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Saturday, July 22nd 2017 View Blog
Long week
This week has felt longggggggg.

I have been figuring out when my clients are usually on and taking breaks accordingly.

It's been fun too with many clients coming in to have fun with me, even without reviews.

I have had some lovely comments on my profile and that it shows I'm a genuine Domme.

I have also had other ladies on here changing their own profiles and cam blurb to match mine, which is a bit annoying.
Plagiarism is everywhere! lol

At the end of the day anyone who has experience of Real Life D/s and s/m will see beyond their words and come my way; it's inevitable.

Still only one review, but who cares!
At the end of the day a serious and worthy client will make sure to check me out, read my profile and try me out.

My concentration now is on building up a friendship with my clients and only playing with true gentlemen. :)

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Saturday, July 22nd 2017 View Blog
My First Blog!!!!!
When you guys call me up, a lot of the time I get the question- are you real?

Let me tell you something: I’m as REAL as they come...

Then, when they MEET me, they ask me again- are you REAL!?!?

They mean, of course, my huge porn-star BOOBIES and double-bubble-trouble butt!!

Well let me tell you, I come from a looong line of TITS and ASS.

Back in northern Brasil, I grew up dirt-poor but happy, with PLENTY of sisters. One of my strongest memories is watching Juliana (one of the older girls, then about seventeen) trying to squeeze her TITANIC (but deeply tanned and perfectly smooth) TUSH into some stretchy white denims.

Talk about a vision!

The material was so THIN and practically see-through, like a second skin, and those pants went right up her plump crack, both front and back. She was cursing and biting her lip as she packed in that juicy, OVERSIZED rump, and there was a fine dewy sweat glistening on those big basketball cheeks. She’d do this practically every weekend, and us younger girls would find it all too funny...!

Until of course she came home later that night with two of the, y’know, BIG boys from school, crotches BULGING like they were smuggling two well-fed anacondas. They all passed me on the stairs (Momma was sleeping) and Juliana smiled at me with a wicked gleam in her eye that I would get to know VERY well...

My room was next door. I might have been young, but I wasn’t innocent, and I knew full well about the GRUNTING and the PANTING and the MOANING, the headboard BANGING against the wall, all those blissful ANIMALISTIC noises I had to listen to the whole damn night. Rumour soon got around school; those horny hounds had literally POURED cock into her at both ends, and in ALL of her hot greedy holes. I don’t know if she did the DP but it sure fucking sounded like it!

Honestly, to see that self-satisfied, bovine, freshly-FUCKED look on her face the next day after her studs had slinked off home! The CAT that got (far too much) CREAM!!

Juliana could hardly walk straight, and it wasn’t to be the only time. I mean, Momma hardly approved, but she couldn’t complain, she was probably the biggest slut of all of us- big sleepy come-hither eyes, gargantuan milk-jugs just WOBBLING about everywhere (with her hard brown nips jutting WAAY out front) and almost perpetually pregnant...!

I had such a great time growing up!!!

Hell, that might have been the first occasion I rubbed one out, listening to Juliana shake the timbers, but I don’t really remember. See, me and my sisters didn’t wear many clothes back on the farm and the hot Latin nights were usually stickier than our saucy little slots.

To this day, I can never much keep my hands away from my greedy puss-puss and remembering all this is getting me BUSY down there... I’m struggling now in fact, so if my phone doesn’t ring (and probably even if it DOES) I’ll get loading up the kind of porn that men like (you know the sort) and edge the afternoon away...

I’m telling you- some people are BORN with it, some GROW into it, and some are just BOTH!!!

Oh, and Juliana’s slutty, skin-tight, man-magnet jeans? Well, guess who was all too pleased to get hand-me-downs on her eighteenth birthday!! They fit on me just as NASTILY as they did on her, and my CLIT still tingles like billy-o when I force that well-frotted crotch up my silky pink TWAT and go out in public (panty-free, of course!!!)


Come back soon as I write more about my growing up in Brasil and how I became the happy-go-lucky, bubbly, busty girl I am today. Sometimes I think- if I hadn’t taken this trip to Europe I’d be just like my sisters, breeding like rabbits and spending my days finding new and interesting ways to get COCK into me...

