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Positive dave8975 (3) 24/04/2024 19:10 Seeking Services
  What a fantastic time Samantha is sexy as hell. An amazing body and such a nice person to talk to. Will definitely visit again . Thank you Samantha xx
Positive Special Jai (1) 20/04/2024 14:38 Seeking Services
  Nice person very friendly and amazing in bed xx
Positive howzat (3) 18/04/2024 20:46 Seeking Services
  2nd visit lovely lady again very enjoyable will see her again
Positive Lewis_Dee (23) 15/04/2024 13:15 Seeking Services
  An amazing meet with Sam, an absolute pleasure as always
Positive Playful Man (6) 10/04/2024 15:53 Seeking Services
  Had a great first meeting with Sam. Gorgeous lady, also really friendly and excellent communication. Thanks Sam x
Positive countryman76 (5) 09/04/2024 13:30 Seeking Services
  lovely time thank you x
Positive tomt2034 (5) 06/04/2024 16:52 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous, fit and great time had with samantha x
Positive ravcam (16) 04/04/2024 08:58 Seeking Services
  Amazing 1hr meet with this lovable girl. Perfect skills and great enjoyment. I highly recommend. Thanks Love
Positive RLN98 (2) 01/04/2024 16:49 Seeking Services
  Great head, sex and even a cheeky rimjob. Lovely tasting pussy and a great figure! Would 100% visit again!
Positive Rooney4fuck (14) 31/03/2024 22:46 Seeking Services
  The second time I visited this hot lady she?s wet and got good skills in the bed
Positive Kingfisher50 (46) 28/03/2024 09:40 Seeking Services
  Great catch up with the stunning Sam. Curves all in the right places, highly skilled and a pleasure to spend time with xx
Positive berty66 (30) 27/03/2024 15:40 Seeking Services
  Good coms easy parking lovely girl great boobs enjoyed my time with samantha
Positive Dreamcatcher1 (9) 24/03/2024 09:56 Seeking Services
  Good services delivered by a nice, chatty lady. It was fun.
Positive shaggy7832 (11) 23/03/2024 14:06 Seeking Services
  Amazing meet with Samantha. I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Positive Nobody46 (6) 22/03/2024 15:21 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady. Excellent Comms. Great personality, instantly put me at ease. Superb services. Would definitely see again.
Positive Sausageboy46 (1) 17/03/2024 21:48 Seeking Services
  Excellent service
Positive Luchito4000 (2) 16/03/2024 19:07 Seeking Services
  As always Samantha was superb one of the best here 5**** see you soon xxxxxx
Positive wizenedruss46 (5) 16/03/2024 10:02 Seeking Services
  Samantha is an amazing lady, great time had by myself and hopefully her. Beautiful and charismatic, treat her with respect
Positive Lewis_Dee (23) 13/03/2024 00:18 Seeking Services
  Another amazing meet with the gorgeous Sam
Positive alias02 (1) 11/03/2024 09:45 Seeking Services
  I arrived feeling nervous but Samantha made me feel at ease instantly. She was stunning head to toe and delivered on all levels. Absolute stunner x
Positive royrude (4) 08/03/2024 07:42 Seeking Services
  Sam was everything I expected ! Great comms and wonderful time spent !
Positive CaptainSpike (4) 05/03/2024 23:31 Seeking Services
  Samantha is fabulous. She does everything she says brilliantly, what a mouth and what amazing tits. Great chat too, lovely girl. Could have stayed for hours!
Positive oli (10) 04/03/2024 14:36 Seeking Services
  Meeting didnt happen because I was ill but communications were all good from Samantha
Positive ResMed4 (1) 28/02/2024 15:24 Seeking Services
  Absolutely lovely young girl. had a great time
Positive Harryallstar (50) 25/02/2024 20:21 Seeking Services
  Wonderful time spent with a beautiful sexy lady
Positive Lin93 (2) 24/02/2024 20:21 Seeking Services
  Samantha is a very sweet lady. I enjoyed her brilliant blowjob skills which is quite unforgettable. Thanks for giving me such a nice time, Samantha
Positive AndyH679 (2) 24/02/2024 15:38 Seeking Services
  Very gorgeous lady. I had a great hour with Samantha. She made me feel very relaxed and we got on great. Would definetly recomend.
Negative Fmh123123 (7) 23/02/2024 16:12 Seeking Services
  Mediocre. Has a lot more tattoos than profile pictures.
Disputed: was 50/50 whether to accept his booking request given the negative feedback he has.Gave him a chance and wish I hadn't. You know the type ladies
Positive JimDandy512 (6) 22/02/2024 16:00 Seeking Services
  What an amazing lady !!
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Positive KissesEverywhere (13) 14/02/2024 08:07 Seeking Services
  A really smashing time with Smanatha, lovely personality & gorgeous figure. Sam had "my full attention" for the whole of our time together. Thank You, Sam xx
Positive Wisernow (5) 14/02/2024 00:07 Seeking Services
  Recommend highly.
