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Strict, seductive, devious and addictive. Four words that describe your Mistress. Now, be a good boy, submit to my sadistic desires and the erotic world of Female Domination awaits you!
I am the Goddess of your dreams & the Dominatrix of your nightmares... perfection, sadism & addiction in one beautiful, curvy and voluptuous body, guaranteed to turn you weak at the knees and salivating from the mouth. Your addiction to Me starts here, as you begin your journey into the erotic & exciting world of online Female Domination and male submission!

About me:
I am a curvaceous Superior Female with a sadistic imagination and a lust for power.

I have lovely big breasts, piercing blue eyes, a big fat ass and delicious full lips. You will find me to be very beautiful and very much out of your league. But that's what makes it more exciting - a beautiful yet unattainable woman taking full control over your body and mind. With shapely legs and very, very beautiful feet, you will certainly enjoy worshipping me.

But what will really turn you on is the creative & clever imagination I have. I have an instinct for knowing exactly what mental buttons to push in order to have you exploding in orgasmic pleasure.

I like to dress in a range of outfits including PVC, leather, Spandex, lace and satin. From full on leather-clad Dominatrix to the strict Mistress in a pencil skirt. I also enjoy cosplay and have a few costumes I like to dress up in, including Doctor, nurse, Police Officer, Nun and Temptress. But do understand, I do not taking clothing requests for live cam. I like to dress in whatever I feel comfortable in.

My Expertise
I am fully skilled in the art of BDSM & Fetish. With more than 19 years in the scene, I have fine-tuned my skills in order to exert full control & power over the weak & feeble who crave a Superior Mistress to submit to. You may be a seasoned submissive or you may be simply curious. Either way, you will soon learn to discover just how erotic it can be to be at the sexual mercy of another.

I pride myself on being open-minded with an understanding that each and every fetish is personal to the one who enjoys it. I'm not here to kink shame. I'm here to encourage your desire to explore further and broaden your sexual horizons. But at the same time, I also understand that everybody has limits. Yours will always be respected and I expect you to respect mine. BDSM should be fun as well as erotic, which is why I will always stand by ensuring safe, sane & consensual play. Your health & well-being is just as much my responsibility as it is yours.

Whether it's JOI, chastity, orgasm control, the more sadistic side of BDSM or more, I shall enjoy using you for my amusement.

What I absolutely am not is a switch or vanilla. It is not my scene at all. I am always in control. Always. I thrive on it. I get wet from it. The more of a masochist you are, the more I enjoy it. That's why my leanings are only towards the BDSM & fetish scene. That said, I do offer a "fetish wank" service, as long as you are respectful and address me as "Mistress" or "Miss Deviant" and respect my limitations & preferences.

My services are available on DirectCam, DirectChat & instant messenger based DirectIM.

Please be aware there is audio in all DirectCam modes. Cam2Cam is only available in private chat and in my special offers.

What can we discuss in DirectIM
Direct IM is an instant messenger based service which means you can chat with me in real-time. We can chat about whatever is on your mind, be it a fetish you'd like to explore, a favourite role-play, a kinky fetish wank, specific advice or even an informal chat before future webcam session.

Subjects available in DirectIM

* Jerk off instruction
* Small Penis Humiliation
*Verbal humiliation
*Fantasy exploration
*Fetish Role-Play
*Ignore/Ruin sessions
*Lovense Control
*Cuckold humililiation
*Psychological Domination
*Faggot Humiliation
*Castration Fantasy

A lot of these topics are also available via phone chat as well!
You will generally find me on DirectIM during the evening and on days when I'm unable to cam.

Want to know how much of a Bitch I am? I dare you to come & find out!

My favourites
*Chastity Training
*Sissy Slut Training
*Ruined Orgasms

I also enjoy giving advice to those who need more information, reassurance or clarify their favourite fetish.


Did you know that masturbation is good for your immune system? Call me via DirectChat for a kinky phone wank for 0.85 per min (less VAT) and give those anti-bodies a boost! Prefer to book? Then be sure to book for a minimum of 10 mins! Silent calls are also available for those who are unable to speak. All you need to do is email me via the AdultWork secure email system to discuss your requirements.



TOPLESS WANK & BREAST WORSHIP. I have big bouncy 40 DD tits and I want to remind you of what you're missing!

