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Positive dunlin_alpha (35) 21/02/2024 20:51 Seeking Services
  A great session with a very sexy lady. Does her best to make sure you leave happy - highly recommended
Positive JayCay69 (1) 21/02/2024 20:32 Seeking Services
  Lovely location, equally lovely and accommodating lady, absolutely no complaints at all!
Positive Cheekybob (6) 20/02/2024 17:22 Seeking Services
  Simply the best!
Positive PilotC (32) 12/01/2024 14:32 Seeking Services
  I had a lovely hour with a a very pretty and sexy intelligent lady
Positive hullchappy (1) 10/01/2024 16:33 Seeking Services
  Met kitty today for the first time. What an amazing lady. Very very attractive. Amazing body, her skills are mind blowing. I left with a huge smile on my face.
Positive Spankyspangle  (1) 10/01/2024 12:40 Seeking Services
  Wonderful time with a lovely lady, will be back!
Positive Hardlicker69 (1) 11/12/2023 14:27 Seeking Services
  Top of the class! Irresistibly gorgeous and full of fun. I loved every minute with Kitty.
Positive b812ds1 (23) 10/12/2023 09:17 Seeking Services
  A wonderful time with a very attractive woman. Makes you feel safe and very comfortable. I would highly recommend seeing Kitty.
Positive Cheekybob (6) 09/12/2023 21:52 Seeking Services
  Simply Devine
Positive Looking321 (2) 07/12/2023 11:30 Seeking Services
  A very attractive lady, an excellent time was had. Would definitely recommend. She is extremely attractive.
Positive Pasil85 (4) 30/11/2023 18:02 Seeking Services
  Another nice meet with kitty, I enjoyed every minute.
Positive Xratedhull (123) 17/11/2023 13:45 Seeking Services
  Perfect meet, this woman is perfection! Loved every minute
Positive mistertibbs88 (2) 16/11/2023 13:19 Seeking Services
  Lovely person. Pretty, chatty and super talented, left with a smile on my face x thank you
Positive ready4play2018 (23) 14/11/2023 13:32 Seeking Services
  Wow i was not expecting this 1st meet to be this good! she ticked all my boxes, i have to return for more
Positive b812ds1 (23) 09/11/2023 11:08 Seeking Services
  A wonderful hour with a very passionate lady. Excellent communications and a perfect companion to satisfy your needs. Safe and pleasant location. I would cert
Positive likemee18 (2) 08/11/2023 13:29 Seeking Services
  Amazing meet will defnetly b back again amazing at what she does
Positive Sudokubob (10) 08/11/2023 07:08 Seeking Services
  Amazing as always
Positive Cheekybob (6) 14/10/2023 09:19 Seeking Services
  Another amazing meet.
Positive Cheekybob (6) 05/10/2023 18:31 Seeking Services
  Really really lovely and skilled lady.
Positive ThatJack (2) 26/09/2023 12:53 Seeking Services
  Absolutely lovely to spend time with , really excited to visit again
Positive Pasil85 (4) 26/09/2023 12:28 Seeking Services
  Attractive girl. She blew my mind while blowing my dick. I recommend seeing her.
Positive Pinch001 (27) 21/09/2023 09:45 Seeking Services
  Another lovely, relaxing meet with Kitty. Magic hands and a very naughty mouth. Very highly recommended xxxx
Positive EastYorksAndy (2) 18/09/2023 13:41 Seeking Services
  Kitty was amazing, friendly, warm & she knew exactly what she was doing, will return soon.
Positive Eastparkandy (42) 13/09/2023 17:19 Seeking Services
  Incredible……as usual.
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Positive Member Not Active 28/08/2023 08:47 Seeking Services
  Charming, feminine, intelligent, encouraging, experienced, very attractive, relaxed and straightforward. A different level.
Positive Davem1060 (9) 17/07/2023 14:37 Seeking Services
  Relaxing massage, highly recommended
Positive Eastparkandy (42) 01/07/2023 12:58 Seeking Services
  As per normal, a perfect meeting with the truly wonderful Kitty. Would visit every day if I had the time or / and dosh 💰! Xxx
Positive Member Not Active 26/05/2023 14:21 Seeking Services
  Had a wonderful time. Kitty is charming, beautiful and absolutely hilarious. Cracking sex :)
Positive Tom198585 (5) 23/05/2023 19:59 Seeking Services
  Absolutely wonderful 1st visit to Kitty. Worth every second, minute and hour. ! Ill a sure to visit again!
Positive Vimesy (6) 11/05/2023 14:57 Seeking Services
  Beautiful young lady with a wicked smile and great sense of self. I look forward to returning.