Oh wait, I still do that!

Your Paola x

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Saturday, July 22nd 2017 View Blog
Baste My Breasts In Ball Juice!
Lots to report this week (as usual!) kicking-off with a quick thank-you to the lovely chap who visited me for an al-fresco liaison in my secluded garden early in the week. Guys often arriving bearing gifts of Champagne or perfume (for which I’m always very appreciative) but this particular chap bought me a rather unusual (but extremely pleasing) gift with a difference – a vibrating rubber-duck! He said that perhaps I might like to keep it in my hot-tub for those times when I wasn’t entertaining a ‘gentleman caller’ so didn’t have a stiff cock to hand but might be feeling horny and in the need for some satisfaction and I have to say said rubber-duckie has already seen plenty of use between my thighs! I do like to relax in my hot-tub naked with a Margarita at the end of a busy day’s ‘entertaining’ and all that stiff cock I get most days often leaves me feeling horny, so being able to switch on the powerful vibrations and tease my engorged love-bud with the beak or tail of the duckie to bring myself off is a pure delight – and of course being waterproof it’s perfectly suited for me to use under the foaming water of my hot-tub!

As you’ll already know, I do love role-play scenarios and just lately I’ve noticed a definite increase in the number of younger guys who want to come and be seduced by a hot MILF like me. In fact twice in the past few days I’ve adopted the role of a sexually confident ‘cougar’ who has seduced a poor ‘unsuspecting’ young guy who has come to my home on some errand – the first was a supposed neighbour who popped round one evening to deliver a package for me that was left at his house whilst I was out and found me clad only in a silky robe having just got out of the bath. Feeling horny (as always!) I ‘accidentally’ let my robe fall open as I reached out to take the package affording him a view of my plump firm 36”DD breasts and then invited him in to make a ‘delivery’ of stiff cock into my tight juicy cunt. Then the following day I similarly played the part of a mate’s mum who seduces her son’s pal when he pops round to drop off some money that he owes him and interrupts me trying on a new lingerie set comprising a black lace quarter-cup bra, panties & stockings/suspenders teamed with spike-heeled stilettos. I invite him in and ask for his opinion on my new attire and…well I’m sure you can guess the rest! Suffice to say that ten minutes after he’d arrived he was sitting on my sofa with his trousers around his ankles watching me kneeling between his thighs and performing a long sloppy blow-job - and a further five minutes after that my black lace panties were around my knees whilst I was bent over my sofa as he frantically pumped his throbbing stiffie into my squelching cunt from behind – lovely!

I also had a rather different booking yesterday which was from a really sweet guy who contacted me to ask if I’d be willing to meet with him for a ‘no sex’ appointment. He explained that he was a big fan and had wanked himself senseless numerous times whilst watching my XXX videos over the years and had also fantasised about meeting me but (as much as he’d love to) he just didn’t want to ‘cheat’ on his wife by going ‘all the way’ and fucking me. So, it transpired that he spent a very enjoyable couple of hours with me during which we sat & had a drink naked together at my cocktail bar whilst I recounted some of my sexiest exploits over the years and he stroked & ogled my naked body, before I put on several sexy lap-dances for him in some of my sexiest, skimpiest outfits whilst he wanked his stiff cock, also taking plenty of opportunity to grope my big firm tits and tight arse as I gyrated in front of him. As we’d previously agreed, I didn’t even touch his cock once but we did finish off the liaison with me kneeling in front of him and squeezing my breasts together as he finished himself off all over them, furiously wanking his meat until hot thick cum erupted from his big purple plum and sprayed in thick jets all over my chest. Once he’d pasted my tits with a HUGE thick load I raised my arms above my head as he’d requested and he reached forward to massage his fresh sperm into my globes with obvious relish, marveling at the fact that he’d finally got to empty his fat sack all over my ‘magnificent’ (as he put it) tits and I was now not only letting him rub his penis porridge into my boobs but was also obviously enjoying the feeling of his hot sticky juice on my body. Well it was certainly a different liaison as normally guys can’t wait to be balls-deep in my hot quim but it was really horny watching the obvious delight on his face throughout the evening and knowing that he was being true to his wife by not going ‘all the way’ with me (even though he admitted that he was absolutely desperate to fuck me).

