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Positive daddy88 (76) 21/02/2024 22:40 Seeking Services
  Claire is magnificent. A mature, fleshy, curvacious beauty who knows how to ring all the right bells. A purely wonderful pro. More again please. What a delight.
Positive Mature lover21 (1) 20/02/2024 20:53 Seeking Services
  Absolutely amazing hour spent,arrived on time,dressed to impress and what naughty fun.and top of that lovely lady to chat and laugh with.definitely meet again.x
Positive Michael2387 (8) 03/02/2024 20:10 Seeking Services
  Another wonderful time with SUCH a Lovely Horsey Lady! An honour to know you and once again my eternal thanks for your kindness and understanding,
Positive Member Not Active 09/01/2024 22:28 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time with a sexy and engaging lady. Thank you Claire
Positive THE-MILF-FUCKER1100 (5) 04/12/2023 13:16 Seeking Services
  My car broke down. Claire was very understanding. Thank you & I will book again. xxx
Positive gentfromsuffolk (22) 23/11/2023 08:24 Seeking Services
  Private, secure and very sexy time with two wonderful women
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Positive sw1tch (4) 16/11/2023 14:03 Seeking Services
  Claire is amazing! Ive met her a few times now and always have a great experience. She looks amazing, and is great company too x
Positive Niceguy701 (23) 08/11/2023 03:53 Seeking Services
  Its all true she is in a class of her own. Better in the flesh , not to be missed.
Positive HANADOG (10) 03/11/2023 14:48 Seeking Services
  wow what a lovely lady..thanks claire x
Positive goldenslave (22) 26/10/2023 12:33 Seeking Services
  Great meet with Claire who lived up to all expectations. It was a pleasure
Positive BinUK2 (1) 24/10/2023 13:10 Seeking Services
  Excellent sexy meet with Claire who was very welcoming 10/10
Positive Im57 (4) 22/10/2023 10:57 Seeking Services
  Wonderful time spent with this lovely lady. Hope to meet again.
Positive NawtiM (2) 19/10/2023 16:25 Seeking Services
  Claire is gorgeous, sexy and very naughty! Altogether wonderful. xx
Positive bg mike (32) 18/10/2023 06:48 Seeking Services
  Had a great booking lovely woman great skills in bed.
Positive Disco7 (213) 18/10/2023 00:58 Seeking Services
  Thank you for letting me spend time with you. X
Positive Henryp45 (11) 08/10/2023 21:36 Seeking Services
  Really enjoyable time spent with a lovely lady who provides a very pleasurable experience and certainly enjoys receiving attention. Thank you, it was fun.
Positive wilts1970 (2) 06/10/2023 08:07 Seeking Services
  Wow what can I say ! I had a fantastic time with Claire , what a lovely lady - but nowhere near as sweet & innocent as she may appear
Positive chrisblonde (32) 03/10/2023 23:19 Seeking Services
  Lovely meeting and enjoying Claire's great company. Very sexy x
Positive cheddar1969cheese3 (3) 28/09/2023 15:29 Seeking Services
  first class
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Positive Michael2387 (8) 24/09/2023 12:41 Seeking Services
  A MOST Attractive, Gloriously Figured, Understanding, Well Spoken Genuine Horsewoman! My eternal thanks for such a wonderful time!
Positive Member Not Active 12/09/2023 17:03 Seeking Services
  Claire accommodated my special "painful pleasure" request wonderfully. I visibly saw how she enjoyed my tongue and I think I saw a small giggle as I suffered.
Positive Tiglet1312 (3) 04/09/2023 01:02 Seeking Services
  What an incredible woman !!miss out at your own peril. will be back again.
Positive Daven39 (186) 02/09/2023 05:16 Seeking Services
  Very professional and reliable lady. Time well spent as always. Great company. Enjoyable evening..Thank you
Positive Maj-B (55) 18/08/2023 07:07 Seeking Services
  Long admired from afar, an afternoon with Claire did not disappoint xx
Positive maturenylonfanpete (2) 14/07/2023 13:48 Seeking Services
  Thanks Lady Claire for another amazing afternoon in your beautiful and oh so sexy company, I treasure our time together. Until next time!!
