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Positive zevon (29) 26/10/2023 02:45 Seeking Services
  Sensational experience. Thank you.
Positive Member Not Active 05/06/2023 03:45 Seeking Services
  Wonderful 1st meet with Penny. Excellent at role play. Wore outfit as requested. So sexy
Positive Member Not Active 06/11/2022 22:05 Seeking Services
  A wonderful time with a beautiful and enthusiastic lady. Highly recommended and very much worth a visit
Positive simonsubx (0) 03/11/2022 10:59 Seeking Services
  Penny is as Gorgeous and sexy in real life as she is online and has a wonderful and friendly personality to match.
Positive kingpin9 (957) 26/09/2022 21:00 Seeking Services
  Lovely to see Penny again after so long, and with sexy Carmella joining in the fun we had a brilliant and very naughty afternoon.
Positive smtvlive (38) 28/08/2022 09:33 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time as always with the oh so naughty gorgeous Penny. Relaxing, inviting company & no clock watching. Discrete location, see you soon xxx
Positive topboy16 (19) 11/12/2019 15:16 Seeking Services
  Amazing! Penny is warm and welcoming. Treat her right guys and she will look after you. Thanks Penny Xx
rare1953 (29) 23/07/2019 15:13 Seeking Services
  I had a fabulous time with Penny, she was everything I wanted, and so much more. A discrete & clean location. Penny was lovely, had a great time, I WILL be back
Positive Member Not Active 17/10/2018 21:11 Seeking Services
  Had a great meeting with this lovely lady. Very friendly and warn welcoming, and gorgeous to boot. Well recommended.
Positive Member Not Active 19/09/2018 20:41 Seeking Services
  Fabulous time, Penny is superb
Positive beaky67 (6) 16/08/2018 13:38 Seeking Services
  Absolutely fantastic, highly recommended. Can't wait to suck that lovely cock again!
Positive Member Not Active 22/05/2018 18:56 Seeking Services
  Absolutely amazing in every way. f you get chance to meet Penny don't pass her by .
Positive Member Not Active 05/05/2018 20:29 Seeking Services
  Exceeded my expectations, truly beautiful in every way. See you soon Penny x
Positive moorcam (54) 24/03/2018 14:05 Seeking Services
  Fantastic Lady intelligent great conversationalist and great at what she offers. I'll be back
Positive bulgaria11 (970) 21/03/2018 16:49 Seeking Services
  Had a great session with Jo and Liberty, two very sexy, very filthy t-girls. Left me completely satisfied and thoroughly drained!
Positive kingpin9 (957) 12/03/2018 19:38 Seeking Services
  Fab filthy afternoon with Penny and Devon. Devon certainly got more than she bargained for when she got disciplined by the headmistress and her teacher!
Positive smtvlive (38) 15/02/2018 20:03 Seeking Services
  Great afternoon spent with the sexy beautiful penny, beautiful company and more xx
Positive luka (303) 19/01/2018 13:31 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady,great comms,sorry I had to cancel Penny,thank you for being understanding.x
Positive smtvlive (38) 04/01/2018 21:58 Seeking Services
  Perfect evening, by far the best there is. Gorgeous, sexy, intelligent, attentive, great company. Excellent location and comms. See you soon xxx
Positive Cunning Linguist!! (56) 06/10/2017 08:47 Seeking Services
  Awesome time with a beautiful, sexy lady and a nice big HARD cock. We sucked, rimmed, licked & fucked each other, and shared each other's cum. Dynamite time!!!
Positive sprowstonboy (17) 17/07/2017 08:23 Seeking Services
  Everything I hoped for. Penny is as good as her pics and very naughty, doesn't clock watch and is a intelligent, warm and friendly girl. Would see again.
Positive Member Not Active 04/07/2017 03:25 Seeking Services
  Amazing. Perfect little pocket rocket
Positive g-man65 (224) 02/06/2017 09:34 Seeking Services
  Penny is the ultimate professional. Discrete, hospitable, gorgeously sexy and VERY good at what she does :)
Positive Member Not Active 26/05/2017 16:23 Seeking Services
  Wonderful session with such a sexy lady dressed in latex she certainly pushed all my buttons . Lovely to mee Penny I will be back
Positive klash111 (2) 25/05/2017 14:04 Seeking Services
  Penny is a great girl - sexy, charming, attentive and a very smart cookie and who can resist cookies :) Would not hesitate to revisit the Glorious Ms Galore
Positive Member Not Active 13/05/2017 16:45 Seeking Services
  Great fun with the very sexy Penny! Xx
Positive Member Not Active 09/05/2017 10:34 Seeking Services
  Not the PSE on this occasion but a great explosive session nonetheless.
