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Positive Jackwild70 (70) 07/02/2024 14:08 Seeking Services
  I keep returning to Amy because it's simply the best GFE I've found. No one else gets me harder keeps me harder or loves me longer. Highly recommended x
Positive tongueprobe1 (53) 12/01/2024 14:31 Seeking Services
  As always an absolute treat to see Amy, sexy punctual and charming, and a very sexy lithe curvy body. AAA
Positive tongueprobe1 (53) 04/01/2024 19:14 Seeking Services
  Another brilliantly sexy encounter with Amy, a very joyus sexy women indeed and certainly knows how to please. AAA
Positive briansmith10 (53) 15/12/2023 00:49 Seeking Services
  She is everything you want her to be and so sensitive. Good that I chose her, but this was 2nd time after way way long time. Thank you.
Positive BigtongueBilly (33) 12/12/2023 11:16 Seeking Services
  Fantastic early morning session. Very responsive to touch and stimulation. She made and kept me rock hard even after a night out! I think she enjoyed it too !
Positive Jackwild70 (70) 06/12/2023 14:34 Seeking Services
  Always a pleasure to see and gets better every time. So very enthusiastic and responsive she will make you feel like a king. Highly recommended x
Positive Jackwild70 (70) 26/10/2023 09:29 Seeking Services
  Amy is amazing, fun, bubbly incredibly responsive and a total delight to be with. I would absolutely recommend you book her now you won't regret it.
Positive Legomyeggo (16) 16/10/2023 15:29 Seeking Services
  I had to reschedule, but I?ve seen amy before and she?s absolutely amazing in every way. Great comms and fantastic everything else. 100/10 highly recommend!!
Neutral e4c69 (6) 16/10/2023 11:00 Seeking Services
Positive Burnbannock (2) 05/10/2023 13:23 Seeking Services
  Wonderful meeting this pretty, sexy horny and very adventurous lady.Recommended freasure
Positive tongueprobe1 (53) 27/09/2023 17:27 Seeking Services
  Always a treat to meet up with Amy,, cute punctual and sooooooooo very sexy indeed.
Positive thatguywiththebeard (33) 26/09/2023 19:22 Seeking Services
  Amy was very accommodating when my train to London arrived a bit late. Had a great meeting with her, she made me feel at ease almost instantly!
Positive MannaManna (6) 12/09/2023 21:33 Seeking Services
  Such a lovely lady on so many levels. Was great catching up and had lots of naughty fun too! xxx
Neutral Burnbannock (2) 05/09/2023 15:02 Seeking Services
  That was an amazing appointment w!th a pretty, sexy kind and generous treasure.
Positive MrRMD65 (21) 31/08/2023 23:12 Seeking Services
  Amy provided a fantastic and passionate service. I had a really good time, thank you.
Positive Member Not Active 14/08/2023 17:16 Seeking Services
  Top marks for this generous pretty, sexy treasure. Tr
Positive tongueprobe1 (53) 11/08/2023 22:39 Seeking Services
  Great time again, punctual very sexy and delicious 😋😋 very erotic indeed.
Positive tongueprobe1 (53) 05/08/2023 07:28 Seeking Services
  another fantastic meeting with Amy, elegant, slim with great curves and always punctual. very sexy young lady indeed. AAA
Positive tongueprobe1 (53) 25/07/2023 19:07 Seeking Services
  A delightfully sexy time had with Amy, very attractive, sexy figure and very very giving. AAA
Positive Blue Narciss (4) 20/07/2023 10:23 Seeking Services
  A wonderful lady and a wonderful time
Positive Member Not Active 19/07/2023 23:45 Seeking Services
  Very nice, very sexy lady.
Positive Cousumic (37) 29/06/2023 21:40 Seeking Services
  A second naughty meeting with Amy - even better than the first time and looking forward to the next!
Positive Legomyeggo (16) 25/06/2023 14:08 Seeking Services
  Had an Amazing Time with Amy. She puts you at ease and makes sure you have the best time you can, Highly recommended! 10/10
Positive taff79 (118) 06/06/2023 18:56 Seeking Services
  If you are lucky to meet this lady, you are in for a treat. Wonderful company, very attractive, sexy and smart. I enjoyed every second, simply adorable.
