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Positive Clean_Gent (48) 18/02/2024 16:15 Seeking Services
  Absolutely amazing time with a beautiful girl with a wonderful personality.
Positive Clean_Gent (48) 12/02/2024 23:25 Seeking Services
  Just another amazing session with lovely Amelia. Really look forward to seeing you again. The best bum on AW by a mile. X
Positive liqueurs  (843) 09/01/2024 20:47 Seeking Services
  Absolutely amazing woman. Best ass on aw, love licking her gorgeous pussy and has a beautiful aura too. See you soon, travel permitting x
Positive nick0ftime (4) 08/11/2023 15:47 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous but gentle. Sexy, smart and engaging. A true gem. Will be seeing you more!
Positive Drew6999 (113) 03/11/2023 15:37 Seeking Services
  An absolutely beautiful and engaging lady! Oh! That bum! xx
Positive liqueurs  (843) 31/10/2023 16:28 Seeking Services
  Another lovely time as always with this gorgeous beauty x see you again soon x
Positive liqueurs  (843) 30/10/2023 16:48 Seeking Services
  Wow, gorgeous to look at, silky to touch and just the right amount of naughty. Love licking this woman. See you soon xxx
Positive Leon22 (61) 23/10/2023 20:16 Seeking Services
  I had a wonderful time with Amelia, she?s a beautiful, sexy and attentive lady, with a body and drive to match. Gorgeous inside and out. Be nice to her gents. x
Positive liqueurs  (843) 23/10/2023 18:47 Seeking Services
  Absolutely exquisite. A genuine pleasure to meet, and lick all over. Beautiful person, fantastic body and a lovely manner. C u very soon xxx thanks xxx
Positive juicyjorge (67) 15/10/2023 22:39 Seeking Services
  Amelia is absolutely stunning, mind blowingly pretty in fact. But I loved her personality even more. Genuine wife material here xxx
Positive joe4fun (3) 26/09/2023 14:31 Seeking Services
  She has once of the nices butts out there :) She has tried her best to make me satisfied, had a nice time. xxx
Positive Ocelotus (6) 21/09/2023 13:02 Seeking Services
  Stunningly sexy body, very friendly, great service, clean flat, had a fantastic time. Can?t wait to see her again!
Positive Clean_Gent (48) 13/09/2023 17:27 Seeking Services
  Amazing time as always….you have an amazing body. Love spending time with you girl. X
Positive Aj2006 (4) 01/08/2023 13:17 Seeking Services
  she is the best ass to die
Positive guolibqc (4) 17/07/2023 17:05 Seeking Services
  Amelia is gorgeous and her eyes hypnotize me so badly. She is very enthusiastic and professional. Hope we can share more time during the next appointment.
Positive kfarhan57 (1) 12/07/2023 19:35 Seeking Services
  Lovely sesh, stunning body and top notch service. Will defo come back
Orallover26 (19) 10/07/2023 09:23 Seeking Services
  I booked her at 7:30 pm and went there on time but she didn?t respond to my call or text. Absolutely disappointed. Don?t waste time who can?t keep up commitment
Response: Stop lying darling xx I was waiting for you until 8pm and you didn’t even call me or text me. You’re just a time waster 😉
Positive Clean_Gent (48) 02/07/2023 13:29 Seeking Services
  Amazing time once again. She deserves a tip all the time. Great service and beautiful girl. Hope to see you again soon. X
Positive guyabouttown (134) 26/06/2023 12:03 Seeking Services
  Once again I had a great time with Amelia and we both enjoy the hour. Will see you soon, take care!
Positive Alexpalmer95 (1) 26/05/2023 22:18 Seeking Services
  Amelia was fantastic
Positive dick8888 (44) 07/04/2023 05:32 Seeking Services
  Lovely, pretty, friendly girl
Positive Darius-persian (3) 17/03/2023 19:57 Seeking Services
  Enjoy every second our meet, she has the best body in AW.
Positive EvoE (2) 17/03/2023 18:20 Seeking Services
  All i can say is wow
Positive Member Not Active 07/02/2023 12:53 Seeking Services
  Amelia is such a beautiful lady . Knows how to make a man happy . Will definitely come again .
Positive mo_absolute100 (5) 18/01/2023 20:00 Seeking Services
  Great time with a gorgeous girl. Would recommend!
Positive RealHumphreyFTW (9) 09/01/2023 17:16 Seeking Services
  4 years since I first saw her & she's hotter than ever. A very special girl! Xx
Positive Clean_Gent (48) 17/12/2022 13:12 Seeking Services
  Thanks for a great time babe….amazing body.