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Member Not Active 28/06/2023 22:52 Seeking Services
  Wonderful, sexy, dominant lady. Thoroughly enjoyed facesitting by claire and her friend
Positive ReadyToMingle69 (66) 27/06/2023 15:43 Seeking Services
  Meeting after watching so many videos featuring Claire was a dream come true. Lovely house and lots of fun in the bedroom
Positive Paul7arsenal (8) 17/06/2023 15:37 Seeking Services
  Lovely time with Claire really nice lady to meet with xx
Positive rhinokev (55) 14/06/2023 13:29 Seeking Services
  What a sexy lady
Positive sergiosteel2 (2) 08/06/2023 19:17 Seeking Services
  Great visit. Very good company. Left very satisfied. Thank you Claire
Positive nobbychopps1 (51) 27/05/2023 06:41 Seeking Services
  Terrific meet with Claire and Carly. No substitute for experiance!
Positive Scotland Apartments (30) 21/05/2023 22:43 Seeking Services
  Claire was an absolute delight, recommended to all gentleman.
Positive Moz_02 (29) 21/05/2023 13:27 Seeking Services
  Great to finally meet this lovely, sexy lady. Thank you Claire, I had a very enjoyable evening. x
Positive paulobhoy (2) 21/05/2023 11:47 Seeking Services
  What a nice lady,perfect if you like the polite mature but dirty in private . Will be seeing again on next visit
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Positive joro79 (1) 17/05/2023 13:28 Seeking Services
  What a stunning lady. One of the best meets I have had.
Positive sagmart (1) 20/04/2023 19:15 Seeking Services
  Brilliant time beautiful discreet location and lovely company
Positive fendergibson (0) 31/03/2023 14:51 Seeking Services
  Sadly had to cancel Claire was really nice about giving the respect she needed when a reply was sent
Positive AdagioCrescendo (2) 25/03/2023 19:05 Seeking Services
  Had a superb time with Claire and Carley, more than pleased with the experience. Felt comfortable at the location, made to feel very welcome, the perfect duo.
Positive zignig (1) 10/03/2023 19:36 Seeking Services
  outstanding enjoyable and recommended
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Positive jayboyjones (45) 08/03/2023 06:30 Seeking Services
  Finally met Claire and did not disappoint absolutly sexy as hell and everything was perfect x
Positive scottap (26) 23/02/2023 16:40 Seeking Services
  Claire, thank you for a fabulous time, you were delightfull, warm and sexy xxx
Positive Gerrardicus (24) 17/02/2023 16:22 Seeking Services
  Absolutely lovely time with Claire & Carly, had a absolute blast with these ladies, must do it again xxx
Positive Pepsidrinker (1) 04/02/2023 16:39 Seeking Services
  Fantastic lady will call again thank you for everything you looked stunning
Positive PeterPan6666 (7) 30/01/2023 22:04 Seeking Services
  Absolutely incredible visit
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Positive Gerrardicus (24) 13/01/2023 06:08 Seeking Services
  Wow! Claire is a beautiful, friendly, gorgeously sexy passionate lady. She is the best and hope to see her again soon xxx
Positive Clive13 (59) 10/01/2023 23:18 Seeking Services
  Thanks Claire for a fabulous time and you are such a sexy desirable lady and so much fun. xx
Positive Coachman69 (24) 09/01/2023 15:47 Seeking Services
  Most enjoyable -- thank you X
Positive Chumbawamba (1) 15/12/2022 19:19 Seeking Services
  An amazing time with this beautiful lady . Will definately be back .
Positive little andy (36) 12/12/2022 22:39 Seeking Services
  Haven't see Claire for a long time still a very sexy lady, would highly recommend
Positive rowfow (9) 28/11/2022 12:19 Seeking Services
  Had a fantastic time with Claire again! Highly recommended!!