Positive northlon (96) 03/06/2023 09:12 Seeking Services
  Wow. An amazing time with a lovely lady. Such fun and a good laugh!!
Positive Cousumic (37) 30/05/2023 23:53 Seeking Services
  Awesome lady, I had an amazing time and I hope Amy did too. Looking forward to my next trip to London where I will hopefully meet Amy again.
Positive London_123 (18) 16/05/2023 10:20 Seeking Services
  What a lady. Beautiful and loves to try something new.. would love to see her over and over again
Positive Member Not Active 26/03/2023 23:50 Seeking Services
  Wonderful experience and very communicative. Made me feel comfortable immediately. She also has an amazing ass. Will hit her up again when I return!
Positive wood_of_9 (41) 24/03/2023 19:12 Seeking Services
  Another sensational, scintillating, sensuous and super-sexy time with my perfectly gorgeous gig girlfriend Amy! The only downside: I didn't discover Amy sooner!
Positive Jackwild70 (70) 01/03/2023 06:48 Seeking Services
  Absolutely perfect GFE Amy is incredibly responsive , and I definitely recommend seeing her. Would book her again without hesitation
Positive Dastman (46) 10/02/2023 14:33 Seeking Services
  Wonderful time with beautiful, curvy, Korean MILF with great skills in the bedroom.
Positive wood_of_9 (41) 02/02/2023 23:16 Seeking Services
  Amy; a tall, beautiful, slim, sexy, fun, funny, sensual, genuine young woman. Being with Amy feels like a real date, a very hot date, with your real girlfriend!
Positive cizk (9) 26/01/2023 14:18 Seeking Services
  Amazing time
Positive EL_LONDON (64) 10/01/2023 17:05 Seeking Services
  great time spent with a nice lady
Positive MrPlow30 (39) 09/01/2023 01:57 Seeking Services
  Oh wow! Amy is a rare diamond on here. Sweet, sexy and so friendly. Amazing time spent with her! A++
Positive wood_of_9 (41) 04/12/2022 01:53 Seeking Services
  A Funtastic evening with Amy. My RB was fulfilled beyond my expectations. Delightful company, an attractive, happy, smiley, fun, sexy, sensual young woman!
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Positive azmh014 (1) 12/06/2022 23:33 Seeking Services
  Amy was really nice and did everything I asked for really well.
Positive Member Not Active 17/04/2022 23:06 Seeking Services
  Attractive, fun and punctual. Very receptive to my attention and keen to please in return. Five stars!
Positive Loro (30) 28/02/2022 10:35 Seeking Services
  Wow! Just amazing so sexy and I had a wonderful time
Neutral heronave (66) 16/02/2022 12:36 Seeking Services
  Amy confirmed my RB then cancelled at 10pm the night before due to family reasons
Positive IP4 (13) 10/02/2022 15:25 Seeking Services
  Wow, absolutely fantastic time, definitely the lady in the pictures and an amazing lover, what a wonderful time, thank you! X
Positive Don Ciccio (42) 13/12/2021 09:23 Seeking Services
  Great meeting! Amy is absolute fun to be with. Highly, highly recommend, she is a true gem!
Positive Member Not Active 03/11/2021 10:32 Seeking Services
  Amy is tall, slim and a very sexy lady. Definitely recommended
Positive raff2010 (12) 08/07/2021 23:25 Seeking Services
  A most charming, obliging and sexy lady who was such wonderful company throughout. Thank you so much!
Positive confusedCAM (28) 13/06/2021 21:41 Seeking Services
  Amy is a lovely lady who provides a great service.
Positive lustylad (100) 23/05/2019 23:30 Seeking Services
  Lovely woman, services and photos are accurate, had a great time!
Positive Tommy-Green (24) 01/05/2019 09:16 Seeking Services
  An incredibly great time spent with Amy. She carried out my RB request perfectly. A very sexy time indeed. Will definitely see again.
