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Are YOU a mannerly mature 40+ guy looking 4 something a bit different? As one of the UK's most experienced escort couples we know what buttons to PRESS to deliver an amazing experience, the proof's in our reviews; Check'em out b4 calling. Number on page!
Please note we don't see Under 40's or respond to crude messages asking us about things already clearly on the profile!

#weekend: AVAILABLE SUNDAY ~ COUNTY DURHAM incalls, NORTH EAST & NORTH YORKS Outcalls! ~ Have you checked out our feedback & read about the experiences of others....Men just like you who aren't content to go thru life 'following the fold' and 'wondering' ~ We have WAY MORE feedback (168) than almost any other couple in the UK and NONE of it is solicited ~ So guys, Get in touch! Don't be shy, Let's have FUN! ~ #JustDoIt ~ Also taking bookings for NEXT WEEK & beyond.

Hi! We are fun50couple, a hot and sexy, full time Professional Escort Couple who love kinky threeway fun with mannerly mature men, preferably over the age of 40 (GenXers, Boomers & Silent Generation). We split our time between London & the North East*{see NOTE 1} and like to meet upscale married guys mainly, who may be bi-curious, secretly bisexual, sub-missives or cross dressers, as well as the odd straight man looking for a sensual vanilla experience. Many men yearn to explore same sex desire. It's not uncommon and it DOESN’T MEAN you’re gay, it means you're open-minded and sex positive! You'd probably consider a meet with a solo male escort a step too far...and that’s OK! We understand, and it’s something we come across EVERY DAY. Far better and more comfortable to explore your sexuality in the presence of, and with active participation FROM, a kinky, sexually liberated female. Keeping it SAFE, SANE and friendly. So guys, whether you be a nervous newbie, or more experienced and FULL ON, then we are up for meeting. Discover new highs and new limits...most of all ENJOY!

In a high profile job? Public servant? Celebrity? OR Mr ORDINARY Married Man? Fear not, we are a 100% Professional, Discreet & Friendly BRITISH Escort couple. Your kinky secret is safe with us, and will remain that way no matter what. We’ve been here on Adult Work for many years with the feedback to prove it; Check it out, as well as our many Field Reports before contacting us to book.

About us:
Fun50Minx: She is a Scot, fun, easy-going, straight and dark blonde, occasionally a brunette/dark style. Bendy & Curvy, a size 16/32E with tits to die for. She adores prolonged sensual & skillful (not rough) stimulation to the point of multiple squirting orgasms. Would you like her sat on your face while she gushes all over you? She is also a junior dominatrix, into tie and tease, sensory play, mild CP, Ass & Foot worship, and role-play; Minx doesn’t meet men solo unless they are established AW members with feedback. She has no piercings or tattoos, and dresses classily for outcalls, with a hint of cleavage and/or leg but not both. Minx has a sunny personality and a ‘glass half full’ mentality. She enjoys friendly flirtatious banter, while at the same time remaining 100% professional, so don’t be worrying about ‘nerves’...they’ll soon be forgotten about, within minutes of meeting.

Fun50Geeze: He is English & originally from Northampton, educated but down to earth, with a body years younger than his age, & above average endowment (Shaven/trimmed). He is passionate about the adult industry, pens a National ‘escort lifestyle & sexuality’ blog, and is interested too in business, politics, current affairs & aviation as a former Private Pilot. He was once asked to stand as a prospective parliamentary candidate, thought about it for a week, and then politely declined…too many skeletons in the cupboard! Geeze lives an ostensibly straight life, but has been bisexual since childhood. Masculine, and ‘non scene’ he can play 100% straight if that’s what expected. On the other hand he can be FULL-ON bisexually, top or bottom, with very high limits, and is a heavy cummer. You will find very few MF escort couples up and down our land with a truly versatile, fully bi male. In reality, within most ‘bisexual escort couples’ the female is indeed bi, but in the case of the male, 'reading between the lines' will often reveal him to be no more than orally or manually bi, or even not really bi at all, so do your homework!

Geeze works solo too and meets with either men alone, or MF couples seeking the company of a reliable male companion/escort. Some women get aroused by the sight of two men playing together before joining in themselves. If you are a man with a female partner like that, then consider yourself lucky and hold on to her, as it allows you to be 100% authentic with nothing hidden...so many guys wish for that, but are unable to communicate their feelings.

