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deliciousdaniella (1) Escorts - Click to book
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Wednesday, February 22nd 2017 View Blog
My first week :)
Hello you sexy lot!

Well, what a great first week I have had! Thank you all so much for your lovely emails and very kind words indeed! I have been overwhelmed with the booking requests, I truly wasn't expecting to be such a hit with you all :)
I have been out to buy some new underwear which I hope you all like from my new photos. Next on the list is some toys :) Any suggestions?! Please email me and let me know...better still, you could purchase it for our meet! Now wouldn't that be fun!
I am actually fully booked now for Thursday and Friday this week so I think I am going to have a weekend to recover and then I will be back on Monday to get going again :)
Any suggestions for a relaxing spa somewhere local?! I think I need it after this week!

Hope to hear from you soon,
Lots of love, D X
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Wednesday, February 22nd 2017 View Blog
Slutty Confession #1 Losing My Virginity
It was the middle of winter. I was seeing a boy called Ben who I had met through a friend. I had told him that I was sixteen and experienced in the bedroom when in fact I was only fourteen and had never been touched.

That night we went for a drive with friends. I sat in the front of the car whilst he was driving, two of our friends in the rear. I remember him placing his hand on my leg, slowly caressing my thigh. I was wearing a little denim skirt, tights and booties. His fingers started to slowly trace up to my inner thigh. I could feel my white knickers becoming damp as my heart raced. I slowly licked my lips, squirming in my seat as his fingers traced higher and higher up my skirt. His fingers brushed my pussy lips through my tights. My whole body tingled. I wanted to cry out but instead, bit my lip whilst my friends remained unaware of what was happening in the front, my pussy dripping.

A short while later we pulled into a car park meeting up with several other friends. They pulled out beers from the boot and chattered amongst themselves whilst Ben and I slipped away. He knew a place that we could go so I followed him into the woods. After a short while, we approached a cabin. All that this cabin contained was a wooden table.

As soon as we were inside, he grabbed me, pulling me close and kissing me hard. I could feel his cock through his jeans as he rubbed up against me. It was straining to be released. My panties were soaked. He lifted me up and sat me on the table. Leaving my skirt and boots on, he pulled down my tights and knickers so that they were around my ankles. He slowly pushed a finger into my pussy as I cried out in pleasure. As he caressed me, my pussy got wetter and wetter. He inserted another, quickening his pace. I thrusted against his fingers, fucking my pussy before I came all over his hand. He laughed before lifting his fingers to my lips so that I could suck my pussy juice from them.

He pushed me back so I was laid on the table. He lifted my legs up to my chest and pushed his hard cock into my dripping pussy slowly as i cried out in pain. It hurt, but it felt so good. my whole body shook as he thrusted, deeper and deeper. I was screaming. He fucked me quicker and harder until I came all over his hard cock, whimpering. He finally shot his load into me.

Walking back to our friends, I could feel his cum dribbling out my pussy into my panties. My lips were swollen and my face wash flushed. I smelt of sex. I sat thinking about how good his cock felt in my tight hole the whole journey home. To this day, he does not know that he took my virginity, or that I was fourteen. He was eighteen.
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Tuesday, February 21st 2017 View Blog
shabbawanksyehhhaaaa hahah
alrity there lol,i am a newbie on here but i`m havin a ball.just wanna thank all that have been for a chat.i have met some crazy fools pmsl,you guys are gr8.i cant wait to chat and laugh with loads more genuine guys.i hope your enjoying it as much as me.i never knew this world existed until recently and to be honest i dont know how i have managed to live without it.i have never done a blog before either so tryin to fill a hundred words is harder than you would think,but i am sure i will get into it very quickly and you peeps can enjoy following me.why dont you stop by for a chat.i will be posting some pics and movies in my private galleries over the coming weeks and months.bye for now Milly xxx
Boss_Bella (0) Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Tuesday, February 21st 2017 View Blog
Our Dirty Little Secret
It had been building up for weeks... my firm arse brushing past his hard cock whilst trying to navigate through the crowd. The same place, the same time, every week. We had "bumped" into each other a few times, each time led to me feeling warm and wet inside, wanting him.

Then finally, I brushed past him and he pulled me into him, I could feel his big hard cock nestled in between my round cheeks. This was it. He pulled me into a booth, I saw a flash of his wedding ring, I knew he was taken and I was taken but that just made us want each other more. Forbidden fruit.

My tongue met his, our mouths were so wet and his tongue was massaging mine. I knew I had to taste him, all of him. I started at his neck and moved down along his chest, tasting every inch of him. I undid his belt and was delighted at what I found, a big hard juicy cock ready to be tasted. It was huge, at first I struggled to wrap my tongue and my mouth around it. But once it was in my mouth, I was a women possessed, I had to taste the sweet pleasure.

My tongue swirled around his cock, up and down and then round and round, one hand wrapped around his cock moving up and down with the rhythm of my tongue, with the other hand firmly on his balls, stroking them feeling how bulgy they were. I wanted them in my mouth. I needed them in my mouth, to satisfy my hunger for him, every inch of him. They felt soft but firm all at the same time. He tasted delicious. Our eyes locked, whilst I was on my knees, his hands grabbing my hair whilst he moaned in pleasure. It was ecstacy. He was close, I could feel it, just as he was about to explode, he pulled me up by my hair and of my knees.

