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Positive Eddieloveslicking (224) 13/05/2024 00:32 Seeking Services
  I always have a fabulous time with this GORGEOUS GAL .. I am treated so special .
Positive MarkEng3 (5) 10/02/2024 08:24 Seeking Services
  Mistress Angela took time to understand my needs. Then she looked after me. Big time
Positive mr1971 (12) 12/09/2023 20:57 Seeking Services
  Unbelievably gorgeous and sexy lady. Pure class. Can't wait for my next visit.
Positive Eddieloveslicking (224) 12/09/2023 17:47 Seeking Services
  Today's date was my first 5 girl . I had such a wonderful time with all the gals. Angela was so lovely as per usual
leatherguy5489 (4) 19/05/2023 18:50 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady, skilled and fun to be with. Will definitely meet again.
Positive Eddieloveslicking (224) 19/05/2023 11:30 Seeking Services
  The ever so lovely Angela from day one she was added to my fave' list. Treats me so special every visit
Positive TC0001 (64) 29/01/2023 17:08 Seeking Services
  Not seen for a long time due to Covid situation, but as always, had an amazing time with the gorgeous Angela. Already looking forward to another meet. Thanks xx
Positive MidLifeFling (2) 28/11/2022 22:01 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous, attentive to my requirements and flexible to accommodate - within her limits. Very well-equipped "facility". Definitely recommended.
Positive Dominic229 (12) 20/11/2022 21:38 Seeking Services
  Another fantastic time with the lovely Angela. Warm, sexy and great company as ever. Will be taking her up on the two-girl suggestion......
Positive Benol (44) 15/11/2022 07:10 Seeking Services
  Miss Angela is very attractive lady and I enjoyed worshiping he feet! She's very good at working out what triggers you but she also respect your boundaries
Positive Member Not Active 19/10/2022 14:51 Seeking Services
  Excellent Mistress humiliation session by the attractive Mistress Angelina Xx
Positive Eddieloveslicking (224) 05/10/2022 21:41 Seeking Services
  Date was Angela and a friend of hers. I had a wonderful time I always do with my visits. These gals don't do girl on girl so all my pleasure.
Positive Eddieloveslicking (224) 19/08/2022 00:34 Seeking Services
  The "Oh So Pretty " lovely figure and a lovely bum. This date was fun and dinner with Angela and Evie two stunning ladies...Enjoyed immensely
Positive herbangparty (8) 18/06/2022 14:49 Seeking Services
  Lovely crossdressing makeover with Angela and a friend. She's got a fabulous bum!!
Positive polygon8 (23) 13/06/2022 14:42 Seeking Services
  Another excellent Mistress Session. Miss Angela delivered the kind of session I requested (domination, humilation, punishment & reward), with added surprises
Positive Eddieloveslicking (224) 12/06/2022 12:21 Seeking Services
  The pretty and very lovely Angela enjoyed my time very much this was a 3 girl date. Angela , Sophia and Ellie
Positive Eddieloveslicking (224) 16/05/2022 11:53 Seeking Services
  " WOW what a gal" from a day one I fell in love with this gal. She treats me so very well. 'So Lovely' So Pretty' So Pretty'
Positive Eddieloveslicking (224) 20/03/2022 10:09 Seeking Services
  I had a lovely time with Angela and Khloe. This was my 42nd 'different ' double pairing. Thanks Angela xx
Member Not Active 04/12/2021 20:29 Seeking Services
  Didn't even reply with a No Thanks..despite reading the booking ...very disappointing.
Response: I have not logged onto the site or read as I have been unwell . I also do not accept booking in these covid times unless I have spoken to you first .
Positive Eddieloveslicking (224) 04/12/2021 14:18 Seeking Services
  Wow the ever so luscious Angela and Hot Ellie 2nd visit these lovely gals in a short time. Hope to see more of Angela
Positive Eddieloveslicking (224) 08/11/2021 10:40 Seeking Services
  What a lovely gal I just had to see again. I have planned 2 more visits this month including a double with meal and fun. I can not wait
Positive Stockings_Steve (23) 01/04/2020 22:34 Seeking Services
  An amazing time with Angela +
Response: Very kind feedback but it is very late response . We met over 2 months ago . I am not escorting at the moment following government advice .