Positive Johntommo1974 (19) 08/12/2022 17:29 Seeking Services
  Amelia is great very sexy body, had a great time together thank you xx
Positive Aj2006 (4) 19/10/2022 20:17 Seeking Services
  Amelia is awesome took care of all my needs best ass perfect all round can?t wait to visit her again soon.
Positive deetailor (12) 16/10/2022 12:42 Seeking Services
  Amelia is a lovely unbelievably sexy lady. I will be back for sure. Thanls
Positive kentdave77777 (43) 02/10/2022 19:33 Seeking Services
  Amelia is gorgeous, her photos do not do her justice, very sexy and keen to please, a lovely girl who I hope to see again very soon.
Positive Pipes669 (10) 02/10/2022 07:03 Seeking Services
  Amelia has the sexiest a$$ in the world, she?s pretty and has a lovely personality, genuinely a nice person, I had a lovely time with her xx
Positive english 82 (11) 27/08/2022 09:28 Seeking Services
  Had a great time with Amelia, friendly and sexy. Hope to see you again x
Positive Member Not Active 13/05/2022 09:29 Seeking Services
  Amelia is absolutely stunning with an incredible body! Photos don?t do her justice. That ass from behind is something else, almost blew my load immediately!
Positive jgman88 (4) 12/05/2022 17:43 Seeking Services
  Great meeting with this beautiful lady, will be seeing you again soon x
Positive Rockymate21 (2) 09/05/2022 18:08 Seeking Services
  Highly recommended
Neutral Member Not Active 30/03/2022 17:05 Seeking Services
  Nice lady to be honest BJ below par and and not Huge downstairs very clean & sexy nice bum good fuck but robotic if she’s more connected would be 10/10
Positive Ali.1 (6) 13/02/2022 20:41 Seeking Services
  Amelia is Special, I had a wonderful meet with this beautiful young lady. See you soon lovely xxx
Positive guyabouttown (134) 30/08/2021 12:17 Seeking Services
  Seen Amelia a number of times. Sexy girl with the best A.. in the business. Will definitley come back to see her again.
Positive Clean_Gent (48) 21/08/2021 11:57 Seeking Services
  Lovely time spent with stunning Amelia……can’t wait to see you again. X
jimmyawan (28) 26/07/2021 22:11 Seeking Services
  Very clean girl, one of the top and high classy knows how to treat a real boyfriend
Erebus7 (30) 07/06/2021 19:31 Seeking Services
  Very beautiful
a777x (15) 31/05/2021 15:09 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous and genuine, provided a great service. Recommended.
Member Not Active 02/03/2020 23:39 Seeking Services
  Another wonderful meeting with Amelia ( my drug of choice) xx
Member Not Active 02/03/2020 23:35 Seeking Services
  It's a pleasure to spend time with a beautiful sexy woman, Amelia is very accommodating and willing to please, c u soon xx
Member Not Active 26/02/2020 20:11 Seeking Services
  Great service
Member Not Active 26/02/2020 20:11 Seeking Services
  Great service
Positive Member Not Active 12/02/2020 20:35 Seeking Services
  Amelia is Special, I had and have been having some wonderful meets with a beautiful young lady who brings me so much joy and pleasure.see you soon lovely xxxx
Positive Member Not Active 03/02/2020 08:48 Seeking Services
  Always a pleasure to see Amelia, super sexy, very sweet, very beautiful, wonderful meet, Amelia always looks after your needs so guys look after hers, c u soon
Positive Member Not Active 28/01/2020 18:54 Seeking Services
  Amelia your so sweet I always enjoy my time with you,
Member Not Active 28/01/2020 00:14 Seeking Services
  Good time cute and sexy
Positive Member Not Active 21/01/2020 06:37 Seeking Services
  Amelia is a sweet and beautiful young woman she is like a drug u want more of. Highly recommend, cannot wait to c her again, c u soon Amelia xxx
Positive Member Not Active 17/01/2020 19:50 Seeking Services
  What can I say but...WOW WOW WOW, beautiful woman, very fit body, beautiful bum and very patient, will definitely see her again, I'm still smiling 😘&#12
Positive Frozmin (26) 21/12/2019 07:55 Seeking Services
  She has a fir body with nice tattoo on it. Her owo is not great and she is not taking initiative but she is a good fuck i will rebook maybe the second time ....
Positive zulu.lance (158) 09/12/2019 16:04 Seeking Services
  Young sexy Polish lass with a fantastic arse! Had an awesome time, shall definitely see again!
