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Positive IMPOSSIBLE4ME59 (12) 04/08/2023 17:57 Seeking Services
  A truly wonderful, beautiful, friendly and caring young lady.I had a great time with her and hope to see her again in the future.
Positive RJLupin (1) 23/05/2023 07:47 Seeking Services
  Jenny is a real treat - gorgeous girl with a delicious body, and a VERY naughty mind. Fantastic booking.
Positive jimboheat (32) 16/03/2023 22:38 Seeking Services
  Delicious. Absolutely delicious. Jenny is quite a woman.
Positive JohnRay45 (1) 25/11/2022 13:55 Seeking Services
  Perfect booking. Excellent services. Did exactly what was requested, she is very nice lady.
Positive Denny7 (210) 21/10/2022 18:22 Seeking Services
  Sexy, sassy and sensational. I've known EJ-P for many years and every visit is a real treat. Today was even more so. Thanks Jenny xx
Positive jimboheat (32) 22/09/2022 20:22 Seeking Services
  I've missed this lady. Such a wonderful woman. Can't wait to spend another heavenly hour with you again xxxxagain.
Positive Hornyboy1763 (9) 24/08/2022 18:19 Seeking Services
  Jenny is an attractive warm friendly natural lady who loves cock with a body you can’t take your hands off! Great time and a nice place recommended
Positive Hornyboy1763 (9) 24/08/2022 07:44 Seeking Services
  Jenny is a warm friendly natural lady who loves cock with a very sexy body you can?t leave alone! All was good and a nice place
Positive manfromwestlondon (11) 04/08/2022 07:08 Seeking Services
  Jenny is fun, sensual, a lovely and bubbly person, and horny as fuck. And gives the best and deepest blow jobs I've ever had! Amazing to see you Jenny as always
Positive manfromwestlondon (11) 04/08/2022 07:08 Seeking Services
  Jenny is fun, sensual, a lovely and bubbly person, and horny as fuck. And gives the best and deepest blow jobs I've ever had! Amazing to see you Jenny as always
Positive mwn99999 (4) 07/07/2022 00:13 Seeking Services
  I have seen Jenny on two occasions. She is a wonderful, fun, intelligent and beautiful woman. I very much look forward to seeing her again on many occasions.
Positive Tcopman84 (15) 05/07/2022 15:26 Seeking Services
  Why did I wait so long between bookings
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Positive Mika458 (71) 03/07/2022 01:50 Seeking Services
  An absolute stunner,amazing tits to die for left me in heaven. Beautiful and delicious, great kisser, loves what she does and makes you happy at the same time.
Positive Denny7 (210) 22/06/2022 19:29 Seeking Services
  Another sensational encounter with J-P. She's always on top form and I'm totally at ease in her company. GFE does get any better. Thanks Jenny XXXX
Positive Noted2105 (9) 24/04/2022 08:25 Seeking Services
  JP is gorgeous and super friendly. Lovely apartment too. Will return.
Positive Rabelaisian (100) 06/04/2022 00:00 Seeking Services
  Lovely to see Jenny again after all this time. Her skills, enthusiasm and boobs are all first class. Lovely place too. All very very good. X
Positive jaysaw (199) 16/03/2022 04:48 Seeking Services
  Waw, very nice woman whit great sevices. 10/10 best bj ever
Positive Denny7 (210) 10/03/2022 13:12 Seeking Services
  Even after so many encounters with Jenny, she still captivates me. She?s smart, sensuous, sassy and sooo sexy. In fact the real deal. Highly recommended. XXXXX
Positive SerendipityMgc (56) 07/03/2022 17:46 Seeking Services
  I really enjoyed the hour I spent with Jenny, she is a really lovely person thank you xx
Positive Johnboy6767 (24) 11/01/2022 13:43 Seeking Services
  Amazing time with Jenny. A very sexy & beautiful young lady. Lot of kisses & great blow job. Will see her again soon xx
Positive jimboheat (32) 09/01/2022 00:05 Seeking Services
  What an incredible woman. Wow.
Positive Member Not Active 20/12/2021 17:41 Seeking Services
  The best kisser
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Positive Mediaman (198) 16/12/2021 20:06 Seeking Services
  English, natural, gorgeous, sexy, funny. Great company and conversation and mind-blowing sex. Addictive! 10/10.
TayWantsUBB (2) 11/12/2021 22:31 Seeking Services
  What a special girl Jenny is. I had an amazing time with this sweetheart. She is off the charts sexy.