Positive TC0001 (64) 22/03/2020 17:53 Seeking Services
  I find it impossible not to have a great time with Angela, spending time with her is wonderful and never long enough. Absolutely fantastic. xxx
Positive TC0001 (64) 20/01/2020 19:47 Seeking Services
  As always an absolutely brilliant time with the wonderful Angela. Never tire of seeing her & already looking forward to another visit. Fantastic, thanks xx
Positive anxiousheart86 (18) 28/10/2019 23:52 Seeking Services
  Angela is such an elegant lady, from her gorgeous face to the toes of her beautiful feet! Plus a lovely personality to match. 10 stars out of 5!!! :D Matt xx
Positive newcomer151 (314) 02/08/2019 10:58 Seeking Services
  Lovely unrushed sensual session with a beautiful woman. Excellent!
Positive skellers (18) 25/07/2019 21:26 Seeking Services
  Thoroughly enjoyed my time with Angelica. Hope to see again soon x
Ranger028 (19) 22/07/2019 16:35 Seeking Services
  Angela is extremely attractive and gorgeous. She is very attentive and caring. Very relaxing 5 star time spent with this lovely lady. Hope to repeat soon.
Positive Dominic229 (12) 14/06/2019 14:17 Seeking Services
  Great comms, as sexy as hell and delivered in every respect. A true gem so treat her well. My first visit but defo not my last.
Member Not Active 07/05/2019 19:34 Seeking Services
  Absolutely superb time, lovely lady. Would love to see again x
Positive Member Not Active 06/05/2019 13:02 Seeking Services
  Very nice slutty dressing and domination session with a very attractive mistress, will need to return soon.
Positive TC0001 (64) 16/04/2019 08:22 Seeking Services
  Every time I see Angela I have the most wonderful time. An absolute delight to be with. You are fantastic. Thanks XX.
Positive LionAround (9) 09/04/2019 18:08 Seeking Services
  Excellent time spent with Angela. Lovely lady who puts you at ease from the moment you arrive and let's you leave feeling in top of the world!!
Positive here2day (40) 08/03/2019 22:06 Seeking Services
  An awesome time with a fabulously sexy and satisfying lady. I left totally relaxed and satisfied in every way. Thank you xxx
Positive anxiousheart86 (18) 22/02/2019 20:01 Seeking Services
  7th time with Angela. My first escort and still the most strikingly beautiful lady I've ever encountered. Thank you for always being so nice to me. :) Matt xx
Positive tiger56tim (69) 09/02/2019 11:23 Seeking Services
  It was an absolute delight to finally meet Angela,and hope this is the first of many more meetings to come. Ciao Angela.grazie per il tempo meraviglioso. xxx
Positive Alan1701 (587) 09/02/2019 00:28 Seeking Services
  Stunning woman, great communication, brilliant personality and simply wonderful in the bedroom, thoroughly recommend
tiger56tim (69) 07/02/2019 22:59 Seeking Services
  A wonderful time spent with a charming young lady.Thank you Angela xx tigertim
Positive TC0001 (64) 04/02/2019 16:57 Seeking Services
  Always have such a fantastic time whenever I see Angela. She is gorgeous and great to be with. Looking forward to next time already. Thanks xx
Positive LionAround (9) 18/01/2019 17:06 Seeking Services
  Met Angela for a dinner date. Absolutely fantastic experience with an intelligent, good looking lady. Look forward to doing it again in the future
Positive Member Not Active 09/01/2019 12:03 Seeking Services
  Excellent mistress session
Positive Freelancer34 (14) 13/11/2018 22:49 Seeking Services
  Such a beautiful lady with elegance and charm. Provides 100% true services listed. Beware guys, beauty and brain a deadly combo. Highly recommended.
Positive TC0001 (64) 01/09/2018 08:22 Seeking Services
  As usual time spent with the wonderful Angela is absolutely fantastic,never tire of her company.Always look forward to next time as soon as I have left.Thanks X
Positive Member Not Active 21/08/2018 19:02 Seeking Services
  A fantastic afternoon with Khloe and Angela.These girls work together fantastically! I was well and truly drained and went away with a big smile on my face.
Positive TC0001 (64) 17/06/2018 16:08 Seeking Services
  Every time I see Angela I have the most sublime, brilliant, fantastic time. You are wonderful. I Never want to leave. Can't wait to see you again. Thanks X
Member Not Active 05/06/2018 01:12 Seeking Services
  Absolutely fantastic time with a lovely erudite and sexy lady. X
Positive Member Not Active 04/06/2018 08:01 Seeking Services
  An afternoon of pleasure with delectable kinky Angela. Great fun must repeat! Xx
Positive Alan1701 (587) 02/06/2018 00:55 Seeking Services
  Wonderful, sexy, beautiful and very accommodating lady
Positive Member Not Active 23/05/2018 00:25 Seeking Services
  This was my second time with Angela and it was almost perfect in every sense. I can't wait for our next time. Xx
Positive TheServant (43) 24/03/2018 10:17 Seeking Services
  Intelligent and beautiful, she gave 100% to the session. I can't fault her. A truly lovely lady and very rare find on AW.