As a Couple: We have been together for over 12 years and are engaged to be married. Both of us are young for our age, outgoing, intuitive & naturally sexy. We enjoy what we do. We are in no way ‘victims’ as many who knock the oldest profession would have you believe. Our own erotic thresholds are constantly evolving. There is no need to be shy. We know what buttons to PRESS to give you an amazing experience, (the proof is in the reviews) and one which you will want to repeat; we have a good number of regular clients. Our meetings range from gentle exploration/soft play, to hard core domination from the two of us, including ‘alternative activities' (see top right corner of page), and all things in between. Some men see us for a ‘one off’ and a tick on the bucket list, while others are on a journey; it is not uncommon for us to meet with men we’ve known for years, men who lead a second life, hidden from the ones they love, but a very necessary component of their being, ensuring they remain fulfilled, and able to cope in today’s challenging world. For most folk, sexuality is fluid, and however ‘certain’ you might feel about your feelings right now, things can, and often DO change. Who knows where one might be, months or years ahead?

So what now?
We are experienced Full Time Escorts, (To find out more about what this means for you, kindly click the 'Professional Escorts' tab), drug and disease free, and regularly tested for your complete safety. The more you can tell us about what turns you on, and the more you can communicate your feelings to us, then the better we can deliver upon your expectations. That is truly the route to take for GREAT SEX. Filthy sex. No holds barred sex. Share with us your fantasies…Don’t hold back. Our job is to help you turn your fantasy into reality and to make it happen; We LOVE the thrill of meeting new people and having a good time with them, 'So Do Something NOW That Your Future Self Will Thank You For' & drop us an email including brief details about YOU & when you would like to meet. Crude one liners will most likely be ignored, so too will requests for information already clearly on the profile. If you don’t have the time for that and wanna jump right in, that’s fine too, just call us.

LOOK! >>> What's hot and trending for 2019? Controlled orgasm denial...as in long term chastity where we hold the key, OR during an ultimate 2 hour tease session! Electroplay also remains popular with many men requesting it, so what is it? Electrosex or 'E-Stim' is the art of using electricity to stimulate the body. Why an art? Because everybody responds differently to stimuli, and finding ways to pleasure the human body is not an exact science. We invested in a top of the range E-stim kit with accessories in 2017 & added more premium electrodes to our collection in 2018. It offers levels of sensation and pleasure difficult to find anywhere else. December '18 saw Geeze finally achieve the Holy Grail of Orgasms.....hands free with a shuddering 'whole body' climax, not once but twice, courtesy of Prostate Massage by E-stim alone. Easily combine it with other sensory play, book an E-stim session NOW with us as a couple OR either of us solo, (See NOTE 5 below)

NEW!!! >>>> We're ALWAYS investing in more kit to meet the demands of our growing number of sub & cross dressing clients, What's the latest? Well guys, we have added NEW CB3000 & CB6000 chastity devices, new strap-ons & gags for 2019, realistic wigs, blonde page boy and long curly brunette, a HEAVY DUTY straitjacket, soft LEATHER hoods, HEAVY DUTY cuffs, CBT Electro-Compression device, Electrowhisker & a swishy new cane, Remember guys you can book fun50minx solo for DOMINATION or we can be DOUBLE DOM, with MORE EQUIPMENT on order. Look out for SUSPENSION FRAME, FUCKING BENCH, F MACHINE, CAGE, and THRONE coming soon to our NEW PLAYROOM opening in the SPRING! We've also got hold of some classy French style furniture, in readiness for another couple of rooms we're turning into a photo studio

We will not discuss sexual services and fees for incalls over a phone for legal reasons, besides, everything you need to know is on our comprehensive profile. If you're the kind of guy who likes chatting to escorts and getting off over the phone with no intention of booking, then please go to DirectChat section below, get tissues, get comfy and dial. For those men wanting to meet us, answers to common FAQ's and ALL the information you might require are included in our detailed profile, please take time to read it before calling to inquire about availability and to book, DON'T TEXT. Be aware that Minx OR Geeze may answer, so don't hang up...we are a couple after all, and BOTH of us are Escorts! If we don't answer it means we're working or can't talk in which case ring back a little later, WE WILL NOT TEXT YOU BACK FOR REASONS OF CONFIDENTIALITY except immediately after a missed call. Alternatively email us through the site. We promise a FAST RESPONSE, so be sure to check back for a reply soon after.

RESTRICTIONS: Please note: Black and/or Asian British considered, but you'll need to be an established AW member with feedback ~ We don't meet under 40's unless you can convince us you're mature and serious backed up by established AW membership with feedback + a sensible email at the very least ~ If you are disabled then you must make that fact known to us when requesting a booking or risk being turned away.

