doesn't happen as soon as someone leaves. I need the space/time to close and open my heart again.

Some people hold the believe, that the Happy Hooker is a myth. Well, I can guarantee that I am happy. And I am definitely made of blood, flesh and bones...I would be way more happy if what I do was not as stigmatised and sometimes criminalised as it is. Also because and mostly, would help people who don't like the job as much*, and want to quit to do it without social retaliation!

* I also believe that there is no big deal to do a job without passion, we have all been in jobs we didn't like. As long it's a choice! And I am not saying that my way of working is the best, some people can't deal with admin and prefer to be in the streets or in a brothel.
If there is something that I find beautiful about the adult industry is that we all manage our own way of managing our business...after all, no matter what the conditions are, we are all free lancers.
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Friday, January 20th 2017 View Blog
Mmmm call a lady whilst having sex
Hi there,

Well just spent 2 hours with the lovely J, took some photos and videos and had a fab time, during this time I like to talk dirty and a Lovely lady that's coming to the Isle of Wight and j has seen her before, I asked him to call her whilst he was fucking me missionary, how sexy is that! anyway he had a quick chat with her then passed the phone to me well I was panting slightly as j was sliding his cock in and out of me as we were talking, she has an amazing voice and sounds sexy and she has never been with a woman before so I'll be her first and will certainly be popping her cherry ha! Can't wait to kiss her all over and seduce her too... the 3 sum is going to be thrilling and I can't wait until spring when that time comes if not sooner.

It was an am amazing couple of hours this morning so thank you J and look forward to seeing you soon.

Love Rosie xxxx
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Friday, January 20th 2017 View Blog
Service swap [:D]
Hello everyone.
This is my 1st ever blog. Keeping you up to date with life with Peaches
Service swap has been going so well and thank you to all the lovely men who have offered up their sevices.
I've had someone in to paint the bedroom this morning and a nice man in to clean the hallway and bedroom carpet.
Lots of updating to the property going on.
Bathroom next and redecorating the hallway.
Must get some new pillows and throws.
I am also looking for a slave to clean the filthy kitchen from top to bottom.
New crop (whip) coming this week
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Friday, January 20th 2017 View Blog
Really digging the whole wet-look thing...

Any recommendations ladies and gents?

Where do you all shop?


I went in for lingerie, came out with clothes. I am happy with them, but I really need to find a good place to find better lingerie.

I tried on a cute af mermaid bra but they didn't have my size in stock which was super disappointing.

I can't fault them when they have a sale though, they really go for it.

The only other place I know of in town is a teeny sex shop at the bottom, it sold a lot of real latex stuff, but it's super pricey and they didn't have a huge range but I'm not sure if it's even still there.

Westwood bound is now only online. I actually wanna try stuff on before I buy it so it's not really any good.

Come on Plymouth, get your shit together, Ann Summers isn't cutting it for us with a bit more of an appetite for fun and sex...
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Friday, January 20th 2017 View Blog
A threesome on the phone :)
Just had a phone call from James who at the time was entertaining Rosie on the Isle of Wight. Seems I was in the wrong place...but are looking forward to being in the right place in the spring time.

Really looking forward to seeing James again and seeing Rosie for the first time :)) and my first threesome... hearing about James fucking Rosie just wasn't enough although hearing James breathless voice was enough to know they were both enjoying themselves....lucky them :))

Looking forward to seeing the photos later...and Rosie sounds lovely, so looking forward to our first kiss and more...never know, you guys might be lucky enough to see photos of us...so keep peeled to my private photos.

Maybe you would like to join us both in the Spring when I visit the Isle of Wight...let us know. X
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Friday, January 20th 2017 View Blog
Amazing Friday Sunshine!!
This is my first blog so this is all pretty new to me being on AW. I am enjoying every single minute of being Online and watched by those of you who like to watch a pretty girl get naked and naughty.

I am a naturally good actress when it comes to being a switch (dominant and submissive) I am good at doing both roles and I give a excellent service to those who seek a new mistress. I am open to anything from fetishes to fantasies and will post stuff out to you on request.

A friend introduced me to this website which she was working from. I was a bit apprehensive of joining knowing that maybe people might think that they know me when really they don't. I always get asked if "have we met before? you look familiar" and I reply "sorry no!" I am sure they are just being polite! but London is a big place and there are millions of girls with dark hair like me, I am sure it is just a corny chat up line...lol

I am loving every single minute being on here, I have met a wonderful punter who took the opportunity to meet me in person, first time he has ever done is meet a girl from here! Amazing experience and wow I should of joined this site years ago! where was I? lol slaving away at making theatre costumes lol! as my other job!

Anyway Have to go, will update more soon on my life, work, play!

Love & Light

Felicity x
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Friday, January 20th 2017 View Blog
A Coco de Mer salon for squirting fans!
Coco de Mer in Covent Garden run regular 'evenings of education' on all manner of erotic subjects, from the art of bondage to oral sex, seduction techniques, and there is one on March 14, which may appeal to gentlemen who love to make their lady squirt.

In my experience, very few men, even accomplished lovers, know how to properly stimulate a woman's G-spot, although it can massively enhance the pleasure of oral sex or vibrator play, in the same way that prostate massage makes a blow job so bone meltingly intense.

The seminar is called "Female ejaculation and the G-spot", costs £95 including drinks, and promises to increase your knowledge of the 'hidden gateway to love and intimacy', and also entitles you to a 20% discount on classy lingerie, sex toys and erotica. Of course, you can watch the G-spot massage instruction videos on YouTube, but they're not half as much fun.

Unfortunately I'm not getting paid for this plug, but am very much hoping that you'll come to see me with your newly acquired love god skills and practice on me!
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Friday, January 20th 2017 View Blog
Sun shinning

Sitting in bed this morning the sun is streaming through the windows and looking forward to meeting a very new and nervous client today.
I understand you might be nervous when you visit me , that's why I like to talk to you before you book, that's why I ask you to call me and confirm your booking on the day of your appointment.
Sometimes nerves get the better of all of us and it's my role to put you at ease and allow you to enjoy your time with me, it's your time with me, not my time with you.
If you just need lots of hugs and someone to talk to that's great , a quick visit and leave feeling relieved that's great. A long sink in the bath listening to music amazing.
Please just tell me what you need and want and I will do my best to provide , I take a great deal of satisfaction in making our time together very special.
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Friday, January 20th 2017 View Blog
We are lucky with good health
All the time I listen to selfish folk moaning about LIFE
Live it enjoy it and dream the dream.
Make your dreams real feel the dream smell the dream !!
Roll play Queen name your thoughts loud and clear .
It's to short to be miserable and depressed all you happy people .
Get up power walk to the music blaring threw your system
Or a swim at your local gym or a taste of the treadmill .
It's 2017 make it work push your happy self.
on this note it's time to spoil ME in my bubbles .
And a large swig of ............. Coffee haha bet you thought that was champagne
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Friday, January 20th 2017 View Blog
Good morning guys;-)
So it is twenty five past six in the morning and I am off to my gym for a high octane work out, I can not wait;-).
Yesterday was pretty busy out and about..before that a couple of weeks not around due to my day to day commitments however today I am looking forward to fun with you.....okay okay..100 words..what else..hmm...requests to travel pretty far from nice sounding guys but no feedback and to meet at their home, nope..no can do.
I am very polite yet clear on such and such this morning is a mixture of cardio HIIT style with a lot of stretching....strength training will occur next week, okay the gym is calling....guys..I am wishing you a gorgeously great day, for now...Yaffaxx

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