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Positive TommyHung (2) 19/02/2024 22:34 Seeking Services
  Unfortunately I had to cancel but Mistress was great about it.
Positive Garyrr69 (86) 12/02/2024 18:45 Seeking Services
  It just gets better! Mistress expertly provided sensations that I’ve not previously experienced (this time including the delights of CBT amongst other things!)
Positive gwha61dq (6) 10/11/2023 23:42 Seeking Services
  Difficult to put in to words. Mistress is just gorgeous inside and out. Absolutely fantastic session.
Positive mark0911 (40) 02/11/2023 12:15 Seeking Services
  First visit, Excellent time with a fantastic Domme, loads fo equipment and very skilled.
Positive clitlickergood (18) 02/11/2023 08:37 Seeking Services
  this mistress is one of the best such a well equipped rooms and is very profesional on how she delivers a session, this is my goto mistress never fails to pleas
Positive Garyrr69 (86) 10/10/2023 18:03 Seeking Services
  2nd visit to mistress - wow! Even better than the first. So many new experiences with a beautiful, caring and intuitive mistress. Already thinking of next visit
Positive MilkingMonster (1) 04/10/2023 18:43 Seeking Services
  Fantastic session, exactly what I was after, will defintly see again
Positive Garyrr69 (86) 21/09/2023 19:01 Seeking Services
  My first visit to Mistress (and my first time experiencing several things! :-)) Mistress is beautiful, reassuring (with a ‘newbie’) and has superb facilities!
Positive clitlickergood (18) 19/09/2023 07:54 Seeking Services
  another great meet tried the new oxball pig hole amazing and as fisted by such a skilled mistress at her well equipped chambers
Positive Jizmando! (2) 16/09/2023 22:17 Seeking Services
  Another great meet - testing my limits.
Positive registuff (3) 29/08/2023 16:47 Seeking Services
  Special Experience
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Positive northantssub (4) 15/08/2023 15:10 Seeking Services
  Second visit, even better than the first! Understanding, skilled, dominant - perfect visit
Positive gwha61dq (6) 22/07/2023 22:35 Seeking Services
  A1 - Simply Fantastic. Great connection. Mistress is warm and attentive but in control and ready to stretch your limits. Highly recommended
Positive islander01 (7) 11/07/2023 07:52 Seeking Services
  Wow, an amazing session with a beautiful and very talented Mistress. I have to revisit again ASAP
Positive clitlickergood (18) 06/07/2023 12:02 Seeking Services
  another great meet with this stunning mistress always pushes me to my limits
Positive metalmicky1967 (2) 16/06/2023 14:36 Seeking Services
  second session with mistress dominique gave me everything i asked for and then some!!!!
Positive Liberty46 (3) 13/05/2023 09:11 Seeking Services
  Fantastic session, very intuitive lady. Discreet venue. Highly recommend
Positive metalmicky1967 (2) 09/05/2023 10:10 Seeking Services
  absolutly the best session ive had in a very long time. thankyou mistress.
Positive peter9459 (3) 25/04/2023 08:26 Seeking Services
  beautiful, controlling, demanding, caring
Positive Slowlydoesit26 (0) 19/04/2023 00:32 Seeking Services
  Another wonderful and exciting experience
Positive Slowlydoesit26 (0) 19/04/2023 00:31 Seeking Services
  What a fantastic woman Mistress Dominique is. She instinctively knows what you will like and to what level. I am very inexperienced and she took care !!!!
Positive JFRobin (7) 11/04/2023 22:50 Seeking Services
  Brilliant session with a very professional, well-equipped and very fun mistress. Really enjoyed it!
Positive northantssub (4) 17/03/2023 21:10 Seeking Services
  Superb session - recommended to anyone, will be visiting again (and again)
Positive SlaveS1963 (3) 12/03/2023 20:36 Seeking Services
  Wonderful Mistress, a pleasure to serve, will be back soon.
Positive benjamin091 (1) 12/02/2023 17:22 Seeking Services
  Absolutely amazing Mistress, she is so beautiful, sexy and is so good at what she does :)
Positive jaguar177 (75) 11/02/2023 00:16 Seeking Services
  Wow, a Mistress that within a few steps has you where she wants you, lots of toys and knows how to get the best from them. Be back very soon.
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Positive dazza777 (23) 16/01/2023 21:44 Seeking Services
  By far the best session I've ever had mistress knew exactly what I wanted and delivered, can't wait to see her again.
Positive peter9459 (3) 14/01/2023 17:54 Seeking Services
  Wonderful Mistress
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Positive Wohbley (40) 13/01/2023 21:35 Seeking Services
  Fantastic session. So professional
Positive leoMassage (3) 28/12/2022 15:41 Seeking Services
  Great session. This is my one of its first kind. I am glad I have chosen the right one.
Positive Greygeorge (4) 16/12/2022 19:25 Seeking Services
  Another quality meet with this fantastic mistress. Delivers new things each time.
