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Type Member Date Role
Positive Adrian Harrison (11) 06/07/2022 10:34 Seeking Services
  Beautiful, friendly, intelligent, interesting, sexy, accommodating, generous, professional, trustworthy e.g. with deposits, arrangements, limits, comms. AWESOME
Positive Member Not Active 09/12/2019 21:58 Seeking Services
  Great session.
Positive Frome1 (31) 29/09/2019 22:48 Seeking Services
  Mia is an exquisite Goddess who left my mind spinning and my body singing with joy. Quite superlative. Can?t wait for next time.
otiscc1 (16) 25/09/2019 12:36 Seeking Services
  Thank you amazing beautiful mistress x you were out of this world x thank you x see you again soon x double Bon next time
Positive Member Not Active 05/08/2019 21:57 Seeking Services
  Another great session.
Positive theuncutgem (6) 10/07/2019 17:05 Seeking Services
  A highly charged and erotic meeting
Positive john5936 (22) 28/03/2019 05:22 Seeking Services
  great session interesting session poppers caged by good mistress Mia see u again soon john
Positive Member Not Active 10/03/2019 19:26 Seeking Services
  Mia's new playspace is amazing! Takes our sessions to a whole new level.
Positive Member Not Active 27/01/2019 18:02 Seeking Services
  Yet another amazing session.
Positive Member Not Active 05/01/2019 19:08 Seeking Services
  Unbelievable session. Totally helpless and at Mia's mercy as she dispensed pain and pleasure as she saw fit. Can't wait till next time!
Positive Beanerbigmatt1 (15) 23/12/2018 22:37 Seeking Services
  Fantastic second meeting with a wonderful lady. Wicked and fun all in one.
Positive Member Not Active 20/12/2018 22:52 Seeking Services
  Absolutely mind-blowing. An amazing time under her control.
Positive chastetom (12) 07/12/2018 10:26 Seeking Services
  Now owned and locked in chastity by Mia
Positive sirrisrissir (30) 30/11/2018 21:51 Seeking Services
  Wonderful time with a filthy submissive who knows her way around a great messy blow job.
Positive chastetom (12) 14/11/2018 21:19 Seeking Services
  Another fantastic session
Positive Member Not Active 31/10/2018 17:50 Seeking Services
  Had a lovely kinky time thank you x
Positive Member Not Active 13/10/2018 11:46 Seeking Services
  Fantastic lady, great fun and open to ideas. Loved my time with her :-)
Positive chastetom (12) 11/10/2018 15:55 Seeking Services
  Sadly I was unable to attend but communication good and I will recommend book very soon
Positive Member Not Active 22/09/2018 12:01 Seeking Services
  Mia is out of this world, if you’re sitting on the fence about things, take the plunge - you won’t regret it, believe me!!
Positive chastetom (12) 15/09/2018 10:36 Seeking Services
  Even better than my first session with Mia
Positive Bendo79 (39) 09/09/2018 16:30 Seeking Services
  Another great time! This time filthy and just what we both needed after a long week! Gorgeous woman.
Positive Member Not Active 06/09/2018 17:17 Seeking Services
  Second meet with Mia and I just can't get enough off her, she's got it all, especially that booty and I her pussy tastes just as good as it looks
Positive Fabba (30) 31/08/2018 08:29 Seeking Services
  A wonderful and all consuming woman. She's a mastress of seduction and pleasure. Helped me to find a deeper sensuality I have rarely glimpsed.
Positive Member Not Active 30/08/2018 14:51 Seeking Services
  amazing meet lovely girl will be back for alot more
Neutral t0rnAd0 (3) 25/08/2018 11:06 Seeking Services
  Meeting didn't happen, great comms but illness prevented Mia from completing the booking. Hopefully next time.
Positive Member Not Active 22/08/2018 21:33 Seeking Services
  A great session with Mia who read my mind and blew it away
Positive chastetom (12) 20/08/2018 00:44 Seeking Services
  Great time with a super sexy sensual and intuitive lady
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Positive croydsurr (45) 03/08/2018 19:58 Seeking Services
  Wonderful, willing, friendly girl. With good tits. Recommended.
Positive Bendo79 (39) 02/08/2018 09:31 Seeking Services
  Another great filthy time! Added bonus with her friend too - wow!!
Positive Bendo79 (39) 26/07/2018 20:59 Seeking Services
  Fun, sweaty, great tie with a great girl!
Positive Member Not Active 12/07/2018 16:46 Seeking Services
  Absolute stunner. Filthy, sassy and curves to make any man addicted
Positive Member Not Active 11/07/2018 13:21 Seeking Services
  Amazing time with a fantastic lady.
Member Not Active 07/07/2018 22:32 Seeking Services
  Booking didn't take place. But great girl and great kindness. X
Positive andy5678 (18) 27/06/2018 00:10 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time with someone who is both very sexy and great company. VV gd comms. Highly rec.
Positive Member Not Active 11/06/2018 16:24 Seeking Services
  Dominant, sexy, honest and intelligent. A first class session, extended to an overnight
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