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The Youthful Cougar Next Door ★ Movie Collection 700+ ★ "FB de jour: "What a woman. Pretty much the only reason I'm on adultwork. Best role play ever." - Mattindro

⚠️ To expedite an efficient arrangement, please supply these ABSOLUTE BASICS ⚠️ to avoid being disregarded as a time wasting numpty ⚠️ No deposit = no booking

** EMAIL only ** please include IN ONE MESSAGE Only if you would like a response of course

DATE & TIME: YOUR window of AVAILABILITY? eg: within what time frame you are free to play eg 2pm to 5pm i work afternoons as a preference but with enough notice morning booking may be possible. I do not work after 6pm
LOCATION: < your home or your hotel? It will be necessary to book a hotel if you can not host
DURATION: < an hour is generally the minimum you can BOOK; max is 2 hours for initial meet It may be possible to extend further
SERVICES: < This is the activities you have on your To Do list eg: WS, CIM, etc One must never assume the activity you're looking for is on the cards!
DEPOSIT First hour is required in full in advance at time of booking

I do not take bookings using the impersonal, presumptuous online booking system because you're not ordering a fucking pizza. Whenever I get those ridiculous things I can instantly see those who have not read the profile. Just like those who make contact without providing the basic information requested. Such a shame to stumble at the first hurdle but take solace you're in the company of the 99.99% dejected majority.


March 2020: "Ahhhh, the one and only KDB. A sapiosexual's dream. Wit, intelligence and filth all wrapped up in a ravishingly delectable package. Sublime!"

Frequently Asked Questions...
Q. Will you call me? A. Neither by request or otherwise will I ever call you.
Q. No Reply? A. To avoid insulting your intelligence with a duplicate answer already provided, the information already provided will not be regurgitated upon request, especially if a hastily penned impersonal note is the best you can manage.

Disregarding the ignorant who feel they are above such minutiae I have found is an efficient way at weeding out those adamantly refuse to review the information already provided for everyone's convenience.

I am notoriously selective with whom I spend my time and so should you.
Q. Domme or Sub? A. I can provide Soft/Sensual/Gentle domination and in the right company, mild submissive play. Please ask for additional rates for the latter.
Q. Do you REALLY do everything on your likes list? A. The whole point of going into so much detail both LIKES & DISLIKES is to assure you of the veracity of my advertising. Those asking this have clearly failed to avail themselves of the prolific information provided and so are disregarded as a potential plaything.
Q. Can I send you a photo? A. No. This isn’t Tinder. Your looks are immaterial.
Q. Bookings 2hrs+ A. First meeting preference generally up to a couple of hours although it may be possible to extend once we have established compatibility.
Q. DUOS A. Whilst I can, do and have worked with similar high calibre individuals, they will need to be approached and booked separately.
Q. FETISH A. I cater for most fetishes and am well versed in some niche activities including but not limited to:

Ball busting | Cock Bondage | Foot fetish | Role-play | Sensual domination | spitting | unwashed/sweaty | watersports
Q. DEPOSIT A. Required at time of booking regardless of your feedback status. Various options available; no credit cards or paypal.

More of a payment in full, in advance really.

Those special snowflakes that feel that the deposit applies to everyone but them will be sorely disappointed.
Q. you avail today? A. Possibly. Whilst I am potentially available every single day, escorting is a very occasional part time job around which my life does not revolve
Q. Domination: A. My domination style is akin to a playful, sensual kinky girlfriend with a penchant to using boys for sex and money. Lighthearted playful sessions with Me taking the lead well within our respective boundaries. Pain & humiliation/degradation (mild at that) is only available upon request.

Extreme, shouty violent, noisy, extreme or misandrist, not so much.
Q. TOURS A. Schlepping to some far flung location to claw back the funds necessary to offset the stupidity of leaving my cosy home is the utter definition of insanity.
Q. "I have a flat to rent" A. Inevitably these brothels are grim AF which is presumably why they have taken to spamming their putrid little hovel.
Q. RATES: A. Attempting to acquire a lower rate to the one you are quoted is a form of haggling and will not be tolerated.
Bitching about my long standing rates which have hovered in much the same place for the last couple of decades is obtuse & ineffective.
Q. How many times can I cum? A. You will have to reconcile your optimism with your physical capacity. Are you looking for an enjoyable, natural experience or a mechanical spunk extraction regime? You may wish to extend the booking at a pro rated fee, especially if you fail to despunk for the umpteenth time within the duration booked.
Q. There is too much to read! A. Maybe addressing your crippling ADD might be more pressing than researching which prostitute upon which to fritter your hard earned cash.
Q. I DO NOT DO: A. This list is not exhaustive and updated regularly (Jan 2022)
Anal | bareback | deepthroat | dirty bum service | drugs | Evening Bookings | Face Fucking | fisting (receiving) | forced intox (any) | free advice/chat | Gangbangs | Hagglers | hair pulling | hardsports | honeytrap | incest chat or RP | lift & carry | multiple bookings per day | name writing | 'party' | Paypal | anything remotely paedophilic including schoolgirl uniform | restraint (me) | service trade | scissoring | smoking | splosh | Squirting | sugaring | pain (receiving) | pain; giving without prior consent | telepathy | touring | Vomit/Roman showers