NOTE 1): *This page currently shows rates applicable to NORTH EAST ENGLAND. For availability & terms in London please click the 'LONDON AVAILABILITY' tab above. More details about 'when/where/what/how' can be found on our own fun50couple website.
NOTE 2): In line with AW advice regarding impending NEW legislation (Digital Economy Act) all adult images have been moved to Private Gallery
NOTE 3): Uncensored versions of profile pics and Gallery pics can be seen in our Private Gallery.
NOTE 4): Choreographed/scripted Sub Games or Role Play/Alternative practices/Water Sport +20% no exceptions.
NOTE 5): Meetings incorporating electrosex are charged at +10% enhanced rate due to the consumables used & the high cost of the equipment. Our kit is upscale, British designed and manufactured specifically for e-stim since 2004, CE marked and tested.
NOTE 6): Overnight bookings are from £400, please call for more details as the rates box doesn't let us differentiate between types of overnight bookings.
NOTE 7): If you see notification on the page showing we're accessing from a FOREIGN COUNTRY, Switzerland, Iceland, Belgium or Ireland for instance, that doesn't mean we're there, it means we're accessing the internet via a VPN. If you don't know what we're talking about it, get up to speed, because after Easter you will not be able to access porn sites and/or some escort sites in the UK without age verification and you will be blocked by your ISP. VPN's allow you to circumvent the censorship!
Frequently Asked Questions...
Q. How do I book? A. In the first instance message us through AW or call our number if it's displayed. Crude one line messages or texts are likely to be ignored. Phone us only for the purpose of booking; do not text. Can't call or talk because you're with company? So wait until you can call, its pointless texting to 'see if we are available'; if the green AVAILABLE TODAY icon is displayed or it says 'we are available' in the header, then guess what? It means we are available. At a time to suit YOU? You'll need to call to find out because available slots change by the minute. We don't accept bookings without a quick chat on phone first unless you're a regular of course.
Q. Do you see Couples? A. HE (Geeze) outcalls to MF couples seeking the company of a fully bi male. Many women get turned on watching two men play before joining in themselves, its the very essence of SEX POSITIVITY & can be incredibly liberating. Can travel Nationwide if given enough notice. MINX isn't interested and does not get involved with couples at all, so please note WE DO NOT MEET WITH OTHER COUPLES AS A COUPLE.
Q. I'm very nervous A. That is understandable, but really, there is no need so don't worry, we are very easygoing and unshockable with high limits. We have the life experience & ability to be able to quickly calm & re-assure the most nervous people within minutes of meeting. This is about nothing more than three sex positive people getting together for a little fun, no BIG DEAL! Don't hold back, make contact now and turn a fantasy into reality. Most men will only ever dream about these things. Don't be one of them, & you'll not reach later life wondering 'What if'.
Q. How safe? A. Drug and disease free, we are regularly tested for your complete safety. We use premium Pasante protection including Pasante Unique the worlds thinnest condom with Lelo HEX coming very soon. (2 Pasante or equiv supplied FOC per booking) OWO is at our discretion & not guaranteed. All lubes are quality products and condom safe/compatable (as sex toy retailers of 15 years experience, we have the knowledge)
Q. Are you available at short notice? A. If we can make it, we will, subject to a bare minimum of an hour and a quarter's notice. To ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE AVAILABILITY & A BOOKING, make contact 2 or 3 days prior and book thru AW. Priority will always be given to established AW site members. We work Mon-Friday and occasional weekends....check header text for notifications re weekend working. For same day bookings, ideally call mobile (Number below). For same-day evening bookings please call before 1945.
Q. Do you guys visit hotels? A. YES YES YES!! We love outcalls to quality hotels!! We are available at short notice subject to availability for hotel outcalls across Northern England fom Leeds to Newcastle & Manchester including all airports in the region. We also travel further afield including London, Scotland, and near Continent by arrangement. Select 'HOTEL OUTCALL' tab for full details.
Q. Do you do 30 minute bookings? A. Not normally, and on the odd occasion we do, no penetrative sex is included. Anyway, How on earth can you have any kind of sensual relaxed experience in 30 minutes??? An hours meet is ideal, an hour and a half or more is recommended for those looking for versatility and/or advanced activities. Can't afford an hour? Keep saving then. You know what they say: 'you buy cheap, you buy twice' meaning if you take a cheap option you'll likely be disappointed and find yourself paying AGAIN for another experience you hope WILL deliver. We advise that you read 'between the lines' of service providers' feedback and to also check the feedback of the people seeking the service; by doing that you'll more easily sort the wheat from the chaff. Remember, QUALITY NEVER COMES CHEAP, Be warned.
Q. Are your prices negotiable? A. Fees for our time are strictly non negotiable as we are constantly in demand. Bear in mind too that we are not just a female escort with a man standing by as a sidekick like most couples on here...We are two full blown professional escorts, and both work either together or solo.
Q. Are you both bisexual? What do you mean by MFM/MMF? A. We get a lot of questions about our sexuality. She is straight. He is genuinely & proudly bisexual, not gay. He can play straight, he can be orally/manually bi only, or he can be FULL ON & Versatile which means he can be top or bottom, Got it? Minx gets very turned on by the sight and sound of two bi men playing together! If you identify yourself as 'bi-curious' then let us know about any previous experience. If its your first time that's OK! If you subsequently find it uncomfortable & feel its not for you, then say so, and we can switch to either MFM or minx Solo and still give you a good time. Remember:no connection = no erection!
We also come across a number of guys confused by threesome terminology...that's OK! MMF is a threesome where there is MM contact as well as MF contact. MFM means a threesome with no direct MM contact where SHE may be in the middle as in for example 'spitroast'. If you identify yourself as 100% straight that's absolutely fine providing you're going to participate...we are not interested in Voyeurs with no input. MFM meets we will only normally do in the evening.
Q. What do you guys do/like? A. Its not about us, its about YOU! Check out our 'likes' list on this page....which is a guide only. If there is something not listed then we don't normally participate in them ITS THAT SIMPLE! If you are really not sure what you want, then don't worry, because we are naturally sexy and intuitive. We're friendly and very broad-minded too, with high limits (meaning that we know we go way further than most if that's what you're wanting).
Q. Why have you deleted my email and/or not answered? A. Usually because it's clear you've not read our profile and you're under age, OR, you've repeatedly sent us endless emails or texts in the past and not gone ahead with a booking. Crude disrespectful messages will result in us blocking you, as will nuisance callers, and no shows. We reserve the right to forward the telephone numbers, addresses, account details etc of Hoax out-callers, No-Shows, Nuisance, and/or threatening callers to a National sexworker's database, including NUM; those punters may find it difficult to book in future with others because their number will be flagged. If your number's flagged or you call from a witheld number, your call won't be answered.
Q. What's included in an overnight incall booking? A. We've pitched the rate for an overnight incall low so it appeals to businessmen who might be considering local hotels. Our £400 rate applies to North East England only & includes around 1.5-2 hour escort booking, overnight accommodation in a nice double room with private bathroom, and a breakfast in the morning. Twelve hours from 8 till 8 or similar. If you're wanting an overnight incall with 'full service on demand for the duration', then the rate is £700. We can issue a receipt for accommodation if required.
Q. What can I tell from feedback? A. Answer... A lot! When choosing an escort to hook up with, check out the feedback of the people leaving the feedback; you'll soon see what kind of people they are, on BOTH SIDES. Text speak, mis-spelt words, crudities and a low feedback score will often indicate younger inexperienced punters. So check out the other service provider's THEY'VE seen....for example they may have been with some-one recently who lists bareback as one of their services....so you Might Not Want To Go There! Conversely, a ton of well constructed feedback especially when linked to a comprehensive & grammatically correct Field Report will usually indicate professional types, often long term players, the kind used to sorting the wheat from the chaff. This site like any other caters to all kinds, so DO YOUR HOMEWORK GUYS!
Contact Us...

