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Positive DonnieA (39) 15/05/2019 09:34 Seeking Services
  An absolute pleasure to host Charlotte for a change. She looks as good with her clothes on as she does with them off! :-) xx
Positive francocalmo (3) 27/01/2019 06:37 Seeking Services
  Visiting Charlotte was a delight once again. Fantastic sex, TLC and conversation, with no eye on the clock. Wonderful.
Response: Wonderful to see you :) Luckily it was a day where my schedule could accommodate your trains running so late!
Positive DonnieA (39) 25/01/2019 11:38 Seeking Services
  Words are inadequate to describe the heavenly pleasure of spending time with Charlotte! X
Positive VelvetCurves (5) 23/01/2019 19:32 Seeking Services
  Another totally satisfying , sensual experience.Im so fortunate to call such a sexy,fun,naughty hedonist a lover of mine.Hope pleasure was mutual on her part.
Positive James Cockburn (24) 03/01/2019 22:26 Seeking Services
  An unforgettable afternoon with a truly special lady
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Positive wolf358 (178) 28/12/2018 02:30 Seeking Services
  Such a lovely, relaxing time. The perfect host and companion xxx
Positive Member Not Active 30/11/2018 18:58 Seeking Services
  Lovely time and company as usual, DT blow job skills are incredible and enjoys giving too. Thank you xx
Positive DonnieA (39) 01/11/2018 09:39 Seeking Services
  Great Halloween tricks & treats with the delightful Charlotte xx
Positive Member Not Active 24/10/2018 08:30 Seeking Services
  warm, sexy, friendly girl with a lovely face and personality - incredible BJ with her skilled mouth sent from heaven. Can't wait to see you again xxxx
Positive samsama (2) 21/10/2018 12:52 Seeking Services
  Always a pleasure with Charlotte, looking forward to see her again soon!
Neutral pdev (82) 06/10/2018 14:23 Seeking Services
  Charming lady, a lovely experience. She is caring and attentive.
Disputed: Think this was an accidental ‘neutral’!
Positive DonnieA (39) 13/09/2018 11:27 Seeking Services
  There are many reasons why I return to see Charlotte on a regular basis. They will remain private between us but the fact I keep going back must say it all!
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Positive VelvetCurves (5) 31/08/2018 18:28 Seeking Services
  Today was as naughty,tender,fun,passionate and sensual as it always is with Charlotte. The perfect mix of pain and pleasure .Exactly what sex should be like.
Response: Hmm .. you naughty girl.. the fact that l offer sensual domination to ladies ONLY is meant to be a Secret! You just wait until l get my hands on you - again!! X
Positive wolf358 (178) 24/08/2018 07:23 Seeking Services
  Such a lovely meet; true bliss and relaxation. Will be very happy to go back another time xxx
Positive wolf358 (178) 27/07/2018 02:02 Seeking Services
  Absolute heaven; a geniunely lovely meet with a gorgeous, caring woman. Can't wait to see her again! xx
Positive DonnieA (39) 09/07/2018 15:42 Seeking Services
  Booked a longer stay this time for even more fun .... and was not disappointed. There again, I never am when I visit Charlotte! 😀
Positive Mavins Demons (19) 01/07/2018 00:22 Seeking Services
  Charlotte is beautiful inside and out. Always makes me feel wonderful. Deliciously curvy and amazing oral skills. Looking forward to me next visit.
Positive brothernero (3) 23/06/2018 08:14 Seeking Services
  had an amazing time with Charlotte, great lover and good company
Positive VelvetCurves (5) 18/06/2018 18:53 Seeking Services
  Always a delight with this lovely lady.Wonderfully sexy naughty session in perfect company.Hope she enjoyed it too.Can't wait until next time xxx
Positive bumble3000 (10) 16/06/2018 10:52 Seeking Services
  Meeting you would make my day under any circumstance, let alone for such a beautiful time. Absolutely delicious, I enjoyed every second. Take care x
Positive rumanraisin (1) 03/06/2018 11:42 Seeking Services
  Had a most pleasant afternoon with the lovely Charlotte. She was great company. Body, mind, and soul. I look forward to the next time.
Positive tiesto13 (9) 27/05/2018 19:49 Seeking Services
  Excellent tie and tease session with lots of little treats and surprises along the way!
