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Positive theolno (11) 07/11/2023 12:06 Seeking Services
  Simply amazing. Great communication. Warm. Welcoming. All with beauty, great figure and fantastic skills. I will be returning. Thanks Nancy
Positive Dave Gauss (24) 26/10/2023 09:36 Seeking Services
  Nice! Lovely girl. She enjoyed massage, being rimmed etc. Good owo and sex, firm massage to end. Recommend
Positive hungryhorse2 (49) 27/07/2023 21:20 Seeking Services
  Had a nice time the massage and sex ws good. x
Positive JoshuaB1987 (5) 15/06/2023 21:07 Seeking Services
  What a little pocket rocket of fun this one is definitely going to be seeing her again for sure x
Positive rosscopecotrain (0) 05/05/2023 22:13 Seeking Services
  Nancy or should I say mistress. Wow this lady really brought out a side of me that I never knew existed thank you again Nancy xx
Positive DeeplyGoncerned (12) 26/04/2023 07:54 Seeking Services
  A lovely meeting, Nancy was great even though I was running late.
Positive Andy1007 (1) 05/04/2023 15:55 Seeking Services
  Fantastic Hour with Nancy who is very pretty and has an amazing figure. Discrete location that felt very safe. Will definitely look to visit again
Ben More (13) 15/03/2023 09:09 Seeking Services
  Best looking girl I've seen on AW for a long time, pretty face, great body and lovely smile, a joy to spend time with
JamesA212121 (10) 10/02/2023 10:46 Seeking Services
  Beautiful and sexy girl. Intelligent with good spoken English. Really recommend her.
Positive M3t4lmickey (7) 09/02/2023 16:30 Seeking Services
  Fun, massage, fun. No better way to waste an hour with a hottie
Positive pat1471139 (43) 08/02/2023 18:26 Seeking Services
  great massage and great fun afterwards from a gorgeous, sexy fun girl -
Positive Tim1963 (1) 04/02/2023 17:39 Seeking Services
  Second time I have had the pleasure of meeting this girl and couldn't recommend her more. Stunning looks and massage of an angel to get you in the mood. Def 10
Positive Driv3r (4) 03/02/2023 15:22 Seeking Services
  Extremely attractive and welcoming girl! She made our time as pleasant as possible :)
Positive HornyAsHell69 (5) 12/01/2023 18:22 Seeking Services
  Shared a lovely hour with Nancy. V attractive with a fit body. Def would like to know better and see again when near. Made an 'old' man v happy.
Positive Billystory66 (2) 29/12/2022 10:23 Seeking Services
  Nancy is one beautiful woman and made me feel so comfortable from the moment we met.
Positive MrMarmalade (4) 28/12/2022 17:53 Seeking Services
  Outstanding! She's lovely.
Positive ascotguy (47) 17/11/2022 06:20 Seeking Services
  What a gorgeous young lady. Funny sexy and beautiful. Very genuine highly recommended. Thank you. Xx
Positive rich678123 (31) 11/11/2022 12:06 Seeking Services
  Hot as ever xx
Positive VanillaGuy (2) 11/11/2022 08:36 Seeking Services
  Lovely massage and more with this delightful lady , I was very nervous and she put me at ease . Very gentle , attractive and great figure x
Positive jimjimyesyes (17) 07/11/2022 13:36 Seeking Services
  Really great massage, lovely personality and sexy physique.. highly recommended
Positive majorme1234 (26) 06/11/2022 14:37 Seeking Services
  Every time I see Nancy we have the most wonderful time... Nancy, I would do anything for you xxxxxx
Positive majorme1234 (26) 06/11/2022 14:37 Seeking Services
  When I see Nancy all my troubles float away... thank you Nancy for making me so happy xxxxxx
Positive Diy1066  (105) 19/10/2022 19:44 Seeking Services
  Nancy is very freindly, good looking and has a fantastic body. Really enjoyed my time with her, great BJ and sex thanks Nancy xxx
Positive Member Not Active 09/09/2022 22:09 Seeking Services
  The best hand down. My dream girl forever.
