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Positive mark050962 (14) 02/09/2023 20:04 Seeking Services
  First meet with Rosie, and she is wonderful. So friendly and put me at ease. Communication was great , all went perfect. Look forward to the next time.
Positive odietamo3 (40) 08/08/2023 18:36 Seeking Services
  Fun meet, good comms and easy to get along with. Very nice body x
Positive grogu83 (1) 02/08/2023 07:16 Seeking Services
  Had an amazing time with Rosie beautiful smile and eyes and a body I won?t forget in a hurry and the best oral I every had. A must see I will be back
Neutral bjhannon (35) 16/07/2023 21:04 Seeking Services
  Fantastic meet with a sexy lady. First class service and great communication.
Disputed: Based on the review I'm guessing this was meant to be positive? Thank you xx
Positive Lee_smith22 (8) 14/07/2023 19:35 Seeking Services
  Amazing time with Rosie. Would love to see her again x
Positive Gingerjay1980 (12) 13/07/2023 14:51 Seeking Services
  What an awesome lady accurate profile lovely person
Negative jaypenyfrdd (-1) 13/07/2023 13:28 Seeking Services
  Took ages on the day to make contact. Three times in fact to get a reply. Had an issue when visiting her and explained. A rude disgusting reply was returned.
Disputed: 2 texts in advance, 1 text day of. My reply was: "People with zero feedback always seem to be in car crashes on their way to me. Weird coincidence. Take care"
Positive Member Not Active 11/07/2023 04:26 Seeking Services
  She is just amazing xx
Positive Styner79 (55) 10/07/2023 16:11 Seeking Services
  She is totally amazing will defo be seeing agian
Positive jonblogs (20) 03/07/2023 15:49 Seeking Services
  Rosie was absolutely stunning, and gave a damn good bj ??
Positive Tony chappel (6) 05/05/2023 06:57 Seeking Services
  Wonderful woman would very much like to see again, calm and collective and sensual
Positive Hampshire guy (2) 04/05/2023 23:46 Seeking Services
  Had an amazing time with Rosie, she really does her best to make you feel relaxed.
Positive murphyslawyer (3) 27/11/2022 17:55 Seeking Services
  Great time with Rosie, amazing skills, very hospitable
Positive pierrrot (102) 22/11/2022 14:46 Seeking Services
  I really enjoyed my time with beautiful, sexy Rosie. She is very friendly, caring, and attentive to what made me tick. Lovely gf exp and superb oral, nice hotel
Positive thomas1 (8) 07/11/2022 22:57 Seeking Services
  A lovely meet with Rosie, perfect in every way. Gorgeous girl and great company. Photos don?t do her justice. 100% recommend.
Positive bitpart (47) 01/11/2022 20:26 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time with Rosie. Fun and sexy to be with. A highlight of my week :)
Positive b0bj0b (40) 31/10/2022 15:52 Seeking Services
  Great time with Rosie. Put me at ease straight away and gave an amazing service. Looking forward to returning.
Positive rTTe (17) 21/10/2022 15:15 Seeking Services
  Great session with Rosie. Happy to meet again
Positive Beanerbigmatt1 (15) 19/10/2022 23:06 Seeking Services
  Great meet, once I finally beat the traffic to get there! Defo look to see you again when you are in the area next, which hopefully won't be too long!
Positive patrickstu (17) 19/10/2022 22:18 Seeking Services
  Amazing as always
Positive subslutfetish (992) 18/10/2022 19:01 Seeking Services
  Lovely obedient sub - very pretty and does as instructed (agreed beforehand) would use her regularly xxxx
Positive Number6 (65) 08/09/2022 06:55 Seeking Services
  Always a pleasure to see Rosie whenever she comes to Bristol. :)
Positive bossmanpinkyprick (21) 06/09/2022 17:05 Seeking Services
  Amazing time had with an amazing lady :) :) thank you :) :) x x x
Positive Mattgc93 (34) 13/08/2022 14:59 Seeking Services
  Very sexy young lady, will be back
Positive Member Not Active 09/08/2022 21:04 Seeking Services
  Very sexy, very talented, most excellent role player. Highly recommended
Positive Willywonka2020 (23) 09/08/2022 14:45 Seeking Services
  Great meet with a great girl. Does as she's told ;) Great body and great at sucking cock.
