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Positive ken696969 (19) 28/11/2023 12:27 Seeking Services
  Meeting Sarah once or twice a week is like meeting your mistress who is a nympho and really pleased to see you each time It all so natural and never rushed..
Positive ken696969 (19) 21/11/2023 22:43 Seeking Services
  There aren?t enough words to adequately describe this wonderful lady. Sarah is unique amongst escorts. Each visit is like meeting a long lost girlfriend.
Positive Ladylover2022 (14) 12/11/2023 23:13 Seeking Services
  another great time definitly be back
Positive Chip12 (423) 09/11/2023 11:08 Seeking Services
  Got the old man up and running again. Such a delightful woman
Positive ken696969 (19) 01/11/2023 20:37 Seeking Services
  Another fantastic meeting with such a beautiful girl. This is a true girlfriend experience. Not to be missed. I?ve had weaker showers than her squirting.
Positive PedroPan (13) 01/11/2023 06:23 Seeking Services
  Aphrodite's boudoir was all treat for this trick on a stormy night. Thank you :) x
Positive Cowboy123456 (7) 25/10/2023 18:07 Seeking Services
  What can I say that hasn?t already been said! Sarah is a true goddess and knows how to please me. See you again soon xx
Positive ken696969 (19) 19/10/2023 22:21 Seeking Services
  Another amazing time with this gorgeous girl. There are not enough words to adequately describe her. The best Gfe experience on AW.
Positive thelived (28) 09/10/2023 19:06 Seeking Services
  Absolutely Great, my new favorite, loved her look, loved her body, loved her filthy mind. I,m looking forward to our next meet.
Positive b8696106 (0) 28/09/2023 07:01 Seeking Services
  5 star experience. Aphrodite is a stunning blonde, who delivered all services. Wish I had booked longer and will be back.
Positive ken696969 (19) 16/08/2023 17:21 Seeking Services
  Perfection personified. Sarah is unique among escorts. Gfe on steroids. So responsive and best squirter I have ever met. A beautiful person in every way.
Positive ken696969 (19) 16/08/2023 17:15 Seeking Services
  Another hot and wet session with this beautiful girl. It gets better every time. Best squirter ever.
Positive ken696969 (19) 02/08/2023 18:36 Seeking Services
  Fellow punters Sarah is simply the best escort I have had the pleasure of meeting on AW. A true professional. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met.
Positive ken696969 (19) 19/07/2023 22:59 Seeking Services
  This beautiful girl is the best on AW. I have seen her three times this week. That says it all.
Positive Coolcharlie69 (96) 19/07/2023 21:57 Seeking Services
  Another great evening with the lovely aphrodite always nice to see her fantastic body and best bum ever see you next time x
Positive Chip12 (423) 19/07/2023 20:40 Seeking Services
  Not man enough to satisfy this goddess
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Positive ken696969 (19) 19/07/2023 20:05 Seeking Services
  Another memorable encounter with the perfect Aphrodite. This lady is a true Greek Goddess. Very skillful and a beautiful person inside and out.
Positive crazyhorse32 (15) 17/07/2023 11:46 Seeking Services
  Aphrodite is brilliant, tall, great ass and very funny
Positive ken696969 (19) 10/07/2023 12:36 Seeking Services
  Another great meeting with Sarah. She is addictive and I am proud to be an addict.
Positive Big-Phil (156) 10/07/2023 08:25 Seeking Services
  Aphrodite was amazing! We shared a great evenig and cant wait to see her again.
Positive ken696969 (19) 27/06/2023 22:30 Seeking Services
  This beautiful lady just gets better and better. 20/10
Positive Mft (47) 24/06/2023 11:05 Seeking Services
  Perfect time as always with this amazing woman xxx
Positive ken696969 (19) 22/06/2023 22:46 Seeking Services
  Sarah is truly sensational. Simply the best.
