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Positive Pleasureseeker42 (7) 16/04/2024 07:49 Seeking Services
  Delightful massage with a very horny filthy ending, can?t ask for more 😊
secondtimeguy44 (4) 03/10/2023 23:06 Seeking Services
  Fabulous erotic massage with a twist -Ellie is one in a million!
Positive jase68 (52) 23/09/2023 21:43 Seeking Services
  Absolutely awesome experience
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Positive andrew17266 (708) 27/08/2023 09:02 Seeking Services
  A Lovely relaxing massage with a sexy Lady!!, thank you Andrew X X X
Positive ButtWings1987 (2) 26/08/2023 22:12 Seeking Services
  Absolutely unreal meet, can’t wait for the next one!
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Chimichurri (8) 14/08/2023 07:01 Seeking Services
  Fantastic massage. Both amazingly relaxing and stimulating in equal measure x
Positive BigFudge (1) 02/08/2023 14:29 Seeking Services
  Best I’ve ever experienced.
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aclaxton86 (10) 30/07/2023 09:01 Seeking Services
  Lovely time with such a beauty, see you soon! Xx
Positive benny1x (802) 23/07/2023 13:59 Seeking Services
  An epic experience with the lovely Ellie, the extras are out of this world.
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Positive Nice 2b nice (7) 20/06/2023 19:14 Seeking Services
  Great hour spent with this lovely lady, will be back for more.
Positive Djb john (2) 15/06/2023 16:04 Seeking Services
  Stunning, and omg amazing woman, show her respect , and you will be her king
Positive Enyarr (8) 15/06/2023 11:12 Seeking Services
  Had a great time, highly recommend
Positive Tufty7 (45) 14/06/2023 16:20 Seeking Services
  Fantastic massage with a tall fantastic curvy goddess
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Positive alan2009 (31) 12/06/2023 08:30 Seeking Services
  Another wonderful time spent with Ellie. On this visit I was lucky enough to be offered the 'extras' menu, which completely, and literally, blew my mind.
crumbie (10) 06/06/2023 11:53 Seeking Services
  Lovely time with sensual woman
Positive Andystevens437a (67) 23/05/2023 14:31 Seeking Services
  Amazing time. Great communication and put me at ease. Looking forward to next time. Thanks gorgeous xxx
Positive sykes123456 (3) 21/05/2023 20:11 Seeking Services
  Gorgeous women, great massage. Best cock massage I?ve ever had, not just a happy ending. I?ll definitely be back to see her
Positive alan2009 (31) 17/05/2023 06:47 Seeking Services
  Another superb time spent with Ellie. Excellent conversation, wonderful massage and unbelievably good finish. Thanks Ellie xx
Positive 85-whiteKnight (15) 16/05/2023 07:16 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady, would visit again
Positive blayne  (2) 13/05/2023 11:15 Seeking Services
  Amazing massage, and what followed was very very hot, deffo be back x
4ndy23 (1) 12/05/2023 13:38 Seeking Services
  Great relaxing time, will be back
Positive code_name_86 (5) 29/04/2023 17:16 Seeking Services
  Nice intimate clean set up. Good massage and even better finish.
Positive Bigbaldballs (3) 21/04/2023 22:19 Seeking Services
  Another mind blowing sensual experience from Ellie
Positive NiceandRelaxing (7) 16/04/2023 19:00 Seeking Services
  Great massage and a nice warm welcome. And a great happy ending.
Positive Paulypop (3) 03/04/2023 11:30 Seeking Services
  Wow great massage. Lovely warm lady made me feel gd all over .will be back for more x
Positive gniz33 (11) 01/04/2023 07:48 Seeking Services
  A really good experience Ellie and something I would happily repeat! Thank you El x
Positive mark red 5 (282) 07/03/2023 20:30 Seeking Services
  Stunning and very friendly with great hands
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Positive Bigbaldballs (3) 02/03/2023 11:43 Seeking Services
  Ellie certainly knows how to make your ?toes curl? with a mind-blowing massage!
Positive P1971130 (11) 27/02/2023 14:58 Seeking Services
  Booked through aw, nice place and good parking, very sexy girl, amazing massage and very happy ending, will return
Positive adamski1971 (100) 20/02/2023 13:00 Seeking Services
Positive GPZblack9 (3) 20/02/2023 08:41 Seeking Services
  So relaxing and caressed by a goddess
Neutral denver24 (54) 12/02/2023 22:51 Seeking Services
  Booking never happened through no ones fault
Positive jasonbenn90 (2) 12/02/2023 13:52 Seeking Services
  She was fantastic
Positive daveyspen (19) 12/02/2023 08:41 Seeking Services
  Very relaxing and sensual massage - recommended
Positive Lappy (3) 11/02/2023 15:34 Seeking Services
  Very Very Very good. Thanks Ellie.