Positive ProfessorPaul (71) 11/02/2024 14:15 Seeking Services
  Friendly and skillful, with a superb body xx
Positive James_2024 (15) 03/02/2024 15:06 Seeking Services
  Great first meet. Amazing boobs. Good comms, nice apartment. Recommended.
titslover88 (2) 01/02/2024 22:04 Seeking Services
  she is amazing. very beautiful and extra hot
Positive titslover88 (2) 01/02/2024 22:00 Seeking Services
  she is amazing. very beautiful and extra hot
Positive Shypete32 (24) 01/02/2024 19:22 Seeking Services
  Nice to see Samantha again. Great fun to chat to, which made everything nice and relaxing. A very fun time.
Positive Enjoy101 (6) 26/01/2024 21:43 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous lady, would recommend
Positive lfc101 (0) 24/01/2024 13:09 Seeking Services
  Perfect massage. Felt refreshed.
Positive Thepalehorseman (1) 11/01/2024 16:16 Seeking Services
  A fabulous hour spent in equally fabulous company. Lovely lady, would love to spend more time with
Positive IronmanCole (17) 10/01/2024 02:25 Seeking Services
  What a wonderful woman, yes beautiful, but so much more than skin deep. Loved chatting with Sam about everything, just good fun & from the heart. Thankyou xx
Positive Magicstick23 (7) 09/01/2024 15:48 Seeking Services
  Comms all good I had to cancel will book again
Positive bluestandard (6) 25/12/2023 15:38 Seeking Services
  Had a lovely time with Samantha. Stunning looks and very easy to spend time with.
Positive Go8tB0y (10) 15/12/2023 19:29 Seeking Services
  Samantha's lovely amazing time xx
Positive filthfinder (7) 14/12/2023 10:05 Seeking Services
  A wonderful time with the amazing Sam. Would highly recommend.
Positive Garry77__ (20) 13/12/2023 17:12 Seeking Services
  A great meet this afternoon with Adrianna, great comms and a great time spent together xx
Positive mrcod1 (104) 10/12/2023 11:24 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous sexy lady with fantastic oral skills
Positive buddha2006 (24) 10/12/2023 08:10 Seeking Services
  Lovely first meeting with the gorgeous Samantha. I had a fantastic time. Look forward to seeing her again xx
Positive nic734 (0) 01/12/2023 17:51 Seeking Services
  Absolutely wonderful hour with a beautiful woman. Will see again!
Positive Dmac107 (2) 30/11/2023 07:06 Seeking Services
  What an amazing lady xx
Positive Lewis_Dee (23) 28/11/2023 13:31 Seeking Services
  Another amazing meet with the gorgeous Sam
Positive Member Not Active 22/11/2023 17:52 Seeking Services
  I had a lovely hour with Samantha. She's so friendly, gorgeous and sexy - you can't ask for more than that! I hope we can meet again soon.
Positive JimmyTon (8) 22/11/2023 12:59 Seeking Services
  Perfect encounter fantastic company with Samanda, she's amazing inside and out and was so pleased all night x
Positive zornoid13 (7) 22/11/2023 01:06 Seeking Services
  She was great. Great body, great kisser and talks great too. Will definitely see her again
Positive Buc1234 (0) 21/11/2023 15:21 Seeking Services
  Great service
Positive Ramo007 (2) 21/11/2023 00:27 Seeking Services
Positive Misiek69 (6) 13/11/2023 10:10 Seeking Services
  Lovly person and super time spent together.
Misiek69 (6) 12/11/2023 16:21 Seeking Services
  Fantastic meet with lovly and vibly Samantha thx dear
Positive mastermick (90) 08/11/2023 22:53 Seeking Services
  My second visit with Samantha and she is a real treasure. Highly skilled, friendly, good fun and does exactly what she says, counting the days till next time.
Positive 02matty (14) 08/11/2023 22:26 Seeking Services
  Amazing visit from a lovely girl. Highly recommend x
Positive Lennyboyblue69 (96) 08/11/2023 17:05 Seeking Services
  Great session with Sam, good coms, a very sexy lady
Positive Sexy Stud (15) 08/11/2023 15:55 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady and was absolute delight to be with happy to see again another time x
Positive Hubhubs76 (16) 08/11/2023 15:10 Seeking Services
  Very friendly stunning lady, wonderful body, a great meeting would love to see again xx
Positive DysBsk (17) 07/11/2023 15:24 Seeking Services
  Good Comms, Samantha is absolutely everything i hoped for! Very sexy, delivered an amazing gfe and shes really easy to talk to. Looking forward to next time x
Positive Blt2020 (1) 26/10/2023 16:57 Seeking Services
  Amazing time very attractive lady
Positive Lewis_Dee (23) 26/10/2023 11:49 Seeking Services
  Another amazing meet with the gorgeous Sam
Positive lewie64 (20) 25/10/2023 20:54 Seeking Services
  Had a lovely couple of hours with this stunning lady. Comms were fantastic and very discreet. Can’t wait to meet you again Sam x
Positive mrcod1 (104) 09/10/2023 08:50 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous sexy lady
Positive Freeandhappy2001 (3) 02/10/2023 10:33 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time would recommend
Positive austinpowers08 (25) 22/09/2023 08:21 Seeking Services
  Very professional, reliable and discreet service from this beautiful lady who delivers passionately and very friendly chatty, learnt some new things from her!