Positive pimlights (1) 09/12/2022 12:43 Seeking Services
  A great time with a very experienced Mistress.
Positive NiceGuyuk10 (359) 07/12/2022 15:22 Seeking Services
  You will not go far wrong with Mistress, amazing especially if you?re nervous or it?s your first time, you won?t find better. Thank you for an amazing time.
Positive clitlickergood (18) 07/12/2022 13:49 Seeking Services
  Met this wonderful mistress again today has have very well equipped rooms and a vast array of equipment and she is very skilled in what she does
Positive afcred (1) 29/11/2022 13:09 Seeking Services
  A gorgeous mistress and fantastic setting and session
Positive Greygeorge (4) 17/10/2022 14:58 Seeking Services
  Another excellent visit - thanks
Positive Hefty_x (4) 15/10/2022 10:45 Seeking Services
  An excellent session with Mistress, will be back for more!
Positive bikerkid (2) 14/10/2022 00:51 Seeking Services
  Mistress Dominique more than met my expectations
Positive js894 (5) 29/09/2022 06:10 Seeking Services
  Great experience, with an attractive, warm (but firm) highly talented, and equipped lady, Thanks again Mistress
Positive Naughty James (19) 25/09/2022 02:59 Seeking Services
  An amazing session!! Wonderful gorgeous woman, cannot wait to return!
Positive Johnnyvgood (41) 11/09/2022 13:05 Seeking Services
  Amazing session with a talented Mistress
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Positive the-shopkeeper1 (1) 22/08/2022 15:36 Seeking Services
  Another great session with Mistress Dominique
Positive the great (13) 16/08/2022 09:23 Seeking Services
  Unbelievable. She is the best i?ve ever seen. 10/10
Positive tedly23 (2) 09/08/2022 16:17 Seeking Services
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Positive Hefty_x (4) 08/08/2022 06:34 Seeking Services
  Another amazing session with this highly skilled Mistress
Positive junglistraver29 (24) 24/06/2022 02:24 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous mistress
Positive frankanfile (4) 08/06/2022 23:02 Seeking Services
  Fantastic as useua
Positive gb118 (67) 07/06/2022 11:01 Seeking Services
  Tremendous time with a beautiful Mistress
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Positive the-shopkeeper1 (1) 23/05/2022 14:02 Seeking Services
  Brilliant first session with this truly professional mistress. I will be back
Positive Member Not Active 21/05/2022 08:02 Seeking Services
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Positive Member Not Active 12/05/2022 00:04 Seeking Services
  Exquisite blend of pleasure and pain with a truly lovely lady
Positive Akebono (45) 10/05/2022 10:44 Seeking Services
  Very enjoyable session with a gorgeous looking mistress. Look forward to exploring more in the future.
Positive Member Not Active 29/04/2022 08:06 Seeking Services
  A terrific experience, a great Dominatrix. Visit her, but let her know before what you like.
Positive Hefty_x (4) 28/04/2022 21:38 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time meeting Mistress Dominique. Wonderful set up and the skills to match.
Positive Benol (43) 27/04/2022 20:10 Seeking Services
  Very clean and beautiful Mistress! Cant wait to worship her again!
Positive frankanfile (4) 12/04/2022 22:40 Seeking Services
  Back for more
Positive Member Not Active 28/03/2022 22:26 Seeking Services
  Fantastic meet. Lovely lady. Highly recommended x
Member Not Active 28/03/2022 17:35 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady and a great experience. Thank you x
Positive frankanfile (4) 20/03/2022 13:15 Seeking Services
  Fantastic Meeting Mistress Dominique opened my eyes to new things and will be back for more lessons.
Positive Martinneave5000 (3) 24/02/2022 21:18 Seeking Services
  Amazing experience, will defo visit again
Positive JMmature (8) 16/02/2022 19:44 Seeking Services
  A very understanding and professional Mistress. Highly recommended. Can't wait to visit again. Glowing bottom and sore bottom, thank you Mistress.
Positive Member Not Active 15/02/2022 20:59 Seeking Services
  Oooh that was fun! Thank you Mistress for an excellent time.
Positive ttonyy248 (26) 06/02/2022 09:39 Seeking Services
  Immaculate incall venue , 2 well stocked rooms ( far too much for me to discover in one visit ), mistress has a models figure, gorgeous helpful a hard slap .
Member Not Active 02/02/2022 11:29 Seeking Services
  Highly skilled and definitely knows her craft and will push them limits. Had an awesome time and will be back soon.
