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Below is a field report by one of our members who has had an escort booking with Tees Valley Mistress.  Please note that the contents of any field report can never be guaranteed as accurate and that any views or opinions expressed are those of the the author, not

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Report By: Member Not Active
Meet Date: Thursday 17 January
Meet Location: Bishop Aukland (In-call)
Fee: 140
Extras: 20 (Expected)
Rating & Feedback...
Positive - Excellent session
Would visit again: Yes
Would recommend: Yes
Value for money: Excellent
Overall Rating: 10.0 out of 10
About the Venue Score: 10/10
I et Minx at her home which was easy to find with plenty of discrete parking
About Tees Valley Mistress
Physical Score: 10/10
I had requested that Minx dress in leather and she looked fantastic
Personality Score: 10/10
She helped me relax immediately with her easy going personality
Services Score: 10/10
Restrain in staraightjacket and gimp mask and various e stim
About the Meeting Score: 10/10
I had requested that I be restrained in a straight jacket with gimp mask. Once these we put on I was lain on the bed and Minx expertly administed the e stim from butt to cock and balls. When Minx finished the e stim I was rewarded by being allowed to kiss and worship her breasts before I was allowed to come to a happy ending. I was then allowed to have a shower and we chatted before I left. I am looking forward to visiting the dungeon once it is up and running. Thank you for a wonderful session. As as have no more words to describe the session I shall just say fantastic wonderful fantastic wonder ful fantastic and wonderful fantastic and wonderful fantastic and wonderful fantastic and wonderful fantastic and wonderful fantastic and wonderful fantastic and wonderful everything I had requested expertly delivered I shall be back is she will allow me

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