Positive Eastparkandy (42) 31/03/2023 05:38 Seeking Services
  A wonderful 45 minutes spent with the delightful Kitty. Very eager to please, Kitty is a beautiful caring lady and is extremely good at all she does. Thanks xx
Positive Pinch001 (27) 30/03/2023 22:24 Seeking Services
  Quirky, intelligent, sexy and funny! What more could I have asked for? Thank you Kitty for an amazing time xxx
Positive jimbob1522 (74) 11/02/2023 23:55 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady gave me a nice massage her blowjobs are amazing
Positive realchips (35) 04/02/2023 15:43 Seeking Services
  A great meet with a beautiful sensual woman, who gives her all. A must visit for the discerning gentleman.
Positive Sudokubob (10) 11/12/2022 12:57 Seeking Services
  Brilliant as always
Positive 38silvertongue (8) 08/12/2022 14:57 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady, very chatty and good massage and oral
Positive GBGY (21) 08/12/2022 12:33 Seeking Services
  Unfortunately had to cancel due to unexpected hospital appointment. Kitty was very understanding
Positive Yorkdan8000 (2) 24/11/2022 15:52 Seeking Services
  Spending time with Kitty is a real treat. Super friendly and super satisfying. Beautiful inside and out.
Positive MisterInspector (227) 24/11/2022 09:14 Seeking Services
  another wonderful experience
Positive GBGY (21) 03/11/2022 16:07 Seeking Services
  A fabulous morning with the very lovely Kitty. A very relaxing massage followed by some great passion in the bedroom. Kitty has THE most amazing oral skills!
Positive Member Not Active 31/10/2022 11:31 Seeking Services
  Amazing bj skills . Very friendly , good looking girl
Positive Sudokubob (10) 10/10/2022 12:12 Seeking Services
  Really nice meet put at ease straight away, lovely lady thank you.
Positive Yorkdan8000 (2) 07/10/2022 23:42 Seeking Services
  Absolute delight to meet a fantastic, beautiful and extremely friendly young lady. Made me feel right at home and really looked after me. Love to see again
Positive Member Not Active 07/10/2022 19:43 Seeking Services
  My second date with this intoxicating spicy woman left me with a very big smile on my face. Kitty is simply wonderful. Sheer class.
Positive Eastparkandy (42) 05/10/2022 05:12 Seeking Services
  This young lady is simply OUTSTANDING. Second booking with Kitty, there will be more! Thank you xxx
Positive dunlin_alpha (35) 03/10/2022 07:32 Seeking Services
  A very nice relaxing time with a very sexy lady - treat her with respect and she will deliver the goods !
Positive taskmaster80 (4) 30/09/2022 19:22 Seeking Services
  Great to see this lovely friendly and hot girl again. Lots of fun had, this woman knows her stuff.
Positive MisterInspector (227) 27/09/2022 15:04 Seeking Services
  Exquisite meeting
Positive vinny33 (5) 25/09/2022 10:01 Seeking Services
  Amazing time spend with this amazing woman! Looking forward to going back x
Positive inchesforyou (46) 24/09/2022 10:59 Seeking Services
  I was a little late due to work,, but the delay was well worth it see you very soon x
Positive regulus (1) 19/09/2022 21:16 Seeking Services
  She is like a old friend that that you have not seen for a while, but as soon as you do , you go right into the friends comfort space talking about anything.
Positive Member Not Active 16/09/2022 18:28 Seeking Services
  Exquisite experience with a wonderful woman. The complete package. Highly recommend to the discerning gentleman!
Positive taskmaster80 (4) 16/09/2022 15:10 Seeking Services
  A truly exciting first meet and looking forward to whats to come! Kitty is smart, beautiful, and so so sexy. Pure class! xx
Positive Robin1904 (39) 13/09/2022 10:55 Seeking Services
  Extremely lovely girl very pretty & very friendly who gives a thoroughly enjoyable service. Highly recommended.
Positive Bikemadhulllad (15) 12/09/2022 17:27 Seeking Services
  Great first meet...hope for more to come
Positive Eastparkandy (42) 12/09/2022 15:06 Seeking Services
  A truly memorable encounter with the very delightful Kitty. Wonderful beautiful lady who gave an amazing GFE. Thanks Kitty xx
Positive Member Not Active 11/09/2022 06:06 Seeking Services
  Another amazing booking with this stunning lady, the most sensual touch, amazing GFE, leaves me shaking every time, easily addicted to this stunner !!
Positive saintees6 (30) 10/09/2022 20:19 Seeking Services
  Such a sexy woman, one of a kind, a very sensual rendezvous, fabulous massage etc :) I shall return!
Positive grey1997 (6) 08/08/2022 20:45 Seeking Services
  Can't wait to see her again. It was an excellent first meeting.
