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angeleyes99 (9) Escorts - Click to book
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Tuesday, September 26th 2017 View Blog
Checking in.....
Well good morning:)
Sorry i havnt put a blog up 4a while....life has been pretty manic.
What with work, animals, and entertaining , leaves me little time to write blogs.
Sun is shining today......looking forward to getting out and feeling it on my skin.....will soon be wooly jumper weather. I do love nice cosy evenings though. Stew and dumplings a firm winter favourite.
Such beautiful colours at the moment with all the leaves changing colours.
Love to take photographs this time of year.
Well im starting to feel fruity....looking forward to the day ahead.....every day is differant, lets hope its a good one, i enjoy what i do very much;) i think that is what makes all the difference. ;) you have to enjoy what you do in life right!! You all takecare and have a great day 😙😙😙
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Tuesday, September 26th 2017 View Blog
Hi my Lovely's.

WOW, I have officially popped my webcam virginity xxxxxxxxx

I could not be more excited then I am right now, to do it again.

I really do not know where to begin..........

It truly was one of the sexiest and funniest nights i've ever had.

Going from tickle fights, sneezing and toe sucking, to sweet French kissing.

The highlight of the night had to be the fluffy fox tail, but plug. My tail was so sexy.

Everyone was so respectable both men and women and I can honestly say that this is something I could continue to do for a long time.

It was amazing to be able to work with the very sexy Miss Melolicious . As I normally pay to have her for personal pleasure, I had a great time being able to play with her and share it with everyone else.

Bye for now

Love Belle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MISSKINKYKATRINA (2907) Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Tuesday, September 26th 2017 View Blog
Hello boys

I had a horny as fuck day yesterday.

It was Monday, I was at work, being rather naughty in my private office taking calls from you guys. I lock the door when the phone rings and then, it’s just between us.

Yesterday was truly a watch and wank day. Several of my gentlemen callers booked a Skype chat so I could gleefully watch as they wanked as we spoke.

There’s nothing better than watching a man wank as my voice and debauched mind get him to orgasm. As for that Graham, filthy little fucker and what a spunky ending !

Well boys, I’m working from home today so up for more. In the privacy of my own home maybe it’ll be a case of you show me yours and I’ll show you mine.

Never been a girl to keep my assets hidden now have I boys.

Kat x
RainbowDrop (1) Escorts - Click to book
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Tuesday, September 26th 2017 View Blog
Blogging Update

Well I wanted to give you all an update and answer some of the frequent questions I'm receiving. So lots of you are asking why I'm not available all the time and why I don't take loads of bookings. Well, the truthful answer is I have a part time job which I actually really enjoy but doesn't pay well so that's answers another of your other questions. I am seriously highly sexed and I love the exitment of opening my door wondering how or what's to expect. It's a massive turn-on .

However, I really have no interested in seeing lots of clients everyday. Preferably I'd like a client or two per day so I am physically and sexually excited to see you as you are to see me. I understand this isn't to everyone's taste, preference or convenance but it's the best way for you all to get 100% genuine ME. I want to make sure we both get the best of our time and you get exactly what you requested.

Another request for face pictures unfortunately is t going to happen. As mentioned I have another job, family and friends that would not understand in the slightest so all I can suggest is either take a chance and you won't be disappointed or wait for me to get more and more feedback that I'm sure will put you at ease to take the plunge.

Got to leave it here for now as I'm off to work on a morning shift so will be online late afternoon for fun.

Your Rainbow xx

BustyMistressKylie (1) Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Tuesday, September 26th 2017 View Blog
Good Morning beautiful people

Good morning everyone,

Today is going to be a busy busy day, off to do some holiday shopping whoo hoo!!!! Then meeting the mother for lunch and having a celebratory meal tonight. As far as days go this is going to be a good one!
But before all that i am curled up watching comedy central until i take my kitty cat to the vets

I literally can't wait to go on holiday 15 days and 21 hours whoop! I love the sunshine it is what makes me happiest

Anyway i hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!