Positive Lich&Staffs&Tam&Leam (102) 29/08/2022 23:34 Seeking Services
  Great girl, reliable, good communication. Left my place very tidy and clean
Positive steveadams1 (14) 26/08/2022 16:02 Seeking Services
  Real pictures. Amazing massarge cant wait to visit again x
Positive bambam125 (18) 06/08/2022 16:41 Seeking Services
  Amazing time at Nancy land. Will be going back very soon
Positive richardgd (9) 05/08/2022 01:32 Seeking Services
  Great comments, great massage, great Nancy
Positive CR338026 (5) 21/07/2022 16:09 Seeking Services
  Had an amazing time with Nancy. Great massage and great skills. Will see again!
Positive majorme1234 (26) 20/07/2022 19:32 Seeking Services
  The lovely Nancy is back and more beautiful than ever. Thank you for the wonderful times we share xxxxxx
Positive Silvarious (6) 20/07/2022 19:30 Seeking Services
  Sensual sexy & sensational! Recommended!! X
Positive cj1777 (100) 14/07/2022 05:04 Seeking Services
  Very sexy, photos are genuine but cannot do justice to a girl who oozes sex appeal.
Positive Member Not Active 12/07/2022 19:28 Seeking Services
  Oh Nancy, I love you and how you bite your lip while getting the "D" lol. You are amazing and the best fuck in the UK. Can't wait to see you again.
Positive Young at heart D (19) 23/06/2022 09:22 Seeking Services
  WoW! friendly, funny, sexy, a very cheeky smile. great body, great sex. will definitely visit again.
Positive joe1611 (64) 17/06/2022 10:03 Seeking Services
  Nancy is a lovely very friendly girl. Extremely attractive great body and very sexy. Really enjoyed the naughty fun we had together. Highly recommend.
Positive rob6214 (2) 14/06/2022 21:49 Seeking Services
  Brilliant service provided by Nancy…. Very attractive young lady, who knows how to take care of a client. 5* service, highly recommend visiting and will return
Positive Satch83 (61) 14/06/2022 05:48 Seeking Services
  This lady is amazing!! I will definitely be going back for more!!
Positive Matt7899 (38) 10/06/2022 12:31 Seeking Services
  Great booking. Nancy is gorgeous and easy to get on with. Would love to see her again.
Positive Toon Apartments (193) 09/06/2022 20:21 Seeking Services
  Great to see this lovely lady in Newcastle. Looking forward to seeing her again soon
Positive mrlumina (38) 14/05/2022 21:43 Seeking Services
  So cute and naughty
Positive M3t4lmickey (7) 04/05/2022 14:13 Seeking Services
  Great time with this wonderful little goddess. Good massage and... Thx Nancy!
Negative BigDck2021 (0) 02/05/2022 19:11 Seeking Services
  No show
Response: No show WHAT!?! Where the heck did this account come from!?!?! as I never had any conversation with this person before. Admin!! PLEASE CHECK IF THIS IS A SPAM.
Positive Member Not Active 30/04/2022 04:58 Seeking Services
  Nancy really knows how to fuck and knows what turns on a man. She's sexy as hell and I can't stop thinking about her. FML.
Positive Member Not Active 29/04/2022 19:22 Seeking Services
  Another amazing meeting with this beautiful lady. I just love seeing her. Thanks Nancy, your simply the best xxxx
Positive rich678123 (31) 27/04/2022 13:57 Seeking Services
  Loved meeting Nancy a second time. She is gorgeous, has a great personality and made our 1 hour very pleasurable and relaxing indeed!x
Positive Member Not Active 23/04/2022 16:24 Seeking Services
  This was my third meeting with the beautiful Nancy. I once again had the most wonderful time with her. Thank you so much. See you again soon xxxx
Positive Member Not Active 21/04/2022 07:33 Seeking Services
  Had a really good time with Nancy - she is smart, sexy and has wonderful sparkling eyes xx
Positive Member Not Active 24/03/2022 10:33 Seeking Services
  Another wonderful two hours with this most exquisite lady! Great fun and comms, look forward to seeing Nancy again soon! Thank you xx
Positive Member Not Active 14/03/2022 20:32 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time with Nancy, who’s funny, beautiful, engaging with a smile to melt a thousand hearts! Great comms, can’t wait to see Nancy again, simply stunning!
pro-rubicon (12) 23/02/2022 14:14 Seeking Services
  Had a great time with Nancy. Will def return. Treat her well guys.
