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Positive Billydaslave (1) 07/05/2024 12:46 Seeking Services
  Fantastic session with a perfect mistress ,she's so good at psychological & mind domination
Positive Billydaslave (1) 13/12/2023 04:02 Seeking Services
  Mercedes is a passionate lover and kisser , she turns me on with her kisses and she knows how to keep you satisfied
Positive Billydaslave (1) 06/11/2023 15:15 Seeking Services
  Mistress Mercedes is so sensual and erotic left my heart skipping with excitement. I want more
Positive al2608 (24) 02/11/2023 11:44 Seeking Services
  Mercedes is a sexual powerhouse and a delightful person. She left me quivering for hours afterwards!
Positive footguylondon (18) 21/10/2023 00:03 Seeking Services
  Another fantastic meeting with Mercedes, a mix of GFE and mistress. Left on cloud 9. Highly recommended.
Positive Member Not Active 11/08/2023 12:21 Seeking Services
  Another hot and steamy session.. Thank you mistress Mercedes
Positive footguylondon (18) 09/08/2023 22:06 Seeking Services
  Had a great time with Mercedes, I got a full GFE and was on cloud nine. She delivered everything with enthusiasm. Look forward to our next meeting.
jolly2018 (15) 19/06/2023 17:37 Seeking Services
  Best person in London. Dont miss her to meet her. best experience in the second visit babe. I will visit again and often. Love you xoxo. U R d Best
Positive jolly2018 (15) 18/06/2023 17:38 Seeking Services
  What can I say? My mouth is shut.London has got a very less genuine person and she is one among them. She treated me like a king. Tx dear! Stunning personality.
Positive Stve4uuu (5) 03/05/2023 17:22 Seeking Services
  Wow! Mercedes is amazing! Stunning body, beautiful face and a perfect personality. Will definitely be seeing again and again
Positive mrJames123 (5) 06/04/2023 10:49 Seeking Services
  An amazing time with a true BBW goddess.
Positive moonlight83100 (1) 29/03/2023 23:52 Seeking Services
  Mercedes is a very passionate, sensual and sexy lady who is prepared to give total satisfaction. Perfect communication to and in her pad.
Positive Gatraveller2 (6) 21/02/2023 10:26 Seeking Services
  Mercedes is so talented, hope to see again
Positive JPH4572 (35) 18/12/2022 08:02 Seeking Services
  Mercedes is a beautiful, warm and engaging woman with all consuming curves. Great comms and location. Highly recommend and will see again for sure.
Positive Benny_gr (1) 19/11/2022 20:42 Seeking Services
  Mercedez is passionate and naughty. Had great time, will book again.
Positive Brimorg97 (3) 10/08/2022 19:21 Seeking Services
  Mercedes is an absolutely delightful lady. Definitely want to see her again soon.
Positive hrkr (44) 07/08/2022 23:23 Seeking Services
  passionate time with mercedes!
Positive Lilnuttah (8) 03/08/2022 18:39 Seeking Services
  Was great to see Mercedes after such a long time. She is just as wonderful as I previously met her. Great service as usual and can't wait to see you again
Positive Member Not Active 09/07/2022 21:30 Seeking Services
  My cock was in her mouth immediately I entered the room and I Spunked everywhere - - fun hour spent
Positive AnonymousAndy (11) 01/06/2022 11:39 Seeking Services
  Had an amazing time with her! Warm and passionate woman! Definitely will see again!
Positive Member Not Active 13/05/2022 12:36 Seeking Services
  Great catch up session.. I Spunked so much cum , My emptied my balls. Thanks
Positive Aaron Day (2) 11/05/2022 11:12 Seeking Services
  Beautiful inside and out, gave me everything I asked for and clearly had fun with it. She is absolutely stunning and so sexy, far more than her photos show!
Positive sparky58 (25) 14/02/2022 21:08 Seeking Services
  One very special girl. Was my first time but definitely not the last. Was AMAZING
Positive AlTrampleFan (8) 26/01/2022 22:41 Seeking Services
  Fantastic session. Will be back soon :)
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Positive Member Not Active 25/01/2022 22:50 Seeking Services
  Another intense night of pure kinky heaven and alot of cum
Positive Member Not Active 25/11/2021 11:31 Seeking Services
  I had two such powerful orgasms, I can't remember the last time. You make everything fun and easy. Thank you
Positive Shams DFK (506) 11/11/2021 09:23 Seeking Services
  Totally understanding what a man needs and passionate too, Simply The Best. Pure Dirty Fun best possible way.