Love and hugs


roxysummner (7336) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Tuesday, September 26th 2017 View Blog
Roxysummner "still banging them out"
Tuesday morning at 3.30am what a perfect time to reflect on where you are in life and what your plans are for the coming months, As for sex nothing will change i remain to date the worst prostitute ever have still not charged a single guy for sex the whole of September and have probably had more cock this month than any other month this year, i have to be honest and say when a guy offers me money for sex that's a turn on but just letting a guy enjoy my willing mouth and my neat lil slit is so much more a turn on for me, and i like nothing better than the filthy talk when i am fucking as guys ask me about my love of cock and my passion to make guys spunk a life long pleasure of mine, on other fronts i am still banging out the reps in the gym Yesterday improving my massive squat range having done 140kg for 15 reps just 8 days ago i did 150KG for 13 reps then went back to the 140KG for another 15 reps and 130kg for 17 reps my legs now looking even bigger i have not measured them but they have grown my hamstrings now looking massive and my glutes so tight i love it, after squats yesterday a guy asked if i would squat with him this weekend and that made me realise why although he trys he has no leg development if you hit legs correct in a session there is no way you should be able to do legs again for at least 7 - 9 days if you are your doing it wrong so as this month closes its onward and upward for October with my two fave things cocks and reps xXx
Loublu (4) Escorts - Click to book
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Tuesday, September 26th 2017 View Blog
So I ve fallen into the trap again ,I give my number out to confirm a booking and what happens ,I m sent cock pics and full frontal photos lol. Like I m interested ,I m an escort I cater for all shapes and sizes and ages but some guys on here believe us girls should be grateful they d consider seeing us lmao .Ok heads up guys it takes a lot more than a torso or cock pic to impress me . I ll repeat my earlier blog my number is to confirm bookings not a sex chatline ,if you want that plenty of girls do sms but heres the bad news they charge .To the genuine guys out there I m here to meet and I give a great sexy gfe in my own home .
Chloe Diamond  (114) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Tuesday, September 26th 2017 View Blog
Big willy calls haha Slightly random! But fuck it
Right ppl. What is with some guys calling us ladies up saying
"I can see your rather petite and I am really well endowed and most girls can't handle it".

They continue on then say I'll call you back. And surprise surprise they never do.

What is with that? I have asked my friend who also works and she gets the same calls.

The guys who have came to see me who are actually really well endowed never say it on the phone. In fact they don't even think they have a big willy because they say they have never really seen another one to compare it too. Furthermore they think it's what girls say to massage their ego kinda thing, so don't really believe it.

I can tell you now one guy I have seen a couple of times now has the biggest willy I have ever seen ( in real life ) hahaha awww it's beautiful, ya should see it! N he don't think it's that big at all. So please do fuck off with these big willy calls. I should say it's okay babe I have a really big vagina so it's laughing.

Aww I have been really stressed out the past few months with shit in my personal life but all is good now so I will be able to work properly. I have not worked for the past week. Wel I have only done 1. It's hard to get in the mood when there's so much shit I the background all is well now and sometimes if my light is on it doesn't always mean I'm available. I would only ever see 3 maximum in 1 day I just really do 1 to be honest a day or 1 every 2 days. Like I said I have done one this week. I don't like to over work so if you have tried to contact me and had no joy then it's because Iv either seen my 1 a day or having a wank or in a real bad mood haha.

I have just come off the pill now too which caused irregular bleeding like every oda week so I'd have to take days off n id be a raging crank too arguing with lampposts and that haha. I have no need for the pill as I am not sleeping with anyone in my personal life so it's pointless. I always use lube on condoms to prevent them from snapping. I do not have a fat fanny so it's kinda needed weda I'm already wet or not. N 9/10 I am haha ;)

Aww ppl have yas been watching the Moto Gp?

N can I just say, Valentino Rossi. Breaks his leg n raced dis weekend. Footballers fall over on a fucking field and get carried off in a stretcher ahhahahah. Jesus Christ. Ya can tell who r da real men init. Real men ride. All day long!!

Lizzie80 (216) Escorts - Click to book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Monday, September 25th 2017 View Blog
I've sold personal photos
I sold one of my bikinis and he also purchased 2 sets of my personal photos. So this morning I spent some time taking photos of myself with my pink bikini.

The bikini went in the post this morning and I also emailed him the photos this morning.

He has already been enjoying the photos, he emailed me and told me. I hope tomorrow he will be enjoying my bikini. I hope he will tell me all about what he gets up,to with them.

This week, I have sold a set of 5 panties and I've started wearing them today. I can't wait to get them in the post to him and hear what he gets up,to with them.

I love it. I love turning you all on xxxx
Natural & Mature (7) Escorts - Click to book
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Monday, September 25th 2017 View Blog
I have had a wonderful morning :)))
Woke early on an autumn morning, the grass and ground damp from the mornings air...I walked my dog, thinking about my morning planned.

Returning to a leisurely bath and a cooked breakfast... I smiled to myself.

Bag packed, teeth washed and freshly dried hair...I was ready and waiting for James.

James drove me to Rosie's house, where she greeted us both with a kiss and a cuddle, like old friends. Rosie and I have chatted on AW, text, Whatsapp and on the phone...but this was the first time we had met.

Rosie opened a bottle and poured 3 glasses, James, Rosie and I..we took them upstairs to Rosie's room.

We all undressed to suitable attire and relaxed with one another....it was the first time I had been with a women and James loved it...boy, did he get a lot of attention !!!

Rosie was absolutely gorgeous with soft kisses and pert nipples, we had a great time :)) and yes Rosie did go down on me... then James fucked us both, leaving us all with smiles on our faces and lots of photographs.

Thank you Rosie for being a truly wonderful hostess :)))

And thank you Rosie and James for being sensational lovers :)) xxxxx

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