I will not be engaging with those who are delusional to think these activities are open to negotiation. They most certainly are not. Go push someone else's boundaries.
Q. What happens if our phone chat booking does not take place? A. In accordance with AW rules put in place for your security and peace of mind, you will of course be refunded since no show took place. You can disregard any small print in any profile contradicting this official stand and AW will have your back when you initiate a refund which should be processed in a timely manner.

You can book with confidence in line with AW strict T&C's which are on the side of the service seeker in this respect.
Q. MMF A. For my own peace of mind/sanity/security MMF bookings are only available to previous, clients one of whom I have met previously.
Q. FILMING A. Enquire at time of booking. Content filmed on my camera and full model release required.
See my movies section for previous real time punter sessions.
All intellectual property rights reserved.
Filming on your camera will be double the hourly rate.
Q. Outfits A. • LINGERIE: Basque, suspenders, bra sets, panties sets, thong sets
• LEATHER: Dress, Bra • Mini skirt • trousers • long gloves • booty shorts
• LATEX: stockings, opera gloves, dress, thong, gauntlets
• PVC: skirt, thong, short gloves, gauntlets, corset, halter bra top.
• SPANDEX: Hood, Seamed Stockings
• BOOTS: Ankle, knee, thigh length
• STOCKINGS & SUSPENDERS: Fully Fashioned, Seamed, sheer, fishnet, red, white, black, flesh • holdups
• SATIN: full back & french panties, negligee, gloves
• GLOVES (satin): Black • Red • Silver
• PANTIES (full back): white, black, red + others
• THONGS & G STRINGS: white, black, red + others
• UNIFORMS: Secretary/teacher/business woman • French Maid • authentic Air Hostess uniform misappropriated from previous employment

I have most things, so if you have something in mind, and can't see it in the PRIVATE GALLERY by all means bring it along with you (size: Small • UK 8 • US Zero)
Q. I'm a VIRGIN/TEENAGER/REALLY FUCKING OLD/INEXPERIENCED/MARRIED/RELATIONSHIP/FIRST TIMER/MODEL/DISABLED/can't cum, Brad Pitt/phototrapher, [insert similar inconsequential detail such as ethnicity or religion here] etc - is that a problem? A. I entertain all the delicious variations of respectful clean individuals regardless of age, gender, creed, colour, size (no its not too big; yes I've had bigger), shape or level of chronological advancement or even the lack thereof.

Appearance is of absolutely zero relevance or even interest. The clients who pass my screening are respectful, clean and punctual. None of whom have thrust a photo into my inbox.
Q. Is this you? (photos/phone) A. My lovingly crafted profile has taken nearly 2 decades to get to where it is today:

• 3 recent profile photos watermarked Exclusive to Adultwork, for security they only appear HERE
• A brief FREE introduction movie showing ME in ACTION!
• Over 8,000 private photos
• over 100 FREE pictures in my FREE gallery

You can also avail yourself of over SIX THOUSAND feedbacks on there from 10 years of existence in only THIS incarnation of my profile; I have actually been on adult work since it started well over 10 years ago and am one of the original members, The Adultwork Performer of the Year and Adultwork Model Search Winner.