Positive TC0001 (64) 23/02/2018 18:14 Seeking Services
  Every time I see Angela I have the most fantastic time. Wonderful in every way, it is hard to see how it could be better. She is very special. Thanks. X
Positive jazz32 (54) 28/01/2018 10:31 Seeking Services
  Great hour with Angela and Verity - hope they visit Brighton again soon
Positive Member Not Active 25/01/2018 20:17 Seeking Services
  Perfect meet. Angela is stunning. Perfect body, extremely pert bum and very attentive. Would 100% meet again, hopefully she will be around here more often
Positive TC0001 (64) 28/12/2017 08:05 Seeking Services
  Saw wonderful Angela as an Xmas present to myself & was the best present I've ever had. Fantastic as always. Hope to see you again soon. Thanks X.
Positive RealBikerInBlack (121) 12/09/2017 22:21 Seeking Services
  Fabulous couple of hours with a lady whose beauty is exceeded only by her loveliness.
Positive TC0001 (64) 20/08/2017 07:06 Seeking Services
  Yet again had the most wonderful time with Angela, tried a few new things, great as usual. Never long enough and never want to leave. You are amazing. Thanks. X
Positive Member Not Active 27/07/2017 21:43 Seeking Services
  Wonderful lady. I spent a great night with her. Will love doing it again.
Positive TC0001 (64) 09/07/2017 09:00 Seeking Services
  Angela is gorgeous, sexy, erotic, fun, and every time I see her I have the most wonderful time, absolutely fantastic.So looking forward to seeing again already!
Positive TC0001 (64) 07/07/2017 19:04 Seeking Services
  Had to cancel as I was ill. Angela was very understanding. Have re-booked and looking forward to another amazing time with a wonderful lady.
Positive klintnorthwood (8) 27/06/2017 19:44 Seeking Services
  My utmost privilege to meet Angela today. An exhilarating experience of both body and mind with this most beautiful young lady. Here's to next time. Mark xxx
Positive TC0001 (64) 20/05/2017 19:36 Seeking Services
  Difficult to say how much I enjoy my time spent with Angela but, Wonderful, Fantastic, Terrific, Brilliant, Sensational, all of these and more! Thanks x
Positive TC0001 (64) 01/05/2017 20:14 Seeking Services
  Angela delivers again,an absolutely sensational time had with a gorgeous,sexy woman.Never want the sessions to end,already looking forward to next one.Thanks x
Positive TC0001 (64) 15/04/2017 13:33 Seeking Services
  Angela is gorgeous, easy to talk to, sexy, erotic, difficult to see how it could be better.Fantastic in every way.Already looking forward to another meet.Thanks
Positive andysouthie (11) 17/03/2017 17:33 Seeking Services
  Had really sexy time with Anela.Her sexy role play as a secretary which accentuated her great legs and bum was a real turn on.
Positive TC0001 (64) 03/03/2017 21:42 Seeking Services
  Angela is very attractive and delivered a fantastic sensual domination session. Absolutely brilliant. Thanks.
Positive mrfun66 (89) 07/02/2017 13:57 Seeking Services
  Great time spent with the stunning sexy Angela.
Positive JBC1981 (13) 01/02/2017 14:04 Seeking Services
  Angela is amazing; stunning figure, slim with great curves, and really pretty with an amazing smile. Easily the most attractive lady I've met.
Positive northolme (115) 19/01/2017 13:38 Seeking Services
  Definitely positive. What an absolute stunning lady Angela is fantastic overnight xx
gettup (48) 02/11/2016 19:09 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time with Angela and her sexy friend. These girls certainly know which buttons to press!!
Positive Member Not Active 11/08/2016 11:40 Seeking Services
  Removed at Member's request.
Positive gettup (48) 21/07/2016 09:29 Seeking Services
  Wow! What a lovely girl. Real, genuine girlfriend experience. You feel as if you've been pals for ages. Gorgeous looking, sexy as hell and great in bed. Thebest
Member Not Active 27/05/2016 22:53 Seeking Services
  Appointment cancelled
Positive Deemack (44) 20/03/2016 12:27 Seeking Services
  Stunningly attractive lady with an erotic touch, who oozes class. A great afternoon in great company. Thanks. D X
Positive Member Not Active 18/12/2015 22:10 Seeking Services
  Removed at Member's request.