To arrange a meeting click here
To view our availability for the next 14 days click here
Rates15 mins½ Hour1 Hour1½ Hours2 Hours3 Hours4 HoursOvernight
In Calls-100160240310400500400
Out Calls--200280350440540900
The above rates are specified in GBP (British Pound).
Note: We are touring within the next month, click here for tour details.

To phone chat via DirectChat click here
1.50 credit(s) per minute, no need to book, you call a landline number (info)

To send us an email click here
Preferred contact method
or email us without any of the protection offered by the site, via support@fun50couple.com

You can call us on:
+447981726237 Get QR
(calls from withheld numbers and SMS messages will be ignored)
Town: Darlington, London, Brent W3
County: County Durham
Region: North East
Country: United Kingdom
Nationality: British
Member Since: 08/01/2014
Gender: Couple MF
Orientation: Bi-sexual
Age: 55
Views: 224579
Last Login: Yesterday

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Note: Any money paid to the adult escorts listed on this website is for their time and companionship only. Whatever else that may occur if and when contact is made is the choice of consenting adults.

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fun50minx  Minx on Chaise longue  Geeze
Member Verified
Vital Statistics:
Ethnicity: Caucasian (White)
Dress Size: 14
Height: 5'6"
Chest Size: 34" Natural
Hair Colour: Blonde Bobbed
Eye Colour: Blue
Pubic Hair: Trimmed
"A" Levels (at discretion)
Anal Play
BDSM (giving)
Car Meets
Cross Dressing
Deep Throat
Dinner Dates
Domination (giving)
Face Sitting
Female Ejaculation
Fingering/Finger Play
Fisting (giving)
Foot Worship
French Kissing (discretion)
Hand Relief
Humiliation (giving)
MMF 3Somes
Oral without (at discretion)
Penetration (Protected)
Prostate Massage
Receiving Oral
Rimming (receiving)
Role Play & Fantasy
Spanking (giving)
Strap On
Sub games
Tie & Tease
Travel Companion
Watersports (Giving)

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