Positive Azorez (30) 14/05/2018 13:45 Seeking Services
  A wonderful time with this charming, pretty, sexy lady. The time just flew past. Thanks Charlotte
Positive Member Not Active 12/05/2018 21:47 Seeking Services
  Really fun meeting. Flowed very naturally. Would meet again.
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Positive Richsat5 (57) 29/04/2018 13:58 Seeking Services
  A genuinely affectionate lady.... really tender and so cuddly :) Blessed with some truly amazing skills. Absolutely superb session and highly recommended! x
Positive VelvetCurves (5) 16/04/2018 18:19 Seeking Services
  As last time,absolutely lovely company, and a passionate,caring,sensual lover.
Positive Member Not Active 13/04/2018 14:44 Seeking Services
  What a lady. Book now you won't be disappointed!!
Positive keefh3268 (10) 07/04/2018 09:40 Seeking Services
  Seen this lady a few times now. Always charming, sexy & fun. Suits me fine. I'll be back for more, for sure.
Positive chrisblonde (24) 16/03/2018 01:52 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady. Such fun, very sensual and really friendly company. Xxx
VelvetCurves (5) 13/03/2018 22:48 Seeking Services
  Absolutely beautiful sensual hedonistic time.Would love to see her again.
Positive danielc_1971 (22) 07/03/2018 21:19 Seeking Services
  Another amazingly sensual experience with Charlotte - ending with a beautifully relaxing massage - thank you xx
Positive mark_w (12) 19/02/2018 19:47 Seeking Services
  Lovely, intelligent, good company... and an awesome blowjob! Recommended.
Positive tt9999 (18) 05/02/2018 14:20 Seeking Services
  A wonderful experience with an incredible woman
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Positive DonnieA (39) 05/02/2018 10:19 Seeking Services
  First visit of 2018 and hopefully more to follow. Every visit is different but always memorable. X
Positive Necesitar (17) 31/01/2018 18:08 Seeking Services
  Wouldn’t it be great if your encounter exceeded all expectations? Well that’s what happened to me with the lovely Charlotte.
Positive Member Not Active 19/01/2018 09:19 Seeking Services
  A heavenly naughty afternoon with this beautiful lady. Sheer delight, and smoked salmon too! Thank you Charlotte
Positive Autolycus (70) 17/01/2018 07:23 Seeking Services
  Just the perfect afternoon threesome. Sensual, naughty, generous fun as always
Positive keefh3268 (10) 13/01/2018 15:16 Seeking Services
  Charming sexy lady. Wonderful time as always
Positive patr99 (1) 10/01/2018 06:34 Seeking Services
  Friendly, sexy, great woman. Really enjoyed our time together. Would book again.
Positive keefh3268 (10) 06/01/2018 11:15 Seeking Services
  Perfect GFE (if your gf is an total nympho). Warning very addictive!
Positive DonnieA (39) 27/12/2017 12:01 Seeking Services
  Sorry it took so long to say thanks for another very enjoyable session. Hope you had a great Christmas x
Positive Autolycus (70) 12/12/2017 07:31 Seeking Services
  Just perfect. Two sublime hours of shared sensual pleasure.
Positive al1010101 (23) 27/11/2017 21:16 Seeking Services
  Amazing time spent with the sublime Charlotte. She provides the most perfect stress-relieving relaxing service you could ever wish for.
Positive Member Not Active 25/11/2017 12:51 Seeking Services
  The epitome of what GFE should be. Sexy, sensual and an excellent personality. I just can’t ever get enough of this beautiful goddess :)
Positive DonnieA (39) 14/11/2017 00:11 Seeking Services
  Yet another special meeting with this fabulous lady
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Positive Member Not Active 30/10/2017 16:23 Seeking Services
  Wonderful afternoon, lovely lady, perfect service! Thanks Charlotte.
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Positive keefh3268 (10) 14/10/2017 12:33 Seeking Services
  An absolute angel. But a very, very naughty one.
Positive Member Not Active 27/09/2017 17:03 Seeking Services
  What a great afternoon spent with this lovely woman. One of the best experiences I've had. Highly skilled and sexy with a capital S. x
danielc_1971 (22) 21/09/2017 23:55 Seeking Services
  What can I say? Amazing, wonderful, sensual, loving, sublime...Charlotte x
Positive DonnieA (39) 11/09/2017 10:00 Seeking Services
  It had been a while since I last saw Charlotte but she made it feel like I'd never been away.