Positive Member Not Active 11/02/2023 09:09 Seeking Services
  Everything was excellent....Comms, massage, personality, accommodation, safety/security/discretion....thank you Ellie, see you again soon xxxx
Positive samthesham (29) 09/02/2023 16:15 Seeking Services
  Wonderful! What a great massage and every attention to detail made for a superb visit, thank you
Positive Pugdimple (17) 08/02/2023 10:56 Seeking Services
  Great massage, wonderful time.
Positive Bigbaldballs (3) 07/02/2023 18:12 Seeking Services
  Another wonderful massage from a very sensual expert with an incredibly deft touch!
Positive Bigbaldballs (3) 07/02/2023 18:12 Seeking Services
  Wow, incredible lady, certainly knows how to tease and tingle!
Positive luismarfo (4) 04/02/2023 16:54 Seeking Services
  The best massage ive ever had. Ellie has magic hands. Cant wait to see her again
Positive alan2009 (31) 03/02/2023 23:03 Seeking Services
  Yet another AMAZING time with Ellie. Superb massage from a fantastic lady. x
Positive tichtwo (12) 03/02/2023 13:34 Seeking Services
  Wow this lady was awesome a excellent massage looking forward to nexted time thank you
Positive andy_sml51 (5) 02/02/2023 21:21 Seeking Services
  Ellie is a friendly beautiful woman who gives an expert heavenly massage, explosive ending.
Positive rugby_gent  (1) 02/02/2023 21:16 Seeking Services
  Best massage I’ve had. What a fantastic lady, couldn’t recommend Ellie more.
Positive GPZblack9 (3) 26/01/2023 19:32 Seeking Services
  Such an understanding lady I will be requesting a visit as soon as I can thank you
Positive obieientaustin (3) 26/01/2023 11:30 Seeking Services
  Ellie offered a very sensual experience she is a lovely lady who knows how build you up to a wonderful ending
Positive kbnorthants (10) 23/01/2023 22:16 Seeking Services
  Omg I came.loke a rocket, she made me tingle, will Deffo be back
Positive alan2009 (31) 23/01/2023 06:53 Seeking Services
  Another superb massage table experience with the amazing Ellie. Will definitely visit again.
Positive dr_chilli (7) 23/01/2023 06:24 Seeking Services
  Exceptional personality and service #Smitten lol 😘
Positive Member Not Active 21/01/2023 20:41 Seeking Services
  Ellie is exceptionally good at what she does , Good Comms , Really enjoyed my 90 minutes?.Thank you Ellie x
Positive Member Not Active 21/01/2023 14:33 Seeking Services
  I had good time, very hot lady.
Positive RobbyBox (25) 21/01/2023 07:30 Seeking Services
  Nice, friendly lady, offering a great massage. My body was tingling and I felt very relaxed during and after. Thanks Ellie.
Positive Naughty James (19) 18/01/2023 21:10 Seeking Services
  The best massage ever! With a hot lady with all the right curves! Chatty friendly and gorgeous! Will be back very soon!
Jjboy101 (17) 18/01/2023 15:02 Seeking Services
  Absolutely brilliant hour would defo return and thoroughly recommend
Positive Paul6200 (13) 18/01/2023 13:27 Seeking Services
  What a lovely lady put me at ease straight away. Amazing massage. Will definitely go back
Positive alan2009 (31) 17/01/2023 15:34 Seeking Services
  One word can sum up the massage .... WOW! Excellent service from a lovely lady. Will definitely return for more xx
Positive Member Not Active 15/01/2023 13:47 Seeking Services
  Honestly, one of the best massages I've had. And she's absolutely sexy as fuck. You won't be dissapointed guys. See you soon Ellie ;)
Positive NptonLee (9) 14/01/2023 15:04 Seeking Services
  After the first visit I had to come back to see if I had been dreaming. I can confirm i wasn’t! Another fantastic hour was spent with Ellie xx
Positive NptonLee (9) 13/01/2023 11:25 Seeking Services
  Amazing hour spent with Ellie, massage was out of this world. Ellie is stunning and friendly. I will be back time and time again x
Positive Member Not Active 12/01/2023 17:51 Seeking Services
  Amazing time with Ellie. Highly recommend hope to see again
Positive aclaxton86 (10) 11/01/2023 21:01 Seeking Services
  Magical hour spent with a real beauty, one for the massage enthusiast.
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