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Escort Sales
Type Member Date Role
Positive Member Not Active 03/04/2020 22:08 Seeking Services
  Ooh wow Barbara is a strong sexy woman. Who really enjoys what she is doing. Beautiful and intelligent.
Member Not Active 24/11/2019 14:51 Seeking Services
  Good services provided.
Positive weeman76 (17) 04/10/2019 07:12 Seeking Services
  Beautiful lady. Beautiful time together. Hope to meet again soon. Thank you.
Positive Dotcomdirty (16) 02/10/2019 23:05 Seeking Services
  Meeting Barb is a real pleasure can?t wait for the next time!!!
Grufalo (147) 26/09/2019 05:41 Seeking Services
  10/10 Outstanding booking with the sexy Barbara, Top girl pure sexual debauchery and great fun. Thx
Positive DonJuanCarlos (7) 24/08/2019 10:29 Seeking Services
  I want more!
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wayneindevon (42) 11/07/2019 15:55 Seeking Services
  Fantastic lady, very accommodating, does all on likes list will be back x
Positive Hamilton_Hamilton (81) 17/06/2019 15:35 Seeking Services
  Great first meet. Relaxed, comfortable time spent with gorgeous lady. Hope to see her more.
Positive biker59 (78) 17/06/2019 10:15 Seeking Services
  Barbara is a most attractive.friendly.chatty.confident,experienced lady.her profile is accurate in all respects.A ten ouo of ten experianece will return for sur
Positive wrldtravel (15) 15/06/2019 08:25 Seeking Services
  Absolutely fantastic time with a stunning beautiful and intelligent person! Thanks so much Barbs xx
Positive Member Not Active 08/06/2019 15:54 Seeking Services
  Lovely girl. Would meet again.
Positive magic_malc (173) 13/05/2019 23:11 Seeking Services
  Beautiful genuine redhead elegant sexy lady with a fantastic body , lovely pale and smooth skin. Fantastic legs . Had a great time (both of us) . No rush to leg
Positive mr phooey (18) 07/05/2019 09:41 Seeking Services
  A very naturally beautiful lady, who is great company and very good at her job thank you for a lovely evening
Positive Ronbhoy50 (8) 21/04/2019 10:37 Seeking Services
  Best time ever
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Positive Dunky71 (67) 11/04/2019 12:05 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time with a wonderfiul and exceptional lady, ! xxx
Positive itswhoiam (34) 03/04/2019 09:51 Seeking Services
  Lovely girl ! And I think she enjoyed it as much as I did
Positive Dotcomdirty (16) 30/03/2019 16:33 Seeking Services
  Great Time Again!!! A Real Gem!!!
Positive Member Not Active 14/03/2019 23:24 Seeking Services
  Amazing girl, would definitely see again. Stunning girl with amazing skills. Really nice personality too. X
Positive TallPaul1970 (9) 13/03/2019 00:29 Seeking Services
  Amazing genuine sexy lady
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Positive JamesP001 (3) 07/03/2019 00:51 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady, really good fun! Thanks
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elliott13801 (26) 11/02/2019 20:13 Seeking Services
  Gave unfair feedback even though our meet was cancelled the day before as I couldn’t make it. No need for the stroppy negative feedback
Response: he made advance booking for morning, canceled in late nigh before (out of my work time ) the booking by email.
Positive criminals (58) 29/01/2019 11:38 Seeking Services
  Excellent time with very friendly lady
Positive Nlpunter (8) 28/01/2019 23:31 Seeking Services
  Great time had with a smart girl who can hold a conversation and take care of business ! Will definitely be back
Member Not Active 24/01/2019 14:11 Seeking Services
  An amazing time with a sexy, beautiful and wonderfully chatty lady x
Positive RJB1958 (42) 16/01/2019 21:05 Seeking Services
  Great time with lovely Barb, totally enjoyed my afternoon with her and look forward to seeing her again. Thanks Barb
Positive Member Not Active 27/12/2018 08:58 Seeking Services
  Lovely, lively lady offering great service and a nice chat!
