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Positive OzzyMan22 (1) 06/02/2024 21:39 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time with Tameka. Great kisser and even better at oral.
Positive ScottishPaul (3) 03/12/2023 23:00 Seeking Services
  I had a wonderful time. Tameka is super friendly and funny. The pictures are very accurate, she is a very sexy lady.
Positive horny_nibbs (56) 05/11/2023 13:19 Seeking Services
  wow! what an experience Tameka is stunning and certainly up there with the best on this site, a perfect hour with a perfect lady xxx
Positive Jdaws123 (1) 04/11/2023 05:09 Seeking Services
  Thanks most definitely be in contact soon enjoyed every minute brilliant service
Positive Connorcash (1) 05/09/2023 14:06 Seeking Services
  Absolutely fantastic!! So friendly, made me feel so comfortable and so much more. Gorgeous all over. Can?t wait to see her again!!!
Positive lovewomen1996 (19) 01/05/2023 08:02 Seeking Services
  Amazing time with a amazing woman
Positive JB21 (4) 01/02/2023 01:09 Seeking Services
  I had a fun, enjoyable experience. Thank you, Tameka x
Positive Alexbig6611 (23) 24/12/2022 23:00 Seeking Services
  Nice lady good oral skills
Positive Alidoro92 (2) 07/08/2022 03:22 Seeking Services
  Thank you for a great evening ??
Positive Sexmaddave247 (1) 02/04/2022 20:33 Seeking Services
  Very gorgeous lady and very professional I recommend this lady to any man who likes a gorgeous sexy lady she is 11 out of 10
Positive Dubaiman (5) 21/03/2022 15:41 Seeking Services
  Great girl arrived on time looked very sexy put me @ease right away great GFE and fantastic BJ got on very well deffo be seeing Tameka again thanks
Dubaiman (5) 21/03/2022 15:41 Seeking Services
  Great girl arrived on time looked very sexy great GFE and BJ was fantastic felt @ease straight away got on very well deffo meet again thanks for a great night x
Positive pbx1 (17) 18/12/2021 01:26 Seeking Services
  A quality woman with humour, good skills and a relaxing touch.
Positive Member Not Active 15/12/2021 00:48 Seeking Services
  Very enjoyable experience with an all round lovely young lady, ticks all the boxes oral without a doubt the best iv ever had , didn't clock watch at all
Positive nickballbust33 (2) 12/12/2021 08:46 Seeking Services
  Great time eith a great girl, can't wait to see again
Positive cjay343 (1) 22/11/2021 03:16 Seeking Services
  An amazing night with an amazing woman
Positive erosamor2012 (1) 02/10/2021 23:47 Seeking Services
  My first time with an escort, couldn't have chosen a better lady to spend time with. Tameka is a beautiful, elegantly spoken woman.
Positive Luckycuky (1) 21/07/2021 22:36 Seeking Services
  fantastic woman, gorgeous, understanding of my needs and would book again
Positive ajr301 (1) 21/06/2021 09:59 Seeking Services
  Wonderful time with the very sexy Tameka. Can't get enough of her x
Positive Justaguyxxx (1) 29/02/2020 22:15 Seeking Services
  My first time with Tameka, and she is fantastic. The thin condoms are great and her kissing and oral skills are the best I have experienced to date.
Positive Stark22 (31) 03/01/2020 00:16 Seeking Services
  Another fantastic session with Tameka, the ultra thin condoms where great. Look forward to next time.
Positive Member Not Active 22/12/2019 18:16 Seeking Services
  Super relaxed and very genuine lady. Really warm and sensual. Fully enjoyed my time with her and will repeat very soon
Positive Stark22 (31) 28/11/2019 11:41 Seeking Services
  Another perfect meet! Ticked all the boxes.
Positive finny1962 (22) 21/11/2019 18:57 Seeking Services
  beautiful lady, great oral skills and kisser, loved every minute - thin condoms made it more pleasuable x see you soon x
Positive Wand Tongue 01 (38) 13/11/2019 07:35 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady, excellent facilities, amazing with her tongue. Incredible bj.