Positive Member Not Active 21/10/2021 17:54 Seeking Services
  Thank you My mistress
Positive Canbrit (1) 16/09/2021 00:28 Seeking Services
  Absolutely stunning sexy lady, with a fantastic technique!!
Positive AnonymousAndy (11) 13/09/2021 22:27 Seeking Services
  Amazing woman! Enjoyed my time with her! Doesn?t time-watch and very attentive!
Positive Englishgent1969 (9) 06/09/2021 13:55 Seeking Services
  Beautiful, sexy, very sweet but oh so naughty. I had such an amazing time. Unforgettable highly recommend
Positive moles123 (19) 01/09/2021 20:41 Seeking Services
  Always the very best
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Positive Tbone1970 (4) 30/08/2021 16:51 Seeking Services
  Mercedes defines a fantasy BBW. Her gfe blows my mind. She finds this satisfyingly funny. She's gorgeous, sexy and passionate. And her kisses, well you'll see..
Response: It was fun and pleasant afternoon ;-) looking forward to next time
Positive moles123 (19) 03/08/2021 10:30 Seeking Services
  The very best GFE
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Response: Always a gentleman
Positive Member Not Active 25/07/2021 21:44 Seeking Services
  Thank you My mistress for crushing my head in between your big thighs..leaving me breathless. Great session
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Response: Ure the most genuine sub ;-) any mistress could have..until next time.
Positive Shams DFK (506) 22/07/2021 21:23 Seeking Services
  Sexy as Hell....Best Hour I?ve ever had. Well worth the money she takes dick like a pro...She is my favourite Escort
Positive W124e (152) 01/07/2021 07:41 Seeking Services
  Truly lovely experience
Positive Member Not Active 26/06/2021 19:36 Seeking Services
  My mistress I just want to remain at your feet and worship you
Positive W124e (152) 20/06/2021 08:15 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time with a sexy lady.
Positive Member Not Active 08/06/2021 22:13 Seeking Services
  Thank you Mistress for allowing me to worship your feet and big bum.
Positive Member Not Active 19/03/2020 15:30 Seeking Services
  straight to kink heaven from the door unto the bed ,she let's me experience some things I would only be comfortable doing with her. She makes you feel that way
Positive Member Not Active 16/03/2020 17:16 Seeking Services
  One of the best bums on aw
Positive pornlover692015 (29) 13/03/2020 06:32 Seeking Services
  Amazing lady. Lovely peachy ass, always relaxed.. Would recommend.
Positive moles123 (19) 10/03/2020 18:02 Seeking Services
  Again a fantastic trip . I?ll be back very soon for more
Positive LPG (15) 09/03/2020 10:49 Seeking Services
  A phenomenal time with a gorgeous beautiful friendly woman - perfect GFE with PSE definitely coming back very soon - Highly recommended .
Positive Member Not Active 09/03/2020 07:50 Seeking Services
  Mercedes is a Beautiful and smart mistress with a great tongue, you left me longing for more of you and your kinky ways
Positive moles123 (19) 08/03/2020 13:14 Seeking Services
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Positive KennyJ62 (53) 07/03/2020 21:22 Seeking Services
  I was late due to electricity breakdown on the subway. But she was patient and understanding, and super-friendly all the time. A great encounter.
Positive moles123 (19) 07/03/2020 15:04 Seeking Services
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Positive Member Not Active 05/03/2020 16:55 Seeking Services
  The hottest session yet ,left me wanting more. The Whipped cream, chained whips and ur ,bigbum. It made for an incredible afternoon
Positive ziio (25) 23/02/2020 11:58 Seeking Services
  Had again an amazing time. Great girl, full of energy and very willing to satisfy you. Will be back for sure!!