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Positive Chip12 (423) 13/06/2023 21:33 Seeking Services
  Another memorable meeting
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Positive Mft (47) 10/06/2023 11:39 Seeking Services
  This woman never fails. guaranteed good time everytime xx
Positive hornyball7228 (11) 10/05/2023 22:41 Seeking Services
  Had another mindblowing time with the lovely Aphrodite! Never disappoints! Services are always second to none! 12 out of 10!!!
Positive Chip12 (423) 08/05/2023 10:36 Seeking Services
  Super Sunday
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Positive bornhorny96  (0) 26/04/2023 22:16 Seeking Services
  Beautiful in every sense of the word, charming from the outset and accommodating for a new comer, put me right at ease. Thank you x
Positive crazyhorse32 (15) 26/04/2023 20:22 Seeking Services
  Had great phone with the amazing aphrodite as always
Positive DavidDouvale (4) 26/04/2023 19:59 Seeking Services
  Oh wow! Just wow. I was nervous and trying something new...Sarah just made me feel great. And she suggested some things I never thought of. Blew my mind & more
Positive Mft (47) 23/04/2023 12:10 Seeking Services
  Had an amazing time as always.your guaranteed a good time when you meet this woman xx
Positive Coolcharlie69 (96) 19/04/2023 00:33 Seeking Services
  Another great time x
Positive verglsos1997 (2) 18/04/2023 12:54 Seeking Services
  Amazing time with a gorgeous woman. You won't be disappointed
Positive mickandleo (6) 07/04/2023 20:27 Seeking Services
  What more can be said about this lady that hasn't been already? Nothing. First class and never disappoints.
Positive Mft (47) 06/04/2023 18:06 Seeking Services
  I've said it before and il say it again.your guaranteed to have a great time when you visit this gorgeous, sexy, all around lovely woman xxx
Positive Coolcharlie69 (96) 06/04/2023 00:53 Seeking Services
  Great evening spent with this beautiful lady
Positive Coolcharlie69 (96) 09/03/2023 02:18 Seeking Services
  Another great time with this lovely lady xx
Positive Ladylover2022 (14) 08/03/2023 23:23 Seeking Services
  superb meeting with a beautiful lady see u again soon
Positive crazyhorse32 (15) 03/03/2023 19:45 Seeking Services
  Aphrodite is a natural at this game. The perfect combination of looks and personality and she's got a filthy mind if you just scratch the service.
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Positive ietraveller (1) 01/03/2023 22:01 Seeking Services
  Beautiful and sensual person, with a really great personality. Great venue. 110%!
Positive Mft (47) 01/03/2023 20:21 Seeking Services
  In all the times we have met I've never been disappointed.you are guaranteed a good time xx
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Positive Chip12 (423) 01/03/2023 18:51 Seeking Services
  Fantastic as always
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Positive Cret2670 (1) 10/02/2023 21:56 Seeking Services
  Great experience very passionate and into it I look forward for another meeting xx
Positive Coolcharlie69 (96) 08/02/2023 21:41 Seeking Services
  I always have a nice time with aphrodite27, fun and friendly woman, always gives a good service see you soon xx
Positive Mft (47) 03/02/2023 21:22 Seeking Services
  Another amazing time spent with this hot sexy woman xxx
Positive Mft (47) 26/01/2023 19:41 Seeking Services
  You are 100% guaranteed to have a great time with this woman.rolling around the bed with a sexy gorgeous woman.what could be better xxx
Positive Coolcharlie69 (96) 24/01/2023 22:32 Seeking Services
  Always such a fantastic time with aphrodite27 see you soon xx
Positive ken696969 (19) 11/01/2023 14:32 Seeking Services
  Simply sensational. A true professional.
Positive Coolcharlie69 (96) 10/01/2023 19:40 Seeking Services
  As usual another great time with Aphrodite see you in a few weeks xx
Positive Coolcharlie69 (96) 04/01/2023 22:14 Seeking Services
  Another great meet with aphrodite thank you x
Positive mickandleo (6) 23/12/2022 12:35 Seeking Services
  Exceptional.......once again.