Positive barryanalog (29) 08/08/2022 23:24 Seeking Services
  I had the best time with Rosie, we got on really well and the roleplay was fantastic. Truly a pleasure to meet you x
Positive Nathan396 (6) 08/08/2022 21:32 Seeking Services
  Amazing girl. Very sexy and playful did everything I wanted with pleasure really was a great time seeing her would definitely recommend
Positive jon3176 (39) 05/08/2022 22:19 Seeking Services
  Great booking with Rosie, thank you x
Positive spankyou (145) 25/07/2022 06:53 Seeking Services
  Amazing lady, the best ever roleplay partner
Positive skelter (4) 23/07/2022 20:20 Seeking Services
  Amazingly professional, polite & accommodating. Totally committed to making you have a nice time. Thank you for being so understanding & patient. First class x
Positive ross_greenbank82 (11) 22/07/2022 23:11 Seeking Services
  Can't recommend enough. Such a good time. If you haven't seen yet, get her booked in xx
Positive kevsmile69 (274) 29/06/2022 23:36 Seeking Services
  A stunning girl, and an utterly filthy and mind-blowing roleplay session. Thanks Rosie x
Positive dirtyrascal (7) 15/06/2022 14:41 Seeking Services
Positive Qwerty123456abc (715) 19/05/2022 21:08 Seeking Services
  An amazing meet with Rosie. Hot AF and cute as a button at the same time. Can?t wait to visit again!x
Shaunstamper1 (17) 02/05/2022 00:10 Seeking Services
  Awfull communication, txt me the postcode 20min before the booking despite asking for it numerous times.
Positive dantaner114 (15) 28/04/2022 10:19 Seeking Services
  Super hot 15
Stolenname (64) 25/04/2022 23:48 Seeking Services
  Negative - I wasn't happy with the location but after politely cancelling she left me bad feedback. A bit spiteful so I think I made the right decision.
Positive Number6 (65) 21/04/2022 08:52 Seeking Services
  An awesome time with a very sexy woman! Would definitely again meet next time Rosie's in town. :D
Positive DRLA (425) 16/04/2022 13:39 Seeking Services
  Rosie takes pleasure in performing the items on her enjoy list - rimming, owo & cim to finish. Amazing photos & videos - Fantastic memories of our session Dxx
Positive welshsecret (15) 14/04/2022 19:19 Seeking Services
  Outstanding! Definitely would see again! Such a great time, thank you!
roleplaydave (58) 23/03/2022 11:41 Seeking Services
  Did not meet
Response: We didn't have a meeting agreed, I'm not sure what this feedback is for
Positive NaughtyandLonely (35) 17/03/2022 15:57 Seeking Services
  Phenomenal meeting, enjoyed myself so much, was so much fun. Very highly recommended, so naughty in a very good way.
Positive martin1898 (72) 15/03/2022 19:20 Seeking Services
  Rosie was an excellent actress and did well in a tricky roleplay. A good time all round.
Positive whoopsadaisy (74) 09/03/2022 20:10 Seeking Services
  Another great experience with Rosie. A very talented lady with a sexy body
Positive winser (12) 08/03/2022 22:00 Seeking Services
  Rosie is, as always, top-notch and one of the best experiences you can have - great body, talented mouth and easy conversation.
Positive treesong (272) 08/03/2022 20:48 Seeking Services
  Rosie is just great! Always accommodating and very openminded. Thanks! x
Positive Member Not Active 08/03/2022 07:53 Seeking Services
  Absolutely fantastic experience. Thank you! Would highly recommend.
Positive jon1964 (4) 19/02/2022 08:02 Seeking Services
  Very sexy lady, even better in the flesh. A lovely and engaging person. Great time. Pity she's only on tour.
Positive smon_b (7) 16/02/2022 22:03 Seeking Services
  Wow, first time with Rosie and I will definitely see her again next time she's in town! Stunning figure and does everything on her list with enthusiasm!
Positive mal231 (8) 15/02/2022 07:44 Seeking Services
  Great comms, lovely lady was a very fun meet! Would definitely return again! Thank you :) x
Positive AdamW993 (17) 14/02/2022 20:46 Seeking Services
  Absolutely lovely girl! Really respectful and nice to chat too! had a great time! Until the next time!