And as if that wasn’t a horny enough week already, I even managed to squeeze in a shoot with a well-hung guy to produce a couple of new XXX video scenes for my profile. The first featured me in my alter-ego as Domineering Female CEO Miss DeLaVere (check out my website) who is interviewing an employee who has put in an application for a promotion and who makes it clear that she expects him to ‘go the extra mile’ if he wishes to be successful. When he enquires as to whats he means, miss DeLaVere opens her blouse and explains that she likes to keep her big firm 36”DDs in super-soft condition with regular applications of fresh spunk from her senior employees. Well of course Miss DeLaVere soon has the chap’s stiff pork in her mouth and expertly sucks him to the point where he can’t help but deposit his dirty man-muck all over her (My) chest which she then massages in. The second scenario featured Miss DeLaVere in my persona as a Sex Therapist with a definite ‘hands-on’ approach to her work, receiving a patient who admits that he’s been having trouble attaining & maintaining an erection and also ejaculating when he does manage to get hard. Miss DeLaVere asks him to remove his trousers & underpants and sit on her couch so that she can carry out an intimate examination. She pulls on latex gloves and carefully examines his penis whilst asking searching questions about what turns him on etc. When he says that he is a breast-man, she unbuttons her tunic to afford him a view of her big tits and starts to manipulate his penis – which surprisingly begins to swell in her hand! He is soon rock-hard so Miss DeLaVere decides to move on to his second dysfunction the inability to ejaculate. Removing her panties she straddles his erect cock and eases herself down onto his bare tool before starting to ride up & down on it with her big melons dangling right in his face. After just a few minutes her ‘patient’ cries out that he’s about to ejaculate but rather than leaping off his stalk, Miss DeLaVere continues to ride on his cock as he squirts heavily deep in her tight cunt. Once he’s finished pumping his hot cum up her she slides off his tool and examines the copious thick sperm oozing out of her freshly filled fuck-hole. “Well I think we can safely say that we have successfully treated both your problems” she purrs “but do feel free to pop back for further treatment if you should have any further problems”.

Well I’m sure you don’t need telling that I had a great time shooting both those horny-as-hell scenarios and the good news is that they will be available on my profile for you to enjoy as soon as my cameraman has finished editing & uploading them. (I’ll try and upload a few of the horny pictures to my Private Gallery for your delectation & delight in the meantime).

Right, now I must dash as I have another gentleman ‘cumming to meat me’ this-evening and I have to slip into my ridiculously small ‘Wicked Weasel’ bikini, which basically consists of three tiny triangles of silky fabric (each no bigger than a tea-bag) attached to some ‘string’ ready to welcome him & mix him a cocktail at my bar. I’ll then be wiggling my way out to my hot-tub in front of him so he can admire my peachy arse, where I have no doubt that my aforementioned ‘Wicked Weasels’ will be hitting the deck fairly soon afterwards, affording said ‘gentleman caller’ easy access to my voluptuous tits and tight shaven sex – well after all, that’s what he’s paying for! Now here’s a quick teaser from my Miss DeLaVere shoot to keep you going (or should I say cumming?) in the meantime. I’m in my role as Sex-Therapist and I’ve just ‘cured’ my patient’s erection problems by showing him my hot juicy tits and I’m just about to mount his stiffie & ride it until he squirts – lucky boy!
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Saturday, July 22nd 2017 View Blog
An amazing Experience...
I had the most amazing Sex last night, even had a cheeky go at anal ;) not my first time though ;) he was just too big for me to handle ;)

I loved every minute of it, I'm going to write a full sexy detailed erotica so keep your eye's peeled if you want to hear about me cumming and squirting all over his face ;)

I came about 4 times and wow I got ruined ;) I love sex so much! I'm not even sorry for being a filthy whore! ;) your supposed to love your work and that's why I'm here ;)