LOVENSE CONTROL. If you have the Lovesense lush and the app, I can control your pleasure from anywhere in the world. I can give you intense pleasure to edge you, ruin your orgasm entirely, or just give you teasing short bursts. You WILL be desperate with arousal! PRIVATE CHAT ONLY.

JERK OFF INSTRUCTION I'm going to tell you exactly how to stroke until you explode with pleasure. Every part of your cock will enjoy pleasure like never before.

CUM EATING INSTRUCTION I know you want to please me. And I know how much you love to please me. So you're going to please me by eating your cum. You might find you become addicted! (ONLY AVAILABLE VIA WEBCAM)

THE CUM CHALLENGE Continuous wanking - cumming as many times as I say and WHEN I say - not for the faint-hearted! VIA WEBCAM IN PRIVATE CHAT ONLY! (SEE MY FAQ FOR MORE INFO.)

Heads or Tails The game of chance decides if you will leave frustrated or satisfied. The ULTIMATE tease and denial game! VIA WEBCAM ONLY IN PRIVATE CHAT! (READ MY FAQ FOR MORE INFO.)

HYPNOSIS/BRAINWASHING/MIND CONTROL You subconscious is more powerful than you realise but it can also leave you weak. Mistress will you to relax until you go into a deep, submissive trance...your consciousness will sleep while you're subconscious will be awake...highly suggestible, vulnerable and ready to be exploited in whatever way I decide...WEBCAM ONLY IN PRIVATE CHAT.

FINANCIAL DOMINATION/RINSING/IGNORE Boys who serve Me will often become addicted. And with addiction; comes devotion. Financial Domination sessions are your opportunity to demonstrate that devotion. However; I am NOT a brat and I am NOT a home-wrecker. You give because you want to. Not because I demand it. I will weave My way under your skin until you're desperate to demonstrate your devotion to Me.

FOOT/HEEL/BOOT WORSHIP & FETISH I have pretty size 8 feet with red painted toenails and toe rings. You will enjoy worshipping them, Heels/boots are also available for worship. Foot worship sessions can also be done from your point of view for that extra humiliation.

HUMILIATION I will have you squirming in minutes, as I pick apart your ego. Pointing out all your short-comings & making you perform embarrassing and humiliation tasks, purely for My amusement.

ANAL/DILDO TRAINING Whether you're an anal virgin; or a seasoned butt-fucker; I will instruct and guide you to find pleasure from being anally fucked. Fingers; toys, massages...even your own fist. There are no limits to the pleasure you will experience. Lube is essential!

EDGING/GOONING I shall enjoy taking you to the very brink of orgasm - and leaving you there for as long as I desire...hours, weeks, MONTHS. One thing is for sure; you'll be crying with desperation before I give it to you. Webcam is essential for this type of session.

FETISH EXPLORATION/KINK I love all things fetish - rubber, PVC, leather, stockings and more. So what do you love? I do not judge your fetish. I prefer to be open-minded and help you to explore. I cater for most fetishes; including taboo; as long as they are legal. See My comprehensive fetish list for details of what I enjoy.

CBT/BALLBUSTING Mild, moderate or extreme - I will ensure your meat and two veg suffer! I will push and exploit your pain thresholds and watch you suffer under My command. Squealing in pain is optional. You don't even need any specialist equipment - there are many things around the house to torture you for My amusement. A webcam is essential for safe, sane play. PRIVATE CHAT ONLY.

CUCKOLDING FETISH/HUMILIATION The shame of being in a female-led relationship. It's all about my pleasure. It's about me humiliating you about your sexual inadequacies. Will you get to watch? Nope! You don't deserve that. Will you get to join in? Nope! You don't deserve that, either. Will you get to clean up? You think I want your loser mouth near me? No, you sit there, you squirm as I tell you what a REAL man can do to me, how superior he is compared to your sexual skills or lack of and maybe I'll let you play with yourself - if I'm feeling generous. But don't take your pleasure for granted. Because that too is entirely my decision.

CROSS-DRESSING/FEMINISATION/SISSY No matter what kind of sissy you are - a girly one, a slutty one, a man-sissy. I mean to train you into being the sissy I want you to be. We will cover a range of topics including, dressing, make-up, girly tasks, chastity and even incorporating your favourite fetishes with your sissy training. But you must be a good girl and please me with your progress.