Member Not Active 17/12/2015 19:07 Seeking Services
  Removed at Member's request.
Positive Member Not Active 28/11/2015 21:55 Seeking Services
  Absolutely lovely time spent with the beautiful Angela Carr. Cant wait to return if she will alllow xxxxx
Positive Nucky123 (55) 08/11/2015 11:05 Seeking Services
  The right mix of beauty, brains and sophistication. A Real Class Act.
Positive Member Not Active 21/10/2015 21:46 Seeking Services
  Removed at Member's request.
Positive nazgul99uk (37) 24/09/2015 13:02 Seeking Services
  Angelina is the perfect courtesan - a gorgeous, warm and friendly lady with the experience to know what her man wants and the consummate skill to provide it.
Positive Member Not Active 16/09/2015 13:42 Seeking Services
  Fotos are v. good,it gets better when you meet her.She is exquisite,classy,body perfect,very professional and gives a first class service. 2nd visit a deffo yes
Positive oswaldx (11) 04/09/2015 07:17 Seeking Services
  Modern clean appartment, discrete location. Angela stunning, and underwear a delight. Super fun time - when am I next in the area...probably not soon enough !
Positive northolme (115) 12/07/2015 08:46 Seeking Services
  Angela is a lady of the highest quality, lovely evening in her company xxx
Positive hhmatt (27) 22/06/2015 10:53 Seeking Services
  Angela and her sexy girlfriend are to die for! The perfect woman who is simply gorgeous, and would highly recommend xx let's make it a lunch date for next time
Member Not Active 15/06/2015 13:58 Seeking Services
  A pleasant hour or so spent
Positive gazb99 (22) 27/05/2015 11:08 Seeking Services
  Angela is beautiful with an ass to die for. Had a great hour with her and would definitely see again. Xx
Positive Member Not Active 24/04/2015 07:12 Seeking Services
  A stunning lady. Friendly, naughty and fun. Than you for a wonderful overnight. Hopefully will be back for more:)
Positive Member Not Active 29/03/2015 07:52 Seeking Services
  Absolute pleasurable time with a charming beautiful lady, great company, intelligent and fun, thanks for a wonderful time.
Positive g-man65 (224) 27/03/2015 11:24 Seeking Services
  A super sexy. very beautiful & elegant lady with a great figure. Very friendly, had a great time, Gx
Positive riviera (88) 25/03/2015 21:18 Seeking Services
  Just delicious. I left feeling starved of nothing -- sheer bliss in every way. Thank you xxx
Positive Member Not Active 19/02/2015 17:03 Seeking Services
  A stylish, sophisticated seductress, Angela is also a wonderfully warm and intelligent woman. Absolutely charming. I'm spellbound! G xx
Positive Member Not Active 27/01/2015 21:37 Seeking Services
  An amazing evening; so attentive and relaxing - an amazing session with this intelligent sensuous lady
Positive Dai Verse (6) 15/01/2015 10:07 Seeking Services
  A beautiful, charming, entertaining, sexy young lady who gave me a memorable time.
Positive Member Not Active 31/12/2014 01:59 Seeking Services
  Fantastic meeting with Angela and Lara Lacroix. xxx
Positive Nucky123 (55) 14/12/2014 19:26 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous Lady and one for the more discerning.
Positive Member Not Active 11/12/2014 09:17 Seeking Services
  Angela is Lovely & very gifted.Make you feel very Welcome. Very Lovely photos don't do Justice.Treat her right.Will be back.😘
Positive Member Not Active 04/11/2014 19:32 Seeking Services
  Angela is simply lovely :) a fab massage followed by lots of fun. 100% recommend xx
Positive Member Not Active 14/10/2014 12:53 Seeking Services
  Wonderful three hour date with Angelina. She made my dreams come true.
Positive Member Not Active 23/08/2014 12:01 Seeking Services
  What an experience! A wonderful, funny, sexy, sensual, kind, beautiful woman. A dream come true and one I will repeat.
Positive TG_stripe (271) 03/08/2014 23:01 Seeking Services
  Angela is a lovely, friendly lady who made me feel very welcome. A good venue as well.
Positive brianjay (119) 23/07/2014 13:41 Seeking Services
  A lovely time with a beautiful, sensual and engaging woman
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