Positive thanutz (9) 03/12/2019 21:39 Seeking Services
  Great visit. She had unbelievable body, has a beautiful face, the best ass I have ever seen and was an amazing fuck. Look forward to seeing here again. X
Positive guyabouttown (134) 02/12/2019 10:31 Seeking Services
  Had an amazing time with a very sexy Amelia! Hope to see her soon once more!
dhaval33 (45) 21/11/2019 22:54 Seeking Services
  very annoyed arrive 5min she gave me her door no and when i got to her door she didn' open and i got a txt saying she doesn' want to see me without any reason.
Response: You tried to make an appointment earlier from another number, and if I didn't express my consent then why are you coming from the second number.
FitColin (6) 08/10/2019 14:34 Seeking Services
  Amelia is a lovely and friendly person with an amazing sexy fit body. I had a fantastic hour with her. Thanks Amelia xx
Member Not Active 07/10/2019 21:37 Seeking Services
  Highly recommend Amelia, great service and pretty smile x see you soon babe
Positive Member Not Active 14/09/2019 15:06 Seeking Services
  Amelia is a sweet girl with an arse to die for! Tries hard to please and I was able to cum again which I don't normally. Good value xx
Positive Member Not Active 13/09/2019 14:40 Seeking Services
  Great girl, very friendly and super sexy!
Member Not Active 09/09/2019 07:22 Seeking Services
  Heisenberg junior how I can speak about u not doing stuff on profile like kissing cause everytime I ask you 3 times u don?t reply now stop lying be honest
Positive tom0501 (18) 03/09/2019 18:29 Seeking Services
  Another fantastic meeting with Amelia. What a sweet and accommodating girl. Next time i will stay longer to worship that incredible body of hers, specially that
Positive budweiser6969 (5) 02/09/2019 13:52 Seeking Services
  Great session with Amelia xx
Member Not Active 21/08/2019 16:02 Seeking Services
  Doesn?t do kissing or 69 another money making Eastern European girl be cow careful
Response: This person has never been with me, so he should not speak about me!
Positive tom0501 (18) 15/08/2019 22:20 Seeking Services
  I had the most amazing time with Amelia, stunning looks and one amazing body. Can?t wait for the next visit! Thank u!
Positive Member Not Active 10/08/2019 17:27 Seeking Services
  Extremely impressed with Amelia?s service! Not only is she very attractive but has a great attitude! I recommend her 100%
Positive Member Not Active 12/06/2019 04:37 Seeking Services
  Highly recommended natural young beauty. Great body and attitude. One of the best.
Positive Markvincent700 (19) 30/05/2019 15:15 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous girl. Most likely the prettiest in all AW. Sensitive, sensual and a body made of heaven. Not to be missed. Highly recommended. Had an amazing time.
Positive Member Not Active 12/05/2019 15:12 Seeking Services
  Another fabulous session with the perfect beauty Amelia, Would highly recommend.
Positive pierrrot (101) 11/05/2019 20:23 Seeking Services
  Amelia is very beautiful, very pretty eyes and face, and her bottom is to die for, very shapely! She is also very sensual, friendly, and attentive to my wishes.
Sil7733 (0) 11/05/2019 00:35 Seeking Services
  Excellent service by a super super girl!!
Positive Byroner (5) 02/05/2019 14:40 Seeking Services
  Totally gorgeous girl, very sweet and willing. Thanks again babe ;)
Positive jeux d'amour (37) 16/04/2019 18:39 Seeking Services
  I enjoyed every aspect of my tryst with gorgeous Amelia. She is sensual and warm with a lovely touch. Will visit again soon, thank you so much x x x
Positive Renault68 (47) 01/04/2019 18:03 Seeking Services
  Such a pretty and friendly girl - oh and her bottom is absolutely superb!!
Positive Member Not Active 31/03/2019 21:41 Seeking Services
  Another incredible couple of hours with this incredible, beautiful girl. She's amazing x
Positive Member Not Active 31/03/2019 19:36 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous. Perfect young Lady. So very Sexy. Cant wait to visit her again
Positive Member Not Active 29/03/2019 21:57 Seeking Services
  Absolutely Cute and Beautiful young girl Amelia, who is one of the TOP! 10/10 Highly recommend,I can not forgettable. THANKS lovely time
Positive Member Not Active 20/03/2019 21:50 Seeking Services
  I can't stay away. She's just the perfect girl: beautiful, fun & clever. Absolutely incredible in every way imaginable. X
Positive Member Not Active 17/03/2019 19:36 Seeking Services
  The prettiest, sweetest, most exquisite girl I've ever seen. So pretty, she leaves you speechless - and she's extremely kind-hearted. I can't stay away! X
Positive Horny_pleaser34 (19) 09/03/2019 18:05 Seeking Services
  Very sweet girl, had a great time, she is beautiful and sexy
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