Positive ken696969 (19) 10/12/2022 23:18 Seeking Services
  This lady says she is a filthy whore. She is just all of that and more. What a brilliant meeting. Can't wait to see her again in December.
Positive Coolcharlie69 (96) 07/12/2022 22:07 Seeking Services
  Another great time with Aphrodite xx
Positive Chip12 (423) 30/11/2022 21:56 Seeking Services
  What more can be said about Aphrodite?
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Positive Coolcharlie69 (96) 30/11/2022 14:39 Seeking Services
  Had to cancel short notice but aphrodite was nice about it ill see you nxt week if your doin incalls xx
Positive mickandleo (6) 17/11/2022 12:34 Seeking Services
  Duo with Squirting Sarah. Fantastic time with two fantastic ladies. Hard to decide what was better, the looks or the feel.
Positive Coolcharlie69 (96) 16/11/2022 21:24 Seeking Services
  One of the best expereinces ever with a escort thanks again Aphrodite x
Positive Mft (47) 16/11/2022 12:24 Seeking Services
  I knew from past visits this meeting would be amazing and I was right!:10/10 gfe with a gorgeous, sexy, lovely woman .perfect as always xx
Positive Swad1967 (21) 05/11/2022 23:21 Seeking Services
  Wonderful hour spend with Sarah great company and even better sex
Positive Coolcharlie69 (96) 01/11/2022 21:55 Seeking Services
  Another amazing time with aphrodite see you again nxt week xxx
Positive Coolcharlie69 (96) 26/10/2022 22:46 Seeking Services
  Very friendly lady and sexy will be back for more
Positive Cowboy123456 (7) 20/10/2022 17:29 Seeking Services
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Positive Member Not Active 10/10/2022 20:46 Seeking Services
  A fantastic meeting with a true gem. Very sexy lady. Meeting went as planned and more. Thank you xxxx
Positive Mft (47) 08/10/2022 17:20 Seeking Services
  Another great meeting with this gorgeous local sexy horny woman.cant wait until next time xx
Positive hornyball7228 (11) 05/10/2022 19:35 Seeking Services
  Another amazing meet with an absolute gem! Exceptional! 12 out of 10! Roll on until our next meet! x
Positive crazyhorse32 (15) 03/10/2022 21:12 Seeking Services
  Such a great time with Aphrodite, she's such easy company
Positive Mft (47) 01/10/2022 16:54 Seeking Services
  Perfect Saturday afternoon spent rolling about the bed with this beautiful sexy woman.some stimulating conversation after as well 🙂 amazing xxx
Positive mama66 (25) 20/09/2022 14:26 Seeking Services
  Lovely and had a great time with a lovely lady
Positive Joeys22 (4) 11/09/2022 17:42 Seeking Services
  Had a great meet with Aphrodite, even better than I was expecting she's was perfect
Positive Mft (47) 10/09/2022 16:42 Seeking Services
  What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon :) the time spent with this gorgeous, lovely, funny woman gets better everytime xx
Positive pool7777 (73) 04/09/2022 21:50 Seeking Services
  Another wonderful experience with this amazing lady. Not to be missed.
Positive Mft (47) 04/09/2022 19:44 Seeking Services
  She is an absolute goddess. stunning, perfect sexy body and amazing personality - I am still smiling from that meeting, can't wait to see her again 🙂 xx
Positive crazyhorse32 (15) 02/09/2022 15:21 Seeking Services
  This woman is amazing.
Positive hornyball7228 (11) 08/08/2022 14:13 Seeking Services
  Another mind-blowing encounter with an amazing woman! Never fails to please! 12/10!!!