Positive GH84 (12) 20/09/2023 17:39 Seeking Services
  Amazing time. Very sexy and easy going. Will see again for sure
Positive 0v19m980 (3) 18/09/2023 07:17 Seeking Services
  Amazing as usual xxx
Positive tony123xxx (3) 15/09/2023 12:22 Seeking Services
  super friendly fantastic boobs great experience
Positive sexybaz007uk  (17) 15/09/2023 12:03 Seeking Services
  Absolutely stunning lady highly recommended
Positive machine_head (24) 15/09/2023 11:46 Seeking Services
  Had really good fun. Amazing time. Will defo see again.
Positive Badger54 (1) 14/09/2023 08:16 Seeking Services
  Met with the lovely Samantha . Made me feel comfortable right away. Good conversation and good fun. Excellent communication and good location.
Positive Lennyboyblue69 (96) 31/08/2023 16:59 Seeking Services
  Booking didn't take place but I got a call from Sam to explain the issue beforehand.
Neutral DysBsk (17) 31/08/2023 14:54 Seeking Services
  Due to circumstances outside her control, Samantha had to cancel this meeting.
Positive Smithytim (1) 30/08/2023 20:18 Seeking Services
  Samantha is very pretty, and her personality was both sexy and pleasant. Communications were good and I would definitely book again
Positive Gado97 (2) 29/08/2023 22:13 Seeking Services
  Must see this lady, an actual beauty and gives best services will not be disappointed
Positive bren2257 (8) 21/08/2023 08:19 Seeking Services
  Really friendly and welcoming, Amazing time with beautiful and sexy Samantha. Definitely want to see her again!
Positive VSPhoenix (22) 20/08/2023 18:00 Seeking Services
  Wonderful woman, Skilled and experienced put me at ease straight away. Amazing tits, passionate and great conversation.
Positive titslover88 (2) 12/08/2023 14:08 Seeking Services
  fantastic Samantha. amazing skills and very good communication
Positive Mikejamesox4 (82) 11/08/2023 17:53 Seeking Services
  Very sexy lady great service x
Positive jamesr82 (29) 10/08/2023 07:23 Seeking Services
  Beautiful lady, awesome hour of fun and great conversation. Love to see again x
Positive Paz789 (1) 04/08/2023 12:57 Seeking Services
  Excellent time
Positive andy06 (140) 02/08/2023 22:45 Seeking Services
  An absolute beauty figure, humour smile she has the lot and would Highly recommend would 100% see again. X
Positive Disabled-Dude (10) 02/08/2023 20:37 Seeking Services
  Wonderful time with a wonderful girl. Thank you so much! x
Positive nurubandit (5) 31/07/2023 22:35 Seeking Services
  Amazing evening with an attractive woman. Would defo meet again
Positive Razvan69 (2) 28/07/2023 17:21 Seeking Services
  A Fantastic time with a beautiful woman who does everything she says that she will. Highly recommended
Positive brian1963 (3) 28/07/2023 11:47 Seeking Services
  Thanks for a magical hour Samanfha. It was lovely to meet you.XXX
Positive bigbazza65 (53) 27/07/2023 12:27 Seeking Services
  Small, sweet, sexy, very amenable and friendly. Interesting chat afterwards about her "other work". Thank you Sam x
Positive mutuelamoureux (7) 09/07/2023 16:34 Seeking Services
  Excellent time with a very attractive and sensual lady
Positive Allister_Young (3) 06/07/2023 21:13 Seeking Services
  Great energy, good chat and excellent service. Very welcome and relaxed environment.
Positive Jamesxx (7) 05/07/2023 14:37 Seeking Services
  A sexy, warm and intelligent girl. Spent an hour with Sam, very clean, very sexy and would meet her again.
Positive blindbuck (26) 30/06/2023 20:50 Seeking Services
  Another very enjoyable meeting with Samantha in a nice, clean, safe location. Samantha is friendly, sexy, has an accurate likes list and knows how to please.
Positive SeymourButts69 (7) 16/06/2023 18:13 Seeking Services
  Great girl very chatty ,and easy going very much enjoyed our time together
Neutral magicmichael (139) 15/06/2023 13:40 Seeking Services
  Nice girl.
Positive 6inchsub (19) 12/06/2023 09:01 Seeking Services
  A lovely relaxing 2 hours with an attractive, sexy lady with a great body who is genuine, friendly and with a good sense humour. Look forward to seeing her agai
Positive Uksoxfan (5) 08/06/2023 23:06 Seeking Services
  Amazing time with the most wonderful woman. Sam is chatty and made me feel relaxed. She's also incredibly sexy.
Positive Arieslancy (2) 08/06/2023 13:48 Seeking Services
  Great Comms, from the very pretty Samantha, terrific, thankyou
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