Positive Member Not Active 30/10/2019 09:16 Seeking Services
  Very polite, delivered as promised, just a lovely person
Positive Member Not Active 24/10/2019 13:59 Seeking Services
  Lovely girl
Positive Member Not Active 22/09/2019 20:44 Seeking Services
  A wonderful time with a very special woman. She is smart, sassy, and sexy as hell.
Positive Member Not Active 09/09/2019 09:42 Seeking Services
  Smart, attractive, great personality and a bum to die for.
Positive Member Not Active 01/09/2019 11:32 Seeking Services
  Superlatives seem inadequate. Tameka is a true gem and very special to me. What a wonderful time.
Positive Stark22 (31) 24/08/2019 18:33 Seeking Services
  Really amazing time, ticked all the boxes. Had amazing comms all the way up to our meet. Thank you!
Positive Shergar84 (11) 22/07/2019 10:19 Seeking Services
  Wow.. Great Comms, fantastic experience, recommended.
Positive flutie1779 (69) 20/07/2019 19:35 Seeking Services
  The most amazing kisser and gives ?proper? bj. A very pleasant lady, I had a great time.
Positive Member Not Active 29/06/2019 16:48 Seeking Services
  Very good bj top class lady cant wait to see her again
Positive carabus4 (26) 24/06/2019 12:44 Seeking Services
  What a great lady .... BJ from heaven - I will be back very soon - Thank you x
Positive bloke69 (49) 22/06/2019 23:07 Seeking Services
  Great meet. Will definitely be back for more of her excellent BJs
Positive Member Not Active 03/06/2019 11:26 Seeking Services
  Wow, amazing kisser and great condoms, they are ultra thin :) thx for a fab time x
Positive bloke69 (49) 02/06/2019 18:56 Seeking Services
  Great meeting with this lovely lady. Absolutely awesome BJ. Will definitely be back to see her soon.
Positive Member Not Active 28/05/2019 11:56 Seeking Services
  Absolutely brilliant once again, excellent service thank you Tameka
Positive Member Not Active 24/05/2019 22:45 Seeking Services
  Had a great first visit with tameka ....and wow ...i will be booking my 2nd visit very soon ...thankyou tameka xx
Positive Member Not Active 16/05/2019 16:11 Seeking Services
  Fun and passionate first booking with sexy Tameka. Very skilful and passionate lady, full of pleasure throughout. Will look to book again. xx
Positive Member Not Active 14/05/2019 19:13 Seeking Services
  Another awesome hour spent with the dripping wet Tameka. Always makes me feel extra special and her BJ's will make you shake with pleasure!
Positive Fourtimesbrad (29) 14/05/2019 13:16 Seeking Services
  Excellent new place , Excellent service , Great pussy , well worth the visit
Positive Nottingham Lad (80) 03/05/2019 20:23 Seeking Services
  What an incredible end to the week. Gorgeous, passionate, great company and an amazing kisser! Kept me on edge for ages until reaching a perfect climax.
Positive matty_93 (15) 28/04/2019 00:01 Seeking Services
  Fantastic meeting with Tameka, True GFE, Excellent communication, Will definitely be returning!
Positive MrPerson (21) 09/03/2019 13:30 Seeking Services
  Another great meeting. Awesome blowjob followed by the amazing feeling those thin condoms allow for! Unrushed and great Comms too.
Positive Member Not Active 22/02/2019 08:49 Seeking Services
  Absolutely fantastic great communication, lovely woman who aims to please, would book again
Positive Member Not Active 13/02/2019 21:54 Seeking Services
  Still shaking of pleasure after my 2nd visit to Tameka! Realized it was far too long since my last one... Wonderful woman in every way! Loved being with her.
Positive Member Not Active 24/01/2019 19:33 Seeking Services
  Thanks for the very pleasant time, very passionate experience
Positive carpetman159 (19) 21/01/2019 11:32 Seeking Services
  Well after reading her feedback that you guy saying best bj ever I had to go and my self and she is a different level can't wait to go back soon
Positive Mr_Young_One (3) 18/01/2019 20:57 Seeking Services
  All the reviews are 100% accurate! The most sensual, amazing, memorable BJ! Great comms, clean modern flat and lovely person. Thanks again!