That’s just on here. I have been cavorting on t’interwebs since they were invented in 2000
Q. TOYS • There is little I do not have. In the unlikely event it does not feature on this illustratory list please let me know A. • Anal & Vaginal Dilators
• Ball Gag: Solid & Breathe Through
• Blind Folds
• Bondage Straps
• Butt Plugs: Small diamond, bunny tail
• Dildoes: With & Without Harnesses • All shapes & sizes from "is it in yet" to "fuck off away from me with that you psycho"
• Enema kit
• Fucking Machine
• Magic Wand
• Nipple Clamps: Gentle, Clover Leaf
• Percussive Implements: Paddle • Rubber Flogger
• Restraints: Rope, cuffs, thigh bondage straps
• Medical Play: Anal Dilator, Speculum, Gloves, Catheter Syringe
• Strapon
• wartenberg wheel
• Wrist Restraints
Q. Tech Specs: A. All of this would be NOTHING without the new and improved dedicated CAM beast: 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen 9 which necessitates top notch counterparts to avoid literal meltdown including but not limited to:

• Kraken Z73, stuffed into the MEG AMD X570 ACE, powered by the meaty Corsair RM850x. It would be rude not to include the Geforce RTX 3080Ti Gaming Trio to do this delicious combo the justice you, I and it deserves.

• VIDEO CAMERA: Manually adjusted DSLR for the superlative viewing experience in 4K courtesy of a cosy 30mm lens

• LIGHTING: Several professional multi directional panels of manually adjusted diffusion for an optimal experience

• INTERNET: Blisteringly fast, totally dedicated FIBRE OPTIC

• The EDITING fiend: 4Ghz quad core i7 BOOSTED TO 4.2GHZ dripping in 32GB of 1867Mhz DDR3 SDRAM to support the AMD Radeon R9 M395X with 4GB video memory to complement the 5K retina 5120x2880 P3.

• No shitty laptop with 99% CPU here, this superlative set up never needs to bother itself beyond 1% despite being simultaneously splattered over a multitude of sites.

• AUDIO: none of this archaic inbuilt whoreshit; only an external professional standard microphone could possibly be utilised to enjoy my honeyed dulcet tones & sloppy wet slit in high sampling rate stereo, tweaked and optimised for a superior experience
Q. Porn stars/wannabe male escort/filming/camming/'house slaves'/profile tweakage/diet/photos/movies/health/problems/give me some advice/information/your opinion? A. Whatever YOUR role, MY time is ALWAYS chargeable. Dream the fuck on; this is a business not a charity. Genuine clients seeking the benefit of my illustrious career will contact me on DirectChat & DirectCam like good boys & girls.
Q. The Numerous Copy & Paste Princesses: "I just LOVE your profile so just nicking this bit here" A. Firstly, good luck with trying to keep up with my Profile OCD; I update mine on an embarrassingly frequent basis; add me to your hotlist and see what I mean!

Those lacking in the intelligence, creativity & imagination required to create & maintain a profile of this calibre should copy at their peril & prepare for deletion.

My personal answers are as distinctive as I. When my intellectual property is stolen the genuine answers I have provided will be incongruent with the rest of your evidently substandard profile.
Q. Do you have a members' site not listed here? A. Several. But there are various tatty looking sites out there using my notoriety which are FAKE and nothing to do with me whatsoever.

Any other sites that claim to be me, run by me or feature me are nothing to do with me.

My fan sites are linked from the Twatter linked from my page here. By all means drop me a message to enquire if it’s me or not.

Beware of cybersquatters attempting to cash in on my long established notoriety by ripping my stolen content onto their shitty sites.
Contact Me...

To arrange a meeting click here
To view my availability for the next 14 days click here
Rates15 mins½ Hour¾ Hour1 Hour1½ Hours2 Hours3 Hours4 HoursOvernight
In Calls---500-----
Out Calls---500-----
The above rates are specified in GBP (British Pound).

To webcam via DirectCam click here
To check out my *special offers*, click here
2.38 credit(s) per minute in Group Mode
3.99 credit(s) per minute in Private Mode
no need to book (info)
To see when I will be online for DirectCam, click here - Last Online: 22/02/2024 09:37

To phone chat via DirectChat click here
Preferred contact method
2.38 credit(s) per minute, no need to book, you call a landline number (info)

To book a phone chat session click here
5.95 credit(s) per minute, when booking confirmed you call me

To send me an email click here
Use the email system to securely and privately correspond with me
Town: London
County: Barnet
Region: London
Country: United Kingdom
Nationality: British
Member Since: 02/07/2008
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bi-sexual
Age: 52
Views: 5090274
Last Login: Today

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/568926 or - Get QR Code

Note: Any money paid to the adult escorts listed on this website is for their time and companionship only. Whatever else that may occur if and when contact is made is the choice of consenting adults.

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Vital Statistics:
Ethnicity: Caucasian (White)
Dress Size: 10
Height: 5'0
Chest Size: 32" C Natural
Hair Colour: Brown Long
Eye Colour: Blue
Pubic Hair: Natural
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02/10/2009 03/09/2009 29/08/2009
09/08/2009 03/08/2009 29/07/2009
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