Positive raverepeat (46) 10/12/2018 23:39 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous, giving, a delightful lover, a naturally gifted courtesan. Take your time, please and be pleasured. Savour her company, you'll learn to love her art.
Positive Member Not Active 10/12/2018 22:59 Seeking Services
  Friendly and welcoming chat, really made me feel at home - and amazing sex!
Positive 69wsman (26) 09/12/2018 10:22 Seeking Services
  Amazing time with Barbara. Such a lovely person as well. Be back for sure x
Positive Nealxcx (28) 17/11/2018 10:15 Seeking Services
  Amazing hour+ spent with this beautiful lady. Can't wait for the next time. xx
Positive Peter_Fremell (52) 10/11/2018 12:42 Seeking Services
  Great afternoon, red hot young lady
Positive pistola187 (8) 07/11/2018 22:20 Seeking Services
  loverly way to spend an afternoon no complaints would visit again in a heartbeat
Positive Severiant (19) 04/11/2018 20:04 Seeking Services
  I had a very enjoyable super kinky time with Barbara, friendly, experienced, lovely lady. Good comms.
Positive RJB1958 (42) 02/11/2018 21:52 Seeking Services
  Barb is absolutely wonderful, totally lovely person, will definitely see again when she is in my area 10/10
Positive ELLIOTT510 (9) 24/10/2018 15:41 Seeking Services
  A beautiful girl with a fantastic personality. Had a wonderful afternoon with Barbara. She is a really passionate lady.
Positive magicp123 (15) 22/10/2018 08:30 Seeking Services
  Lovely, friendly, engaging, exactly as profile would definitely see again. Xx
Positive Member Not Active 20/10/2018 20:29 Seeking Services
  Incredible time with a beautiful woman. Perfect GFE in every way! Will definitely see again!
Positive Gentxxx2017 (53) 14/10/2018 18:45 Seeking Services
  A gorgeous and fun lady. Great conversation and knows how to take care of you!
Marmalade99 (12) 13/10/2018 15:26 Seeking Services
  Lovely girl, chatty, sexy, fabulous in every way. Cant wait to see her again
Wileycoyote09  (15) 12/10/2018 19:11 Seeking Services
  My second time with my favourite redhead. Barb is utterly charming and naughty...a real minx, and I will be returning on many more occasions in the future.
Positive Anansi1 (4) 12/10/2018 00:01 Seeking Services
  Had an amazing time with Barbara - she is great at making you feel at ease and I never felt rushed. She made sure I had the best time. Redheads rule!
Positive Mark1024 (24) 08/10/2018 07:17 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time with a fantastic person
Positive Member Not Active 02/10/2018 09:14 Seeking Services
  A fantastic meeting she is wonderful what amazing o level and a skills
Positive Jon ranger (18) 30/09/2018 10:36 Seeking Services
  Barbara is a beautiful friendly lady that makes you feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door.I can’t wait to see her again.
Positive Peter170818 (5) 29/09/2018 17:35 Seeking Services
  Great time with this sexy redhead. I highly recommend, thanks again xx
Positive Member Not Active 09/09/2018 23:08 Seeking Services
  Barbra is a fox! Brilliant ginger hair... does exactly as advertised. Will be back for sure.
Positive coco bear (21) 07/09/2018 21:42 Seeking Services
  Another great time with this gorgeous lady... As close to Perfection as you can get.
Positive Fraz21 (37) 31/08/2018 19:16 Seeking Services
  Amazing time with this redhead goddess!!!
Positive riss222 (44) 31/08/2018 16:32 Seeking Services
  It had been a while catching up again was far more fun than I remembered.So sexy!! Note to self don’t leave it so long thank you Barbra a great time .xx
jackmurdoch (12) 28/08/2018 14:56 Seeking Services
  Made an appointment with Barbara but had to cancel due to illness. Disappointed, but great communication from her.
