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Positive Blakenava1 (48) 14/03/2023 21:06 Seeking Services
  Great to see millie again by far the best on AW will always be my favourite she is beautiful super friendly the best tonic you could ever have and amazing with
Positive treats8161 (61) 15/10/2022 22:32 Seeking Services
  Most amazing ever I need this site no more
Positive Friendlylad93 (13) 16/08/2022 15:34 Seeking Services
  Hot, sexy, great banter, flowed naturally. One of my best meets and will be booking again soon x.
Positive Aplomb (78) 15/08/2022 13:20 Seeking Services
  This young lady always provides a fantastic service and is so easy to converse with - 10/10 XXX
Positive Andy131 (102) 15/07/2022 10:50 Seeking Services
  Absolutely stunning lady who is also smart, adventurous, funny and completely genuine! Thank you so much for an absolutely incredible mind-blowing time xx
Positive garym01 (7) 21/06/2022 20:09 Seeking Services
  She had to cancel but gave good comms, was gutted as was looking forward to second visit with her.
Positive Blakenava1 (48) 08/06/2022 17:34 Seeking Services
  Absolutely amazing as usual never fails always fun polite and god so sexy can't wait till next time xxx
Positive GentleMaster (58) 20/04/2022 19:33 Seeking Services
  Millie is everything others have said, and more. However what makes her stand out is that she is 100% natural and genuine,
Positive Blakenava1 (48) 26/03/2022 06:14 Seeking Services
  This girl is amazing in every way. She got to be the best on AW till next time millie xxx
Positive John G (27) 10/03/2022 22:40 Seeking Services
  Thank you Millie for a truly amazing first meet, will definitely be repeating, 5 stars.
Positive Blakenava1 (48) 20/02/2022 19:04 Seeking Services
  Absolute perfection from head to toes very addictive wish I cud c this sexy babe everyday xxx
Positive Blakenava1 (48) 18/02/2022 20:42 Seeking Services
  Stunningly beautiful stunningly pleasant and god stunningly sex counting the hours till next time xxx
Positive Member Not Active 14/02/2022 21:33 Seeking Services
  Words cannot describe how beautiful this lady is inside and out the bedroom skills are the absolute best ever xxx
Positive Aplomb (78) 14/02/2022 02:04 Seeking Services
  Millie is 100% worth your time gents - her DT is out of this world and boy she doesn’t hold anything back. Lovely girl with a fantastic attitude xxx
Positive TYGriff (4) 04/02/2022 17:24 Seeking Services
  10/10. Amazing time, Millie is fit as and easy to get on with. Mixture of cute and pure filth, doesn?t get much better. Can?t wait for the next opportunity ! x
Positive Member Not Active 16/01/2022 10:39 Seeking Services
  Millie is top class! Had a great afternoon with this beautiful,sexy young lady. Thoroughly enjoyed,can?t wait for next time, A great fuck, and lovely girl xx
Blakenava1 (48) 15/01/2022 18:35 Seeking Services
  Never met this lady but she ignores every message I send even tho I have good feedback
Positive Member Not Active 11/01/2022 16:53 Seeking Services
  Just spent an incredible hour with this perfect, sexy lady. Loved every minute of my raunchiest meet ever 11/10. Thanks Millie xx
Positive Aplomb (78) 03/01/2022 17:16 Seeking Services
  Great comms to arrange. She is fun, horny and an absolute delight - cya soon xxx
Positive Member Not Active 13/12/2021 18:07 Seeking Services
  Incredible hot sensual lady very very sexual session really deeply enjoyable
Positive Aplomb (78) 05/12/2021 23:55 Seeking Services
  Unfortunately meet didn’t happen - however, communication was good and hopefully will get to meet her soon.
Positive donkeyjuan (24) 07/11/2021 17:35 Seeking Services
  What a Gorgeous young Lady. Can?t help thinking about what a great time I had. 5 Stars
Positive Member Not Active 25/10/2021 14:13 Seeking Services
  Another great time with Millie. Full day of fun. See you again soon xx
Positive Member Not Active 02/10/2021 11:34 Seeking Services
  Simpl ythe best!