Positive wislon19 (126) 14/02/2020 15:42 Seeking Services
  Wonderful morning with this gorgeous, friendly, hot as hell sexy lady with delicious curvy body. Love to do it all again SOON!! Thank you Xxxxx
Positive deanodb (32) 04/02/2020 19:05 Seeking Services
  Mercedes is a lovely girl. Sensual,generous and easy to get on with. Really enjoyed my time with her. Thanks Mercedes xxx
Positive Member Not Active 02/02/2020 20:17 Seeking Services
  I've had the pleasure of seeing Mistress Mercedes several times over the past few months. She is, without question, a "complete" experience with a perfect ass
Positive technik_pasha (7) 09/01/2020 12:42 Seeking Services
  Lovely time spent again with this sweet young beauty. Always enjoy our time together.
Positive EHD1 (3) 20/12/2019 13:44 Seeking Services
  Mercedes is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life, and definitely the best I have ever been with. She also has an amazing body that I worshipped
Positive technik_pasha (7) 11/12/2019 16:43 Seeking Services
  First time with Mercedes, great gal with a very pleasant personality. Mercedes is very empathatic to ones needs, anyone can feel welcome around her 10/10.
Positive zephyr98 (10) 10/12/2019 00:52 Seeking Services
  Had a great time, as I left feeling absolutely satisfied. She is highly addictive once she gets started, I will certainly pay a visit again soon.
Positive Member Not Active 04/12/2019 17:41 Seeking Services
  Mercedes was amazing, very friendly, funny, sexy and a pleasure to be with. She was willing to adapt based on my needs. Highly recommend her 100%
Positive assspur96 (8) 04/12/2019 12:13 Seeking Services
  What a great meeting
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Positive Member Not Active 01/12/2019 12:27 Seeking Services
  My Mistress,This morning was amazing! I'll fight the urge to describe all the ways it was amazing . I feel transformed as I often do after seeing you .Thank You
Positive mrthunder (5) 26/11/2019 18:35 Seeking Services
  Lovely host. Beautiful bbw body for bbw lovers. Amazing bj skill. Will see again soon.
Positive deante16 (15) 20/11/2019 22:41 Seeking Services
  This is my 2nd time with Mercedes and, I swear, this was even better than our last session. She was nice and bubbly as ever and was a great exp. to behold
Positive Brimorg97 (3) 18/11/2019 16:44 Seeking Services
  Mercedes is a genuinely sexy, kind and wonderful lady. I was greeted and treated like a king and I shall definitely be going to meet her again soon.
Positive Member Not Active 16/11/2019 01:23 Seeking Services
  Thank you my mistress, for seeing me,The session was a fantasy come true in more ways then I expected. I am counting the days until we meet again
Positive EHD1 (3) 15/11/2019 10:18 Seeking Services
  Best head I?ve ever experienced. One of the nicest ladies I?ve ever met and made me feel very at ease as soon as I arrived. Also has the biggest juiciest arse1
Positive assspur96 (8) 13/11/2019 15:23 Seeking Services
  Fantastic quality Time
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Positive MainManDan (13) 10/11/2019 10:26 Seeking Services
  Very nice lady, made me feel at ease and has amazing oral skills.Hope to come back and see again! was great fun!:)
Positive Member Not Active 09/11/2019 19:49 Seeking Services
  Had an amazing time, would definitely recommend... Great body & juicy lips ??
Positive Member Not Active 08/11/2019 08:20 Seeking Services
  I have been thinking of our time together all night and again today, Last night was intoxicating and wonderful. I could barely drive home. Can't wait to see u
Positive zephyr98 (10) 02/11/2019 04:23 Seeking Services
  This lady is amazingly addictive, I had a wonderful 1hour with her and to be honest I do not think any other girl I have seen can compete.
Positive deante16 (15) 29/10/2019 22:06 Seeking Services
  Mercedes was a very bubbly, charming BBW, who knew what she was doing and is fun. OWO & RIM excellent!! You are definitely missing out guys.
Positive Member Not Active 27/10/2019 19:44 Seeking Services
  Thank you, my Mistress. I had an incredible time. My only regret is that I waited so long..I long to serve u again
Positive Davod (29) 22/10/2019 17:42 Seeking Services
  An amazing time with a spectacular girl.
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Positive ricky_69d62 (3) 19/10/2019 19:35 Seeking Services
  Had a great time with this amazing lady. Best kisser, not a clockwatcher, ultimate BBW GFE.