He spun me around with my back to him... he teased me with his big hard cock, I could feel it rubbing against me. He pulled my thongs to one side. So I was exposed, ready for him. I yearned for him to enter me... the teasing continued until I pushed myself back onto him and he was inside of me. Hitting every wall inside. I bent down and touched my toes, and pushed even further back onto him. I could feel him getting even deeper inside of me, and hear our bodies clashing together, we knew anyone could walk into our booth at anytime but we didn't care. It was just me and him.

He grabbed and smacked my round arse, each smack felt more intense and I just wanted him even more, the pounding of his cock inside of me, I could feel euphoria and I knew he was close too. The clashing of our bodies becoming faster, it was a race to climax, I was so wet and warm and he could feel it. I came and screamed out, he pulled out and came between my cheeks. I could feel his spunk dribbling down my cheeks, down my thighs, all the way to my heels.

I pulled down my skirt and walked away...without saying a word. I saw him later in the club, our eyes met across the dancefloor and we smirked at each other knowing that no one else knew our secret and that is what it would remain.... until next time.
Lady Verity (13) Escorts - Click to book
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Tuesday, February 21st 2017 View Blog
Sub Slut Diary
As promised, here is my naughty little sub sluts diary account of serving me this morning, written in his own words for your pleasure and amusement

"I had the privalege to serve mistress today as her groom and show jumping assistant.

I was instructed to dress as her slut under my every day clothes.

This entailed bra knickers and stockings.

I also was told to insert a butt plug .

I put in my biggest but plug.

It also has a tail.

Which I thought was very apted.

When a arrived at the equestrian centre .I said hello to a couple of people.

Felt a real tingle as they has no idea what I was wearing.

I met Mistress .

She looked magnificent in her breeches.

And horses riding outfit.

Her horse Sky was a wonderful horse, so well mannered and well trained.

Mistress showed her superb skill in jumping many fences.

And I was kept busy tending to her needs.

After we had finished.

We put Sky into his horse box.

Then went off and had tea and cake.

It was great sat with mistress.

I was instructed to go to the gents tweak my nipples and play with my cock.

And send mistress the pictures. This I did feeling a real slut.

I came back and sat on the hard chair it was pushing my butt plug deep up my arse.

I was loving it.

It was wonderful to be able to serve my Mistress. X"

Your Slut.
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Tuesday, February 21st 2017 View Blog
So I'm finally adding some erotica! My first post will be telling you about the first time I gave a blowjob... very messy ;)

I'm thinking to post about my first girl on girl experience too.. tell me what you would like me to write about boys, what experiences I've had or have you always wanted an erotica written based on YOU and an experience with YOU? Send me an e-mail and let me know what you'd like to hear.. after all - these are all for you ;)

ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox xo xo
~Tantric in Essence~ (35) Escorts - Click to book
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Tuesday, February 21st 2017 View Blog
Hair Today....Gone Tomorrow! :-)

Hi there all. Second attempt at writing a blog for Feb..!

Oh dear was I wrong to predict milder weather? Well, I

got that wrong. So much for getting my flipflops out ha!

Chrissie's Goss

I haven't got that much goss really I'm going thru a

hairstyle / colour transition after many yrs of the bleach

& the surfer barbie look. My long peroxide hair got axed

summer & I promised hairdresser to stop the bleach for

atleast six months. I've gone from purple / red / black..!

Now itching to get back to strawberry blonde very soon.


Its my birthday soon wot can I say, hard to say whether

I feel old or not cos I still feel in my twenties. Dont think

I've changed much apart from dont smoke & hardly drink

& like to be in bed by 11pm! I used to luv vertical climbs,

& hair raising hikes. These days its more oooh noo might

hurt myself haha! Deffo alot more careful & cautious

Sokay, I'm comfortable with hitting another milestone xx

Lotsa Hugs, Chrissie xxx

zoelunnxx (56) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Available Now - Click to Book
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Tuesday, February 21st 2017 View Blog
withheld numbers
Seriously, can you guys not read. ? Right underneath, where my number is displayed, and this is from the website itself, it says calls and texts from withheld numbers will be ignored. I mean, how can I send you my postcode to where I am if I don't have a number to reply to and if you are worried about me sending you random texts, then don't, I offer a very discreet service and will only reply when you have either called or text me. So if you don't want me to ignore you please show your number and I won't xx
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Tuesday, February 21st 2017 View Blog
Bikini Babe Project Update #4
Hello my lovelie just a quick blog to update you all, the Bikini Body project continues, last week I lost 3.4lbs which im very happy about.

Still being a bit crap on the exercise front, I just cant seem to fit it in betweek camming! I have my treadmill now though so im trying to take regular breaks and jump on that.

In other news im missing my lovers massively I cant wait till im all ready to tour again, I miss hotel sex!

A friend of mine let me down on the London incall front so ive had to push hat back while I find a hotel or something im happy with. I know a few of my London boys are just dying to get their hands on me

I also want to try and fit in some kind of international working holiday somewhere I can alternate sunbathing and sex mmmm
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Tuesday, February 21st 2017 View Blog
New start
Hi this is my first blog on adult work just busy setting up getting fit back in the gym
Also started swimming those life guards just can't take their eyes of my assets !
Saving for a 5 day break in New York soon can't wait to get back to the city .
Love being in Yorkshire this year and always taking photos for my app.
My new year resolution was to get fit and fabulous so I'm well on the way
Time to treat myself to new lingerie I fancy baby pink and light blue I guess I should share those pictures shouldn't I ?
I love watching true crime and thrillers reading material very much the same .
I'm a sexy single so now liberating myself sexually after a while it's a fun time for me this year I hope .
Many travel plans round Britain innthe summer can't wait to be near the coast line .
Enjoy your week
Kay xx

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