The Shared Revenue Programme

The Shared Revenue Programme is a scheme that allows you to make money without any of the hassle of accepting payments on-line. Marketing your offerings on saves you the hassle of having to promote them yourself, we do it all for you.

The process is very straight forward. You offer a service or product which visitors to this site pay for with credits. You receive these credits, then once you have 50 or more, you can request that they be converted in to pounds and transferred to a bank account of your choice.  The following features of this site operate under this programme.

Setting yourself up to do any of the above is very simple and can be done using the links on the My Details Page. Buy a webcam here. Get broadband here. Start selling here.

Note that all bank transfers will be subject to a marketing and administration fee of 30%. This contributes towards the operating, marketing and development costs of the website and allows the majority of features to remain free to all members. Credits will be awarded after each movie has been viewed twice in any one day (this does not apply to Movie Rentals or to verified members). This is to help us cover our bandwidth charges.