Help for Service Providers

Q. What is TV?
A. TV is a mini-site that builds on the DirectCam real-time webcam platform available to members of  It provides visitors with simple access to DirectCammers and details of scheduled DirectCam Shows.  Browse these pages or visit the main webcam area of the Site to get an idea of what's on offer.
Q. I wish to offer live webcam shows, how do I get started?
A. Hosting your own one to one or one to many webcam shows on is simple.
  1. Register as offering Webcam Services.
  2. Login and set-up your profile page, detailing your likes and dislikes, what sort of cam shows you like doing, and upload a couple of pictures of yourself.
  3. Specify the what modes of DirectCam you wish to provide, (free preview, group mode and/or private mode), the category of show you are going to provide and how much you wish to charge for each mode.  To edit these settings click here or use the DirectCam Settings Button on your Edit Profile Page.
  4. Login to the DirectCam Broadcaster here.  You can login to the DirectCam Broadcaster using your PC, smartphone or tablet.  iPhone/iPad users will need to use Safari.
  5. Within a minute or so you will appear as online within these pages and the main webcam areas of the Site.

Once up and running you can either wait for visitors to come and see you or set-up scheduled shows, by specifying what you're going to do and when.  (It is these scheduled shows that make up the main part of TV.)

Q. Why should I do scheduled shows?
A. If you give members enough notice of your scheduled show and details of what the show will contain, not only do you get extra exposure, but you will increase your chances of building a bigger group audience and make far more income.

The maths is very simple 1 private customer @ 2 credits per minute versus 50 Group customers @ 1 credit per minute. This is also a very powerful tool for building your ratings that will in turn increase your exposure and income.

Q. How do I appear in the category boxes on the TV Home page? (here)
A. All members that have set a category for their shows will be included but those Featured Members will appear first. If you're interested in becoming featured, (which has many other benefits), click here.
Q. Can I get advance notice of potential group numbers for my scheduled show?
A. Yes.  The number of members that have expressed an interest in watching your scheduled show is shown on your DirectCam Show Schedule page.
Q. Where do I fill out my Scheduled show details?
A. You can do it here right now, but would normally do it via your DirectCam Show Schedule page.
Q. What sort of show should I do?
A. Anything legal!!

Use your imagination and make sure that your strapline is catchy and stands out from the crowd. (Set your strapline here.)

Here are some examples we have seen to give you an idea:

See me and my husband raiding the fridge together and getting filthy in more ways than one!

The plumber is coming round on Friday night. I've promised to pay him in kind AND he's going to let me put it out on DirectCam for you to see!

I've starved my wife of sex for the last week. Watch the explosion on Thursday afternoon when I finally let her jump me.

My master is coming round this evening, he's bringing all sorts of equipment to use on me.

Q. I need to cancel a scheduled show (or change the details), how do I do that?
A. Locate the show in your Show Schedule and click to edit it. If you wish to delete it then click the Delete Show button.  You are prompted for a reason which is sent to any members that expressed an interest.

You can only change the show date and time if no one has expressed an interest in it.  Otherwise you need to delete the show and re-create it with a new date or time.

Q. I'm listed in the wrong category - how can I change it?
A. Set your categories, strapline, supported modes and pricing via your DirectCam Settings page.
Q. How do I offer and initiate 2-way DirectCam sessions?
A. All versions of the DirectCam Broadcaster now support 2-Way Cam with one person at a time.

All you need to do is ask the client if he/she has a webcam and wishes to participate in 2-way.

To start a 2-way session, click the three dots icon next to the member in the User list and choose "Request Two-way".

The client will then need to confirm that they wish to use their webcam in their chat window.

More information about DirectCam can be found here and in the Help Centre.

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