Positive jimho21 (1) 03/09/2017 17:27 Seeking Services
  It's all good.
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Positive Denny7 (130) 04/08/2017 18:53 Seeking Services
  A truly lovely lady. Certainly knows how to please a man and boy did she please me! Thank you Charlotte for a memorable afternoon xx
Positive MRC1970 (42) 27/07/2017 06:40 Seeking Services
  An amazing afternoon with the gorgeous Charlotte. She is friendly, funny and is super sexy. Always puts a smile on my face. Will definitely be back again.
Positive keefh3268 (10) 06/07/2017 12:07 Seeking Services
  Good location. Lovely curvaceous lady. Keen to please. Wonderful time as always
Positive Autolycus (70) 04/07/2017 22:42 Seeking Services
  We love seeing Charlotte! Our times with her are exciting, warm and often punctuated with laughter. Sex should always be like this
Positive DonnieA (39) 24/06/2017 18:50 Seeking Services
  What can I say that I haven't before. Great company - in and out of bed!
Positive andymc121 (19) 20/06/2017 14:17 Seeking Services
  Unfortunately I was unable to make the appointment but charlotte was very kind and understanding. I will be booking again soon. Thanks Charlotte x
Positive DonnieA (39) 20/05/2017 20:55 Seeking Services
  Charlotte has no equals - simply the best!
Positive Member Not Active 26/04/2017 12:38 Seeking Services
  Charlotte is amazing. a very curvy, luscious, intelligent woman with a lovely cheeky grin :) treat with respect and care don't be rough with her. amazing night
Positive Duncan11 (130) 07/04/2017 10:17 Seeking Services
  Naughty roly-poly fun with the beyond-adorable Charlotte – AW’s very own bohemian goddess! I just wallowed in her gentle erotic sensuality – yum! :D x
Positive Member Not Active 04/03/2017 20:48 Seeking Services
  Smart, sexy, fun, perfect way to while away a couple of hours If Carlsberg made Escort...
Positive DonnieA (39) 30/01/2017 23:58 Seeking Services
  London on a cold dark January night is not an appealing option, unless of course you are meeting Charlotte! She certainly knows how to warm you up!!
Member Not Active 07/01/2017 19:59 Seeking Services
  Amazingly gorgeous lady, great kissing and sensuality, a bum to die for, a thoroughly fabulous meeting with fantastic sex. Will most definitely meet again.
Positive gs5 (114) 22/12/2016 08:00 Seeking Services
  Had a lovely sexy/relaxing time with Charlotte. Who is a great kisser. xxx
Positive CloudyH (6) 20/12/2016 07:10 Seeking Services
  Had a grand old time
Positive DonnieA (39) 18/12/2016 23:51 Seeking Services
  Sorry it has taken so long to leave feedback. Its a busy time of year! Each visit seems to eclipse the previous but its hard to imagine this one being beaten!
Positive john8055 (59) 18/12/2016 21:53 Seeking Services
  Enjoyed my time with this lovely lady who made me feel at ease from the moment I arrived. hope we can meet again in the near future.
Positive Autolycus (70) 08/12/2016 22:26 Seeking Services
  The perfect threesome: share and share alike and everyone supremely happy, thanks to Charlotte's masterful orchestration
Positive Trowman (6) 26/11/2016 15:07 Seeking Services
  Another wonderful encounter with the very best GFE. Hopefully not so long next time xxx
Positive DonnieA (39) 13/11/2016 23:50 Seeking Services
  My Secret Life is my secret pleasure! Each time I see her is better than the last so I obviously can't wait to return!
Positive Playtime Carlos (2) 13/11/2016 21:06 Seeking Services
  A great time with an amazing lady can't wait til next time ??
Positive Member Not Active 14/10/2016 06:33 Seeking Services
  A fantastic time spent with a beautiful woman, everything I could have hoped for and more!
Positive DDden42 (12) 07/10/2016 07:07 Seeking Services
  A sensational couple of hours spent with such a lovely, sweet alarmingly sexy woman. Cannot wait for next time.
Positive ColinRo (56) 05/10/2016 23:48 Seeking Services
  It was a delight and a privilege to spend time with this cultivated and lubricious lady. To share her bed was very heaven.
Positive vargtimmen (7) 26/09/2016 22:32 Seeking Services
  A great time with an enthusiastic, friendly and beautiful lady, definitely a true girlfriend experience. Thanks.