Positive mich562001 (8) 14/11/2021 10:04 Seeking Services
  Had a lovely time, lots of kissing and sensual play. Will visit again.
Positive Louie Lewis (15) 02/11/2021 17:30 Seeking Services
  Jenny is extremely attractive, very personable and provides all her listed likes. Excellent communications and lovely incall flat. Highly recommended.
Positive toptip (86) 21/10/2021 22:33 Seeking Services
  Great time with a really lovely young lady
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Positive steve6849 (40) 17/09/2021 23:32 Seeking Services
  What a wonderful meet. Fun, filth, fabulous. Lovely lady. Can't wait for next time xx
Positive quietboy69 (149) 08/09/2021 19:20 Seeking Services
  Jenny is wonderful. Sexy, beautiful, fun, enthusiastic and made me the centre of her world for a couple of glorious hours. Will I be back? Um, yes of course!
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Positive d.iha123456 (3) 19/08/2021 17:10 Seeking Services
  amazing, passionate experience
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Positive nick_berry_1 (1) 30/07/2021 13:55 Seeking Services
  10/10. Jenny is absolutely amazing - beautiful girl, very sexy, great at what she does, and a lovely person. Perfect.
Positive Calvarez (10) 16/07/2021 17:51 Seeking Services
  Jenny is absolutely stunning and provided such a good GFE. I had an exceptional time with her and will definitely be seeing her again soon.
Positive goonerfun (41) 04/03/2020 16:15 Seeking Services
  A perfect 10. Great Body, Great Oral Skills. Great time . She is completely awesome and clearly loves sex. Until next time xx
Positive hugsy (67) 04/03/2020 08:20 Seeking Services
  Had an absolutely amazing time with the gorgeous Jenny! Great comms, great location, fantastic time can?t wait until next time! Xxx
Positive aussiejkjr66 (3) 19/02/2020 17:49 Seeking Services
  A lovely naughty minx who takes the time make you feel welcome and delivers complete satisfaction
Positive sam_69_69 (104) 18/02/2020 14:39 Seeking Services
  A great first meet with Jenny! Sexy, intelligent and mind blowing oral skills! Look forward to seeing again soon! Thanks babe xx
Positive Denny7 (210) 17/02/2020 15:40 Seeking Services
  Another truly amazing time with this lovely girl. Never has my team's emblem looked so good. She who wears, wins! Looking forward to the next match. Thxs Jen XX
Positive stnrak (105) 23/12/2019 15:56 Seeking Services
  Absolutely cracking body. Really bubbly personality and I would rush back for seconds in an instant.
Positive Anthonyforliving (10) 18/12/2019 21:55 Seeking Services
  My second meeting with JP. Just as beautiful and friendly as I remembered. I was relaxed, never rushed and it felt that my comfort was her priority. Thank u x
Positive coffeecupuk (6) 05/12/2019 09:51 Seeking Services
  Absolutely gorgeous. Jenny-Penny very enthusiastic straight from the start. Very skilled and sensuous. This is one woman who absolutely loves her job. Brilliant
Positive rusty2287 (80) 05/12/2019 07:54 Seeking Services
  An awesome evening with a truly beautiful lady, Ferrari of a body, impeccable skills, interesting social chat. Brilliant.
Positive noelrogers (188) 25/11/2019 20:00 Seeking Services
  Superb girl with such a versatile set of skills - had a brilliant time x
Positive DFK (21) 24/11/2019 12:19 Seeking Services
  I enjoyed a fabulous passionate time with Jenny. She is a fantastic kisser and made sure we both had a great time.
Positive c.j.dennis (9) 23/11/2019 22:10 Seeking Services
  Lovely girl - fun and relaxed. Someone you?d be happy to be stuck in a lift with. Kept our meeting moving nicely throughout. Very nice boobs. Thanks J-P!
Positive tsm999 (95) 22/11/2019 14:40 Seeking Services
  Fun, attractive and sexy girl with a great body and naughty mind. Had a wicked time. Thank you xxx
Positive Member Not Active 22/11/2019 07:43 Seeking Services
  Perfect session: all services delivered with enthusiasm
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Positive Erotic_Connoisseur (48) 20/11/2019 17:55 Seeking Services
  Jenny was outstanding. I was late due to transport issues but she still provided a phenomenal service. Sexy, gorgeous, clean, accommodating and kinky!