Positive lewsey (5) 14/02/2022 19:38 Seeking Services
  This gal is professional but fun, and has a stunning body. She provided everything that I needed; tongue piercing was a surprise bonus! I highly recommend.
Positive James_brian9876 (76) 12/02/2022 19:16 Seeking Services
  Excellent body, superb role player. Great joy for this old guy enjoying a firm young lady's body!
Positive MeetJoeBlack99 (149) 12/02/2022 11:42 Seeking Services
  A lovely, pretty and easy-going lady. Had a lot of fun and easy to chat too. X
Positive ITman1257 (79) 12/02/2022 09:50 Seeking Services
  All I can say is wow incredibly sexy would definitely like to meet again 10 out of 10 xxx
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Positive andywowwow (229) 10/02/2022 07:14 Seeking Services
  Lovely oral session with Rosie.
Positive elsavioasturiano (10) 29/01/2022 19:21 Seeking Services
  Second time with Rosie, every minute felt great, will definitely see again!
Positive montymoondog (6) 21/01/2022 17:25 Seeking Services
  What can I say, Rosie is incredible, so easy-going and easy to talk to. Rosie makes you feel at ease straight away. Highly recommended her guy's , can't wait t,
Positive Member Not Active 13/01/2022 04:37 Seeking Services
  Second time with Rosie! She is an extremely sexy and sensual woman. I'll be back!! xxx
stonerdave (28) 11/01/2022 14:02 Seeking Services
  Thanks Rosie, really enjoyed our time together as always. Great service and good communication.
Positive Member Not Active 07/01/2022 01:02 Seeking Services
  Beautiful and very sensual woman. Amazing figure! Had a wonderful time, and will definitely see again xx
Positive elsavioasturiano (10) 06/01/2022 18:58 Seeking Services
  Rosie is fantastic, I’d definitely like to see her again! And she’s also got a great taste in music!
Positive Goneracing (55) 04/01/2022 21:56 Seeking Services
  Rosie looked fantastic after her recent surgery and served up a fabulous mix of GFE with hard kink exactly as discussed, v special lady, Thanks so much XX
Positive sethe (3) 27/12/2021 18:52 Seeking Services
  What a Woman! Great service and very professional, I could not have asked for more.
Positive panther99 (225) 06/12/2021 23:14 Seeking Services
  As always another amazing wonderful naughty time with Rosie. And they look amazing xx
Positive stonerdave (28) 30/11/2021 16:17 Seeking Services
  Another fantastic encounter with the gorgeous Rosie, a great communicator, good skills and very responsive. I will be back!
Positive neptune91 (29) 04/09/2021 10:30 Seeking Services
  Great time with Rosie, knows what she is doing and was good leading a newbie into some bdsm stuff. Fun to chat with as well and hope she recovers quickly
Positive ceeseagal2 (23) 02/09/2021 07:16 Seeking Services
  Rosie is a strikingly attractive young woman with a fantastic figure. It was great to meet her and she offers exceptional skills providing wonderful thrills.
Positive southcoastchap (34) 30/08/2021 17:19 Seeking Services
  Wonderful as always, highly recommended.
Positive Member Not Active 30/08/2021 14:50 Seeking Services
  Great time with Rosie, exceeded expectations, would visit again for sure.
Positive panther99 (225) 29/08/2021 12:13 Seeking Services
  Thank you again for another amazing time.Rosie is wonderful naughty company. Look forward too enjoying more time with you in future xx
Positive Buriton  (29) 29/08/2021 07:22 Seeking Services
  Excellent comms really lovely girl and great sex what more can I say.
Positive murpk (105) 29/08/2021 01:37 Seeking Services
  Been wanting to do a certain roleplay with Rosie for a long time, SO happy I finally did. She was wonderful!
Positive Goneracing (55) 25/08/2021 22:32 Seeking Services
  Beautiful Lady with knock out figure (soon to be improved!) Delivered everything enthusiastically, exactly as discussed. Superb first meeting, will be back!! XX
Positive stonerdave (28) 24/08/2021 15:46 Seeking Services
  Such a long time but well worth the wait! I had a great time with Rosie who is a good communicator and all my requests were met. Looking forward to next time.