Positive clitlickergood (18) 29/01/2022 06:39 Seeking Services
  this is my go to mistress she is the best in business very experienced well equipped play rooms a i can not recommend this mistress enough
Positive kinkyspecialist (546) 20/01/2022 22:19 Seeking Services
  A wonderous and Scintillating Experience with this fabulous and experienced Lady. I loved every moment of play with her and I hope to see again very very soon
Positive Member Not Active 18/01/2022 17:31 Seeking Services
  Another great session with this lovely Mistress, I can't wait to go back for more x
Positive Largeandloveable (12) 17/01/2022 19:12 Seeking Services
  Fantastic session loved every minute
clitlickergood (18) 08/01/2022 09:41 Seeking Services
  Met this great mistress again she is so experienced and her 2 play rooms very well equipped for all scenarios in bdsm and other kinks the best there is
Positive clitlickergood (18) 08/01/2022 09:38 Seeking Services
  Met this very experienced Mistress again in one of her well equipped play rooms,she is very good at taking you to new levels,this is my go to mistress
Member Not Active 21/12/2021 12:56 Seeking Services
  Great first meet with this lovely lady, I'll be back x
Positive dan__82 (3) 15/12/2021 14:02 Seeking Services
  Great session with a great mistress. Will definitely be booking again.
Positive clitlickergood (18) 11/12/2021 14:17 Seeking Services
  Met this very expireced
Positive Member Not Active 11/03/2020 22:17 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady and very skilled at her craft, Particularly good at spanking
Positive viper0065 (30) 06/03/2020 07:36 Seeking Services
  Wonderful time with very experienced mistress ... takes you to a whole new level of pleasure x
Positive ttonyy248 (26) 20/02/2020 04:49 Seeking Services
  2hr in call. 2 gorgeous mistresses dressed in appropriate gear. Immaculate venue with loads of equipment and great value ! Back soon xx
Positive t3334h (52) 13/02/2020 08:23 Seeking Services
  excellent range of equipment to cater for all tastes and another brilliant session with a wonderful mistress
Positive Member Not Active 02/02/2020 12:18 Seeking Services
  Amazing session with a very sexy and experiment mistress I will be back and I recommend her
Positive Member Not Active 30/12/2019 20:18 Seeking Services
  Delicious fun
Positive Marcus4Fun1 (97) 27/12/2019 17:56 Seeking Services
  Attractive, dominant and attentive lady. Very well stocked dungeon - more toys than Santa! Nice duo meet - very memorable!
Positive t3334h (52) 04/12/2019 18:02 Seeking Services
  a tremendous session with 2 experienced and delightful Mistresses--double the domination , double the pleasure. Well equipped premises and a great experience !
Positive issacarrow (2) 08/11/2019 09:33 Seeking Services
  The Mistress are very approachable and are certainly very well equipped. Well definitely being going back for more
Neutral littlejohn31 (5) 26/02/2019 08:07 Seeking Services
  Good comms, but snow meant roads were a mess and couldn’t get there
Positive Member Not Active 31/01/2019 15:54 Seeking Services
  Another fantastic session with a really great Dominatrix. Can't wait for the next time
Positive Member Not Active 03/09/2018 11:20 Seeking Services
  Great session , very well equipet dungeon .
Positive dave161 (24) 30/08/2018 21:35 Seeking Services
  A fantastic hour of pleasure and pain with a beautiful mistress
Positive t3334h (52) 30/08/2018 14:10 Seeking Services
  Brilliant session--Mistress always surprises and knows how to punish and deal with naughty boys --will be back again soon
Positive nicebut (47) 27/04/2018 15:20 Seeking Services
  Amazing session again with Mistress D! I have been both mentally and physically stretched! Thanks again! T x
Positive Member Not Active 28/03/2018 10:48 Seeking Services
  Really nice young lady who delivered a service tailored to my needs. Will see again and would recommend for any bdsm service in a very well equipped room
albionite1 (15) 12/09/2017 17:29 Seeking Services
  Very poor communication by this person. Ruined my day off
Positive Member Not Active 04/09/2017 09:53 Seeking Services
  A wonderful session, well worth a visit to this stunning Mistress
Positive Member Not Active 17/08/2017 12:00 Seeking Services
  Wonderful experience
Positive davidthedoggy (3) 15/07/2017 18:33 Seeking Services
  Sorry Madame!
Positive Member Not Active 31/05/2017 20:54 Seeking Services
  Had a fantastic time with a lovely lady.lots of toys will definitely be making another visit xxx
Positive dave161 (24) 17/03/2017 17:26 Seeking Services
  A very enjoyable session with a very attractive mistress
Positive t3334h (52) 26/08/2016 20:41 Seeking Services
  dominique gets better every time--inventive/ sexy and demanding -a memorable experience
Positive nicebut (47) 12/08/2016 20:05 Seeking Services
  Had an amazing time, great session with a great Mistress! And tried several new things...always good!
Positive t3334h (52) 21/07/2016 16:22 Seeking Services
  another brilliant session with an inventive mistress--takes account of requirements and adds to it-wonderful time
Positive Member Not Active 02/07/2016 07:35 Seeking Services
  Excellent experience with a beautiful Mistress. My first tine wirh Misress Dominique but certainly hope to see her again soon. xx
Positive Member Not Active 16/06/2016 23:05 Seeking Services
  Mistress supreme! Full of surprises and absolutely in control must see
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