Positive Member Not Active 14/08/2018 09:54 Seeking Services
  Lovely all natural redhead. Intelligent, welcoming, experienced and professional. Catch BG on her tours!
Positive Rob1945 (6) 10/08/2018 20:23 Seeking Services
  Barbara is so beautiful, excitingly sexy as well as kind and gentle - lovely person
Positive whynot77 (4) 30/07/2018 20:20 Seeking Services
  Thank you for the most wonderfully exciting time!
Positive tony46664 (31) 30/07/2018 16:20 Seeking Services
  All as described. Went home happy .
Positive jackjolley (12) 29/07/2018 13:06 Seeking Services
  I had an amazing time with Barbara. She's beautiful, intelligent and very, very sexy. Recommended.
Member Not Active 22/07/2018 14:57 Seeking Services
  A real beauty and knows what she's doing!
Positive martin aston (44) 15/07/2018 18:12 Seeking Services
  I enjoyed all aspects of my meeting with Barbara - very attactive + friendly with unique sexual skills
Positive Member Not Active 11/07/2018 09:25 Seeking Services
  Absolutely stunning natural redhead. Friendly, warm and absolutely filthy in bed.
Positive 16ken (49) 09/07/2018 19:20 Seeking Services
  Barbara, a natural beauty with amazing skills that ensure a superb erotic time.
Positive Rooster69 (70) 07/07/2018 18:57 Seeking Services
  Barbara ticks all of the boxes - charming, gorgeous, interesting and sexy and erotic as can be. A wonderful time all round. Canno t wait for our next meeting!
Positive xerix69 (182) 05/07/2018 23:18 Seeking Services
  Absolutely stunning girl, with a very friendly and bubbly personality. I cannot overstate how beautiful Barb is. She is truly breathtaking.
Positive Member Not Active 22/06/2018 14:24 Seeking Services
  Beautiful lady, had a lovely time xxx really friendly and engaging xxx thank you xxx
Positive Member Not Active 10/06/2018 14:39 Seeking Services
  A lovely time spent. Great deep bj and a..
Positive Member Not Active 09/06/2018 20:51 Seeking Services
  A wonderful evening spent with a delicious, sexy lady..ticks every box and Ill be back!!
Positive Markg1 (59) 04/06/2018 09:48 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady, great sex, certainly knows what she is doing in the Bedroom. Highly recommended.
Positive Member Not Active 11/05/2018 18:47 Seeking Services
  What an experience, greatly exceeded my expectations!
Positive coco bear (21) 11/05/2018 10:44 Seeking Services
  Simply not to be missed.
Positive NickJ45 (46) 10/05/2018 20:06 Seeking Services
  What an amazing meeting. A very naturally beautiful girl, very welcoming, great skills, natural redhead, I could go on. Pretty much perfect! Lucky me
Positive mikevv (26) 08/05/2018 23:14 Seeking Services
  Really enjoyed my time with Barbara. Thank you very much for the lovely time. Hopefully see you soon
Positive steveg (54) 08/05/2018 07:51 Seeking Services
  Wow! Awesome time with Barbara. One of my best ever punts in 30+ years.
Positive Chris - Sexy (6) 03/05/2018 08:33 Seeking Services
  Amazing time with a very special lady. True girlfriend experience, no clock watching. I had a great time and hope to see Barbara again in the future.
Positive chigero123 (3) 10/04/2018 14:33 Seeking Services
  Amazing time x
Positive Member Not Active 07/04/2018 18:48 Seeking Services
  A gorgeous friendly young woman with great skills. I hope she comes back sometime.
