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Positive sprocketjim (225) 20/02/2024 22:23 Seeking Services
  Great fun with Rose as always - knows how to let a guy have lots of naughty fun.
Positive glyn77 (1) 11/02/2024 23:56 Seeking Services
  Great meet. Rose is a lovely woman, very easy going and loves what she does. Fantastic lady, definitely worth it.
Positive Cherryred (7) 08/02/2024 15:17 Seeking Services
  Brilliant hr. If you think her pics are good 10x better in person
Positive sprocketjim (225) 31/01/2024 23:09 Seeking Services
  Made Rose tingle, made her tremble and explored multiple ways of making her cum. Loves her anal big time but so much more on offer. A woman to enjoy in full.
Positive E283 (38) 29/01/2024 18:59 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady. Def worth a visit
Positive Anusrimmer (1) 25/01/2024 08:19 Seeking Services
  Great and lovely woman had a great time, agreed to all of my requests, 10/10 recommended and will visit again
Positive sprocketjim (225) 24/01/2024 17:08 Seeking Services
  Rose let me indulge myself every which I fancied,and I did, and briliant fun was had with this terrific lady. Must see again. Yum.xxxx
Positive hakey69 (30) 18/01/2024 19:44 Seeking Services
  I had a fabulous time with a very sexy lady - who ticked all my boxes ! Thoroughly recommend!!
Positive jjones123£ (1) 12/01/2024 10:11 Seeking Services
  Amazing. Beautiful lady
Positive variety_jonze (1) 11/01/2024 20:28 Seeking Services
  Had an AMAZING time with this gorgeous lady, pictures don?t do her justice and she is lovely, still buzzing from my visit :)
Positive Simpleton_387 (1) 09/01/2024 13:03 Seeking Services
  She is gorgeous and has an amazing body! Very clean and had great conversation to go with it all. Highly recommend her, treat her right guys, she's a gem.
Positive MX5supercup (6) 05/01/2024 21:53 Seeking Services
  What a gorgeous, lovely, sexy chilled and so easy to be with
Positive Niceguy77 (17) 18/11/2023 00:10 Seeking Services
  Lovely welcoming attractive lady. Excellent skills.A pleasure to spend a very enjoyable time with. Will definitely see again. Thankyou Jocelyn xx
Positive carbulorg1 (0) 01/11/2023 12:19 Seeking Services
Positive hay you (2) 28/10/2023 08:41 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady, had an amazing time
Positive Naughtyboycharlie (8) 25/10/2023 07:37 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady very sexy, relaxing and eager to please, thank you
Positive Scottydog1 (1) 23/10/2023 22:22 Seeking Services
  Absolutely what she says she does. Awsome really relaxed
Positive zackistone (5) 16/10/2023 18:24 Seeking Services
  Amazing time with Trisha. Easy to locate premises. Great communication. Was happy and eager to provide what I had requested in the booking.
Gent350z (1) 16/10/2023 10:59 Seeking Services
  Another great time , thank you look forward to next
Positive Pi6966 (13) 10/10/2023 13:27 Seeking Services
  Fantastic meeting with a sexy mature lady. Can't wait for the next time
Positive WoodZy64 (0) 10/10/2023 12:55 Seeking Services
  Really fantastic lady fully recommended
Positive wallyworld (2) 09/10/2023 13:25 Seeking Services
  A very nice time with a lovely lady
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bridgend (1) 05/10/2023 18:53 Seeking Services
  Trisha was great very accommodating and involved. All was very clean and professional great lighting.
Positive Toby6759 (0) 03/10/2023 15:56 Seeking Services
  I made a appointment for today was early no problem for Trisha ,she was dressed as requested all I can is she a lovely warm kind lady nonthin to much trouble a
Positive gorgeous666 (21) 29/09/2023 07:19 Seeking Services
  Super sexy time
Positive Jakjones (13) 28/09/2023 14:13 Seeking Services
  Brilliant time! Excellent accomodation and a great lady! Xx
VALEBOY18 (61) 26/09/2023 17:51 Seeking Services
  Trisha is a welcoming and very passionate mature woman - giving great value for money. Happy to see again X
Positive geezer2000 (41) 26/09/2023 15:59 Seeking Services
  A lovely sensual lady. Treat with care she is special
Positive dom037 (2) 22/09/2023 11:53 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady had a great time excellent skills can't wait to meet soon
Positive sightseer2 (19) 22/09/2023 00:56 Seeking Services
  A lovely and sexy lady. Will visit Trisha again x
Positive aragon1 (38) 18/09/2023 22:20 Seeking Services
  Amazing meeting
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Positive towerofectha (2) 15/09/2023 15:36 Seeking Services
  Absolutely lovely and sexy lady!