Positive majorme1234 (26) 20/02/2022 14:40 Seeking Services
  2 weeks gone in a flash, come back soon Nancy Sensual Goddess xxxxxxxxxx
Positive majorme1234 (26) 20/02/2022 14:40 Seeking Services
  What other way is there than to spend a rainy morning with a beautiful woman, amazing :-)
Positive majorme1234 (26) 17/02/2022 08:52 Seeking Services
  Another wonderful afternoon full of fun with a gorgeous lady :-)
Positive majorme1234 (26) 17/02/2022 08:52 Seeking Services
  A fun afternoon with an amazing woman :-)
Positive majorme1234 (26) 17/02/2022 08:52 Seeking Services
  Nancy, you are the most beautiful woman in the world :-)
Positive majorme1234 (26) 13/02/2022 18:27 Seeking Services
  A wonderful day out with a wonderful lady :-)
Positive majorme1234 (26) 13/02/2022 18:27 Seeking Services
  A beautiful morning with a beautiful lady :-)
Positive majorme1234 (26) 09/02/2022 21:29 Seeking Services
  Once is never enough, so I had to visit the Goddess Nancy again :-)
Positive majorme1234 (26) 09/02/2022 21:29 Seeking Services
  Nancy is back and more beautiful than ever... thank you Nancy, you were amazing :-)
Positive bob_morris1234 (8) 23/12/2021 16:42 Seeking Services
  Amazing afternoon with a great lady. Beautiful, sexy, funny and fantastic at what she does.
Positive Trotter671 (54) 20/12/2021 19:53 Seeking Services
  Nancy is gorgeous and a whole lot of fun! Such a good laugh and passionate! Top naughty GFE, had a great time !!
Positive Gingerjay1980 (12) 19/12/2021 19:10 Seeking Services
  Another awesome hour with a lovely lady .
Positive majorme1234 (26) 19/12/2021 17:46 Seeking Services
  Nancy is stunningly beautiful, wonderful company... simply perfect in every way. Thank you for being so lovely to me xxxxxx
Positive Bdlsmith0103 (2) 13/12/2021 06:07 Seeking Services
  Absolutely wonderful time. Beautiful lady who really knows how to treat you well. Highly recommend.
Positive majorme1234 (26) 10/12/2021 09:42 Seeking Services
  Nancy is beautiful, loving & wonderful to be with... everything you'd expect from a Goddess... hope to see you again soon :-)
Positive jamesjonesjames111 (16) 09/12/2021 09:09 Seeking Services
  All I can say is wow. Nancy is amazing and I left with a huge smile on my face
Positive Member Not Active 01/12/2021 15:35 Seeking Services
rugbyfuck (10) 16/11/2021 14:54 Seeking Services
  Another great time with Nancy xx
Positive doc_holliday (22) 16/11/2021 14:44 Seeking Services
  Nancy was fun and easy going, great massage and she liked giving oral. Would recommend
Positive majorme1234 (26) 14/11/2021 16:41 Seeking Services
  A last special visit with a gorgeous Goddess. Safe travels Nancy, come back soon xxxx
Positive majorme1234 (26) 13/11/2021 17:34 Seeking Services
  A wonderful time with a beautiful lady, 'magical' doesn't even come close. Thank you Nancy xxxx
Positive majorme1234 (26) 10/11/2021 19:51 Seeking Services
  Every visit to see Nancy is better than the last. Nancy is a beautiful lady who I adore and can't wait to see again. See you soon Nancy xxxx
Positive rugbyfuck (10) 08/11/2021 11:26 Seeking Services
  Yet another great time with Nancy, multiple positions, oral and she tastes so sweet. Hears to next time x
Positive majorme1234 (26) 06/11/2021 16:45 Seeking Services
  A wonderful time with a wonderful lady. Thank you Nancy :-)
alex1014 (17) 04/11/2021 15:44 Seeking Services
  What a fantastic time with this so sexy woman, she is such a beautiful woman and so so perfect xx
Positive Member Not Active 02/11/2021 17:14 Seeking Services
  My second meeting with these lovely young lady. Thank you for wonderful time xxxx
Positive majorme1234 (26) 30/10/2021 17:28 Seeking Services
  A heavenly time with a very sensual Goddess. Thank you Nancy :-)
Positive beano148 (13) 29/10/2021 08:48 Seeking Services
  Lovely time. Nancy is sensuous, gentle and accommodating. A wonderful way to spend an hour.