Positive theprobe (1) 10/11/2022 10:12 Seeking Services
  Superb superb Lady Claire. A great time with such a lovely person . So accommodating and a delight to be with . Someone to treasure always
Positive COUNTRYBOY2 (8) 02/11/2022 23:16 Seeking Services
  Can you visit a porn star, a lovely mature lady, and one who re-ignites your sex drive? I did! Please give Claire a try, you won't regret it.
Positive maturenylonfanpete (2) 31/10/2022 13:52 Seeking Services
  Wow, what an amazing and funfilled afternoon! Thanks dear Claire, I look forward to my next visit xx
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Positive nobbychopps1 (51) 29/10/2022 15:32 Seeking Services
  Been ages. What an evening with two spectacularly naughty ladies!
Positive matureworship (10) 20/10/2022 19:15 Seeking Services
  A very glamourous Gilf, dressed as requested, but me at ease when I first arrived. Femdom roleplay, has gorgeous feet. Thank-you Claire xx
Positive Member Not Active 06/10/2022 16:34 Seeking Services
  Meeting with Claire was lots of fun, both outdoors and in! A really nice person and we share an interest besides the obvious! Will be in touch xx
Positive AWman15 (25) 02/10/2022 20:06 Seeking Services
  Very horny but sensual meeting with a lovely and very accommodating Claire. Well worth a visit! X
Positive subtyler (10) 02/10/2022 03:41 Seeking Services
  Very intimidating and strict Mistress. Loved every minute of the session. Will definitely come again.
Positive Grahamtay1 (6) 28/09/2022 12:23 Seeking Services
  Claire?s a Beautiful woman that Knows how to please, and if you pleasure her right you?ll get very wet.
Positive sov79 (10) 23/09/2022 09:45 Seeking Services
  Fantastic meet with Claire and Carely Mature. Really horny mature duo xxxx
Positive Twist276 (2) 22/09/2022 19:21 Seeking Services
  I was made very welcome by Claire. The location was lovely and my experience outstanding.
Positive rs80 (2) 17/09/2022 15:37 Seeking Services
  A really enjoyable hour spent with an amazing woman
Positive coombes83 (2) 18/08/2022 12:17 Seeking Services
Positive Member Not Active 11/08/2022 10:27 Seeking Services
  Claire is a nice mature lady, we had some fun. Hope to see her again
Positive MilfLover2021 (9) 27/07/2022 12:42 Seeking Services
  an amazing horny session from start to finish....
Positive fordie35 (5) 11/07/2022 01:59 Seeking Services
  Greeted with the sight of a lovely nature lady erotically dressed and all good from there inc a bit of spanking on me! Loved it.
Positive Member Not Active 06/07/2022 15:28 Seeking Services
  Fantastic two girl experience with two mature ladies Claire and Carley best double blow job in the business. Carley has some of the best tits iv seen and felt.
Positive bigboykanexx (2) 06/07/2022 13:59 Seeking Services
  classy sexy mature lady ,very erotic and charming with a sexy body great smile and the best ,cant wait to meet again x talk soon
Positive kingpin9 (949) 16/06/2022 23:55 Seeking Services
  Naughty evening outdoor pursuits leading to a full-on session in Claire's boudoir. The day was hot but this was hotter!
Positive Oncebefore (2) 14/06/2022 16:20 Seeking Services
  A great hour spent with a very sexy lady. xx
Positive Stargem (20) 27/05/2022 18:27 Seeking Services
  Spent a very enjoyable evening with this very sexy lady, her maturity means she knows all the tricks to make one happy & gladly took what i had to offer..
Positive Mike7678 (7) 25/05/2022 02:29 Seeking Services
  Wow! Above and beyond my expectations. This meeting with Claire was one of my best experiences. What a beautiful, sexy lady. Looking forward to seeing again.
Positive kingpin9 (949) 05/04/2022 09:10 Seeking Services
  Fun afternoon at Claire's cottage with both of us getting rather moist! Maybe we'll make use of the Great Outdoors next time.
Positive Seismosaurus (12) 01/04/2022 16:31 Seeking Services
  A truly memorable experience with a charming, friendly, kinky and playful lady who has an insatiable appetite... :) Thank you for a wonderful time!