Positive Member Not Active 01/10/2021 12:00 Seeking Services
  2nd time seeing millie. Sexy, sophisticated and exceptional looks, just as good if not better than the first. amazing outcall day. cant wait to see again xx
Positive Member Not Active 01/10/2021 11:56 Seeking Services
  wow out of this world lady :)
Blakenava1 (48) 18/09/2021 13:06 Seeking Services
  Dissapointng that I have not yet met this lady I will keep my fingers crossed x
doctorob (230) 01/09/2021 14:45 Seeking Services
  Unfortunately Millie had to cancel
Positive Arnoldkruger  (6) 23/07/2021 22:57 Seeking Services
  Had a FANTASTIC time with this amazing beauty. Hope to see her again soooon XXX!!
Positive Member Not Active 20/07/2021 18:16 Seeking Services
  Very positive. Lovely girl, highly recommended
Positive Member Not Active 12/06/2021 07:46 Seeking Services
  Words cannot describe how amazing the night was x
Positive Eatursnatchout_69 (20) 05/06/2021 11:59 Seeking Services
  . Beautiful, sultry, sexy, with a bod made for sin. Sensual, and wild in bed. Intelligent conversation too. This ones a keeper. Till next time Milly xx
Positive Member Not Active 03/06/2021 13:28 Seeking Services
  Sexy, sophisticated and exceptional looks. Amazing time had and can?t wait to see again. Don?t miss out on this stunner guys xx
Positive John_Sheffield (36) 27/05/2021 08:44 Seeking Services
  It was an absolute delight spending time with Millie and I can't wait to see her again. Xxx
Positive Cheffy1 (34) 17/03/2020 07:03 Seeking Services
  Finally! Millie is such a fantastic girl! So easy going, easy to chat,rocking, super sexy had a outstanding time, looking forward to seeing again XXX 10/10
Negative Member Not Active 16/03/2020 17:05 Seeking Services
  Let down twice at last minute
Positive Member Not Active 12/02/2020 22:31 Seeking Services
  Sick time , with an attractive young lady .xx
Positive Member Not Active 03/01/2020 13:13 Seeking Services
  Had a superb meeting with Millie. She is delightful in every way and a great sub. Already planned our next meet. Highly recommended
Positive tommyC1991 (2) 21/12/2019 22:02 Seeking Services
  Thanks for another fantastic meet . She’s such a good little sub . Deepthroating skills are phenomenal. Will definitely be seeing again
Positive Member Not Active 18/12/2019 09:23 Seeking Services
  So sweet yet so naughty. 10/10 two hours of sheer pleasure, for both parties I?m hoping.
Positive Member Not Active 27/11/2019 22:49 Seeking Services
  Wow, and I mean wow fantastic meet with a stunning young lady made me feel very relaxed and was like meeting an old friend. Highly recommended thanks Millie xx
Positive Member Not Active 27/11/2019 09:26 Seeking Services
  A really sexy girl, great figure, lots of fun, definitely recommend... moose kick lol x
Positive Xratedhull (123) 07/11/2019 07:41 Seeking Services
  Oh wow, incredible meet! What a beautiful girl with a fantastic body to boot. You won't be disappointed! Definitely booking again
Xratedhull (123) 31/10/2019 15:54 Seeking Services
  didn't happen
Xratedhull (123) 01/09/2019 19:26 Seeking Services
  Didn't happen
Positive Member Not Active 14/06/2019 00:45 Seeking Services
  WOW super sexy lady, awesome connection. Such a ultra horny time, I’ll be back ;-)
Positive Member Not Active 30/05/2019 00:31 Seeking Services
  Very sexy smart horny fun lady. Was a super horny session xox
Positive Madamlikes66 (1239) 14/05/2019 07:32 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time with this lovely sexy kinky girl, will meet again very soon, xx
Positive tommyC1991 (2) 06/04/2019 00:16 Seeking Services
  She’s fantastic . Really attractive young lady , easy to get on with and great in the bedroom . Amazing oral skills . Will definitely be seeing again
Positive Member Not Active 27/02/2019 11:35 Seeking Services
