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RainbowDrop (36) Escorts - Click to book
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Friday, November 24th 2017 View Blog
Nooooo Way !
Hi All

Thought I'd check in with a quick blog.

So clearing my phone data I found pictures from this summer that made me howl. I can't believe it's nearly Christmas as it seems only yesterday I was wearing these hot pants. I loved them that much I think I washed and wore them for a week every day. I think it also rained a few of days I wore them lol.

I'm actually excited about Christmas this year. It's normally a big family affair at my parents house, but this year we've all booked in to a posh hotel and restaurant that's going to be a riot as there's a 80 disco after. I can't wait to see my dad bust his moves and my brother try and take him on breakdancing. It's going to be too funny.

But before that I have my office party and I've been ask by my girlfriends to attend a couple of their parties. I'm guessing I'm going to be tipsy a lot during November

On a positive note I am hornest with a couple of drinks inside me so anyone booking me on or around my merry nights out is in for a wild time.

Hope you're all having a great Thursday night and I'll check in again soon

Your Rainbow xx
LUNASEXY34DD (7) Escorts - Click to book
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Friday, November 24th 2017 View Blog
Among my sex adventures is rip off men�s asses whit my huge strap on. The male genitalia is missing so I have to use a strap on to make real my male side mind It does not matter much whether the partner is married, single, or has a girlfriend. I use my imagination to give life to the male side of me with a hot pussy also. Sometimes a use the strap on and got my pussy fucked so deliciously. Nothing is too fixed in my head, I can have my pussy wet while fucking a guy with my huge silicon toy. If you want to enjoy life in all its possibilities, my advice is to get rid of labels or gender duties. Once I have my male side working on, expect for the best fuck ever with a combination of use and abuse of silicon shaped on sizes that brings the best orgasms always.
Frankie_Bond (10) Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Thursday, November 23rd 2017 View Blog
The sweet, sensitive side to me...
So, my first blog and all I can think to write of, is that one person that is always on my mind.

Why is 21st century dating and relationships so difficult these days? I'll tell you why - majority of people are judgemental, emotionally damaged or just a pure c*nt. (please note I said majority and not all. They're some decent people out there...somewhere.)

So truth is, I'm totally in love and smitten with someone who has wasted my time for over a year. Why do I carry on doing it to myself? Maybe because I believe that if I keep fighting for him, he will turn around and tell me he loves me too.

I constantly build this man up, take him away from his dark thoughts, motivate him to be everything he is capable of and although he is now pretty much where he wanted to be, I still can't give up on him because I know he can do better. I believe in him.

He told me from the beginning he never wanted anything serious and never will. (He's also a brunette lover and I'm the total opposite, little blondie over here.)

Although he doesn't want anything serious, we are always together, always talking and the sex is great. If anyone reading this also has their cock pierced, come and show me because I love it.

How can a man put so much effort into a woman for over a year and still not want anything serious? The passion between us can be so real we just lay there, embracing each other, in silence, appreciating each other for hours.

He is like my poison. No matter how much he speaks about other women around me, checks them out etc. I will keep going back to him. The only way I can get away from him is when he leaves to go work abroad for 6 weeks at a time and the thought of that kills me.

I would love to meet someone knew and fall in love however while my mind is constantly thinking about him, I don't think I will. He tells me to move on when he leaves but I can't, I'll happily wait for him and keep trying.

Yes, I'm a mug but I'm also a woman who believes in a man and doesn't give up on them.

If any man can relate and is heartbroken over a certain woman, I'm a great listener.

That's enough cringe for one night but its a further insight to my secret personality that rarely gets shared.

Good night fella's

Much Love

F x
DOLL CHRISTINE (39) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Thursday, November 23rd 2017 View Blog
when fantasy meets reality
A client recently asked me, if when they see me in a booking, will they be seeing the real me?

Lately I’ve been feeling more Maze than my “real” identity. I feel free in this fantasy world, I’m a muse, a dream for many. People who book me love my quirks, my uniqueness.
If they don’t, they just move on to the next person! No harm done. Plenty of beautiful ladies around.

Over the last Christmas period I got many more presents and wishes from my loyal clients and followers than I did from the “real” world’s friends and family.

The “real” world friends are getting further away as they feel I’m hiding something. Coming to my day to day job I’m finding myself having less energy to pretend I’m a “good girl” who has to fit in this society, can’t stand out, can’t be myself.