Positive gus2145555 (3) 28/03/2022 15:07 Seeking Services
  Lovely sexy lady. Gtreat body too. Lives in a very private cottage with a nice garden in the summer for outdoor fun. Hope to see you again soon x
Positive Member Not Active 21/03/2022 08:23 Seeking Services
  Another wonderful time
Positive Spike19682804 (1) 06/03/2022 08:58 Seeking Services
  This lady is amazing very very sexy & a very wicked tongue will definitely be seeing this gorgeous lady again Xx
Positive Member Not Active 23/02/2022 15:10 Seeking Services
  Excellent first meet. Put me at ease straightaway and outstanding BJ technique. Will visit again x
Positive lukasz112 (38) 10/02/2022 21:24 Seeking Services
Positive kram56 (43) 08/02/2022 08:39 Seeking Services
  Sensual first meet and looking forward to a longer meet soon
Positive Member Not Active 15/01/2022 08:43 Seeking Services
  Absolutely loved my time with this cool and kind lady. She is excalty what a man needs. It's been 24 hours and I can't wait to see her again already!
Positive cortina1 (20) 06/01/2022 07:55 Seeking Services
  I had a wonderful time with Claire. She looked fabulous, was very friendly, and so so sexy.
Positive Inexperiencedbutkeen (2) 01/01/2022 17:03 Seeking Services
  Claire is a stunning: simply fabulous horny lady: top drawer in fact! She made me feel relaxed straight away & I can?t wait to go back!! X
Positive Nylon1 (4) 08/12/2021 21:55 Seeking Services
  Claire is one hot lady, so welcoming and provides the best experience you could wish for ,I will certainly be seeing her again just awesome in every single way
Positive Ronaldo 01 (4) 03/12/2021 23:18 Seeking Services
  What a brilliant night spent with a gorgeous lady
Positive Ilovesplosh (118) 23/11/2021 21:32 Seeking Services
  Fantastic Session with Claire, Great Comms, Kinky strap on / sub session, excellent throughout and was fortunate to witness the sensational squirting!
nice_guy_ian (2) 22/11/2021 08:58 Seeking Services
  100% positive. Had a very last minute family emergency and so couldn't make it. Full apologies to Claire who was nothing but charming and lovely.
Positive Member Not Active 14/07/2021 12:11 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady in all respects, attractive,very personable and easy to chat to. Sex was wonderfully satisfying. Well with visiting,.
Positive jaguar177 (75) 05/07/2021 21:56 Seeking Services
  Second time I've had the pleasure of meeting up with Claire and Alisha, sexy, fun and an amazing hour. New things tried and still more to try. Perfect xxxx
Positive Member Not Active 15/03/2020 22:10 Seeking Services
  Great visit
Positive Mr GD (31) 10/03/2020 23:36 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous, Sensual, Fun, passionate and so very wet. Perfect xxxxx
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Positive Member Not Active 29/02/2020 09:44 Seeking Services
  Very pleasant time spent with Claire. Wil definatley revist when I get another chance
Positive Ivaterri (47) 24/02/2020 16:22 Seeking Services
  Very sexy lady x
Positive Member Not Active 22/02/2020 21:31 Seeking Services
  Had a wonderful time. A very sexy lady and a juicy pussy. Loved every moment of our time together.
Positive mimi1960 (1) 23/01/2020 13:17 Seeking Services
  Brilliant time with a very lovely kind sexy lady would recommend.
Positive bobnet1 (0) 15/01/2020 07:50 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady, so welcoming and sexy, delivered as promised. Would return
Positive amc2525 (6) 06/01/2020 10:19 Seeking Services
  I had a good time
Positive Member Not Active 27/12/2019 13:06 Seeking Services
  Wow!! She is one fine lady, very hot where needed ,but also down to earth and very interesting,could chatted all day with her. Thank you again x
Positive bosombuddy77 (1) 27/11/2019 17:54 Seeking Services
  Did photoshoot with the lovely Claire, had a great time and got some great shots
Positive Member Not Active 26/11/2019 19:40 Seeking Services
  What a great meet.mind blowing,on time.xx
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