Positive Gohan4 (43) 03/02/2019 08:03 Seeking Services
  Always great to see her again, never gets old our time together. Treat her well,she won’t be on here forever
Positive cfmb_lover (3358) 06/11/2018 19:04 Seeking Services
  Amy is a lovely charming sensual young lady with a cute smile. Her services were of the highest order.
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Positive Member Not Active 13/10/2018 09:07 Seeking Services
  Very sexy slim young lady. A booking to remember.
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Positive Member Not Active 29/09/2018 15:25 Seeking Services
  This woman is awesome and amazing. I'm a huge fan and excited for the next time that I'm back in town. She loves being touched and loves sex.
Positive vip223 (109) 18/09/2018 09:20 Seeking Services
  Really brilliant to see Amy again after so long - we had an exhilarating (and exhausting) time! Can’t wait to meet again!
Positive rossco70 (35) 11/09/2018 17:41 Seeking Services
  Great time with a sexy and compliant young lady, hope to repeat
Positive Member Not Active 12/01/2018 10:54 Seeking Services
  It was brilliant to see Amy again after such a long time, Amazing time yet again with a fantastic person, Thanks Amy X
Positive Member Not Active 21/11/2016 11:44 Seeking Services
  Great to see you again! You are as sexy and kinky as ever!
Positive hoopsny2 (187) 24/10/2016 08:50 Seeking Services
  It was great to see Amy again. As always its was a truly amazing experience.
Positive hoopsny2 (187) 12/09/2015 23:17 Seeking Services
  Another great time with my elite friend. Thanks Amy.
Positive Gohan4 (43) 12/09/2015 09:38 Seeking Services
  Fantastic GFE, one of a kind
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Positive Member Not Active 02/09/2015 20:03 Seeking Services
  Cute girl with a sexy body. I had an amazing time with this sweet girl and I hope she did too. I hope all goes well for her. I hope to return.
Positive vicco (32) 28/08/2015 00:14 Seeking Services
  An amazing night again, with a very special person.Memorable! She gives her all.Highly recommended.
Positive divalover (3) 26/08/2015 09:51 Seeking Services
  Wonderful time with a wonderful sensual woman!
Positive vicco (32) 13/08/2015 12:54 Seeking Services
  Described best in one word. DYNAMITE. See her if you get the chance.
Positive Member Not Active 13/08/2015 07:51 Seeking Services
  Very beautiful, sexy young woman who is extremely responsive
Positive Member Not Active 05/08/2015 00:29 Seeking Services
  Wow it was a fantastic meeting with Amy... She is beautiful, witty, and sexy! I enjoyed a lot and she seemed to! Fantastic time, thank you Baby.
Positive Timmyboys (149) 05/07/2015 00:25 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous girl. And quite a surprise. Hope to meet again
Positive Member Not Active 04/07/2015 19:57 Seeking Services
  Amy is not only gorgeous, but such a lovely person too! She is soo much fun to be with! X
Positive Member Not Active 03/07/2015 08:07 Seeking Services
  great time with a charming,intelligent and sexy lady
Neutral boazen (27) 30/06/2015 20:58 Seeking Services
  had to cancel personal reasons, but rescheduled
Positive Timloving (33) 21/06/2015 14:49 Seeking Services
  Outstanding intelligent Classy Lady very beautiful body with nipples to die for. 10/10 oral skills Loved every minute.Great Service I will be back again THXsAmy
Positive rossco70 (35) 09/06/2015 21:05 Seeking Services
  Good fun, hope to see again soon
Positive Random23888 (4) 08/06/2015 14:56 Seeking Services
  Incredible body and lovely person
Positive Member Not Active 24/05/2015 13:16 Seeking Services
  Amazing beautiful lady.. Can't wait for the next time
Positive Member Not Active 15/05/2015 22:36 Seeking Services
  Had another great time with Amy, so pretty and so responsive, even better the 2nd time!