Positive Member Not Active 20/08/2018 20:37 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady with the best oral ever
Positive gp400 (4) 16/08/2018 23:22 Seeking Services
  What an absolute blast - funny, super sensual, great kisser and an undeniable BJ specialist. Looking forward to the next time x
Positive sexaddict (23) 12/08/2018 10:14 Seeking Services
  Probably one of the best bf's I've ever experienced, Tameka kept me on the edge for what seemed like hours. Overall an incredible, intense session.
Response: I believe 'bf's' is a typo and is supposed to say 'bj's' haha!
Positive bigjames2 (455) 25/07/2018 05:46 Seeking Services
  great oral skills best blow job for years and really good fun to be with
Positive Member Not Active 20/06/2018 23:33 Seeking Services
  Great comms, clean, very good service, would book again. Great oral skills ultra thin condoms
Positive Member Not Active 16/06/2018 22:29 Seeking Services
  Wondeful session, so good, in so so many ways.
Positive Member Not Active 01/06/2018 07:18 Seeking Services
  great owo
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Positive missionman71161 (69) 28/04/2018 09:47 Seeking Services
  Had a wonderful time with this very open and sexy woman, superb kissing, great body, great skills. Can't wait for next time xxx
Positive hawk6339 (41) 15/03/2018 20:38 Seeking Services
  This lady gives the most wounderfull BJ took me all my time to control and it was worth it cos with ultra thin condoms it felt like it was BB
Positive cubit82 (28) 22/02/2018 18:30 Seeking Services
  Thought she was nice at the start of the booking, thought she was awesome by the end! Phenomenal oral skills and thin condoms really great during sex!
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Positive Member Not Active 16/01/2018 00:00 Seeking Services
  Til' next time :)
Positive Member Not Active 31/12/2017 23:48 Seeking Services
  Simply lovely! Had a magical time and will definitely visit again.
Positive Jacobsanders1 (11) 29/12/2017 15:11 Seeking Services
  Very nice time with this girl. Really wet pussy and excellent blow job
Positive Member Not Active 27/12/2017 12:51 Seeking Services
  Great lady, Ace BJ skills , condoms are amazing, Will see again very soon.
Positive Member Not Active 24/12/2017 13:47 Seeking Services
  Wow what an experience! Can't get her out of my mind!
Positive botobaa (14) 23/12/2017 23:33 Seeking Services
  Waw memorable session. True GFE no rush at all. Very good blow job the nice sensual sex with special feel condoms. Loved it hopefully see you again soon. Xxx
Positive oscardelta (30) 15/12/2017 18:06 Seeking Services
  A lovely lady I can say it was a pleasure to meet. Exceeded all expectations.
Positive sdreaver (39) 28/11/2017 12:21 Seeking Services
  Fantastic meet, very articulate lady. Sexy & very willing to satisfy. Gave an amazing BJ and you have to try the super thin condoms!!
Positive Member Not Active 10/10/2017 22:36 Seeking Services
  Unique and sensual outcall with Charli, top drawer tyvm! Xxx
Positive MrPerson (21) 05/10/2017 23:48 Seeking Services
  Another absolutely amazing time. Different experience this time, a lot more passionate and fun, and felt so natural. I will be back again to make more mess ;-)
Positive James_Soler (38) 22/09/2017 11:26 Seeking Services
  Charli is gorgeous & an amazing kisser. Meet didn’t go to plan, all my fault, Charli was nice enough. Hope to see again.
Positive Iceman_Notts (2) 30/08/2017 20:41 Seeking Services
  All I can say is F*ing Amazing. Her blowjob skills will blow your mind. Defiantly going to come back.