I guess I'm just rambling on a little bit but it is a blog isn't it? ;) I just don't want to give too much away as the its the best erotica I will be able to write ;) you think my previous ones where good ;) boy your in for a treat ;) We fucked for hours and I'm slightly sore just now ;) so can you imagine what we got up to? ;) and if you would like to know like I said keep an eye out on my erotica page ;)

fuck I'm wet just now thinking about it all...
think I need a time out to sort myself out then I can write and have another fun filled fucking myself session after ;)

ooops naughty me ;)
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Saturday, July 22nd 2017 View Blog
absolutey shatteted!
Think that im going to have to take a nap as I'm go tired. I'm looking after pennyjo's dog while she's on her holidays and took the little pooch for a walk and he knackered me out. He had fun that's the main thing and is now sleeping peacefully having a cat nap! (Shouldn't mention cats though hehe) so think I will join him. As long as he doesn't keep me up snorning .

But I'm still taking calls off you lovely people. Just need an hour to recharge my batteries haha.

So going to close my eyes now and imagine dirty thoughts and scenieos. Hope you have a lovely day xxx
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Saturday, July 22nd 2017 View Blog
Fire away
Hi y'all, I haven't put a bog on for a while but been rather busy and I don't mean the 'naughty' business lol

But, I have been having it with a guy I now class as my bloke, he tall, handsome, fit and sexy as fuck.

Last night I picked him up after he'd had a day an evening out with 'the lass' he was a tad pissed but when we got to mine and into bed, fuckin hell !!! His cock was solid.

I am ashamed to say that I took full advantage of him, he intermittently fell asleep but I, the dirty bitch that I am, kept riding his sorry ass !!!

It turned me on soooo much, the fact that he was unconscious some of the time, turned me on more.

Then after an hour I collapsed beside him and had a wonderful sleep. This morning he woke with a stonking hard on and his turn to fuck my cunt.

Yesterday, before he went out, we were at it, he got overheated so I told him to wank onto my face, well he wanked and I sucked on his balls from underneath, then, bang, he exploded all his white muck into and onto my mouth, he saw it trickle down my face and onto my lips, it turned us both on.

We fucked and fucked, licked and sucked, slapped and nibbled, even bit and it was fucking amazing. I fucking love good sex, especially with someone I ❤️
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Saturday, July 22nd 2017 View Blog
Swings some roundabouts
Just turned 31 and birthday was good, as I say in meetings, if I'm not wanking myself on cam, or escorting, I'm off swinging looking for a fuck haha.

Yes love being touched and played with. Get asked a lot if I enjoy what I do don't get bored of it. No I don't I love being touched and seeing what guys can do. Each have there own Technics. I do have to say slow down on some of you. Can't just go into finger blasting me I need to be stimulating or at least lube up, always have lube with me, oh and don't suck it down there its not a cock ha.

That is my tips on how to make me enjoy it more, better both ways. Oh and when I ask if that is alright do say if you prefer me doing things a different way! I'm not psychic and communication is the key so tell me if you want me to do something different. I wanna do my best for you lot too!


While doing the Merthyr trip had two nights where we invited swingers around it was great.

First night met a loverly couple older slim women young stocky guy but both very sexy, started with introductions, drinks and hot tub. A little bit of fondling happened in the hot tub then we swiftly went up stairs to have some fun!

Started with girl on girl, me going down on her for a bit while she wanked both the guys. Then we switched and she licked me and I wanked the guys.

Then the strap on came out and paddle, little bit of spanking with the other two me and hubby just watched really it was amusing, hubby giving the lady hints on how to get nice whack noise out of it. I put the strap on and slid it into the lady as her Mr went behind me and fucked me through the straps as I fucked her. Stayed that way for a bit fucking each other strap on and cock. Then we switched again, she had the strap on, I lay on my back and she fucked me... Then the idea the guy should take it came to light. Not Slav tho he's not quite into that.

So we watched as the guy was enjoying it. I sucked hubby and started riding him while they did that. When the strap on was put away, she rode him while I sat on his face, I believe she came on his cock, then we switched over I rode him while she sat on his face. He came while I was riding him.

That was the night at a good end. Said our goodbyes and hopefully play with them again soon!

The next night got another couple round both young I think below 30's maybe loverly curvy lady nice boobs and bottom the male slim, with a good size cock. Drinks chat and got in the hot tub. Found out they like the same dark comedians as us and that was it just comedy songs all night. Good ole Steven Lynch making us giggle.