Positive Member Not Active 05/04/2018 22:00 Seeking Services
  Wow. Seriously. Barbara is awesome. One of the best sexual expierences of my life
Positive Sd_aaa (26) 05/04/2018 05:50 Seeking Services
  Lovely girl, great oral fantastic time thanks x
Positive chezzie john (144) 02/04/2018 15:37 Seeking Services
  Barbara's a really nice girl who's easy to get on with and her oral skills are something special. Thanks babe xx
Positive Peach68 (27) 16/03/2018 13:03 Seeking Services
  WOW! Great time, lovely girl, total unique experience! Look forward to the next time x
Positive Samaca (53) 16/03/2018 08:32 Seeking Services
  Indulgent time with beautiful and sexy redhead. Expert with lips, hips and hands, she'll leave you trembling.
Positive markm1515 (5) 14/03/2018 17:50 Seeking Services
  Had a great time. Thanks Barbara - I'll be back!
Positive Louis Jadot (39) 13/03/2018 21:15 Seeking Services
  Top meeting !!
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Positive Member Not Active 13/03/2018 14:39 Seeking Services
  A really lovely lady to both talk to and be with. The time spent with her just flew by, I do hope that we can see each other again. Highly recommended.
Positive copernicus1066 (42) 12/03/2018 21:45 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous sexy lady, a wonderful relaxed and naughty time. Look forward to next time!
Positive hammertime1895 (29) 09/03/2018 15:50 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time. Highly recommended and will visit again
Positive marcopolo45 (57) 08/03/2018 14:35 Seeking Services
  Barbara - an accrostic for you. Beautiful, Alluring, Ravashing, Bootiliscious, Adorable, Refined, Addictive xx
Positive Member Not Active 07/03/2018 09:58 Seeking Services
  What a stunner, can really hold your attention, will definitely see again. Thank you 😊 x
mattie 4 (33) 06/03/2018 19:32 Seeking Services
  Barbara is a gorgeous girl 100 % recommend a visit can’t wait to see her again , thanks huni x
Positive hound4321 (44) 15/02/2018 20:51 Seeking Services
  Amazing fun, thank you.
Positive birdy889 (5) 13/02/2018 16:58 Seeking Services
  Amazing lady in safe, central flat. Will certainly book again.
Positive cthonic (6) 11/02/2018 08:31 Seeking Services
  Lovely chatty girl with great technique will definitely see her again
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Positive rrispop (5) 07/02/2018 11:36 Seeking Services
  Wow! What a stunner: great oral skills (every sense), tactile, luscious boy. Guys check her out!
Positive STIFFPOKER (16) 06/02/2018 14:45 Seeking Services
  A very enjoyable hour spent with Barbara, who made me feel as if i had known her for years. Thanks Barbara xx
Positive redgreenblue (7) 04/02/2018 14:30 Seeking Services
  Great fun! Second time I'd seen her.
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Positive Dai43 (8) 03/02/2018 10:55 Seeking Services
  Perfect in every way. Barbara is beautiful, eloquent, interesting and so stunning. I hope i'm allowed to say "ahoj" now xxx
Positive Member Not Active 31/01/2018 11:29 Seeking Services
  Great to see Barbara again. Thank you a great time
Positive costard (99) 11/01/2018 20:58 Seeking Services
  Stimulating on every level.
Positive mrpirate44 (161) 03/01/2018 15:40 Seeking Services
  A very enjoyable time spent with a lovely young lady, also very naughty, she even swore when she came!! Thanks MrP xxx
Positive Member Not Active 02/01/2018 16:42 Seeking Services
  Very beautiful, kind and very horny lady, had a great time, perfect body and great conversation...thank you pretty lady xx
Positive caveman79 (2) 29/12/2017 21:31 Seeking Services
  Fucking amazing...the best escort in the UK
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Positive south_ches (536) 29/12/2017 16:51 Seeking Services
  Great time with Barbara nothing a problem does what she enjoys
Positive andygeorge69 (40) 29/12/2017 13:13 Seeking Services
  Barbara was amazing, totally relaxed, friendly, fun and very very sexy. An hour of my life well spent! Thank you. xxx
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