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT/SPANKING/WHIPPING/PADDLE/CANING Sometimes, old-fashioned punishments are the most effective. Spanking, whipping, caning and even slippering. The hot fire will rain across your ass while I instruct you to make those cheeks glow

WATERSPORTS FOR HIM I will enjoy watching you squirm while you BEG to go - and then you will swallow every last drop while you imagine drinking My golden rain. Don't expect Me to indulge on cam. You will indulge for My amusement.

TEASE & DENIAL Using My feminine charms and sadistic mind to repeatedly tease you into a frenzy. You'll be desperate to explode and I'll make you beg for it. Perhaps I'll allow you cum. Or maybe I'll enjoy making you wait... A webcam is essential for this type of session.

BDSM ROLE PLAY Strict Headmistress, Harsh Police Officer or even Sadistic Governess - there is no end to what My imagination will create - but you will ALWAYS be in the submissive role.

PAIN TRAINING Pain is pleasure and pleasure is pain. When the two are combined; it can lead to an almighty orgasmic explosion. It is also good for relieving stress. No matter where you enjoy receiving pain; Mistress will instruct you to torture yourself The pleasure is for both of us! VIA WEBCAM ONLY IN PRIVATE CHAT for safe, sane play.

VERBAL ABUSE/VERBAL DEGRADATION You need to be reminded of just how disgusting you truly are. If you crave Me to talk to you like you're a piece of shit, sit back and wait for the onslaught! The local bully has nothing on Me. By the time I've finished; you'll feel about 2 inches tall.

STRAP ON/PEGGING Learn to ride it like a bitch! Your own toys are mandatory. I have 3 lovely strapons to chose from - My weapons of ass destruction... PRIVATE CHAT ONLY.

CHASTITY Your brain doesn't function properly when your cock is hard - that's why your cock must be locked away. But for how long? For as long as I like! Just make sure you get comfy in that cage - you'll be there a while. I don't currently provide a key-holding service, but that doesn't stop Me from finding creative ways to keep you locked up! Webcam is preferred. PRIVATE CHAT ONLY.

BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION Behaving in a way not acceptable to a lowly slave? Behaviour modification will put a stop to that - chastity is not optional. You'll learn the only way to behave is like a robot. And what is the definition of the word "robot"? That's right - SLAVE. Come and start your reprogramming to become the slave I want you to be.

FAGGOT HUMILIATION/BI SERVITUDE Are you a closet faggot? Seeking to be a dirty little bum boy? Need Mistress to humiliate the piss out of your gay side? Come forward, fairy-fag and see how secret limp-wristed foo foo's need to be treated. Maybe you need some advice as to who to answer your homosexual needs. Mistress will help you explore this kinky side of you, so you can learn to embrace your faggot behaviour!

FACE SITTING/SMOTHERING - clothed only. Prove yourself to be a loyal, obedient and dedicated sub and you may get the delight of worshipping My delicious ass! Yes, I have a nice big round ass and it will cover your ENTIRE face nicely! How long can you last before you need to come up for air? These sessions are offered at My discretion and ONLY to boys who have proven themselves worthy. Don't expect ass worship if it's your first session - you have much to prove, first! PRIVATE CHAT ONLY.

PSYCHOLOGICAL DOMINATION Oh the things I can do to your mind! Perhaps I will remove a word from your vocabulary? Perhaps I will sanction how often you may visit the bathroom? Or maybe I'll just deprive you of something you need. The list really is endless....

SENSUAL DOMINATION Not quite ready for the rough stuff? Come and enjoy the smooth. Sensual domination on a wide range of topics. Gloves, scarves, stockings, blindfolds - just lose yourself in sensuality.

BIZARRE Paper bag fetish? Hair Fetish? Sticky-tape fetish? Whatever floats your boat, I'm happy to explore it provided it is legal, not dangerous and doesn't have the "yuck" factor. I am VERY open-minded and will not judge you (unless you want Me to of course!) Who says you have to conform to the "norm"? I don't! A fetish is only odd if you don't understand it!

GIANTESS FETISH/SHRINKING I'm bigger and stronger and I'll crush you like a bug! How would you like to be shrunk down until you're nothing but a tiny specimen I can keep in My purse? PRIVATE CHAT ONLY.

FEMALE SUPREMACY Submitting to a Superior Woman is the natural order of life. It is something you were made to do. Give up your testosterone and obey your calling. It is the ONLY way forward.