I often worry I might say something inappropriate in public, or make a joke that will be perceived as dirty, and god forbid say a swear word, as the good girl that I am supposed to be isn’t like it…

In this sex fantasy world, where I’m wild, I can be as devilish as I like. So yes, I’m starting to think this is definitely a truer me, than my other identity which has been modified by the constraints of society.

We often spend hours on end with my lovers discussing some philosophical, or sexual or spiritual topic with no judgement and no limits to what can be said.

For my clients it’s best to embrace the time we are together and our chats pre and post bookings and not try to ask questions about other people I’m seeing or my other identity. It only destroys the fantasy for them, and spoils my mood by reminding me of the boring parallel reality.

During a booking I’m 100% yours. I don’t think of others, I don’t go thru shopping lists in my mind or other distractions. It’s a real GFE. Sometimes with the bad that comes with it, haha.

However it saddens me if I have to answer real life questions and end up breaking people’s hearts. No, I won’t date you outside of work, outside of our fantasy land. It doesn’t mean I don’t like you! Not at all. You might be a knight in shining armour on the most beautiful horse and looking like the most perfect guy (or girl) in existence. But I don’t want to stuff up the fantasy. That’s why it’s so good. It’s temporary, it’s exciting, it’s fresh… it’s not “real”.

With hope of lot’s of love, excitement, new encounters and adventures.
Your Doll xx
leggyandclassy (341) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Thursday, November 23rd 2017 View Blog
riding six white horses when she comes
my seduction was madness
but so very hot
as i worked on youre mind

until i could not,

take any more
and had to pursue
youre hot youthful body
long overdue

the horn i had carried for way far too long
exploded with passion
one night with a song

we listened to music
we shared on youre pad
i sat on youre knee
and flirted like mad

excitement was mounting
i rubbed close to you
youre massive erection
was sticking right through

your jeans
which were brushing against my ass
oh what a turn on for this horny lass

my body says one thing
my mind tells me no
he told me
so coyly
his face all aglow

his hand ventured slowly
to stroke up my leg
i wanted to grind him
to tease plead and beg

it was his birthday
twenty seven years old
i tied him up tightly
did what i was told

do what you want
do anything to me
have you're way with me
just let me see

i like to watch you
get onto my tool
i sucked it in deeply
beginning to drool

his cock was a monster
i was dying to shag
i choked gagged and spluttered
and embraced the gag

i never experienced this feeling before
as i got into position
right there on the floor
he cock stayed so rigid
right through the night
i swallowed it greedily
with all my might

i fucked him so sweetly
with nothing to hide
he stretched wide my pussy
and got deep inside

i felt his cock grow
whilst my lips gripped his meat
i rode his hot body
like a mad bitch on heat

morning came quickly
for my toy boy and i
sweating and sticky
no longer shy

i kissed him so passionate
his heavy hot breath
on my dripping body

to fuck him to death

as i think of the time
i deepthroated you
MULTI SKILL MISS M. (32) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Thursday, November 23rd 2017 View Blog
Let's talk about sex..
"People who like to please".

The way I view it, there are 3 main groups, people that like the mutual enjoyment play, give some, receive some, I won’t talk about those, then there are people that enjoy lying back and just receiving pleasure, I get along with those really well, so again won’t talk about them, then there is the group who likes to please.

I would like to talk about the pleasers. They can be divided in to 2 groups. The honest ones, who enjoy giving pleasure, in any way that the recipient would truly enjoy. They always ask, happy to receive instructions, and follow direction to make sure their play partner is truly happy. They are amazing, and I’m certain appreciated by all lovers.

The other group see themselves as pleasers, however they like to please in a way they themselves find arousing, not at all caring if what they are doing is appreciated by the recipient. Those people are often very domineering, and can’t stay aroused without being in charge. There is a massive personality clash between us. Thankfully majority of people read some parts of my info about myself and know what I’m like, but from time to time I still encounter the confidant guy who is certain that I’ll like the way he dominates me, or if I don’t like it, it’s not a problem anyway. Resulting in some very unpleasant, awkward time for both of us.