  Perfection. Skye is stunning , soooo sexy , friendly , chatty , fun , responsive and highly skilled. The best yet for me. Definitely be seeing again xxxxxxxx
Positive Andy131 (102) 25/02/2019 17:21 Seeking Services
  Amazing few days with a beautiful lady! Intelligent, articulate, adventurous, funny, kind, genuine and very very sexy. Just perfect in every possible way! xxx
Positive Member Not Active 07/02/2019 22:44 Seeking Services
  This amazing lady is one of a kind, in the right way! I honestly can’t say I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting anyone as lovely as this wonderful woman x
Positive Member Not Active 31/01/2019 22:36 Seeking Services
  Just wow! A fantastic time again, no doubt a given with this gorgeous wonderful woman who I look forward to seeing again in the future x
Positive Quinnbie (21) 30/01/2019 17:28 Seeking Services
  Another hour flew by with Skye... I’m afraid I might be getting addicted to her! Beautiful girl, very attentive and passionate.. 10/10 xx
Positive Quinnbie (21) 27/01/2019 10:46 Seeking Services
  Skye is really pretty, has a great personality, passionate, and is amazing at what she does... Perfect xx
Positive Member Not Active 19/01/2019 21:45 Seeking Services
  A further two hours with this fantastic pulchritudinous woman... always so much fun thanks again and best of luck x
Positive raw power (4) 19/01/2019 17:59 Seeking Services
  Skye is A*** just perfect in every way. She knows just how to do everything to perfection. WOW in every way. Until next time babe xx
Positive Member Not Active 12/01/2019 20:55 Seeking Services
  Oh god, thanks again! Another two hours with this exceptional ravishing woman, time flies when you’re having fun, looking forward to next time. Best wishes x
Positive Member Not Active 01/01/2019 22:03 Seeking Services
  Couldn’t of asked for a better start to the year, even opted for 2 hours as this charming beautiful woman was so affable. Best of luck x
Positive Member Not Active 29/12/2018 21:13 Seeking Services
  The short time between my bookings is testament to the level of service offered by this gorgeous wonderful woman, who I’ll be seeing again in the future surely!
Positive Member Not Active 29/12/2018 15:22 Seeking Services
  Had a wonderful hour with this lovely fun delectable lady, will be returning in the future.
Neutral wawnetiger (34) 23/12/2018 17:44 Seeking Services
  Meeting didn't take place
Positive raw power (4) 06/12/2018 14:40 Seeking Services
  Once again a perfect meet. Went for a more personal, GFE this time. Such a beautiful woman and loved her company. 11/10.
Positive gazman81 (25) 29/11/2018 14:54 Seeking Services
  Skye has a friendly and vibrant personality. She looked and smelt amazing. Possibly the most sensuous and responsive women I’ve encountered.
Positive raw power (4) 24/11/2018 18:10 Seeking Services
  Well... The best meet I’ve ever had. Can be sensual and loving but change and be a complete sub and take anything she’s given. Will be meeting her plenty more.
Negative Member Not Active 19/11/2018 21:16 Seeking Services
  No show. Confirmed then went incommunicado. Courtesy requires a cancellation if can't make it
Disputed: I did in fact message you yesterday afternoon stating I couldn’t make it. I don’t have as much spare time as most folk so don’t take it personal.
Positive J a y (87) 27/10/2018 22:23 Seeking Services
  Skye is A sexy young sensual woman offering an exquisite experience.Extremely cute with great skills.Looking forward to seeing again.Highly recommended.10/10.
Positive J a y (87) 22/10/2018 12:01 Seeking Services
  Skye is a gorgeous young Blonde who provides a bespoke GirlFriend Experience.She’s the Ultimate Escort.Very Seductive,Passionate & Energetic.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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