Positive saintees6 (30) 31/07/2022 08:05 Seeking Services
  Good communication from Kitty who had to cancel our rendezvous due to a rail strike, preventing her travelling. We hope to re-arrange?
Positive Member Not Active 29/07/2022 06:54 Seeking Services
  Super genuine lady, 5 star lady
Response: This account cancelled their booking. We have never met. This review is based on communication only.
Positive Member Not Active 28/07/2022 20:32 Seeking Services
  Stunningly girl, extremely friendly and welcoming, and very skilled.
Positive Aplomb (78) 28/07/2022 18:26 Seeking Services
  What a fantastic time with this gorgeous young lady. Fantastic in every department and certainly in my top 10% - cya soon XXX
Positive Member Not Active 26/07/2022 20:42 Seeking Services
  Stunning, sexy, intelligent lil minx. Tastes and feels amazing. Time flies when having fun. I will return :) x
Positive 77777paul (5) 26/07/2022 19:46 Seeking Services
  I would like to say she was horrible and stank I could keep her to my self :) wow what a young lady :) great meet and I will defiantly be back thank u :)
Positive Mark21964 (46) 26/07/2022 19:27 Seeking Services
  Wow a Sultry,Sensual Beauty.. Left feeling totally relaxed & satisfied.
Positive Blakenava1 (48) 22/07/2022 13:29 Seeking Services
  Another amazing time with kitty this lady is a very special one off xxx
Positive realchips (35) 21/07/2022 15:56 Seeking Services
  Kitty is a very beautiful woman, intelligent and super sensual. A classic lover, more silk than velvet and definitely addictive.
Positive bendoveragain1 (8) 20/07/2022 11:54 Seeking Services
  Another great time with this little stunner. Amazing with her hands and knows what she's doing. See you again soon x
Positive Member Not Active 19/07/2022 20:29 Seeking Services
  Amazing booking, one of my all time best. An europhic night that was unforgetful! Thank you.
Positive Member Not Active 18/07/2022 20:25 Seeking Services
  From the first contact this girl is all about pleasing and she certainly delivers.super hot night with a natural submissive beauty..Xx
Positive Alexpepper13 (45) 18/07/2022 12:11 Seeking Services
  Lovely genuine aexy girl, very responsive too... Xx
Positive Member Not Active 16/07/2022 05:36 Seeking Services
  The most amazing lady. Fantastic body and knows just how to push you over the edge over and over again
Positive Blakenava1 (48) 15/07/2022 12:16 Seeking Services
  An absolute pleasure to c this lady so considerate and fun and an expert in the bedroom xxx
Positive casio01 (12) 14/07/2022 16:02 Seeking Services
  One word ???..perfection
Positive bendoveragain1 (8) 14/07/2022 13:00 Seeking Services
  Stunning girl with a lovely smile, little pocket rocket and a fun personality. Definitely like to explore more with her, looking forward to seeing her again
Positive Blakenava1 (48) 14/07/2022 10:52 Seeking Services
  Omg this girl is amazing without any question the best experience I've ever had till next time kitty xxx
Positive Member Not Active 13/07/2022 13:35 Seeking Services
  Wonderful environment, beautiful lady, charming personality and a wonderful experience. Thank you x
Positive bandwith29 (40) 12/07/2022 16:52 Seeking Services
  Beautiful, Sexy, intelligent, amazing Lady! Excellent comms. Fantastic BJ. Real pleaser! Can't wait to see her again! 5☆
Positive gourmet1000 (106) 12/07/2022 14:42 Seeking Services
  Great meet with Lizzie, who was sexy, enthusiastic and beautifully presented in seamed stockings and high class lingerie. I will return :)
Positive Blakenava1 (48) 12/07/2022 13:41 Seeking Services
  Beautiful lady very clean and relaxing premises amazing massage and the intamcy out ot this world thank u kitty c ya soon xxx
Positive FetishFlaws (2) 07/07/2022 10:58 Seeking Services
  Great first slave session with Goddess.
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Positive Member Not Active 02/07/2022 04:53 Seeking Services
  Simply stunning! The best by far..... just beautiful and stunning too good to be doing this but glad she is!
Positive jimbo_django (2) 24/06/2022 08:20 Seeking Services
  Had an amazing time, wonderful and charming personality. Will definitely be back.
Positive John_Crt (91) 24/06/2022 06:23 Seeking Services
  Unfortunately Kitty had to cancel on the scheduled day due to the train strike. Good communication. Take care, stay safe.
Positive Member Not Active 23/06/2022 16:44 Seeking Services
  Lovely friendly girl, will def return again & again x
Positive casio01 (12) 22/06/2022 12:45 Seeking Services
  What a truly captivating lady , great conversation sublime massage beautiful body
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