Positive Denny7 (210) 17/11/2019 15:40 Seeking Services
  I doubt that I'd look at a Full English on a breakfast menu the same way from now on. Magical morning meeting with the delightful EJ-P. Thanks Jenny. XXXXXXXXXX
Positive chrisc0lumbus (15) 15/11/2019 13:42 Seeking Services
  Always wonderful to spend time with this high enegry, gorgeous and incredibly sexy woman. Thanks so much Jenny.
Positive tassie (54) 11/11/2019 12:47 Seeking Services
  Simply sublime xxx. Hard to fathom why I waited so long for my second visit. Won’t make that mistake again!
Positive adi1988 (12) 10/11/2019 02:15 Seeking Services
  The most amazing experience. From start to finish Jenny aimed to please. Would return back again!!!
Positive Neils993 (16) 09/11/2019 15:59 Seeking Services
  Down to earth, genuine, welcoming and gorgeous as always. Thanks for a very sensual and steamy long overdue catch-up session Jenny!
Positive Michael__1987 (13) 07/11/2019 22:05 Seeking Services
  Jenny was very welcoming and is very sexy. An absolutely fantastic meeting, and I will be returning! x
Positive Member Not Active 07/11/2019 21:47 Seeking Services
  Always a true delight to seeing this gorgeous, cute and lovely girl. She is the best companion I?ve ever had. Thanks for everything babes xxx
Positive StefannnM13 (35) 05/11/2019 21:22 Seeking Services
  Good experience , she is very nice
Positive sexysykes (9) 05/11/2019 18:47 Seeking Services
  What a totally amazing lady this is!
Positive jaykjay2003 (18) 28/10/2019 15:00 Seeking Services
  Amazing lady. Funny too
Positive Cock Whisperer (11) 24/10/2019 15:10 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous girl. Wonderful figure. Very attentive & an insatiable appetite for cock
Positive Upforfun_84 (14) 23/10/2019 17:22 Seeking Services
  Pretty girl with a great personality and awesome oral. Thanks for buying the tights for our roleplay too!
Positive shyyyguy85 (81) 22/10/2019 08:57 Seeking Services
  A long time since our last meet and I have to ask myself why!? Shes stunning, bubbly,energetic and loves to please! Action packed meet with great chats. Perfect
Positive simon1625 (86) 21/10/2019 23:31 Seeking Services
  an amazing time with an amazing and adventurous gorgeous minx
Positive fin123 (133) 20/10/2019 15:11 Seeking Services
  Having not seen Jenny Penny for way too long it was a perfect meeting , a blur or kissing licking and fucking so much fun :)
Positive Rabelaisian (100) 16/10/2019 18:26 Seeking Services
  Jenny is a fireball of fun. 24 hours later and I’m still trembling in a good way.
Positive Member Not Active 16/10/2019 08:50 Seeking Services
  Stunning, Gorgerous and Irresistibly Sexy. Treat her well guys, Jenny is the best a man can get.
Positive Stua4848 (6) 14/10/2019 13:35 Seeking Services
  OMG! Incredible! Another awesome meet with Jen, sensual, sexy an enchantress, I?m under her spell, any man would be ,she?s the real deal guys. Exhilarating!
Positive bluesparx (12) 13/10/2019 22:19 Seeking Services
  Wonderful time had with J-P. Best GFE ever; made me feel so special. An unbelievably sexy lady. All I dreamed of and more!
Positive Stylides3 (6) 12/10/2019 11:51 Seeking Services
  Beautiful, classy and stylish; energetically adventurous; sexually supercharged, decadently debauched and utterly filthy; GFE & PSE. 5 star in every way.
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Positive rusty2287 (80) 08/10/2019 06:38 Seeking Services
  Absolutely stunningly beautiful lady with skills both socially and physically to match. A joy to be with and look forward to further encounters.
Positive PhilipComer (2) 07/10/2019 20:20 Seeking Services
  Absolutely stunning and superb personality. Great breast and pussy. Had a perfect one hour and will visit again
Positive Baxmax (67) 03/10/2019 18:07 Seeking Services
  Incredibly satisfying meeting, could not do better. Lovely, happy, sensual woman great to be with, and very nice place too. Totally recommend xxx
Positive meaninglesskiss (43) 29/09/2019 17:54 Seeking Services
  Full on naughtiness and sluttiness, an amazing body and easy to talk to as well :)
Positive BreakfastMartini (5) 29/09/2019 08:28 Seeking Services
  Absolutely superb time! Top service, great look and very relaxed atmosphere. Thank you xx
Positive Denny7 (210) 27/09/2019 19:31 Seeking Services
  This young lady never disappoints. Hotter than fire yet sweeter than nectar. Trust me chaps, she's a real gem. Thank you J-P . See you again soon. XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Positive hoppym (31) 24/09/2019 11:47 Seeking Services
  fantastic time with friendly sexy youn lady
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Positive Dibblerpie (63) 13/09/2019 12:06 Seeking Services
  Great time with a very sexy lady.
