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Thursday, April 26th 2018 View Blog
I do not know what it is with these silly Asian's Boy's who just love to Disrespect us Ladies.
I had several call's from this IDIOT who sounded genuine at the time and did ask me if I saw Asian Gentlemen,
as log as you are respectful to me throughout your booking there will not be a problem.

I was given an address for the booking and all was agreed between us.
The IDIOT followed instruction's on confirming an hour before my leaving home also contacted me via text to make sure I was on my way.

What a IGNORANT PIG I got to the address only to find it an empty property all boarded up, I called the number which kept going to voice mail, on my way back home I then received some very abusive text messages from this STUPID IGNORANT IDIOT , I want to use other names but I may cause racial issues so I wont go there.

This idiot calls him self Tarik
TheBlondeBBW (202) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Thursday, April 26th 2018 View Blog
I've moved house!
Sorry for being quiet and not accepting much work.... I've been moving house!

I'm still based within Greenwich but now I'm a little further out in a much quieter neighbourhood so...... I won't be hosting at home as much as I used to! That's not to say I won't be but i'm going to be limited to one incall a day.

So let's make them good ones please!!

I'm all unpacked and ready to go! Profile has been updated and expanded with some brand new offers and meet ideas for all you GFE lovers to sink your teeth into.

I'm off on my hols very soon so get in touch ASAP and let's give my brand new bedroom some hot memories for it to absorb.

Love and Kisses

A xxx
xx sienna xxx (136) Escorts - Click to book
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Thursday, April 26th 2018 View Blog
Catch up

Thought it was about time I wrote another blog Sometimes I have so much I want to write about and other times like now I have writers block and cant think of anything to write about??
I've enjoyed spending time at home in February redecorating my house and being spoilt rotten by my boyfriend especially on my birthday he took me for a day out in London and I spoilt him when we got back to his. I get so unbelievably horny and very very grateful when I'm being treated right.

I'm feeling a little bit down at the moment as I had to throw most of my dildos away mainly the rubber ones for some reason they had disintegrated in the wash bag I keep them in and where completely unusable :(
I still have my gold (not real gold just the colour] Rampant Rabbit and my wand to play with until I get some new toys. I do like feel of the flesh life like jelly dildos though.

I plan on doing some more tours during the summer so put me in your hotlist and I will keep you posted.

Much love and kisses

Sienna xxx
Scottish Ms K (2) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Thursday, April 26th 2018 View Blog
Really missed everyone but had to have op behind eye all fixed now someone asked me today why I ended up working like every working lady it’s a very long story was wondering how many people would be interested in reading it if anyone so have decided if more than 100 do I will take time to explaining it all ?????? It’s a long story but whether I do or don’t I want the gentleman who read this to know that I have the upmost respect for any man that uses working ladies in order to save there marriage often the other option would be to cheat which could be awfull messy for everyone concerned do you want to know ???
Lucy36 (87) Escorts - Click to book
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Thursday, April 26th 2018 View Blog
999 What's your emergency
Hello there my lovelies

It was just last week that I sat her with my fella drinking a small glass of wine and smoking a ciggie that he suddenly became horny. Encouraging me to continue smoking, he pulled down his shorts and I began to tease him with my fingers stroking his cock in a soft, teasing manner.

I watched as my actions made his large erect cock spring into life hasten by my weekly adventures that I had taken part in.

His cock stood proud and due to a quiet week, I slipped on a rubber turned around so I was not facing him and lowered myself down. I reached down holding onto my ankles and bobbed away slowly on his large male member. He could watch his cock sliding up and down my wet pussy and it didn’t take me long to cum. We continued this position for a few minutes until my legs began to tire.

Fancying a rub on my clit, we switched and he got down on his knees, lifted my legs on his shoulders and began to bang me. I strummed while he fucked me but then I felt him starting to soften (this had never happened before). His breathing was hard and fast and he could not talk. It was then that I noticed the colour had completely drained from his face.

I quickly made him feel comfy and noticed he was sweating. Asking if he had asthma he nodded so got him my inhaler and checked his pulse. He was very clammy to the touch. I silently prayed to any God that was listening that my poor fella wasn’t having a heart attack and went through all the symptoms whilst checking his racing heart beat. Placing a cold flannel on his head and opening a window, he slowly came back to life and after what seemed an eternity he came back to life.