Positive dr4g0n69 (4) 21/08/2021 19:21 Seeking Services
  Amazing time together, great personality and did everything asked for
Positive Tastme555 (16) 19/08/2021 22:28 Seeking Services
  Wow, another amazing time with Rosie, who fulfilled all my needs with ease.
Positive Member Not Active 16/08/2021 23:03 Seeking Services
  Just incredible, looked so sexy and the skills are just to much to handle x
Positive Polar7 (39) 15/08/2021 14:42 Seeking Services
  Great to see Rosie again. Great fun and every desire satisfied. Will be back very soon.
Positive Jimbo78jimbo (13) 08/04/2020 06:14 Seeking Services
  Great kinky GFE. Friendly pretty and willing young girl. Recommended.
Positive Member Not Active 25/03/2020 20:56 Seeking Services
  Great session before work. Attentive, submissive and hot. Will see again!
Positive Member Not Active 22/03/2020 03:06 Seeking Services
  Rosie is like a cup of coffee: hot, tasty, invigorating and aromatic. Can?t wait to see you again xxx
Positive Polar7 (39) 21/03/2020 17:33 Seeking Services
  Have met Rosie on a fair few occasions now and it just gets better every time. She knows exactly how to satisfy my every desire. This woman is simply superb.
Positive J-fry (41) 20/03/2020 00:55 Seeking Services
  Once again an absolute pleasure
Positive Curious491 (16) 17/03/2020 14:24 Seeking Services
  Fun meeting with sexy, witty, flexible & skilled role-player! Easy going. Good comms.
Positive spunkydevill (22) 16/03/2020 15:36 Seeking Services
  Intelligent & articulate & very sexy, had a really good time. Easy comms & a lovely flat, no clock watching, we over-ran!
Positive Polar7 (39) 13/03/2020 17:43 Seeking Services
  Looking damn sexy today in black lingerie, dog collar and chain. A marvellous morning spent teasing and toying with Rosie. Great sex and great company as always
Positive Member Not Active 10/03/2020 19:00 Seeking Services
  Fantastic! Beautiful woman, lovely warm personality and very attentive. Services as described, lovely sub, but more than that - wonderful to play with.
Positive Alfonso_Astroboy (3) 10/03/2020 10:00 Seeking Services
  Fun, friendly, bright and beautiful! Fulfilled every request, definitely recommended.
Positive Polar7 (39) 07/03/2020 20:40 Seeking Services
  A teasing lap dance and striptease. What better prelude could there be to a Saturday afternoon delight. Awesome as always.
Positive panther99 (225) 06/03/2020 21:10 Seeking Services
  Wonderful duo with Rosie and Hayley.two of AW finest.such a pleasure to enjoy this wonderful ladies company.thank you xx
Positive Polar7 (39) 02/03/2020 21:26 Seeking Services
  A very enjoyable time taking full advantage of the innocent young hotel maid. Perfect performance from Rosie as always.
Positive J-fry (41) 02/03/2020 17:00 Seeking Services
  If i could leave a "perfect" rating i would. She's an absolute bombshell, ticket every box, and hit ever spot. Would love to see again.
Positive Polar7 (39) 27/02/2020 10:24 Seeking Services
  Enjoyed the best lap dance of my life. Very sexy moves and a great striptease. Had me begging to touch her.
Positive jamesjenkins80 (95) 19/02/2020 18:57 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady, sexy, smart and lots of fun. Looking forward to next time
Harry Hurry (37) 17/02/2020 09:44 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady, dressed as requested, fully entered into the spirit of the r?le play. Superb figure, pleasure to spend time with her.
Positive Polar7 (39) 16/02/2020 15:22 Seeking Services
  Great roleplay as always. This oh-so-sexy woman truly can fulfil every fantasy.
Positive HFD (87) 06/02/2020 19:08 Seeking Services
  Great escort, sexy, enthusiastic, and great handjob and blowjob skills. Recommended.
Positive MrBhball (20) 03/02/2020 13:29 Seeking Services
  Loveley figure - willing and horny!
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