Positive James_plymouth92 (17) 27/04/2015 00:50 Seeking Services
  Very nice and beautiful girl! Highly recommended
Positive Cloudbreak (51) 16/04/2015 00:14 Seeking Services
  Special time with a lovely sexy lady. Perfect GFE which made me feel a lot younger. Love to see again xx
Positive Member Not Active 04/04/2015 20:14 Seeking Services
  Amazing time with Amy. Felt so comfortable - really genuine sweet girl and such great experience :) thank you
gu68qq (13) 12/03/2015 23:23 Seeking Services
  Looks exactly like photos. Had b2b massage. One of the best I've had. Good service attitude.
Positive Timloving (33) 06/03/2015 08:40 Seeking Services
  Wow what sensual lady who Know how to please a man in every way. Beautiful funny easy going person lovely feet 4U feet lovers. Highly recommend 10/10
Positive Member Not Active 26/02/2015 22:01 Seeking Services
  Don't bother with nickles and dimes, just spend time with Amy. Fun, sexy, everything you want you girlfriend to be. Unrivalled.
Positive Gohan4 (43) 13/01/2015 06:06 Seeking Services
  Fantastic as always
Positive Good_Boy101 (20) 02/01/2015 09:34 Seeking Services
  Wonderful night with a lovely girl who likes to have fun!
Positive Member Not Active 14/12/2014 14:32 Seeking Services
  Fantastic evening of play with a super sexy young lady, just perfect!! :) xx
Positive Member Not Active 09/12/2014 00:07 Seeking Services
  Lovely, intelligent and very genuine girl, had an amazing time. Great roleplay and photos are accurate. Highly recommended!
Positive Member Not Active 25/11/2014 22:10 Seeking Services
  Had a fun visit with Amy. Very pretty, willing to try some kinky things and very responsive to our play!
Positive Gohan4 (43) 14/11/2014 21:15 Seeking Services
  Another fantastic time, bubbly personality with a body to match
Positive Member Not Active 26/10/2014 21:13 Seeking Services
  Welcomed with a smile and felt comfortable. It was only my nerves getting in the way but A was very patient with me. Thank you for a great experience!
Positive Paul1080 (93) 22/10/2014 22:15 Seeking Services
  Thank you for being such a great actress, I was blown away. xxxx
Positive Member Not Active 15/10/2014 15:44 Seeking Services
  Amy made me feel like a rock star - because she is one herself. I never imagined I could experience something so incredible - life changing! I am blessed!
Positive hoopsny2 (187) 09/10/2014 23:01 Seeking Services
  It keeps getting better with this beauty. Great massage plus. Thanks for another great time.
Positive Member Not Active 05/10/2014 07:20 Seeking Services
  Had a great time with a great girl. Amy is so fun to be with. Very professional as well: great comms, arrived bang on time. Thank you!
Positive Ashes1 (83) 02/10/2014 15:33 Seeking Services
  Amy, was very understanding and sympathetic to my problems today. Had to cancel but will rebook her next time.
Positive Member Not Active 26/09/2014 01:06 Seeking Services
  2nd time with Amy and really enjoyed, funny, kind and sexy.
Positive septimus (49) 13/09/2014 09:02 Seeking Services
  Unbelievable woman I have to say she truly unique and I really enjoyed my time with her
Positive Member Not Active 06/09/2014 23:35 Seeking Services
  Great girl. Friendly. Best Korean on AW!
Positive Member Not Active 28/08/2014 22:55 Seeking Services
  Great girl and definitely one to see again!!
Positive vinophile (6) 26/08/2014 10:54 Seeking Services
  Warm and friendly woman
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Positive thewalker (30) 16/08/2014 19:57 Seeking Services
Field Report: A field report has been created for this meeting. View Now
Positive Member Not Active 15/08/2014 23:58 Seeking Services
  good personality and real GFE. just make money and come back to see Amy
Positive Member Not Active 09/08/2014 14:41 Seeking Services
  maybe the BEST asians out there - full gf experience at the best!
Positive Member Not Active 21/07/2014 19:02 Seeking Services
  Genuine Korean girl, very attractive with an amazing body and provides excellent service. Would definitely book again.
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