Went up stairs me and hubby lay on the bed next to each other, the other two perched at the end of the bed. So I being cheeky said well we're in the right position for receiving. They agreed and both went down on us, her giving hubby a nice sucky blow job, him licking my clit and fingering my pussy. Me and hubby hi 5iving each other haha! (yes we did that)

Loved being licked felt amazing problem was we did have have the comedy music going on at the same time (Songs bout fisting) haa so giggling while sucking was like yeah we're not gonna be able to cum haha. But it was all fun and felt good. I then went down on her licked her lick and fingering her wet pussy. The comedy music was just too funny for any of us to cum, we laughed bit too loudly and did have the neighbours knocking on the wall (oops) so changed the music turned it down a bit, I dunno where the lady and hubby went I think they went to get drinks,lube and the condom box, but I started sucking on his cock, I had not touched the guy all night (just not a gropey person) and he had gone down on me so said it was his turn to be sucked. I don't think he protested too much.

When back she sucked hubby to get him hard then she went on top of him, I bounced on his cock first but my legs are shit get tired after a few seconds lol. (need to exercise more) So he went on top and gave me a good fucking. Shot his load. While the other two was huggy and fingering her.

We then went downstairs and chatted bit more but it was getting late and we had to get up at stupid olock to be out by 10am and if I got any bookings of course.

But yeah I think we'll play contact with both the couples again soon they was both loverly and good fun.

Coming ups

Well as some of you know got a big American RV winnebago was planing on doing some meets in it but just not found a good place to stop I think service stations would be best as its too big to go anywhere else. Tried in Merthyr near the bowling and cinema but at night the chavs came out (twats) and yeah guys wasn't happy bout meeting me there so can't blame them! Which was amusing as the chavs in the car next to us was fucking lol Oh well least we got a show. Should have asked if they wanted us to join in.

Anyway so plans are with that is to go to France and probably work there (not meetings) it is a naturist place so might able to do some outside fun too! I am looking forward to that. Other then that think we scrapped the working in it.

Also another fucking festival is coming soon so will be going to that first before France. So I'm sure I'll have loads to tell you then.

Till Next Blog
~ Pixiee ~
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Saturday, July 22nd 2017 View Blog
The 15 Sexy Benefits of Masturbation
#1 Feel-good. Whatever feels good lifts up your mood and makes you happier. Pleasure feels good and masturbation pleases you. So if you’re feeling down, go ahead and masturbate. As we all know, orgasms release dopamine and oxytocin, which can improve your mood and give you a natural high. So instead of doing drugs, why not give yourself your own orgasms?

#2 Confidence boost. If you have one best friend whom you should take care of, it’s your own body. After all, it’s the only thing that’s going to be with you for the rest of your life. So why not treat your body to some loving, right? After all, masturbation is known to make you feel good about your body, as it allows you to get to know yourself in a physical sense, especially your pleasure points.

#3 Sexuality enhancer. As masturbation allows you to explore your body and makes you confident about what turns you on and what pleases you, it helps improve your sexuality. Knowing what feels good and where allows you to be in charge of your body, even when you are with a partner. This is because you know what feels good and you can be more vocal about this with your partner.

#4 Who says you need a partner? Who says you need to be having sex with someone to make you feel sexual? Masturbating regularly helps your brain get the “sexercise” it needs so you can easily feel aroused. The more sex you think about, the more sex you’ll have, and you’ll want sex even more. And all this can happen while you’re feeding the beaver or spanking your monkey.

#5 Stress reliever. Since masturbating makes you feel good, it is a great way to unwind and relieve stress. Again, it releases endorphins, which also help to calm you down and lift up your mood. So if you’re having a rough day at work, end it with a bath, some sensual music, and go ahead and buff the banana.

#6 Improved sex life. As you become more in-tune with your body and your pleasure points, you can get more out of your sex life. This, in turn, gives your partner satisfaction, as they can see you becoming pleased and satisfied. Also, if you are confident enough to talk to your partner about what you like, you can both open more doors to another world of bedroom pleasures.