Positive Member Not Active 05/08/2017 23:01 Seeking Services
  Communications etc were excellent, very helpful and settling xx
Positive hawk6339 (41) 11/07/2017 18:05 Seeking Services
  had a great relaxing time with Charli she is one hell of a lady x
Positive MrPerson (21) 10/06/2017 09:26 Seeking Services
  Incredible experience. Intense edging from a gorgeous and bubbly woman who was fun and passionate, excellent chemistry made it electric!
Positive Member Not Active 22/05/2017 19:58 Seeking Services
  Amazing girl and very natural meet. OWO BJ skills out of this world and those ultra-thin condoms are amazing. Thanks babe - see you again soon. x
Positive Member Not Active 19/05/2017 22:44 Seeking Services
  Charli was a genuine pleasure as always, we had great fun doing a domination/edging session at my request. She was absolutely perfect and fufilled my desires!
Positive Member Not Active 09/05/2017 21:37 Seeking Services
  Great time thanks, she really knows how to look after a you x
Positive Member Not Active 01/05/2017 14:52 Seeking Services
  Awesome night with Charli. Will be seeing you again very soon.
Positive Member Not Active 02/04/2017 20:24 Seeking Services
  Fab booking deffo best on aw. And she takes great pride in oral but its defo the best oral ive ever had. Cant wait to book again
Positive London Calling (65) 29/03/2017 19:24 Seeking Services
  good time
Positive carlbo3007 (24) 26/03/2017 10:28 Seeking Services
  OH MY GOD charlis BJ skills are out of this world, and wow the sex with those thin condoms she uses it feels great, everything about this woman is amazing
Positive djdon (6) 13/03/2017 18:33 Seeking Services
  Great time love the bj you need that and the things condoms you do fill more with them than the normal ones get time will be going back
Positive andy787 (5) 13/03/2017 18:09 Seeking Services
  Good communication.. great BJ.. easy to find place .
Positive Member Not Active 13/03/2017 00:11 Seeking Services
  Charli is gorgeous. I felt relaxed straight away and very sensual hour was spent, just what I needed. Fantastic BJ. Just lovely.
Positive Member Not Active 15/02/2017 21:50 Seeking Services
  excellent young lady, best bj ever and wow are those condoms thin. x
Positive Member Not Active 13/02/2017 21:24 Seeking Services
  Attractive, friendly and gave incredible head!
Positive fairplay62 (280) 30/01/2017 09:46 Seeking Services
  Sexy girl with a great, fun personality. Charli really does give great oral, and her FK is just the best!
Positive Member Not Active 19/01/2017 13:31 Seeking Services
  Really nice girl amazing kisser and smoking hot one of the best on here by far c u again xx
Positive Member Not Active 06/01/2017 03:34 Seeking Services
  Couldn't make the meet but Charli is lovely and extremely friendly through text/phone
Positive Member Not Active 05/01/2017 20:55 Seeking Services
  Good setting and what a fantastic BJ one of the best I've had i could have cum in a flash...didn't take me long to cum when charli jumped on ultra thin condoms
Positive bevets (32) 04/01/2017 08:18 Seeking Services
  Wow! Fantastic body, fantastic person, fantastic oral, fantastic GFE! Thank you Charli, 10/10 xxx
Positive Member Not Active 03/01/2017 13:04 Seeking Services
  Excellent 10/10 had a great time With Charli, friendly, helpful,professional would visit again soon
Positive Snake1992 (1) 02/01/2017 12:28 Seeking Services
  I had a amazing time Charli
Positive Member Not Active 27/12/2016 12:59 Seeking Services
  Nothing mechanical here 100% heavenly lust decadence at its best xx
Positive Member Not Active 25/12/2016 11:11 Seeking Services
  charli is total perfection I enjoyed every minute will certainly see again xx
Positive Member Not Active 16/12/2016 04:23 Seeking Services
  Amzing time wow wow wow
Positive jakeblitz (52) 15/12/2016 17:29 Seeking Services
  Wow! A lovely articulate woman and an amazingly sensual and relaxed session - truly wonderful.
Positive Member Not Active 07/12/2016 16:01 Seeking Services
  Super time with a very special lady first class first rate a one in a million find xx
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