Positive Member Not Active 01/08/2022 21:36 Seeking Services
  Meet up with Aphrodite with Sarah had amazing time with Aphrodite she knows how to work a cock amazing skills will be bk soon
Positive hornyball7228 (11) 01/08/2022 20:10 Seeking Services
  Another smashing meet with a gorgeous woman! Cannot recommend enough!
Positive mikeSC (8) 25/07/2022 06:49 Seeking Services
  another great session, wine, chat and very horny sex, perfect saturday night
Positive crazyhorse32 (15) 24/07/2022 21:18 Seeking Services
  Now we're both in no doubt as to who's the Domme between us. She pegged my ass
Positive Chip12 (423) 21/07/2022 21:40 Seeking Services
  Such a great time
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Positive Member Not Active 19/07/2022 17:18 Seeking Services
  Perfect is all inl can say, in every way
Positive pool7777 (73) 18/07/2022 23:49 Seeking Services
  Another wonderful time with Aphrodite. Such a beautiful,sexy intelligent woman. Don’t miss out on her.
Positive crazyhorse32 (15) 18/07/2022 20:09 Seeking Services
  Statuesque, intelligent, great ass, kinky mind and she brings toys in her handbag. What more could a man ask for ?
Positive Shropshirefun2 (8) 09/07/2022 22:35 Seeking Services
  Wow !.just a really lovely lady that delivers everything first class the best
Positive alex2709bob (184) 03/07/2022 20:58 Seeking Services
  lovely girl . its been too long xxxx
Positive crazyhorse32 (15) 30/06/2022 19:03 Seeking Services
  She's amazing.
Positive Member Not Active 29/06/2022 22:23 Seeking Services
  Again i had al great time and all my requests met
Positive Member Not Active 29/06/2022 22:23 Seeking Services
  As usaul this girl out does herself
Positive pool7777 (73) 20/06/2022 11:45 Seeking Services
  Another amazing meeting with this intelligent, beautiful abs sexy lady. Wonderful attitude and all requests done to perfection, highly recommended x
Positive mikeSC (8) 19/06/2022 07:45 Seeking Services
  genuinely lovely girl, fantastic, very horny sex session and great company, look forward to next time!
Positive craigyboy77 (18) 13/06/2022 16:48 Seeking Services
  Wow what an amazing woman she is absolutely gorgeous, had a fantastic time
Positive Member Not Active 08/06/2022 13:03 Seeking Services
  Seen this lady a few times now and it just keeps getting better. Sees to every need amd request that I make.
Positive pool7777 (73) 30/05/2022 10:10 Seeking Services
  Another wonderful time with Aphrodite. One of the best there is. Always responsive to my needs and any requests done with perfection. Highly recommend always x
Positive crazyhorse32 (15) 07/05/2022 16:38 Seeking Services
  Great woman. Very easy company & very good looking with fantastic figure,
Positive tevjjs1 (82) 28/04/2022 20:32 Seeking Services
  Best I?ve ever been with. Really punctual looks absolutely stunning and is dynamite in bed. Willing to try and do anything. Great to talk to. Best out there
Positive hornyball7228 (11) 07/04/2022 21:24 Seeking Services
  Each meet just keeps getting better and better with this fabulous woman! 5 stars! Highly recommended!
Positive hornyball7228 (11) 07/04/2022 20:45 Seeking Services
  Totally stunned and was left speechless by the lovely Aphrodite! Exceptional! 12/10!
Positive Ladylover2022 (14) 27/03/2022 22:40 Seeking Services
  Superb hour with an amazing lady, looking forward to next time
Positive hornyball7228 (11) 26/03/2022 19:25 Seeking Services
  Can't express how amazing my time was with this stunner! Services are second to none. 5 stars!
Positive mickandleo (6) 05/03/2022 19:09 Seeking Services
  This lady just keeps getting better. Very enjoyable appointment.
Positive Member Not Active 04/03/2022 15:25 Seeking Services
  Excellent service as usual, always makes you feel special
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