I said a silent thankyou to whichever God had come to my aid and was thankful I hadn’t needed to call an ambulance…..how do you explain that to your Mrs?

Surprisingly he asked me to give him a nice hand job spraying his load everywhere.

Stay hard and horny (but more to the point…healthy)

Love Lucy xxx
tiggeroo1 (64) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Thursday, April 26th 2018 View Blog
gfe or not gfe
girlfriend experience in the wholetime i have been here i have never offered gfe or the girlfriend experience its not something i do i enjoy role play but thats on a different game play i love this job but offer what generally your wife or girlfriend wont do and you know i love sex very much cos im a naughty girl im a submissive naughty little cum slut to put it mildly cock worship oh yes no holes barred bottom spanking peachy ass fucked sex doll but hey ho i dont ass fuck men never have i dont provide a strapp on service not my list of to do i like to humiliated in a very sexy way love the chat that goes with i enjoy role play being that naughty nurse doing the tabboo role play but i dont do hard sports or even water sports just not my thing its not on the list i really enjoy hard core sex now thats my thing sloppy bjs spit and gagging too proper cock sucking worship you know how that feels dipping your hard cocks in and out of my star making it gape for your pleasure he he but i do not enjoy being berated moaned or even threated because i dont offer that service completely unfair and certainly not being forced to do something im not comfortable with or whats not on my profile as the saying goes its a consensual thing so feel free to browse my profile fully i want to thank those lovely genuine blokes who like me are after some lovely mutuall sexy fun and taken the time to see me xxx ttfn xtiggs
Daisylovescuddles (0) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Thursday, April 26th 2018 View Blog
Day 3 for Daisy
Hurray I’ve had people view my private gallery!!!
Only did it yesterday so I’m pretty pleased to be getting people view it an emails saying they like them so bonus.
Now to get meeting some of you hot men out there.
The emails went a little slow after the first week of being on AW but have picked up again and I’m not going to lie I love them.
I love getting them from you all asking me to meet up.
I know my prices are quite high but it’s worth it ;)
Loving the sun being out again makes me all excited.
Have a lovely day you gorgeous lot.
Mirela Brazilian (7) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Thursday, April 26th 2018 View Blog
Kinky Dress
One day I am dressed as a cute, horny, innocent girl, the next day I am in a naughty, lustful, sexy secretary outfit. It makes sex so much more adventurous and fun when you embrace different fantasies and roles, playing them out to their fullest. Everybody has different tastes so its important that I have a multitude of seductive outfits to provide for that. It probably does help that I am a very kinky lady and I love shopping for items of clothing that look good, so when you bring those two together you get a well dressed, super naughty woman ready for plentiful amounts of sex lol.
TS AIDA PEPPERY (9) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Thursday, April 26th 2018 View Blog
All Dressed Up
Its very important to me that I take care of myself and make the most of the beautiful body that I have worked hard to attain. So it should come as no suprise to you that I love to go out shopping and purchase sexy outfits and attractive dress that accentuates all of my assets while making me feelin a million dollars at the same time. I love the feeling I get when I have the eyes of many men fixed upon me, maybe it makes some people feel uncomfortable but not me! It makes me wonder how many of them would believe that I have got a 9 inch cock between my legs lol.

x x
JayneJoy2018 (16) Escorts - Click to book
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Thursday, April 26th 2018 View Blog
Yum Cum Slut!!
Hi guys & gals

What a naughty week so far! Had a very horny few days... thanks to you gorgeous guys. Each one of you special in your own way.

No names, but one regular of mine, such a sweet guy has made me feel like his queen xxx gorgeous hard cock and so attentive with it. So much stroking and kissing.. so much time on me to please me... never cumming till after I have, or better still, with me.
A few new faces this week... always a pleasure to get to know new guys. One or two really stand out, and I hope might become regulars! A very handsome sexy 30 something, tall & lythe... you know who are xxx

And last but by no means least a wonderful filthy end to yesterday, great guy, been trying to catch up with me for ages.. scheduling a nightmare - but - finally we met!!

Wow! Worth the wait. I’m so glad we finally did meet! What an explosion! I don’t know when I had such an interesting week. 9+ and still half the week left.

What a filthy cum slut! Yum.

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