#7 Lullaby, anyone? There’s a reason you feel sleepy after a wild and satisfying romp with your partner. Having toe-curling orgasms can relieve your body from tension and leave you exhausted physically, emotionally, and mentally. This can then prime you well for sleep. You will feel relaxed and tired *in a good way*. So if ever you have insomnia, try masturbating before reaching for those sleeping pills.

#8 Release your tension. Sexual tension, that is. Ever notice when some people become extra cranky? It’s probably because they aren’t getting any. So if you don’t want to be like them, a great way to stay in a positive mood is to masturbate. You can satisfy your libido even without the need of a partner—and as an added bonus, you’ll be in a much cheerier mood than before.

#9 Orgasm all you want. One, two, three… or more. It’s all up to you. While you can orgasm once or twice before your partner gets tired or “finishes,” you don’t have to worry about that when you go solo. You can take the afternoon off and have yourself a solo sensual spree. Especially if you’re a woman, you can keep going, and going, and going…

#10 Premature ejaculation? No problem. For men, masturbation can also greatly help you improve your sex life. Jacking off can help you manage premature ejaculation. What you can do is to crank your shank around two hours before having sex. This allows you to perform longer before another ejaculation comes. Voila! You’re an instant sex machine.

#11 Prostate problems begone. Again, for men, masturbation helps to lower the risk of prostate cancer. Those who ejaculate more than five times a week are less likely to develop prostate cancer. So what do you do when you don’t have a partner who’s in on it five times a week? You masturbate. By burping the worm, you are flushing out the disease-causing toxins in your genital tract, therefore clearing the path and keeping you spic and span down there.

#12 What’s with the nose? Ever notice that your clogged nose gets better after sex and masturbation? This is because being aroused and even having orgasms reduce the swelling of the vessels in your nasal passages. It is even said that sex and even masturbation alone can improve your condition if you have a common cold, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, or other ailments.

#13 Fight off germs. With your fingers or your palms. This is because masturbation—actually, it’s ejaculation—increases cortisol, a known stress hormone that is also responsible for helping you regulate and maintain immunity. Even scientists from the Fortis Escorts Institute in New Delhi say that masturbation can produce the right environment for strengthening the immune system naturally.

#14 No STD, no pregnancy. No sex, no problem. For both men and women, masturbation is a healthy and safe way to get off without having a partner, therefore lessening the risk of contracting an STD from a partner or getting pregnant. It is a great way to be sexually satisfied without having vaginal penetration.

#15 No downsides whatsoever. Masturbation, when done regularly *note: not excessively, which may be a sign of sexual addiction, mind you* and in a private place, has no negative effects. You’re not going to get sick, you won’t grow hair on your palms, and you won’t go blind. There’s really nothing wrong with masturbating. And best of all—it’s free!
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Saturday, July 22nd 2017 View Blog
Saturday in Heathrow
Good Morning.....havent had much sleep last night as when I did have a short break in between clients (a massive thank you to all those guys who came to see me yesterday) I went on webcam...my clit and pussy were literally on fire and couldnt stop playing....so it was great to also get the chance to do some webcam!!!

Hopefully I will get chance today...and yes I do have a few slots left but I am finishing about 9pm tonight as need to get some rest for the drive home....

So take this opportunity to come and see one the Uk's premier MILFs with the muscles and big clit of course my travelling fetish wardrobe to match ha ha

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Saturday, July 22nd 2017 View Blog
I am an independent escort not a brothel keeper :)
It's hardly a secret that lots of ladies posing as 'independent escorts' are in fact encompassed in a brothel type establishment. Not all obviously but there are a fair few!

I however (in my lengthy profile) try to be explicitly clear that I'm 100% independent and this is very much the reality. If you are booking me you get me and I don't participate in threesomes etc (not that I'm a prude lol but i work for myself by myself)

Lately I have been getting calls from various gentlemen who must be so used to speaking to maids on the phone asking about the choice of girls on offer......

FFS where on my profile does it remotely suggest I'm running a multiple conveyor belt harem of girls ????

Hmmmm it doesn't.

Usually I would bite my tongue and put it down to a silly cluster of callers but I can't get over having to repeat myself that I am working independently and this is not a place full of girls running around in their underwear.

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