Positive Member Not Active 13/04/2017 13:13 Seeking Services
  Penny was everything I could have wished for, friendly, very sexy, dressed in beautiful lingerie and I will be visiting again. Thanks for the time of my life! X
Positive GUY2010 (44) 12/04/2017 15:24 Seeking Services
  Lovely, horny lady. My first TS experience, and wont be my last
Positive Member Not Active 05/01/2017 22:22 Seeking Services
  all my expectations were met. i shall return
Positive berko49 (17) 27/11/2016 11:10 Seeking Services
  Another great time with Penny, stunning in latex cat suit, I will be back for more, thanks again Penny;
Positive Member Not Active 25/11/2016 08:40 Seeking Services
  just a dream to be with again after 10 years. you will not have better ever!!! take care lovely xxx
Positive Member Not Active 21/11/2016 13:39 Seeking Services
  Great time spent with penny.she is amazing.great location and warm clean and tidy house.penny does not clock watch and makes you feel special.
Positive daz73 (476) 14/11/2016 15:38 Seeking Services
  Very horny time, well worth the wait
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Positive Steel (313) 13/11/2016 10:05 Seeking Services
  Fantasy fulfilled, a delightful and charming lady and an absolute pleasure to be in her company. Lots of fun too :) Penny is the real deal.
Positive berko49 (17) 11/10/2016 07:58 Seeking Services
  Had a fantastic 2 hours with Penny, she's everything her profile says and much more, great company and great sex I cannot wait to see Penny again!
Positive kingpin9 (957) 19/09/2016 22:26 Seeking Services
  A lovely horny duo with Penny and Bombshell, two gorgeous creatures who are always up for a very naughty time with me.
dickthrob (34) 14/09/2016 16:10 Seeking Services
  Had a really great time with Penny, she's everything her profile says
Positive mynameisnotjohn (63) 26/04/2016 13:17 Seeking Services
  A very long term sexual fantasy truly fulfilled, simply stunning and also very considerate x
Positive mike1941 (3) 22/03/2016 22:59 Seeking Services
  Fantastic 2 hours. Unbeatable and memorable.
Positive kingpin9 (957) 16/03/2016 23:19 Seeking Services
  Very naughty time with Penny and Abbi all sharing in lots of filthy fun.
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Member Not Active 13/11/2015 17:21 Seeking Services
Positive kingpin9 (957) 11/09/2015 18:17 Seeking Services
  Great to see Penny again, we had a fantastic threesome with my hot friend Honey where very little didn't happen!
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Positive Member Not Active 08/09/2015 23:08 Seeking Services
  Had a wonderful time with the one and only. Such a very nice person and very down to earth. Can't wait to see you again. Take Care! Lots of love x
Positive Sparks61 (16) 13/06/2015 11:01 Seeking Services
  Penny is very warm, friendly and a down to earth kinda girl. A joy to spend time with and a pleasure to chat with. Will continue where we left off next time ;)
Positive beachbum (92) 11/08/2014 22:01 Seeking Services
  Wow one great girl, puts you at ease, must meet again
Positive Member Not Active 26/05/2014 07:40 Seeking Services
  Penny is the complete package. Sexy, smart and great fun to be with. xxx
Positive Member Not Active 06/03/2014 18:54 Seeking Services
  Wonderful as always xxx
Positive Member Not Active 03/12/2013 23:21 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time with a gorgeous lady. Couldnt have been any better xxx
Positive Member Not Active 01/12/2013 08:18 Seeking Services
  finally met the legend. very friendly inteligent and accomodating
Positive Member Not Active 29/11/2013 21:52 Seeking Services
  Penny is 100% Genuine ! Pics & Profile 100% Should you meet Penny make sure you treat her with the utmost respect ; She will take good care of you !
Sidex (29) 28/11/2013 23:13 Seeking Services
  OMG what a time with Penny and Devon.. MINDBLOWING.
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Positive kingpin9 (957) 10/11/2013 23:19 Seeking Services
  A horny duo with Penny and her friend Rachel, wonderfully uninhibited fun with two lovely people.
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Positive Member Not Active 09/11/2013 07:04 Seeking Services
  Wow - Just what i hoped for and a lot lot more :)
Positive brisman (88) 04/11/2013 10:11 Seeking Services
  Very Elegant, stylish, sexy, warm, fun, lively and lovely to be with, lovely to spend time with, lovely to share pleasure with. Lots Of Big Kisses Graham Xxx
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Positive vip playmate (10) 04/11/2013 10:00 Seeking Services
Field Report: A field report has been created for this meeting. View Now
Positive Sidex (29) 31/10/2013 01:56 Seeking Services
  Great communication, made me feel welcome and relaxed. Penny is fantastically hot, one in a million. Would/will be seeing again ;p
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Positive Member Not Active 19/10/2013 00:18 Seeking Services
  Amazing time. Beautiful girl and a brilliant relaxed and sexy time!
Neutral Member Not Active 16/09/2010 10:11 Offering Services
  feedback removed
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