Positive assspur96 (8) 17/10/2019 18:06 Seeking Services
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Positive Harj13 (1) 09/10/2019 08:56 Seeking Services
  Great time. Friendly, great kisser, good service. Will definitely book again.
Positive Member Not Active 06/10/2019 19:33 Seeking Services
  Had a perfect time. Would highly recommend.
Positive Member Not Active 26/09/2019 23:46 Seeking Services
  Wow this girl is amazing! Had an incredible time. She kissed so passionately and gave the best blowjob. Great sex, and thanks so much for an amazing time!
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Positive Member Not Active 22/09/2019 15:52 Seeking Services
  Great visit
Positive horatio69 (451) 20/09/2019 13:07 Seeking Services
  Had a great time with a beautiful lady. Wonderful, full on, enthusiastic service.
Positive DFK (22) 19/09/2019 03:56 Seeking Services
  Mercedes is a very attractive and beautiful girl with a wonderful smile and way more so than comes across in the pictures. She is a wonderful passionate kisser.
Positive Nicehandsomefun (7) 09/09/2019 19:32 Seeking Services
  Mercedes is a godess, sexy as hell, flirty, a great kisser, passionate and horny. Everything I hoped for. Thank you x
Positive Shams DFK (506) 19/08/2019 15:50 Seeking Services
  OMG Gorgeous Girl....Amazing Amazing....Kisses me exactly as I tell her....Can take very hard sex too...What more could a man want.
Positive Member Not Active 11/07/2019 23:10 Seeking Services
  Had an absolutely fantastic time with a gorgeous ebony beauty! To say she was breathtaking would be an understatement and I will definitely be seeing her again
Positive moles123 (19) 28/06/2019 23:31 Seeking Services
  Mercedes is the very best
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Positive Shams DFK (506) 26/05/2019 17:54 Seeking Services
  Absolutely perfection one of the best bookings of my life. Must see to believe it
Positive Chris Asher (2) 07/05/2019 19:55 Seeking Services
  Amazing woman, words alone can not justify this woman. Warm welcoming, really knows how to make you feel comfortable. Will be visiting very soon again.
Positive TRINACRIA (18) 02/05/2019 23:12 Seeking Services
  Great session, no clock watcher, nice kisser. See you again...thank you
Positive Member Not Active 18/04/2019 08:39 Seeking Services
  I finally got the chance to meet Mercedes and I was greeted with kissing ,I knew I was in for an incredible evening. Will repeat again
Positive Member Not Active 13/04/2019 13:44 Seeking Services
  Had an amazing time with this lovely lady! So passionate and sexy and ahe has a great sense of humour. Definitely not to be missed!
Positive Member Not Active 11/04/2019 00:04 Seeking Services
  Words don't do justice to just how wonderful it was spending time with her.
Positive Shams DFK (506) 10/04/2019 15:29 Seeking Services
  Buatifull and her magic tongue taste fantastic.....did everything I asked for and more...Great personality too. XXx
Positive fridge22 (18) 15/10/2018 22:08 Seeking Services
  Fantastically fun session, great control with a wonderful lady. Thank you
Positive Member Not Active 15/07/2018 22:39 Seeking Services
  super hot and awesome. very sexy and naughty
Positive Member Not Active 26/05/2018 21:32 Seeking Services
  Boy oh boy, this lady is something special. Great company, great ass, and that tongue, hmmmmmm!
Positive Lilnuttah (8) 25/05/2018 23:44 Seeking Services
  Mercedez is out of this world. Gorgeous and puts you at ease from the moment you meet. Does wonders and really knows how to use that tounge. Amazing blowjobs
David Powell (5) 24/04/2018 12:20 Seeking Services
  She is Crazy told me i had not made a booking despite sending one and that i was time wasting for asking questions regarding preparations.So pett & tiresome
Response: He was asking if i soap available ..Just realised I blocked ur acct since 2015 ...ur bookings and email won’t show up...p
Member Not Active 27/12/2017 06:56 Seeking Services
  Love to meet again xx
Positive routemaster (38) 30/07/2017 18:21 Seeking Services
  Wow a fantastic time, beautiful, enthusiastic & passionate describe our time together, a strong sexy kisser & a tongue she uses to great effect, I will be back
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