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Positive jimmybob24 (1) 25/11/2023 13:00 Seeking Services
  Absolutely fantastic meet with Annabelle, she is super friendly, has the most fantastic body and she is really beautiful, she also gives the best massages.
Positive Ggmu1999 (7) 16/11/2023 15:48 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous girl. Sexy body, really nice and friendly, had a great time with Annabelle, hopefully see her again soon x
Positive MikeyBPh (10) 27/10/2023 18:21 Seeking Services
  Annabelle was absolutely wonderful company, I'd love to see her again. Left with a big smile on my face!
AlexRobbins (5) 04/10/2023 00:08 Seeking Services
  Had a really great time. Good massage, lovely smile, good location. Good comms. Beautiful lady.
Lord molly1 (20) 04/05/2023 10:36 Seeking Services
  Time waster. Cancelled 1 min before booking with no explanation. Avoid
Response: I had to deal with The police because a neighbour complained so my phone was switched off.
Positive jeffvader (1) 19/04/2023 17:34 Seeking Services
  Annabelle is Gorgeous and very attentive, massage was great too! definitely worth a visit!
Neutral doc_holliday (22) 27/01/2023 06:45 Seeking Services
  Nice girl and good massage but comms confusing and services I thought agreed in advance not offered, so ultimately I was left a little disappointed.
Response: OWO is a discretionary service I’m afraid and I’m pretty sure there was no disappointment with all other services.
Positive Member Not Active 21/01/2023 21:04 Seeking Services
  Nice, cute girl who is very accommodating! We had a nice chat as well! Thank you for such a lovely time :) ขอบคุณค&#36
Response: Amazing time with a lovely and respectful gentleman, hope to see you again soon. Xx
Positive MarcDS (38) 13/01/2023 14:48 Seeking Services
  Lovely girl! Tiny & very attractive. Limited English but super friendly. Had a great time.
Response: Lovely gentleman!.Amazing experience. I enjoyed every minute, thank you, xx
Positive Machine99 (88) 12/01/2023 19:22 Seeking Services
  Annabelle is such a cute and sexy girl! I solely enjoyed our meeting. A great massage was a bonus! I will definitely come back to see her again in the future!
Response: Great time with this lovely gentleman, very sensual and nice to be with, Xx
jack159 (49) 31/12/2022 03:10 Seeking Services
  Excellent time with a gorgeous girl
Response: What a lovely guy had a great time, hope to see you again soon, Xx
Positive colin9394 (19) 26/11/2022 18:18 Seeking Services
  Annabelle is a tiny, cute Thai lady. We had a fairly good time there. Treat her well lads
Response: Had a fantastic time with a great guy, clean friendly and such a gentleman, hope you see you again soon Xx
Positive Awkward11 (3) 19/11/2022 14:20 Seeking Services
  An absolutely gorgeous, friendly, lovely girl. All smiles and an amazing massage. Can't wait to see her again.
Response: Great session with a great guy!!, genuine and always welcome back, Xx
Negative leoant (33) 17/11/2022 14:26 Seeking Services
  V Poor. Agreed services not available. Lack lustre and ushered out 20 mins early Don?t waste your time or money. I?ll await made up rubbish in the response
Disputed: Very demanding, wanting to finger with unclean hands, no thanks who wants that? As for nonsense about 20 mins early, I have messages to show you left ON TIME!
Positive Sloppyjoe67 (5) 08/11/2022 18:29 Seeking Services
  Very pretty girl . Quite quiet but lovely to spend time with .Slim figure and a perfect doll . I?d definitely love to see her again .
Response: Such a lovely, fun gentleman. Really enjoyed this session and would like to see you again,Xx
Positive Iamanerd (2) 03/11/2022 00:14 Seeking Services
  Beautiful XXS girl. SO pretty face! Great massage. Sex in various positions. Would be much better if there were more/any eye contact and some foreplay though!
Positive spider9192 (68) 20/10/2022 11:33 Seeking Services
  great time she is beautiful and very sexy and very clean love to see her again
Response: Great guy!!, genuine and always welcome back, Xx
Positive I Like Alot Of Pussy (47) 20/10/2022 11:16 Seeking Services
  Such a beautiful girl. Tiny and perfect. Had a great massage with nice ending! Thank you Annabelle x
Response: Had a great time!! Nice gentleman polite and respectful!! Nice to meet you xx
Positive NickKKK51 (6) 12/10/2022 21:52 Seeking Services
  Small, sexy and lovely. Thanks for the great time.
Response: What a lovely guy had a great time, hope to see you again soon, Xx
Member Not Active 17/08/2022 13:55 Seeking Services
  Had an awesome time with Annabelle. Definitely recommend
Biggray (94) 23/07/2022 21:09 Seeking Services
  This girl is a dream, Pleasant and understanding and delivers all the time. She is just the best, XXx
Biggray (94) 22/07/2022 08:16 Seeking Services
  Tremendous Sweet Annabelle , You just want to take her home had a great time XX
Danw27 (8) 10/07/2022 15:02 Seeking Services
  Amazing girl would love to see agian
Sirglenny100 (3) 19/06/2022 00:25 Seeking Services
  very pretty and fit young lady, pictures are accurate. really good massage and a great time looking forward to meeting up again Xx
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