Positive DonnieA (39) 11/09/2016 23:02 Seeking Services
  As with every visit, an absolute pleasure, can't wait for the next time. xx
Positive Member Not Active 25/08/2016 19:22 Seeking Services
  To say Charlotte is 'amazing' is an understatement. I had one of the BEST experiences of my life! Great sex and a super personality! Thank you so much :)
Positive DDden42 (12) 29/07/2016 18:37 Seeking Services
  Amazing couple of hours with an amazing woman, I am already counting the days until I see her again.
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Positive DonnieA (39) 08/07/2016 23:14 Seeking Services
  Ticked all of the boxes expected....and a few more I didn't! Happy Hour in more ways than one!!
Positive 91ant123 (39) 02/07/2016 17:10 Seeking Services
  Great time with Charlotte, thank you xxx
Positive ThousandLights (6) 01/07/2016 17:11 Seeking Services
  Very kind and understanding, I had a fantastic time with Charlotte. Thank you :).
Positive Always_a_winner (34) 03/06/2016 16:33 Seeking Services
  Attractive woman with a lovely personality and a naughty streak. Had a great time with Charlotte and almost made me lose my footing a couple of times!
Positive JT2015 (6) 21/05/2016 11:09 Seeking Services
  Charlotte is gorgeous in everyway & super sexy & sensual. Thanks for a perfect evening. xx
Positive maturekind (68) 18/05/2016 06:56 Seeking Services
  What a fantastic lady!! Lovely and friendly and just so good at what she does. Thanks Charlotte xx
Positive MatildaMartell (130) 17/05/2016 23:25 Offering Services
  Had such a genuinely delightful and sensual time experimenting with a very stunning and welcoming lady. Would jump at the chance to explore some more! xx
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Positive Aron01 (47) 14/05/2016 22:56 Seeking Services
  Wow what an amazing soft best sensual meeting ever with a sweet lovely lady. Could have spent all day in her company.can't find the right words to describe xx
Positive Member Not Active 25/04/2016 12:05 Seeking Services
  Outstanding first class service! Highly recommended. 10/10
Positive MissFrenchDelightGFE (150) 18/04/2016 15:42 Offering Services
  An amazing, sexy, lovely and perfectly groomed lady who arrived on time and was truly delightful. See you soon xxx
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Positive crazyivan022 (18) 03/04/2016 13:47 Seeking Services
  I loved every minute.
Field Report: A field report has been created for this meeting. View Now
Positive chas7519 (62) 23/03/2016 20:53 Seeking Services
  sexy, naughty, kinky, flirty and delivers a helluva saliva laced bj! devilish!
Positive User Not Found (31) 06/03/2016 10:56 Seeking Services
  Phenomenally fun evening from start to finish. Charlotte is delightful company and wonderfully naughty. Enjoyed myself immensely. Thanks again! xxx
Positive DonnieA (39) 20/02/2016 13:32 Seeking Services
  Without doubt, one of the most enjoyable sessions ever. Great fun and highly sensual. Thanks again! xx
Positive chunkymonkey431 (12) 04/02/2016 15:54 Seeking Services
  omg, the best GFE ever, charlotte is the best.
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Positive Member Not Active 19/01/2016 20:58 Seeking Services
  The most wonderful hour spent with a totally sexy lady! Thanks Charlotte x
DonnieA (39) 16/01/2016 15:48 Seeking Services
  Change of date.....but well worth the wait!
Positive DonnieA (39) 16/01/2016 15:47 Seeking Services
  Warm welcome as ever before a highly sensual time. The details should remain private but Charlotte is beyond words anyway!
Positive masajeame69 (7) 15/01/2016 23:28 Seeking Services
  Amazing girl. Best blowjob ever. Nice conversation. Sweet! Will repeat for sure.
Trowman (6) 07/01/2016 05:32 Seeking Services
  Lovely evening, took all the stress out if my day. A very sexy, enthusiastic lady coupled with a very naughty side. Looking forward to seeing her again XX
Positive francocalmo (3) 24/12/2015 06:58 Seeking Services
  Perfect TLC from Charlotte. Very understanding when I was unavoidably late. Very sexy, with a great personality, and superb oral. I'd love to see her again.
Positive DonnieA (39) 14/12/2015 23:37 Seeking Services
  Wow. From the warmest welcome to an electric conclusion. Time just flew by. Must see you again! Thanks xx
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