CLOTHED FEMALE/NAKED MALE When you are naked, you are at your most vulnerable - you have nothing to hide. I will remain clothed to add to your vulnerability and humiliation.

CASTRATION FANTASY Imagine what it would be like to be a eunuch - your last scrap of masculinity totally removed. Just think - that last orgasm you had, could very well have been your last! PRIVATE CHAT ONLY.

RUINED ORGASMS You enjoy pleasure, but you don't necessarily deserve pleasure. All that jerking off the worm, and then Mistress goes and denies you that much-needed pleasurable orgasm...Webcam is essential for this type of session.

GAGS Sometimes; subs have far too much to say for themselves. Gagging can be done via balls gags, dildo gags or for the really perverted; panty gags!

PANTY WANKING Get off on used underwear? Like to sniff, lick and wank into it. I really want to humiliate you while you do that!

ORGASM TORTURE Every heard of having too much of a good thing? Well, there is such a thing as too many orgasms. I'll order you to cum over and over again until you just can't take it anymore. Webcam is essential for this type of session.

SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION Is your little tiddler lacking in stature? Got a did smaller than a AA battery? I shall mock your short-comings and laugh at your pathetic attempts to wank it. Webcam is preferred for full embarrassment.

This list is not exhaustive. There are new fetishes being born every single day. If yours isn't covered here; feel free to contact Me via the secure email system. If it's legal and within My limits; it will be considered. I am EXTREMELY open-minded and open to suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions...
Q. Can I purchase Mistress a gift? A. Of course. Just ask and you will be given instructions
Q. Can I meet with Mistress? A. No. Because I am disabled; I am unable to offer real-time sessions.
Q. Mistress, do you do racial or religious humiliation? A. No. There is enough bigotry in this world; without folks requesting it.
Q. Does Mistress sell any personal items? A. From time to time I will sell personal items including worn stockings, tights, panties, tissues, toe-nail clippings, foot shavings, worn shoes and worn leggings. Ask via the secure Adultwork email systems or check via My marketplace sales.
Q. Can I pay you directly instead of via AdultWork? A. Not under any circumstances. I abide by AW TOS and so will you.
Q. Can I talk about my wife/girlfriend being used by multiple guys? A. Absolutely not. I don't enslave women. I EMPOWER them. If you want to talk about this; discuss it with somebody who enjoys vanilla conversation. I don't.
Q. Does Mistress offer vanilla sessions? A. Vanilla is not My scene at all. I'm 100% kink & fetish in all of My sessions.
Q. Can I have a session outside of adultwork? A. No. Any attempt to obtain a session outside of AdultWork is a BREACH of the terms of service. I will always report those who attempt to do this.
Q. What do I need for slave initiation? A. Slave initiation involves light spanking, nipple play, anal, jerk off instruction & cum eating instruction. You will nee the following:

Clothes pegs/nipple clamps
Leather belt
Wooden spoon
Empty glass
Q. What can't I discuss with Miss Deviant? A. You will find me to be very open-minded. However, like you, I do have limits.

Under no circumstances, will I discuss the following:

Toilet games (excluding watersports for him)
Incest including step-relatives.
Racial domination/humiliation
Breathe play/choking.
Age play.
Anything which draws blood and/or causes serious injury.
Edgeplay/knife play.
Fetishes involving animals dead or alive.
Use of illegal substances.

Please also note I do not offer sounding or needle play sessions due to the risks involved.

Q. What isn't available during the covid pandemic? A. Due to covid, I am unable to sell personal items because of the risk of virus transmission. In addition, any shows involving spit, sneezing or coughing are also suspended until further notice.
Contact Me...

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To leave me a voicemail message
Call 0908 122 0200 and when prompted enter my User ID: 468210.  Calls cost £1.55/min + access charge, more info.
Town: Hove
County: East Sussex
Region: South East
Country: United Kingdom
Nationality: British
Member Since: 15/12/2007
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Age: 41
Views: 321182
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Note: Any money paid to the adult escorts listed on this website is for their time and companionship only. Whatever else that may occur if and when contact is made is the choice of consenting adults.

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Vital Statistics:
Ethnicity: Caucasian (White)
Dress Size: 18+
Height: 5'6"
Chest Size: 40" DD Natural
Hair Colour: Brown Medium
Eye Colour: Blue
Pubic Hair: Shaved Completely
15 Mins "quickie"
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Disabled Clients
Domination (giving)
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