I could go on and on here, but I’m intentionally keeping this short, in hope more people with short attention spans would read it.
dirtyslutNW (38) Escorts - Click to book
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Thursday, November 23rd 2017 View Blog
Why cant i be used ?
Hi all i am so fustrating that guys come and treat me so nice and dont give me the seeing to i want ?
I am not there wife i am a slut and i want to be used and fucked like a slut and dont want nice a want a good shag that will leave me trembling with orgasmic pleasure..
I dont get why any guy would want to not get the most out of me ? so i hope this improves and that i get some guys that fuck me real good and leave me quivering because thats what i want and my hubby want his wife to be used and filled to the max..

so come on guys shape up make the effort and bang the hell out of me please xx
vbc87 (2) Escorts - Click to book
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Thursday, November 23rd 2017 View Blog
Is it hard for men on AW to escort!!
Why is it harder on AW for men to escort on here i am not starting just wondering I would like to have the opportunity to hang out meet new clients and make something better in my life and it's more of a social call and lust and pleasure even though like many sell that pitch which is part of the part-time job I do and I am good at it just wondering why I slave all week to pay bills and lucky to have any think to come by this is were adult work comes in does it pay! for me it's been quite probley because I am not flagged green but that does not mean I am not working or interested I am avaible and ready to prove what I can do.

Thanks for reading.

Slut_Doll_Molly (48) Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Thursday, November 23rd 2017 View Blog
Would you like to fuck Jess’s ass?” I ask him. “Yes please!” is his answer. “Would it be okay with you if I prepared her for you?” I ask him. “Perfect” he replies.

Jess bends over, exposing her round juicy ass to me, her soft pink pussy beautifully framed by her thighs. I slap her ass playfully, warming it, she fidgets. My lips press against her soft warm skin, I kiss and nibble her cheeks, pressing my tongue between my lips. I spread her cheeks and lick her anus while slipping my finger into her wet pussy. I find her clit and tease it while I tongue her ass, pressing my tongue deeper, changing the shape, pressing gently with my teeth. I finger her pussy till my fingers are dripping with her juices I pull them out and lick them, tasting her nectar. Then I finger her ass with a wet finger till she is begging for his cock...

WET_TEEN_SLUT (73) Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Thursday, November 23rd 2017 View Blog
Winter Wonderland
Some people think that November is far too early to start celebrating Christmas. Not me, I LOVE Christmas!

I love it so much that as soon as I heard about a winter wonderland that was opening a couple of hours away from me, I booked a hotel with my best friend, jumped on a train and made sure we were there to see the show as soon as it opened!

It was so much fun! I felt like a kid again... Well, until I went through the winter maze, that was when I remembered how much of a filthy slut I really am.

As I was making my way through the snowflakes and the twinkle lights, I felt someone following me. I turned around to see a guy. He was older than me, probably 28, with the body of a god. A gorgeous tan; perfect muscles; luscious brown hair and just the perfect amount of stubble. He saw me staring at him and smiled. I quickly turned around and carried on making my way through the maze.

Every time I turned a corner, I saw him following me. Each time I got a glimpse of the sexy smile I could feel my pussy get wetter and wetter. I decided to slow down, hoping he would catch up with me. I turned down another path and came to a dead end, as I turned around to walk back, he grabbed me and said, "I was hoping you would end up down here." By now I could feel my juices dribbling down my leg. My knees went weak as he pressed himself up against me, I could feel his cock throbbing against my pussy. I needed to feel him inside me.

I couldn't take my eyes off him. He pulled my jeans down to my ankles and slipped my red lace thong to the side so he could check how wet I was. He forced three fingers inside my tight pussy and smiled at me. I liked that I had pleased him. He thrust his fingers in and out of me, until I was so close. I grabbed his arms, ready to squirt, when he quickly stopped and threw me to the ground. Stood above me, he unbuttoned his jeans and held his huge 9 inch cock out for me to see.

I was so excited to feel him. He lay down on top of me, his eyes burning into mine, he plunged it into my tight pussy and began pounding me, like the little fuck doll I am. I couldn't help but moan. He kept pounding me, harder and harder, faster and faster, I grabbed his hair to stop me screaming. I didn't want anyone else hearing me!

I felt his body tense and his dick throb inside me, then he exploded in my wet pussy. He lay on top of me for a second, just to catch his breath. Then, with his cock still inside me, he reached down and started to slowly rub my clit. I was desperate to cum, he didn't let me earlier. He rubbed me faster and faster, until I squirted all over his cock. He loved that.

We got up and dressed and made our way out of the maze. I could feel his cum mixing with mine inside me. It felt amazing. When we got out of the maze, he pulled me to the side, pushed me up against a wall, kissed me and said, "My name's Liam, by the way. Come and find me later, if you can handle more."

I smiled and walked away to find my friend. I knew I had to have him again!

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