Positive AmorousAlex (13) 12/09/2019 16:48 Seeking Services
  Jen you are simply exquisite! Sexy, filthy & quite simply a lovely person, fun just to be with! Where have you been all my life? Until next time xxx
Positive Member Not Active 10/09/2019 20:00 Seeking Services
  Jenny is such a sweet & cute sexy girl.she is truly a amazing person also so naughty though. Thanks for everything sweetie xxx.
Positive Collins2001 (15) 17/08/2019 16:58 Seeking Services
  Jen, the one & only, a true force of nature! Until the next time. x
Positive Groovyag777 (4) 14/08/2019 19:23 Seeking Services
  Lovely girl
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Positive flyingkites (7) 13/08/2019 22:42 Seeking Services
  This girl loves sex! Good times - services offered as advertised :)
Positive Denny7 (210) 09/08/2019 14:18 Seeking Services
  We’re now into our 3rd year! Is there a more beautiful, sensuous, engaging girl on planet? If so I need to meet her! Please treat with utmost respect. Thx XXXX
Positive harrowcd (18) 06/08/2019 05:21 Seeking Services
  Wow! Exciting to the max xxxxx
Positive Member Not Active 05/08/2019 23:15 Seeking Services
  Great experience
Positive Hoegy (189) 04/08/2019 17:19 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous Sloane Ranger, full of enthusiasm and very naughty. delightful. Boobies!
Positive Stua4848 (6) 04/08/2019 07:28 Seeking Services
  WARNING! THIS LADY IS DYNAMITE!! she also has the most beautiful soul ever created.
Positive Rob the gentleman  (17) 03/08/2019 09:30 Seeking Services
  Fantastic first meet with Jenny! She is a smart girl, full of energy and just gorgeous! Will definitely be back for more soon!
Positive newcomer151 (313) 02/08/2019 10:58 Seeking Services
  Full on raunchy, naughty meeting. Amazing oral skills. Would love to do that again!
Positive Member Not Active 31/07/2019 23:01 Seeking Services
  wow- full of passion,energy and skill . Always have a amazing time with this sweetheart. Thanks xxx
Positive salt47 (142) 30/07/2019 08:02 Seeking Services
  Fun + Sexy + Naughty + Filthy + Slutty + Energetic = A perfect encounter. Thank you.
Positive nadiimu (8) 27/07/2019 17:26 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous girl. Great service and she was very enthusiastic.
Positive Anooppatel (39) 19/07/2019 20:27 Seeking Services
  Jenny is a very enthusiastic, fun, chatty, intelligent girl. She knows what she is doing and enjoys it too. Recommended.
Positive alexinthesky (3) 16/07/2019 01:27 Seeking Services
  A lovely visit with a wonderful, beautiful, funny lady. xx
Positive jonboy44 (99) 15/07/2019 13:49 Seeking Services
  Great service from a beautiful intelligent woman whose Enjoys are accurate and whose service could not be faulted.
Positive namop1966 (8) 11/07/2019 21:04 Seeking Services
  Sexy, horny lady
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Positive angelrock1234 (23) 08/07/2019 16:30 Seeking Services
  Electric, earth-shattering reunion. Xx
Positive ramster2 (54) 04/07/2019 22:10 Seeking Services
  Had an absolutely amazing time with this gorgeous lady! Can't wait to see her again xxx
Positive Member Not Active 02/07/2019 23:03 Seeking Services
  Always pleasure to see this gorgeous,genuine and fun girl. She one of the most amazing person I?ve ever met. Thanks xxx
Positive Denny7 (210) 26/06/2019 15:56 Seeking Services
  Another full-on passionate encounter with one of the loveliest girls you would ever wish to meet. Thanks J-P See you again soon. xxx
Positive Member Not Active 21/06/2019 06:45 Seeking Services
  Superb hour. Wonderful girl. Will definitely be back.
Positive max96 (89) 10/06/2019 11:21 Seeking Services
  Another lively evening with everything one could wish for, good food, good fun and good company. Recommended.
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