Positive majorme1234 (26) 29/10/2021 00:39 Seeking Services
  Another visit to see the lovely Nancy, another dream come true. Thank you :-)
Lostmethere (9) 27/10/2021 09:50 Seeking Services
  Another great session, can't wait to see Nancy again!
Positive majorme1234 (26) 23/10/2021 13:43 Seeking Services
  Another visit to see the one & only Goddess I'll ever need. Gorgeous :-)
Positive majorme1234 (26) 20/10/2021 14:37 Seeking Services
  Nancy is a Goddess, it's true. Thank you lovely lady :-)
Positive rugbyfuck (10) 19/10/2021 18:14 Seeking Services
  Fabulous time with Nancy. Relaxing massage followed but lots of fun. Nancy has a great body and is very accommodating. Looking forward to seeing her again
WibleyWobley (15) 09/10/2021 22:25 Seeking Services
  Amazing and stunning. Very intelligent lady
Positive Member Not Active 03/10/2021 10:51 Seeking Services
  One of the best Thai escorts if not the best that I have tried. Perfect body and sex skills plus relaxing massage in a very discreet private incall location xxx
Positive Member Not Active 27/09/2021 08:43 Seeking Services
  Nancy is a very pretty young lady, who rewards polite gentlemen with a warm and affectionate GFE and lots of fun. Recommended.
Scotstom42 (13) 19/09/2021 13:33 Seeking Services
  Stunningly beautiful young woman. Great massage. Even greater sex. Would definitely meet again. At least 10 out of 10.
Positive Member Not Active 13/09/2021 10:54 Seeking Services
  Perfect time, Nancy was very accommodating would defo recommend
Positive Member Not Active 12/09/2021 08:40 Seeking Services
  Nancy is a really gentle person, so sexy and really excellent massage and gfe, hugs and kisses, she’s the best x
Positive NormalGuy10 (9) 10/09/2021 13:49 Seeking Services
  What a lovely time with Nancy, I only wish she stayed in Glasgow, still I can always go to Bangkok. xx
Positive Select-few (1) 10/09/2021 01:07 Seeking Services
  Was on time, accommodated to perfection, smelled good and performed amazingly - would definitely meet again.
Positive Member Not Active 05/09/2021 12:13 Seeking Services
  Nancy is a beautiful young lady, who is very much the girl in the photographs, except her smile is even prettier in person. Her service was perfect.
Positive Ptvn (16) 03/09/2021 17:30 Seeking Services
  Lovely quality time with a lovely lady. Thanks for a fantastic time. Highly recommend.
Positive Gingerjay1980 (12) 29/08/2021 14:46 Seeking Services
  Awesome time with sexy lady . Services provided accurate to profile and all I can say is wow treat her with respect guys . Can?t wait for next time Nancy
Positive Member Not Active 29/08/2021 11:09 Seeking Services
  Great first meet with pretty young girl. She can’t be missed!! Thanks babe for energetic session. See you next time.
Positive newboy36 (6) 29/08/2021 06:23 Seeking Services
  What a lovely sexy lady. I can not wait to see her again and everything was as described. A nice clean environment, great comms and a very pretty and horny lady
Positive Figarooo2017 (2) 28/08/2021 17:56 Seeking Services
  Good comms, pretty girl, great body - massage and activities were all good fun and very enjoyable.
Positive Robby4100 (32) 24/08/2021 19:59 Seeking Services
  Nancy is a lovely young lady, chatty, sexy and great attitude. This was my 3rd visit, and hopefully won't be my last! Thanks Babe x
Positive Darkhorse12 (31) 23/08/2021 16:07 Seeking Services
  Lovely, bubbly girl. Strong hands and tons of energy. Had a great time.
Positive No9 (2) 16/08/2021 13:45 Seeking Services
  First meet with Nancy, she made me feel very welcome as soon as i arrived, she is funny, very pretty, incredibly hot body, can't wait to meet with her again
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