Positive chefo99 (3) 14/09/2023 10:09 Seeking Services
  Had a Great Time with a very sexy lady with a fantastic body, will be retuning soon 100% xx
Positive Parishold67 (4) 08/09/2023 09:26 Seeking Services
  Lovely time spent with a lovely lady brilliant BJ skills hopefully see you soon xx
Positive Lampman2 (1) 05/09/2023 22:01 Seeking Services
  Lovely sexy lady super boobs and bum really enjoyed my time with her
Positive cojo73 (20) 30/08/2023 02:33 Seeking Services
  Highly recommend this lady. Fantastic time.o
Positive Gent350z (1) 29/08/2023 22:14 Seeking Services
  What a lovely lady, perfect in every way really enjoyed and looking forward to next time
Positive welshmale60 (2) 29/08/2023 06:22 Seeking Services
  Wonderfull woman put me at ease thank you so much xx
Positive redbarron23uk (3) 27/08/2023 11:30 Seeking Services
  Beautiful woman and a pleasure to spend time with, thanks Trisha!
Positive Wankerpaul (139) 22/08/2023 13:55 Seeking Services
  Fantastic lady, great fun . Hopefully see her again soon
Positive Member Not Active 22/08/2023 13:04 Seeking Services
  Fantastic time with a lovely lady, looking forward to next time
Positive david52 (139) 14/08/2023 14:32 Seeking Services
  Drained my extremely large balls dry! What a great fuck & full of fun!
Positive Dodge69019 (8) 12/08/2023 16:08 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady excellent time spent x
Trevrev (6) 06/08/2023 11:09 Seeking Services
  Had an amazing time will book again soon
Positive Tomtill1307 (8) 06/08/2023 11:00 Seeking Services
  An amazing time with an amazing lady, cant wait for next time x
Positive Cfman (2) 06/08/2023 09:39 Seeking Services
  Great hour spent with this os lovely lady will definitely be back to see her again
Positive Funkimunki70 (11) 05/08/2023 09:15 Seeking Services
  Fabulous time with an attractive and fun lady x
Positive BigmanD (3) 03/08/2023 13:27 Seeking Services
  Another amazing meet with trisha, enjoyed loads and had a great time will be back when I can
mogzymech1 (-1) 03/08/2023 13:08 Seeking Services
  Pig 🐽
Response: Look at my other feedback and look at his. Vile man. He never turned up. Nothing was discussed.
Positive Hotman27 (37) 01/08/2023 21:11 Seeking Services
  Lovely lady xx
Positive Perkypete81 (33) 30/07/2023 00:33 Seeking Services
Positive inttim (98) 27/07/2023 06:24 Seeking Services
  Omg absolutely fantastic in every way , will definitely be going back , thanks Trisha xx
Positive Sam waun (6) 25/07/2023 17:24 Seeking Services
  Awesome first meet, very sexy lady, cant wait to see again
Positive jetblack24 (116) 24/07/2023 15:58 Seeking Services
  A wonderful time. Will visit again very soon xxx
Positive JetClub (41) 24/07/2023 00:12 Seeking Services
  Beautiful and passionate a tip top experience thanks!!!
Positive Maturejack2 (1) 22/07/2023 09:38 Seeking Services
  A really enjoyable experience.woild highly recommend.
Positive WelshGuy1980223 (4) 21/07/2023 18:43 Seeking Services
  Wonderful hour spent with Trisha. She is truly a diamond, and I will be back for more.
Positive OldyK (5) 21/07/2023 00:06 Seeking Services
  Positively Great
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Positive Dougie Boy1965 (4) 16/07/2023 19:21 Seeking Services
  Great Comms,nice house,a lovely friendly lady,who provided an amazing service...5*
Positive HornyGuy260691 (5) 16/07/2023 12:41 Seeking Services
  Trisha was an absolute blast! She's a ball of energy and she looks incredible. She truly is a diamond and I can't wait for our next round!
Positive Member Not Active 16/07/2023 10:53 Seeking Services
  Absolutely fantastic time had. Treat her well guys as she certainly deserves it. Thank you Trish x
Brickyboy (1) 14/07/2023 16:21 Seeking Services
  A lovely,lovely lady, meeting was perfect in every way, both had great time, definitely meet again xx
Positive Seeker22 (8) 13/07/2023 14:40 Seeking Services
  Met Trish today lovely woman and fantastic time , j
Positive Gareth2474 (1) 13/07/2023 13:29 Seeking Services
  Very sexy lady
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Positive Arti1987 (3) 10/07/2023 19:36 Seeking Services
  Amazing woman, hope see you again very soon
Positive Tomtill1307 (8) 10/07/2023 19:04 Seeking Services
  Had an amazing time, such a lovely and beautiful lady, looking forward to next time
Positive ricksel (36) 10/07/2023 11:07 Seeking Services
  What an amazing time spent in the company of a lovely lady who certainly knows how to please.
Positive ken64 (3) 08/07/2023 02:15 Seeking Services
  What beautiful time spent with such a beautiful lady, a diamond by name and a diamond by nature, definitely will be back soon!
Positive dogtierd54 (3) 08/07/2023 01:11 Seeking Services
  Excellent service definitely going back for more
Positive BigmanD (3) 06/07/2023 13:19 Seeking Services
  Had an hour meet with this wonderful woman. Had loads of fun together and very much enjoyed my time. Will be back when I can x
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